Home Improver Stories: Summer Camp!

The Home Improver Team is back! Only this time they are helping out a summer camp but when a new enemy decides to throw some chaos into the mix, will the girls come out ahead or has their luck ran out?

Bogeys Writing Event Ch 7

Previous chapter: Here None of the trio plus their harpy friend heard the messenger enter the mess hall over the PA system loudly announcing the base’s warning for an imminent full moon. Mark had made a stupid quip about Rachel hunting down him and Steve back in a poorly timed night exercise right as the messenger…

Competition 5 – Automatons and Soldier Beetles are cute

Hot damn we’re back for another competition lads and this is one I’ve been thinking about running for a while now. If you’ve been keeping up with the competition channel in the discord you might already know but here’s the official announcement for my 5th writing competition: Soldier Beetles and Automatons. Cute and underappreciated monster…

To Begin Anew: Journal Entry 1

2405-02-14 11:21:14.002 Phase 0 : Startup initializing
2405-02-14 11:21:14.105 Phase 0 : Loading Config…
2405-02-14 11:21:14.199 Phase 0 : Pre initialization events.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.253 Phase 0 : Creating dynamic key list.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.725 Phase 0 : Subset systems initialization.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.775 Phase 0 : Finished.
2405-02-14 11:21:14.900 Phase 1 : Initialize components …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.102 Phase 1 : Starting reactor …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.102 Phase 1 : Starting components …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.201 Phase 1 : Starting internal subsystems …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.230 Phase 1 : Starting channel commands …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.239 Phase 1 : Starting command channels …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.245 Phase 1 : Starting external subsystems …
2405-02-14 11:21:15.250 Phase 1 : Finished.

The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 13 Finale

Morning! How are you doing today?

What’s that? Oh. You’re checking out? That’s… sad to hear. I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with us here. You have? That’s good.

Oh well, if there’s any place you haven’t seen, might as well do it now while you’re still here. For example, did you know that there are multiple lobbies in this hotel? Sure, they’re not as lively as the one here, but it’s still interesting to go take a look. Ah, I shouldn’t be trying to make you change your mind. Either way, I am glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your stay here with us, and we do hope you come back sometime. Our doors are always open. Alright, you’re all set to go.

Goodbye, and thank you for staying here with us at the Covet Corner Hotel.

The Testing Phase

-One unlucky man wakes up to find himself in the worst testing environment since Aperture Science-

Groggy and uncomfortable, John awoke. This was a mistake, as the fierce glare of the fluorescent lights above him burned into his retinas, making him instinctively roll to his side and tightly shut his eyes. The after image remained, as did the dull pain, and in his half-awake daze he swore never to open them again.

Naturally, it was a promise he couldn’t keep. You can’t just lay around on the floor all day, especially when the floor in question is hard, cold – and as it dawned on John once he had become more wakeful – not his usual sleeping arrangement. Coming to the conclusion that he’d passed out in the kitchen after a night of drinking, he slowly opened his eyes once more, taking great care to shield them from the blinding light with his arm.

Squinting and still hazy with sleep, he sat up and assessed the room around him, slowly adjusting to the light. Both the walls and floor in this tiny room were grimy and worn, as if the place was abandoned long ago. That ruled out the kitchen then, this place was far too clean.

Still unsure of his whereabouts, he staggered to his feet, becoming increasingly aware that something was very wrong. Maybe it was the old television monitor and camera fixed to the wall, maybe it was the strange machine sitting and humming ominously in the centre of the room…

Or maybe it was that the only door to this windowless place was a closed steel shutter.

“HELLO!?” He called out, faintly hoping this was some sort of prank. He was new to his job and for all he knew this office could have some really advanced hazing traditions. “IS ANYONE THERE!?”

The ancient monitor burst into life. A pretty, yet emotionless pale face filled the screen. It stared impassively at John with red, slightly glowing eyes. It’s mouth opened mechanically and began to talk in a distorted growl:

“Hello, John. I want to play a game.”

Mors Funebris Ch. 2 P 6 (Arawn Cycle 26/Helvetia Cycle 16)

The Dragon then returned her attention back to Arawn.

“You!” she shouted angrily. “Do not think to soil me with your touch again Human!” she railed at him. But Arawn’s attention wasn’t on the outraged Dragon, instead it was still fixated on Jenny’s current actions.
She reached up and with a twist, removed the now useless cannon from her chest. Then she casually cast it aside. As he watched, Arawn noted that her chest-armor automatically began to cover the hole within seconds.