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>Ever since you were a little boy, you’ve always wanted to travel amongst the stars.
>Your father’s father had once shown you an old video once of rockets flying into space years back, and from that moment you wanted to be on one of those rockets.
>As luck would have it though, you were stuck on Earth, living with the 14 other billion people in conditions one could expect of overpopulation in the year 2115.
>Which is to say not all that great.
>About two decades ago though, humanity made contact with a race that called themselves “Mamono”.
>As expected of first contacts, a war broke out and lasted several years before both sides realized why they were fighting each other. Or rather lack of a reason.
>Both sides worked on a peace agreement, and what they came up with they called the “Integration Act”: select groups of individuals numbering at about 150 million from each species would be selected via a lottery system and sent to live on specially constructed artificial worlds to live their lives normally (or at least as normally as you can get when you’re on an artificial world while also living with an alien species).
>They’re really just giant space stations.
>After the first successful test run, more of these stations were built, and more lotteries were held.
>And you never won.
>That is of course until they announced a new lottery for the newest, most advanced station yet a week ago.
>A week later you had packed what you owned, and within the day you were off to your new life.

>Of course they don’t really tell you what it’s going to be like living on one of the stations.
>After arriving in the docking area, you were herded along to one of dozens of futuristic trains, only to be sped off to what you’d later learn was called Gaia 1.
>Your new city.
>Your new home.
>It took you a day or two to unpack everything and set furniture up in your new apartment, but you finished.
>A bedroom with a bed, closet, dresser, and some shelving.
>A bathroom with a sink, toilet, a medicine cabinet, and a bath/shower.
>A kitchen with an induction stove, oven, microwave, cupboards, countertop space, and a fridge/freezer.
>A dining area with a table and two chairs.
>And a living area with a couch, coffee table, a few book cases, and a 40-inch (or 127 centimeter) flat-screen television, complete with a media player.
>You found out that after reading the pamphlet left to you in the kitchen, a government official would come by the next day to ask you some questions about your skills and past work experience, and two days after that you would be working in your new job.
>Overwhelmed by all that’s been happening, you turn in early for the night.

>As told the day before, an official came by in the morning with some paperwork for you to fill out, and about an hour later you were finished.
>Unsure of what to do, you decided to just sit around and do not much of anything for the rest of the day.
>Early on your second day in your new home you got a visit from another government official, bearing the results of your “test”.


>You weren’t really sure what the test was meant for, but apparently it was to figure out what kind of job you would be “assigned”.
>Back on Earth you mostly had odd jobs working on machinery or electronics, and one time you took a job as an exterminator.
>That job was interesting, mostly because the man working with you had an incredibly thick Slavic accent, and used rather unorthodox methods to getting rid of pests.
>That is to say he smashed them to bits with whatever he brought with him will yelling curses in Russian. You’re pretty sure he was also half-drunk on vodka most of the time too.
>You enjoyed the feeling of metal in your hands or watching a machine slowly come to life after rusting away in a garage or warehouse, so on the test you put down “mechanic” and “electrician” as your previous work experience.
>You also noted in the Likes/Dislikes section that you preferred city life to living in the countryside.
>You also said that you didn’t like insects or rodents, and you were also still somewhat afraid of snakes due to an accident when you were younger.
>There’s still a faint scar on your right forearm, but you have to know it’s there to see it.
>The man in the suit hands you a folder, and when you dump the contents out onto your dining room table, paperwork and a set of keys with a tag that has the number “42” on it fall out.
>Most of the paperwork legal stuff for a company, but one or two pieces of paper are on the job itself.
>According to the document, you’d be working on a service team, fixing and refurbishing various products for a parent company; mostly electronics, but occasionally liquid fuel motors used in machinery or vehicles as well.
>Another paper told you that your job would be starting today, although you weren’t expected to do any work; it’s more of an orientation day than anything.
>After signing everything, the government official thanks you before suggesting you should head to the parking garage of the apartment complex if you want to arrive to work on time in your vehicle, rather than take public transport.

>After scarfing down breakfast and dressing appropriately, you head down to the ground floor where your “vehicle” is supposed to be.
>Sure enough, in spot #42 is a relatively average four-door car.
>Back on Earth nearly everyone still used wheeled cars or trucks, except for the very wealthy who had hovercars, and judging by the landing struts sticking out from the bottom of the vehicle you’re currently staring at, it’s also one of those hovering ones.
>The inside is incredibly clean, as a brand-new car should be, the faux-leather modular seats faintly reflecting the morning sun.
>That’s another thing. Since the appearance of Mamono, or “monstergirls” in more common terms, car seats became interchangeable to accommodate different body types. All you had to do was detach the old seat and stick in the new one. If no special requirements were noted when buying a car, human seats were installed by default.
>Sitting in the driver’s seat, you adjust everything to your liking before fiddling with the in-car navigation system for a few minutes before you figure out how to use it, and enter in the address for work.
>Leaving the parking garage, you make your way through winding streets before hopping on a highway for a short while, bringing yourself into the heart of the downtown area, being reminded how awful it can be at times to drive through.
>Dozens upon dozens of towering skyscrapers slowly move past as you crawl through the city streets, feeling a bit of envy as you occasionally see a flight-capable monstergirl whizz past everyone.
>Twenty minutes or so after leaving your apartment, you arrive at your destination: a bland-looking warehouse near the waterfront.
>Pulling into an empty spot in the parking lot, you get out of your car and make your way to inside the building, hoping you can find some sort of front desk so you can ask where to go.

>Thankfully, the front desk is in the main lobby, and behind it is a somewhat tired-looking sheep girl.
>It takes a few seconds, but she finally notices you standing there, and she sits up in her chair while typing away on a keyboard.
“Uh, G-Gene Jovanović.”
>The sheep girl, whose name is Dolly according to the nametag just above her left breast, starts typing away at her keyboard some more.
>You try not to look like you’re staring at her chest, and luckily she’s too busy looking at her screen.
>A few more seconds of typing and some mouse clicks later, Dolly finishes.
“Ah, yes. Mr. Gene Jovanović. Looks like a new employee. Head through that door over there, down the hallway, and then the third door on the left.” she says, pointing to a door off to the side.
>After thanking her, you follow the directions, walking down a fluorescent-lit hallway before opening the third door on the left.
>The room inside seems to be a sort of break room, various Mamono and humans milling about making small talk.
>The most interesting thing in the room seems to be a noticeboard up on the far wall, considering the majority of people in the room are looking at it, tracing their finger, claw, or talon up or down.
>As you get closer you find out that the noticeboard has a bunch of names on it in pairs of two.
>Looking for a bit, you finally find your name when suddenly another digit stops next to yours over another name.
>You glance over, and are somewhat surprised to see a monstergirl standing next to you.


>Standing next to you is a rather large cat woman, although in her case the word “tiger” would be more fitting.
>The large finger hovering over her spot on the list has a somewhat sharp-looking claw on the end of it, and there’s three more equally-sized digits attached to the fluffy paw that is her “hand”.
>Her arm is covered in silky smooth black and white-striped fur from the tips of her fingers all the way up to her shoulder, where it meets her tan skin.
>Glancing down, you notice her legs are similar; paw-like feet with the same black and white fur that goes up to her mid-thigh where it meets her (rather) short shorts.
>Her hips are well-shaped; not something you’d see on a succubus, but they still give her that hourglass shape. She also seems to have a small metal flask hooked onto her left hip as well.
>You didn’t notice it at first, but her tail swishes back and forth in your view, the fur on it alternating between solid black and snow white.
>Moving on to her torso, you spot her exposed abdominal muscles as the sleeveless shirt she’s wearing ends an inch or two above her navel.
>Trying not to be obvious, you move your gaze up to her chest, admiring the supple curve of her bosom.
>Obviously a cat-like monstergirl, or any monstergirl for that matter, wouldn’t have a bust the same size as those holstaurs, but hers are definitely hand-filling. By your knowledge of browsing certain sites in your free time back on Earth, you estimate hers to be somewhere in the mid-E range.
>Her face is strikingly feminine. Pouty lips, high cheekbones, soft skin, slightly pointed nose, and deep blue cerulean eyes.
>Her off-white hair on her head reaches to about her mid-back, and on top of her head she has two pointed cat ears with slightly whiter fur on the inside.
>As you’re totally not staring at her breasts, you notice a name sewn into the shirt she’s wearing, and in a rather floral pattern too.
>“Meredith”, it says.
>Glancing over to the chart, you notice her finger hovering over the name “Meredith J. Garlenbach”, the name right next to yours.
“You Gene?”
>You’re startled a bit as she speaks.
>Her voice is interesting though. From what you’ve been told, it seems like she has a “Midwestern” accent, although you’re not sure where she got it from. Her father maybe.
“Uh, y-yeah.”
>You nod, looking into her eyes.
“Name’s Meredith. Or Merry for short, whichever you prefer.”
>Meredith, or Merry, extends one of her clawed paws out, smiling slightly.
“I, uh, don’t have a nickname.” you respond.
>Meredith chuckles a bit as you shake her hand.
>Holy shit her fur is soft.
“Any idea why our names are together Gene?”
>You’re about to speak when a rather short raccoon girl walks in before climbing onto one of the tables in the room.
>Well, not entirely climb up onto the table. She had to pull a chair over, and climbed onto that before getting onto the table.
>Even from her position on it, the raccoon girl barely manages to get above some of the taller monstergirls in the room. Meredith included.
“You’re probably all wondering why you’re here, and why your name is paired up with someone else’s on the board over there.”
>Everyone in the room glances over in your direction before turning their attention back over to the Mamono standing on the table.
“As you know, when you arrived, you were given a questionnaire. That questionnaire was to determine the best suited place for you to work since these stations don’t pay for themselves.”
“Each of you has been assigned to this company, and you’ll be working in pairs. That’s where the board comes in.”
>Everyone in the room starts to murmur slightly in various levels of hatred or enthusiasm.
“Guess we’re working together then, huh Gene?” Meredith whispers in your ear.
>The raccoon girl clears her throat to get everyone’s attention again.
“In a few moments, you’re going to get your position and schedule, and afterwards you’ll be introduced to your new job. I suggest you get acquainted with your partner. That is all.”

>The monstergirl then lowers herself back onto the floor before opening the door she came in through, and returns along with a few other people, all holding rather thick looking folders.
>Everyone shuffles about as they get their schedule and position. You glance over your schedule and groan slightly.
>You already knew that you’d be working on engines and/or computers, but you start at 0700.
>You were never a morning person.
>Meredith doesn’t seem to be bothered at all though.
“Don’t like mornings Gene?” she chuckles as she reads her own schedule.
>At least you have something to look forward to on the trip to work.
>Staring at all the monstergirls, including but not limited to Meredith.
“Not really, no.” you respond.
>You can’t think of much else to say, so instead you read and re-read your schedule a few times before you, Meredith, and a handful of other Mamono and humans are led off to another part of the building.
>You take mental notes on which hallways to turn down or which doors to go through before the group you’re in is eventually led to what is more or less a factory floor.
>On one end of the room there’s a bunch of heavy machinery that you presume is meant for the parts of jobs that require excessive force or heavy lifting that can’t otherwise be done.
>The majority of the room is filled with rows and rows of bins filled with parts, all labeled and sorted according to what they contain.
>On the other end of the room where you’re standing is a row of tables and (thankfully) comfortable chairs, along with stacks of tools at each seat.
>The monstergirl that lead you in stops for a moment so she can speak.
“You’ve probably guessed by now, but this is where you’re going to work. You’re probably assuming that you’ll be working on things like car engines or computers, and you’re correct. That’s why we selected everyone here. Because you noted in your questionnaire that you either had previous experience working on such things, or enjoyed doing so as a hobby. Over there on the far wall is all the stuff you’ll need for things like metallurgy.”
>She points over to where you spotted all of the machinery.
“Here is where you’re going to be doing most of your work,” she nods over to the row of tables and seats, “and in between you’ll find any parts you might need. Through that door over there is where your lockers are. Any questions? No? Good. I expect you here tomorrow on-time and ready to work.”
>The monstergirl turns on her heel and walks over to the door to the “lockers” before disappearing behind it.
>As the door closes, a few people in your group start to explore the room a bit, looking at all the different parts of it while the rest seem to either mill around or decide to leave to go do whatever they need to do.


>You might as well take a look at the locker area for a bit, if only to get yourself acquainted with the layout.
>As you walk towards the door to the lockers, you catch a glimpse of a purple and black-haired catgirl walking over to talk to Meredith.
>You’re not sure how you missed her, because that monstergirl is wearing the ugliest outfit you can imagine.
>From where you are, you notice that she’s wearing a black hat with a red bill with the words “Top Fun” across the front in between her swiveling cat ears, a white shirt with blue sleeves with the words “MEGA MILK” (in all caps of course) across the breast area, and incredibly skimpy black hotpants that hug her modest hips, thighs, and butt.
>Her hair isn’t much better either. There’s probably half a dozen plastic feathers intertwined with the mess of black, violet, and neon tie-dye locks.
>You also notice the phone that probably has at least a pound or more of stupid cat emote keychains attached to it in her hand.
>You’re pretty sure she was playing some sort of flash game on it too, and Meredith looks annoyed already even though the other catgirl hasn’t even spoken yet.
>You shake your head slightly as you open the door to the lockers, feeling slightly sorry for the tiger woman.

>The locker room isn’t terribly special, although it’s more of one huge room separated by a wall.
>Can’t have co-ed locker rooms now can we?
>All along one wall there’s two rows of lockers stacked on top of one another; a single unit being about half as tall as you are.
>Each locker has a space for a nameplate just under the top vent, and after walking along the entire length you find yours at the far end.
>The lock itself is rather simple, just one of those turny knob things with the numbers 1 through 100 on it, each number designated by a small tick mark, with each fifth tick being slightly bigger and each tenth one being slightly bigger still, along with being labeled.
>You fish out the papers you were given earlier, and find the combination to the lock under the section labeled “Additional Information”.
>What an odd combination.
>You fiddle with the lock for a bit, committing the combination to memory before closing the locker door and replacing the lock back in its intended position.

>You’re about to turn around when furry paws grab you by the shoulders and a feminine voice says, or rather half-shouts, “2SPOOKY” in your ear.
>Flailing about, you fall onto the hard concrete floor as the person behind you starts laughing out loud. And by that you mean she’s literally saying “LOL”.
“Oh man, that was 3spooky5me bro.”
>Turning about, you finally find out who startled you.
>It’s the same Cheshire that you saw talking to Meredith, and she has this shit-eating grin on her face.
“Your reaction was totally epic man. I’m totally gonna upload that video like right now.” she half-shouts again, already furiously typing away on her phone.
>Video? What the hell is she talking about?
“What are you even doing in here?” you ask her.
“What?” you ask, totally confused.
“I used swag bro. Don’t you have any swag?”
“I asked why, not how.”
>The cat girl gives you a quizzical look.
“What does that even MEME? See what I did there?”
>You don’t see what she just did there, because she pronounced the word like “me me”, with two syllables rather than the proper one syllable “meem”.
“Shouldn’t you use the other locker room, since this one is for males only?” you tell her.
“I go where I please, and I please where I go.”
>Holy shit this girl is really getting on your nerves, and you’ve only been talking to her for all of five minutes.
>Rather than continue this one-sided conversation, you brush past her and head for the door.
>Of course right before you reach to open it, that same shit-eating grin appears in front of you again before the rest of the girl materializes after it.
“Aren’t you going to ask what my name is? Gawd, you’re such a Scumbag Steve.”
>You sigh heavily, knowing there’s only one way out of this.
“…what’s your name?”
“Marriane of course! But everyone calls me May, or even MayMay.”
>She stands there, looking up at you expectantly.
“Well what?” you say.
“Are you going to tell me yours?”
>You really don’t want to, but there’s not much of a choice for you in the matter.
“Gene. Can I go now?”
“Of course you can go down on me!”
>The catgirl named Marriane cackles madly as she disappears before you in a small cloud of purple smoke, only that same grin visible before it too disappears a few seconds later.

>Back on the “factory” floor, you spot a rather agitated-looking Meredith sitting down at one of the workstations, her paws slowly clenching and unclenching.
“Something wrong?”
>She looks over at you with an angry glare, and if you didn’t know any better you think she’d want to kill something. Possibly you.
“It’s that fucking Cheshire.”
>That’s right, you read about the purple and black-haired catgirls being a real pain in the ass, but this one was especially annoying, and you knew exactly why too.
“She would not SHUT UP about “dank memes”. On and on and on about what I’m talking about is a “cool story bro” or some other stupid shit. Not even ten seconds later she was trying to show me these stupid faces on some website on her phone before she would find some video she wanted me to watch, and half the video she would be shouting “LOL” in my ear constantly. I swear to Ammit one day someone’s going to YOLO her Eggo, if you know what I mean.”
>You knew exactly what she was talking about.
“Uh, yeah, sure. I’m gonna explore a bit, see where everything is.” you tell her. “Wanna join me?”
“Nah,” Meredith responds, “got some stuff to do. I’ll see you tomorrow though!”
>Before you leave, you exchange phone numbers with Meredith before giving her a parting wave as you leave the room in search for some food.

>After walking around aimlessly in the building for a few minutes, you round a corner and run face-first into a slimy blob holding a mop and wearing a maid outfit.
>You fall to the ground, the mop clattering against the hard tile floor as it falls after you, nearly tipping the cart full of cleaning supplies over.
“My apologies sir! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going!”
>Looking up and rubbing the side of your head, you get a good look at the mop’s previous holder.
>She’s wearing what appears to be an old-fashioned French maid outfit that covers her from her neck all the way down to her mid-thigh, if she had legs instead of a swirling mass of gooey tentacles.
>Her hair is done up in a loose ponytail to keep it out of the way, and as you look closer her “hair” is rather just an extension of the rest of her. Come to think of it, her outfit might be as well.
“Sir, are you alright?” she asks, a small hint of worry in her voice.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.”
>Grunting a bit, you get up off the floor and hand the girl her mop.
“You seemed to be in a hurry sir. Was there something you were looking for?”
>At that moment, your stomach growls a bit.
“The cafeteria, actually.”
>The maid smiles a bit before turning slightly.
“It’s just down this hall to the right. I just left there actually.”
“Are you a janitor perhaps?” you ask.
“Most certainly sir! I normally work between the morning and evening shifts, but since my boss told me that we’d be getting a bunch of new employees, I should make sure the entire place is clean for them!”
>You can’t help but notice the enthusiasm in her voice, and she seems to bounce up and down slightly on her fee- err, tentacles.
“Oh! How could I forget! My name’s Helen.”
>The maid/janitor gives you a slight bow before gathering up her mop and cleaning cart.
“Pleasure to meet you si- I mean Gene.”
>You give Helen a nod before heading to the cafeteria, hoping to find something to eat for lunch.


