Wolf Control

>Work in Monster Girl Control (Sub-division of Animal control)
>Work primarily during mating season or when wild MSGs enter the city looking for food or men
>Get call about canine monster girl wandering around in suburbs
>Suit up and roll out
>Patrol around the neighborhood for almost an hour
>About to give up when your partner spots wolf monster girl rummaging through a trashcan, definitely wild and completely nude
>Matted silver hair and needed a bath but otherwise healthy, pretty fit infact
>Only one eye though, looks like she lost the other in a fight
>Suddenly looks up and spots your truck, takes off on all fours
>Oh shit its on
>Bolt out of the truck with stick snare in hand
>Dart between houses and over fences until you finally corner her between two houses
>She’s feisty, snarls and barks at you , taking occasional swipes. Difficult to snare
>MSG stops, suddenly stands up
>oh shit shes tall
>gets into fighting stance, knees bent, elbows in
>Oh shit she knows kung fu
>Parries your snare stick away, it clatters over a fence
>Wolf msg looks at your with death in her eyes

>Take out last line of defense against canine MSGs
>Bacon bit from breakfast, never leave home without it
>Wolf monster girls nose twitches, notices new delicious aroma penetrating her nose
>Sees you waving bacon bit in your hand, eyes follow it earnestly, her stance relaxes
>Get on your knees and beckon her over, low voice and smile always wins them over
>She gets on all fours again, cautiously comes closer, tail sways from side to side as she tries to watch you and the bacon bit at the same time but cant make up her mind
>She inches closer, just out of arms reach, still sniffing the bacony aroma
>Faster than you can anticipate, she lunges forward and bites your hand, trying to engulf both digits and bacon
>Stifle cry of pain, but don’t let go of bacon bit
>She’s growling now, biting harder to try and get you to let go
>You persist and bring your other arm around towards her
>She notices and bites even harder, causing blood to well up now
>You bring your fingers behind her ears and scratch them softly
>Act of kindness stuns wolf msg, eyes go wide in shock
>You ruffle her head and continue scratching, telling her its okay, and finally letting her have bacon bit
>She dosnt run away as you continue petting her
>Much more docile now, eyes you strangely as you scratch under her chin
>Partner comes in now, slow as ever
>”Holy shit anon, that’s a serious bite. Shes gotta get put down now”
>Perish the thought, tis but a scratch
>Partner shurgs, “Alright anon, as long as you handle the paper work”
>Coax her into back of the truck and ride with her to keep her calm, all the while she still stares with a strange expression

>Hours later, bring wolf MSG back into your house
>No room at office/want to keep her off the records about bite attack
>she darts inside and begins running madly between rooms barking the entire time and knocking stuff over
>Used to it, much more hectic in office
>Lure her into bath room with another bacon bit
>She lunges for it
>Dodge and lock bathroom door behind you
>Its bath time
>struggle to get her into bath, still feisty
>Protests the entire time, whining and barking at you
>Has to be done, don’t want fleas in house/want her to be clean
>Promise her another bacon bit if she cooperates
>Can’t tell if she understood you but she relents and lets you wash
>Notice that’s shes actually not that bad looking when shes clean
>Firm legs, supple breasts, you take your time washing her but she dosnt seem to mind now
>Yelps a bit when your hand brushes her nipples, you steel yourself and think of pure thoughts as you continue
>Wash her tail and paws and hair until finally done
>She shakes herself off madly like any other dog would
>Should have seen that coming
>Reward her again with bacon
>Lunges and eats in mid air, tailing wagging happily
>Late now, and gotta take her to vet tomorrow to be properly checked
>Set up mat beside your bed
>For some reason she heads to it immediately and curls up, still eyeing you strangely
>Head into your own bed, turn off the lamp and wish her good night
>Hear the soft swish of a tail across the matt as you fall asleep

