Wizardquest 2: Chapter 9- What Lurks Beneath

With the sun high in the sky now, you head toward the Southeast, toward the city of Hatset, a new determination in your step. You’ve spent plenty of time helping out Ebe’s Mother, but you gained some good information too, so there’s something to be said for that.

Everyone is in good spirits, chuckling with each other and chatting amiably. Everyone in your group seems to have grown closer after last night, and with every day you can see bonds forming. It actually makes you feel kind of nice and yet… somehow you feel disconnected from it. Is it because of your age, or is it because of your convictions?

Musing over that, you do your best to do some reading while walking, only getting separated from the group twice while doing it. You’re not able to get terribly much from your reading until you find take break, but the book on Audiomancy certainly has a wealth of information about how to refine the [Audio Tap], which you use every so often to hear if anything is approaching, which thankfully nothing seems to.

As you stop for the evening, you find yourself at a chapter labeled, “Offensive Audiomancy” with the first spell being [Sonic Blast]. Feeling a little on edge to read it, you each dinner quite quickly, everyone giving you odd looks as you do so.

“Sooooo, Rommel.” Sylphie says, mischief in her eyes. “What were you doing behind the house with Ebe’s Mom, hmm?”

“Eh?” You say, looking up at the girls. “Oh, I was just having her look at something.”

Ebe blushes and puts a wing to her mouth while the others giggle until you realize your mistake. “Ugh for the love of- Look, I had her read that geoflexing scroll and those rubbings.”

“Ah, so you didn’t have a thing for middle aged Monster afterall.” Alice says giving an overally dramatic sigh. She places her hand on Tabitha’s shoulder and says, “I’m so sorry.”

“I know someone who could probably make you a good magitek hand to replace the one you’re about to lose.” Is all Tabitha says, to which Alice lifts her hands and holds them out, chuckling.

“Well, what did she say?” Sophie asks, and you tell the group, their faces turning serious as you describe Hent-ateh.

“You don’t think that the construct…?” Ebe asks, looking nervous.

“Possibly.” You sigh. “It’s too convenient to be anything else. Apophis cults appearing? This thing appearing? I don’t know what to say otherwise.”

“It seems to have been near major population centers though.” Tabitha says. “Perhaps we won’t run into it.”

“Yeah, sure.” Sylphie says, shaking her head. “As if we have that luck.”

The rest of the meal is passed in quiet contemplation, and you end up getting a shift where you practice your geoflexing, getting a good work-out as you do so before returning to staff practice. You make a point to ask Tabitha to teach you about spear fighting later, though that sword could be useful too… eh, maybe as something you can have floating around you? That might be cool!

Sweating, but still seeing nothing in the night, you cool off by sitting on a makeshift bench and opening your Audiomancy book back to where you were, reading about, [Sonic Blast].

“While most Audiomancy is a type of cantrip, easily used by most practitioners, this form of magic is only useful for those with a specific affinity for it, and more often than not was used by Wizards. The basic foundation for offensive Audiomancy is [Amplify], taking small sounds and making them stronger. While a sufficiently loud [Amplify] can temporarily deafen someone, it doesn’t do much beyond that. In this lesson, we explore making sound waves physical.”

“[Sonic Blast] amplifies a sufficent sound, such as a clap, and takes the sound wave from that, narrowing its focus and increasing the strength of the sound until it becomes physical. Imagine the area of amplify like a box, and push your magic through this like a tunnel. By constricting where is it able to go, you can make a scream, a clap, anything sufficiently loud to begin with blast forward with the force to stun or incapacitate a foe.  While further amplification will allow this blast to be strong enough to do far more damage, that is not within the scope of this beginning lesson.”

“Once you have a good measure of this, please follow onto the next lesson about [Cacophony], a spell which covers a wide area with discordant noise that will disorient and potentially incapacitate foes.”

Damn, you really want to practice this one, but that might not be a good idea right about now, seeing as everyone is sleeping. Well… perhaps in the future you’ll be able to. In fact, you do that the very next morning, royally pissing off everyone!

>You learn [Sonic Blast]

>Hyperfocused sound blasted in a directional area, effective against targets you can’t see

With everyone mad at you for making loud noises, you continue on your way through the sands, which become more shifting by the day. Thankfully water isn’t a terrible concern for your thanks to magic, but the wearing on of the sands really bores down on your. You’re not able to read much while walking due to all the dunes and the fear of falling and hurting yourself, but you continue at it regardless, able to read a little more on how to shape your friends into better little golems, though not able to reach the part about granting better sentience, yet.

“Hey… do you feel that.” Sylphie asks, cocking her head. She looks over at Mr. Ed who steps nervously, looking down at the sands and snorting. Sophie cocks her head as well and takes down her hood, ears twitching.

“No, I don’t really but… wait a second, what’s that sound?”

“It’s like a rumbling, right?” Sylphie says, looking to her sister. “Maybe like before? Maybe we found another ancient ruin and a Khepri is present or something.”

“I’ll check.” You say, casting [Survey]. Your senses quest out through the terrain, looking for the source of this rumbling when you feel it. At first it’s small but it gets larger and larger, faster and faster. Your eyes go wide and you say, “Whatever it is, it’s huge!”

“Oh Gods, why here?” Ebe says, leaping into the air. “It’s a Sandworm!”

“Ooooo, sounds like fun-” Alice is cut off as the sand about half a mile away erupts into a column of sand, an utterly massive, tubular creature bursting forth and letting out a cry that shakes your bones before it dives back into the sand, making your geomancy go haywire as you get a bead on it.

Alice licks her lips and says, “We should run.”

“Where?” Sylphie asks as Alice starts bolting.

“There’s a rocky outcropping past those dunes to the East!” Ebe shouts from the sky, run for it, or it will swallow you whole!”

“R-Right!” Sylphie says, swinging onto Mr. Ed’s saddle as he begins to gallop, Sophie leaping on behind her. Ebe swoops down and picks up Alice with her talons while you slap down the board of stone you got from Sylphie and mount it, Tabitha mounting up behind you. Erwin well, Erwin leaps onto your shoulders and sends,

{Go, Go, Go!}

Not needing his urging, you push forward, sands whipping about you as the rumbling grows closer. Feeling the way the sands are shifting, you push away to the right as a column of sand explodes and you come face to face for a moment with a pink, fleshy simulacrum of a beautiful woman before a massive, alien looking eye replaces it, staring into your eyes. Cursing, you push away again as the Sandworm crashes back into the sand, sending up a spray of the debris around you.

“We can’t let it get to the twins!” Tabitha shouts behind you. “We need to draw it’s attention!”

“Easier said than fucking done!” You say, sending out waves in the sand again. Gods above its massive, but at least you can detect it… somewhat. Still, you need to make it somewhere this thing can’t just burrow under you, and you need to make sure it doesn’t eat your friends!

“Just keep riding!”

With the power of [Amplify], your voice thunders through the space between you and the twins. Sophie nods her head and shouts something at Sylphie, though you know Mr. Ed heard and is reacting. Her fear of riding seems to be overshadowed by her fear of Sandworms, and you feel that is entirely appropriate.

A massive tremor passes directly under you and you dash to the side before the massive bulk of the Sandworm breaches again. Once more the pink female in the mouth looks at you, pouting with her arms crossed before those massive eyes replace her and then the Monster crashes into the sand.

In the sky, you see the form of Ebe making haste to your destination, but she seems so far away. What would happen if this thing manages to catch you anyway? You know some Monsters will eat humans and other Monsters, but you frankly don’t know a damn thing about Sandworms and have no idea if this… thing… wants to rape you or eat you? Something deep in the pit of your stomach says that it may want to do both.

“Can you kill that thing?” You ask Tabitha, who shakes her head before shouting back, despite the proximity.

“Highly unlikely! A Sandworm makes a Wurm look like a well… a worm! That hide is tougher than Dragon scales and the only vulnerable part is the eyes and the sex-body!”

“The WHAT?”

“The pink thing with the breasts! It’s the part that has sex with you!”

“What the fuck, who comes up with this shit!”

“Ask Dollora!”

Fair enough, she was the one who created all the animals, big and small after all. However this isn’t really the time to admire the practical applications of theology. Not when the tremors shift toward the twins and you curse, casting your power into the earth to create [Tremor].

The discordant roiling of the sand quickly switches the Monster’s attention to you, or more realistically, NEAR you. Figuring the Sandworm locates prey via vibrations, this should basically blind her, though despite this you almost fail to dodge the Monster as it surfaces again, letting out a bone-shaking shout of frustration. The uh… sex-body, fumes at you, looking quite upset before it hits the sand again. If you can just keep this up then maybe you can hit that place of safety without much incident and-

The pattern shifts beneath you. What the hells is it doing? You quickly make a dummy [Tremor] far away from you, and the Sandworm shifts again to a much safer position, but only momentarily. As if finding this some kind of ruse, the Sandworm locks back to its original course, going ahead of you, though for what purpose you can’t tell.

“I don’t like this…” You mutter to yourself, especially when your [Survey] goes fuzzy. It isn’t moving as much as before which is concerning in its own right and it doesn’t really click to you what’s happening until right before it does.

“Oh fuck me!” You shout about 100 yards in front of you, the sand explodes, the Sandworm breeching with a massive screech. The bulk slams onto the sand and races toward you, the sex-organ in its mouth reaching sticky, saliva-covered arms out toward you, a smile plastered on her face. Tentacles of all shapes and sizes coil about her, hungry as they await  your presence.