>You try the cafeteria first, hoping that they’re serving food at this time.
>If not, there’s always Burger Queen, Jacqueline in the Box, Pizza Smut, or Taco Belle to get.
>As you open the double doors, you notice that there’s a few people moving back and forth between the rows and rows of plastic picnic-bench tables, while a few Mamono patiently stand behind the food counter, waiting for someone to come by.
>Picking up a tray, and pick something at random. What you weren’t planning on doing however was picking the “line” (as there’s no one there right now) being served by the most gifted monstergirl you’ve ever seen.
>It’s almost impossible to stare at the sheer size of her bosom, and you have no idea what size she’d actually wear, so you just go with comparing them to watermelons. It’s also hard to not look like you’re catching an eyeful because her nametag is perched right about where her nipple might be, and after sneaking countless glances at it, you figure out her name is Annabelle.
“Hello there dear, what can I get for you?” she asks, giving you a smile only a mother can give.
>You didn’t think any of this through, so instead of looking intently at your tray, you have to look up past the monstergirl’s chest to the menu board behind her.
>Seems like today is soup and/or chili day for her station.
>As you peruse the menu, you can’t help but keep on glancing at Annabelle’s soft, feminine face.
>Her shoulder-length, wavy brown hair suits her perfectly, and her bovine horns are closer to being ivory in color rather than a purer white.
>Her ears also stick out to the side of her head, and occasionally twitch back and forth.
>Sure, she may have faint crow’s feet by her green eyes, but that doesn’t make her any less pretty.
>Quickly moving past her bust, you instead make another mistake as you stare at her wide hips and shapely thighs, not to mention the soft rear end she seems to have.
>Thankfully her cow tail distracts you enough as it swishes back and forth.
“Anyone home?” she chuckles, obviously catching you in the act, making your face flush in embarrassment.
“I, uh, I-I’ll have the, uh, the chili and cornbread please.”
“One chili and cornbread coming right up!” Annabelle cheerfully says before turning around to the row of pots behind her.
>Now that she’s facing away from you, you can really get a look at the contours of her butt, it jiggling ever so slightly as she scoops some chili up into a paper bowl.
>Turning around, she smiles as she hands you the bowl of chili and a hunk of cornbread wrapped up in clearwrap.
“Here you go dear.”
>God that smile is going to kill you if she keeps it up.
“Uh, th-thank you.” you mutter, trying to keep your blush hidden.
“Don’t worry about it, I get that look all the time. I’m quite used to it actually, especially since I catch my husband giving it to me constantly.” Annabelle says with a slightly lewd grin.
>That really didn’t help you at all, since now you’re imagining her without any clothes on.
>Sputtering out another thank you, you get a drink from the drink fountain before finding a spot to sit down and eat.
>After deliberating where to sit, you decide to sit down next to some of the people you recognized from earlier when you were looking at the chart on the wall where you met Meredith.
>One of them is a raiju named Electra Carmen Selena Rosales Ramirez Monterrosa. She said to just call her Carmen.
>According to her, her father was a part of the revolution between Spain and the EU. Her father must have one hell of an accent for her to speak like she is.
>You make some small talk with Carmen and the others for a bit before they finish their lunch, and they bid you farewell until tomorrow.
>Some time later you finish your lunch, and after disposing of your trash you leave the cafeteria, face flushed yet again because Annabelle gave you a wave goodbye.


>With the “work” day over, there’s not much else for you do other than go home and do your favorite thing: waste time in front of a television or computer.
>You could even take a nap if you wanted to.
>Then again, you are in a new city, so maybe you should go explore a little bit; drive around to see where everything is, scout out good date locations if such a thing ever comes up.
>Getting into your car, you start it up and turn the radio on only to turn it right back off again because almost every single station is filled with generic shovelware pop music.
>Crawling your way into the more dense area of the city, you slowly scan back and forth as you go along, taking mental notes of what street you’re on as you find businesses that might be interesting.
>At one point you spot a small hole-in-the-wall store that supposedly sells custom-made clothing made from genuine Arachne silk, whatever that is. Still, could be useful if you ever need anything fancy to wear.
>There’s also a couple of small eateries here and there nestled in between larger buildings, which might work better as the dinner part of a dinner-and-a-movie date compared to fast food.
>It takes a little bit, but you eventually find a theater too, letting you see one of the many blockbuster movies that get made each year if you ever go choose to see one.
>A few blocks from the theater you also find an arcade of all things. You thought arcades died out years ago, but maybe monstergirls took a liking to them.
>A few specialist shops for all your Mamono needs catch your eye, and you note them down in your brain as well. If you ever get a girlfriend, you could get her something from there.
>Most other stores aren’t terribly interesting though, and if you’d ever need something from them you could always look them up on the internet.
>After several more minutes of exploring, you decide to head home for the day and relax for a bit before you have to work tomorrow.

>It takes you a bit longer to get home than it did coming to work, but eventually you pull into your “spot” in the garage.
>Back in your apartment, you toss the folder of papers you were given earlier onto the kitchen counter and flop onto the couch and flip on the television.
>Flipping through the channels a bit, you settle on some generic cop show. You’ve always liked those.
>During one of the commercials however, your phone buzzes in your pocket, and you take it out to find someone has sent you a text.
*Hey, uh, Gene, right? It’s Carmen from earlier. -Received: 1357*
*Hey Carmen. What’s up? -Sent: 1359*
*I dunno. Meredith gave me this number, and I thought “What the hell.”, we could be friends. Anyways, I was thinking of going out somewhere after work with another friend at the end of the week, and thought maybe you’d like to come along. Maybe invite someone else too. -Received: 1401*
>After a quick glance at the calendar on your phone, you notice that it’s only Tuesday. You have the weekends off, so you assume Carmen does too which means she’s talking about Friday evening.
*Uh, sure. Why not? I’d have to think of someone to invite if Meredith doesn’t come along. -Sent: 1403*
*Cool. Doing anything interesting right now? -Received: 1404*
*If you count watching one of those crime/detective shows interesting, yes. -Sent: 1406*
*Soap operas are better. -Received: 1409*
>Of course the Spaniard would like soap operas.
*Other than watching a bunch of people yell at each other in Spanish, what do you do for fun? -Sent: 1411*
*Racist. -Received: 1414*
*Says the person perpetuating the stereotype. -Sent: 1415*
*Well excuse me. I don’t do much other than read, watch soap operas, or go out on walks. Occasionally I’ll do stuff on my laptop, but I’m not much of a tech person so all I really do is browse the internet on it. -Received: 1418*
>You’re a little surprised she doesn’t dabble with electronics, considering the amount of static electricity you saw coming off of her at lunch.
>You and Carmen shoot texts at each other for another few minutes before the conversation peters out a bit, and you bid her farewell until tomorrow.
>Looking at your phone after sticking Carmen’s number into your contacts list, you notice it’s about four in the afternoon. You still have a few hours before you’d be hungry enough for dinner, and you can’t really think of much else to do other than take a short nap.
>Thinking back to what Carmen said about going out somewhere after work with some friends, you think about who you’d might want to bring along. The only people you can think of are Meredith or, God forbid, Marriane.
>You really don’t want to invite her along. She might start thinking she’s your friend, not to mention what everyone else would think of the guy that brought a memecat to an outing.


>After thinking a bit, you realize that you actually have more than two people you know that you could pick from. You almost forgot about that maid girl Helen you ran into earlier.
>You almost pick up your phone to ask her when you realize that you don’t actually have her number, or even know if she has a phone in the first place. As much as you hate it, you’re going to have to get to work early so you can find Helen before she finishes her work for the morning.
>With not much else to do, you take a nap for a few hours until your stomach wakes you up because it’s time for dinner.
>After making a sandwich, you kill a few more hours in front of the television before you head to bed a little earlier than you normally would so you don’t end up dead tired tomorrow at work.

>The next morning, your alarm clock screeches in your ear at about 0500, an hour or so before you’d normally get up.
>After taking a shower and getting dressed, you head out the door to your car, electing to either get breakfast along the way, or finding something in the cafeteria.
>As you drive to work, you notice that not a lot of places are open before six in the morning, and the places that are aren’t terribly appealing right now. So instead you decide to eat breakfast at work.
>A short while later you enter the front lobby and find Dolly asleep at her desk. Rather than disturbing her, you simple wander through the back until you find Helen.
>After a few minutes of searching, you (figuratively) run into her again.
“Oh, hello there Gene!” she says enthusiastically. “It’s always nice to see people coming in early.”
“Goo-ood morning Helen.” you say, trying to stifle a yawn. “Carmen invited me to hang out after work on Friday with some of her friends, and she was wondering if I might like to bring along a few of my own friends. Would you like to join us?”
>Helen looks at you for a moment.
“Miss Monterrosa?”
“Sounds lovely, I’d love to go!”
>You let out an internal sigh, thankful that she agreed. Mostly so you wouldn’t have to go alone.
“Where are we going? I’d like to dress appropriately, and my uniform isn’t fit for anything other than work.” Helen asks.
>Shit. You completely forgot to ask Carmen what you’d be doing. Might as well ask her on Friday.
“Uh, I’m not entirely sure. She never really told me, and I forgot to ask her.”
>Helen gives you a slight smile.
“I’m sure Miss Monterrosa will inform us before we go.”
“Yeah. I’ll see you on Friday then Helen!”
“Sir, before you go. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for us to have the other’s number so we could exchange details if need be?” Helen says.
“Oh, uh, yeah, sure.”
>You quickly exchange numbers with Helen before heading off to the cafeteria for some breakfast.

>Entering the cafeteria, you find it a bit busier than it was yesterday at lunch, but there’s still plenty of places for you to find a spot to eat, and none of the lines are long.
>For some reason though, you manage to pick the line that Annabelle is working at again.
“Well good morning dear! Come to see little old me again?” she asks, giving you a warm smile.
>Goddamnit, why did you have to have a craving for breakfast burritos, and why did she have to be the one serving them.
“N-not really, no.” you mutter. “Can I get the sausage, egg, bacon, and cheese burrito?”
“Of course dear.”
>Once again, you can’t help but stare at Annabelle a little bit as she prepares your breakfast. Thankfully you look away in time when she turns around.
“Here you go handsome!” she smiles again, making you blush.
>Your face flushes even more when she leans forward towards you, exposing just the barest hint of cleavage, but knowing the size of Annabelle’s chest there could have been a lot more.
“Between you and me, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were making up excuses to talk to me.” she whispers. “If you’re interested, I have a daughter that’s about your age.”
>Pulling your gaze away from her bosom, you look up into her eyes.
“Oh silly me! How could I forget to ask your name?”
“G-Gene. It’s, uh, Gene.”
“Well then Gene, just let me know and I can give her your number. Now go along dear, there’s a line behind you.”
>Looking over your shoulder, you notice a few monstergirls and humans giving you shit-eating grins, and a few are snickering as well.
>Shouting out a thanks to Annabelle, you get a carton of orange juice from the drink cart before sitting down to eat your breakfast.

>Nothing terribly interesting happens for the rest of day, or on Thursday, and as the shift on Friday gets closer and closer to ending, you get increasingly more nervous, worrying that you’re going to make yourself look like an idiot in front of Helen, Carmen, and Carmen’s friends.
>You manage to get through the rest of your shift without too much trouble, and afterwards you meet with Carmen and Helen just outside the front lobby.
“So Miss Carmen,” Helen says, turning to address the raiju, “Sir Gene.” she turns to face you. “Where are we headed off to?”
“Yeah, Gene, were are we going?” Carmen asks, unable to stifle a laugh.
>You’re not entirely sure where to go.


>You think for a moment before coming up with an idea.
“How about going to one of those dance clubs?”
“That sounds lovely!” Helen says.
“Yeah sure!” Carmen chimes in.
>At that moment, your stomach gives a rather audible rumble.
“You alright Gene?” the raiju asks.
>You really shouldn’t have had a (breakfast) burrito for breakfast, and then chili for lunch.
“Yeah. Lunch must be mildly upset with me or something.” you say.
>Carmen simply shrugs before the three of you walk to your car. Being the gentleman, you open the door for both the raiju and what you recently learned was a shoggoth.
>A few moments after you close Helen’s door, you let rip a massive fart that probably smelled so bad it would make a Bubble Slime blush.
>Luckily for you, and the two female passengers in your car, the evening is relatively warm, allowing you to roll the windows down so you don’t hotbox everyone.
>Carmen had already picked a place out by the time you got into the car and started it up, and she gave you directions as you drove into the heart of the city again, quietly letting a few more butt buzzers slip past.
>Several minutes later you spot the venue, a small line already formed outside the front door.
>At the front stands a woman who has to be at least seven feet tall, and on top of that she has a massive horn sticking out from the center of her foreheard, she has cherry red skin, and she’s wearing nothing but a somewhat ragged pair of jean shorts and what looks like half a tanktop across her bust, exposing the massive slabs of muscle that she has.
>Carmen tells you that’s a red oni, and it’s typical of clubs and/or bars to employ them or minotaurs as bouncers, but never both at the same time.
>Apparently red makes minotaurs irrationally angry.
>You give her a slightly worried look as you pull up into a parking spot on the side of the street close by and she weakly smiles, telling you that they’re actually all right so long as you don’t piss them off.
>Or take away an oni’s alcohol.
>After standing in line for a few minutes, the red oni lets you, Carmen, and Helen into the club.
>The rather loud, slightly annoying music pounds away at your brain as you stand just inside the door, looking at the inside of the club.
>Over on one wall is the bar, a few patrons sitting on stools as a blue-skinned girl serves drinks.
>A Blue Oni, Carmen tells you. Supposedly they’re extremely close cousins to the red ones.
>There’s a few tables and booths scattered about, all manner of human and monstergirl sitting and chatting while eating bar snacks served by a girl that seems to be floating in the air and teleporting around, occasionally startling customers and causing a few spilled drinks.
>There’s another girl also serving drinks and bar snacks. She appears to have dark ash-grey fur, dog-like ears, tail, and paws instead of regular hands and feet, and crimson yellow eyes with flames coming out the sides. At least they look like flames.
>Over on the other end of the room is the dance floor, where yet another congregation of humanoid beings dance to the music, which sounds suspiciously like something from a television show about car racing made almost 120 years ago.
“Well Gene, where to first?” Carmen asks.


>Deciding to take it slow for now, you find a booth and sit down on one side while Carmen sits down on the opposite side closer to the wall while Helen sits next to her.
>After a minute or so, the floating girl teleports over to your table, thoroughly startling you and Carmen.
“Hello, what can I get for you?” she asks in a rather dull uninterested tone.
“Ladies first.” you say, smiling over at Carmen and Helen, making Helen blush slightly.
“I’ll have an Electric Lemon Drop.” Carmen says.
“Just a glass of wine please.” Helen adds.
>The floating girl turns towards you after writing down your friend’s orders.
“And for you sir?” she asks in that same, drab voice.
>You really want to try that Maita’I Roa Ae that’s on the menu card, but you don’t want to look like a girl in front of Carmen and Helen.
“Just a White Russian.”
>The floating girl gives the three of you a short bow.
“Of course, I’ll be back with you shortly.” she says before teleporting away with a quiet *pop*.
>You glance over to where the floating girl had gone when your eyes pass over the dog-girl.
>She’s bending over to wipe down a table, and thanks to the angle you’re at you can quite clearly see down her shirt, the cleavage from her hand-filling breasts on full display.
>Something else that you notice about her that you didn’t before was that it looks like she has heterochromia. Her right eye seems to be a pale yellow while her left is an angry red.
“See something you like Gene?” Carmen teases, noticing that you’re staring at the bar girl.
“N-No! Of course not!”
“Oh come on, it was obvious you were looking down her shirt. You’re lucky she didn’t catch you though.”
“And why is that?” you ask.
“She’s a hellhound.”
“Dog-girl. Usually aggressive, both when it comes to being angry in general, but also when she finds a man she wants to be her ma- boyfriend, or husband if the relationship gets to that point.”
“What about that other girl? The one who seemed disinterested.”
“The floating one? That’s a lich. Don’t worry though, they’re just like that. As for the floating bit, they do that for whatever reason. Lazy I guess.”
>Interesting. You really should look up the different monstergirls on the internet when you get home so you don’t have to ask questions and look like an idiot in front of everyone.
>Your drinks arrive a short while later, and you make small talk with the raiju and shoggoth across from you.
>As time goes on, you and your two friends have a few more drinks, and you start to get slightly tispy. Not too much, but enough to cause some bad things to happen.
“Heeey Gene, let’s go dance.” Carmen says, trying to scoot her way past Helen. “You too Helen. You need to get out more.”
“I’d rather stay here, thank you.” Helen says.
“Come on, it’ll be fun.” you say.
>Right at that moment, you get up out of your side of the booth right when the hellhound is walking by with a tray of drinks.
>Both of you fail to notice the other person, and bump into one another.
>You manage to catch yourself on the edge of the booth, but the hellhound was unfortunate enough to fall over and have the four drinks meant for the table a few feet away spill all over her shirt, the majority of the liquid splashed right across her chest.
>The fire coming off from her eyes flares up, and she looks at you angrily.
“Hey! Watch where you’re going buddy!” she half-shouts directly into your face after getting up off the floor.
>A few of the patrons nearby look over at the commotion before quickly looking away. Seems like everyone else here knows better than to get involved with a wet, angry hellhound. You hope to God that what Carmen said about them being aggressive when angry isn’t true.


>Oh man this isn’t good. Her shirt, which is already fairly flammable, is now soaked in alcohol, which is very flammable.
>And now her eyes are on fire, which means her drink-soaked shirt is going to catch on fire, and then the rest of her is gonna burn.
>Thinking quickly, you quickly strip out of your shirt and try to smother her face in your (only slightly) inebriated state while simultaneously pushing her to the ground so she can stop, drop, and roll if things get out of hand.
>The hellhound starts clawing at your hands as you try and put the fire out, tearing up your shirt and occasionally scratching your arms and hands.
“Gene! What the hell are you doing?!” Carmen yells, drawing even more attention to the four of you.
“Saving her! She’s gonna burn alive!” you shout back.
“No she isn’t!” the raiju shouts back, trying to pry you off of the struggling monstergirl underneath you. “That’s not real fire you idiot! She’ll be fine!”
>As you shove Carmen off of you, a second pair of hands with red skin grab you by the shoulders and haul you off of the hellhound.
“Alright buddy, you’ve had enough.” the voice belonging to the red oni bouncer you saw outside earlier says. “Come on, outside.”
>The red oni man-handles you out the front door and gives you a shove before turning around and heading back in.
>As you lie there sprawled out in a tangled heap, you feel a churning in your gut. You slowly get back up before power-walking over to the dumpster in the alleyway next door before emptying the contents of your stomach next to the green trash bin.
>After a few more heaves, you wipe your mouth on the back of your tattered sleeve and spit out the last bits of bile from your mouth before walking back around the corner so you can lean on the wall.
>A few hours later, Carmen and Helen come back out of the bar looking annoyed and embarrassed at the same time.
“What the hell was that Gene?” Carmen says.
“I thought she was going to die. I mean, her shirt was covered in alcohol and her eyes were on fire. Those two things don’t mix well.”
>You sigh heavily.
“Maybe I was a bit drunker than I thought I was.”
“Yeah no shit.” Carmen says condescendingly. “To answer the question you’re thinking, yes I’m a little mad that you did that, and so is the hellhound. Okay, a lot mad. Just, don’t do that again, okay?” the raiju asks.
“Yes, that would be quite beneficial for everyone involved.” Helen chimes in.
>You exhale again.
“Yeah, you’re right. I probably fucked up there, and I’m sorry for ruining our little friend’s night out.”
>Carmen smiles a bit before giving you a short hug, and thanks to the electricity her body naturally generates, your hair starts to stand on end.
“It’s okay. The important thing is that you realized your mistake.”
“No kidding.” you say. “Since I’m still feeling a little out of it, why don’t I call you two a cab so you can get home.”
“That would be lovely Gene. Thank you.” Helen says.
“Yeah, thanks.” Carmen adds.
>You pull out your phone and pull up a cab service app, ordering one to come pick Carmen and Helen up.

