Ménage À Quatre~❤

Just one night off, that’s all Sunset wanted.

One night to cut loose, enjoy herself and leave caution to the wind…

However, when she encounters a rather enticing woman, Sunset finds herself unable to turn down her advances… and quickly ends up getting more than she bargained for…

Uncertain Hearts

Istandrine. A chilly, dark, dreary land full of whispers, superstition, and hushed secrets, sequestered in forested hills and rife with ancient, dubious intent. Not normally the sort of place one wants to visit, for business or pleasure. But for Comtesse Vanisa de Gwynn, a Satyros who doesn’t truly know what she wants from life, maybe it’s the perfect place?

Contest entry for Kikimora & Satyros contest.

The Nurse Will See You Now

Nurse Artemis certainly knows how to make an impression. Dark skin, bright red hair, a firm, muscular body with child bearing hips and cleavage you could drown in… crowned by glowing red eyes and bright white fangs. A vampire is an apex predator designed to hunt human beings… and now she has her eyes set on one of her patients, and there’s no going back.

Blood and Boned: Chapter 3- When Bats Attack

You exited the room and turned down toward the main hallway. The first step in preparing for a dinner is to inform the cook. Your mind is abuzz with what will have to be done to prepare for the next day. Sure, the other servants would see that the dishes were cleaned and the head chef would make the ultimate decision on how many courses and what they’ll entail, but there were so many other things to take into account. The good tablecloths would have to be brought out and ironed of any creases they’d developed during their storage, the extra chairs would have to be brought out, dusted, and repaired of any minor nicks or scratches. Of course, you wouldn’t have to do all of this yourself, but it would be up to you to ensure it got done. If it didn’t, then the blame would surely fall right onto your shoulders as the Head Butler.

“You’re mine, insect!”

Your musings are interrupted as the proverbial weight on your shoulders becomes a literal one. Two pairs black-furred claws impact your shoulder blades, and your still-wobbly knees buckle under the unexpected assault. You crash forward to the ground with a loud thud as the weight comes to rest on your back. You lay there, dazed for a brief moment before clarity returns to you. There is only one person in the mansion who would do such a thing…“Hello, Cassandra…”

Blood and Boned: Chapter 2- Feeding the Mistress

You venture through the stone hallways of the Mansion you’ve called home since boyhood. The red carpet was always soft underfoot, and the decorations of the Mansion were lavish in some combination of gothic and baroque. You weren’t quite sure which, but remembered enough to give an impressive-sounding tour when needed. Your mind wanders as you traverse the halls, considering you don’t need to consciously think about where you’re going. Your feet knew the way, as you’ve taken this very path almost every morning of your life as a servant of the Mistress. She would be hungry upon first awakening, and your duty was to be there.

The other servants of the Mansion were busy ensuring the entirety of the place was spotless. If the Mistress woke up to a dirty house, there would be hell to pay. The staff was mostly monstergirl, with the stray human here and there. The human’s official jobs were the same as any other servant, but the denizens of the Mansion knew that their true purpose was to keep the monsters fed and to keep morale up. Their other unofficial purpose was to cement the Mistress’ status as a high-class Noble of the Demon Realm. Not many demons could afford to keep human servants, but the Mistress felt it befitting her station. She did love showing them off to other visiting nobility.