Umbra, Chapter 24

It was another typically rowdy night in a seedy little tavern known only as the ‘Sparrow’s Nest’. Lying in the rough side of town, its patrons included more than its fair share of freaks and roughnecks.

But Aaron supposed he was no exception to that.

Disguised by his dark cloak, he exited the cover of night and walked right into the tavern’s common room. Scanning the place, he looked from two buff, heaving men with beer bellies arm wrestling over to the bartender. He was a balding fellow with sunken eyes, and currently serving up a grilled slice of beef and mug of ale to a spindly redheaded customer.

Pacing up to the counter, Aaron removed his empty waterskin and tossed it before the sunken-eyed man.

“…Fill that up. And I could use a mug of ale while you’re at it.”

“You got it.” the bartender said with a small nod, going to work and finishing in less than a minute.

Taking his filled skin back and holding up the mug of ale, Aaron eagerly pulled the drink to his parched lips and gulped it down. It tasted like watered-down piss that was fermented in stale bathwater, but Aaron was glad he could finally have some alcohol pumping through his bloodstream after a few days of sobriety.

“Thanks. I’d also like a room for the night, if you don’t mind.”

“Top floor, or bottom?”

“Bottom. The biggest one you have.” responded Aaron, resting a finger against the counter and sliding it forward, keeping something trapped underneath the tip, “This should more than cover my drinks and boarding…”

The bartender’s sunken eyes bulged back into place as Aaron lifted his finger to reveal what it was. A shiny gold piece.

“See… I’ve got two girls wanting to spend the night with me, and they’d both rather not be seen entering such a…charming little establishment such as this. No offence.”

“None taken.” the bartender laughed, more than happy to take the bribe, “Don’t worry, I won’t pester ya. Just try not to make too big of a mess, alright? You’ve got room twelve.”

Aaron nodded as the bartender tossed the key to him. With his sunken eyes locked on the gold piece, Aaron was free to make his exit and left for his room.

“If only the poor bastard knew who I’m sneaking in here. He probably thinks they’re just some fatcat merchant’s daughters.” Aaron whispered to himself, taking the dim hallway to the right.

A short walk later, Aaron spotted the rusty bronze numbers nailed to the wooden door and stuck his key into the lock, twisting it open and walking inside.

“The luxury suite, huh?”

Well, luxury was a bit of a stretch. While it had its own washroom and cushy furnishings, that was about where any sense of comfort ended. The room still had the grimey, scummy atmosphere as the rest of the tavern.

And only a single bed! Sure, it was king-sized, but he asked for the largest room they had. Aaron wasn’t exactly expecting lodgings fit for royalty, but this was just-

Tap, tap, tap!

The sound of a razor-sharp claw lightly bouncing against glass made Aaron’s blood run cold.

“Psst… babe! Open up the window!” he heard a muffled and familiar voice call to him.

Aaron spun around, seeing the happy face of Valerie and the annoyed grimace of Kiera peeking in on him from outside. Aaron shot forward, nearly crashing into the window before lifting it open.

“I tried to talk her out of it, partner. But once this knucklehead has her mind set on something-”

Get in. Get in…” Aaron hissed in desperation,yanking the two girls through. “You… you were supposed to wait until midnight before coming here. What if someone spotted you two?!”

“Relaaaaax!” Val laughed, settling into the room by throwing herself into the cushy seat in the corner, “This place is on the very edge of town. No one was going to see us~”

“I’m sorry, Aaron, I couldn’t stop her. But this is why we decided to stay at an inn in the first place, right? You can only sleep on the road for so long before losing your mind. We need to relax every now and again. No need to get stressed about us coming here when it’s already done.”

“I guess…” Aaron muttered, falling back into the bed. He had to admit, despite the otherwise seedy conditions, the mattress was surprisingly soft. So soft, he couldn’t help but let his baggy eyes flutter and close shut…

“Ugh! Every muscle in my body hurts…”

Valerie’s whines roused Aaron from his slumber. The hellhound paced over and collapsed next to him, shaking the mattress in the process.

“A true warrior never complains, Valerie… but yeesh, you sure didn’t go easy on me either…” Kiera threw in as she rubbed her sore shoulder, taking a seat on Aaron’s other side and unconsciously draping her wings over his chest.