“I think she plans to do just that!” Tabitha shouts, pulling out her sword and preparing to face her end, despite it being futile. For your part, you hurriedly think of spells to cast, anything that might be useful. Something that will be a big punch here and now, something hard and powerful that you can throw as the Monster looms before you.

Like all good Wizards, you default to [Fireball].

The raging inferno of flames flies from your fingertips to strike the pink, fleshy part of the creature and it a human-like scream fills the air as it scorches the creature, but doesn’t stop it from coming. You do, however, notice it’s trajectory thrown off, and you skirt on your board as far to right as possible, holding your breath as the Sandworm comes crashing down into the sand right next to you.

The impact throws you and Tabitha from your board and you fly into the sand, the hot, granular substance sticking to your face and absorbing some of the impact. Disorientation causes you to stagger a few moments before you pick yourself up and place a hand to your head, groggily putting your thoughts back together.

A massive rumbling in the sand snaps your attention back to the present, and you look about with worry for Tabitha, finding her half- buried in the sand. Dashing over to the Lizardman, you find Erwin trying to dig her up and you use your magic to throw the sand off her, helping her up to her magitek feet. She shakes her head and growls, sand all in her hair. Her sword is still in her hand, and she looks ready to use it despite the probably futility of the gesture.

“Where’s your board?” She asks, looking all about, yet not seeming to find it. Seems finding a sandstone board amongst sand is a little difficult.

“I’ll find it.” You say, sending out your senses. The board is quickly located, but it’s a little too far to pull to you, which is rather terrifying. Gritting your teeth, you growl out, “It’s to the east, follow me, quickly.” She nods her head and the two of you make a break for the board.

In the distance, you see Mr. Ed stop and turn to look at you, but you wave them on, not wanting to shout out at them for fear that the extra vibrations could draw the Sandworm to your location. As it stands, this Monster is no fool and is able to change tactics and ignore some of your tricks. Which is precisely what it’s doing right now as you send out more distracting tremors, causing it to be confused instead of immediately dashing toward it.

What a terrifying creature. You’re glad they can’t really function outside of the sands, because if they did, anyone who could conquer them would be unstoppable. As it stands, you find yourself come into range of where your board is and you pull it toward you with your magic just as the Monster resurfaces again to the side of you, this time, crashing onto the sand and coiling around you as you mount the board, trapping you in place.

A shuddering peel of screeching emits from the monstrous body and you feel it might be somewhat akin to laughter, though you’re not certain why that would be. Tabitha and Erwin mount up behind you, looking for an exit point from this madness while she watches the Monster’s head, same as you. When it circles back again, those alien eyes stare at you before it raises itself up and opens its mouth, rows of sharp, pointed teeth lining the fleshy interior where the pink woman sits from the pelvis up, the rest of her made of the pink flesh.

She huffs, sticky strands of simulated hair moving from her face as she crosses her arms under her ample breasts. Looking down at you from her position she says something in Ectrian which you think means, [You are rude!]

[What?] You reply, taken aback.

The pink woman puffs up her cheeks and says something like, [I want to eat you! Why you run?].

“What is it saying?” Tabitha hisses and you tell to, to which the Lizardman groans. “I was right, she wants to eat AND rape you.”

{Sounds kinky} Erwin sends

“That’s really fucked up, and not the time little man.” You say, holding your staff in front of you. As it stands, you’re in a bad position, as your [Fireball] would easily be seen and stopped, and you doubt the sand all around you could be manipulated in such a way as to allow you to escape. Maybe if you heated it up and turned it into glass? No, would take too much time…

Feeling in your pockets, you find Ronnie, Midas, and the [Obsidian] in your pocket which you have named Donte, after a famous exterminator of Succubi and Demons during the Fifth Monster Invasion. With limited pocket space in your robes, what else are you supposed to do? Neither of these friends are going to be useful, as you don’t have anything large enough to hurt her unless you can hit the eyes, and you don’t think you can fire it fast enough to hit those targets without repercussions unless-

“Tabitha, Erwin, I’m about to do something crazy.” You whisper to her.

“Yes, and?” They both reply, not denying this and preparing themselves

Smirking, you take a deep breath and shatter the obsidian pieces in your hand with your magic. Small cuts appear on your palm as it happens, but it’s a price you’re willing to pay as the Sandworm leans forward, the fleshy tentacles lurching out toward you.

[Come into me forever!] You believe she says as the sex-part’s mouth hands open, drool spilling out in a mockery of hunger, or perhaps lust.

When she gets to maybe ten yard away, you throw some of Donte into the air and propel it toward the massive, alien Sandworm eye. The effect is immediate as the mouth shuts closed to a horrible, human shriek of pain. The eye you hit with the shards opens and closes in rapid succession, unable to dislodge your friend from the orb and causing it great distress.

On one hand, your plan worked! You did it! You saved yourself from being vore’d! On the other hand, the Sandworm begins to freak the fuck out and flails, throwing up massive columns of sand as it writhes around you. Behind you the bulk crashes, nearly throwing you to your feet again, and you look about in horror, not certain at all how to proceed.

“Want some weapons training?” Tabitha shouts. “Look for the opportune time for an opening and then go for it with all your might, no hesitation!”

“That’s real fucking neato!” You shout back. “But what does that mean!”

“It means slip under the fucking body before it crushes us!”

As if on cue, the body crashes down near you and you nearly leap before crouching low and pushing forward with your <Rock Slide>. You make for the outside coil of the Monster, picking any direction honestly and hoping for an opening as sand and Sandworm thrash all around you. Fearing you may not get a chance, you press onward until you find it, the Sandworm pulling itself upward, forming an inverted U-shaped doorway of escape.

You push all your magic forward, speeding over the sand toward this gateway to freedom. The Sandworm shrieks again, and you see it begin to crash down, it’s bulk threatening to crush you. Both you and Tabitha scream in frustration, fear, and courage, pushing yourself forward to safety. The armored hide looms over you as you both duck down and slide through the opening, the Sandworm’s body slamming into the sand mere moments after you pass.

Sand flying to coat your back, you press onward, still screaming as you look into the sky and see Ebe waving at you to follow her, Alice having been deposited already. Without further adieu, you take it and zoom after her while the Sandworm still trashes in pain. Part of you feels sorry for it, as it’s not really evil like Slavers or necessary to kill like the Royal Guard, but at the same time, no way you’re going to let yourself get fucking eaten by this thing.

{Woo-hoo!} Erwin sends, elated. {Let’s do that again!}

Your board crests the dune and you use the momentum to slide quickly down it, the rocky area in sight before you. It’s a large stretch of shelf upon the sand, where larger outcrops form cave-like structures. Perfect for hiding from this thing. Feeling relieved, you spur yourself forward toward the safety of the rocks when you hear Ebe scream above you.

“Huh?” Is all you get to say before the sand explodes around you and the Sandworm, barreling through the sand dune, appears under you, and you find yourself suddenly riding atop the back of the Sandworm, your board sliding over the layer of sand on her back. You dodge ridges and crests, surfing past them as you shoot along the length of the Monster which screeches out in frustration as you do so, shaking and twisting, trying to throw you off.

The Sandworm barrels toward the rocks, where you hope it can’t dig, and as you near the head, you realize what’s going to happen here. With no sand left to ride on, you’ll fly forward and have nothing but air to carry you. Gulping, you shout to Tabitha to hand on, and the Lizardman does, her sword in her sheath, head pressing against your back with arms grasped at your waist.

And then you reach the head, soaring out and over it toward the rock-face before you. Time seems to move as if in slow motion, and you look down to see pink, writhing tentacles reach for you as you sail through the air. The hands of the sex-body grasp for your board, but with a force of will, you propel yourself forward with [Gust] and fly out of her hands.

Time jumpstarts again as you hit the hard stone, your board once again shattering as it comes into contact with the other rock. Erwin, Tabitha, and yourself are once again thrown into the air, arms flailing as you bounce and skid, rolling along the hard surface multiple times before stopping, though Tabitha is able to stabilize herself with her legs, dashing over to scoop you up and Erwin while run with you into the caves where the others are waiting.

The Sandworm wails out again and you see the shadow of it loom over you as Tabitha slides into the cave. A moment later, the earth shudders as the Sandworm crashes down before the cave entrance, it’s toothy mouth opening and closing, as if trying to grasp you before the sex-body forms again and shouts, [You’re not nice!]

Tentacles try to reach you but fail to do so, and despite the wriggling of the Sandworm, she’s unable to reach inside the caves to get you. This goes on for a few moments before she throws a fit and lets out a long, exasperated sigh. She says something to the effect of [Uggghhh, finnnneee!] and then looks up at you a pleading expression. You wish Ebe wasn’t outside for this, but what are you going to do?

[Can you… leave?]

The sex-body blinks in confusion before pulling back, looking hurt. Sticky tears form in her eyes as she says, [So rude! So rude!]. With that, the Sandworm pulls away from the cave and slinks back to hide out at the edge of the rock shelf, curling in on herself. A moment later, Ebe flies into the cave and looks to you with relief and confusion.

“How did you get her to leave?”

“I was uh…” You begin, rubbing at your head. “I was rude? I guess?”

“Oh!” Ebe says, looking confused. “That’s… not nice?”

“But it saved our lives.” Tabitha says, looking out at the Sandworm. “Though that Monster isn’t really going anywhere it seems.”

“Too dangerous to cross the sands with her out there.” Sophie says, shaking her head.

“Besides, poor Erwin is hurt.” Sylphie says, pointing at Tabitha.