>A few minutes later a yellow cab pulls up to the curb, and you help Carmen and Helen into the back seat, but not before getting a hug from both of them.
>Paying the cab driver, you wave goodbye to your friends before sliding down the brick façade of the bar to a sitting position.
>A few minutes later, as the sun has almost set entirely, a shadow comes across you.
>You look up and see the same hellhound you tried to smother before, only this time she’s wearing regular street clothes. The hem of her Def Leppard Pyromania shirt is slightly torn, and the color of the graphic on the front is slightly faded as well. Seems like she likes this shirt a lot. Her jean shorts aren’t fairing much better either, a few holes here and there almost exposing the smooth skin of her juicy thighs, giving her an almost risqué appearance.
“You alright?” the hellhound asks.
“I mean earlier. I’m sorry for tearing up your shirt.”
>You glance down and notice that there’s several large rips in it, and it doesn’t look like the garment is salvageable.
“Oh, uh, yeah, I’m fine. I should be the one apologizing though.” you say as you stand back up. “Not only did I spill drinks all over what I presume was your uniform, but I probably embarrassed you when I tried smothering you with my shirt.”
>The hellhound snorts slightly and chuckles a bit.
“Not really. I mean, I’ve done some stupid shit while drunk, so I’m not really bothered by things like that anymore. Name’s Kaitlin by the way.”
“So, Gene, we cool?”
“Yeah, I suppose so.”
>You and Kaitlin stand there for a few seconds, neither of you talking. After a moment Kaitlin speaks up again.
“So, uh, I’m off work now. Do you want to maybe hang out sometime?”


>You’d rather not do anything to strenuous, and considering you just emptied your stomach a few hours ago and haven’t had anything to eat since lunch, you’re rather hungry.
“Sure, actually. How does getting something to eat at Burger Queen sound?” you say.
>Kaitlin’s eyes light up (with emotion that is), and you chuckle to yourself when you see her tail start to wag a little bit.
“You read my mind Gene. Come on, there’s this one I know that has an alp working there at about this time. I’m feeling like a little bullying is in store for them.”
>After you get in your car with Kaitlin next to you in the passenger seat, you pull away from the bar and head to the north side of the city.
>As you continue driving, the three-dozen plus story skyscrapers slowly fade out and give way to smaller, three and four-story buildings, with the occasional one-story mom-and-pop shop.
>Eventually you see the scantily-clad eagle harpy on the sign poking above some buildings, and soon you see the building itself.
>After finding a spot to park, you go inside to the wonderful smell of greasy, salted fries, processed “hamburgers”, and what could only be described as the smell you get when you mix a small amount of body fluid and food, then let it sit enough so that it gets into everything and you can never really get the smell out of the understuffed seat cushions.
>After waiting in line for a bit, you order a Bacon and Cheese WHOPPA Whopper, large fries, and a large drink while Kaitlin gets two Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr.’s, Jalapeno Chicken Fries, and a medium drink.
“So Gene,” Kaitlin says as the two of you sit down in a two-person booth, “what do you do for work?”
“Well, I just started on Wednesday, but I do refurbishing work for a company down by the docks.”
“Inf thaf borinh warehoush?” the hellhoud asks through the first mouthful of spicy chicken.
>You nod in confirmation as you too stuff your face with food.
“What about in your free time?” she asks, going for a few of her fries. “Wait, don’t tell me. Video games, internet, and anime, right?”
“Is it that obvious?” you ask. “While I do occasionally watch cartoons or play video games, I also repair and collect old electronics.”
>You make small talk with Kaitlin for the rest of your meal, and near the end of it she suggests the two of you swap phones so you can put each other’s number in the other person’s contacts list.
>As you slide the hellhound’s phone back across the table, her fluffy paw lingers over yours as she reaches for her cell. You also barely catch the barest hint of a blush spreading on Kaitlin’s face too.

>As you get ready to walk out the door to your car, Kaitlin stops you.
“I almost forgot Gene!” she says eagerly, stopping you before you can get out of your seat.
“Forget what?”
“I wanna bully the alp over there.” she says, pointing towards the lone alp who’s just now sitting over at a corner table with her food.
“What are you going to do, tell them that they kiss girls?” you ask.
>Kaitlin’s face contorts for a bit before she breaks out into full on guffaws, holding the side of her torso with one hand while she wipes away a tear from her eye with the other.
“Oh man Gene, that’s amazing. All I planned on doing was pulling on their tail or something.”
>That doesn’t sound terribly amusing to you, but you’ll humor Kaitlin. Besides, you’re probably going to earn some brownie points with her or something.
“Alright then,” you say as you sit back down, “what’s your plan?”
>Kaitlin sits there for a moment, chin resting in the palm of her hand while her fingers drum against her cheek. A few moments later her eyes (figuratively) light up again.
“I got it. You’re gonna go over there and sit across from her, talk her up a bit, and then while she’s distracted because a GUY is talking to her, I sneak up and pull her tail. While she’s distracted, you can steal her food and then we can skedaddle.”
>You shrug before getting up and tossing your garbage away, and then you make your way over to the alp sitting in the corner.
>Looking over her, you notice that she almost looks like a guy, and actually might be mistaken for one at a distance.
>She’s almost entirely flat as a board, both front and back, and the only real indication that she’s not human is the fact that she has short, demonic horns sprouting from her forehead, a spade-like tail, and small, bat-like wings on her lower back.
>You look over your shoulder and see Kaitlin patiently waiting a few tables away, and when she notices you looking over at her she gives you a thumbs up and a mischievous grin.
>Just as the alp starts to unwrap her sandwich, you clear your throat, startling her and making her drop it, causing the sandwich to fall apart as it hits the tray.
>She looks around for a moment before seeing that you’re standing there next to her, and she blushes heavily.
“Uh, h-hi.” the alp meekly says as she tries to look away from you.
“Mind if I sit here?” you state, already sitting down in the seat across from her, allowing the perfect angle for you to see Kaitlin making her move.
“N-no.” the alp says again.
>You glance over to where Kaitlin is, and she nods before slowly walking towards you.
“Mind telling me your name?” you ask politely.
“J-Jake. I-it’s Jake.”
“Jake, huh? Interesting name for a pretty girl such as yourself.”
>After “complimenting” the alp, she gets incredibly flustered and starts sputtering like an imageboard user around a female.
“I-I-I haven’t actually p-picked a new n-name yet. I only t-transformed a w-week ago.”
“A week huh?” you ask. “Is that why you haven’t filled out like a holstaur yet?” you tease.
>You look over at Kaitlin and she’s now only a few feet away from “Jake”. She looks back at you and nods once.
>Looking back at the alp you can see her growing slightly agitated.
“W-why would I want to look like one of those COWS!” she shouts.
>As she says the word “cow”, not only does she slam her balled up fists onto the table, but Kaitlin pulls on her spade tail at the same time, making her “eep!” rather loudly.
>Unfortunately for “Jake”, the minotaur shift manager was working today, and not only that but the alps fists landed smack dab on the center of the handful of ketchup packets she got, causing the red condiment to squirt all over her shirt.
>Thinking quickly you grab the box of fries and skedaddle out of there with Kaitlin and get into your car quickly, only staying long enough to watch not only the minotaur girl, but half the other people in the restaurant bully the alp even more.

“Oh man that was great!” Kaitlin says as you pull away from the building, occasionally reaching towards the box of fries and taking a few.
>You chuckle with her, and reach for some of the fries yourself, accidentally brushing your hand against Kaitlin’s.
>You certainly don’t notice the accidental contact, but she sure does as she goes suspiciously quiet for a few moments.
>A few more minutes you pull up to a somewhat old-looking apartment building after following Kaitlin’s directions.
“Thanks Gene. It was fun, even though we didn’t really do much other than get some burgers. Or bully an alp.”
“Maybe later we can do something else.” you say.
>Kaitlin gives you a sly grin, raising her eyebrows a bit.
“Something else, hmm?” she replies suggestively before her expression softens a bit when she notices you blushing. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”
>Kaitlin smiles a bit before leaning over and giving you a somewhat aggressive but short kiss. For some strange reason she tastes like cinnamon.
“I’ll see you later Gene.” Kaitlin says before getting out of your car and disappearing behind the building’s corner as she walks away.

>You’re not sure how you got back to your place after what Kaitlin did, but you find yourself back in your apartment, laying down on your bed and staring at the ceiling.
>Your phone buzzes, and when you pick it up you notice you have a text from Kaitlin.
*Thanks for buying dinner for me. Hope you sleep well! 🙂 -Received: 2207*
>You automatically put your phone back on the nightstand next to your bed, still trying to process what happened earlier.


>You stare at the ceiling for a few more hours before falling asleep, unable to really get a good night’s rest after that hellhound surprised you with a kiss.
>Your weekend isn’t terribly exciting either. You mostly waste away the hours either in front of the television or looking online at ways to prevent indigestion. You also look up different types of Mamono so you know which ones to not smother in a shirt. And so you don’t have to constantly ask questions.
>Every now and then you exchange a few texts here and there with Carmen and Kaitlin as well, the latter’s responses being a little flirtier than what you think is normal. But then again, according to the Wikipedia entry on hellhounds, they’re supposed to be somewhat assertive which may explain Kaitlin’s actions now and at the end of the work week on Friday.

>Monday morning rolls around, and at exactly 0601 you finally get tired of your alarm going off right in your ear. After shutting it off, you lay in bed for a few more minutes before getting up to do your morning routine.
>Arriving at work at around 0645, you walk in the front door and are about to walk past the front desk and into the back where you work when Dolly stops you.
“Morning Gene.”
“Good morning to you too Dolly.” you say.
“Meredith came in earlier and asked me if I’d like to have lunch with you and her today.”
>You chuckle a bit.
“Doesn’t really sound like I have much of a choice.” you respond, and the weresheep behind the front desk smiles a bit. “But sure, you could come along.”
“Thanks Gene. Oh, before I forget, here’s my personal number if you ever want to do something else later.”
>After swapping numbers with Dolly, she gives you a short wave as she scoots in her chair back over to the computer on her desk.

>After putting your belongings in your locker, you walk back out to the floor right as your stomach rumbles again. Goddamnit, why does this keep happening to you?
>As you slide into your seat next to your jinko coworker, you look over the list of work on the table in front of you.
>Replace a cracked cell phone screen; clean almost an entire PC’s worth of computer components and then test them to see which ones work or not, fixing or replacing whichever parts are busted; rewire a car’s dashboard. Nothing too bad, but that computer might take a while since you never know what’s broken and what isn’t, and half the time parts that aren’t broken sometimes don’t work anyway.
>Starting with the busted phone screen since it would take the least amount of time, you make some small talk with Meredith.
“Didn’t know I was having lunch with you today Meredith.” you say as you start to unscrew the backplate on the phone.
“Oh really now? Did you invite a little weresheep along with us?” Meredith asks.
“She said she’d love to. Didn’t know I was supposed to hang out with you.”
>At that moment, your stomach rumbles slightly. Dammit, not now, not when you’re talking to someone in close proximity AND indoors.
“Yeah, well, according to the ‘company handbook-’”
“You mean that danuki from Wednesday?”
“How did you know?” the jinko asks, looking over at you for a bit before going back to the circuit board she was soldering new components onto.
>You shrug.
“Anyways, according to her, we should be friends with the person we got paired up with that day.”
“I thought we already were?” you inquire.
“Yes, but we don’t really know each other, now do we? And what better way to get to know another person than over lunch?”

>Speaking of knowing someone, the shirt Meredith was wearing on Wednesday had got you wondering.
“I was actually wanting to ask you a question Merry. I noticed that you had your name embroidered on your shirt on Wednesday. Did you do that yourself or have someone else do it for you?”
“Staring at a girl’s chest is rude you know.” Meredith smiles.
“I wasn’t staring!”
>The jinko smiles a bit more before shaking her head.
“My mother did it for me. Not entirely sure how she managed to do it thought. I tried helping her sew once, but I just ended up bleeding all over the fabric from sticking myself with sewing needles constantly. So I picked up knitting instead.”
“You knit?”
“Mhm. I really wish I could work with weresheep wool some more, but it’s just so damn expensive, so I have to settle with regular yarn.” Meredith huffs before grabbing a capacitor from the table and attaching it to the circuit board.
“I wonder what Dolly would think if she heard you say that.” you say, giving Meredith a light jab.
>Her face flushes a deep red, and she fumbles with the electronics in her paws, dropping them onto the table and busting off a few newly attached pieces.
>Your stomach rumbles yet again, but thankfully someone over on the other side of the room was using one of the metal presses at the exact same time.
>You really don’t want to rip yet another one in front of your female coworkers, so you start to do your damndest to hold it in.
“Dammit Gene, look what you made me do. Now I’m going to have to fix this again.” Meredith pouts, looking at the mess in front of her.
“I’m sorry. Here, let me help you.” you say as you lean over.
>At that moment, the breakfast you had decided it was now the best possible time to embarrass you, and your stomach rumbles even louder this time.
>Right as you’re half out of your seat from leaning over to help the jinko, a huge wave of indigestion hits and you let one of the biggest farts you’ve ever done.
>The only good thing that could come out of this is that you’re “aimed” away from Meredith, so she’s at least not going to catch any backblast, but that doesn’t help much when you fall out of your chair and onto the floor.
“Oh god Gene are you alright?” Meredith shouts.
“Y-yeah, I’m fine.” you say.
“Here, let me hel- oh god what the fuck is that smell?” Meredith says, scrunching her nose up.
>You start sweating bullets as you pick yourself up off the floor and gingerly get back into your seat.
“I-It’s nothing Meredith. Come on, let’s fix that thing you were working on.” you stammer.
“Oh god, Gene. Did you just fart?” Meredith gags a little. “Oh god, the smell! I-I gotta get some air!” she says as she rushes off to the locker room.
>You feel your face start to burn as a few other people look over at you and where Meredith was before shaking their head and going back to their own work.

>A few minutes later the jinko comes back out of the locker room with what looks like an extra shirt tied around her face.
>The rest of your shift before lunch goes without too much of an incident, but you and Meredith don’t say anything to each other the entire time outside of asking the other person for a part or tool.
>At around noon, the two of you stop work and get your respective belongings from your lockers before meeting Dolly out in the main lobby.
“So Gene,” the weresheep asks expectantly, “where are we going?”
“I hope it isn’t anywhere indoors.” Meredith says. “SOMEBODY felt like stinking up my workstation earlier.”
“Hey, at least I didn’t fantasize about using a certain weresheep’s wool with my knitting project.” you retort, making both Meredith and Dolly blush hard.
“Sh-shut up! I never said that!” Meredith says, punching you in the shoulder.
“H-hey, can we go get lunch?” Dolly asks. “I’m starting to get hungry.”
>Once again, you’re the person in a group of three to pick where to go.


>You haven’t had “authentic” Mexican food in a while, and Taco Belle just won’t cut it this time around.
>No, you need something better. Something bigger.
>Something that’ll make you regret your decision the next morning.
“How about Burrito World?” you ask.
>Meredith looks at you quizzically.
“You sure about that? I really don’t want to have to sit next to you when we get back here after what happened earlier.” the jinko says.
“I’ll be fine.”
>Meredith gives Dolly a worrying look.
“Actually, I’ve been wanting to try their Bowel Busting Bean Burrito for a while now…” the weresheep says.
>Meredith sighs and looks dejectedly at the ground.
“Alright, fine.”

>A few minutes later, the three of you enter the Burrito World and quickly pick a booth near the back of the restaurant.
>Meredith insisted that she sit on the outside of the booth and on the opposite side to where you are because she just likes it that way, but you know well enough that she just wants a quick getaway in case an “incident” happens with you and your gut.
>You and Dolly already decided on what to order before you even got there, but Merry takes a few minutes before settling on the nacho platter.
>All three of you get the same drink: the Coca-Cola made with real sugar.
>When your food arrives, you and Dolly are rather surprised at the size of your burritos.
>Meredith simply looks horrified.
>The burrito easily takes up three quarters of the plate, and then there’s the lettuce, guacamole, cheese, and salsa all over the top of it.
>When you cut into it, the refried beans, rice, black beans, olives, (even more) lettuce, melted cheese, ground beef, chicken, and sour cream ooze out onto your fork and plate in a mushed up pile of steamy goodness.
>As you take the first bite, the incredible flavor rolls across your tongue as you slowly chew the heavenly concoction of ingredients before swallowing.
>Oh man, you need more of this stuff.
>Dolly seems to think the same thing, because before long the two of you are practically wolfing down your food, barely managing to make small-talk with each other or Meredith as you stuff yourselves silly.

>With half of your lunch break over, the three of you head back to work after Meredith pays for the meal.
>Oddly enough, you don’t feel any worse for wear after eating a fuckhuge burrito.
>Apart from maybe eating too much that is. You don’t have any indigestion of any kind though.
>Right at 1700, which is coincidentally the time your shift ends, you finish up the last bit of work and gather your things to head home.


>You think back to Friday night, and more specifically the hellhound you befriended after smothering her face with your shirt in a drunken stupor.
>She seemed somewhat interested in you, especially considering she rather aggressively kissed you after eating at Burger Queen and bullying an alp.
>And while you’re not entirely sure who you want to spend the rest of your life with, if that part of your life ever happens that is, Kaitlin seems like an interesting girl.
>Your mind wanders for a bit, and you find yourself thinking about Dolly too. She was the first girl you met at your job after all, and she seems kinda cute too.
>You could hang out with both of them, but not at the same time of course. Maybe you could spend time with Kaitlin this evening, and then ask Dolly on a date (Would it be a date or just hanging out? You don’t know.) later over the weekend or something.
>Deciding on that 5-second plan, you pull your phone out of your pocket to text the hellhound. You can ask Dolly in person on your way out the front.
*Hey Kaitlin, doing anything this evening? -Sent: 1705*
>After barely ten seconds, your phone vibrates. You smile a bit, imagining the hellhound’s tail furiously wagging back and forth when she noticed that you sent her a text.
*Not at the moment, but I can think of something I would be doing in five minutes if a certain someone would join me. 😉 -Received: 1705*
*Very funny. I was thinking of maybe taking a walk downtown or something, maybe see a movie. I dunno, don’t really have much in mind. -Sent: 1707*
*Sounds great! Meet me at my place in 30? -Received: 1709*
*Sure, see you then! -Sent: 1710*
>With that out of the way, you get your bag and head out to the front lobby, managing to catch Dolly as she’s finishing up her work as well.
“Hey Gene. Thanks for taking me out to lunch. Although I suppose I should thank Meredith instead. She was the one that paid after all.” the cute weresheep giggles.
“Heh, yeah. Hey, uh, you got any plans for this weekend?” you ask.
“Not really, no. Any particular reason why you’re asking?” Dolly says with a smug grin on her face.
>You shrug.
“Wanna hang out on Saturday?” you suggest.
“Oh, yeah! Definitely!” Dolly says, beaming widely. “What did you have in mind for Saturday?”
“I actually have no idea. I was figuring we’d just wing it.”
“Ooooh, a mystery date!” she says excitedly. “How about we start at 10. Your place?”
“Sounds good. Later Dolly!”
“Later cutie!” the weresheep giggles as you walk out of the lobby.