Still half asleep, it took Aaron a moment to realize what the monsters were talking about. Then, the fresh memories of the hellhound and griffon clashing together in battle from earlier that day came to mind.

Thats right. Val’s starting to take martial arts lessons from Kiera, isn’t she?’

What was a friendly sparring match to them looked like a bloody, bare-knuckle brawl to the death for Aaron. But he supposed that’s just how naturally ferocious battles between monsters went, even between a softie like Valerie and a friendly optimist like Kiera.

Grumbling and sitting up, Aaron let out a small yawn, “Well, what now?”

The two monsters sat there for a moment, Valerie kicking her legs out from the side of the bed and Kiera playing with a snow-white lock of hair.

“How about some campfire stories…?” the hellhound eventually suggested.

“I always was one for spooky stories, actually. Horror, murderers, that kind of stuff…” Aaron responded.

“Oh, I love scary stories too! Tell us one, babe~!”

Aaron thought on it for a moment. One of his personal favorites, as well as one of the more popular ones, was the one where a little boy in a red hood goes to visit his ill grandmother. Unfortunately for the boy, when he was handing off some goodies to her, a hellhound burst in, ate his grandmother alive, and raped him on the bloody bed. She then snapped his neck and ate him when he refused to take her as his wife.

But somehow, he couldn’t imagine Valerie reacting well to that.

Hmph, what about… damn, no, that wouldn’t work. Those harpies ripped those guys apart, and I don’t want to imply any bad stuff about Kiera’s tribe. Hold on… are all the scary stories I know about monsters raping and dismembering men?!’

“Just forget about the story, guys…” Aaron sighed, somewhat downtrodden when he realized most of his favorite genre was nothing more than an assortment of Legion propaganda.

“Well, whadda we do now?” Valerie asked, her right ear twitching as she stuck her pinky in to clean it out.

Aaron looked up and paused for a moment, the filth crusting his body and clothing suddenly dawning on him. Looking over to Kiera and Valerie, he found them no less caked in road dust than he himself was.

“Well… I’d say a good bath is in order.”

Humming a small tune to himself, Aaron peeled the sweaty, grimy clothes from his body, tossing them into the washing bin and looking over at the bronze tub in the corner. Thankfully, it seemed free of any fungus or mildew.

In his hands, Aaron held the final pot of water he had drawn from the well outside and heated up. Pouring it in the tub, he discarded the pot. Yawning and stretching out his sore body, the happy swordsman sank into the steaming water. Relief spread throughout his whole being as his tired, knotted muscles began to unwind.

“Phew… that hits the spot…” he said, resting his arms on the edge of the tub and sinking into the water until it hit his chin. After soaking for a good bit, Aaron grabbed his bar of soap and pressed it against his chest, ready to scrub the dirt from his body…

“Oh, can I wash your back, babe~?”

Aaron craned his neck over to the bathroom door, his lips twisting into a frown as he saw the hellhound peeking in on him.

“No.” Aaron replied far more curtly than he had intended. Hopping from the tub he covered up his manhood and slammed the door shut. After taking care of that, he waltzed back over to the tub, settling back in, “Honestly. It’s not like I don’t enjoy the sex, but is that all she thinks about? I just want to take a nice bath and relax-”

Just as he realized his old human girlfriends were probably thinking the same thing whenever he pestered them for sex, Aaron heard the steady whine of the washroom door as it creaked open once more. Then, with a flash of white and brown, Kiera’s head popped into the room.

“H-hey, partner! I just remembered an interesting tidbit from my mother. Eighty percent of all accidents happen in the washroom. I’d best stand guard to make sure you don’t slip and hurt yourself or anything, right? Let me just come in and-”

“What the hell is with that lame-ass excuse?!” Val snarled, hopping between Kiera’s wings and pulling her into a fierce chokehold. The two monsters stumbled into the bathroom, taking turns trying to subdue her foe.

“W-well, we only have so much water, right?! Two of us should share a bath to conserve it!”

“Then it should either be me and Aaron or you and I! And Aaron’s already in the bath, so that means-”

Aaron, who had suffered through three years worth of pointless bloodshed and carnage, finally snapped at the two girls bickering.