The Lizardman blinks and looks at the fox in her arms, the little familiar curled up in a ball. In the rush, you didn’t realize it at first, but a throbbing in your head resonates with some pain that Erwin is feeling and you take a step forward, send, {Erwin, are you alright?}

Tabitha places him on the ground as Sylphie looks him over, clacking her tongue and saying, “I think he’ll be okay, just got thrown around.”

{Hey, tell her to hold me close to her bosom to make me feel better.} Erwin sends, and Sylphie blushes before shaking her head. {Heh, you’re not supposed to be eavesdropping.}

“Well I’m sorry for being worried.” She huffs, crossing her arms.

“It’s fine, thanks.” You say, petting the fox’s head. With everything that happened, you had neglected his safety, and it’s a relief to know he’ll be fine.

“Well, we could stay here the night, hope she goes away.” Tabitha says, scratching her head. “A waste of a day though, plenty of daylight left.”

“Is there a gaurnetee she won’t find us at night though?” Sophie says in reply. Tabitha shakes her head and everyone sighs, thinking this over as Alice walks up, looking at everyone.

“Did you know these caves go pretty far down? Look what I found!” She holds out something to you, a trinket, incredibly old based on the wearing of the details from the sand, but in the shape of a snake.

“Where did you get this?” You say, looking it over.

“Found it while exploring. Sadly, I don’t think I could kill that thing.” She shakes her head and looks sadly out to the Monster. “But maybe there’s something cool, or a way out of these caves if we explore them?”

“Hells, who knows what could be down there.” Tabitha says, shaking her head.”We might as well try to just convince that Sandworm to leave!”

“Well, she does speak Ectrian and doesn’t seem utterly stupid.” You say, much to Tabitha’s annoyance.

“Uhm.” Ebe says, holding up a wing. “If that’s the case, I can try to talk to her or… something? It’s an option.”

Everyone looks to you as you weigh your options. Where to go from here? Gods, you’re never going to get to damn Hatset at this rate.

Shaking your head, you give a long, drawn out sigh that encapsulates all your frustrations and the ache in your spine. Alice gives you a confused look as you stretch, wincing some from the pain of being thrown about like a ragdoll. Hand on your forehead, you rub some of the tension away before speaking.

“How did I know we’d end up finding something related to this snake cult out here? Couldn’t just be some normal cave structure, could it? Maybe some forgotten ruins or something.”

“Well, this one probably doesn’t have any cultists in it, based on the age of this thing.” Alice says, shrugging. “I mean, you could go out there with that Sandworm again if you feel that way about it.”

“Aww come on, it’s not like we were inevitably going to run into thing tangentially related to this cult, right?” Sylphie says, holding her hands out to the sides. “That would just be incredibly coincidental, right?”

“Yeah, yeah.” You sigh out. To be honest, part of you really wants to go tomb raiding or whatever is down there, but the other part of you also wants to make sure you are able to leave after this diversion, which means that your Sandworm friend needs to go. You could wait until after you go spelunking, but she might just leave on her own and that would mean she’d make away with part of Donte.

That would be unacceptable in the highest.

Wincing, you say to Ebe, “Alright, we’re going to try to convince that Sandworm to leave.”

“I know you Wizards are eccentric, but I didn’t think you were crazy.” Tabitha says, shaking her head. “Honestly, out of the Wizards I’ve met I kind of thought you might be the most level headed, but now this?”

“Tabitha, he talks to rocks.” Sophie says in a monotone.

“Kid, your father smeared shit on the Lord Commander’s face and blamed it on ghosts.”

“I concede my point.” The Cat o’Ninetails says, backing down.

“Listen, this Sandworm is in the way of us leaving and getting to our destination as it stands so we have to do something about her, or do you not agree?”

The Lizardman gives an conciliatory grunt. “Fine, but do you really think you can talk reason to her after you blew black glass into her eye?”

“His name is Do-” You cut yourself off short, remembering the earlier conversation. “Anyway, she seems potentially reasonable, and can speak so there’s that.”

“Yeah, vore is like a full body hug and isn’t painful at all. Vore is the ultimate intimacy and people freaking out over Sandworms is just silly.” Alice says, waving a dismissive hand.

Everyone stares at her with looks of utter disbelief and she smirks with a decidedly smug expression. “Aww, what’s wrong? Don’t want to be eaten and raped?”

“No. I sure don’t.” You say, deadpan. “I can think of a thousand different things I’d rather do than be painfully digested to death.”

“Well, Sandworms actually don’t digest the men they devour, instead they live instead of them like a house while the pink part pleasures them and ah… well, you know..” Ebe says, coughing into her wing. “Still doesn’t sound overly pleasant.”

“See?” Alice says, putting her hand on her hip. When everyone continues to stare at her, she sighs and brushes aside her windswept hair. “Solos, I’m JOKING. Can’t you people take a joke?”

“Honestly, with you it was believable.” Tabitha replies, much to Alice’s annoyance.

“Anyway.” You say, breaking this strange little talk. “Ebe and I will go speak with the Sandworm, the rest of you take some time to rest and look after Erwin before we go exploring, alright?”

“Are you sure?” Tabitha puts in. “Don’t need me to save your ass again?”

“One, thank you for that, two, no I’ll be fine.”

She chuckles and you turn to Ebe, nodding to the Gandharva as you walk to the opening of the cave. The hot air of the noonday desert washes over you again and you shield your eyes from the sand as you look out at the Monster. Laying perhaps 100 yard away, you wonder how fast it could turn and strike you. This is probably why you’re sticking near the cave entrance, just in case.

“Alright Ebe, I’m going to amplify your voice. I want you to fly out of her reach and speak with her, alright?”

“Uhm. S-Sure.” Ebe says, frowning. “She’s just so… big, you know.”

You feel like a joke should be made here, but you keep it to yourself. “Yes, I know, however I need you to do this, alright?”

“Yes yes, I know.” She says, huffing. “Honestly Rommel, sometimes I think you don’t trust in me.”

“Ebe, you know better than that.”

She pouts, “You could at least say it…”

“Alright fine, I trust you with my life, okay?”

She blinks in surprise before a broad smile appears on her face. “R-Really? Okay then!” She leaps into the air and flies off toward the Sandworm, hovering high in the air. When she nods to you, you cast [Amplify] before giving her a thumbs up. She takes a deep, audible breath and speaks.


The sandworm shifts her massive bulk, the ground rumbling as she does so, sand flying into the air. The gargantuan Monster looks out with its alien eyes, one closed and weeping a sticky solution. She raises her mouth toward Ebe and the pink sex-body appears, crossing its arms and saying, [What do you want!]

[We were wondering if you could leave?]

[I don’t want to!]

Ebe sighs, her voice reaching to you. Thankfully you placed an [Audio Tap] on her also, so you can hear the Sandworm speaking. Waving an [Amplify] on yourself, you say, “Tell her I’ll remove the shards from her eye and apologize!”

The Sandworm turns one of her eyes to you while the sex-body looks at Ebe and you feel a shiver go down your spine as Ebe relays this to the Monster. The Sandworm shifts, pulling back some as it replies, something you don’t quite understand until Ebe translates.

“She says she uh… that she will accept your apology if you go with her and that likes you and thinks you would taste good? By the Twins, what the hells…” She shakes her head and says, “I don’t know what to do here!”

Tch. You didn’t have much of a plan here to begin with but maybe there’s something else you can do here. Rubbing your chin, you speak out to Ebe, giving her instructions which makes the Gandharva look at you with incredulity. Sighing, she nods and speaks out to the Sandworm.

The Monster turns fully to you this time and then turns back to Ebe, asking something to the effect of, [I will not apologize!]

Ebe nods her head and then flies over to you, landing before she pulls out her ghitar. You step back and cast [Privacy Barrier], insulating yourself from her voice. Without any sound, you see Ebe strum the instrument and she begins to sing. The effect is slow in coming, but the slow, rhytmic movements of her body and the words she sings makes the Sandworm drift slowly down from her aggressive position, the sex-body looking downcast and forlorn. You see the pink woman say something and Ebe stops playing, nodding her head to you.

Turning the barrier off, you walk forward to hear the Sandworm whimper and say something to the effect of, [Sorry].

“I think she’ll let you help her eye now.” Ebe whispers to you, to which you nod in reply.

“Will she leave?”

“Ehm… I don’t know.”

Rolling your eyes, you take some tentative steps toward the Sandworm, feeling out with your power in order to get a lock on Donte. Because the shards are so imbedded into the eye, the natural interference of a living form makes it difficult to get a lock on, and you have to slide closer and closer until you can finally get a lock.

[This will hurt[. You say before gathering your will into the shards and pulling them to you.

The Sandworm wails and jerks back, making you stagger backward, your back flaring painfully as the Monster slams into the ground before you. Cursing, you hobble backward as she throws herself onto the sand over and over again, her cries echoing fitfully through the sands. Safe in the shelter of the cave, Donte back with you, you reform the obsidian in your pocket and watch until the Sandworm stops thrashing and merely utters sad, whimpering sounds.

[Ouuuuuuccccccch!] She cries, sniffling. [That HURT!]

[I said… hurt.] You reply with exasperation. [Is better?]

[Y-Yes.] She says. [T-Thank you.]

Not knowing how quite to respond, you ask Ebe to say, “Will you leave us in peace now?”

[No!] The Sandworm sends again, crawling closer to the cave, which makes you back up. She reaches over to as far as she can get with the sex-body, inside the cave and staring at you while crossing her arms. [I want you!]

“W-Well, it is said Sandworms are stubborn creatures.” Ebe chuckles a tone of edge in her voice. “I don’t know if we’re going to be able to get away from here again.”

