Tyrannosaurus Bogey

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Species: Ogre, Dinosaur

Habitat: Area with large amounts of large aggressive wildlife

Disposition: Proud, aggressive, boisterous, and submissive to her partner

Diet: Carnivorous


The Tyrannosaurus Bogey is part of the dino-bogey family, and as such remembers their past as rulers of the land, apex predators feared by all but most territorial and defensive of beasts. It’s the same today, with their huge bodies quaking the ground with every step, shaking trees as they push past in search of their quarry, be it beast or love. Being carnivorous, they must hunt regularly to keep themselves fed, an arduous tiring process that is helped should they find love.

The Tyrannosaurus Bogey is always followed by two distinct sounds. Their loud, tree-crushing steps, and their thunderous roars. The roar especially is of note, as they do it for three occasions, hunting, mating, and territorial claims. One cannot ignore them, for when they roar, the shockwave can cause small earthquakes.
Most run away from their thunderous steps, and those who do not will find themselves dwarfed by the bogey’s presence, her large lower half towering over them. Most who see this will usually keep their distance, as the bogey’s eyesight is poor, leading to many accidents where she has stepped on those smaller than her, though luckily to no one’s harm thanks to her plush body. Those who stick around, tend to be privy to watch the bogey hunt.

The Tyrannosaurus Bogeys are simple and brutal, as befitting of an apex predator. They stalk their hunting ground, their heavy footfalls scaring away prey not worth the energy it would take to catch. Any still around tend to be giant mana beasts, which bogey will roar upon spotting stunning the creature with fear. She will then run it down, attempting to tear out its throat or rend its belly with her teeth, or her claws if her arms can reach. The bogey will not stop until the creature is dead, and when it is, she will begin to butcher her prey right where it died. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or even how wounded the bogey becomes, for she will simply stitch herself back together using the beast’s bones as knitting needles and the fur as patchwork. Should the Bogeys quarry decide to run, however, it will find itself having made its last mistake. To run from a Tyrannosaurus Bogey knowing it plans to have you as dinner, is no different than simply presenting one’s throat. Unknown ancient magic that surrounds the bogey at all times causes the prey’s heart to beat unnatural fast in fear if it runs. With one strong directed roar, the beast will suffer an instant heart attack, killing it instantly. There is no dying tired to the Tyrannosaur, there’s only dying brave, or dying scared.

The Tyrannosaurus Bogey, as any other dinosaur bogey, is obsessed with food and makes sure to treat her kill with the proper respect it deserves. Each piece is expertly sectioned and portioned, made into neat cuts before she creates a great fire. Roasts, steaks, briskets, whatever she pleases she will cook, making sure not to waste even an ounce as it is prepared as if by a master chef, but she will try to keep the pieces as whole and large as possible, to make sure she does not gobble it in a single bite. Once everything is eaten, with only the bones remaining, she might choose to nap, or she might decide to hunt again, this time with a different target in mind.

Should she be someone who catches her fancy, she will also roar, alerting all for miles around that she has found what she seeks and is on the hunt. To most who follow their instincts, escape is impossible as no matter how fast they run, they will never outrun the bogey’s giant strides. However escape is not truly impossible, as the bogey’s sight is poor, and as such she relies heavily on movement to know what she’s looking at. Escape may be possible if one can break the line of sight and stay perfectly still when she regains view.
Upon closing in on her new beloved, she will bend down, scoop them up, and hold them tight to her body with her powerful arms. This is the last chance to escape, as while her arms are strong, they are short compared to the rest of her, and one might be able to wriggle where her grasp does not reach. Failure to do so in time will allow her to roar again, this time with her new husband right again her body. As she roars, powerful vibrations will rock throughout the body, instilling deep adrenalin-fueled pleasure into their very being, all the while their clothes are torn by those same vibrations.

Still held close, she will make deep primal love to her partner, giving the new lover a feeling of strength, power, and need to dominate the land like their new wife. From here the bogey will dote on their lover much like any other, but will ultimately become submissive to them. She will rely on them to be her eyes, perching them upon her back to guide her, to prey, or to a spot to make love once again. She will also have them aid in hunting, arming them with homemade spears, slings, or bows, but never anything more advanced, as she like all dino-bogeys, do not trust anything more advanced than that.

Not everything is about hunting, however, as the Tyrannosaurus Bogey is still just that, a bogey. She will pamper her lover fully, cooking them meat dishes every day to perfection, and feeding them a royale diet. Not only will she feed them meat from her hunts, but milk from her breast. Should her lover not wish to ride her, she will hold them to her, letting out low, quiet (for a Tyrannosaur) rumbling and throaty roars to soothe and pleasure them. Though their arms might be just too short, they will always be just long enough to gingerly kiss the tops of their beloved’s heads. Even if their lover does not wish to hunt, the bogey will still carry them always, feeding them as if they were her child. To the bogey, her lover is just as royale as she is, and will always be treated as such.

The queen of the land from then on will hunt every day with and for her beloved. One day her young will have to leave, in search of new prey and new hunting grounds, but her feeling for them and her love, is as eternal as history is ancient.

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