You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

This is my first ever fic in the history of me so it’s pretty rough. I plan to clean it up in the future but as of this moment, I’m swamped by my current fics and RPs.


“Haaaah!” A boulder is swiftly and cleanly sliced into two by a woman with a red reptilian tail and a pair of red, scaly ears brandishing a sword. Her skin was dark red and so was her short but unkempt hair but much darker. The only pieces of clothing she wore was a leather vest and a pair brown shorts.

Hehe, yep! I’m the one who sliced that puny rock into two! Vivian Wellington a.k.a. ‘The Searing Salamander’. Actually, ‘The Searing Salamander’ was just a title given to me by my friends which was adopted by other people which was then adopted by my enemies, The Order. Though I really don’t see them as enemies since some, if not most, of them have trouble inflicting pain and suffering against Mamono and their partners. Well except for this guy who caused trouble for a Lilim but that’s neither here nor there.

Ever since I was a little kid I dreamt of having a man who could fight well, nothing special considering what I am. However, I vowed that that man must not only fight well but fight extremely well. I’m going to make him earn me. Thus I trained and trained and trained until I became what I am now and set out to find a man who can give me a really pumping fight. Plus, I heard from some guy in a black suit wearing a grey skull over his head that after an intense fight, the fighters’ libido should be really high. Don’t know if he’s telling the truth but it sure would be swell if it was. I could only imagine what we would do after an adrenaline-rushing fight. I grow hot just by thinking about it.

But… it’s been three years and no man has beaten me yet, let alone fire me up. All that I’ve been doing that time was defend villages or travelers from those Order guys. None of whom could stand up to me, not even their so-called ‘Heroes’.

Truth be told I was kind of getting desperate. I thought of actually attacking Order towns to find a worthy warrior. Even if that tarnishes my reputation.

That is… until I met one strange fellow named Dirk Willsbury.


Dirk Willsbury was… a tall but quite skinny and slender man with short brown but well-combed hair and black, cowardly eyes. I really don’t want to be mean but he looks wimpy.

“Please train me, O great Searing Salamander!” he exclaimed as he threw himself down in front of me. He was wearing a brown shirt and blue pants which lead me to believe he was a commoner.
“Now why would I do that?” I ask him.
“Because…. because…” he starts but took a while to continue. “Because I like you!”

I was struck speechless. Silence overcame the atmosphere as I tried to sink those words into my head. I lost control of my eyes as they widened as if they’ve seen something so unbelievable. Maybe they did. If this was a surprise attack, I would’ve taken a serious blow. Never has a man confessed his feelings towards me. I fought many men in the years but none had the bravery to confess to me. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s because they didn’t have feelings for me at all.

But still, for this man to come up to the renowned Searing Salamander and confessing to her. That takes guts. I regain my composure. “Hehe. So you think you’ve got what it takes to become the Searing Salamander’s life partner?” I ask him in a taunting manner.
“W-well, that’s why I’m a-asking you to train me. So I could become a great fighter worthy for you.” Dirk answers meekly but with much determination.
“Mmm.” I was sort of impressed by his answer. “Hmm. Let me think.”

I just stare at him with a smirk and seducing eyes but inside my head, a war had broken out between two sides of my mind. One side was saying no because I would only be wasting time training this man to become a fighter of my caliber. The other side was saying yes because while it would take time to train him, my future with a great warrior is assured. The ‘no’ side countered that the training might fail. The ‘yes’ side countered that counter by saying I lose my only chance at getting a man. The ‘no’ replied that there would be another chance. The ‘yes’ said that they don’t know that.

That kept going on and on until both sides settled on one thing, it was up to the actual me for the final say. “I have gone through the most brutal and hellish training you can imagine. And I’m going to make you go through all that. Is that alright with you?” I told Dirk. Of course my training wasn’t that brutal nor hellish. I mean, holding a boulder in air for two hours or blocking attacks while blindfolded isn’t that hard.
“Yes! I would brave the depths of Hell just to be with you!” the commoner in love exclaimed.
Those poetic words made my heart skip a beat but I didn’t make that obvious. Instead, I responded with a chuckle and a few words. “You’re training begins tomorrow, Dirk. You should get some really peaceful rest ’cause it’ll be the last peaceful rest you’ll have in the next few years.” I saw him gulp in fear and I couldn’t help but smirk in amusement.


I made my way to the meeting place me and Dirk agreed on. It was a bunch of rock formations near a dense forest which I used as a landmark for my home and training grounds which was inside said forest. I even arranged some of the rocks to point to the right direction. Even if I already memorized the exact location of my home, it would be convenient for the people seeking me.

I arrived at the meeting place and there I found Dirk, sitting and leaning on a rock protrusion and looking at the cerulean sky. It appears he’s thinking hard about something. Could he be regretting his decision? Thinking about that made me kind of sad but I really can’t stop him if he does back out.