“Should I stab it?” Alice says, holding up her sword, but you just shake your head.

“No, we’ll try again later I suppose. All the more reason to explore, I guess?”

The others nod their heads and you stretch, grunting again as your damn back gives you trouble. The Sandworm says something to the effect of, “Let me help you with that, dear,” but you damn well keep your distance. No tentacles for you very much! You instead settle for Ebe walking up behind you, pulling you into an embrace against her supple body, and then cracking your spine in what you can only describe as pure, beautiful, agony.

“Feel better?” She asks as you drop to the floor, groaning.

“Yes, thank you…” You mutter, standing up slowly.

“I think that is sarcasm.” Sylphie says to her twin.

“Yes, I do believe you are right dear sister.”

Tabitha claps her hands, “Alright, alright. It’s field trip time, let’s get going.” She nods to you and Sylphie, “Can you cast some light for us?” You both nod in reply and create light through your staves which illuminates the dank cave around you.

[Come baaaaaack!] The Sandworm shouts as you vanish, to which you ignore her. She will be a thing for later. Or maybe she’ll get bored. You really hope it’s the latter, because she seems like a nice vore creature. With that thought in mind, you move a little faster out of sight.


The tunnel in the cave is made of rough sandstone which you take some pieces of to replace the broken boards from before, much to Sylphie’s approval. The path is dry and dusty, but wide enough to accommodate Mr. Ed, who seems unconcerned by anything but the lack of sweet, succulent grass upon which to chew.

Throwing out a few [Audio Taps] every now and then, you hear little to nothing around you, and after what seems like an eternity of walking, you begin to think that maybe there’s more to these caves than meets the eye. What you’d assumed would be an old, hollowed out meeting group for potential cultists may actually just be a cave network that goes basically to nowhere.

If it went nowhere, then why would Alice have found that trinket? Turning it over in your hands, you frown at the faded working. If someone had died holding it or something, they would have left a skeleton you assume, so maybe they sought refuge here once and forgot it? Possible, you suppose.

“Hmm?” Sophie and Sylphie say in unison, and your group stops as they both lower their hoods, sniffing the air while their ears twitch about.

“The air smells different ahead.” Sylphie says, sniffing more. “Like… I don’t know.”

“It smells mustier somehow, more open?” Sophie says, thinking it over.

{There’s something up ahead}. Erwin sends, making you look over at the fox who lays craddled in one of Mr. Ed’s saddlebags. {I can smell it too. I don’t really know what it is, but it’s something different at least.}

“Be on your guard.” You say, and everyone nods, drawing weapons. You and Sylphie take point, walking through the stone with your staves lighting the way for you. As you walk, you begin to send out waves with your [Survey] looking for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing comes to you until you feel a sudden increase in the tunnel and soon you find yourself in an enormous cavern. With cautious steps, your group walks into the cavern and you shine your light about to illuminate the contents.

 Ancient architecture lines walls, columns and pillars supporting the man-made room in the caves, each lined with script of ancient Ectrian. An altar sits at the side wall where empty braziers lay dormant, as if asking to be lit for some ritual while on the other side of the cavern you see another tunnel, leading to another part of the cave network. Interesting as this may be, the contents that really catch your eyes are the dozens of stone sarcophagi laid in rows all around you.

Immaculate stonework adorned with caricatured faces of humans and Monsters line the walls stonework and you feel a shiver run down your spine and you look at them all. Feeling a little unnerved, your party walks through the rows of coffins, looking at them in turn. Even though it feels a little uncouth, you ask, “What are all these doing here?”

“This is a burial chamber, and ancient one.” Ebe whispers, awe in her voice. “Those of the nobility would be buried in places like this, their spirits said to be transported to one of the greater hells of Nerg if so entombed.”

“The greater hells? You mean the actually nice hells, right?”

“Well, the translation may be a little off, but yes, not one of the hells where your skin is flayed off for eternity.”

“Guh.” Sylphie mutters, looking over the coffins and frowning. “Smells so musty, like something is rotten almost. I can barely smell anything else here.”

“Corpses, we’re surrounded by preserved corpses.” Tabitha says as she looks at one of the sarcophagi adorned with the face of an Anubis.

“Over here!” Alice says, waving you over to the altar. Your group walks over to her and follows her gaze to the form of a skeleton laid out at the altar on its back, clothes torn open. Next to it, you see another snake trinket, this one as well seeming worn with age.

“Guess there must have been more than one down here, but why would they leave one of their comrades like this?”

“A sacrifice?” Tabitha suggests, shrugging. “Cults are strange like that.”

“There’s no stains from blood, though that doesn’t mean anything.” You mutter, looking at the altar where the body lay. A tattered scroll adorns it, and you look at its contents to see a diagram of a human with labels pointing to various organs. Looking about you can see various jars as well and looking inside shows that whatever was in there has long since dried away. Scratching your head, you look about again and find nothing really amiss here.

“Hmm.” Sophie says, looking at the corpse further. “The pelvis is broken. Given the size of it too, I suspect this was a man once.”

“Broken pelvis?” Sylphie says, an edge in her voice. “You make it sound like an Ushi-oni got to him or something.”

“Or something else, this was before Father’s plague, afterall.” She frowns and then looks up over at the nearest coffin. “Did any of you touch that?”

Your group all speak in the negative and Sophie stands up slowly to walk over to the sarcophagous, looking at the lid and frowning. “It’s open some, and there’s no dust on it.” She frowns and places her hands upon it, slowly pushing the stone lid off.

“Woah woah! Don’t do that!” Sylphie hisses, making for her sister, but it’s too late. The lid slides off and Sophie staggers back, hand going to her mouth. Sylphie gasps and the rest of your group goes on high alert as something wafts out of the coffin.

Even you can smell the disgusting smell emanating from the coffin, and you wrinkle your nose as you walk forward to look into the coffin. Something made you expect to see something rise up and grab you, but instead you see a lifeless female corpse wrapped in layers of ancient bandages, adorned with multiple jewels and other finery.

“Huh.” You say, scratching your head. “Guess it’s nothing. I suppose I should apologize to you Ebe for defiling your countryman’s…” You trail off as you frown and look around for the Gandharva but don’t see her about. “Has anyone seen Ebe?”

“She was right here a moment ago…” Sylphie says, looking about in confusion. “Where did she go?”

“Ebe?” Sophie calls. “EBE!” She shouts again. No response comes and she looks to the group with worry. “She’s just playing a trick on us, right?”

“I don’t know…” You say, looking about yourself with worry. Ebe isn’t the type to play these kinds of games, and she’s kind of a worry-wart, so you figure she’d be clinging to people instead of anything else. You toss out an [Audio tap], listening around you for signs of her when you hear a faint clicking sound behind you a few rows down. Frowning, you raise your staff and cast [Daylight], illuminating the entire area.

Where you expect to see Ebe, you instead see something you aren’t expecting. The torso of a beautiful woman with long, black hair and Ectrian skin is show hiding behind a sarcophagus. A veil of purple silk covers her mouth while loose fitting, silken clothing drapes over her breasts and groin. As soon as she notices you’re looking at her, she makes an annoyed noise and rises, exposing her Monstrous torso.

Where legs would normally be her thighs fuse into a scorpion’s body. Two massive claws and multiple sharp legs jut from the red carapace while a wicked tail curls behind her, ready to strike. In her human-like hands she holds two daggers, and you begin to sweat as you see something glisten on the blades. Is it blood? No… no she couldn’t have-

“Ah bloody hells.” The Monster says, sighing. “I was really hoping to take you out one by one or something. I don’t have all day to loot this place.”

“What did you do with Ebe!” You shout, holding your staff up, feeling the magic flare through you. “TELL ME!”

“Oi, temper, temper.” She says, waving her hand. “That’s no way to ask something of someone, is it?”

“Why don’t I just slice you open and make you tell us what happened to her?” Alice says, pulling out her blade.

Tabitha holds her hand out to stay Alice’s blade before asking, “Who are you, and why are you here?”

“Name’s Zoras, and I’m tomb raider you see.” She pats the bags at her waist. “I came in here today on a hunch and find some good loot, but as I do I hear one hells of a racket outside before you blokes walk in and cause another ruckus.” She sighs,

“You might well wake the dead at this rate.”

“Where. Is. Ebe.” Sophie grows, flexing her claws. She doesn’t remove her hood thankfully, but you see her skirts moving as her tails twitch in agitation.

“Tell ya what, you blokes just hand over your weapons, and I tell you where your friend is, eh? Sound good, right?”

Zoras gives a wicked smile and you raise your staff instead, fire flaring in your hand. “How about I just roast you alive instead.”

“Good luck with that.” She says, chuckling. “Hit me with your best shot!”

You do so, letting loose a ball of flame that soars through the air toward the Monster. She cackles and leaps out of the way with supernatural grace as the fire slams into the Sarcophagus next to her, blasting the lid off before going out. You growl and make to fire more magic at her when Sylphie cries out in panic.

Sparing a moment to glance at her, you stumble, finding yourself looking at something that defies comprehension. From the sarcophagus the corpse inside rises up, arms crosses over its chest. It turns its head slowly toward you and you see the bandages slipping to reveal a dry, yet disturbingly alluring face staring at you with lifeless eyes. It’s limbs creak as they break from their slumber as more rags slip revealing an equally alluring, if disturbing, body.