“Alright, fine! You can both take a bath with me. Happy?!”

From the soft blush and creeping smile on each girl’s face, they were. But the realization that they had to share the tub with one another seemed to dawn on them at the same time, and they turned to glare each other down.

“Ohoho~ don’t be like that, master…” Val taunted, suddenly feeling playful as a wicked idea popped into her head. Turning around, she bent forward and stuck her rump towards Aaron.

Hooking two clawed fingers under the straps of her bottoms, she meticulously began dragging them down. Aaron couldn’t help but hold his breath and watch in earnest as the fabric slid down every inch of her plump, delectable behind.

Kiera, red in the face, could only step back and pout as she watched the hellhound’s merry tail swing back and forth. After what seemed like an eternity, Valerie let the article drop down to her knees. Lifting her tail and spreading out her legs, she left her ass and moist slit on full display.

“For heaven’s sake, Valerie… have some dignity…” Kiera chastised, pushing the hellhound out of her way. While the hellhound tumbled to the floor, the griffon stepped up and took center stage, delicately unpinning her golden brooch and leaving it to the side.

“Honestly, partner… how do you put up with her~?” Kiera cooed, pinching the ends of her loose top, lifting it up at an almost painfully slow pace.

Aaron could only sit and broil in the warm bathwater as he watched each of Kiera’s large jugs finally slip from her top, delightfully jiggling before coming to a rest. Being under the influence of some aphrodisiac and trapped in a dimly lit tent, it dawned on Aaron he hadn’t been given the opportunity to fully appreciate the full beauty of the griffon’s breasts.

But the swordsman was only able to admire the smooth flesh and the hardened little nubs peaking her pinkish-brown nipples for a single moment, right up until Kiera’s eagles claws cupped them and hid them from his hungry view.

“I-if you want to look at them, you can just ask…” she stuttered rather nervously, betraying her previous bravado.

Just get in the tub.” Valerie snapped at the griffon as she rose back up, grabbing her by the ear and dragging her over to the steaming bath.

Aaron wasn’t sure if it was the girls’ padded feet against the cold tiled floor or his own heart that was making that thumping sound, but either way, the sound disappeared from Aaron’s mind when Valerie popped right into the bath with him, the impact sending a wave of warm water splashing into his face.

Watching both naked girls climb into the tub with him, Aaron sunk into the water a bit as he realized what he had just gotten himself into. The tub was large, but not quite large enough for a well-built man like himself and two monsters. The water rose and spilled from the bath, and Aaron could feel his legs brushing up against the soft, wet fur of his companions feet as they crammed together like fish in a net.

The steaming water had only increased in temperature when Val had entered the bath, and as she reached over to grab some soap, it increased even further. Feeling a bit a lightheaded, Aaron peaked through the thick steam and watched Valerie scrub down her arms.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm~” the hellhound hummed, floating ever closer to Aaron, “Hey, babe, could you-”

‘Keep your distance.” Kiera warned the hellhound, planting her foot between Valerie’s breasts and pushing her to the other end of the tub.

“Why don’t we let Aaron decide, hmm? He’s a grown man.” Val mocked Kiera with her own words from a few weeks prior, scooting back up to the ex-Legionary, “Now… do you mind washing between my ears, babe…?”

“S-sure thing, Val.” the words slipped out of Aaron’s mouth before he even had time to process the question. Glancing over to Kiera, his blood ran cold as she shot them a piercing glare that outmatched even the one from their first meeting at Angel’s Fall.

Snickering, Val stuck her tongue out at the griffon as she settled between Aaron’s legs, pressing her back up against his scarred chest.

“Be sure to be thorough, babe…” Val mewled sweetly, her pointed ears twitching before they laid flat on her head. Swallowing the lump in his throat and trying his damndest not to pop a boner, Aaron gingerly planted the bar of lavender-scented soap between her ears and began washing out the clumps of dirt tangled in her ebony locks.

“Mmm~” hummed Valerie, leaning further back into Aaron as he scrubbed away the dirt and grime, trapping her wagging tail between his chest and her back.

“H-hey! Calm down, Val!” Aaron cried, slamming his back against the side of the tub as the hellhound’s rump came too close to his crotch for comfort.