>After dropping off your bag back at your apartment and getting ready for your “date” with Kaitlin, you arrive at the door to her apartment exactly one minute before her suggested time.
>You decided to go with plain tennis shoes, plain jeans, and a featureless dull-gray shirt. Perfect for a casual outing. You’d only be underdressed if you went somewhere fancy like Alraune Garden or something.
>You knock on the door in front of you three times, and a muted “Coming!” comes from the other side before the lock jiggles in place for a moment and the door opens.
>Just as you expected, Kaitlin is on the other side of the door. Her hair is slightly disheveled, half of it in a loose ponytail while the other seems to be all over the place.
>Glancing down you notice that she’s wearing something more proper than when you first met her. While still rather short and form-fitting, showing off the curves of her lower body, the white khaki shorts she’s wearing don’t have any holes in them and the hem isn’t frayed to bits.
>Her shirt is also more modest. Instead of a band t-shirt, she’s wearing a button-up evergreen blouse with the sleeves rolled up to just past her elbow. She also has the top few buttons undone and the shirt folded away slightly, showing off some of her cleavage. Not enough to be indecent, but still enough to be eye-catching.
“Like what you see?” Kaitlin asks, cocking her hips to the side and resting a paw on the doorframe while the other plants itself on her hip.
“Actually yes. It looks good on you. Makes you look more refined. I think.”
“Aww, thank you! I was just about finished up when you knocked. Shouldn’t be more than a few minutes, and I’ll be ready.”
>True to her word, you’re only kept waiting for a minute or two before Kaitlin comes back out with her hair properly done, and the two of you head back to your car before you drive off towards the heart of the city again.
>Your destination: the park just a few blocks away from where you work.

>When you arrive, you find a spot near the south entrance before helping Kaitlin out of the car as well.
“I’ve always liked going to parks from time to time.” you say, breathing in deeply through your nose. “Lets you get away from all of the inner-city stuff for a bit.”
“Yeah, it does.” Kaitlin responds before scrunching her nose up. “Ugh, reminds you of how shitty a city can smell sometime though.”
>You take another breath through your nose and catch a hint of car exhaust and what’s probably garbage. At least you hope it’s garbage.
>Pushing those thoughts out of your mind, you motion for the hellhound with you to follow, and you start to walk around the outer perimeter of the park.
“So, Gene, any particular reason why you’re here?” Kaitlin asks as you pass by a particularly rowdy group of harpies having a flying contest.
“Back on Earth I won a contest. A, uh, lottery of sorts, and I didn’t really have much choice if I were to come here or not. It wasn’t too bad though, I’ve always wanted to live on one of these things. Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to go into space. What about you?”
“It’s a little different with Mamono I think. Rather than being picked without your consent, you kinda sign up for it I guess. I also wanted to go, b-but for different reasons.” she says, her ears and tail drooping slightly.
“Why is that?” you ask, carefully dodging out of the way of a kobold who was running back to her friend, a bright red Frisbee in her jaws.
“I dunno, I just wanted to get away from my family I suppose. Mother was always demanding of me, and my dad never really did much about it. I suppose you could say he wasn’t the one wearing the pants in the relationship, if that makes sense.”
>You smile weakly, putting a hand on Kaitlin’s shoulder to comfort her.
“It can’t be that bad, can it?” you ask.
>The hellhound sighs a bit before contemplating whether or not she should talk.
“I-I knew my mom wouldn’t want me to go, so I hid it from her until a few days before I was scheduled to leave. Y’know, in case she kicked me out of the house. Which she did, and while she was throwing me and my belongings out the door she told me not to come back.”
>You stop walking for a bit and pull Kaitlin into a gentle hug. You can feel her shaking a bit, and your shoulder beings slightly wet as well.
“It’s okay, I’m sure she didn’t mean what she said.” you say after the two of you pull apart. “When you get home you should contact her. She probably misses you, and you probably miss her as well.”
“Y-yeah, you’re right.” Kaitlin sniffs, wiping away a stray tear. “I’ve just been afraid I guess. Unsure maybe.”
>You smile and pull the hellhound in for another hug.
“Come on, let’s stop thinking about your past. I think I spot a gelato stand over there.” you grin, and Kaitlin’s eyes light up (figuratively of course) while her tail starts to wag like crazy.

>A few hours of walking, two expensive ice cream cones (a mint/chocolate double-scoop for Kaitlin, and plain vanilla for you), and a slightly peeved hellhound because you made her chase after a stick or two later, you arrive back at Kaitlin’s apartment.
“I had fun Gene.” Kaitlin says, giving you a strong hug and unintentionally(?) causing her breasts to press into your lower jaw. “Thanks for inviting me out. A-and for the advice on talking with my mom.”
“Don’t mention it.” you say, your voice slightly muffled by two sizable hellhound breasts.
>Your ribs start to hurt a little bit as well, but thankfully Kaitlin lets you go.
“Next time we hang out, I should be the one to pick where we go AND pay for everything as well.”
“It might be hard for me to do that though. I have a weakness for cute hellhounds.” you grin, reaching up to scratch behind the monstergirl’s ear.
>Almost immediately, Kaitlin’s tail starts to wag again, and her mouth curves upwards into a dopey grin as she subconsciously leans into your hand.
>You pick up the pace and scratch faster and harder, and her tail starts wagging even more as her tongue starts to loll out of her mouth.
>You notice she’s struggling not to speak, and you increase your scratching just a bit more.
“W-wan~…” Kaitlin breathes out before her face turns beet red and she pulls away from you. “IhadareallygreattimethanksforinvitingmebutIhavesomethingsIneedtodoseeyoulater.” she shouts before dashing back into her apartment and slamming the door.
>Well that was odd.
>With not much else to do, you decide to head back to your apartment since it’s starting to get late.
>Back in your apartment, you look up exactly what the hell Kaitlin did when you were scratching her ears on your computer.
>Oh man.
>Holy shit. This is GOLD.
>You smile mischievously to yourself, and immediately go for your phone.
*Thanks for coming along with me Kaitlin. I had a WANderful time. -Sent: 2021*
>A few minutes later your phone buzzes, and you notice that Kaitlin responded to your text.
*If you tell ANYONE about that, I’ll fucking kill you. -Received: 2025*
>You laugh a bit when your phone buzzes again.
*It felt really good though. -Received: 2025*
>Chuckling again, you send her another text telling her you’d love to spend some more time with her and learn ALL about how much she loves ear scratches before you sit down on the couch to watch some television.
>Interesting girl, that Kaitlin.
>Shit. You almost forgot.
>You have a “date” with Dolly on Saturday, and you have no idea what the hell you’re going to do.
>Gotta think of something.


>Unable to think of anything right at that moment, you simply turn back your neo-70s cop show on the television. You’ll just have to roll with the punches on Saturday.
>The rest of your work week rolls by without incident, other than perhaps Meredith trying to sit as far away from you as possible when you’re working. She also made it blatantly obvious that she had something to cover her nose and face with if you ever did something like that again.
>Annabelle also teased you a few times during your lunch break when you were getting food from her line in the cafeteria. You couldn’t help but stare at her bountiful chest or squishy-looking butt, and you’re pretty sure other people do so as well.
>At the end of the shift on Friday Dolly gave you another hug when you stopped by to tell her goodbye, at least until the next morning.
>Saturday morning arrives at about 0800 for you, and while a big guy such as yourself would rather sleep in until noon, you have a date with a cute little weresheep at ten.
>After doing your morning routine, you have about an hour and a half to kill before Dolly arrives. While you’d much rather spend that ninety minutes doing absolutely nothing, it would be more productive to clean up a bit before the monstergirl arrives.
>First thing’s first: the trash.
>While you don’t have empty pizza boxes or Asian takeout contains littering your coffee table in the living room, you still empty the bin in the kitchen and put in a fresh bag. You also look through your fridge for anything that’s past its due date, and thankfully only the milk and the half-used loaf of bread is.
>Tossing those into the trash as well and taking out the extra loaf of bread from the freezer so it can thaw, you look at the kitchen itself to see what needs cleaning. There’s a few blotches of food on the stove and counters, so you clean those up as well before going to work on vacuuming the carpets.
>You also do some laundry, but mostly because you don’t want dirty clothes laying all over the floor of your bedroom. The bed can stay as messy as it is.

>With about fifteen minutes to spare before you’re expecting Dolly to show up, you make a pot of coffee. Normally you’d only make about half a pot, but since you’re having a guest over they might want some.
>As you’re relaxing on the living room sofa, your doorbell rings and you glance at the clock on your phone. Seems like Dolly’s a few minutes early.
>You’re a bit surprised when you open the door and find Dolly standing on the other side, but mostly because you’ve always seen her sitting down in a chair behind a desk.
>She’s rather short, the top of her head only come up to your upper stomach as she greets you with a hug.
“Hi Gene!” Dolly says after embracing you.
“Hey Dolly. I just made some coffee. Why don’t you come in and have some?”
“That sounds wonderful.” she says before walking by you when you stand to the side.
>Pouring Dolly a cup, and adding two sugars and a generous helping of half-and-half, you go over to the couch and sit down next to the weresheep, handing her the mug.
>Now that the two of you are sitting down together, you manage to get a good look at the outfit she’s wearing.
>She’s wearing a simple black, featureless short-sleeve t-shirt that’s just short enough to expose the barest hint of midriff. Her breasts aren’t particularly large, perhaps a large D-cup at the most, but they complement her small form nicely.
>She also has on a pair of safari shorts, also in black, that hug her curved hips and thighs well, and strain against her near-perfect bubble butt. You can imagine that Dolly had some trouble getting into them.
>She of course isn’t wearing any shoes on account of having hooves for feet, but it looks like she still touched up the wooly fluff around her ankles.
>Her sky-blue eyes light up as she takes her first sip of coffee, and she lets out a content sigh as she savors the flavor.
“Ahh, there we go. Nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning.” she says as she brushes a stray bit of curly white hair out of her eyes.
“I take it you’re not a morning person?” you ask, taking a drink of your own beverage.
“I don’t think anyone likes to wake up as early as Meredith.” Dolly says, and you both chuckle as you take a few more sips of coffee.
>The two of you enjoy your morning pick-me-up for several more minutes before you finally set down your empty mug next to Dolly’s.
“So Gene,” the weresheep says, “now that we’ve both gotten that date cliché over with, what are we going to do next?”
>Of course she just had to put you on the spot like that. You were hoping she would have an idea, but it looks like you’re stuck with coming up with something right then and there.


>Dolly seems to be the kind of girl that likes clichés, and you got the perfect idea for someone like her.
“How about a roller derby and then lunch to start things off?” you ask
“Oh my god, I absolutely LOVE roller-skating!” Dolly exclaims. “You practically read my mind Gene.”
>You smile before getting up off the couch and offering the weresheep your hand, helping her up as well.
“Shall we?” you inquire.
“Let’s. Can we go to lunch first? I’m really hungry.” Dolly sheepishly (heh) says.
>You smile again before gathering up your things and heading out the door with your date.

>The drive into the city is uneventful, and before long you find the place you were looking for.
>The old-fashioned malt shop. Complete with black-and-white tile floor, swivel stools along the front counter, and waitresses in old-fashioned uniforms.
>There’s even a jukebox in the corner that surprisingly works. It’s currently playing a song called “Juke Box Hero” by some band called Foreigner. You’ve never heard of them.
>You and Dolly pick a booth near the door and slide in on either side of the table. You can’t help but chuckle a bit when you see that Dolly’s hooves barely touch the floor.
“Sh-shut up!” she whines. “It’s not like I asked to be short!”
“I’m sure you didn’t ask to be cute when you’re flustered either.” you tease, making the weresheep blush even more and fidget in her seat.
>After the dragon girl waitress – whose name is Jessica according to her nametag – takes both of your orders, you chat with Dolly while you wait for your food.
“So Dolly, why do you like roller-skating so much?” you ask.
“I’m not really sure. It’s something me, my mom, my dad, and my three sisters used to do together as a family once every two weeks. It reminds me of the good times I had with them; that warm fuzzy feeling when you’re five years old and cuddling with your daddy at night because the thunder is loud and scary.”
“You’re scared of thunder?” you ask, smiling as you push Dolly’s buttons.
“Not anymore! Besides, what kid isn’t afraid of loud noises?” she says irritably.

>Your conversation is momentarily interrupted when the dragon girl comes back with your food. She sets Dolly’s grilled cheese sandwich down on the weresheep’s side of the table and your cheeseburger on your side.
>Both you and Dolly got the same side and drink, and the waitress puts a basket of crispy potato wedges and a hand-made vanilla milkshake topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry by both of your spots.
“So Dolly,” you start, picking the cherry off of your milkshake and eating it, “is there anything else that’s embarrassing that you’d like to share about you or your family?”
>Dolly scowls at you a bit before taking a bite of her grilled cheese sandwich.
“Well,” she says after swallowing, “my parents worked together in the same company. Had cubicles next to each other and everything. My mom worked in sales and my dad did the tech stuff. Of course they didn’t work together beforehand; my mom stayed home to watch my sisters and I until we were old enough to be on our own for extended periods of time. Being the oldest, I of course was the one in charge most of the time. And the one responsible.”
“Sounds like you got in trouble a couple of times.” you state.
“Oh god, don’t remind me. This one time, Shelly, who was I think six or seven at the time which would have put me at twelve or so, got into the cabinet where the food coloring was.”
“Oh god.” you say, stifling back a laugh.
“Oh yeah. When mom and dad got back home, she and most of the kitchen was covered in blue, red, yellow, and green. They had to shave off all her wool once they learned that it wouldn’t wash out in the bath.”
>You can’t help but laugh, imagining a younger-looking Dolly crying while her exasperated mother shaves off her blue and green hair and wool.
>You feel Dolly lightly kick you in the shin with her hoof, and as you laugh a bit more she does it again, giving you an idea.
>You “kick” back, getting your shoe to press against her hoof, and after a few moments of foot wrestling, you can see a blush creeping onto Dolly’s face.
“Any particular reason why you liked doing receptionist work?” you ask her, continuing your little footsie game with the weresheep, which causes her to blush a little bit more.
“N-not that I can think of. Mom said I was always good at making friends, and I suppose I like talking to people, even if it was only for a few minutes. It’s always amazing what kind of stories people can share with you.” she says.
>Finishing up your lunch a few minutes later, you pay for your meal (and leave a tip of course), before walking back across the parking lot to your car.
>Shortly after leaving the diner, Dolly reaches over and grabs your hand, intertwining her fingers with yours. You look down at your hand, and Dolly simply looks back at you and smiles, blushing a bit when you squeeze her hand.

>You park a little ways away from the roller-derby rink at Dolly’s request, and soon after exiting the car you find out why.
>As soon as the two of you are close enough, she gently grasps your hand with hers.
>Since the building is still a few blocks away and you’re in no hurry, you walk slowly along the sidewalk with Dolly, enjoying the comforting feeling of having her close to you while taking in the city around you.
>A block or so down the street on the other side, you see an anubis police officer writing a ticket for a car next to what you presume is an expired parking meter, and a little bit further down the sidewalk from her there’s a gandharva street performer sitting on a stool and playing what looks like a lute.
>A bit down your side of the street there’s a store called “Ace’s Magical Supply”, and you spot a man with a Gandalf-tier beard walking out of the store hand-in-hand with a cat-o’-ninetails girl. Well, technical she’s a cat-o-eighttails since one of her “nine” tails is a stub.

>A few minutes later you arrive at the derby rink, and your arm is nearly ripped out of its socket as a very excited weresheep named Dolly drags you inside.
>Your monstergirl companion loses a bit of her enthusiasm when she finds out that the two of you missed the (hover)roller-derby competition, but the lamia behind the counter does say that the rink is open to the public right now, if Dolly and her date so wishes to use it.
>Paying the twenty five-dollar fee (fifteen for a single person, twenty five for a couple), you help Dolly put her roller-skates on before tying your own.
>You were never much of a roller-skater, so for the first few minutes you stick to inching along the wall with wobbly knees as Dolly whizzes around the rink, doing nearly five laps for your every one lap.
>Eventually you get the hang of it and finally manage to rid yourself of your training wheels just as Dolly comes around after doing another lap.
>She slows down to a near crawl before taking your hand in hers (again), helping you along at your leisurely pace as you skate at the same speed as a brisk walk.
>After a few minutes, the rink DJ comes on over the intercom letting everyone know that the couple’s dance is now on as the lights slowy turn off and the disco ball with heart lights in it hanging in the middle of the ceiling above the rink slowly comes to life.
“Oh wow, Gene! Look at this!” Dolly breathlessly exclaims as she looks about the darkened room.
>Since now would be a good time as ever, you gently cup her chin in your hand and lean down to plant a soft kiss on the weresheep’s lips, holding your mouth against hers for a few seconds.
>As you pull away, you can barely see the massive blush on Dolly’s face, and her mouth hangs open slightly as she stares back at you.
“Come on Dolly.” you say, giving her hand a light squeeze. “Let’s go skate some more.”
“Oh, uh, y-yeah. L-let’s go.” she stammers before the two of you half dance, half skate around the rink.

>A few hours later, you and Dolly leave the skating rink hand-in-hand. The only time Dolly let go of you was when you fell those five times or when the two of you took your skates off after you were done.
“That was really fun Gene. We should do that again sometime.” Dolly says as you walk back to your car with her.
“Yeah, it was.”
>Dolly glances at her phone’s clock for a bit before speaking up again.
“There’s still some time left. Anything else you want to do?” she asks.
>You glance at your phone’s clock, and notice that it’s about 1545. You ate lunch at around eleven, then at eleven thirty you left for the roller derby rink, getting there at around eleven forty five before spending four hours or so skating with Dolly.
>There’s still some time to go do something else in the city, but you can also call it a day and head back to your apartment with Dolly and relax.


>Your body already aches slightly from either falling on your knees or ass, or catching yourself right before you hit the floor. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do anything too strenuous, considering how sore you’re going to be tomorrow morning.
“I dunno. I’m gonna be feeling it tomorrow after skating for four hours. How about we head back to my apartment and just relax for a few hours?”
“Sounds good to me Gene.” Dolly says before standing up on her tippy toes – err, hooves, and giving you a quick peck.
>You smile before draping your arm over the weresheep’s shoulder, pulling her ever so slightly closer to you, and she reciprocates by wrapping her arm around your waist.
>The walk back takes a bit longer than earlier on account of you banging your knee really hard one time when you fell while skating with Dolly, but eventually you make it to your car. Dolly smiles when you open the passenger door for her, and as you pull out of the parking lot she switches the radio on to a generic pop station.
>You’d rather have the radio off since there’s hardly anything good on it, but just this once you’ll listen to it because Dolly wants to.
>The weresheep just can’t get enough handholding, and a few minutes into the drive back to your apartment she reaches over to hold your right hand. You’d give her a quick kiss in return, but you don’t because you’re driving a seven hundred kilogram metal box going seventy kilometers an hour.

>About half an hour later you pull into your spot again, and Dolly looks over at you expectantly.
>Rolling your eyes and making the cute monstergirl giggle, you lean over and give her another smooch before the two of you step out of the car and head inside your apartment.
>Dumping your stuff where you normally dump it, you join Dolly on the couch and load up Netflix, queuing one of your favorite shows.
>At Dolly’s request you lay lengthwise on the couch, but before she can crawl on top of you like she originally planned you pick her up by her waist, making her squeal with laughter and you plant her superbly-shaped behind right in your lap.
>As the pilot episode loads in, you tickle her exposed belly a little bit, making her giggle before she wiggles her hips to get more comfortable, which has the unintentional effect of grinding her butt into your crotch.
>Good thing you decided to wear jeans today.
>After the pilot episode, Dolly immediately fell in love with Wash. You feel bad for her though, because you planned on watching a few more episodes before loading up Serenity.
>Everyone knows what happens to Wash at the end of that.
>You take a break after the pilot episode and order some Asian delivery, and you load up the next episode of Firefly while you wait for your dinner to arrive.

