Two Foxes, One Wurm

Phoebe gnawed at the pen cap, partly in thought, mostly in daydreaming. Holding it between her sharp canines, the kitsune wiggled the pen up and down between her lips as her golden tails swished about. The various school books and notepads scattered on the carpeted floor in her room went neglected and unnoticed.

What the six hells is taking her so long?

She chomped down and sucked at the same time, glancing at her phone.

It’s been almost 20 minutes!              

Cassidy had come over for an after-school study session, yet within minutes she’d excused herself to the bathroom. It was entirely possible she wasn’t feeling well, but she’d never mentioned anything about it.

How am I supposed to get in her pants at this rate?  

The fox crossed her arms and flopped to the ground on her back.


Another minute or two passed before allowing herself to think what she was really thinking. Phoebe may not have been the brightest fox around, but she wasn’t dumb. Well, too dumb. Probably. Book smarts weren’t her thing, but she could read people like a book. Cassidy and her mother, Ymeri, alike. Most of the time.

Oh, it’d begun innocently enough between her and Cassidy. Or as innocent as it could be, all things considered. The wurm was in the same 25-watt bulb box as she was, but Cass was good-natured, easy to get along with. And, as Phoebe learned not long after, the wurm was packing.

This discovery came about because Phoebe was, in many respects, her mother’s daughter. Which meant clothing was more of a courtesy to public decorum than anything else.

One day, not so many months ago, the two were seated at the back of the room in history class. Or the kitsune was seated, while the wurm was merely coiled in a pile. Phoebe had gone panties optional that day and, by shifting her legs just so and tugging at her skirt like that, well, anyone who was looking in the right direction got an eyeful. She’d been aiming for the cute wolfboy, seeing as how he kept stealing glances at her every so often—and hit her mark.

He flashed the brightest red, head snapping forward like he’d been slapped—and looked a few more times, legs crossing over themselves as he no doubt sought to conceal himself.

But, she’d inflicted a bit of collateral damage.

Cassidy’s eyes were glued to her shaven snatch and not just one, but two massive bulges sprouted against the wurm’s lower clothing, a tube of denim that passed for pants for those with no legs. She’d tried in vain to appear nonchalant, to appear calm about being caught out, but the damage had been done.

At first, Phoebe didn’t know what to think. It was so… Cassidy was a girl! Those breasts, her curves, that face—All screamed “girl” except for a pair of cocks big enough to pitch a circus tent. She’d heard serpents usually had twinned dicks. Now, she had proof. Made her wonder what they looked like…

Later on at home, she did some “research.” She always did love exploring, looking at dongs of all shapes and sizes. Legs spread wide, she plunged a sturdy dildo modeled after a stallion into her cunt, pumping it in and out of her tight cunny in time to a video of a Clydesdale fellow giving it hard to a fox, not unlike herself, thin and agile. From tip down the eight inches to the base, the toy vanished into her as she flicked her clit with her other hand, working herself into a furor.

Her orgasm was fast approaching, but! Not yet, not yet—she yanked the toy out of herself, and chest heaving with breath and beading with sweat, clicked off to another video. One with the title of “Lady Lamia Has Two Surprises!”

A snake woman, like a softer Cassidy with smooth scales instead of plates and smaller-sized, danced and slithered her way across the screen in the nude. Her heavy breasts shook and jounced and her semi-erect cocks swayed with every motion. Then, she stopped in front of the camera. With a wink she began jerking herself off, a cock in each hand. They swelled to full-mast, all the while the woman dirty-talked to the viewer, asking just how much they wanted to taste her dicks, to take them inside them.

Phoebe gulped.

The thought had crossed her mind, but…

To hells with it!

Restarting the video, the young fox grabbed her second toy, a big knotty cock and plunged it deep into her twat for a good coating. Stifling a few moans she got it good and wet and pulled it out.

Then, still holding it in one hand, she grabbed her silicone horsecock in the other. Leaning and slipping back in her chair, using her tails for a bit of extra cushion, she plunged both toys in herself while the snake lady beat herself off, talking like she was imagining fucking the viewer, how tight and hot their holes were—Phoebe gasped, eyes screwed shut.

She came in no time, stuffed full of fake cock as she was and with the video talking so dirty to her. Slipping out of her chair to take a breather on the floor, her tight holes still clamped firmly around her toys, she lay there in the afterglow, relishing the feeling of being so full in post-orgasmic bliss.

Thus did Phoebe begin to reconsider her relationship with Cassidy.

And that had begun her fasciation with her friend beyond, well, friends.

