Yeti Bogey

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Species: Ogre, Beastmen

Habitat: Anywhere with severe temperature differences

Disposition: Relaxed, comforting, tired

Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy, comfy temperatures


The Yeti Bogey is an incredibly fluffy bogey that, while not related to yetis, is named after them for their similarly thick coats. Their fur has garnered them nicknames such as “coat bogey” and “blanket bogey” and their behavior often matches these descriptions.

Unlike a yeti, a Yeti Bogey actually can be incredibly warm or incredibly cool depending on the environment due to the magic sealed within the fur. However, this magic is automatic and overcompensates harshly the closer it is to room temperature. This means they will often seek out severe environments, as staying in a “normal” environment would lead to the bogey feeling as if she was naked in a freezer, or wearing a winter coat in the middle of summer. Even when within a comfortably severe temperature, they’ll still feel uncomfortable. It is within these environments, however, that Yeti Bogeys find a solution to their temperature problem, as well as love.

Should a Yeti Bogey find someone out in cold forests or the hot deserts who are suffering from over or underheating, they will drape themselves over them without hesitation, and hang onto them tight. Both the Yeti Bogey and their new partner will find themselves comforted, both bringing each other to a comforting temperature as if waking up under warm blankets on a cold day. However, once a Yeti Bogey has grabbed on, they will refuse to let go, so the lover of the Yeti Bogey will find themselves going about their days with their new wives draped over them like a fine coat.

Most find this difficult, but not for conventional reasons. The Yeti Bogey, contrary to their oversized nature, are actually quite light, easily liftable by a human with little effort, some with one hand. In actuality, the hard part is the constant comfort brought by being held in their embrace. Imagine for a moment waking up from a deep sleep well rested, so comfortable you lie in bed for a few more minutes. Now imagine that same warmth from waking up all time as you are loving hugged. The difficult part is not carrying the Yeti Bogey, it is resisting the constant temptation for a cuddly nap!

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