And while he wouldn’t normally be adverse to the sex, that predatory glint Kiera was shooting at the both of them made his blood run cold.

Val, however, seemed less perturbed.

“Harder, babe~!” she begged, pressing back even further…

“Alright, I think that’s enough.” Kiera spat, reaching over and snatching away the bar of soap from Aaron’s hands. Settling back into place, Kiera winked at Aaron and motioned for him to come forward.

“Now that you’re all done… do you mind getting between my wings, partner?” Kiera asked, turning around and leaning against the side of the tub.

Aaron traced his gaze across her naked back, admiring her smooth, tanned skin. His gaze fell all the way from her neck, between her winged shoulders, and right down to where her curvaceous behind was submerged in the water.

“Can’t you wash it yourself?!” Valerie demanded with a pout.

“Not without a brush… now stop whining, Valerie. It’s my turn!” Kiera spat back at the hellhound, all illusions of her typical composure and maturity going right out the window.

Aaron wasn’t sure how long it had lasted. He’d only have around fifteen seconds to gently scrub away at an area one of the mewling girls could’ve reached on her own before her rival would but in and take her spot. Swept in the squabble, Aaron had no choice but to follow along.

“Babe… do you mind…”

“NO! It’s my turn, you greedy mutt!”

From all the excess steaming and spillage, the tub had already lost half its contents, and both of the girls’ breasts were freely bouncing and jiggling as they began wrestling back and forth.

Snapped out of his nervous stupor, Aaron slammed the bar of soap to the side, “Hey! You two cut it out, or I’m out of here!”

His threat drew the attention of both Valerie and Kiera. But instead of remorse or anger on either of their faces, both of the monsters eyes were filled with what could only be described as a glint of pure, animalistic lust.

Aaron hurriedly scooted back as they drew closer. He defensively raised both hands, “G-girls, c’mon! C-calm down! What are you-”

Tracing their gazes with his own, he found what the monsters were staring at. As the water lowered, the very tip of his erection popped out of the water.

“Oh… looks like somebody’s excited…” Val teased, pinching his crown and stirring his cock around in a circular motion. Reaching between her legs with her other paw, the hellhound merrily waved her tail back and forth and teased her clit between her fingers, “Well, you’re not the only one…”

“Stand back, Valerie.” Kiera huffed, pushing the hellhound to the side with one of her great wings, “I’ll show you how to handle a man~”

“K-Kiera! Calm down, this isn’t like you!”

Creeping to Aaron’s right, Kiera placed her claw against the man’s chest and kept him pinned to the side of the tub. With no means of escape, he was forced to sit in the shallow water and watched as Kiera slowly rubbed her breasts up against his erect cock.

Aaron bit down on his lip, unable to keep his eyes off the gorgeous griffon at his lap. With her free arm, she held both breasts together, his cock squeezed snugly between them. With each slow, deliberate stroke, more of the water in the tub splashed out of the rim and landed on the floor.

But the erotic sight before him was soon replaced by a black, fuzzy paw. Kicking Kiera’s forehead, Val pushed the griffon away and soon took her place from the left, pressing his erection up against his inner thigh with her ass.

“You like that, babe…?” she mewed, rubbing up against him.

What came next looked like a storm of black clashing against a hurricane of white and brown to Aaron. Each girl pushed the other away, grabbing at Aaron’s dick, sending waves after wave of bath water splashing into the air.

“G-gah! Stop! Please, stop!” the iron-haired swordsman begged, thrashing around in what little water remained in the tub as the two monsters fought above him- his words finally seemed to reach them, and they sat frozen in an awkward position- Val sitting on his left thigh, her bum smooshed up against Kiera’s breasts as she lay sprawled across Aaron’s right leg.

And so, Aaron suddenly found his cock trapped between Kiera’s plump breasts and Val’s taut ass. He had to admit, he never would have thought up something so deliciously perverted as an assjob from one side and a titjob from the other.

“Hmph. Fine. L-let’s work together then.” Kiera muttered, rubbing her breasts up and down. The griffon’s small frown at having to share was soon replaced by a bright smile as she watched Aaron seize up and shiver at the feeling.

