Weresheep Farm

When I signed up for this farm job, I was expecting just some regular farm work. Till the fields, gather crops, that sort of thing. Sure, I did some of those things, but I wasn’t expecting that I would be helping with sheep shearing. Now this doesn’t seem like much of a problem, but when the sheep are all monstergirls, it is. Some people may think that this wouldn’t be a problem either, but when you’re the only human male on a farm full of fluffy weresheep, things get a little weird. Weird in the sense of writing this all down in a journal while the land owner, a weresheep herself, is snoozing lightly next to you after you recently had sex with her (although I’m going to later find myself saying that we made love to each other, but I digress).

I should probably get to explaining how I came into this position of naked cuddling with a monstergirl in her bed instead of rambling on about things.


It was sometime in the middle of summer, and I was running out of options. I had no job to speak of and what little money I had stashed away under my bed was only going to last me about a week, maybe two if I stretched it out and only ate every other day. After a meager breakfast of stale bread and nothing else I went back out to the large message board near the center of town, hoping someone had posted a job offer that didn’t require anything more than showing up on time and having at least half a brain. Much to my delight, someone had posted an offer for an extra hand on a farm several miles outside town. Even if I did bother to read the paper that smelled faintly of sheep wool, I still wouldn’t have had a clue on what I’d be doing; all it said was that the owner was looking for some extra help, and to come here at this time or somesuch.

Heading back to my soon-to-be-vacant home, I gathered up what little I owned and could carry before leaving to walk what would end up being the better part of the entire day. By the time I got to the farm I was hot, tired, my feet hurt, and I wasn’t in much a mood to do anything other than fall into a bed and sleep. Regardless, I came here because I needed a job or I would starve to death, if I wasn’t taken by the reaper in some other way first of course. The farm itself was fairly large; a long dirt pathway snaking its way up between two crop fields before ending at a wide patch of bare dirt and a ranch house. A few hundred yards to the left was what I presumed to be the barn, and just next to that was a smaller building that I would find out later was as storage shed for all the weresheep wool and a few other things if there was space.

If I said I was expecting a regular human to be the owner, I wouldn’t be lying. I was certainly surprised to come face to face with what essentially amounted to a half-naked woman – er, weresheep. She was slightly shorter than me, the top of her head only just coming up to my chin and the tip of her horns barely reaching above it. She wasn’t wearing much, if anything. Her shoulders were entirely bare, and she was wearing what appeared to be a thick, woolen bra of sorts which made the large handfuls of her breasts appear slightly larger than what they normally were. Some more thick wool covered her curvy waistline, showing off her toned stomach and perfectly thick legs. She looked like she was wearing boots made of the same off-white animal fur, but there was a small hint of a cloven hoof sticking out at the bottom. I must’ve been staring at her for quite a while because she snapped me out of my reverie by coughing sharply.

“Uh, I’m here about the offer.” I said, showing her the paper that had been posted earlier. Her cerulean eyes lit up when I mentioned the job.

“Oh, right. Uh, sorry about not really mentioning anything. I’m really only looking for some temporary helpers right now, it always gets busy this time of year with the sheep and all. But maybe if you’re good enough you can stay a little longer.”

Was she blushing at me? I mean yeah sure, I’m a human and she’s a monstergirl, but it’s still a little strange that she appears to be grinding her hoof into the porch a little bit while her skin is becoming more flushed.

“No, that’s fine. I was just looking for something that gave me money so I wouldn’t starve. N-not that I don’t think that running a farm is easy work.”

The weresheep smiles a little bit before motioning for me to follow her around for a tour. The weresheep owner, whose name I would later find out is Molly, decided to torture my feet some more by making me walk alongside her for a good two hours as she showed me around the farm and explaining what I would most likely be doing. Despite what I said earlier, it seemed like it would be easy work; just boring old farm stuff. She expected I would know how to tend to crops but the only issue I would have, she said, was helping shear the other weresheep girls. So the next day before I really started working she would help me practice. Right around dusk Molly’s little tour ended, and I gladly accepted her dinner invitation before I trudged up to the second story of the farmhouse to the sparse room where I would be sleeping for the duration of my employment.

