~GT~ Black Sand

(Greentext) > Hotel on the beach > Place doesn’t get many tourists for some reason > The place is known for people to meet aquatic MG’s of all kinds, for the most part, people watch them from the rooms facing the ocean. > (MC) Stays there for a few days while on vacation > Goes…

Blood and Boned: Chapter 4- Enter The Kraken

“MARCHELLE!” a familiar voice barked through the roar of flames and clatter of dishes. The kitchen crew was busy with the day’s hustle and bustle. Mistress Carmen’s breakfast might have been taken care of by you, but the rest of the Mansion’s servants still needed to eat. They worked in shifts, given the evening rotation still required food, but the morning shift was always the busiest. Not to mention, given that Mistress Carmen was among the highest of nobles, she sought to treat her employees with respect. Working for the Delacroix Mansion was a highly prestigious and lucrative affair, and came with many perks. Even the servant’s cafeteria operated with quickness and efficiency, and the food still amounted to the quality of a four-star restaurant. It wasn’t just the Mistress that reaped the benefits of her staff.

Indeed, the Mansion employees were often likened to a family. The cooks did not just cook for Mistress and her guests, they also cooked for the maids who turned down their beds in turn. At the head of the kitchen staff, was Jordan. A tall, lanky Salamander with a perpetual scowl. She seemed to be reeling on a wide-eyed Cyclops. “W-What, Miss Jordan?” she stammered. The salamander held something up to the Cyclops, you couldn’t make it out as you drew closer to the scene. “What in the bloody fuck is this!?” Jordan yells, screaming at the Cyclops over the kitchen commotion. Everyone that wasn’t the cyclops just continued about their business.