It appears he does not notice me and I decided to make him regret that. With a small knife, I threw the cutting object at the rock, mere centimeters from his leg. He got startled and he quickly dived away from the knife. Looking at the direction the knife came from, he finally notices me.
“Oh. Master Vivian. That gave me quite the scare. Please don’t do that again.” he says.
“Well you’re gonna have to train hard if you don’t like surprises like that.” I told him. “And ‘Master’?”
“W-well since you’re training me, are you not the master and I the student?” he answers as well as explain.
“I see your point.” But I don’t like the sound of ‘Master Vivian’. It makes me sound like a head of a guild or something. “Hmm. Why don’t you just call me Vivian-sensei?”
“Vivian-sensei?” Dirk asks in confusion.
“Yeah. Just like how those people in Zipangu does it.” I’m not adept in the Zipanguese language but I’m sure that ‘master’ and ‘sensei’ means the same.
“Umm… okay. Please help me Vivian-sensei!” he proudly exclaims. Now that sounds better.


We made our way into the forest, through the uneven terrain filled with numerous twigs, vines, rocks and practically anything that can make you trip or lose your footing. There was no path nor a trail for us to follow but I knew exactly where we’re headed but Dirk was a little doubtful.
“Vivian-sensei? Are you sure–“
“Yes I’m sure Dirk. I know where I live.” I cut him off. I knew he was gonna ask that since a lot of people did so too when I took them to my home.

“Hey Dirk. Where are you from?” I decide to start a conversation to not make this trek silent and awkward.
“Oh I’m from Deerg.” he answers. Never heard of that place before.
“Deerg huh. Where’s that?” I continue as I vault over a fallen log.
“It’s near… Treppe.”
I’ve heard of Treppe before, it is a coastal fishing town. “I see. So it’s safe to assume your fish products comes from Treppe?” I ask.
“I-indeed.” Dirk replies.

“Oh we’re here.” I say as Dirk and I reach a small clearing. A medium-sized hut on one side and various training objects on the other.

I open the door to my hut home and face Dirk. “Dirk Willsbury, welcome to my humble abode.” I proudly say. My student tries to enter but I stop him. “Oi oi. No entering without training.”
“E-eh?” Dirk sported a confused face.
I grab his hand and lead him to the other side of the clearing. Picking up two wooden swords, I toss him one. Time to test him out. “Let’s see how good you are first.”
“B-but…” Dirk stutters.
“This is to find out what I should teach you first.”

I come at him with a horizontal slash which he evades by arching backward but I follow it with a light, swift kick which knocks him to the ground. Dirk quickly recovers and maintains a defensive stance. I come at him again with a vertical slash and he sidesteps to the left to evade it. He counters with a diagonal slash but I was fast enough to block it. I retaliate by spinning once and followed by a horizontal slash but he evades it that by jumping backwards but then I quickly spin again and followed by a low slash. Apparently he didn’t see that coming and he was knocked off his feet. He was going to recover but I place the tip of my wooden sword at his neck.

Dirk sighs in defeat and I help him back up. “You could use training but it seems you know how to fight.” I tell him.
“Thank you Vivian-sensei.” He nods at me.

And thus our little training adventure started.


Since that day Dirk and I had been training nonstop, starting from the basics. He learned moves and stances, tricks and techniques very quickly so what I thought to be a few years turned out to be one and a half years. Sure he couldn’t hold a boulder in the air for two hours but he certainly could block attacks blindfolded.

It has also gotten us close. Real close. Sometimes our hands would touch when retrieving the same object or we would tumble into a position where our lips were too close for comfort. Also, his kindness had reached inside my chest more than once. It had me thinking. Do I really need an exemplary warrior to be my husband? When my heart is beginning to fall to a person weaker than I am? Well he is not weak per se but I am more superior than he is. At least for now.

I thought all about that while I was taking a bath in the nearby river. In the distance I saw the person whom I would show my naked body to in the future, a few meters upriver. He had brandished a fishing pole and cast a line into the water and simply stared into the other side, contemplating about something. Had he bothered to look at the river’s direction, he would have spotted me. A naughty idea formed into my head.

A few moments later, I cover Dirk’s eyes from behind and startled him. “Guess who is it~.”
“Vivian-sensei.” he answers with his voice calming.
“Heehee.” I let go of him. He turns to me and gets startled again.
I was only wearing two small towels. One covering my chest and one covering my bottom. Dirk immediately looks away. “V-V-Vivian-sensei! Please puts some clothes on!”
“Nope~!” I hug him from behind. Pushing my breasts against his back. My chest isn’t that of a Holstaur’s but it would certainly make a Witch mad. Soon, I found myself not letting go as I didn’t want this warm feeling I’m having go away.
“U-umm. Can you?”
“No. Let me just stay like this for a while.” I said as I rest my head on his back. If only I could stay like this forever. Oh what am I saying? I AM going to stay like this forever as soon as training’s over.

I went back to my hut, still in towels, after Dirk had told me he needed to get his caught fish back to Deerg. I sat on a chair with the warm feeling earlier still not leaving me. Then, I removed the towel covering my womanhood and placed a hand on it. I had done it in the past but that required intense imagination about a random warrior guy. However, right now my head is full of Dirk and I had began to rub my private part. Pleasure immediately came into me and I my body jerked, making the towel on my chest fall off. With another hand I fondled my exposed breasts. “Dirk…” I muttered as I intensified the rubbing.