As I expected, I was woken up by a goddamn rooster crowing at the first rays of light. I groaned out heavily, cursing the foul creature as I rose out of bed and got dressed for the day ahead. Thankfully Molly had gotten up before me and had made breakfast, which I ate happily. She tried talking to me about my previous life, but I was too busy wolfing down the eggs she cooked to really care or notice that her words became more and more flirtatious. Finishing my food in record time, the weresheep dragged me outdoors to get me started on weeding a part of the field. Even though it was a simple task, it still took me all day to do because each time I brought back a sack full of weeds she told me to keep at it.

Several hours later and wiping yet more sweat from my brow, I picked what I hoped was the last weed I would ever see. I took much longer walking back to where I was dumping the unwanted plants, only to find that Molly wasn’t anywhere in sight. Deciding for myself that I was done for the day, I walked back to the house and up to the second story when I heard her call out.

“Dear, will you come here for a minute?”

I wasn’t sure where she was until I spotted the slightly open door at the end of the hallway: her room. I swallowed reflexively and followed her instructions, completely forgetting that both my shirt and trousers, not to mention the rest of me, were soaked in sweat from being out in the sun all day. Opening the wooden door with an audible creak, I stepped into the farm owner’s private space only to find her laying on her bed in what could only be described as a ‘come hither’ pose.

“You, uh, wanted to see me Molly?”

“Mhm hmm. You finish weeding the field?”

“I think so.”

“Good, but you still need to learn how to properly shear a weresheep if you’re going to be working here.” For some reason I found myself walking further into the room and closing the door behind her, as if her honeyed words were controlling me somehow.

“I said I would help you practice. But first you need to strip down. Untreated weresheep wool can do wonders on clothing, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you running around the farm naked. As much as I would like to see that.” she finished with a smile.

For some reason, I found myself removing all of my clothing and joining her on the bed. I wasn’t sure what to do, but she made the decision for me and pulled me into her. By gods was she soft. Not only was her creamy skin incredibly smooth, but oh man was her wool something else. Her wool felt like a cloud had decided to suddenly become part of something other than the sky, and it only made her sizable breasts feel even softer as my face was buried in her chest. I struggled to pull myself away from her bosom, despite how much I wanted to stay there, but I needed some air. I looked up into her blue eyes, and she smiled.

“Consider this a second interview.” she said before pulling me for a kiss. I thought her wool was soft, but her lips were even softer. She held her mouth against mine for several seconds before pulling away, panting heavily. Out of my own volition I pushed back and returned her previous gesture, making her eyes shoot open in surprise before fluttering closed as she moaned in the embrace. Not even thinking I shuffled around a bit until my stiff member was aligned with her already dripping sex, and I easily slipped in, eliciting another long moan from the weresheep. I immediately began rocking my hips, lewd slurping sounds coming from Molly’s nether region as she started gasping out my name.

Not wanting to disappoint, I leaned down to kiss the nape of her neck before giving the skin just above her heaving bosom a few pecks of its own as I continue to thrust my hips into her. Moving back to her succulent lips after a few minutes, I silenced her cries of pleasure with another smooch, making her moan out again a bit deeper as she finally orgasms. Her walls tightened down on my prick, her vagina milking me as best as it can, and it did well. Not soon after the monstergirl under me shuddered under the constant pleasure I too climaxed, releasing my seed into her as far as I could manage which of course brought her to another, but smaller, orgasm. Collapsing into her soft wool, I gave her another tender peck on her mouth and allowed sleep to slowly overtake me.

“Consider yourself hired.”

“I think I’m going to have to decline. Don’t want the job.” Molly’s eyes started welling up with tears, so I calmed her with another kiss. “I want to be yours instead.”

The weresheep smiled widely before she gave me her own passionate kiss. “Well consider yourself my husband then.”

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    1. I must say I second that notion. It sorta felt…. off, for such a cute story to have such a sudden…. 4chan-er feeling.

      Aside from that, all’s well.

  1. was alright. give your characters names and personalities beyond the “honry shy woman” and “mega virgin”. furthermore instead of saying stuff like “as i are breakfast i didn’t notice her wording becoming more flirtatious”, instead actually go through the conversation between the two, not only to develop the characters but also to give more build up to the climax.

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