>Next day
>Time to go to the vet
>look over to find wolf msg still sound asleep, much more peaceful then yesterday
>realize that you have a naked wolf monster girl with no clothes whatsoever
>Considered a crime to tote monster girl nude around town
>Rummage through drawers and find some old clothes your don’t wear anymore, jeans and t-shirt, basic but it will do
>Rouse wolf msg up, she yawns, stretches herself out, arching her back and rear into the air
>Oh god dat booty
>Wolf msg stands up and yips at you happily,
>Thrust the clothes to her
>She tilts her head at you, clearly confused
>Oh cmon now
>Spend the next hour teaching her how to cloth herself
>Jeans are too baggy and shirt to short, exposing midriff, but it works
>Consider using a leash to get her into your car
>Not sure if she would be okay with it, plus also taboo
>Opt for next best solution
>Pick her up princess style
>Shes a big one, but dosnt struggle as you struggle outside and to the car
>Extremely docile now
>Get her into passenger side, buckle her in, and off to the vet
>Its crowded, MSG’s everywhere
>Spider MSG with broken leg, some sick kitsune coughing up green fire instead of blue, Lamia with scale rot
>Wolf girl suddenly goes berserk starts barking and snarling at other monster girls
>Have to physically hold her back
>try and calm her down
>Staff takes notice
>Nurse walks over
>”I think we’ll see you now”

>Minutes pass
>Agonizing minutes
>Finally nurse comes back to you
>”The doctor will see you now, room seven”
>Make your way over to room seven
>Holy balls its fucking freezing in here
>Notice oddly pale blue human in lab coat, sucking on lollipop
>Yuki-onna monster girl doctor
>Notice your wolf msg on the table, shivering in cold and for some reason also sucking on lollipop
>”Oh Anon, its good to see you again” Yuki onna extends hand, you shake it out habit
>Bad idea, that shits cold too
>Recognize her from Monster Girl Control Center
>Would sometime see her working there as well, treating some of the haul you brought in
>Ask her if she could identify the wolf msg or if she really was a wild one
>”That’s the odd thing about her. She’s definitely wild but you notice those scares across her neck?”
>You follow yuki onna doctor’s finger and see faint lines around wolf msg neck, faint but there
>”My guess is that she had an owner”
>Holy shit
>Somebody went out of their way into the wild to enslave this girl.
>Unheard of but it does happen
>”And according to the preliminary you said that she tried to fist fight you? That sounds indicative of someone training her. You remember that dog fighting debacle we had a few years back? “
>Vaguely, it was before your time working at the MSG control
>Yuki onna doctor nods her head knowingly, “Shes probably the end result of it. Ring got broken up and they had to get rid of her. She’s probably been living on the streets since.”

>Wolf msg suddenly sneezes, blowing the lollipop across the room
>Wolf msg painfully whimpers as lollipop shatters on floor
>Yuki doc laughs and pulls out another lollipop for wolf msg, unwrapping it and holding it out for her
>Wolf msg latches on to it and continues sucking on it, all the while still shivering
>You notice that your shivering too, teeth are beginning to chatter
>Yuki onna takes notice
>”You can take her home with you for now until we figure out what to do with her. Otherwise shes physically fine. Although I suggest that you actually buy some clothes for her, especially some underwear” Yuki onna winks at you before leaving
>Let out heavy sigh as you head to department store, wolf girl sticking her head out of car window, tail whacking your face as you drive on
>Head in and start picking out clothes for her, just whatever you can find
>Give them to wolf msg to see if they fit
>She tilts her head at you, clearly confused
>don’t you do this to me now god damn it
>Give up and go into changing room with her forcing her to put on clothes
>Couple hundred dollars later, Wolf msg has her own clothes now
>Shes rather content, seems to enjoy making your life a living hell now
>Drive back home, another day done
>Wolf msg sticking head out window
>Red light
>Wolf monster girl jumps out
>see her sprint towards other side of street, dodging cars and weaving through traffic
>see her target, dog girl, red head, out jogging
>oh shit no