Maybe it was just her own inexperience or skittishness in broaching the topic, or maybe she was being too sly. Cassidy clearly got hard from the slightest look at anything provocative, Phoebe herself included. Shouldn’t have taken much to chip away at her defenses, even if Cass had reservations about fucking her friend.

If boys with a single dick were so easy to tease and fuck, then it reasoned that Cassidy with her fearsome pair would want to fuck twice as bad.

Phoebe’s ears swiveled and laid flat on her head as she spit out the pen. Fuck it. Maybe she’s jerking off in the bathroom or something? The nerve! When she could be using me!

Flat on her back, she looked down herself, across the nightshirt that was her only bit of clothing. It stopped at her hip, leaving her bald pussy so… unprotected. Anyone could see her. Fingers snaked their way across her tummy to her tight, tucked-in lips. Just remembering how great it felt to be double stuffed, then thinking of how full Cassidy would make her feel—she was ready to go at any time, based on the trail of sticky desire that came away on her fingers after a light touch down her slit.

Bolting upright, she left her room to explore. With any luck Cassidy would be in the bathroom and she’d hear the tell-tale sounds from within of a wurm beating herself off.

Phoebe smirked and wondered how much cum Cassidy shot from her twinned dicks. As much as she loved it when a boy filled her to the brim, pussy or ass, she had a certain fondness for when they’d pull out and spray her down.

The door on the second-floor bathroom was closed, all right. On sneaky, silent tip-toes Phoebe crept up and pressed a pointed, fluffy ear to the wood. Its companion swiveled in frustration, desperate to get in on the sleuthing.

Oh, there was something going on in there.

Her fluffy eyebrows furrowed. It was quiet, especially through the door, but unmistakable.

The sound of flesh on flesh and not one, but two voices—harsh, whispered, strained. She knew them both.


She should have done anything—run back to her room, pull away from the door, or just stop listening. Yet, she didn’t. Instead, she pressed in closer, mashing her ear up against the wood to get every lurid detail. Phoebe gulped.

“You’re so, Ah! Thick, I love it! Fuck I just can’t get enough!”

Cassidy is fucking my mom! She ought to have been… something! Not… jealous. Or turned on. The more she listened to the soft claps of flesh and her mother’s happy, muffled moans, the more she couldn’t resist. Fingers wandered between her legs, dipping into her soaked pussy. In time to the gentle claps she fingerfucked herself, eyes fluttering shut.

“Ymeri! C-close!”

“Go ahead! I’m just about—! Ohh gods yessss!”

Phoebe’s other hand pinched at her stiff nipples and her hips shook in time, rocking forward to greet her fingers, to get them in nice and deep to the third knuckle. Two fingers at first, then three, four, until she was practically fisting herself right there in the hallway, listening to her mother get railed out by her friend.

She came! I just heard my mom cum while getting all that dick… That bitch!


“Let it alllll out my dear, fufu, mmm, yes! It’s so hot, I can feel it running down my legs… You really should have knotted me, it’s a shame to let it all go to waste like that.”


Now she wanted Cassidy more than ever! Those big, succulent, cum-shooting cocks, with thick, stretching knots, pumping in and out of her…!

Phoebe bit her lip to keep herself quiet as she came on the spot, practically gushing around her fingers, stroking her G-spot like a fox possessed. Her lips quivered and she nearly fell, only by some miracle managing to steady herself with a hand on the wall and not the door. Rushing back to her feet, Phoebe escaped to her room and cleaned herself up a pair of sweatpants that had been balled up in the corner. Still wouldn’t do anything about the fact she reeked like pussy now, but chances were Cassidy wouldn’t be able to smell it after being deep in her mom.

Just like that, she heard the bathroom door open. Cassidy slithered in, flushed, a moment later.

“Sorry it took so long… Eheh, you know…” Cassidy said, affixed with an awkward smile.

“Mmmm,” hummed Phoebe, sitting cross-legged on the floor. Her eyes were fixated on Cassidy’s crotch. A moment later, her nose twitched.

You reek of cum, I’d know that smell anywhere! Couldn’t even be bothered to use a rag? The nerve! Fucking my mother and not me!

Then, her mother walked by—in a stagger and bow-legged.

Fuck, she must be huge to make my mom like that…

Phoebe considered jumping Cass right there, but… No. Not while she could smell her mother on the wurm.

Though, as their little study session wore on, new thoughts, new ideas took hold. She’d masturbated while listening to her mother get plowed and came damn near instantly. She had to admit: Her mother was an attractive woman. Tits, ass, thighs thick enough to sink your hand into, just enough tummy to be curvy and seductive. Quite the contrast to the slim, petite fox she was.

And, while it hadn’t been the first time she’d listened to her mother having sex, usually with her father, it was the first that it’d aroused her.

