Wight Night Stalker

> You are walking home one night from a long day at work and decide to  cut through the local cemetery

> The gate opens with an eerie rusty creak before you take your step inside. Normally this place is crawling with monster girls hungry for the next meal but for the moment it is empty, the usual zombies weren’t lurking around it was certainly a strange sight to see.

> You walk past row after row of gravestones being hopeful that something doesn’t try to snatch you up out of the ground.

> This place always gave you the creeps as a kid and now. You had heard plenty of stories of men being taken by the undead monsters the roamed the area.

> Now that you really think about it, you have no idea why you decided to cut through this death trap. You shook your fear off as much as possible and just played it safe and kept your wits about you.

> You made it to the center of the graveyard, where a lone giant mausoleum resides, full of possible monsters hungry for a man’s touch.

> Suddenly the mausoleum’s door slowly opens while you walk past it, and your mind starts running through all the stories you heard as a kid about this graveyard. A Hellhound that would burn men alive, the dark skinned Demon that would enslave any man she came across, and even a dreaded Lich that would use men for spell practice.

> You freeze in place watching the door open. Expecting some flesh-hungry demon to charge out and end your existence. Instead, you are greeted by a marble white beauty in a black night dress, long black stockings, and high heels.

> Her amethyst eyes aimed directly at you. “So it was you I smelled,” she said smiling lustfully at you.

> You start to slowly back away from her but end up tripping over your own feet and falling backward onto the grass.

> She approaches you slowly with a very seductive walk showing off her curvy body.

> You then start to move backward with your hands and body in an attempt to escape the threat currently approaching you.

> She continues to walk towards you before saying “Don’t act like you do not like what you see, I see you looking little pervert.”

> You tell her “Just go back into that thing, I’ll leave quietly and never return.” while still backing up before ending up against a tree.

> A small chuckle is heard from her while she stands in front of you leaned against the tree. “Now quit trying to run, I don’t want to hurt you and then have to drag you back into my crypt,” she said to you.

> You continue to plead with her to let you free but she continues to inch closer to you.

> She leans down in the grass next to you and starts to gently guide her snow-white hand down your chest and your thighs.

> All your fears are now coming true you have this creature touching you before she possibly kills you and adds you to her collection.

> She leans to your ear and whispers “Oh wow look at you nice and hard down there for me, you really are a pervert getting aroused by a dead woman touching you.”

> You attempt to let her know it is out of fear but she doesn’t care what you have to say and unzips your pants to let your hard cock out.

> She smiles at you before starting to wrap her cold hand around your length to stroke it gently and teasingly.

> Her cold hand feels surprisingly great against you. It even causes you to let out a gentle moan and close your eyes for a second.

> She begins to get more into pleasing you with her icy hand and digits. “Little pervert getting off to me, I bet you came here looking to be violated by a corpse,” she says into your ear.

> You start to think maybe you could make a run for it soon while she is distracted, even if she is giving you the best handjob of your life. Getting out of this place was still of a top concern

> “Go on coat my skin with your seed, you degenerate necrophile,” she whispers gently into your ear while stroking your now pre-cum slick length.

> Despite her words completely humiliating you, you gently moan grabbing the grass under you before climaxing onto her hand and a bit of her dress.

> She smiles and starts to lick the semen off her of hand and the bit on her arm. “You really are a special kind of pervert to have been pleased by a dead woman, but we aren’t done,” she adds.

> You then decide it is now or never and make a break for it. She didn’t even pursue you when you took off, but it didn’t stop you from slowing down until you reached your home.

> Your home, the place you felt safe. You had arrived there finally

> You decide to hop in the shower to clean up after the run-in you had tonight with that monster. Once clean you decided to lay in bed and watch some TV.

> You slowly fall asleep completely relieved that your nightmare of that monster is gone.

> While you are sleeping you feel a cold hand touch your bare chest. It is enough to wake you.

> Her, she had made her way into your house and in your bed. “You really think I was just going to let you slide with a handjob?” she said placing her hand over your mouth.

> You struggle against your attacker but the more you fought against her the weaker you seemed to become.

> She smiles at your now completely helpless body in bed.

> You lie on your back watching your attacker undress before you.

> She takes off her nightgown before tossing it over to the side of the bed. “You thought you could escape me, I smelled your seed and body scent my little pervert,” she said

> You get a good look at her body, she had nice large breasts, plump thighs, and a face to die for.

> She pulls down your underwear only to see you have hardened for her. “You really are hopeless, already hard without even a bit of foreplay,” she says to you while running her finger down your chest.

> You can only lay and watch as she slips your cock into her love hole. The feeling of your hot length and the inside of her cold pussy mix into pure pleasure.

> “You are such a good little plaything, I am going to enjoy you for a very long time my little necrophile,” she says to you as she rides your dick forcing it deeper into her cold dead walls.

> Before you know it, you had already blown a hot load of cum inside her, but it didn’t stop her from riding you.

> She continues to pleasure herself with you throughout the night, calling you her “Necrophile, pervert, among other seductive things.”

> Once she has exhausted herself and the supply of your semen she lays down next to you and wraps her arms around your warm body cuddling you. “Sweet dreams my love,” she says to you before closing her lovely amethyst eyes.

> You wake up early the next morning to find your new undead lover next to you and decide to give up running and wrap your arms around her body and accept your fate with your raven haired corpse.

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