>Halfway through the episode you’re on, the doorbell rings, and when you answer it a rather young-looking kitsune is on the other side with your food.
>Paying her in cash (and giving her a tip), you head back to the couch and hand Dolly her box of yakisoba and a pair of chopsticks.
“Uh, Gene?” Dolly asks right as you’re about to dig in to your own food.
>You look over at the weresheep with a noodle hanging out of your mouth.
“I can’t use chopsticks. Can I have a fork?” she asks meekly, giving you kobold puppy eyes.
“Of course you can.” you say before getting up and getting her one from the kitchen.
>Halfway through the second half of the second episode, you hear a clatter as Dolly drops her fork.
“Aw shit.” she exclaims.
“Something wrong?” you ask, setting your now empty box of Asian food on the coffee table.
>Dolly turns towards you, and you can’t help but snort as she reveals the rather large pile of noodles in her lap.
>The lap that’s partially made of weresheep wool.
>Dolly looks like she’s about to cry.
“Here, let me get you some paper towels from the kitchen, and then the sheers from the bathroom.” you laugh as you head to the kitchen again.
“Asshole!” Dolly shouts before laughing.
>At around nine, you queue up Serenity, and Dolly once again snuggles in your lap. This time you pull a blanket over the two of you, and she sighs contently as you gently wrap your arms around her.
>When IT happens near the end of the movie, Dolly does genuinely start to cry a little, obviously trying to not look like a child as she constantly sniffles and wipes away tears.
>As the credits roll, the weresheep rolls over and looks you in the eye.
“I-I had fun today Gene.” she says, smiling softly. “I don’t really get out much, and skating with you made me feel like I was back with my family. Thank you.”
“I enjoyed our time today too Dolly,” you respond, “but only because you were there with me.” you smile, pinching the monstergirl’s cheek and making her blush.
>As your hand drifts away from her face, you can’t help but look back into her sparkling blue irises.
>If you weren’t looking directly at them, you wouldn’t have noticed that her gaze shifts ever so slightly downward to your lips.


>As if on instinct, your face inches towards hers before you press your lips together and stay there for a few seconds.
>Regretfully, you soon pull away and look back at Dolly’s face. There’s a slight reddish tinge on her cheeks, and her eyes sparkle with mirth while the edges of her soft lips are turned ever so slightly upwards.
>You smile back at her before cupping her cheek with your left hand and gently nudging her towards you. Her eyes slowly flutter closed as her delicate mouth parts somewhat, and she audibly sighs when your lips meet.
>You adjust your position of the couch slightly, allowing her to drape her arms around your neck and tickle your cheeks with the balls of fluffy cream-colored wool around her wrists as she tries to press herself against you.
>Dolly breaks the seal around your mouth for a moment to get some much-needed oxygen, and she giggles when you hug her close to you, locking lips yet again as her cantaloupe-sized breasts press against your chest.
>Her lips part again and you feel her tongue wanting something, so you gently open your mouth and meet the weresheep halfway, tongues waltzing together as your breathing and Dolly’s slowly becomes more labored.
>As you continue to make out with the monstergirl, her hands slowly drift down to your waist before moving back to grasp your roaming fingers, and they move them from her back to her chest.
>You look at her quizzically for a moment, and she nods before giving your hand a light squeeze (which has the added effect of making your hand squeeze her breast) before she smiles again and dives back into kissing you over and over.

>Her breasts are incredibly soft, wielding almost instantly to your gentle caressing as her hot breath plays across your face.
>The hand-filling orbs just feel so right in your hands as you slowly massage Dolly’s bosom, making her quietly gasp whenever you give it a light squeeze.
>Dissatisfied with groping her through her black t-shirt, you slip your hands down to her waist before sliding then up under her shirt and back up to her bust.
>Of course her bra is also in the way, but that doesn’t stop you from slipping your fingers under it and flicking them across her stiff nipples, causing her to moan every time you do.
>Once again you pull away from Dolly for a moment, both of your chests heaving as passion has finally gotten a grip on you, and you smile at the weresheep.
>She smiles back before leaning forward to give you a quick smooch before sliding her arms out of her shirt sleeves, and she pulls the offending garment up and over her head.
>She giggles again before reaching forward and trying to shift your arms out of your own shirt sleeves, and you take that as your queue to help her, giving her dozens of smooches as the two of you work your upper garment off your torso.
>As it’s tossed over the side of the couch, Dolly raises herself back up before reaching around to her back, unhooking her bra and letting the dark garment fall off her shoulders before she tosses it too onto the floor.
>Now both completely bare-chested, the two of you pause for a moment to admire the other person’s half-nakedness.

>The weresheep’s breasts are capped by two quarter-sized light brown areola, tipped with an eraser-sized nipple, already hardened from your previous foreplay.
“Like what you see?” Dolly inquires, giving you a lewd grin.
“Very much so.” you respond, gently sliding your hands up the side of her torso before giving her chest a gentle squeeze. “But I think I might like this better.”
>You slide your hands down her back before reaching her crescent-shaped bubble butt and clutch each cheek in one hand.
“Mmm, someone’s an ass man, are they?” Dolly asks before leaning down to give you a quick peck on the lips. “Well go ahead, I’m not going to stop you.” she says again before cramming her lips against yours.
>You start to knead the slightly doughy flesh of the monstergirl’s butt in your hands, making her occasionally sigh or exhale lustfully in your mouth, and before long she’s slowly grinding herself into your crotch harder and harder.
>Feeling your own arousal taking over your body, you soon are attempting to get the sweet release that your pants and her shorts are denying the both of you when suddenly Dolly stops kissing you.
“Gene?” she asks, voice and face laced with desire.
“Y-yes?” you ask, slightly out of breath.
“I-I want you.” Dolly longingly declares.
>You smile before pulling her in for a passionate embrace, your shoulder becoming slightly wet with her tears.
“I want you too Dolly.” you say into her ear.
>Dolly is unable to hold herself back, and she greedily kisses you over and over again for several seconds before finally finding the willpower to pull away.
“Bedroom?” she asks with a sly grin on her face.
>You smile back before picking her up, and you cradle her like an infant all the way down the short hallway to your bedroom before you deposit her onto her back and crawl on top of her.
>You resume your makeout session with the horny weresheep, both of your hands caressing and exploring the other person’s body while your lips and tongues sloppily dance in an attempted to gain the upper hand.
>At one point your pants and her shorts come off, but the sight of her frilly purple boyshorts doesn’t stop you from fondling or kissing. In fact, it probably spurs you on harder, her underwear and yours being the last two things blocking the two of you from being one in the most intimate of ways.
“G-Gene, I-I can’t take it anymore.” Dolly hungrily says. “Take me already. Make me yours.”
>With tears of joy in both of your eyes, you help the other out of the last article of clothing that you’re wearing before you finally position the tip of your manhood at the entrance to her nether lips.

>Dolly nods once, and you gently push yourself into the monstergirl’s most sacred of places.
>With each inch that is pushed into her, Dolly gasps or moans while you struggle to keep yourself from giving in to the heavenly embrace of her love tunnel.
>Just when you’re about to hilt yourself, you find yourself running into a slight snag and you look at Dolly.
>She simply nods again, and her face grimaces slightly as you press past the offending obstruction, both of you sighing out contently when your pelvis finally meets hers.
“W-wait,” Dolly starts, shuddering a little as she gets used to the new sensation of you being inside her, “I want this moment to last. C-can you hold me?”
“Of course.” you respond before wrapping your arms around her, and she reciprocates soon after.
>The two of you stay there hugging for a few minutes, and you fight to not moan as Dolly’s pussy subconsciously squeezes and compresses around your shaft, causing you to feel nearly every bump and ridge of her inner walls.
>You feel her grip around your torso loosening, and you lift yourself up to look her in the eye again.
“I-I think I’m ready Gene. Can you, um, start, please?” she whispers.

>You nod before moving your hands down to hold her own, and you slowly inch yourself out of her slit before gingerly pushing back in. As soon as your pelvis meets hers for the first time, Dolly moans out throatily and her entire body shivers in subconscious delight.
>Pulling out again, you slowly start to make love to the weresheep, the pleasure eroding your walls before you too are gasping in time with your gentle thrusts and Dolly’s ecstatic moans.
“Oh god Gene! Oh god! M-more, I-I want more!” she gasps. “P-please, give me more!”
>You reach down and kiss the weresheep incredibly hard before increasing the power and speed of your thrusts.
>Your bed starts creaking in time with Dolly’s gasps of pleasure, and she lets go of your hands before wrapping her arms around your torso and trying her damndest to intertwine her legs with yours.
>Moving from her lips, you give her one last kiss before inching your way down her neck, pausing to give the nape of it a small love bite, causing her breath to catch in her throat and her entire body to shudder in ecstasy.
>Making your way further south, you kiss her collarbone some before arriving at your final destination, and you plant dozens and dozens of small smooches all over her breast before giving the teat its own personal kiss, except this time you don’t let go.
>The sensation of you sucking on her nipple nearly sends Dolly over the edge, and she struggles to form a coherent sentence as the two of you make passionate love to each other.
“G-Gene, I-I think I’m going to – ah – I’m going tooah-” she gasps before you silence her with an amorous kiss, sending her over the edge.
>Her entire body shudders, and her pussy clamps down on your shaft almost painfully hard as the weresheep below you climaxes. The sensations around your manhood are just too much, and you only manage a few more weak thrusts before you see white, Dolly’s orgasm giving you the last gentle nudge to push you off the cliff with her.
>You groan as you feebly thrust only a handful more times, shooting your pearly white seed into Dolly’s flower, each spurt of cum causing both of you to gasp in satisfaction.

>Dolly’s arms and legs slowly release you from her embrace as you come down from your shared orgasmic highs, and you all but collapse onto her chest.
“Hah, th-that was, that was amazing Gene.” Dolly gasps as you roll off of her. “I-I don’t know what to say.”
“A thank you would suffice.” you respond, reaching over to give her a tender kiss.
“Thank you, then.” she smiles, holding the side of your face with one hand as you press your lips against hers.
>Content for now, you gently lift the naked and now satisfied monstergirl up onto your lap again, and the two of you hug each other lovingly as you bask in the afterglow of sweet, passionate love.

>Several minutes of post-coitus cuddling and gentle kissing later, Dolly starts to get into it some more, her smooches becoming more and more impassioned as she gives them to you, and she starts to grind her dripping slit against your half-mast member harder and harder.
>Chuckling to yourself, you reach down and grab two perfectly squishy handfuls of sheep butt, making your little soldier downstairs jump to full attention in a matter of seconds.
>Dolly keeps grinding herself on your crotch a bit more before she notices you’re rock hard again.
“Someone can’t get enough of me, can they?” she teases, slowly gyrating her hips.
“Says the monstergirl who couldn’t keep herself from kissing me or grinding her ass into my pelvis.” you retort, giving Dolly a quick peck.
“Jerk.” The weresheep pouts, looking away in mock disgust before you spot a mischievous grin spread across her face. “Well, since we’re both in the mood, why don’t we do something fun together.”
“What do you have in mind?” you ask, already lifting Dolly up off your lap with one hand while aligning your stiff rod with her snatch by using your other hand.
“I think you and I both know stud.” Dolly says before she slowly sinks herself down to the base. “Ooh, yess, right there.”
>Dolly leans forward and grabs you by the shoulder, propping you up against the headboard of your bed before locking lips once again, pulling away only when she needs to breath.
“Fuck me.” she declares, lust completely filling her blue eyes. “Fuck me like we’re the last two people alive.”

>Dolly wraps her arms around your neck at the same time as you grab her butt and lift her up the entire length of your shaft before letting gravity do the work, allowing her to slide all the way back down.
>You would have taken it slow, but Dolly wouldn’t let you, so instead you piston your hips into her pelvis, making her captivating bubble butt jiggle in your hands as voracious slapping noises fill your bedroom.
>Grunting with the effort, you continue to pound Dolly as she tries to ride you like no tomorrow, moaning constantly in your ear as your cock saws in and out of her trembling pussy.
“Yes! Yes! Right there! Harder! F-fuck me harder Gene!” Dolly moans right into your ear.
>You give her just that, increasing the pace of your fucking until she’s all but a shivering mess.
>Sooner than you expected though, you find yourself nearing the edge yet again, and right before you cum, you press your lips against Dolly’s.
>The sensation of you kissing her while simultaneously shooting your seed into her for a second time pushes the weresheep past the point of no return, and the two of you share your second orgasm of the night.
>Dollly collapses on top of you, and you soon fall asleep in each other’s arms.

>You slowly blink your eyes as you awake, your lower body and parts of the bedsheets a bit sticky from last night.
>You try to move, but find that a pair of feminine arms are splayed across your naked torso.
>You look over and smile, Dolly snoozing lightly next to you, holding you like one of those body pillows. Her exposed bosom gently rises and falls with her breathing, and there’s a look of complete content on her face
>Looking down at your bare crotch, you notice that it looks absolutely covered in all manner of bodily fluids.
>At the same time, your stomach growls and when you look over at your alarm clock, you notice that it’s nearly nine thirty in the morning. You haven’t eaten anything since six the previous night.


>While you are rather hunger, it wouldn’t be very sanitary to cook breakfast while your groin has a thin layer of dried sex juices all over it. You’re pretty sure Dolly would want to take a shower as well.
>You reach over to the still slumbering weresheep and gently rock her shoulder.
“Mmm, five more minutes mom…” she mumbles.
“Dolly, wake up.” you say.
“But I don’t wanna go to school…” she says again half-asleep.
>Sighing, you reach down and start to tickle her belly, making her squirm about before one eye finally cracks open. She looks up at you with a grumpy frown, but that quickly changes to a soft smile when you lean in and give her a kiss.
“Well good morning sleepyhead.” you tease. “Sleep well?”
“Thanks to you, yes.” Dolly responds, climbing onto your lap again so she can return your good morning kiss with her own passionate one.
>At that point her stomach grumbles a bit, and she pulls away from you embarrassed.
“Mind making me breakfast?” the weresheep asks.
“I was planning on doing so, but uh…” you cough before pointing towards where your legs and hers are tangled up together.
>Dolly glances down before her face turns beet red, and you chuckle before managing to untangle yourself from her and get out of bed.
“Come on, we can save time and water by going together.” you say, grasping her hand and pulling her out from under the sheets.

>After gathering up her clothing from last night, Dolly joins you in the bathroom right as you turn the hot water on, filling the room up with steam.
>She presses herself against you again, kissing you deeply as the water starts to run over the both of you, matting her wool down until it’s lost almost all of its previous fluffiness.
>Dolly starts to grind her body against yours more fervently, dragging the stiffening buds of her nipples up and down your chest as you grip her backside, pinching and rolling the jiggly flesh in your hands.
>Reaching for the shampoo, you show her the bottle and she smiles before turning around, causing your manhood to slip into the valley of her butt as you lather up her hair and wool around her shoulders.
>After rinsing out her hair, she puts some shampoo in her hands before helping you wash your hair, having a little trouble reaching up to the top of your head without you bending over slightly.
>After your own hair is washed, you have Dolly turn around and you hug her close as she passes you the soap, and before long she’s letting out cute little moans as you wash her upper torso and chest, sensually rolling and squeezing her breasts in your hands.
>You slowly glide your hands down to her stomach before gently lathering up the sensitive skin, causing Dolly to break out into a fit of giggles as you unintentionally tickle her, and after a few minutes she guides your hands down lower to the space between her legs.
>The weresheep pushes her butt into you just a little bit more as your fingers brush over her mons and labia, causing her to shiver slightly.
>After tenderly washing her pelvic area, Dolly turns around and gets on her knees, running the bar of soap through her hands until they’re completely covered in bubbles before she starts massaging your groin.
>Her soapy hands constantly brush your inner thigh, and the gentle caressing feeling on your scrotum soon has you standing at full attention, right in the face of the monstergirl with you.
>Dolly simply looks up at you and smiles before washing the rest of the area around your crotch before moving to your shaft, gently stroking it with her dainty, sudsy hands.
>After a few minutes, the weresheep seems to be satisfied that you’re fully clean, and she starts wiping away the bubbles with the water until no trace of soap remains.
>Suddenly, a warmer, wetter sensation envelopes your member as Dolly takes you in her mouth, softly sucking on the head and swirling her tongue around the glans before easing more of your meat into her waiting mouth.
>As she devours your shaft, her hands come to rest on your hips and you find yourself resting your hand on the top of her head, making her hum in delight around your prick.
>Stopping at about halfway, the weresheep sucking on your cock shifts direction, letting all but the tip slide out of her mouth before she stops and switches direction again.
>As Dolly continues to bob on your manhood, your grip tightens on her head a bit, guiding her along on how fast or slow you want her to be.
>As her tongue curls around the shaft, you feel a tightening in your loins, and you grab a handful of the weresheep’s hair.
“Dolly! I’m gonna cum!” you gasp.
>Dolly simply closes her eyes before taking you down to the base, and when you feel yourself hit the back of her throat you blow your load, sending a few spurts of salty goo into her waiting mouth.
>You involuntarily buck your hips a little bit when you feel her soft hands caressing your sack before you finally finish, and Dolly pulls off of your softening member, letting her mouth hang open so you can see your bounty before she closes her lips and swallows.

>After using up about half of the hot water, you and Dolly get out and help dry each other off, spending just slightly longer than you should fondling each other before finally getting dressed.
>You make another pot of coffee for Dolly, and she relaxes on the couch, content enough to simply enjoy your presence while you make a bacon, cheese, sausage, and onion omelet for the both of you.
>You eat breakfast at your dining room table in peaceful silence, although occasionally Dolly lets out a girlish giggle when her hoof “accidentally” brushes up against your leg, or when you return the gesture and “accidentally” brush your foot against the wool around her feet.
“I’ll see you at work Ge-eep!” she squeaks as you grab a handful of her ass when she walks past you out the front door, and she gives you a dirty look before breaking out into a smile.
>She stops and turns around, giving you a loving hug and peck on the cheek before letting go and leaving your apartment, her hips swaying just a bit more than they usually do.

>About half an hour after Dolly had left, you’re relaxing on your couch when you get a phone call on your cell.
>Looking at the screen, you notice that the caller ID says it’s Kaitlin, and you answer.
“Oh, uh, hey Gene. Sorry to bother you so early.” the hellhound on the other side of the line says
>While you can’t see her, you’re pretty sure Kaitlin’s ears and tail are drooping slightly.
“Oh no, that’s fine. I haven’t been really doing much for the past half hour or so. What’s up?”
“C-can I ask you something?” she asks.
“You okay Kaitlin? You sound unsure of something.”
“I-I’m fine.” you hear her say.
>There’s a slight pause, and Kaitlin then sighs into the mic.
“Well maybe not entirely. I don’t know. A little bit ago this weresheep that lives down the hall from me came back after not coming home from some date she said she went on yesterday, a-and I smelled y-you. O-on her.” Kaitlin struggles to say.
>It’s your turn to sigh as you realize that you didn’t really know where Dolly lived until now, and having sex with her last night was going to come back to you eventually, some way or another.
>You try to think for a bit when Kaitlin speaks up again.
“G-Gene, c-can I ask you something? A-are we still friends?”