Or, aroused her so much.

Phoebe preferred boys, but, well, she was willing to be equal opportunity if the sex was good. Besides, who didn’t love a good pair of tits in their face? She smirked; she knew first-hand of her mother’s big, suckable nipples—despite her smallish breasts, her own sensitive nipples were just as pert and sized to demand they be fondled.

A plan formed in her mind to claim Cass’ cocks, if not alone, then with a little help from her mother. This weekend they were to go to the beach, just the two of them. But, she was certain her mother wouldn’t object to inviting Cass along.

“Hey, Cass,” Phoebe blurt out while they were in the middle of a math problem.

“Yeah what’s up?”

“Want to go to the beach this weekend?”

“Eh, I dunno, I think I might—”

“It’d be so boring with just me and mom, you know?”

“…might be free. I’ll have to check…”

A devilish grin hooked Phoebe’s lips and revealed her pointed fangs while her impressively fluffy tails swished about. “Kakaka!”

“Huh, what’re you laughing about?”

“Oh, er, nothing, just remembered something funny!”


Clear skies, bright sun, and warm, lake-scented breezes. A glorious, almost perfect day for Cassidy. Heat from the sunbaked sands soaked into her body, relaxing tense muscles. It was enough to make her just want to melt in a happy puddle. After a long winter and an unusually cool spring, it was just the sort of thing she needed to get both energized and relaxed.

There was, however, one problem. Or, one problem that threatened to manifest into several.

On the way to the beach, the three of them had worn normal, every-day clothing. Which for Ymeri and Phoebe didn’t mean a whole lot, but it was something Cass was accustomed to. Cass had returned to their little spot on the sands among the crowds (Not that it was particularly crowded, but there were still dozens of other people on the mile-long strip of beach) after visiting the changing room and waited for the kitsune.

She wore a black bikini top to support her burgeoning E-cups, typical beach-fare, but elected for baggy, boyish shorts around what would be considered he waist. “Bottoms” for wurms and lamia were often little more than thongs with an extra strap, which made it look more like a surgical mask, or so she thought, but considering her unusual equipment… Normally they’d retract all the way in, but her twin cocks were so big they still poked out from her scaly slit even when she was completely soft.

Thus, unflattering clothing to protect her secret. Even still, she had to be cautious.

Especially at the beach.

All around her men and women wore the bare minimum. Wolves, tigers, leopards, lamia, minotaur—all around her, of all sexes. Heaving tits threatening to burst from their flimsy confines and dainty, perky breasts alike all around her! Bare asses and thighs, begging to be groped, to be slapped as she pounded pussies and assholes alike! Just a quick look already had her wanting to jam herself in any hole, no matter who it belonged to. She could feel blood rushing to her crotch and she slithered in place, adjusting her shorts.

The cold water of the lake was just what she’d need.

Then, the problem showed up.

Mother and daughter, side by side. At first glance Phoebe had worn something modest: A white one-piece number. Second glance, however, revealed that it was a size, maybe two, too small and wrapped her like a second skin. The bottom bit into her tight snatch, those youthful lips swallowing the strip of fabric—and it hugged every swell of the kitsune’s lithe body to the point her nipples were still visible through what ought to be padded material.

Ymeri had worn a basic two piece with a sash around her waist, but her thick curves threatened to overwhelm the outfit. Breasts practically spilled out of the top and the strings of the bottom sank into supple hips and thighs, broadcasting the softness of the woman it covered.

All the while their ears twitched and fluffy tails intertwined with each step.

More than ever she needed the cold water.

“What a great day!” Phoebe beamed, stretching out, arms legs and tails and all, “Nice to get some sun.”

“Isn’t it?” Her mother added with a ‘fufu,’ viridian eyes lingering on Cass.

“Yeah, hey, who wants to go for a swim?” Cass said in a flurry, keeping her claws in front of her trunks. She wasn’t anywhere near half-mast, but there was still a danger if she didn’t cool off in time. Especially if she let herself look anywhere but at the sand or the sky.

“Not yet,” said Ymeri, bending over to rummage through the bag she’d brought; bending over in just the right way to push her cushioned ass in Cass’ direction, adding in a wiggle of her hips and a sway of her tails just so as to frame the picture for the wurm.

Cass knew she had to avert her gaze but couldn’t help herself, it was such a… tantalizing sight. Her problem grew. If she were at school she could flee to the bathrooms and beat off, spray her cum down the toilet to calm herself, but here? The bathrooms were so far away and she just knew Ymeri would follow her.

“I need some sunscreen or else I’ll burn up and wither,” she chuckled, proffering a bottle she extracted from the bag.

“Uh, what do you want me to do with this?”