Looking back, Valerie took note of Aaron’s reaction and nodded to the griffon, “Hehehe… just try to keep up, birdbrain!”

The girls pressed up against one another with Aaron’s cock in the middle, Kiera holding her breasts together with her forearms while Valerie swiveled her hips in a rolling motion.

“G-girls…! C’mon!” Aaron begged, his cockhead starting to leak precum, “This is too much!”

“You like that, babe~?”

“Ah~ just sit back and enjoy, partner…”

They continued on like that for a good while, Aaron’s swollen cock being rubbed up and down by the four globes of soft, warm flesh. Pushed up and beyond his limit, Aaron gripped the rim of the bathtub and let out a beastly roar as his cock erupted.

Catching his breath, Aaron reared his lolling head back up to catch a glimpse of the aftermath.

His sticky strings of white clung to the ash-black humps of Val’s shapely ass, a particular thick strand hanging off the middle of her tail. Kiera, while her face usually stoic, was changed to one of shock and awe as she leaned back, heavy splatters of cum hanging of her sharp features and coating her plump breasts.

“Hot damn…” Valerie laughed, wagging her tail against Kiera’s cum-splattered face, slowing tracing two fingers over her sobbing lips all the while.

“C-cut that out!” the griffon protested, grabbing the hellhound’s tail and giving it a hard yank. Standing as rigid as a board, Val could only squeal at the sudden rough treatment.

“H-hey! No need to be so rough…” the hellhound whined, rubbing her sore tail. Still, she bent over, paws sunk into the water and ass resting atop the rim of the tub, her face slowly inching towards Kiera’s.

“W-what do you think you’re doing?!” the aghast Kiera asked.

Before the griffon could back away, Valerie seized her by the chin, “Here… I’ll clean you off.”

“Are you kidding? T-that’s disgusting…”

Val only smirked at that. Opening up her mouth, she let her tongue roll out and ran it over Kiera’s cheek.

All the griffon’s whines and soft protests didn’t seem to stop the hellhound, who eagerly lapped away at Kiera’s cum-splattered breasts with her hot little tongue. Cleaning up Aaron’s mess, Valerie spent extra time around the griffon’s hard little nipples, happily licking around her hardened peaks, even after they were cleaned.

“See? Don’t mock it before you try it.” the hellhound said as she pulled away.

Sitting up, Valerie twirled around and placed her hands against the side of the tub, pushing her hips back and offering her behind to Kiera.

“Now, you do me…”

Both Aaron and Kiera jumped in shock.

“Any day now…” Valerie said, leaning forward even further as her tail picked up on it’s happy rhythm.

“Y-you don’t think I will, do you?” Kiera stuttered.

“Of course I don’t. Not a prude like you…”

Then against all of Aaron’s expectations, Kiera actually went through with it. Securing her talons on Val’s toned thighs, the griffon leaned forward and traced her tongue along the shapely curves of the hellhound’s ass. Moving around in slow, fast circles, the griffon looked absolutely delighted in licking up and gulping down the mess Aaron had left on her student’s behind.

Biting her lip to hold in a moan, Val sunk her claws into the rim of the tub as the griffon licked away. Even when Val was cleaned, Kiera wasn’t done. Tracing her talons up, she gave Val’s behind a few hard smacks and squeezes, making the hound squeal and squirm in place.

“Hey! That’s enough, Kiera!” Valerie yipped, her tail revealing her true feelings as it wildly flailed back and forth above the griffon’s head, “I-I’m sorry I teased you!”

Kiera leaned forward a final time, her tongue lolling out from between her lips. Then, slowly and carefully, she touched it to Val’s dripping slit and ran it down.

Aaron could hardly believe it. He never thought he’d see his two monstrous companions get along- let alone see one on her knees, licking out the other. Kiera, doubly so.

Feeling his whole overheated body flush, Aaron’s felt the rhythm wildly thumping heart grow ever more distant. Unable to take his eyes off Kiera and Valerie, the whole rest of the world seemed to fade away.

What, are you just going to sit there and watch?’ a small voice in his head scolded him.

No.’ came his immediate reply.

Soon, the iron-haired swordsman hardly knew what he was doing himself- sliding forward and sitting up onto his knees, he hovered forward until he reached the smooth curves of Valerie’s rump. Grabbing hold of each plump cheek, he spread them apart until he found her tight pucker.