The soulless creature opens its mouth and lets out low, grinding moan and makes your heart race fast while disorienting the others. A tightness fills your chest and… other places, and you have to clear your head as you hear more moans fill the room. Looking about in confusion, you see other coffin lids begin to slip open as more of the mummified humans and Monsters rise, making to leave their eternal slumber.

“Oh bloody hells.” Zoras says. “I was just joking about the waking the dead thing! Twins, I don’t want any part of this and- gah!” She turns about and slashes at an arm reaching out at her, the blade slicing easily through the arm and severing a hand that hits the floor, lifeless. The undead still comes after her though and she backs away, using her agility as she soon finds herself becoming surrounded.

Your group too backs up, looking about as more of the undead come for you. Despite appearing so dry they still seem full figured and voluptuous, and part of you feels a deep chill, knowing that a fell magic must have been cast upon them, turning them into some sort of Monster past the grave. Undead are not to be trifled with in any way shape or form, but at the moment, you have little choice. The exit both ways lays fairly clear, and you think you could make it there without much trouble but you still have no idea where Ebe could be, or if she’s even alive…

“Get your head in the game!” Alice shouts at you.

Blinking in surprise, you turn around in time to dodge a blow from an Anubis mummy, her rotted paws trailing bandages. An acrid mix of decay and pheromones wash over you and you find your stomach roiling as you take your staff and use it to bat the undead away. It moans as it staggers backward into another Mummy, knocking the two down as others take their place.

A pair staggers forward and Alice and Tabitha meet them, their blades moving in tandem to decapitate the Mummies, their bodies dropping to the sand as their heads moan while they fall to the earth. They form a defensive line as the moaning increases, and you know that even they might be overwhelmed without some aid. Of course, there’s still time to escape outside the other tunnel, at least you assume it’s a way to escape.

But that would be sacrificing Ebe, which is something you can’t do. You made a promise to her Mother, and Monster or no, you’re going to keep it!

{Erwin! Can you get Ebe’s scent!}

{I couldn’t even smell her when she was taken out! This place utterly reeks and it’s gotten even worse!} He sends back. You notice him poking his head out of Mr Ed’s saddle bags as the horse rears up and drives his hooves into the skull of a Mummy. {I couldn’t smell much next to this guy anyway! How about you? Didn’t you have some kind of magic tap on her!}

{It goes away if I don’t concentrate on it, and frankly the sound of her breathing was a little distracting!}

{That’s incredibly heterosexual of you!}

“Thanks Erwin, you ass.” You grumble to yourself, throwing out balls of fire to incinerate a nearby group of Mummies. They burn reaaaal nice, unfortunately, they don’t feel pain. With a grunt of effort, you use [Gust] to drive them backward into another pack of Mummies, which sets them on fire. Yes. That was your plan, to make more of them. You’re smart.

“Get off me you damnable creatures!” Zoras shouts, her stinger and blades uselessly stabbing at the Mummies. While she easily could have killed multiple men, her blows were generally useless against the Mummies, who moan at her and reach forth with grasping hands, tearing at the loose fabric of her clothing, dragging her down.

“Shit.” You say, trying to aim a shot but finding that it would be impossible to strike at the mummies without hitting Zoras. As nice as that would be, you kind of need her at the moment. Cursing, you make ready to cast [Ice] on them when you’re assaulted again by the burning Mummies. The smell of burning flesh and fat almost makes you vomit and you take as step back in the face of the naked, burning Monsters.

“Sophie!” You shout, seeing the Cat o’Ninetails standing back next to her sister, her cloak still up. With the two sword wielders before them, they haven’t found a good opportunity to fight, and normally you’d be happy but you have no choice. “Sophie! You’re authorized to get out there and help that stupid scorpion!”

“What?!” She shouts back, looking confused.

“I said, you have authorization to use your tails!”

Sophie blinks a few times before lowering her hood, her ears twitching a few times. She smirks and in a fluid motion removes her outfit, revealing a silken lattice of blue dancer’s clothing underneath, though all the chains and rings are absent, leaving just the highly revealing top and skirts. She dashes forward before you can say anything else and, with barely any effort, drives her tails into the skulls of the two closest burning Mummies to you before pulling out. The Mummies drop to the floor as the fire consumes them.

“Why am I rescuing her again?” She says, tying up some loose cloth.

“I should ask why you’re wearing such a revealing costume, young lady.”

“Do we have time for this?”

“No, I guess not.” You grunt, pointing at the Scorpion-girl. “We need her alive to find Ebe, any objections young lady.”

“No, DAD.” She says, dashing off before even realizing her mistake. You don’t really have time to dwell on it either as the other flaming Mummies push in on you. As soon as they get within striking distance, their legs are suddenly encased in ice and you turn your head to see Sylphie standing next to you, her hood down, sweat trickling across her face.

“I can’t let sis have all the fun!” You both nod and in tandem, pull up pebbles from nearby, firing them into the heads of the captive, flaming Mummies, and dispelling the malign magic from them.

“This isn’t so hard.” Alice says, slicing through another Mummy with contemptuous ease. “I mean, they don’t really even put up a fight.”

“Yes, but how many can you kill before you tire, hmm?” Tabitha says, kicking a Mummy back with her magitek legs.

“I dunno, like, a couple dozen.” Alice says, yawning as her sword goes through a skull without much effort. “It’s kind of boring, honestly.”

“If my sword could cleave through armor without effort, then I’d be in a good position too.” Tabitha grunts in reply, her sword decapitating another Mummy. As it falls, it’s body tumbles forward onto the Lizardman who makes an annoyed sound. While seeming like not much, it throws off her balance and she backs up, forcing Alice to do the same.

“Oh. Hmm. I see what you mean.” Alice says, gritting her teeth. “Well, at least I got to kill a lot of Monsters before dying. That’s what counts.”

Shaking your head at the banter of the two swordswomen, both you and Sylphie thrust your hands out, her casting [Ice] and you casting [Build the Wall]. While you have already built a wall before the two of you, a few actually, this one impales a Mummy, driving it up through her groin and through her chest. The undead groans as it slides down the shaft of rock, trying to reach at you despite being unable to do so. As it tries, more Mummies crawl over your barricades, and you don’t have the attention span to catch them all.

In the corner of your eye, you see a blur of motion, and you take one moment to see the scene to the left of you.

Zoras screams as a Mummy tears into her arm, biting at the chitin of her scorpion limbs. She topples over, holding her arms out in terror as the Mummies descend upon her. In a blur of motion, nine tails impale sink into the backs of the Mummies, dragging them off her and pulling them back, slicing limbs, and in one case, driving into the skull of an undead.

Moaning all around, Zoras opens her eyes to see Sophie standing before her, blades ready, black-furred hand held out to the Monster. The Cat o’Ninetails looks down at her, eyes burning with hatred and says, “You’re not allowed to die yet, alright?”

“B-Bloody hells, a Cat o’- GAH!”

Zoras shouts as Sophie drags her up with a tail, trapping the scorpion stinger from instinctively jabbing out at her. Shaking her head sharply, Sophie releases the Scopion so she can drop to all fours, her tails high in the air as they whip about, causing precise havok as she looks about, ears twitching back and forth, feline eyes dilated.

You shudder as she does so, making you feel a little terrified. Though she may have the hips and chest of a human, they clearly are something else. Hells, all she’d have to do is hiss and you’d mistake her for some beast of legend.

“HIIIISSSSS!” Sylphie uh, hisses, a wave of frost freezing a pack of Mummies before her. She lifts her hand again, panting as she drives rocks into the air. With little effort on your part, you fire off a set of [Pebble Gun] into the heads of the frozen Mummies, ending them again. As the unnatural light fades from their eyes, Sylphie turns to you, canines bared, lathered in sweat.

“How are your mana reserves?” You ask, to which she looks at you as if you’re not there for a moment before blinking, her dilated pupils narrowing as recognition comes to her eyes.

“F-Fine, for now. I have some more potions right h-here.” The Cat o’Ninetails digs into her bag and pulls out a vial of white liquid. Her hands shake violently as she does so and she ends up dropping the bottle, to which she blinks in confusion.

“Damnit, you need a rest.” You say, pushing her back as you impale another Mummy.

“N-No! This is nothing!”

“It’s hot, I’m tired, and it smells like utter shit in here and I just have human senses!” You shout. “I can’t imagine what your senses are doing right now! Get some water and help your sister!”



Sylphie tenses and then nods her head, dashing over to help her sister and Zoras enter into the defensive line, Sophie standing next to you as Zoras gets behind your group. Nodding, you say to the Cat o’Ninetails, “Good work.”

“Bitch better have not hurt Ebe.”

“Tch, I didn’t hurt the damn bird, I just stuffed her in an open coffin!”

Turning about despite yourself, you stare at her with wide eyes, “You shoved her in a damn coffin?!”

“It was empty and I was planning on getting rid of the rest of you too! I could have killed her you know, I just knocked her unconscious! Good thing I planned on that, who knew that Cat o’Ninetails were here…”

“Where?! Which coffin?!” You shout at her.

“I can’t bloody tell! There’s too many of the damn shamblers here and-” She cuts off as one of Sophie’s tails positions at her throat. The Cat o’Ninetails only flicks one look over her shoulder before turning back to fighting the Mummies. It’s enough to make her back away and lick her lips. “I ah… I think that she might be over where I was, near the far wall.”

Casting your gaze over in that direction, you curse that you don’t have the use of Erwin to scout it out for you. You want to try and make an [Audio Tap] to listen if you hear Ebe’s breathing, but as soon as you try, more Mummies move in on you.