“Put it on my back, silly,” Ymeri winked as she laid down—undoing her top and sash around her waist, “I need you to get all the places I can’t reach.”


“Don’t forget to do my daughter, too…”

Cassidy let out a nervous laugh, glancing all around her. Obviously, no one around them knew or saw anything unusual, or even cared. But she knew. She cared. Blood began to flow, drawing a cursed hiss from her lips: “Not now!”

“Well, I mean…” Phoebe trailed off.

“What are you for waiting for, hmm?”

What was she waiting for, indeed. There Ymeri was, prone, vulnerable, and as close to nude as could be in public. Cass splurt out some of the cream onto her clawed hands, clapped them together, and set about her task while Phoebe watched. And watch the younger fox did, every part of her focused.

“Fufu, going straight for my ass? What a strange girl you are,” Ymeri said, casting a stealthy wink towards the wurm.

Cass froze, each of her hands groping a cheek. Were they at her house, in the bathroom, or just anywhere prying eyes wouldn’t see them, her cocks would’ve been out in a flash and inside those hot, wet holes. Her cocks were starting to strain against her shorts, but only just. Mustering all the resolve a twin-dicked, horny teenage girl could manage, she somehow succeeded in retraining her stallions long enough to apply all the cream, working it into Ymeri’s soft, yielding flesh as fast as she could.

“T-there, all done! Okay! Let’s go into the water now!”

“Not so fast! Phoebe, don’t you—”

“Nah, I’m good! And, actually, I, uh, left something in the car, so I need to run grab it quick!” Phoebe said, grabbing the keys out of her mom’s purse, “Be back in a few.”

“Okay. If we’re not here when you get back, we’ll be around the beach somewhere…” The older fox’ tails swished about languidly as she tied her top and stood with her gaze fixated on the wurm.


Phoebe went off across the hot sands, fast, but not too fast. She kept looking over her shoulder as covertly as she could manage, waiting for them to make a move. Her plan seemed to be taking course without her even doing anything. Hells, by that point it was hardly a plan and more her following along. There was one wrinkle, however.

She dipped behind the set of changing stalls and peered out at her mother and her friend.

Like when she’d listened in on them fucking, watching Cassidy manhandle her mother was… invigorating. She’d never thought of her mother like that before, and her mother, being who she was, wasn’t shy about nudity in her home. Something was wrong with her, there had to be. A daughter shouldn’t want to see her mother get railed out by those big, imposing cocks. Shouldn’t want to be right there alongside her, groping those big tits while they both got fucked.

Maybe it was Cass, whenever the wurm was near her mother she always smelled so much better, a scent that made her think of great sex.

Before she could consider this further, the two began walking away.


Following along at a distance, using other people and whatever she could find to keep herself hidden, she trailed them across the beach until they vanished from sight behind a rocky outcropping where the sands started to give way to short, craggy cliffs.

She scampered up to where they’d disappeared and glanced around the corner. There they were, safe from the view of most people in a horseshoe-shaped alcove on soft sand.

Ymeri’s top was already on the ground.

“I, I really don’t know about this…” Cassidy stammered, even as Ymeri knelt down in front of her and pulled away her baggy boy-shorts. Her bulges straining against the fabric and caught on the band for a brief moment before springing free. One of her foot-long cocks slapped the slutty foxmilf’s cheek, dragging a strand of precum across her skin.

“It’ll be fiiiine, besides, look how hard you are. I’d say you want this more than I do,” she laughed under her breath, holding a pillar of flesh in each hand.

She guided one through the cleft of her ample cleavage, taking its blunt head between her lips. Cass let out a soft moan, whole body shivering as her other cock mashed against Ymeri’s midriff, smearing precum across her tummy. The older fox sucked on the few inches of the tip like a candy, cheeks hollowing as she hummed appreciatively.

Cassidy, no longer content to be an idle participant, rocked back and forth, working her cock through the exquisitely soft valley and into that wet mouth with that tongue that knew just how to tease at the sensitive ridge of her flare or would dart into the tip of her urethra to lap up pre at its source.

Ymeri squeezed her tits tight around Cass, forming a nice, tight valley for the wurm to fuck as she humped away.

Behind the rocks Phoebe wriggled in place. She could just keep watching, watch her mom suck those cocks to completion, but… But!

“Hah! Caught you!”

“W-what?!” Ymeri stammered, the cock in her mouth popping free.


Cassidy’s cheeks flushed an even brighter shade of red, “I knew this was a bad idea!”