“B-babe! N-not there!” Val cried, planting her paws atop of Kiera’s head as the griffon licked away.

An evil smirk spread across Aaron’s face, “What, you can tease me all day and get all shy when I make a move?”

Giving one of her parted checks a hard slap, Aaron took that same hand and rubbed two wet fingers around the rim of her anus.

Giving her tongue a rest, Kiera blinked and watched her partner from between Valerie’s thighs, “A-Aaron? What do you think you’re-”

“Prepping her.” Aaron answered rather bluntly, “She can take it dry because she’s a monster, but it’ll feel better for both of us if she’s ready for it.”

Kiera blinked in disbelief. Looking up from the dribbling pussy in front of her face, she stared the hellhound dead in the eyes, “V-Valerie… you like-”

“Yeah. I like anal.” the hellhound answered, her blushing only deepening.

“B-but that’s so dirty…!”

“Yeah, and you’re licking out another girl. Try not to judge me too hard.”

“T-that’s totally different! Don’t try to-”

“Alright, that’s enough.” Aaron interrupted, standing up out of the shallow water. Reaching under each of her legs, Aaron picked her up and kept her back securely pressed to his chest, a firm hand gripping each of her thighs.

Slipping the head of his cock past her anus, Aaron slowly lowered the hellhound down. Biting down on her lip, Valerie held in a long moan. Tightening his grip on her thighs, Aaron squared his knees and lowered the hellhound even further down.

No longer able to hold in her squeals of delight, Valerie threw her head back, nearly headbutting Aaron in the process.

But that wasn’t the end. Flexing out her wings and tail, Kiera crawled forward once again, latching her eagle claws onto Aaron’s knees and leaning forward, digging into Val’s snatch once again.

The hellhound shivered in Aaron’s arms, taken from both sides by both her traveling companions. And so they carried out in a sort of perverted circle, Aaron thrusting his cock in and out of Val’s tight asshole, every movement jolting Kiera upwards and forcing her tongue around in the hellhound’s pussy.

With Kiera’s dexterous tongue diving down into her core, Valerie didn’t last for long- especially while having her backdoor rammed in the meantime. After Kiera ran her tongue over a sensitive spot, Val threw her head back and cried out as she came.

As her tight anus squeezed down on Aaron’s cock on reaction, the swordsman was pushed to his own orgasm. As his eyes closed shut, his balls clenched and load after load of sticky seed was pumped into Val’s ass.

“Ah… fuck…” Val muttered, Aaron’s softening cock slipping out of her abused hole.

Releasing a pent up breath, Aaron set Val to the side and wiped the sweat from his forehead. But looking down at the hungry griffon kneeling by his feet, licking the pussy-juice from her lips, a fresh cascade rolled down his face.

“Ready for round two, partner?”

Chuckling nervously, Aaron forked his thumb over to the door, “Let’s move to the bed first, alright?”

Still drying off from his bath, the exhausted Aaron collapsed into the sheets of his bed. Although his body ached and his mind felt numb, his angry cock still stood tall at a slight curve, throbbing and begging for more stimulation.

Aaron growled like a starving bobcat, grabbing hold of his shaft and stroking it up and down. He wanted more.


He needed more.

“Looks like you’re still ready for some more action, partner~” Kiera laughed, walking into the room, her brown hair still wet and slick while the white patch atop had already been dried and frizzed all over.

Wringing the last of the water from her chocolate locks as she sauntered over to the bed, Aaron tensed up in anticipation. Sharing a sickly sweet smile with him, the griffon climbed atop his lap, laying down so their faces were level with each other.

“Your hair… it, uh… it’s… very pretty. Smells nice.” Aaron muttered with nothing else to say, suddenly finding his entire world cascaded by griffon’s brown and white hair. He reached up to brush some out of the way and see her blushing face, “Seriously, though. We all need haircuts.”

Giggling, Kiera reached down and pecked Aaron’s lips, “I know. Maybe Valerie can do it for us.”

“Cut… yourself…” Val mumbled incoherently as she stumbled into the bedroom, her fur still matted with water and looking quite out of it.