>Thoughts swirl around your head about what you should do.
>Should you deny it? Skirt around the issue and hope she doesn’t bring it up again? Tell her the truth and hope you can stay friends with the hellhound while still keeping your relationship with Dolly?
>Hook her up with someone from work?
>You sigh heavily before speaking up.
“I was the one that actually asked her out.” you finally manage to say.
>Damn, that cut deep.
“I suppose it would be better to tell the truth than to lie to your face, but yes, we did uh, “share” a bed later that night.” you say.
“I-I understand.”
“I-I mean if you want, we could still be friends. It just wouldn’t ever go past that, y’know?”
“Listen, I’m sorry for leading you on like that, if I did in your mind anyway. I’m terrible with women, and it doesn’t help when Mamono are more forward than humans with the whole relationship thing.”
“O-okay. I just wish things were…different.” Kailtin says.
>Another pause.
“Tell you what.” you start. “I could ask Dolly if she knows anyone at work that likes women of your disposition, and I could have her pass them your number along. How does that sound?”
“That actually doesn’t sound too bad.” the hellhound says, the improvement in her mood evident in her voice. “We could even go on a double date!”
“Okay, that’s pushing it a little too far Kaitlin.”
“Aww, you’re no fun.” she pouts.
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll talk to you later Kaitlin. Probably when Dolly finds a guy and you tell me about how you ravished him or something.”
“Hey, at least I don’t give out information on my relationships! I’ll see you later Gene.”
>Well that went better than expected. You were thinking Kaitlin was going to find out Dolly’s name, which apartment she lives in, the name of her mother, and what she had for breakfast on a Tuesday when she was eight years old or something.
>Making good on your promise, you text Dolly if she knows anyone at your work (and hers) that likes hellhounds that like hamburgers and bullying alps. Oh, and rock music made by a British band from 1983.
>You get a quick reply later that the weresheep doesn’t but she’ll look around. She did tell you to warn your friend about the nature of hellhounds though. You retorted saying that if your friend was aware of the “problems”, he wouldn’t like hellhounds, or if he was he probably didn’t care.
>With that over with, you relax for the rest of the day, your thoughts constantly drifting back to Dolly.
>You weren’t entirely sure at the moment if she was “the one”, your “one true waifu”, but you could definitely see yourself dating the weresheep for several years.
>As you fall asleep you dread coming into work the next morning, but then you remember you’d get to see Dolly again.

>Somewhere, on the other side of the city, a weresheep too falls asleep, clutching her pillow like it was her boyfriend.
>With a smile on her face, the weresheep named Dolly dreams of the day she gets to confess her true feelings for Gene.


>You’re not even halfway to work before a stupid smile comes on your face, thinking of walking in the front door to work and having Dolly’s face light up when she sees you before you turn it red by planting a big fat wet one right on her lips in front of everyone.
>Of course when you actually get there, Dolly’s face flushes almost immediately when she sees you before she adjusts her top ever so slightly to expose just a little more cleavage for you.
>After stopping at her desk to embarrass her with a chaste kiss, you head into the back and start working with Meredith on today’s list, which you manage to finish before lunch.
>Deciding to eat in the cafeteria, you once again get in Annabelle’s line and before long you’re at the front, ordering some pizza from the busty cowgirl.
“Everything going well for you dear?” the holstaur asks as she hands you your food.
“Same old same old.” you respond, moving along with your tray.
“Not going to eat with Dolly?” Annabelle asks, a knowing smile on her face.
>You nearly drop your food as you stop in your tracks.
“H-how do you know?”
“Well for one, the two of you have this dopey smile on your faces. If that wasn’t obvious enough, she smells like you.”
“You mean you know?” you ask.
“Dear, any Mamono can tell the two of you are together. It was going to happen eventually with the way she had been looking at you when you first got here. Oh, to see young love again. I can still remember the first time my husband asked me out on a date. We were going to the same highschool all those years ago, and when I noticed him I just knew we were going to get married someday. You should have seen the look on his face when he was struggling to ask if I wanted to go to a school dance with him! It was so adorable I just couldn’t help but give him a great big ol’ hug. Of course I wasn’t as big back then since our five daughters hadn’t been born yet, but my mother always said I was a special little holstaur.”
>You cough rather loudly and get the daydreaming holstaur’s attention.
“Well thank you for the story Annabelle, but my food’s getting cold and there’s a line.” you say.
“Oh, of course dear! Before you go.” she says leaning forward so she can whisper in your ear. “If I were you, I’d start thinking ahead. Dolly cares about you, a lot I might add, and I imagine you feel the same way about her.”
>You give her a slight nod and head to find a place to sit when you notice that Carmen’s sitting with someone who you presume to be her friend.
>She seems to be consoling the man, trying to give him a comforting back rub while also trying to not make his hand stand on end.
>As you sit down across from the raiju, she looks up and tells you that her friend had been shot down hard by a hellhound over the weekend. Turns out that they don’t really like it when you try to ask them out when they already have a boyfriend.
>Good thing you know a hellhound who’s single and looking for a man of her own.
>You could even help Kaitlin out by going on a double date with the hellhound, Dolly, and the guy that Kaitlin would hope to agree to be her boyfriend after the night is over.
>You text Dolly if she’d like to go out on a double date with you on Friday and a hellhound friend you’re trying to hook up with someone, and she of course agrees.
>You then text Kaitlin, telling her you might’ve found someone she’d be interested in, and that you’re going to give him her number.
>Regretfully you also take her up on her offer of a double date with her, her potential new lover, you, and your weresheep girlfriend.
>With that squared away, you hand the man Kaitlin’s number before finishing up your lunch while making small talk with Carmen and her friend, whose name is Sam, before heading back to your “office” and seeing if there’s anything else you could do.

>The rest of the work week goes by without incident, but as you’re leaving work Kaitlin sends you a text message.
*Hey Gene. Gonna have to cancel tonight. Sam got hurt helping me with something, so I have to stay home with him and take care of him. Sorry. -Received: 1703*
*Yeah, sure. “Something”. I’ll let Dolly know, and we’ll figure something out. -Sent: 1704*
*Pervert. -Received: 1705*
*Don’t be too hard on him while you “take care of him”. I’ll talk to you later Kaitlin. -Sent: 1707*
*Later Gene. -Received: 1708*
>You text Dolly that your friend and her date won’t be able to make it, but the two of you could still have dinner like you originally planned.
>After making a quick change to your reservation, you head home and get ready for another date with Dolly.
>Button-up dress shirt, clip-on tie, black dress pants, and a suit jacket? Check.
>Just enough shitty cologne to impress your weresheep girlfriend? Check.
>Enough money in your bank account to afford everything? Fortunately check, although you expect the number after tonight to be a fair bit lower than when you started.
>With everything settled, you drive over to Dolly’s apartment, only needing her apartment number since you already know where the complex is.
>After knocking twice, you hear a muffled “Coming Gene!” before the soft clopping noises of Dolly’s hooves come closer to the door.
>When she opens the door, you’re absolutely awestruck at the sight of your girlfriend.
>Rather than her usual shorts and t-shirt on account of this being one of those super fancy dinner dates, Dolly chose to wear a pine green sleeveless dress with a slit on the left side, starting from the hem of the dress and going all the way up to her mid-thigh.
>She’s also wearing muted ruby red lipstick. Not too bright to be tacky or bimbo-ish, but enough to bring out the alluring feminine beauty of, well, all of her.
>What really surprised you though is that Dolly had straightened her hair so she could do it up in a braid and drape it over her right shoulder.
“So Gene,” the weresheep asks, twirling around once so you can see all of her, “what do you think?”
“I just, I, uh…wow, Dolly. You look amazing.” you finally say after picking your jaw up off the floor.
>She smiles warmly before walking up to you to give you a hug.
“You don’t look half-bad yourself. You clean up well Gene.”
“Come on, let’s go to dinner.” you say before giving the weresheep a tender kiss and offering her your arm.
>Dolly grins before wrapping your arm with hers, and you walk back to your car.
>As you walk past Kaitlin’s apartment just down the hall from Dolly’s, you swear you can hear some banging noises accompanying feminine moans of pleasure and the animalistic grunts of another person.
>Shaking your head, you continue on out to your car.

>After dinner, you and Dolly decided to take a walk through the central park in the middle of town until it got dark, and then your date suggested that the two of you head back to her place to relax for a few more hours.
>You had brought a change of clothes with you, so you swapped into them while Dolly changed back into a matching pink pajama set with little blue sheep all over.
>You cuddle with her for a bit, enjoying the warmth of her hugs and occasionally giving her a kiss or two before you notice that it’s getting late.
>Right as you’re about to get up off the couch, Dolly stops you.
“H-hey Gene, c-can I tell you something?” she nervously asks.
“Of course. Something bothering you?”
“Not really, but it’s been nagging at me all night and if I don’t say it now, I’ll be too nervous to later on.”
“Well alright, I can stay for a little bit longer Dolly.” you say, pulling the weresheep in for another hug and a kiss.
>Dolly fidgets for a moment before sighing heavily.
“E-even though we’ve barely known each other for more than a month, much less dating for two weeks, I want you to know something Gene.”
>Dolly looks up at you with teary blue eyes.
“G-Gene. I-I love you.”


>Ever since your date with her, you’ve been constantly thinking of Dolly. Before you’d dread coming to work sometimes, but after last week you almost look forward to it, if only for the fact that she was there.
>If she was around, your mood would improve and you’d always want to just go over and give her a hug.
>You weren’t sure at first, but what Dolly just told you definitely cemented things in your mind.
“I love you too Dolly.” you finally manage to say before embracing her and locking lips with her.
>Her soft, sumptuous lips gently mold against your own, and you feel the warmth of her body through them as you reach up to caress her face.
>You finally manage to bring yourself to disconnect from the weresheep and when you look at her, there’s tears of pure, absolute joy slowly rolling down her rosy cheeks.
>She sniffles a bit before wiping away a tear, smiling widely before embracing you and letting her inhibitions go as she quietly sobs into your shoulder.
>You hold her tightly against your chest, massaging her back as you let her emotions run their course and a few minutes later she finally manages to compose herself.
“I love you Gene.” Dolly whispers before hugging you again.
“You already said that ya dummy.” you chuckle, lifting her away from you slightly so you can kiss her again. “But I love you too.”
>Dolly’s already red, puffy eyes start to well up with tears again before she lunges at you, kissing you over and over.
>You simply laugh before bringing the weresheep in close, returning her powerful smooches with equal force, pressing your tongue against hers in a desperate attempt to gain the upper hand.
>Dolly somehow manages to push you deeper into the couch as she continues her assault, slowly gaining ground in the kissing war.
>But she forgot your one secret weapon.
>You sneak your hands under Dolly’s pajama top, madly wiggling your fingers on her bare stomach.
>She almost immediately breaks out into a fit of giggles, sliding off of you and onto her back, but you just keep up the attack.
>Now it’s your turn to crawl on top of her, and you bunch her pajama top just under her breasts so you have uninterrupted access to her sensitive belly as your hands work their magic on the ticklish monstergirl.
>Dolly can barely manage to say your name inbetween bouts of laughter, weakly trying to shove your hands away or punching you in the arm in an attempt to get you to stop.
>You finally decide to ease up and you stop and wait for Dolly to calm down, and when she does you lean down and give her a passionate smooch.
“I love you Dolly.” you say again for the third time.
“I love you too Gene.” she responds.
>You take a quick glance at the clock on your phone before shrugging, and you look back at the weresheep under you.
“It’s kinda late. Do you mind if I stay over?” you ask with a smile on your face.
“I suppose you could.” Dolly says, playfully rolling her eyes before giggling again. “It is your turn to stay over at my place. C’mon, let’s get to bed.”
“Yes, let’s.”
>You climb off the couch and help Dolly up before she takes you by the hand into her bedroom, and the two of you crawl under the covers before snuggling up to each other.
>You gently cup her cheek before giving her a chaste peck on the lips before shifting your position on the bed slightly so you can hold her closer.
“Goodnight Dolly, I love you.” you whisper.
“Goodnight Gene, I love you too.” she whispers back, giving you her own goodnight kiss before the two of you slowly drift off to sleep.

>You wake up the next morning alone in Dolly’s bed, the bedsheets a complete mess as you subconsciously grasped them in your hand overnight.
>You look around the room, trying to find Dolly when you hear the shower turn on, and that gives you an idea.
>You quickly get out of bed and strip down to absolutely nothing before heading over to the bathroom.
>Luckily the door is unlocked, and you slowly turn the knob, not wanting to spoil the surprise you have for Dolly.
>Entering the bathroom, you’re met with a wall of steam as the silhouette of your weresheep girlfriend scrubs the top of her head.
>As much as the steamed up and frosted glass shower door hides, you can still easily see the excellent curvature of Dolly’s near-flawless ass or supple contours of her shapely breasts.
>Gingerly closing the door behind you, you tip-toe across the tile floor and slowly open the shower door and step in behind the monstergirl.
>You wait for Dolly to wash the shampoo out of her curly hair before you grab her shoulders and spin her around, pressing your mouth hard against hers.
>She struggles for a moment before realizing who it is, and when she does she chuckles a bit.
“Good morning Gene.” Dolly snickers, reaching around to give you a hug.
“Good morning dear.” you respond.
“Gene, dear is for people who are married, or for certain holstaurs who like to tease my boyfriend.” Dolly chastises. “Use a real pet name, like ‘baby’ or ‘honey’.”
“Alright fine honey.” you sulk.
>Dolly smiles before turning around and handing you the bottle of body wash.
“I need a little help? Do you mind dear?” she snickers.
“Not at all, honey.” you retort before squirting a generous glob of body wash into the palm of your hand.

>You start by massaging the body wash into Dolly’s shoulders, making her sigh in relief when you occasionally find a small knot of muscle.
>You then move to her front, gently caressing her creamy breasts and stomach before sliding your hands to around her waist.
“Mind handing me the bottle again Dolly? I need some more.”
>After squirting some more body wash in your hands, you give the bottle back to Dolly, but it slips from her grip and crashes to the shower floor.
>Bending over, Dolly reaches down to pick the bottle up off the tile when she pauses right as she’s about to grab it.
>You stop too when you realize your current position. From where you are now, Dolly’s ass is in the perfect position and completely level with your crotch and furthermore, she’s bent over and at the perfect distance from the shower wall.
>Your manhood stiffens almost immediately which causes it to poke against the weresheeps butt, making her gasp in surprise.
>She grabs the bottle of body wash before setting it down on a lower shelf before gently backing up into you, causing the head of your member to poke her in the butt again.
>You smirk when you realize what she’s trying to tell you, and you grab the base of your shaft and align it with her snatch, gently prodding her entrance.
>Grasping Dolly’s hips, you pull on her until you hilt yourself as deep in her sodden box as you can go, causing her to moan in bliss as she plants her hands against the tiled wall.
>You ease out of the weresheeps pussy before thrusting back in, and when your groin meets her butt, the impact sends faint ripples across the jiggly flesh and making Dolly moan out even harder.
>Pulling out again, you shove yourself up to the hilt again, the force of your thrust causing not only her ass to jiggle about but her breasts to wobble obscenely.
>Smiling mischievously, you start to hammer your hips into the cushion of Dolly’s rear end, grunting with the effort even as she gasps out.
“Oh yes, fffuuuuck that feels good Gene! Y-yes, right there! Oooh right there Gene! Do-oh-oh-n’t stop! Harder! Ngh, h-harder my love, f-fuck me harder!” Dolly moans as you screw her from behind.
>Squeezing her hips for a moment, you let go and bring her torso back up so her back is flush with your chest, and you furiously start to make out with your weresheep lover as your cock pistons in and out of her quivering pussy.
>Dolly starts whimpering into your mouth before she breaks the seal around your mouths, letting out an orgasmic cry as her inner walls clamp down on your manhood.
>You immediately silence her with another kiss, finding yourself going over the edge soon after her, and you smash your pelvis against her chusiony ass a few more times before you erupt inside of her.
>Each spurt of your jizz inside her causes Dolly to moan into your mouth, and after a few token thrusts you pull out and are immediately followed by a short trickle of your seed.
“I love you Gene.” Dolly gasps, turning around to give you a weak smooch.
“I love you too Dolly.” you respond, hugging her close.

>After the hot water runs out and you and Dolly properly shower, Dolly goes back to her bedroom while you finish up in the bathroom.
>A few minutes later, you can hear and smell your weresheep girlfriend cooking breakfast, and when you walk into the common area where the kitchen is, you can’t help but laugh at what Dolly had done.
>She’s cooking eggs and bacon in nothing but an apron and frilly scarlet panties, the lack of straps near her shoulders or anything else anywhere evident that those two things are the only pieces of clothing she’s wearing.
>You walk up behind her and sneak in another kiss, giving her bubble butt an affectionate squeeze before helping her cook.
>After eating breakfast and helping Dolly clean up, you get ready to go home.
“Before you leave Gene, can I ask you something?” Dolly asks you, clasping her hands behind her back and giving you kobold puppy eyes again.
“Anything for you.” you tease.
“What do you think of meeting my family sometime? I was planning on taking a week or so off work to go visit them, and was wondering if you would like to come along.”
“That sounds lovely Dolly. I’d love to go.” you respond.
“Great, I’ll let them know. Oh, and before I forget.” Dolly says before walking over to you.
>She stands up on her tippy-toe hooves and lightly pecks you on the lips.
“I love you.”
“I love you too Dolly.” you smile before giving her a hug and then leaving her apartment.

>Shortly after you got back to your apartment, Dolly texted you her plans for when the two of you go to meet her parents off-station.
>First off is obviously getting a shuttle from the station to her homeworld, and after that is arranging transportation from the spaceport to her childhood home. Thankfully Dolly said that her parents will take care of that part.
>For the couple of days you’ll be there with Dolly visiting her parents are more or less up in the air.
>Dolly doesn’t have any real ideas, and neither does her parents (and much to Dolly’s relief her sisters either).


>A few weeks later you’re helping Dolly pack the last of her things on your trip to meet her family.
>For some strange reason the little weresheep insist on taking half of her wardrobe with her, and more than once you argue with her that no, she doesn’t need that outfit.
>You’re sorting through some of her clothing when you come across her drawer of bras and other unmentionables.
“Gene, can you come help me with- OH MY GOD WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?!” Dolly shouts as you hold up a rather risqué thong, the edges of the partially translucent hot pink fabric covered in girly lace.
“Geez Dolly, I didn’t know you were into this kind of thing.” you tease, holding the piece of underwear just out of the weresheep’s reach.
“GIVE IT BACK!” she yells again, jumping and trying to snatch it from your hands as you play keep away with the monstergirl.
>You tease Dolly, lowering your hand slightly before pulling it away when she jumps for the undergarment in your hand. Eventually though she manages to grab it, pulling it out of your grasp and hiding it from you.
“Planning on wearing that for me while visiting your family?” you taunt, going over to where Dolly’s furiously shoving it into a suitcase before hiding it under layers of other, more decent clothing.
“N-no! Of course not!” she stammers, struggling to close the bag and zip it up.
>You stand behind her and reach around, helping her compress the suitcase enough so that she can close the zipper.
>Just as Dolly finishes closing the suitcase, you pick her up in a bear hug and spin her around a few times, keeping your mouth pressed against hers as you dance around the room.
>As you set the weresheep down, you notice that she’s struggling not to cry a little bit.
“Something wrong Dolly?” you ask, concerned that something’s bothering your girlfriend.
“It was supposed to be a surprise…” she sniffles, looking up at you with teary blue eyes.
“It’s okay Dolly.” you say, gently wrapping your arms around her shoulders.
>She looks up at you again and smiles weakly, and you smile back before leaning down to give her a peck on the lips.
“Besides, you could surprise me in other ways.” you grin, making Dolly’s face turn beet red.
“Pervert!” she mutters, punching you in the arm.
“I love you too Dolly.” you chuckle before kissing her cheek and walking out of the bedroom so she can finish packing.