The younger fox popped from around the rocky outcrop, finger thrust out in accusation along with her big fluffy ears homed in on the target of her ire, “Mom! You’ve been keeping…”

She trailed off as she got closer, as Cass and those thick, juicy cocks got closer. This was the first time she’d seen them. They were big, bigger than her largest toy, and they were so… exotic. A meaty shaft capped by a head that she knew would flare up to really stretch her out, to keep all that cum inside whatever hole it plugged—and from the crown down they were covered in bumpy little backward-pointed spines to scrape her out on every stroke, all the way down to the uninflated bulbs of the knots. A double lock.

If only she knew what Cass had really been packing. Gods, she could smell them from ten steps away!

Drool ran down her chin and the flames of passion burned within fiercer, hotter than she’d ever felt before.

“I can’t believe you’ve been keeping those things, I mean, Cassidy all to yourself!”

For as shocked as Ymeri was, she wasn’t about to let go or get off her knees, or try to cover her tits or dripping twat up.

“You should have made your move long ago, before she made her move on me,” Ymeri said in a huff.

Phoebe had a nice response all lined up, except she’d not anticipated that last part. “What?” She said, tails twitching as she leveled an eye at Cassidy.

“Uh, well…” Cass tapped the pointer claws from each hand together.

“Yes, this naughty girl raped your mother, can you believe her? Without even so much as a kiss she stuffed these,” Ymeri gave the cocks in hand a tight squeeze, making the wurm jump in place, “Right in my holes! But…”

Now it was the elder fox’ turn to smirk, “Good thing you’re so young have so much stamina, fufu…”

“You’re such a slut, mom!”

“Oh, what about yourself? You’re dripping more than I am.”

“What’re you—”

Phoebe came up short as she inspected herself, fingers coming back from her inner thighs slick with liquid lust. The teenage kitsune’s ears flattened and she looked away.

“What a naughty girl, getting so worked up watching your mother suck a cock,” said Ymeri, wrapping an arm around her daughter’s shoulders. She leaned in close, lips glancing the delicate guard hairs of Phoebe’s ear, making it twitch and flick, “Fufu, you are my daughter, after all. You know, those times you fucked a boy in your room and thought you hadn’t been found out?”

“What! You mean?!”

Her mother pulled away and smiled in response, then turned to Cassidy, who was still standing there, dumbstruck, with her cocks sailing at full mast. “How about it, you want to fuck both of us, don’t you?”

“I, uh, but we’re in public, and…”

“You had no problem with me sucking you off just now. Besides, I was planning on fucking you after the first shot anyways.”

“But you said!”

Ymeri rolled her eyes and gave a lazy, coy smile, “Like you would’ve been able to control yourself. We both know how much you love my cunt and ass and how you’re not satisfied until your third or fourth shot.”

A hungry look washed over Phoebe while Cass covered her face with her claws. With one deft motion, Ymeri grabbed either strap of her daughter’s bathing suit and yanked it down, exposing pale flesh to the world at large. Her daughter’s hands shot up in reflex, but moved quickly to finish the job, sliding it the rest of the way off and shimmied it down her legs where she kicked it off. Ymeri followed suit, untying her bottom and letting it fall where it may.

Both their tight, tucked-in cunts glistened with arousal.

“Mmm, I see you took care of yourself this morning, too,” Ymeri laughed, pressing in close on her daughter, mashing her big, motherly tits into the younger fox’s back while her fingers weaved a course across Phoebe’s smallish, pert tits, her stomach, and to her smooth lips.

“That’s… Oohhh,” Phoebe’s breath caught in her throat when her mother’s finger dipped inside.

“Let’s not leave poor Cass waiting, shall we?” Her mother said, breaking away and sauntered towards Cass, wide hips sashaying as she went.


Cassidy smacked herself on the cheeks. Mother and daughter descended upon her like hungry animals—a dream she’d had more than once—but they were in public and this was no longer going to be a five-minute quickie.

Her reservations vanished when they both knelt in front of her and took a cock each. Ymeri resumed as she had been doing before, giving the wurm a combined tit and blow-job, while Phoebe had to settle to licking all up and down her length. They were both so good, sucking and licking and stroking and caressing all the right places.

Ymeri bobbed her head and worked her tits, slurping noisily as precum and spit drooled from her lips to pool at her breasts to provide more lubrication. Phoebe would start at the crown and drag her long tongue all the way to the base of the uninflated knot, using her fingers to tease the soft barbs surrounding her cockhead and her other hand stroked her, building up from soft, almost languid to furious within the span of a minute or two.

“C’mon, cum for me Cass, I gotta taste you,” Phoebe pleaded, switching to a two-handed grip to jerk Cass off as she kneeled down, mouth held open and tongue hanging out mere inches from the end of her cock like a waiting target.

