A Connecticut Yankee… Pages 71-85

A long crazy chapter of a Connecticut Yankee… Lots of things plus a couple of Easter eggs in this chapter folks so be ready.

Jinko Heats Up The Beach!

‘Huhuhuhuhu. I’ll take you in ways no woman would’ve taken you, and no one ever will. I can sniff out your virgin scent, little boy.’

An even more fiery blush rising to your face, you close your eyes as she spins you around and tugs off her sopping panties.

Her fluids have leaked out so copiously that they’ve stained the seat and front of her panties, and are still sticking to them. She peels them off slowly, wet strands of arousal leaving her pussy as if they’re afraid to be removed. Even as she drops them on the ground and squats over your painfully hard erection, her fluffy paws caressing the sides, sticky strands still connect her quim to them.