>You of course had flown in shuttles before when going to other parts of Earth plenty of times, but this had been only the second time you’ve gone through deep space.
>The spaceport you landed in is about the same as the one you left from, although it does have a little bit more of a “out in the country” type of feel compared to the modern, futuristic-looking metropolis that others have.
>Dolly “persuades” you to carry most of her bags in addition to yours, and as you rise up over the top of the escalator, you spot a smiling weresheep in a deep maroon ribbed turtleneck sweater and comfortable-looking winter sweatpants that hug her motherly legs well looking over at the two of you.
“Hey Dolly, you know her?” you ask your weresheep girlfriend, pointing over to the other monstergirl looking at you and Dolly.
“Mom!” Dolly shouts before dropping her bag and running over to give her mother a hug.
>You struggle with all of the bags, but you manage to carry them over to where Dolly and her mother are embracing each other.
“I missed you so much mom!” Dolly says, her voice muffled as she presses her face into her mother’s shoulder.
“It’s good to see you too dear.” Dolly’s mother says, prying Dolly away from her before giving her a kiss on the forehead. “And you must be her boyfriend Gene.” she says, looking over at you. “It’s so nice to meet you.” she adds, walking over to give you the kind of hug only a mom can give.
>You finally manage to get a good look at Dolly’s mom, now that Dolly isn’t in the way and trying to crush her mother’s spine.
>She has the same blue eyes and curly mop of white hair as her daughter, but her cheekbones seem to be just a tad softer.
>Her face also has a few faint wrinkles, but not much.
>The rest of her body is incredibly similar to Dolly’s, if only her hips, thighs, breasts, and butt being somewhat bigger and a touch softer looking too. Dolly did say she had three younger sisters after all.
>Really, Dolly’s mother is just an older version of Dolly. Or Dolly’s just a younger version of her mother.
“Nice to meet you too Mrs. …”
>Aw shit, you never bothered to ask or find out what Dolly’s last name is.
“Pierce, dear. But please, call me Gwendolyn.”
“Of course Ms. Gwendolyn.” you respond.
“Oh my, Dolly! You found a gentleman!” Gwendolyn teases, grinning at her daughter.
“Mom!” Dolly pouts, stamping her hoof on the floor.
“Hush dear. Come on, let’s head home, your father and sisters are just DYING to meet your BOYFRIEND.” Dolly’s mother says, again, pushing her daughter’s buttons.

>The drive to Dolly’s childhood home was a pleasant one, at least once you got away from the spaceport.
>You and Dolly are driven further and further away from the downtown area, first passing through generic suburbia sprawl before things start to thin out a bit and the area around you becomes closer to what one would call “countryside”.
>Most of the areas are wide open fields of weed-filled grass, the only real boundaries to where people are marked by where the “lawn” has been mowed. A few people have fences though.
>After several more minutes of driving, Gwendolyn pulls up the driveway of a two-story ranch house.
>The front porch stretches from the far end of the house all the way to the garage and driveway, the snow white wood picket railing running along the entire edge and occasionally broken up by the handful of pillars supporting the porch roof.
>The sides of the house are a nice soft, dull achromatic gray which you think compliments the white trim of the roof and the slate black roof tiles.
>The dull brown and gray brick chimney sticks out from the top of the roof, smoke lazily wafting out of the top when you spot a young-looking weresheep poking her face out from behind the curtains of one of the upstairs windows.
“Who was that?” you ask Dolly as you, she, and her mother get out of the van.
“Oh, that’s probably just Abby, my youngest sister.” Dolly says. “She’s always been an overcharged little handful.”
“You don’t even know the half of it Dolly.” Gwendolyn says as she lifts one of Dolly’s suitcases out of the back of the car. “Jesus, dear. How much did you pack?”
“Just her entire wardrobe.” you tease, earning a chuckle from your girlfriend’s mother.
>As you help Dolly and her mother drag Dolly’s suitcases up onto the front porch, you can hear rapid hoof-steps followed by dull thuds of human feet and shouts of “Dolly’s home!”, and when Gwendolyn opens the door your poor weresheep girlfriend is rushed by three younger-looking versions of her as her father stands back, smiling.
“Hi Dolly! I missed you lots!” the youngest-looking weresheep says.
“I missed you too big sister!” the second youngest weresheep adds.
“Hey Dolly.” the last monstergirl chimes in.
“Hey Abby. I missed you lots as well.” Dolly says as she picks her youngest sister up in a bear hug before setting her back down. “Gene, this is Abby, my youngest sister,” your girlfriend says, motioning to the sister she just gave a hug to, “Lucy, my second youngest sister,” she then motions to the weresheep with brown eyes, “and you know Shelly. The one that got into the food coloring when she was six.” Dolly smiles, and her green-eyed sister visibly tenses up.
>The man who you presume to be Dolly’s father then clears his throat, pretending to be annoyed.
“And that’s my dad.” she says, waving her hand out in mock reverence.
“You must be Gene.” Dolly’s father says, extending his hand out, which you accept. “I’m Ben, Gwendolyn’s husband, and Dolly, Shelly, Lucy, and Abby’s father.”
>You shake Dolly’s father’s hand for a few moments before letting go.
“Well don’t just stand there, come on in.” he says, standing aside as his two youngest daughters run past him back into the house.

>You set your bag and Dolly’s bags down just inside the entryway her mother ushers you into the living room, obviously wanting to show you embarrassing baby pictures of her eldest daughter.
>Dolly meanwhile helps her father take your stuff up to the second floor to where you presume you’ll be staying.
>Gwendolyn trots over to the bookshelf over in the corner tucked between two cozy reading chairs.
“Come on dear, look at this.” Gwendolyn says as she sits down on the long beige sofa close by, opening up the photo album she grabbed and setting it down on the oak coffee table.
>Sitting down next to the older weresheep, you peer at the dozen or so pictures plastered across the pages.
“How did she manage to do that?” you ask, pointing to a picture of what looks like a five year old Dolly with her face absolutely covered in a half-melted fudgesicle.
“Oh my, that. I have absolutely no idea. It was summertime and she asked for a fudge bar after lunch. One moment she’s eating it like normal, but you turn your back for five seconds…” Dolly’s mother chuckles, and so do you.
>Gwendolyn flips through the photobook a bit more before stopping on a photo of Dolly asleep in her father’s lap, the two of them sitting in one of those recliners by the shelf to your right.
“Ooh, I remember this one. Dolly always used to want to sit in her daddy’s lap and have him read her a bedtime story, and she would always end up falling asleep a few minutes later. It was just so adorable watching Ben carry Dolly back up to her room.” Gwendolyn says, a small tear rolling down her cheek.
>You give Dolly’s mother a comforting smile before embracing her for a few moments.
“I-I’m sorry dear, I’m getting old. I just wish that sometimes she didn’t stop doing that.”
>At that moment, Dolly and her father come back into the living room.
“Hey Gene, stuff’s all put away in my room and- how much did she tell you?” Dolly suddenly says, her face already starting to turn red.
“Oh, not much. Just that you liked bedtime stories and melted fudge all over your face.” you tease.
>Dolly’s face turns completely red, and her mouth hangs open slightly.
“Don’t worry Dolly, I won’t bring it up.” you say, walking over to give her a hug. “Except maybe with people at work.”
“GENE!” Dolly shouts, making you, her mother, and her father laugh.
“Come on you two, let’s head out for dinner. Gene can tease you later.” Dolly’s father says, making his eldest daughter shake in anger.

>You, Dolly, and her family traded stories as you ate out on the restaurant patio, and Dolly’s parents embarrassed her even more as they told you stories about Dolly when she was younger.
>You also share a laugh when everyone notices Abby’s face is covered in macaroni and cheese, and Gwendolyn takes her phone out to take a photo of her youngest daughter. You presume she’s going to use it and the story of how Abby got her face covered in cheesy noodles to embarrass her when Abby gets a boyfriend of her own in about ten years.
>After getting back to their home, Dolly’s parents wanted a photo of you and Dolly in front of the fireplace, Dolly getting thoroughly annoyed when she noticed giving you bunny ears with your fingers AFTER her mother took a second picture.
>Later that night, you joined Dolly in her old room and cuddled on her large, fluffy bed for a bit.
>You started off with just a few chaste pecks here and there, but eventually those kisses got longer and more passionate before Dolly climbed onto your lap and started making out with you while you fondled her.
>Eventually though, Dolly legitimately started to feel tired, and she reluctantly climbed off you and the bed and walked over to one of her suitcases that was piled in the corner, and dug around in it for a few minutes before fishing out her pajamas and a few other things she said she needed to get ready for bed.
>As Dolly walked out of the room to go down the hall to the bathroom, you changed out of your own clothing and into your own pajamas, and you just got back into bed when Dolly opened the door. The sight that greeted you was definitely something to behold.
>Dolly had changed into that frilly thong you found earlier, along with a see-through negligee in the same hot pink color.
>She looks up at you with wistful those azure eyes of hers, hands clasped behind her back and a nervous smile on her face.
“H-Hey Gene.” she whispers.
“D-Dolly?” you stammer as she walks over to the bed, crawling up onto it after setting the tiny wooden box she was holding behind her back on the nightstand next to you.
>Dolly’s negligee starts slipping off her shoulder, but she doesn’t pay it any mind as she mounts your lap and kisses you deeply.
“You okay dea- honey?” you ask, catching yourself just in time, using the pet name that Dolly asked you to use.
“I-I’m fine.” she says after pulling away from the kiss. “I love you Gene.”
“I know Dolly.” you say, smiling softly before kissing her on the forehead.
“Gene, can we make love to each other again?” Dolly suddenly blurts out.
>Your mouth and throat abruptly go dry as Dolly reaches for the box she had set on the nightstand.
“I-I want to try using these this time, b-but only if you want to.” your weresheep girlfriend confesses as she opens the box.
>Manticore spines.
>Three of them.


>You look up at Dolly with unsure eyes, then down to the three needle-like objects in the box.
>You’ve read stories online of what manticore spines can do, the two biggest affects they have are massive increases in sex drive and being able to cum like a firehose.
>You swallow heavily before gently taking Dolly’s hands in your own, mindful to not spill the manticore spines anywhere as you set the box on the bed next to you.
“A-are you sure about this Dolly?” you ask the weresheep who’s still straddling your lap.
“I-I don’t know, Gene. I don’t know.” Dolly says. “I trust you, but I don’t want to force you to do anything. W-we could even stop now and forget this ever happened.” she reluctantly says.
“Dolly I-” you start, choking on your own words. “I trust you too, but I don’t want to do anything I might regret.” you say, bringing her down for a loving hug. “I know what these things can do, I just don’t want to hurt you.”
>Dolly smiles before burying her face in your shoulder, quietly sobbing as you hold her close.
>Eventually she pulls away, her eyes slightly puffy again.
“I- thank you Gene.” Dolly says, hugging you tightly again before climbing off of your lap and sitting up in bed beside you.
>You start to undress as you normally would in the morning until you’re laying naked next to your weresheep girlfriend before reaching over and pulling her back onto your lap in a loving embrace
“Wh-what are you doing Gene?” Dolly asks, staring at you quizzically.
“Well, if I was going to use ‘em, I figured I’d get the clothing out of the way so I don’t rip anything.”
>Astonishment crosses the monstergirl’s face before she blushes when she realizes what you’re implying, and she reaches forward to kiss you deeply.
“Mind helping me undress?” she whispers in your ear before giving your earlobe a light nibble.

>You grin before pulling Dolly in for yet another heavy make out session, your tongues immediately intertwining with each other in your mouths as you grope the weresheep’s soft breasts through her thin negligee.
>Dolly starts grinding herself on your rapidly stiffening manhood vehemently, her juices staining the fabric of her erotic lingerie almost immediately.
>She starts moaning even harder than she already was when you grab her pert butt, allowing her to strip off her top and toss it to the side.
>She then lifts her pelvis up, and with your “assistance”, she removes her sex-stained thong and throws it onto the small pile of clothing you recently made.
“So how do you want to do this Gene?” Dolly teases, slowly gyrating her hips, causing her to grind her pussy lips on your rock-hard shaft.
“I, uh, I was thinking I just stick myself with them and then let things happen.” you say, reaching over to the tiny box and holding one of the spines in your thumb and forefinger.
>You spin the needle-like object in your fingers until you’re holding it like a knife blade down before looking up at Dolly.
>She nods in understanding, and with a shaking hand you bring it closer and closer to your thigh before you exhale heavily and jam it in. You do the same with the second spine, and then hand Dolly the third who then stabs herself in the thigh with it.
>You stare at each other for a moment when suddenly it hits you.
>Warmth immediately spreads from where you stabbed yourself in the leg, flowing outward to your entire body, but focusing rather strongly on your groin.
>You start panting heavily, face flushed and brow slick with sweat as your cock somehow grows EVEN HARDER when you suddenly lose control.

>With a yelp, you grab Dolly by the waist before rolling over and turning her around before roughly shoving her face into the pillow and jamming your manhood up to the hilt in a single bone-jarring thrust.
>Pulling out just as quick, you start brutally fucking Dolly’s pussy from behind, absolutely mauling her ass with your hands as you bounce your pelvis off her shuddering body.
>Dolly instantly orgasms from the first thrust alone, spattering her thighs and your crotch with her juices as she moans like a bitch in heat, all but going limp as you screw her doggy style.
>After only a few short thrusts, you cum incredibly hard, massive ropes of jsm erupting from your pistoning cock to paint Dolly’s entire insides white before leaking out around your sawing member.
>Thanks to the two manticore spines you just stuck yourself with, you’re still incredibly hard and in no mood to slow down in the slightest.
>The mixture of your jizz and Dolly’s own bodily fluids utterly coat your pelvis and her ass, generating rather obscene slapping noises as you grunt over and over while pounding your weresheep girlfriend from behind.
“Oh god! Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!” Dolly moans out with each powerful thrust. “Ng, harder, stud! Fuck me harder! Deeper! Harder! Harder, Gene! More! GIVE ME MORE!” she shouts, practically screaming out your name for the entire house to hear.
>You feel another orgasm welling up in you, and if the rhythmic contractions of Dolly’s love tunnel around your dick are any indication, she’s coming close to the edge as well.
>For a second time in only five minutes, you cum again inside your lover, setting her off and making her pussy squeeze around your fat shaft even harder.
>With each pelvis-breaking thrust, you erupt again and again inside Dolly, her snatch now a venerable waterfall of semen as you fill her up to the brim before pushing it all out again.
>Dolly’s dainty hands weakly clutch at the pillows as her mind slowly succumbs to the pleasure, her mouth agape in unadulterated pleasure as you rut against her like an animal.
>Her breath catches in her throat again as her inner walls weakly spasm around your still hard shaft.
>You orgasm inside her for a THIRD time, this climax even bigger than the last two combined as you throw your head back and groan in bliss as spurt after spurt of your seed leaves your body to fill your mate’s love tunnel up, only to be pushed out and away by the next shot of cum.
>Your eyes start to roll into the back of your head as you cum, and cum, and cum for more than a minute straight, creating a sizable puddle of your jizz and Dolly’s juices under her shaking pelvis.
>Your arms and legs give out from under you, and you collapse on top of Dolly before wrapping your arms around her and turning to the side so you can cuddlefuck her.
>While your previous three orgasms had been out of pure lustful need, your body finally calms down enough for you to get a hold of yourself, and you gently thrust in and out of Dolly’s poor, abused hole as she breathes heavily from the body-wracking fucking you just put her through.
>She weakly reaches around to cup your cheek, and you slowly but passionately kiss her as your hips move back and forth at a leisurely pace.
>Several minutes later, you can feel another climax coming up, and you break the seal around Dolly’s mouth.
“Dolly, I’m gonna cum again.” you manage to say.
“M-me too Gene. One more time, Gene. Let’s go together again.” she whispers before kissing you deeply.
>At that moment, your cock erupts for a fourth time inside your girlfriend, adding to the already considerable amount inside her and on the bed.
>You weakly thrust a few more times as you spasm inside her before sleep finally overtakes the both of you.
“I love you.” you both manage to say to the other before passing out.

>The next morning you wake up with an incredibly powerful headache, and you groan as you open your eyes.
>You’re still tangled up with Dolly with your dick still inside her as well.
>You look down at where you are joined with her, and you’re absolutely COVERED in your semen, and most of the bed is too.
>You grasp her shoulder and urgently shake her, and eventually she opens her eyes as well.
“Mm, wha-?” she mumbles, her mind not quite caught up with her body.
“Dolly, we have a problem.” you say flatly.
“What are you talking about…” she trails off before her eyes go wide. “Oh shit.”
>The two of you scramble out of bed at lightning speed. You rip the sheets off the mattress, and yet somehow none of your cum had leaked through to the mattress.
>Not paying that any mind, you ball up the ruined sheets in the corner out of view behind the bed, and Dolly frantically searches for a fresh set before you help her put it on the bed.
>Next, you and Dolly grab a clean pair of clothes before dashing off together to the shower and manage to clean yourselves up in record time, barely letting the water heat up before you’re out of the bathroom and hauling the bed sheets to the laundry room and tossing them in the washing machine.
>You both lean back against the washing machine, wiping your brow off when you spot a smug Gwendolyn standing in the doorway.
“Have fun last night?” she says, a knowing smile on her face.
>Both your face and Dolly’s immediately go crimson, your mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.
“I…but we…how did…what…” Dolly finally stammers out.
“Dolly, your bedroom is right on the other side of the wall from ours. How could we not hear you?” Gwendolyn teases.
>You didn’t think it was possible, but Dolly’s face turns even redder.
“We knew this was going to happen, so that’s why your father had put ‘stain resistant’ sheets on your bed while I came to go get you and Gene.” Gwendolyn says again, using airquotes around the words “stain resistant”.
“So that’s how…” you mutter.
“Good thing you had those sheets too, otherwise your boyfriend would have had to buy you a new mattress Dolly!” Gwendolyn laughs before starting to walk away. “Oh, before I forget Gene. My husband wants to talk to you.”
>Oh fuck, this isn’t good.
>Talking to your girlfriend’s father after you screwed her for a good few hours, and he knows about it. That’s practically torture.
>You nod once before giving Dolly a worrying look.
“Be careful Gene.” Dolly whispers before giving you a tight hug.
“I’ll try.”

>Dolly’s father is sitting in the large leather recliner, or “dad chair” as Abby likes to call it, patiently waiting for you.
>He motions for you to sit down in the chair opposite him, and you gulp before taking a seat.
“You probably understand why you’re here.” he says.
“Like all of my family, I absolutely adore and love Dolly. I cherish her with all of my heart, just like my wife and other three children.”
“That’s a good quality to have.” you manage to find the courage to say.
“Dolly is my daughter, and I only want the best for her. That includes any boyfriends or husbands she has. That means you. It’s obvious you love my daughter a lot, but can you tell me that you’ll love her no matter what?”
“I-I don’t know. I can’t predict the future, but I’ll live in the present with her. I can’t guarantee that Dolly will be happy one hundred percent of the time, but I’ll try. B-because I love her.” you say.
>Ben simple watches you as you speak before getting up out of his chair and walking over to a small wooden cabinet in the corner of the room.
>Coming back, he hands you the small black box he had taken from the cabinet. He motions for you to open it, and inside you find a platinum wedding band with a single sapphire gemstone set in the center.
“Do you know what that is?” he asks.
“A ring?”
“Not just any ring, but my wife’s mother’s ring. Dolly and her grandmother were very close, and when she passed my wife’s mother gave her the ring, telling Gwen to give it to Dolly when she was ready. Use it wisely.” he finishes.
>You stare there agape, looking at the ring sitting on the plush velvet interior.
>Dolly’s father gets up out of his chair again, but stops before going around the corner.
“Gwen’s almost done with breakfast. Come on, let’s go eat. Oh, and next time, make sure your neighbors have earplugs.” he laughs before walking away.