Following along, Ymeri smiled and did the same thing, settling back and jerking the wurm off, but unlike her daughter she kept her lips sealed around the blunted head—and began to hum and plead with her eyes.

Cass’ heart beat so hard it pulsed in her cocks as the pair beat her off, begging for her seed. With all thought of public danger gone, she let herself go. Grabbing each of their heads in a clawed hand she grunted, and mouth hanging open, let out a long groan as her body unwound like a drawn bowstring.

Her flares and knots swelled and her cocks jumped with the first boiling load.

“Mmph!” Ymeri’s cheeks instantly swelled with the thick, hot load and her throat bulged as she hurried to drink it all down.

Her second cock lurched and its load missed its target, spraying down Phoebe’s face instead of in her mouth.

“Ah! It’s so warm!”

Even with a mouth full of spunk and a face covered in it, the kitsune pair didn’t falter in jerking Cass off, in working out every drop. Cass fired off again and again, tongue lolled up and eyes clenched shut, body spasming every time another heavy load lanced out. Soon Phoebe’s mouth was pooled in cum and her face a pearly veneer. Only when Cass’s eruptions trailed off in a weak trickle did she gulp down the hot jizz.

“Mmm, rich and salty,” she said, licking her lips, then as far as her tongue could reach, “Just how I like it.”

“Glad to see my daughter has good taste,” her mother chuckled, coming off Cass’ other cock with a wet pop of her lips. To her credit, she’d not allowed a single drip past her lips, “But you are a mess, let me help you with that…”


Phoebe put up a front of a struggle as her mother licked her face clean of wurm spunk, but it was naught but for show. Meanwhile, Cass panted, admiring the size of her flares and knots and the fact she was still iron-hard. She also noted the sands where the foxes had been kneeling was slick with their lust.

Watching Ymeri lick her semen off Phoebe, the fact she’d just gotten blown by the two of them—Cass uncorked.

“Need to fuck!” She shouted, rushing to shove Ymeri and Phoebe to the ground, to stick her dicks in those waiting cunts, but she got beat to the punch.

With a strength that surprised her, Ymeri darted forward and shoved Cass, toppling the wurm onto her back and sending her erections soaring like flagpoles into the air. Pulsing towers of sex, just waiting to be used.

“You’re not the only one, my dear,” Ymeri chuckled, blue sparks emanating from her fingertips that faded away, “It’s been days since we’ve fucked, and momma wants…”

“Me too!” Phoebe jumped in, one hand mashing against her crotch as she stared at those glorious spires, still slick with spit and seed.

“Good thing there’s one for each of us…”

Holding her daughter’s other hand, Ymeri stepped over Cass to center herself across the wurm, as did Phoebe.

“Just hurry up!” Cass whined, thrusting herself upwards, desperate and longing for hot, tight holes to fill.

“My! How impatient! Maybe I ought to wait?”

Horror filled Cass’ heart, or it did until several drops fell from Ymeri’s cunt onto her flared cockheads.

“Fufu, who am I kidding?”

“Mom, you’re the worst,” Phoebe said, gently lowering herself until her puffy, cock-hungry lips kissed one of Cass’ crowns, “Don’t be mean to Cass, especially when she’s going to be so—Hng—good to us…”

The younger kitsune gasped again as she let more of her weight off her feet. The big, blunted head, still flared, mashed against her pussy, but couldn’t penetrate.

“So thick! M-maybe we should wait for it to die down?”

“What’s the fun in that?” Ymeri smiled, lowering herself as well. Just like her daughter, her snatch kissed the fat cock and her engorged lips oozed lubricate all over the battering ram demanding entrance. But, unlike her daughter, her pussy parted, swallowing up the fist-sized flare with a wet squelch.

“Mmm!” She cooed in delight, gliding down the shaft, her cunt greedily gobbling down inch after inch, “So good!”

She wasn’t alone in the exultation as Cass let out a happy sigh, licking her chops as she got a perfect view of Ymeri’s ass sinking down and down, a magic act where she made a foot of cock disappear—at least until the kitsune came to a rest just above her swollen knot. Her pussy lips stretched around the thick ball of flesh, but she was content to rest on it.

She was so hot, so wet, Cass could pound her sloppy hole for days, filling her with seed over and over again.

Phoebe stared in awe, as when Ymeri came to a rest she could see the outline of Cass’ cock on her stomach. Only her biggest toys had ever done something similar to herself, and never so… visible.

Not to be outdone and driven by raw, desperate need, she gave one last effort by taking all the weight off her feet. With a pained yelp, it worked as her poor cunt, not possessed of the experience of her mother, finally broke and allowed the intruder in. Phoebe gasped then went silent as the wind was knocked out of her; there was no gradual descent to get used to the massive dick, just a quick pop as flesh yielded and gravity did the rest.