“You alright, Val?” Aaron asked, looking over Kiera’s shoulder.

“D-don’t mind me… I’ll… just… hang out here for a second…” Val mumbled, her legs still shaking like jelly from her mind-shattering orgasm. Falling into the cushioned chair facing the bed from the corner of the room, the hellhound sank into the padding and spread her legs apart, lazily playing with her clit and watching her companions with half-lidded eyes, “Well, what are ya’ll waiting for? Don’t worry, I’ll be there in a sex… err, sec.”

“A-are you joking? You’re just going to sit there and watch us?” Kiera asked in disbelief.

“I said I’d be there in a second, mom.” Val mumbled once again.

“I-I’ve never been watched doing something like this before… it’s… it’s kind of exciting, to be honest…” Kiera mused, “A-alright… let’s do this…”

Squaring herself, Kiera reached back and grabbed hold of Aaron’s stiff rod, lining up the head with her wet pussy. Easing down, she easily took in the first few inches.

“Unf… oh, gods…”

Kiera smiled. She had only experienced the feeling of having Aaron inside of her for a single night, but it was one night she’d never forget. Welcoming that feeling back totally and completely, she secured her claws on the bed below and lowered herself further.

Aaron reached up, gripping down on Kiera’s curvaceous hips, aiding her in her movements. Soon, their slow, comfy sex escalated into the griffon wildly riding him like a mare. Kiera’s wings burst open and flexed back and forth with every hard thrust Aaron drove deep inside of her.

Propping herself up on her knees, Kiera lifted herself all the way up. But just as she was about to drop down once more, a pair of fuzzy paws around her waist kept the griffon locked in place.

“Ha! You really didn’t think I was finished that, early, didja?” Val growled, two gouts of flame bursting from her eyes in a show of defiance.

“V-Valerie?! What do you think you’re doing?!”

Not answering Kiera, Val pushed her forward a bit, lining the head of Aaron’s cock up to Kiera’s puckered anus. With a sinister snicker, she tightened her grip on the griffon’s midsection and broke out into a toothy grin.

“You’re going to make fun of my kink, huh? Well, let’s see how you like it!”

With those words spat, she slammed Kiera down, ramming the first few inches of Aaron’s wet cock up the griffon’s ass.

Seizing up and yelping at having her anal virginity taken so suddenly, Kiera flexed out her wings and groaned in discomfort.

“Gods… Valerie, you degenerate fool…!” Kiera hissed, tears gathering at the corners of her sharp eyes.

“Don’t worry, master. Lets take it nice and slow~”

Keeping both her paws locked on the griffon’s shapely hips, Valerie snickered as she worked her martial arts teacher downwards onto Aaron’s cock. Although she shook and shuddered, the griffon didn’t put up much of a resistance.

Down below her, Aaron’s head was rolled back, too shocked from both the sudden pleasure and Valerie’s appearance to try and stop her. Gripping the sheets below, he hissed and clenched his teeth.

“Oh… ah…” she panted, feeling every inch of her partners hard, throbbing cock brush up against the sensitive nerves of her ass. The tight ring of muscles squeezed down and rippled around the invading organ, all the way up until every single inch had made it’s way past her anus.

“Oh! Not bad, Kiera. I could only take one or two fingers when I first started doing anal.” Valerie praised the griffon.

“H-ha! This is… this is nothing…” Kiera groaned, one eye clenched shut.

Her wicked grin ever growing, Valerie further pressed herself against the griffon’s waist and traced her clawed fingers down Kiera’s navel, “Is that right? Well then, let’s kick it up a notch!”

“V-Valerie, w-what do you think you’re- ahh!”

Slipping two fingers past Kiera’s wet pussy, Val poked and prodded inside of the griffon, looking for her sweet spot.

“Eeekkk….!” Kiera squealed, tears gathering at the corners of her eyes.

With Aaron’s hard cock sliding in and out of her ass and Val’s fuzzy fingers prodding her sobbing pussy, the griffon’s usual iron fortitude crumbled like dust.

Both her holes clamped down around her friends, and with an uncharacteristically high-pitched squeal, the griffon came. Her tight ass squeezed down on Aaron’s cock, and her tight cunt soaked the hellhound’s fingers.

