Woolly Embrace

Jake sat in the waiting room, at a local clinic had been
having problems lately trying to fall asleep stuck in a limbo of insomnia. The
stress of collage finals, his part time job and the passing of his grandparents
had really put a toll on his mind. He had been taking sleeping pills but they
weren’t working so on his father’s request he went to the doctor. “Number eight
the doctor will see you now” the lady at the counter called out though the
intercom. Getting up Jake saw a man in a white medical coat waiting for him at
the door.

“Hi my name is Doctor Fredrick, follow me” Jake nodded and
followed the man down a long hallway past some medical staff chatting with one
another. Arriving at Dr. Fredrick’s office Jake saw many genetic things a
doctor’s office would have: a medical table, a few small chairs a computer desk
in the corner and a few grey medical cabinets. Taking a seat, Jake was asked a
series of questions relating to his daily routine to his eating choices.

“Do you eat junk food often” Dr. Fredrick asked

“I do eat an occasional donut and drink a soda twice a day”

“I see” The doctor began scribing down his answers “I would
recommend a change in diet, any other stress in your life?”

“Well my grandparents both died in the same week and I have
an upcoming final in collage and then there are bills I have to pay and my part
time job” Jake said a little uncomfortable remembering those things were
already causing him great stress.

“I see” Dr. Fredrick muttered “do you take any medication prescribed or over
the counter

“I use to take sleeping pills, they worked for a while but
then I stopped taking them because they weren’t working” Jake replied

The doctor laughed “I
wish I could prescribe you sleeping gas but then I’d lose my license” They both
laughed for a brief moment, before the doctor spoke again “but there is one
thing I could.” The doctor’s witty smile disappeared and was replaced with a
serious look. “But you have to be absolutely sure you want this treatment. I
can’t guarantee if it will work or that you would like it but allow me to ask
you a few odd questions.”

Jake was a little anxious but he tried everything from pills
to outrageous remedies. “This isn’t going to lead me to some back ally is it?” He
asked a little fearful.

The doctor smiled “No not at all”

“Sure” Jake agreed

“Ok” Doctor Fredrick got up from his chair and went to his
medical desk, digging though his draws he pulled out a form put it on the
clipboard and returned. “Are you
allergic to anything like dogs, cats, sheep?”

“No, I’m not allergic to animals”

“I see, do you live with anyone who is allegic to animals”

“No, I received my grandparents’ house after they passed so
I’m living alone currently”

“My final questions are you currently in any relationship or
have a history of abusive relationships?”

“What?” Jake was surprised by the question what would his
relationship status having anything to do with his insomnia?

“I told you these questions are odd”

“Ok, I’m not in a current relationship” Jake admitted after
a sigh, with all the things going on in his life he didn’t really have the time
to go out and mingle like all the other college students.

“OK, all I filled out the form for you” Doctor Fredrick
handed Jake the form “I would need your signature and mailing address so I know
where to send the treatment.” Signing the form Jake stood up and prepared to
leave when Dr. Fredrick spoke again this time his voice was solemn “Oh and Jake
I would ask you to not mention what I had you sign”

“Uh is there a problem Doctor?” Jake asked his voice concerned
that this might lead him to a back ally after all. If Doctor Fredrick was a scammer
he was playing the role brilliantly.

“Oh well you see this treatment is unorthodox and I don’t
want to get sue if anything happens to you during the treatment” Fredrick cut
his eyes away when he spoke. “But I assure you that this treatment has been
tested and works virtually all the time.

“Well if its been tested then I guess I could try it” Jake
was a little skeptical but he had nowhere else to turn. “ok, I’ll give it a
shot but if it doesn’t work?”

Fredrick grinned “Then I will personally order you a tank of
sleeping gas and you’ll sleep like a baby” After they shared another good
laugh. Jake waved good bye to the odd doctor and for the first time he sleep
well that night.

A few weeks passed since the doctor visit when Jake heard a
knocking on his door door, looking though the peep hole he saw a man deliver
man wearing a black cap with MA logo on his cap. Opening the door Jake saw the
man had a large crate with holes on the top of it. “Hello, I have a delivery for
Mr. Jake?” The delivery man asked with professional cheeriness.

“That’s me” Jake said as he looked at the strange box the
form and stepped outside as the delivery man pushed his package into the living
room. Using a crew bar the man opened the crate. Jake wondered what could be in the crate those
allergy questions were now ringing in his ears. When the crate finally opened a
beautiful young woman stepped out of the shadowy interior her slender arms legs
and body was covered in some type of wool but everything else was left bare
like an odd sheep bikini and sprouting from her head were odd sheep like horns.
She looked like she was ready for erotic costume party or something, was this
the treatment? Jake wondered to himself as he sighed his name to the clipboard.

“Welcome to the mamono alliance Mr. Jake we are happy to
have you apart of the community” The delivery man said in a way a master car
salesman would it made Jake feel oddly welcomed. “Now you will need these
shears and shave her every few weeks. Her wool makes great commodity, and is
worth top dollar at the local farmer’s market but be warn that she may become a
little furious but I’m sure you’ll be fine” The man said as he left.

Jake closed the door and pondered the meaning of the man’s
words when he was suddenly groped from behind with a hug. Jake flinched as the
woman began rubbing up against him with her ample bosom and delicate hands. He tried to break the hold but quickly found
his strength dwindling fast like he was in a massage chair, he felt the gentle
vibrations like feeling move though his body as the sheep woman slowly undid
his belt with nimble fingers, pushing then down his leg and trancing outline of
his manhood with single finger, teasing him with every stroke.

Jake was now completely unaware of what was going on around
him, he just felt tired like he hadn’t seen his bed in weeks tired. The sheep
woman cooed in his ear as she nuzzled him, he kissed her in response and he
suddenly found himself on the floor with the sheep woman standing on top of him
with a innocent yet mischievous leer on her angelic face. She lend over and kissed Jake once more this time
not as softly as it transitioned into a long passionate kiss of saliva and
moans of pleasure. It felt like minutes before the lip lock was shattered and
Jake gave on last yawn as they both fell into the throes of blissful sleep, for
once in weeks Jake felt the comfort of sleep in the arms of something more pleasant
than a pillow.

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