Cass, too, was in for as much shock as it felt like a wet, fleshy vice wrapped itself around her cock and began to squeeze her to the point it damn near hurt—her barbs especially, each one felt like it was going to be sheered off as it popped through the fox’ lips. Not even her thick medial ring could slow her descent, until, finally, like her mother she came to a halt on the great ball of her knot.

“Fuuuuuck!” She finally managed to yelp out when she was able to suck in a breath, “It’s so fucking big!”

“I know, I love it!”

Face-to-face, mother and daughter, had a good view of each other from up close. Ymeri’s hand reached out to touch her daughter’s stomach; where her belly bulge was quite apparent, it was quite a step above on her dainty, lithe daughter.

“You really are my daughter to take a dick this good,” she said in a faraway sigh, then leaned in close to embrace Phoebe, mashing her tits against the smaller breasts, practically smothering them.

Then, they kissed.

“MM!… Mmmm…”

Phoebe relaxed into it, tongue and all.

Cass, getting impatient, grabbed Ymeri’s big ass with her claws and began to lift her off, then let her go to bounce the fox on her cock.

“Now now,” Ymeri teased, breaking the kiss, then flashed an emerald wink at Phoebe, “I suppose we should show her a good time?”

Holding hands and feet firmly planted on either side of the wurm, the duo began to pump themselves up and down on Cass’ mighty cocks. At first, a slow pace, allowing Phoebe to get used to everything—even such a slow tempo she couldn’t stop moaning, shivering whenever the medial ring popped in or out, whenever the soft barns around the tip of the cock scraped her in just the right way.

Phoebe’s tight cunt pulled out some with every outstroke, unable to let the girthy intruder go, while her mother had no such issues—happily gliding up and down without pause. They set into an uneven rhythm, bouncing up and down at will. Ymeri wicked up instantly, pulling all 12 inches of Cassidy out of her in one fluid motion before slamming her ass down with a jiggling, wet impact.

“By the divine this cock is so good! Yes!” Ymeri cried out, holding onto her daughter for dear life, treating Cass as little more than a toy to be used.

“Ahh, Cass, Mom, gods!” Phoebe moaned, moving much slower, shivering and jolting with every barb, as the flared head scraped her out.

Ymeri grabbed Phoebe, holding her close—so close Cass’ cocks touched one another through the foxy cocksleeves riding her like animals. Leveraging her daughter she aided her, helped her quicken her pace, much to Phoebe’s delight—and insanity.

Her head and eyes rolled back and her tongue lolled out when her mother forcefully jounced her petite body on the mammoth rod. She was close, so close! Here she was, getting fucked by her dual-dicked friend with her mother, both of them stuffed full of so much fucking cock! Every little sensation better than the last! Her mom, the busty slut! Even as she lost control of herself and went limp, as her body started to tingle with impending orgasm, she wished she had a cock of her own to fuck her mother while Cass fucked her. How great that’d be!

One last pop of that medial ring and she lost it.

“Ah, Ahhh! Fu, fuck!” Phoebe twitched and shuddered as orgasm wracked every nerve. Even as she went limp from the cunt-shattering orgasm, the rolling undulations from Cass’ long, powerful body and her mother kept the cock pounding in and out of her, fucking her to another screaming, wailing orgasm hot on the heels of the first.

“It’s so good, don’t stop! The knot! I need the knot!”

Cass was holding on for dear life, struggling not to cum so soon, but shit! Phoebe turned into little more than a fucktoy wrapped around her cock, one that was wringing and milking her for all she was worth, desperate for cum. But, the knot! Gods, yes, she needed to knot these foxy sluts!

Grabbing Ymeri’s waist, she roared and slammed the fox down, drawing a surprised cry from the milfy slut as her knot demanded entrance. Again and again she slammed her down, the thick ball of flesh battering further in with each attempt until, finally, her yawning cunt stretched just enough to reach the halfway point and then it slipped in with a tight pop.

Ymeri came instantly in a high moan as the bitch-breaking orb ground against her g-spot, stretched her quim to capacity. Cass could feel herself losing control, could feel the heat building in her—Not yet!

She reached around Ymeri and grabbed Phoebe by the legs and hauled her down much the same, but the tight fox was a bigger challenge. Bringing all her strength to bear she thrust up at the same time as she pulled the small fox down, heedless of the cries of pain. Phoebe’s snatch was a vice around her knot, but the wurm was stronger and soon she yielded, slipping her fat knot in with one final breath of relief.

