Wonderland Bogey

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Species: Ogre, dependent on their mood

Habitat: Their own personal wonderland

Disposition: Fun-loving, carefree, imaginative

Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy


Wonderland Bogeys are a subspecies of bogeys who came into being after a chance encounter with the Queen of Hearts. As the story goes, the Queen of Hearts found herself lonely with no one to play with on a rainy day. Sitting alone in her room, bored as she watched the rain patter against the window, a bogey came out from under her bed. “Oh Queen, why do you look so sad?” asked the bogey. The queen responded, “I’m bored of my toys, and I have no one to play games with!”. So the bogey thought and came up with an idea to play pretend with Queen. The Queen agreed and they played all day and night till the rain pattered out and the sun shone once more. This saddened the Queen though since as much as she liked to pretend, it was all just pretend. Then,  the Queen time was struck with a great idea. The Queen worked her magic and weaved it into the bogey as if she were a doll. As the magic flowed through the bogey, her body became younger as her imagination grew and her perception of the world becoming whimsical like the Queen herself. “Now when we play pretend, it’s all real!” the Queen said, giving the first Wonderland Bogey a hug. Full of magic, the bogey promised to see the Queen again to play another day and set off in search of a husband. It’s said on rainy days, you can hear the Queen playing pretend with that bogey and the bogey’s husband in her room.

As the tale goes, the Wonderland Bogey is capable of making her imagination a reality, and with how imaginative they are, combined with their child-like wonder of the world, they do so gleefully and subconsciously. Anything within a mile or so radius around the Wonderland Bogey becomes its own miniature demon realm. This demon realm is completely beholden to the bogey’s desires, and most times ends up being its own pocket dimension, being ten to twelve times larger on the inside than on the outside. Anyone or anything that enters this mini wonderland is beholden to its reality.

A common example is if the Wonderland Bogey believes that everyone should be plush like her, then anyone who enters will find themselves transformed to have bogey-like stitches and filled with stuffing. For how quickly the changes appear, however, they last far longer, not dissipating at all as long as one remains in the min-Wonderland, and only disappear after around 2 weeks from being away from the zone. Some can even last far longer depending on the effects. A common example of these long-lasting changes is when a chubby or fat mamono who is married enters the zone, and the Wonderland Bogey sees them. If the bogey thinks “She must be pregnant!” then the mamono will quickly find the next time they make love to their lover, they will not only be pregnant, but the pregnancy will proceed far more quickly.

Though this all depends on the perception of the Wonderland Bogey, and seeing is believing. Most individuals can pass through the mini wonderland with minor changes at worst, however, should one run into the Wonderland Bogey, then they’ll find their changes a lot more extreme. One of the most popular examples is the mantitaur. As I’m sure those reading this entry remember, a few years back a manticore centaur was all over the news sharing her story and the joy of her new form. She had a chance encounter with the Wonderland Bogey while on an outing with her husband whilst the bogey was playing “Middle Ages”. Upon seeing the two of them she said the manticore’s husband was a knight in shining armor, and the manticore was his beloved steed. Before the manticore knew it, her body had become centaur-like, with the fluffy lower body of a lion, and her tell tail manticore tail. She describes the experience of having her husband ride her like that so that enjoyable, pleasuring him with her tail so pleasurable, that she never wanted to change back. She never did change back either, making her a prime case study for the Wonderland Bogey’s magic. Since then, many more have braved the mini wonderlands in search of the Wonderland Bogey in order to spice up their marriage with their loved ones.

Upon closer research, the Wonderland Bogey magic is actually quite nuanced for being entirely subconscious. While it can affect personality, it does so only nudgingly and can be easily resisted, and should one actively resist the transformation, it will last only around half as long away from the mini wonderland. As for the personality changes, they are only ever additive, or working in tandem with the affected individual’s original personality.  An example would be if the Wonderland Bogey sees a delinquent hellhound and believes she would make for a great princess, the hellhound would become a delinquent princess, with a torn dress and a bad attitude. One should be careful to remember, however, that within the Wonderland Bogey’s zone of control, anything goes, so anyone might find their clothes or body suddenly changed should their paths cross with the bogey. However, it is the bogey’s reality-bending which is the only part of their magic that can affect everyone in the zone. Common themes across most mini wonderlands are making all men as short as her, while giving all monsters and women motherly bodies that tower over the men, with the tallest man only reaching a woman’s hips.

However, Wonderland Bogeys take lovers just as any other monster, and these lovers are sometimes considered monsters themselves commonly referred to as “Princes of Wonderland”. These princes are almost always found by the bogey’s side because, in their child-like wonder, the bogey believes they’ll be together forever. As such these lovers end up heavily affecting how the bogeys see the world, and as such can heavily affect anyone else in the area. If the prince for example enjoys breast milk, then every woman and mamono, including the bogey, might find their breasts full of milk and with a slight need to breastfeed their lover. Some mini wonderlands are made up of exclusively of centaurs, some futa’s, it all depends on the prince’s taste and the bogey’s willingness to want to play like that. The prince himself is not immune to the bogey’s whims however, and will often find his body changing to suit the whims of her games, much like how the bogey will change to fits the lover’s desires. It’s all one big game to them after all, and while it’s hard to describe the bogey because of their everchanging nature, their bodies are usually short and stacked, or perhaps lithe and petite, but their eyes are always filled with wonder.

Some final notes about the Wonderland Bogey. While they are filled with almost a child-like sense of wonder, they are just as intelligent as any other bogey or monster. However they can end up creating life including from horror media, but due to this child-like wonder, they’ll think something along the lines of “I’m too cute for it to hurt me, ill just charm it and make it a good person” and as such, will end up creating a new mamono. It is also not uncommon for a Wonderland Bogey to take other monsters as a “mommy” for her and the prince, unwittingly giving her some of her power and creating a small harem in the process. The mini wonderlands also get bigger on the inside as more Wonderland Bogey congregate inside, but this will end up creating different zones within with different rules as they all play their own little games of pretend. However, this internal size increase is negligible on the outside, which only grows in size at a logarithmic rate, meaning instead of the 2-mile diameter area doubling, it instead only becomes about 2.2 miles in diameter. Overall, while the Wonderland Bogey is powerful, these mini wonderlands can be easily avoided should one wish, as one only needs to go around, though it is not uncommon to see communities of transformed monsters form around them, always happy to play pretend with a bogey, same as the Queen of Hearts once did, so never be afraid to try something new and play their game of pretend.

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  1. I absolutely love this concept, my favorite part about it basically being that to put it in D&D terms, the wonderland bogies basically act like archfey, making their own little mini Faye wild wherever they happen to be i love that~

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