>Get out of car
>try and chase her down before the inevitable ensues
>wolf msg tackle crashes into dog msg
>oh here we go
>epic brawl breaks out
>Both snarling and taking swipes at each other
>Reach brawl and pick up wolf msg, twirl around and slam her to the ground
>yelling at top of voice now, “stay down, stay down”
>Wolf msg keeps barking , keeps egging on fight
>Dog msg barks back, giving rude finger gestures as well
>Wait a minute are they communicating?
>Turn to dog msg and grab her by the shoulders, younger girl, probably university student
>shes roughed up, jumper torn, but a defiant look in her eyes
>”What the hell is your problem!?”
>Ask her if she can understand wolf msg
>”Of course I can, she’s speaking Wulfen! Only backwood hicks speak like that! Is she with you?!
>Before you could answer, she tiger uppercuts you, sending you flying backwards
>Land with a heavy oomph, wind knocked out of you, head ringing, you can taste copper
>Feel a presence above you, its heavy and wont move, tail in your face
>It’s wolf msg, shes assumed a fighting stance above you, knees bent, elbows in
>Shes protecting you?
>Red headed dog msg walked away now, on a phone
>Theres a crowd watching the two of you now
>Oh shit time to
>Groggily get up, grab wolf girl by the collar of her shirt and nearly drag her back to the car
>Half throw her in and drive home in silence
>You can feel the tension in the air, wolf msg much quitter now
>Its punishment time
>You lock her in the bathroom and immediately the whining begins
>its strange to punish a fully grown woman (albeit a wolf msg) that’s taller then you, like a child
>head to kitchen and proceed to wash the blood out of your mouth

>days pass
>wolf msg much more docile now
>barks less and less
>rarely let her leave the house now, too difficult to keep her off other msg
>wolf msg spends the day watching TV, sits cross legged munching on bacon bits, tail wagging happily behind her
>Cant tell if she can understand whats going on on the TV or not
>Spend your days doing your job, while also trying to figure out what Wulfen was
>Dead language, nobody spoke it anymore, hard to translate much less speak
>Red headed dog msg must have been smart
>Pouring over internet forums trying to find any information regarding wolf msg
>Odd bit of information comes up
>Wolf monter girls have gray hair, not silver
>Well that’s odd
>Suddenly feel pressure in your lap
>Look down to see Wolf msg head pop between your legs, ears flicking back and forth
>”Wuv you”
>Wait what?
>”Wuv you” wolf msg says again, trying out the syllables in her mouth
>Confused, blushing madly, loss of words
>house is filled with silence save for the TV
>The TV?
>Look towards TV, romance movie is on, the climantic end where the heroine confess her love for the guy
>cant remember the name of the movie but you’ve seen it enough times on TV to know what the next line was
>”I…love you too?”
>Giddy expression on wolf msg
>tail wags madly now
>”Wuv you”
>”I love you too”
>”Wuv you”
>”I love you too”
>”Wuv you”
>”I love you too”
>Wolf msg nuzzles her head into your lap, giggling happy as she got a reaction out of you
>you pet her behind the ears, still not sure of what she knew what she was saying

>Days continue to pass
>Wolf msg says “wuv you” for everything now
>When you wake up, when you make breakfast for her, when you ask if she wants sprinkles on her ice cream, everything she says now
>”wuv you”
>you always respond back
>It seemed to replace her usual barking
>One month passes by and you begin to notice strange behavior from wolf msg from the past few days
>she walks around the house with only a shirt on
>she makes an effort to always stretch herself out in the morning before you
>she starts whapping her tail in your face more and more often
>final straw came when she suddenly licked your chin when you were putting a plate down before her
>remembering your training and realize that she’s a full grown wolf girl and would eventually go into her estrous cycle
>aka heat
>have mixed feelings about this
>on one hand, you have wolf msg that you saved and adores you
>on other hand, it would seem that you simply rescued her for her body
>you know what you must do
>You fill your bedroom with pillows of varying sizes, including body pillows,
>You make sure that all the sharp corners of the room are padded, just in case
>You stock plenty of food and water if the worse should come
>Eventually the day comes, Wolf msg is eyeing you constantly, biting her lower lip or by sneaking up to you and trying to nibble on you
>You take her by the hand
>its time now
>You lead her into the bed room
>She comes willingly, a part of her hair frames her face
>you spin her around and push her down on the bed, she doesn’t protest
>you can feel her shivering beneath you, eyeing you hungrily
>She reaches up to wrap her arms around your neck, to draw you in
>You duck out
>You turn around
>you dash out the door
>You slam it shut and lock it
>The banging on the door is incessant, but you hold the doorknob shut
>She screams, “Wuv you! Wuv you!”
>You knew, which is why this must be done
>She continues bang on the door, but finally she stops
>A moment of quite ensues before you begin to hear the bed squeak rhythmically, soft moans coming from behind the door
>It would be over soon.
>You did the right thing…