Thought of Dirk ravishing me made more aroused and I placed my fondling hand to assist the rubbing of my hole and rubbed it faster. “Dirk!” I felt my climax coming as I continued to rub fast and hard. “DIIIRK!” The climax came and I leaned onto my chair panting.

“I love you.”


Today was the day. The day where I will know if my beloved Dirk had been learning or not. I faced my student opponent with my signature sword planted on the ground. “Are you ready for this Dirk?”
“I won’t hold back!” He points his favored weapon, a saber, at me.
“Very well! Let’s go!”

I start by going with a horizontal slash but he ducks to evade it and retliates with an upward slash which I quickly block. He breaks off and comes at me with a thrust which I sidestep to and retaliate with a thrust of my own. He turns his body sidewards to narrowly dodge my attack before kicking me away. He came at me with a horizontal slash which I jump backwards to and block his follow up vertical slash. I push him away during the block and spinned into a low horizontal slash which he jumps to evade it. He counters with a slash which I easily block.

After that the fight dragged on and before I knew it I was on fire. I truly have trained a warrior fit to be my partner. I knew I already loved him before but now he is everything I dreamed of. We were equally skilled so now it was a battle of attrition. Who will give in first? Well whoever does, I win. I have decided. I was so happy I couldn’t wipe the growing smile on my face.

I caught his hand when he was about to slash and he caught my hand when I was about to. I crushed his puny hand with mine and he let go of his saber. He then headbutted me which made me let go of my weapon. I actually wouldn’t if I wasn’t so tired. We grabbed the weapons close to us: the saber for me and my sword for Dirk. With powerful swings, our weapons collided and the saber was sent flying. The battle was determined.

“Haa… haa… you… you won.” I panted with a smile. Dirk has beaten me. He has defeated the ‘Searing Salamander’. I was his by Salamander tradition and I was happy with that. The fires on my body raged and I wanted to jump him so we could do it right here, right now. I took a deep breath and stood up. I would congratulate him then kiss him passionately and stroke his manhood to get him aroused. Whatever happens next I don’t know but I’m sure I’ll like it.

“Dirk. I–” I was cut off when I feel something go through me. I look down and see my sword embedded on my stomach. I saw blood drip to the ground. My blood. My strength also dropped and I fell to my knees. I was too shocked and confused to feel the pain. I looked at my beloved and he sported a sinister smile I thought he could never sport. “Wha… What?…”
“You gullible, gullible lizard. It’s amazing how mighty warriors like you can be fooled by colorful words.” he said to me. His voice no longer the voice I knew. It sounded more… flamboyant. “But I should thank you really. If it weren’t for you, El Cero would still be a defenseless young chap.”

So it was all just an act? To make me train him? No. His confession. His actions. They were all too real. “You… you’re not Dirk… What have you done to him?!” I ask as I cough up blood and feel the pain creep up.
“Oh my. Was El Cero’s acting so convincing you refuse to grasp the truth?” ‘Dirk’ smiled at me. “That Dirk you knew never existed. It was all just a lie.”
“N-no!” I muttered in disbelief. So my feelings for him…
“In reality I hate monsters such as you and I loathed every second I spent with you. But since I had a close encounter with one, I decided to take some fighting lessons. And where to get higher quality training than the ‘Searing Salamander’?” Dirk tells me his heinous but well thought out plan. “I was going to get lessons from the Order but that would cost me. So I decided to learn from a monster who was not only going to train me but will cost me nothing and I get to off a monster. All in all, El Cero managed to kill three birds with one stone.”

I was used? I was used to train a maniac how to properly fight? Raged welled within me as I looked at Dirk with pure anger. “You… You bastard…” I gripped my sword in my stomach. “I’LL KILL YOU!” I pull out my sword into the air and brought it down upon him but he catches my hands with his and I felt my leg get stabbed. “Gah!” I drop my sword as I saw Dirk’s shoe with a bloodied knife attached to it. The trickster then headbutted me into the ground.

Dirk looked down on me as I placed my hands on the hole in my abdomen. The pain now overwhelming my senses. He giggles victoriously at me. “And for the record, I hate Zipangu. Their wholehearted acceptance of monsters churns El Cero’s stomach.”
So he was Order all along. I never thought somebody could succeed in its zealous ideals. “O-Order… scum!…” I let out as I gasp for air in my mouth that was leaking blood.”
“Order? They worship the Chief God. Another person I hate.” The trickster responds. “No. I am human.” He then walks away from my view.

How could this have happened? How could he have acted all that? Nobody can be that sinister. That evil. Can there? I need to stop him. But how? I am mortally wounded. Lying on my back and staring at the cerulean sky, gasping for air as life seep from me as well as tears of anger and sadness. Has all my life been leading up to this moment? No. Fate can’t be that cruel? Can it? The pain has began to subside but I knew that was a sign of death coming.

I don’t want to die. I want a warrior husband and three children. I want a happy family where me and my husband would cuddle up at the bed and tell each other compliments and how we love each other. I want to see my children grow up and find other great warriors and I’d be there cheering for them along with my husband. I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die….


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