“Nice…” Val muttered, pulling out her sobbing digits and giving them a long, slow lick.

“Good grief…” Aaron panted in exhaustion, his sore body flayed out across the bed. He felt like he had spent every fiber of his being.

“Perk up, babe! We’re not done yet!” Val cheered, pushing Kiera out of the way and quickly taking her place on Aaron’s lap.

“Not by a longshot, partner…” Kiera added, scooting up to his face and kissing his cheek.

Gulping down a lump of nervousness in his throat, Aaron could only chuckle nervously as the two lusty monsters seemed to tower over him.

“This is gonna be a long night, ain’t it?”

Aaron couldn’t recall how long they went at it, but after the most wild night the soft light of the morning did come to his rescue… whether he was relieved or disappointed, he couldn’t rightly say.

The next morning, Aaron came stumbling out of his room, grumbling like a scolded child. The bags that seemed ever-present under his eyes looked heavier than usual, and his wild, iron-gray hair shot up and frizzed in every direction. Not only that, but he was fairly certain he reeked of both sweat and sex.

He only had the patience to track down his trousers before stumbling back into the tavern’s common room- not that he cared he was grossly under dressed. Like he expected, only the sunken-eyed master of the inn was sitting there, leaning against the bar and smoking a pipe.

“Sounded like you had fun last night.”

“Night never ended for me.” Aaron grumbled in response, scratching behind his right ear, “Now, where can you get some decent breakfast around here?”

An omelet. Aaron could hardly believe it. An honest to the gods omelet. Sure, the eggs were runny, there was a bit too much pepper, and the cheese inside was of a questionable quality, but that couldn’t matter less to Aaron. He had scoured the whole damn town for breakfast and brought it to the outskirts of the community for he and his companions to enjoy together, and he was damn well going to.

Although Valerie was a surprisingly decent chef and Kiera could whip up any homely meal with enough time, they could only do so much with their meager ingredients out on the road. Aaron could swear he could feel tears streaming down his face as he bit into his butter-soaked biscuit.

Kiera had elected to eat a much more balanced breakfast; a crisp apple, a few lean slices of ham, and a slice of toasted rye with grape jam spread across its surface- not to mention the piping hot ceramic cup of coffee, which Aaron had gone great lengths to secure.

Valerie? She looked like she was in absolute bliss, alternating between stuffing her face with nutmeg and cinnamon filled pancakes with a big pile of greasy sausages. The three companions sat in a little circle outside of their pitched tent, relaxing right at the edge of a thick woods that overlooked a vast stretch of plains by the shore.

“Ah~! It feel so good to be able to drink some decent coffee again.” Kiera shuddered in glee, her wings spreading out into the morning sea breeze.

Aaron ripped his second biscuit of the morning in half, shoveling it down with the rest of his eggs. Turning to Kiera, he asked, “Is it good? It’s hard to come by decent coffee beans this far east in Legion turf.”

The griffon took another slow slip, “It’s alright. Alot better than the usual slog I’ve had to choke down to start my mornings…”

“Well, don’t worry about it. I’ll treat to you as much quality coffee as you can drink when we get to Misr.” Aaron promised, “That oughta give ya some motivation, right?”

“That, if not helping you out.” Kiera giggled, taking another small sip of her drink.

“Mmh… I still don’t get how you actually enjoy that muddy water, Kiera.” mumbled Valerie through her mouthfuls of half-chewed food.

Kiera put her cup down, looking over to the hellhound pigging-out, “Forgot the coffee, Valerie! Don’t you think you should slow down a bit? Nothing good can come from scarfing everything down like that.”

“Don’t worry about it, mom. I’m sure I’ll be fi- HIC!”

Before the hellhound could finish defending herself, she burst out into hiccups. And with every little hiccup, a small sprinkle of embers popped from the corners of her eyes.

“Oh my gods… thats… thats the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.” Aaron snickered.

“I-it is not!” Valerie protested, only to hiccup once again, sparking another round of embers. Slapping both palms over her face, the blushing hellhound leaned forward and groaned in embarrassment.

Chuckling, Aaron rubbed his full belly, leaned back into the grass, and stared up at the fluffy white clouds in the bright blue sky.

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