>days pass
>Wolf girl more tame now
>Its like living with a normal person who can only say two words
>wears shirts and shorts on a daily basis now
>Pays less attention to you and instead focuses on TV
>Its for the best
>Phone rings
>You answer
> “Hi, I’m a representative of the Monter Girl Association for the Advancement of Equal Rights. I understand that you have a wild wolf monster girl in your care?”
>You can’t remember most of the conversation
>Big words like “reintegration”, “self-reliance”, “the coerced subjugation of a lesser minded individual”
>You protest at some of the accusations but eventually a date is set
>They would come tomorrow
>You hang up the phone, its quite in the house again save for the TV
>The soft munching of bacon bits catches your attention
>You stride into the living room
>She’s there, watching TV almost in a trance
>She dosnt notice when slide up behind her
>She yelps in surprise as you wrap your arms around her, the bowl of bacon bits spills on to the floor
>Shes confused, as are you, but you simply hug her tighter, your face nestled into the softness of her hair, her ear tickling your cheek
>You feel a soft sensation on your chin, warm and wet
>Its soft
>you can feel her breath now, its hot and shaky
>you look down at her, her eyes are misty, longing for something
>You choke back tears as you try to explain whats going to happen tomorrow and why it had to happen
>She looks at you confused, theres no possible way for her to understand
>But its too much, her gaze, her quivering lips, her body now pressed against yours
>You give in
>Her lips are soft , and oddly tastes like bacon
>She responds in kind, her arms trying to pull you into her
>You follow her lead, letting her drag you down, until your lying on your back on the floor
>Shes climbs on top of you, straddling you as she hungrily tries to devour your lips again
>Its beyond blissful, your mind is in a haze, and your pants begin to grow tighter
>You begin to feel her try and tug on your pants
>You grab her wrist, shes confused at your actions
>You shake your head in response, you cant go any further
>The expression she has right now is indescribable
>But it cuts into your heart deeply
>Instead, she renews her kissing, driving her tongue into your mouth
>You respond, exploring her mouth, all the while fighting back tears as you feel hers drip onto your face

>Morning comes
>And they come as well
>They don’t even bother to ring the doorbell, they just knock
>You push wolf mgs off of you gingerly, careful not to wake her as you get up to answer the door
>You try and fix your hair as your answer
>It’s the feds
>Two humans, male and female, an oni monster girl and a Centaur monster girl
>They look like secret police of some third world nation
>”She inside?” the oni mgs asks harshly
>You nod, merely stepping aside as the three of them enter, the centaur mgs staying outside for obvious reasons
>What happens next is a cacophony of sounds
>Yelling, things crashing and shattering, the sound of a multiple people screaming, kicking and punching
>It subsides, and you begin to hear a sound that begins to tear your very soul to shreds
> “Wuv you!”
>Over and over again she yells it, at the top of her lungs
>There at the doorway now, trying to pull Wolf mgs out, but she still fights on
>She sees you standing there
>She reaches out to you, clawing at your feet, a desperate look in her eyes, a mixture of fear and confusion
>”Wuv you! Wuv you!” she yells at you, half crying, half yelling at you, all the while trying to latch onto your feet to stop from being dragged away by the three agents.
>You stoop down to her, cupping her face in your hands, while fighting back your own tears
>”I love you too”
>She’s openly bawling now, giving up entirely, the three agents manage to pick her up and put her into the SUV
>You can still hear the muffled sobs from inside
>The Oni Mgs lets out a relieved sigh as her other companions hop into the SUV
>”There usually like that when there uncivilized. It’s a shame they don’t know we’re trying to help them”
>You ask how long before you’re able to see her again
>Oni mgs shurgs, “Depends on them. Sometimes they don’t want to integrate into modern society and sometimes they want to stick with the old ways.”
>Oni mgs gives you some paperwork, to be filled out and completed by the following week
>As the SUV begins to roll away you can hear one last defeated cry of anguish as SUV turns the corner
>You did what was right…right?