This was the life! Two fox bitches knotted at the same time, both their cunts wringing her for seed as they orgasmed on top of her. Letting herself go, Cass grunted as her own orgasm claimed her, forced her still so every important muscle could take over and fill those fluffy sluts with cum.

Phoebe was in shock, even as her third orgasm, the hardest yet, shook her slender body. It hurt so good! Her mother, riding out her own long climax, held her daughter tight, smothering her in kisses as she rolled her hips to grind her clit against Cass’ scales.

Fur stood out on end all over, Phoebe slackened as heat filled her and the flare and knot, already impossible thick, swelled with jizz.

She’s cumming! Cass is filling me and mom with cum!

Cass grit her teeth and her whole body lurched with every volley that boiled up through her dicks and into thirsty, needy wombs. Such was her volume their wombs filled by the second shot and by the fourth, the outline of her cock on their stomachs had rounded. Still she came, filling them with steaming ardor.

“You two are amaaazing,” Cass groaned out as her womb-filling loads trailed off into weak aftershocks and spurts, and without thinking, rolled over—taking the knotted sluts along for the ride in a series of yelps.

“Mmm, that was fantastic,” Ymeri agreed, rubbing her seed-laden belly. She tried to get off Cass’ cock, but the engorged knot and flare held firm. “Guess I’m not going anywhere for a while, fufu…”

Phoebe, meanwhile, had taken leave of her senses. She was still conscious, in a manner of speaking, but the bitch-breaking knot had done its job and broken the bitch, leaving her a spunk-swollen fox knotted to a wurm on a beach.

By the time Phoebe had regained her senses, Cass’ knots had deflated enough where she could pull out. The daughter was shocked to reality as Cass pulled free, her knots and flares still escaping only with a sharp tug and a wet pop. Fresh, hot jizz streamed after, pooling out of gaped holes. Cass gave each of their asses an appreciative smack, and her cocks, still semi-rigid, began to firm up once more.

Seed may have flowed from their cunts, but now their asses needed her cocks just as much as her cocks needed those tight asses. Cass smiled.

“Please, I need, like, an hour,” Phoebe gasped out, the shadow of Cass’ cock cast across her face.

“More for me,” Ymeri giggled, getting on all fours. She smacked her ass, then spread her cheeks—revealing her tight, semen-covered pucker above her stretched-out cunt. Cass lined herself up, her bottom cock sliding in with ease, but the top one, well, she just had to force the issue.

She grabbed Ymeri’s arms for leverage, pulling back as she slammed home. Ymeri screamed out in bliss as her ass was destroyed by the mammoth slab of meat, as both holes were speared open. “Fuck yes! Fuck me like an animal!”

Phoebe watched in amazement from scarcely two feet away as her mother got double-stuffed, rut like an animal. Cass bent over Ymeri, arms wrapped tight around her, tits squished against her back while her waist thrust again and again. Every time the wurm bottomed out her twinned cocks bulged out Ymeri’s midriff and she had to have climaxed two, three times based on the waterfall cascading down from her cunt. Phoebe couldn’t help but reach down, drawing her legs up and back and then slipped her hand into her cunt, fisting herself as she watched her mother get reamed out. Not satisfied with just her cunt, she took her juice-slicked hand and slipped one finger into her asshole, then two, even as other hand delved into her cunt. Soon, she was double-fisting herself, climaxing right alongside her mother, wishing it was her that was getting all that dick!

She got her wish as Cass came yet again, having the presence of mind to avoid knotting her. Letting her mother fall to the ground, Cass’ took each of her pulsating cocks in hand and aimed them at Phoebe, showering her in a rain of spunk while she fisted herself.

Then, she too got the double dick. She lost count of how many times she came or how much seed she’d been filled with. Even with her pills, the thought crossed her mind she was sure to get pregnant from such virile, potent cum. She could feel it marinating her womb, seeking out eggs to fertilize.

Maybe she’d be lucky and her child would be a cute fox, only with two big knotty cocks to fuck its mother with. Ah, but what about her mother?

…A sister to fuck wouldn’t be so bad, either.

The last of her thoughts were chased away as Cass rammed her knots home, bloating out the poor fox and shattering her mind for several hours to come—As Cass fucked her limp body and her mother again and again on the beach.

Phoebe couldn’t ask for more!


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  1. Not bad. Definitely more furry porn-ish than anything MGE-related (like seriously, wolfboys and horsedicks? For real?). And I don’t think this community is an audience that really appreciates or meshes well with said content, but hey, a bit of variety is nice.

    But a threesome with a kitsune MILF and daughter? Yesss. ‘Das good stuff right there. Not even much of a fan of futa, but when it’s coupled with a beach oyakodon that ends with mother and daughter cumflated and pregnant? Heck yeah, great stuff.

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