“Oi! You’re some kind of Wizard, yeah? Why don’t you just blow this hole in them, we all leave, everyone is happy, yeah?” Zoras says, her face uncomfortably close to yours. “I’ll even give you my thanks.”

“We aren’t leaving with Ebe.”

“What? The Gandharva? Come on, she’s worth money, but not enough to get killed over and-“

Shouting in rage, you gather a pack of rocks and fire them point blank into the face of a Mummy. The rocks spread some, but it obliterates the head of the Mummy and travels forward to pepper the chest and stagger a few more behind the fallen one. Grunting, you turn back to her and growl, “We are NOT leaving anyone behind!”

>You learn [Shotgun pebbles]

>Fire a densely packed group of rocks. Spreads well over range, devastating at close distances

“Oh for the love of. Look, just let me out of here!”

“You can leave.” Sylphie says, sighing as she downs some water. “If you can find a way out.”

“Gods, there did not seem to be that many coffins when were entered here at the start.” Sophie says, growling as she slices apart another Mummy. “I honestly thought this would be easier but-“

Mr. Ed lets out a high-pitched cry of alarm and you all turn your heads to him to see a pack of Mummies latched onto him, the Monsters chewing on his legs and drawing blood. Sylphie screams at the sight and unleashes her tails, using them to propel her across the altar with less grace than her sister, but impressive speed nonetheless. She lands upon his back and throwing out her arms, a blast of wind rises, throwing up a cloud of sand and slicing the mummies into dusty pieces. The [Razor Wind] dissipates and she slumps onto the horse’s back, her familiar neighing and nuzzling her.

“Damnit, Sylphie’s out and so is the horse.” Tabitha says, looking to you. “We don’t have a choice, we need to leave!”

“Alright, alright!” You shout, looking over to where Ebe should be. None of the Mummies seem to be near that coffin but was that because she was- No, you can’t think about such things.

Gritting your teeth, you flip your staff about and slam it onto the ground. “HOLD ON!” You shout as you channel power through your staff and into the ground, sending out a staggering about to power. In an epicenter around you, the earth ripples and explodes, knocking down all of the Mummies (and some of your friends) as power races through the earth throwing up jagged spikes of rock that destroy coffins, impale Mummies, or otherwise blast the ground.

>You learn [Epicenter]

>Cast near indiscriminate annihilation of the ground in a ring around you. Dangerous!

“H-Holy hells Rommel, you almost killed me!” Alice shouts, leaping to her feet and looking at a nearby jut of rock. She looks about and then nods, “But it bought us some time!”

The cavern around you rumbles and shakes in aftershocks from your attack. You think little of it until the second rumble and a piece of the ceiling collapses in, crushing two Mummies. Your group watches this and Tabitha shouts, “GO! GO! GO!”

She charges forward, slicing a way through the staggering Mummies, the undead trying to get to their feet. Alice follows behind, Mr. Ed and Sylphie in tow. Swaying on your feet, you have to shake your head from the draining effects of the magic you’ve cast today. You feel firm hands on your shoulders and you turn to see Zoras next to you, the Scorpiongirl say, “Hey! Don’t just stand there you bloody lout!”

“Shit.” You say, staggering forward at the expenditure. It worked though, a path was made! Now you just need to get to Ebe and get out, easy, right?

A piece of stone the size of you slams into the ground next to you, throwing up a cloud of dust and sand. Licking your lips, you say, “Fuck me.”

“Later, maybe.” Zoras says, pushing you forward. You grunt something about impaling her on a spike before heading after the others and pointing to where Ebe is supposed to lay. “There! There!” You shout to the others, but your voice gets lost in the din of the rumbling cavern. Gods above, you may have damned Ebe by your own hand!

Sophie and Zoras are the only two nearby who can help and the Cat o’Ninetails nods and leaps over the fractured coffins and sarcophagi to reach Ebe’s place. She cries out in joy and reaches in with her tails to pull the Gandharva from the coffin when another rumbling noise sounds. Sophie cries out in alarm as the wall next to her explodes and a scythe sweeps out toward her.

Sophie ducks and avoids the blow, turning about to stare at the new threat. Standing in the dust and sand is a creature that stands a head and shoulders taller than Sophie with a body made purely of stone. Malign eyes burn with unnatural power as the feminine-shaped golem slashes again at Sophie, driving her back and away from Ebe. Around her, Mummies stir and she soon finds herself cut off.

“An Ushabti? Here?” Zoras shouts in alarm. “Poor girl, she’s going to die with her friend!”

“Shut it you scorpion bitch.” You grunt to her before picking up your staff, anger giving you strength as you reach out with your magic to grab hold of the Ushabti. Moving or no, the creature is made of stone and thus you can control it!

Or… so you thought. As you try to grab onto the construct, it staggers, but doesn’t do what you want it to. Is it because it’s magical? No, it has to be because… Gods, is this thing a Monster too? What kind of fucked up magic is going on here?!

The Ushabti turns to you, it’s souless eyes looking over you before it turns and charges at you with speed that surprises you for such a heavy thing. As it runs, it pushes aside Mummies and crushes others, metallic scythe held in its hands. Shouting in surprise, you fall back to avoid a blow, finding yourself bumping into Zoras and-

Zoras is nowhere in sight, however a Mummy behind you groans and wraps her arms around you before taking a bite of your arm. Pain wells up in you before pleasure kicks you in the gut and you cry out in a mix of ecstasy and agony at the bite. You want it to end, and yet you never want it to end! Drool coming from your mouth, you drop your staff as your thoughts grow gray, the Ushabti’s shadow falling over you. Oh well, at least it will end… a shame.

“Oh for the Twin’s sake.” Zoras says, barreling into the Ushabti, sending it off balance. You feel rotten teeth remove from your arm as dimly you see Zoras tear the Mummy from you with her scorpion-like apendages. Blinking in confusion, you watch her until she slaps you across the face, sending you back to reality.

“HEY!” Zoras shouts. “Stop spacing out!”

“I…I ah…ugh.” You say, shaking your head and turning back to the Ushabti. “I thought you left!”

“Yeah, like I could with those two swordswomen there. They’d cut me to ribbons.”

Well, while true, you feel there’s a different motive here. Ah, but no time for that! Picking up your staff, you wince at the pain and the memory of the Mummy’s bite. Gods you hope this won’t zombify you or something, because that would be awful.

“How do we stop this thing?” You say to Zoras, who laughs with a hint of despair.

“Stop? You don’t fucking stop an Ushabti! They’re the bane of grave robbers, ancient golems imbued with insane strength! You’d have to blast them apart and they’ll still come after you!”

“Great, so that means we just have to distract it long enough for Sophie and Ebe to leave.” As you say this, Sophie carves another path for herself, dragging Ebe out with her. “I don’t like you, but at the moment, we need each other to survive.”

“My thoughts exactly, bloke.” Zoras says, training her weapon and tail upon the nearby Mummies. “You better have something in mind.”

Cavern rumbling around you, you watch again as Sophie makes her way to the exit, Alice rushing out to help her. Your attention snaps back to the threat before you as the scythe sweeps down at you again. Knowing that you can’t block the blow with your staff, despite how off and rusty the weapon looks, you instead catch it with your magic and push it to the side, the weapon slicing apart a Mummy instead of you.

“Nice!” Zoras shouts, but you don’t have time to pay attention to this shit, instead focusing on the weapon, drawing it up and away from the Ushabti. Despite your magical hold on the weapon, its strength far exceeds yours as its able to hold onto the weapon, dragging it in the sand with two hands and slowing its pace.

Sweat trickles down your face as you force the weapon down, buying time as the construct makes its way to you, eyes seeming to burn with anger as it closes in on you. Feeling a wash of exhaustion suddenly hit you, your magic staggers and the Ushabti throws the scythe into the sky and sends it crashing down in an arc toward you with you unable to catch it in time.

The scythe whistles through the air mere fractions of an inch before your face and you blink in surprise to see the Ushabti being restrained by not just Sophie, but a panting Sylphie. Looking in surprise, you see that Ebe is over Mr Ed’s back and that Alice is shouting at you to go. You turn back to the twins and they both shout in unison,


Not needing to be told twice, you shout at Zoras and the two of you run to the exit. Behind you the twins let the Ushabti go and run behind you, leaping over the Mummies as more of the cavern collapses around you. Rocks break and shatter near you, but your feet dash through the sand as adrenaline gives you strength. You make it to the exit, followed by the twins as mere moments later the cavern is blocked off by a large rock, nearly missing Sylphie.

“The exit isn’t far, run!” Zoras says, your group not needing much encouragement to do that.

Legs on fire, chest burning, and throat parched, you dash through the crumbling caves until sunlight heralds the end and safety. With a cry, you leap out of the cavern as it all comes down, blocking the exit and throwing a cloud of sand over you.

As one, your group collapses onto the hot sands, the Sun baking overhead but you could care less. Your lungs burn with effort and you almost black out, keeping yourself conscious by sheer willpower alone. Everyone stays this way for some time before you pull yourself up and grab for your canteen, drinking a copious amount of water, not caring at how much you’re spilling around you.

“W-We made it.” Sophie says, sinking to her knees in the sand, groaning. “I could just sleep right here.”

“I wouldn’t, sun will get you.” Tabitha says, breathing stabilizing. Magitek legs sure are a thing, huh?

“Yeah… yeah.” Alice says, downing some water. “Gods that was something.”

“W-Where are we?” Sylphie asks, looking about with tired eyes. “I tho-I thought just… all I see is sand.”

“Well, it is a desert afterall.” Zoras says, arms crossed under her naked breasts. You blink in confusion at realizing this for the first time and you turn your head as she chuckles, “Come now bloke, never seen a pair this fine.”