>Breakfast that day, and every meal after it for the next few days was incredibly awkward around Dolly’s family, but thankfully the torture is over as Dolly’s family sees the two of you off at the spaceport.
>But not before everyone gets a hug from you and Dolly of course.
>You help Dolly unpack (dumping all of her stuff out on the bed or floor because you have no idea where anything goes) when you finally get back to her apartment before heading home yourself.
>After unpacking your own things, you relax for the rest of the day and the next, doing absolutely nothing before going to bed for work the next morning.
>The next few weeks go by in a flash. You constantly text Dolly or talk with her over the phone whenever you’re not at work with her. Carmen, Meredith, Helen, or any combination of the three invite you out for lunch a few times. Kaitlin spotting you walking down the street one time with Sam, practically dashing over to thank you before remembering she forgot to introduce her boyfriend to you.
>Well, more like “mate” than “boyfriend”. Those are the words she used anyway.
>Around a month after you visited Dolly’s family, your weresheep girlfriend calls you up again, wondering if you’d like to go on another date.
>She doesn’t really have any ideas, and was hoping you would have some.


>There isn’t much on your mind right now, so you suggest just hanging out at her place and watching a few movies or something.
>Dolly agrees, and recommends that you come over an hour from now since she has one or two things she needs to do.
>Mostly getting some snack food because she doesn’t have a lot.
>The time works out for you too, because you were planning on going out and getting Dolly a gift or two.
>After saying your goodbyes, you hang up and you start getting ready to head out for your “date”.
>As you’re about to leave, you notice the ring, or more specifically the box that it’s currently in, Dolly’s father gave you about a month ago sitting on your kitchen counter.
>Shrugging, you pocket the box before heading out.
>With plenty of time to kill, you go to the local florist’s shop run by a Troll and an Alraune, and get a few flowers for your weresheep girlfriend.
>With that done, you then head deeper into the city, slightly annoyed at the amount of traffic before you find the shop that you’re looking for.
>A few minutes later with your purchase made, you head to the grocery store and pick up a bottle of wine and some chocolate, just in case, before finally heading over to Dolly’s apartment.

>Knocking on the door, you wait with your gifts behind your back before your girlfriend opens the door.
“Hey Gene.” Dolly says, walking up to give you a quick peck.
“Hey yourself.” you respond before presenting the bundle of roses to her. “I got you a little something.”
“Oh wow Gene, these are beautiful!” Dolly gasps before taking the flowers from you and giving herself a deep whiff of them. “Oh wow, they smell amazing Gene! Thank you!” she says, giving you a hug.
“I, uh, I also got you this too.” you say before showing Dolly the Raggedy Ann doll.
>Dolly’s eyes immediately well up with tears, and she gingerly takes the doll from you before embracing you tightly.
“I-it’s amazing Gene. I-I don’t know what to say.” Dolly says after separating from you. “I-I had one just like this when I was a little girl, and this brings back so many good memories. I just, I don’t…thank you. I love you Gene.”
“I love you too Dolly.” you say, leaning down slightly to give her a kiss. “Come on, let’s head inside.”

>Inside Dolly’s apartment, Dolly finds a glass from the cupboard before filling it with water and setting it on the coffee table in the living room before placing the flowers you got her inside.
>She then joins you on the couch, snuggling up to you tightly as you queue up a few movies, waiting until about halfway through the first one to make some popcorn and get a few drinks.
>Around the start of the third movie, you realize that Dolly hasn’t been saying or doing much, and there’s the barest hint of worry on her face.
>Pausing the movie, you put the empty bowl of popcorn down on the coffee table before sitting up with Dolly.
“Something wrong Gene?” Dolly asks, looking at you quizzically.
“I was about to ask you the same thing. You haven’t been saying much, and normally you’d be pestering me, but you haven’t. Something’s bothering you again, isn’t it?”
“It’s that obvious, huh?” Dolly meekly says.
>You pull her in for a comforting hug, and kiss her on the forehead.
“It’s okay Dolly, I’m not mad. I’m just concerned about my girlfriend.” you smile, making the weresheep smile weakly in return.
>Dolly struggles to look at you before she sighs heavily.
“You remember a month ago, right? When we visited my parents?” she asks.
“Yeah. Something about that?”
“I was more referring to our first night there.”
>Dolly’s soft face screws itself up a bit as she struggles to find words.
“Gene, I…I’m pregnant.”


>You simply stare at Dolly for a few moments before you finally speak up.
“Th-that’s amazing Dolly!” you finally exclaim, hugging your girlfriend tightly against you and spinning around the room a little bit and laughing while she’s in your arms. “When did you find out?”
“Th-this morning actually.” the weresheep confesses after you set her down.
>Dolly looks up at you worringly.
“What are we going to do Gene? I-I don’t know if I’m ready to be a mother. I’m scared Gene.”
>You lean down and give her a gentle smooch before hugging her again, letting go after a minute or two.
“You don’t have to be scared Dolly. I’m not going to leave the mother of my child.” you smile, making the weresheep tear up before she buries her face in your chest and starts sobbing.
>You hold Dolly close to you, letting her emotions pour out as her body shakes with her crying and eventually the weresheep manages to compose herself.
“Thank you Gene.” Dolly whispers. “Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“I don’t know what I’d do without you either.” you say before getting down on one knee.
>You grasp Dolly’s soft hands in your own, and look up at her misty blue eyes.
“Dolly,” you start, “I love you with all of my heart, and I can’t imagine being with anyone else. I realized what you truly mean to me when you first told me that you loved me, and at that moment I just knew you were the one.”
>You let go of Dolly’s shaking hands for a moment so you can reach into your pocket and pull the ring out.
“Will you marry me, Dolly Pierce?” you ask.
>Tears now freely flow down your Mamono girlfriend’s cheeks as she covers her mouth with one hand while her face contracts slightly in shock.
>You continue to look up at her, and she finally manages to pull her hand away from her lips.
“Y-yes…” Dolly manages to croak out before holding her hand out so you can slip her grandmother’s ring on her finger.
>Rising up, you pull Dolly in and kiss her deeply, holding the sides of her tear-stained face as she cries some more.
>Dolly starts to press herself into you a bit more, her kissing becoming slightly more impassioned as she gets caught up in the moment.
>Eventually though she calms down enough to pull away from you.
“I love you Gene.” she says.
“I love you too Dolly.” you respond. “And I love you as well.” you say as you place a hand on Dolly’s stomach, making her smile widely.

>The next few weeks for you and Dolly are a complete mess.
>Shortly after you proposed to her, Dolly called her parents up and told them the news, while you did the same with your parents.
>You also all but moved in with Dolly, being by her side as her pregnancy started to advance some while the two of you looked for a house together for your new family.
>Almost immediately, everyone at work knew that you and Dolly were going to have a daughter together, and they got even more elated when Dolly told them that the two of you were getting married on top of that.
>After about a month of two people living in a one-bedroom apartment you found a nice two-story home close your now old apartments. That way you can properly raise your family while still staying close to work.
>After a few months Dolly really started to show, her hips becoming a tad wider and her bust a touch larger. Much to her disappointment, her ass also got slightly bigger as she put on some weight, her delicious bubble butt becoming softer and jigglier too.
>Of course one of the biggest changes was with her stomach, and it started to rather stretch her sweaters out as her belly got rounder and rounder with your precious child.


>You pull into the driveway of your two-story home, finally off work for the week and getting a weekend full of bliss with your wife Dolly.
>You managed to plan, set up, and have the wedding in only a few months. You would have waited a bit more, but you wanted your offspring to have parents who were married before they were born.
>For the first few months Dolly stayed at work, doing her usual job until it eventually got too difficult, and unsafe, for her to be working while carrying a child inside her.
>Inside the living room you found your weresheep spouse much like you left her: relaxing on the couch, watching some television while you had gone out to get the two of you some dinner.
>Dolly would have come along with you, but it’s been increasingly hard for her to get around on account of being almost forty weeks pregnant with twins.
>It was after a routine doctor visit about three or four months in when you found out from the hakutaku nurse that you’re going to have one more bundle of joy than you were expecting.
“I’m back dear.” you say as you hand her the box of Asian take-out you got for her.
“Hey Gene.” she responds, reaching up so you can kiss her. “They kicked again while you were gone.”
>You smile at her after giving her a smooch, and slide onto the couch next to her and digging into your own box of food.
>Dolly’s midsection is absolutely massive, easily the size of a large medicine ball, and her unrestrained breasts wobble slightly under the taut sky-blue maternity shirt she’s wearing as she wolfs down the saucy noodles and stir-fried vegetables.
>After the two of you finish your dinner, you pull Dolly into your lap as you lean back against the armrest of the sofa, cuddling with her for a bit as the t.v. faintly plays something in the background.
“How was your day dear?” Dolly asks, looking up at you.
“Had to deal with a new guy, and that friggin’ memecat somehow managed to get a job there too. At least I don’t have to deal with her a lot.” you respond. “Still glad I got that promotion though, no idea how I’d take care of my darling wife and our two daughters without it.”
>Dolly smiles when you gently hold her hand in your own while your free one lazily rubs her gravid belly.
“How was your day Dolly?”
“Same as it’s been for the past month or so. Do a little bit of housework, then relax on the so-oof!” she gasps, placing her hand on her belly. “I think she just kicked again.”
“Which one? Lilly, or Molly?” you ask, still rubbing your wife’s midsection.
“I don’t know. All I know is- ah!” Dolly gasps again. “Rambunctious, aren’t they?” she muses. “All I know is, is that whichever one it is, they’re trying real hard.”
“I’m sure you’ll be fine.” you respond, gently holding your wife by the chin so you can give her a loving smooch.
“I love you Gene.”
“I love you too Dolly. And you too Molly, and you as well Lilly.” you say, patting your spouse’s stomach.
“Hah!” Dolly inhales again. “Wow, they’re really kicking today.”
“Maybe they’re just happy that their mommy and daddy are cuddling.” you smile.
“Mmgh!” Dolly sounds out, placing both of her hands on her belly this time. “Oh man, that was a stro-oof, a strong one.”
>Dolly idly strokes her midriff a few more times, when an especially strong kick startles her a bit.
“Oh wow Dolly, even I felt that one!” you exclaim.
“Y-yeah, I just wish they’d sto-ugh.” Dolly grunts, practically cradling her stomach this time.
“Something wrong?” you ask.
“N-no, just another ki-agh!” she shouts.
“G-Gene?” Dolly asks, looking up at you with a weak smile on her face. “I-I think they’re coming.”
>Oh shit.

>The wait in the hospital lobby was absolute torture, every second feeling like five as you sat there and waited.
>And waited.
>And waited.
>After what seemed like hours, a kitsune nurse gently shook your shoulder before asking you if you’d like to see your wife and daughters.

>Dolly’s resting on the hospital bed looking utterly exhausted yet completely content as she cradles your two newborn weresheep daughters.
“H-hey Gene.” Dolly weakly says, turning her head to look over at you as you walk towards the bed. “Aren’t they beautiful?”
“The prettiest little weresheep I’ve ever seen. You did wonderful Dolly.” you say, leaning over to give your weary partner a soft kiss.
“They have your eyes. And mine.” your wife says, showing you the faces of your two infant children.
>Dolly is right. Both of your daughters have your eyes, but also Dolly’s. The one in your wife’s right arm has a brown right iris and a blue left iris, while the one in her left arm has a blue right iris and a brown left iris.
“Good thing we’ll be able to tell them apart.” you joke, making Dolly chuckle. “Which one do you want to be Molly, and which one do you want to be Lilly?”
>Dolly looks down at the babies in her arms for a moment before looking back up at you.
“I want their father to decide.” she says, smiling again.
>You simply smile back at her.
“Hey there Molly,” you say to your daughter in Dolly’s right arm before kissing her forehead, “I’m your daddy. And this is your sister Lilly.” you say to your other daughter.
>You look up at Dolly, and she smiles again before you lean in to give her a loving smooch.
“I love you both. And I love you too Dolly.”
“I love you as well Gene.” Dolly says as you sit down beside her and gently hold her hand.


>Some time later…

>You step off the bus with your wife and two kids, carrying Molly and Lilly’s small bags for them.
>The scylla bus driver waves goodbye to your family as you idly look at your old home.
“So this is where you used to live, huh?” Dolly says, walking up beside you and wrapping her arm around your waist.
“Yep. Hasn’t changed much since I left almost seven years ago.” you respond.
“Think they’re excited to finally meet their son’s wife and kids?”
“They’re probably just happy to see me after I’ve been gone for nearly a decade.”
“You worry too much Gene. Come on.” Dolly says, leading you by the hand.
>You, Dolly, and your two daughters climb the stairwell to the third floor apartment, and when you get to the door of your childhood home, you look over at your weresheep wife.
>She simply smiles and reaches up to give you a kiss, and you squeeze her hand lightly before knocking on the door.
>A few moments later, a tired-looking human female opens the door, her expression immediately brightening when she sees you standing there.
“Gene!” your mom shouts before pulling you in for a strong hug. “I missed you so much! How’s my son doing?”
“Hey mom.” you say, patting her on the back a few times. “Work has been well for me, got a nice promotion a few years ago.”
“You told me about that. There was also something else too. Something about a wife and kids?” your mom asks with a smile.
>You let go of your mother before stepping to the side.
“Mom, this is my wife Dolly and our two daughters Lilly and Molly.” you say.
“Oh my god Gene, they’re beautiful!” your mom says, crouching down and spreading her arms out, and your twin weresheep daughters run over to give their grandmother a hug. “Oh wow, wait until your father sees them.” your mom says, turning her head to the side. “Ivan! Come see your son!”
>A few moments later your dad walks around the corner before immediately picking you up in a bear hug, nearly crushing your spine before setting you back down.
“It’s been too long Gene, too long.” your dad says.
“Ivan, this is Dolly, Gene’s wife.” your mother says, and your dad walks over to give your wife a hug, making her squeal with laughter when he picks her light frame up.
“You did well Gene.” your father says. “I’m proud of you son.”
“You’re forgetting something Ivan. This is Molly and Lilly, your granddaughters.” your mother says, setting your two daughters back down on the floor.
>Your dad starts tearing up before crouching down and pulling your two weresheep children into his arms.
>He stays there for a minute, hugging his two grandchildren before letting go.
“You didn’t have to Gene.” your dad says, giving you another bear hug.
“Didn’t have much choice in the matter. Dolly made me keep them.” you joke, making your spouse glare daggers at you.
>You, your mom, and your dad laugh as all six of you enter your old childhood home, intent on catching up on events that have happened in the past six or seven years.

>You sigh wearily as you walk back into your hotel room with your wife Dolly following shortly afterwards, mimicking your behavior as she drops her purse and coat by the door.
>Your parents offered to watch your kids for the rest of the day and overnight so their son and daughter-in-law could get some rest.
“I don’t know if I can do this much longer.” you say as you collapse onto one of the two beds.
“Me neither.” Dolly says, joining you on the mattress. “Still, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.”
>You gently pull Dolly closer to you, and she rests her head on your shoulder as your hands intertwine with hers in between the two of you.
>Leaning over, you give your wife a short, tender kiss before looking into her sparkling blue eyes.
“I love you Dolly.”
“I love you too Gene.”
>Your wife smiles before pulling you in for a hug, gently nuzzling herself into you a bit tighter as the two of you relax in cuddle in each other’s arms. After a few minutes of peaceful silence, Dolly speaks up again.
“Gene?” she asks. “Have you ever thought of having more than two children?”
“I don’t know Dolly. Never really thought of it, being busy with work and taking care of my family and all.” you say, giving the weresheep next to you a kiss on the forehead.
“Well…,” Dolly starts, “we haven’t done much together since Molly and Lilly appeared. And I’ve been having this sort of, itch, for the past few months.”
>Your wife reaches up and pulls you in for a passionate kiss, slowly working her way onto your lap.
“Now that we’re…alone…,” she says, “don’t you think they deserve a little sister?” your wife asks, seductively tracing a finger up and down your chest.
“I’m thinking that my wife wants a little something again.” you tease, reaching up to press your lips against hers. “If things happen, then so be it. But right now, it’s just us, and that’s all that matters.” you say, gently kissing your wife even as she starts to press herself against you a little harder.

>Dolly slowly starts to rock against you as you give her dozens of smooches, her hands lazily trailing up and down your arms and chest as your own hands caress the smooth curves of her motherly body.
>Your monstergirl spouse starts to quietly moan into your mouth, her eyes fluttering closes as you help her out of her shirt. Tossing it to the side, Dolly starts grabbing at your own clothing, and you reach up to fondle her soft bosom as she strips you.
>She gasps and moans in pleasure when you slide your fingers under her black bra and flick her stiffening nipples, pressing her body into you more and more as the two of you struggle to breathe in between the heavy make-out session.
>You grab Dolly by her waist and roll over, gently pinning her beneath you as you work yourself out of your pants and boxers before sliding the clothing off of your wife’s legs.
>She also took her bra off for you, and you waste no time and dive right in, licking the wobbling globes and nibbling on the buds sitting proudly on top.
>Both of your breathing is becoming increasingly labored as you fondle each other’s body, and before long neither of you can take it anymore.
“P-please Gene, make love to me.” your wife begs.
“I-I love you Dolly.” you respond as you slowly enter her.
>Dolly gasps out as you slowly push yourself up to the hilt, and when your pelvis meets hers, she reaches up and kisses you before looking at you with pleading eyes.
>You kiss her back before easing out of your wife, causing her to moan in bliss before pushing yourself back in.
>You keep up the slow pace, the bed quietly creaking out as you press yourself against Dolly over and over again.
>Not content with simple kissing, you break the seal between your mouth and your wife’s before moving down to the nape of her neck, giving it a little nibble before kissing her sternum and then each of her breasts.
>You lock your lips around her gently wobbling chest, lightly sucking on one of her breasts and flicking your tongue across her nipple, making her breath catch in her throat each time you do it.
>Dolly’s legs start to tangle themselves with yours, and she tugs at your waist a little bit with her hands, and you start to increase the tempo of your thrusting.
>Quiet slapping noises reach your ears when your pelvis meets your wife’s, and she soon starts to fidget a bit, the walls of her love tunnel gently caressing your shaft.
“G-Gene, I-I think I’m gonna cum soon.” Dolly gasps out.
>You smile and let go of her breast with your mouth before moving back up to fervidly kiss your wife, making her shudder even harder before she suddenly cries out into your mouth.
>Her inner walls clamp down on your manhood, rhythmically massaging your entire length from base to tip.
>It’s just too much for you to bear and you climax with her, shooting your seed straight into your spouse’s womb as the two of you tremble in the throes of orgasm.
>What seems like minutes later you finally come down, chest heaving as you slowly roll over, keeping your wife close to you as your eyes slowly shut.
“I love you Dolly.”
“I love you Gene.”


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