>Days pass
>Then weeks
>Then months
>You continue your job, corralling wild monster girls that wander into the city or doing overtime during mating season
> You try and find new hobbies, running works for a while but you ran to red headed dog msg again
>She said she heard what had happened and was sorry
>Would love to meet Wolf msg again to converse in Wulfen again
>You agree
>You stop running the next day
>You try your hand at making models, but stop soon after
>the scars on your hand are a constant reminder
>The Monster Girl Association for the Advancement of Equal Rights never calls you back, never gives you proper answer, just more paperwork to fill out or more people to put on hold with
>Your coworkers try to introduce you to other women, other monster girls, but you decline their invitations.
>Even Yuki onna would come by to check on you
>Its pleasant conversing with her but not the same
>One day, you hear a knock on the door
>Your heart skips a beat
>It always does when somebody knocks on the door
>But you calm yourself and remind yourself that its been months since you last saw her
>You open the door
>It’s your coworker
>”Hey man, was wondering if you could give me a lift tommorow? My tires gone flat again.”
>You say sure, you weren’t doing anything anway
>He thanks you, and turns around to leave but almost runs into someone behind him
>He apologizes to her and continues on his way
>Now there was a woman there
>Tall, with silver ears and tail, an eye gouged out from an earlier fight now covered by an eye patch and faint scars across her neck if you looked hard enough.
>She was dressed in business attire, skirt and stockings and everything
>She stands awkwardly before you, fidgeting with her fingers as she works up the courage to say something to you
>”I..err..I’m…” she stutters
>She has a noticeable accent now, as if she had just learned how to speak his language
>Finally she straightens her back and stares defiantly into your eyes, almost like on the day when you first saw her
>”I wuv you Anon”

>Your stunned at the sight of her
>you quickly regain your composure fixing your hair and buttoning up your shirt
>You’re at a loss for words, instead your preprogramed social instincts kick in and you invite her in
>You see a flicker of disappoint but she nods and strides in
>For some reason shes seems taller now
>She kicks off her heels as she steps inside
>”It’s the same…” you hear her mutter as she begins to explore the rooms that used to be her home many months ago
>You constantly watch her, eyeing her movements, shes much more refined now, her tail dosnt bump or crash into things now
>its as if she’s gliding
>Perish the thought
>opt to make her a drink, she doesn’t say anything as you prepare some tea
>Soon after the both of you are sitting across from each other sipping on the tea
>she even has her pinky out
>too classy for me now
>You ask her what happened
>She pauses for a moment, “They sent me to school. To learn about many things. About language, and the world, and ethics.”
>She became quite again, gauging your reactions, “They told me that I saw you as a provider. Of food and shelter. Which is why they think I…attached myself to you.” She says, trying to formulate the words before she spoke
>You shake your head
>You merely wanted to help her because you knew it was the right thing to do
>At those words she suddenly stands up, and strides over to you
>”Then if I were to embrace you, and kiss you, and make you mine. Would you think of it as the right thing to do?”
>You see her eyes become misty again, her shoulders shake
>”Why havnt you told me that you loved me too?” she says on the verge of tears.

>Man up mode
>You launch up from your chair and pounce on wolf monster girl
>her help of surprise is muffled by your locked lips
>she reacts to you dropping her purse and wrapping her arms around you
>You manage to pull her to the ground atop of you again just like the last night before
>but there is no worry now
>you begin to pull your shirt off, while she practically rips her blouse off
>black bra with floral lace, very nice
>By the time she pulled off her bra you were already working at your belt, the bulge in your pants suddenly coming free as you pulled them off
>You didn’t even bother to take off her stockings, instead you just ripped them up
>she dosnt mind, she pushes aside her underwear as you guide yourself into her
>You both yelp in surprise as she suddenly hilts herself atop you, the sudden warmth engulfing you
>she bites into your neck, hard as you grasp her hips and slowly begin to thrust into her
>shes Slow at first but she begins to pick up her own pace, riding you, whimpering with every thrust
>Months of pent up sexual desire is unleashed as you come deep within her, she gasps loudly as the hot liquid splashes her insides
>You now see a new look in her eyes, one of hunger
>You suddenly remember that she a monster girl that thrived off semen
>her instincts kick in and within moments shes in complete control, pinning your arms down riding you endlessly into the night and devouring you
>You forget how many times you came within her
>When morning does come, you find wolf mgs atop you, nuzzling into your chest sound asleep, a ear twitching in your face.
>you embrace her tightly, this was your wolf monster girl, you lean in close to her ear and say only in a whisper
>”I love you too”
>The ear twitches slightly before you feel wolf msg hug you tighter
>She wasn’t going to let go of you now

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