Wind-Up Bogey

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Art by Kohdoku

Species: Ogre, Automaton, The bogeys original species


Habitat: Wherever they were living previously


Disposition: Dependent on previous species


Diet: Dependent on previous species


The wind-up bogey similar to the Stress Ball Bogey, is not a naturally occurring subtype. It is a subtype created and popularized by a bogey celebrity who originally made it to spice up her bedroom life. However, due to it becoming so widespread, the Wind-Up Bogey is now widely recognized as its own subspecies.

To become up Wind-Up Bogey, a bogey must first undergo a process known as “Keying”. The process begins with the bogey meeting with a skilled magic practitioner and having a magical tattoo of a keyhole put upon the Bogey’s back. From there the practitioner will stimulate the bogeys mana, forcing it to flow into the tattoo, linking it to their being. From the tattoo a key, known as their “First Key” will emerge, completing the transformation into a Wind-Up bogey. The process of keying may change the form of the bogey regarding personal preference and is not permanent so long as the First Key is not lost. Common transformations are doll joints, but some take on the more mechanical looks of an automaton or classical toys such as nutcrackers.
With the Keying complete, the new Wind-Up Bogey may begin to explore her new form with her husband. The most important part of it is the key, as both the direction it’s turned and how many times it’s turned directly affects the bogeys behavior. Some may find that they can’t move if their key isn’t turned once clockwiseor not turned twice. They might also find that if turned counterclockwise once, their loins will start to burn with need, and if turned this way once more, that parts of their body turn into erogenous zones. However, these effects are not only personal to the bogey, but which key she uses. Since the start of their popularity, many have taken up the profession of Keymaker for the Wind-Up bogeys, creating different keys to cater to different wants and fetishes so the Wind-Up bogey always has different ways to enjoy themselves. The keys they make can be affected by engravings, material, groves, what type of key it is, and many other features that can change the effects.

It’s not just the Wind-Up enjoying themselves either, as the process of Keying gives the Wind-Up a very special power. Should the Wind-Up bogey hold a key in their hand and place it onto the back of their lover, the person will become a Wind-Up as well, though only if the key remains inserted. This subjects the lover to all the same effects the bogey themselves would be subjected to. Many couples tend to use the bogey’s First Key when trying this for their first time, as a way to feel closer and more connected with one another. It should be noted that Wind-Ups, and loved ones Keyed by Wind-Ups, cannot remove their own key. Some couples use this as a form of bondage, others as a form of trust, but it is recommended these couples either make sure that at least one of them does not have a key that prevents movement, or that they have a trusted friend check up on them regularly just in case.

Finally, and most importantly, there is an effect that all Wind-Ups and all keys share. Should a Wind-Up have its key overturned, the Wind-Up will enter a state of pleasure-induced paralysis. They will stay in this state as long as the key is held, with the pleasure becoming stronger the more the key is overturned. The key will also become more difficult to turn as the pleasure will become a physical force trying to turn the key back. Should the key be released, it will begin spinning rapidly back to its neutral position, allowing the bogey to release their pleasure as they cum incredibly hard while it spins in this state. The current documented case for most turns is 69, taking a full minute to turn back completely. Also, it should be noted that Wind-Up Bogeys can live just fine without a key in them. It simply means they wouldn’t be under any effect a key would put them under and would have their keyhole far more visible.



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