“Hey, I resent that.” Alice says, collapsing into the sand. Everyone looks at her before turning to Ebe. Tabitha helps place the Gandharva on the sand and listens to her for a moment before nodding her head. A collective sigh of relief goes through your group and you turn your head to Zoras.

“How long will she be like this?”

“Eh, depends on the person I guess. Probably a few more hours.”

“Probably?” Sophie asks, eyes narrowing.

“Listen girl, I could have killed her, but I just knocked her out with my venom, alright? Count it lucky I haven’t left yet, it’s not like Hatset is very far from here.”

“Huh?” You say, looking at the Monster. “I thought Hatset was quite a ways away?”

“Sort of, this entrance to those caverns is fairly close, maybe a day or so at most to the southeast.” She shrugs and then smirks, a twinkle in her eye. “Look, let’s just let bygones be bygones, eh? We all helped each other out here, eh? I didn’t get any treasure, but I suppose I kept my life, so that works for me.”

Narrowing your eyes, you consider all that’s happened and wonder what you should do with her. She’s seen the twins, but she doesn’t sound like she’s going to rat you out… you think. With Hatset so close and that damn Sandworm not in sight (or Survey range), you have plenty of options here.

“First things first.” You say, rubbing at your arm. Damnit that bite hurt something fierce. Itches a little too, so maybe it’s infected. Great, better get that taken care of before anything gets worse. “We need to get away from here before that damn Sandworm finds us.”

“Bloody hells, a Sandworm?” Zoras says, looking aghast. “Where the hells is it?”

“Other side of that… crypt or whatever it was.”

“Burial tomb actually. Likely related to a small noble family back when there was a large city around here destroyed quite some time ago.”

Everyone stares at Zoras as she says this and she looks at your group with a dour expression. “What? It pays to know something about history before you go and rob it.”

“Is that so…” Tabitha says, sword still drawn. She stares into the eyes of the Scorpion Monster and then shakes her head, sheathing the blade.”I have my own questions to ask, but this isn’t the time. You will come with us as we go.”

“Sorry, and why should I do that?” Zoras asks, raising an eyebrow as she crosses her arms over her still bared breasts.

“Because.” Sophie says, standing behind Zoras, her tails out.”If you don’t, I’ll cut you apart.”

Pursing her lips, the other Monster shrugs and says, “Fine then, we’re all going to the same place like as not, no where really for me to run out here.” She looks over to Sophie and says, “Honestly, I didn’t mean to kill her you know? I just wanted all of you removed, potentially sold off, etc.”

“We could kill her now and just be done with it!” Alice says, her sword glowing in her hands. “Think this can cut through that tail of hers?”

“Hey-Hey!” Zoras says, holding up her hands. “Nothing personal, alright? If I wanted to attack you or something, wouldn’t have I done it earlier? Hells, I saved the Wizard’s ass here too.”

“Hmph.” You say, frowning at the Monster. “Fine, but we’re keeping you where we can see that scorpion tail of yours.”

“Scorpion, bah. We prefer to be called Girtablilu, love.”

You shake your head and start the group moving toward Hatset, Alice and Tabitha guarding Zoras. As you begin to move, you walk over to Sylphie and Mr. Ed to find the Cat o’Ninetails rubbing [Health Potion] directly into the wound.

“Little know trick actually, it stimulates the healing process without ingesting and is actually good for infections.” She sighs and puts the last bit on her hand before waving you over. You shrug and walk over to her where she begins to rub the solution into your wound. It stings like the hells, but Mr. Ed didn’t make a sound, so why should you? The horse nods his head in respect as you keep from screaming.

“To be honest, animals don’t respond as well to the potions as we do. I’m told this sort of thing only works well on humans and Monsters.”

“W-Why don’t they just use horse semen then?” You say, gritting your teeth.

“I hear they tried, and you’d think it would be great because it’s so damn thick, but it’s alchemically inert and tastes awful.” She blinks and then blushes. “N-Not that I’ve tried!”

You flick your gaze to Mr. Ed who narrows his eyes and then snorts. A moment later Erwin sends, {He says he’ll stomp your head so hard that your brain will squirt out like and overripe melon if you insinuate that her purity is in anyway compromised.} A moment passes. {Gods damn, this horse is fucking hardcore.}

Wincing as she finishes applying the potion, you say, “Yeah, I know you haven’t. You’re a pure angel who would never do anything lewd.”

“U-uh?” Sylphie says, looking utterly confused. “I…t-thanks? I guess?”

Mr. Ed wickers and then snorts before throwing his head over at the others in the group. You see Alice waving at you from atop a dune and you nod back before checking on Ebe. Seems that Sylphie examined her already and found her to be unconscious, but generally fine. She had already examined the stinger wound and given some of the [Health Potion] by mouth, but it couldn’t stop the venom. She looks very peaceful laying on Mr. Ed’s back at least and her breathing is even so you’re not as concerned as you might have been.

Following the others, you travel for maybe an hour before the exhaustion hits everyone in the group, even Tabitha, who does her best not to show it. Summoning some reserves of energy from within yourself, you form the sand structure to keep out the sun and near collapse under the blessed shade.

“Well, that’s bloody convenient.” Zoras says, sitting down herself, which is rather awkward with all her legs. “Must make getting through the desert easier.”

“It’s helped.” You say, watching Sylphie mutter something about sand in her under garments. With a sigh, you itch at your shoulder and ask, “Alright, how do you know about the Cat o’Ninetails?”

Zoras doesn’t miss a beat in her reply, “Pharoah has one, knows there’s only two others, wants more.”

Both Sophie and Sylphie stiffen, but Zoras merely rolls her eyes. “Twins, like you’d let me live if I was going to sell that information about you. What do you take me for, a Danuki? Hmph. No, I’d rather keep my head on my shoulders, thank you very much.”

“Still doesn’t answer why we should let you live?”

“Well, it’s quite obvious you’re all gentle souls based in justice who would rather not kill anyone- ah.” She pauses and nods to Alice. “Except you. You’re unstable.”

“Thank you.” Alice says, nodding.

“Yes, well, you should have killed me back at the cavern when you had the chance, which means you’re open for compromise.”

“Is everyone fucking third part Danuki out here?!” You shout, throwing your hands into the air. “It’s deal this, deal that, backstabbing and slavery!”

“Well, yes.” Zoras says, shrugging. “I’m sorry to say, but you’re a bloody Deleorian. You have no idea how things actually are out in Ectria. People are like this because if we aren’t we can’t survive. I’m a little better off than most, but that’s because I’ve been damn smart about all of this.”

“There was a time not too long ago where I involved with drugs, like my sister. I wanted to find a better path, and while not clean, grave robbing RARELY hurts anyone.” The Girtablilu says this pointedly looking at Sophie, who glares at her.

“Speaking of which, how long until she wakes up?” You ask, to which Zoras cocks her head.

“Mmm, shouldn’t be too long, maybe nightfall at the latest. I didn’t use a very high amount of venom to drop her.”

Leaning against the wall, Tabitha says, “So you’ve been robbing tombs before. How are you finding all of them?”

“Ah, well.” She says, chuckling. “I’m afraid that would be in poor taste to reveal my source and-” She pauses as Tabitha slides her blade a little out of the sheath. She sighs and mutters something before continuing. “Fine, I have an informant in Hatset.”

“Ammon?” You say, offhanded.

The Girtablilu looks at you in genuine surprise. “H-How did you?”

“A little beetle told us.” You say, rubbing your chin. “So you know Ammon, do you? Interesting.” Rubbing again at your neck, which is still really itchy, you look over to Tabitha who nods her head, thinking the same thing. Zoras furrows her brow at you as you say, “How about you take us to see Mr. Ammon.”

“Love, I think that you’re a nice bloke, but I don’t think that would be such a good idea.” She glares at Tabitha, “And don’t you use that sword on me, you can’t make me take you there if I’m dead.” Huffing, you crosses her arms under her breasts, covered now by some extra clothing from Sophie (who was not a fan of letting her do this and was quite miffed to find that it was snug around the Girtablilu’s chest).

“Ammon is a very secretive person, and the Pharaoh has quite the bounty on his head. If I just take you to him he may very well vanish so far into a hole somewhere that he’ll never come out.”

“Is that so.” You say, frowning. “Well, then how about you tell us how we get to him?”

“Ah bloody Hells, you’re going to insist on this, aren’t you.” She sighs and then shakes her head. “Can’t do it.”

Alice speaks up, “What if we pay you?”

Zoras’s ear twitches. “Hmm?”

“You can’t e serious.” Sophie says, looking disgusted. “You’re going to do it for money.”

“Girl, I told you what kind of Monster I am. I know your Mother taught you how to listen.” She shakes her head at Sophie and then says, “I think we can work out a deal here.”

“You get us to Ammon, you get paid.” You say, cutting off the discussion there. Smiling, you say, “You’d trust just do-gooders of justice, wouldn’t you?”

“Tch.” She says. “Fine, fine.” Leaning back, she lets out a sigh and rubs her face with a hand. “Twins, what in the bloody hells have I gotten myself into?”

“I think.” Sophie says, looking at you with a frown. “That’s a question we all should be asking.”


Having rested some, your party makes its way  through the desert again, walking under the unbearable heat with slow steps. As you go, you ask some questions of Zoras, who seems willing enough to tell you about herself, though you’re not exactly certain WHY she’s fine with it. Tabitha and Alice guard her from the side while Sophie walks behind her,tails shifting under her robes quite agitation.

Zoras had grown up in the southern wastes, closer to Port Amun’ra. There she and her sister helped move various drugs through the Port, but after her sister left to join a deal in Deleor, she found herself deprived of much purpose in life. Using her last connection, she found her way Ammon and began running errands for him, eventually having enough credit to go tomb robbing with him as the fence.

“What is Hatset like?” She replies to your question as you walk. “Well, quite large. A natural reservoir of water is nearby so the town is able to flourish with a few outlying farms. It’s known for horses and centaurs, and the current Govenor is a centaur descended from royal stock.”

“I’d imagine the streets are quite wide to accommodate all the Centaurs?” You ask, to which Zoras nods her head.

“Yes, which makes back-alley deals a little difficult given that there aren’t terribly many of those.” She chuckles. “But it is a rather nice looking city if you’re into those things. Plenty of greenery, making it a sort of oasis. Nothing like the capital though.”

“You’ve been to the capital?”

“Once, yes.” The Girtablilu replies. “Just to deliver something, but I got a good look around the place before I felt it best to leave. My kind is not looked well upon there.” She takes in a deep breath before continuing. “Anyway, happened to hear a little bit about how the Pharaoh was interested in you two. Doesn’t take a genius to really figure out why, though that you’re coming into her own domain.”

“You got big balls, girl.”

“Shut up.” Sophie growls.


That evening you sleep outside, two people taking watch at any given time. Ebe awoke for a little bit, enough to take dinner and get hugged by Sophie, but she goes to bed soon enough afterward. You take your turn with Sylphie, the two of you talking over various magics. While you did practice your Ectrian geoflexing (much to the lecherous eyes of both Zoras and Alice) you don’t feel much like reading, especially since that would leave Sylphie sitting there, bored.

You gain some insight onto Aeromancy again through your talk and thus learn the spell she used before, [Razor Wind], which saves you some reading. In return, you teach her how to better refine her [Build the Wall]. Throughout the discussion, both of you laugh and have a decent time, until the two of you are sitting against the makeshift benches you’ve made, staring up at the night sky.

>You learn [Razor Wind]

>Create blades of wind that slice through flesh, foliage. Stuff.

Itching your shoulder again, you look over to see Zoras stir. She sits up and yawns, rubbing at her eyes and looking a little out of it as she looks about. Despite her rather… odd, lower half, her torso was still that of a beautiful woman and she looked so very… non-threatening in the moonlight. Honestly, most men would have found her defenseless state quite a turn on. Thankfully, you’re not most men.

“Mmm?” She says, sniffing the air. “Something smells nice.”

“Huh?” Sylphie says, cocking her head. “I don’t smell anything?”

“Really?” Zoras says, stretching and walking over to the two of you. Both of you reach for your staves, but she holds up her hands in peace. “Calm down, I’m just saying. Hmmm.” She sniffs the air again and frowns. “Are you sure you can’t smell this? Cat noses should be quite good.”

“Uhh, nothing out of the ordinary?” Sylphie says, frowning.

“Hmm.” The Girtablilu says. She scuttles a little closer and then looks at you. “Oh! Of course.” She chuckles, “It’s you who smells so good!”

Blinking, you reply, “I’m sorry, what?”

“I’d heard Wizards exuded more a presence that other men, even virgins, who also smell quite nice.” Zoras sniffs the air again and says, “I didn’t notice at first with everyone else around but yes, there it is.” Turning to Sylphie, she says, “You have to be smelling this and-” She cuts off and chuckles, “Ah, of course.”

“Huh?” Sylphie says, cocking her head. “What are you talking about.”

“I forgot, your father is a Wizard, of course you wouldn’t smell such things.” Zoras chuckles. “Gods, it must be driving that Ghandharva MAD not to have you. I bet you the Lizardman is a little bothered too.”

“I think.” You say, rolling your eyes. “I think that the one most likely to do that would be Alice.”

“The human? Haha, if you say so.” Zoras chuckles softly and places a hand under her chin. “Hey, you want to have sex? I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“Uh, no, I think I-” You cut off suddenly as your wound, which had closed up, burns fiercely and you find your vision blurring as you look at Zoras. Where stands a mildly repugnant Monster now sits a nigh on Goddess that makes your heart skip a beat upon looking at her.

“Hey, hey are you okay?” A voice cuts to you and snaps you back to reality. You blink your eyes a few times to see Sylphie shaking you. Mouth working soundlessly, you lick your lips and say,

“Yeah… I… yeah.”

“What the hells was that?” She says, and then glares at Zoras. “What did you do?”

“Nothing…” Zoras says, placing a hand under her chin. “What just happened there, if you’d mind telling me?”

“I… I just felt a burning sensation and then I looked at you and saw…”

“Yes, I know what you saw.” Zoras says, coughing and pointing at your lap. Blinking, you look down to find yourself at full mast. You hurry and cover yourself, though Sylphie is already blushing.

“I didn’t think it was real…” The Girtablilu says, rubbing her chin. “I really thought the curse of the Mummy was just some rumor, but it’s bloody real.”

“Curse? What curse?” Syphie says, looking scared.

“Undead aren’t exactly natural, you know. This land has a large number though, magic spells written into some tombs which reawaken guardians. Now this is just a guess, but I’m pretty sure part of it is the curse, which renders someone unable to run away after being bitten.”

“So what, they just sit there and get raped/ eaten?”

“Yes, exactly.”

Grunting, you say, “Why isn’t Mr. Ed having this issue?”

“He’s a gelding.” Sylphie says. “But weren’t you also bitten? Or is it males only?”

“I’m armor plated.” Zoras says, tapping her claws. “Hmm. Never heard of what happens if someone makes it out alive though. One could presume that it might make your inhibitions drop, and at random times.” She thinks about it. “A shame, and here you are, surrounded by beautiful women.”

“Fucking hells.” You say, shaking your head. “How do I fix it?”

“No idea.” She says, shrugging. “But Ammon might…”

“So we just need to make it to Hatset without Rommel succumbing to the curse and having sex with us all.” Sylphie says, folding her hands together, face in consternation, as if she’s thinking something over.

“Uh… Sylphie?” You say, nudging her.

“Hmm? Oh! Yes!” The Cat o’Ninetails says. “Yes, of course. That’s awful. You should go to sleep, just get Sophie on your way to bed?”

“Yeah…” You say, frowning and moving to awaken Sophie, keeping your eye on Zoras the whole time. Explaining that you’re not feeling good, she nods and goes to her sister before you crawl into your bedroll and feel the weariness of the day wash over you, making you almost forget the tingling sensation from your wound…


The next morning you awaken to feeling a little more refreshed than before, a little more worried than before. The source of your anxiety are the looks you’re getting from your party, a mix of apprehension and… what, eagerness? It’s discomforting to say the least, and as you eat your breakfast everyone eats in silence, clearly trying not to look at you.

Feeling that saying anything might make it worse, you just pack up shortly, collapse the camp, and make your way to Hatset. Given the information by Zoras, you should be rather close, and thankfully the trip is uneventful beyond the uh… stares. Though your shoulder itches, only once do you find yourself feeling a sense of vertigo when Sylphie helps you up from tripping while reading about Golems to get your mind off this. You find yourself embracing her when you come to, her face blushing furiously as you back away from her, shaking your head.

When you eventually reach Hatset, you find that 1. Alice is staying a lot closer to you than before and 2. Everyone else is keeping their distance. Even in the waning light of dusk, you can see that Sylphie is keeping her distance from you, turning away whenever your eyes meet. It… actually kind of hurts a little to see her pull away from you like that.

Ebe returns from scouting ahead, feeling fairly hale, and she lands to explain that the gates are still open, and should be for a little while. Looking out at the city, you see a large, walled city of square structures. In the north of the city you spy a massive structure, which Zoras explains is the Centaur’s barracks. Oddly enough, it’s also the great stable where horses are bred, which she says with a chuckle.

All around the city is signs of greenery, from various grasses to a few trees every now and then, to the north as well, a large oasis of water which allows this all to flourish. Seeing greenery again feels… odd to you and you go quiet for a long time until Ebe asks,

“Are you feeling alright?”

Ebe huh… Gods, how does she feel about this little affliction of yours? Knowing she’s still worried about you makes you feel kind of good though and… and…

You struggle with yourself, fighting the burning sensation that seems to be spreading down your arm. Gulping, you close your eyes and turn from her, saying, “Yes. I’m fine.”

“O-Oh. Okay.” She says, seeming worried. “If you… need anything, just let me know, okay?”

A retort comes to your lips, but you keep it down again, just nodding your head until she walks away, allowing you to calm down. Oh Gods, what is happening to you? You need to get down there and quick or you’re going to end up doing something you’re going to regret.

 Getting yourself under control, you turn to the others and say, “Okay, let’s get going then before they close the gates.”

“Hmmm.” Zoras says, looking out over the city. “Sure, we could enter through the gates however then everyone in the city will know you’re here. It’s a little riskier and a uh…” She coughs into her hand, “Tight squeeze, for me at least, but there’s another path…”

Everyone turns to you and the mixed stares you get make you feel very uncomfortable. Well… You guess they’re looking for your response.

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  1. Fyi landing in sand is not as soft as a fall as you think. It will cut you up there is a reasin why sandpaper gets its name. Otherwise iam absolutely OBSESSED with how good this story is i really hoping for a potential smut scene because of the curse…. the vultures are begining to circle and for once im hoping he will not escape. Also waiting for a sniper pebble gun as well as a Gatling pebble gun.

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