Trisha’s Hubby (An Arrival of a Rival Gaiden Chapter) Part 2

“So this is your house…”

“Yup. A two-story rectangle house. I nabbed this beauty back when Lady Tama was buying property here. Technically, this is her home, but she gave me ownership since she hardly has time to use it.”

“I can tell judging from how big the house is…” Just as Markus said, the house is pretty big. It’s closer to the size of a small office complex. It had to be to accommodate her long, serpentine body. She’d use magic to change into her human form when she had guests or wanted more space.

“Well, no use gawking at it from the outside. Unless you want to become Frosty the snowman out here.” Heading inside, Markus and I took a deep sigh of relief when a breeze of warm air hit our faces.

“Huh? I know you’re a resident of Zipangu, but your house’s interior isn’t what I expected.” In contrast to its outward appearance, the interior was oriental in decor. A collapsible shoji door with a mountain painted on its semi-transparent screen, to a bonsai tree next to the shoe rack by the front door. I always get a kick seeing people’s reactions when they see the interior for the first time.

“Yeah. It clashes with how it looks from the outside, doesn’t it? Lady Tama wanted interior decor that reminded her of home.” As soon as he took his shoes and jacket off, Markus walked toward the two paintings hanging above the living room couch.

“Hey, these paintings…”

“Yup, They’re the mountain scenery painting Lady Tama and I painted. Mine’s on the left, and hers is on the right.” Judging from the look on his face when comparing the two paintings, I didn’t have to tell him which one was which.

“When you said Lady Tama wasn’t good with painting, I didn’t think the difference between you two would be this stark.”

“Ahaha…yeah. The funny thing is, when I brought Faulkner here, he had the same reaction you did. Only, he mixed up who painted what.”

“I imagine that ticked you off?” I didn’t have to acknowledge him with a verbal response. All he needed was one good look at my face to get his answer. “With how hard you’re trying to hide your irritation with a smile, I’d say it did.”

“Tsk! Let’s move on from that topic, shall we?” It was four in the afternoon when I brought him to my house for the first time. For Christmas Eve, we didn’t do much to celebrate aside from watching a few Christmas TV shows and a movie. We cozied up by sharing a warm blanket and drinking some hot cocoa.

“So this is a timeless classic? I’m honestly more annoyed at Marv and Harry! Are they blind, or do they not see the ‘traps…’” I remarked sarcastically. “…around them?”

“It’s not meant to be taken seriously, Trisha. The other movies aren’t much better in that regard…”

“They made a sequel to this dumb movie?!”

“Yup. Three sequels and two others that some people don’t count. Even among the four movies, the last two are awful.” It’s probably because I watched the movie with Markus, but I found it enjoyable despite its idiotic premise.

After watching TV, I cooked up something quick and easy to make. Sirloin steak with melted butter and roasted garlic. Mash potatoes with Irish butter. And oven-roasted asparagus. Nothing too fancy.

“Wow, this is quite something, Trisha…”

“It’s no big deal. Go on, cut your steak. I want to see if I cooked it right for you?”

“Sure!” As I held my breath in anticipation, Markus cut into the steak, spilling reddish juices before revealing a medium-rare interior. “Yup, that’s medium rare.”

“Phew! I’m glad I didn’t fuck it up. I had the pan searing hot to give the surface of the steak a nice sear. I was worried and wondered if I overcooked the inside because of it.”

“Nope, it’s cooked just right.” Cutting himself a piece before taking it into his mouth, Markus’s hum of delight was music to my ears. “Buttery and juicy with a taste of garlic. It’s perfect, Trisha.”

“Ah, you flatterer!” I had my dinner paired with red wine to compliment the steak. Since Markus was still underage, he settled for sparkling grape non-alcoholic wine.

“So…I’m curious, Trisha. Who did you spend Christmas within the last four years?”

“I spent my first Christmas with Lady Tama. That’s how I got that right over there…” I said before pointing at the Christmas Tree next to the TV. “This is the only time I brought that out aside from the first time Lady Tama bought it…”

“Really? Why’s that?””

“Well, the second time Christmas came around, Lady Tama was back in Zipangu in my world, so Fae Fae and her boyfriend Melv invited me to their house for Christmas.”

“And how did that go?”

“Eh? It wasn’t bad at all, actually. Their first daughter’s a real cutie!” I left the small detail of getting too drunk and being filmed sobbing like an idiot. The last thing I need Markus to hear is me bitching about wanting a baby.

“Okay. What’d you do on your third Christmas?”

“That time, I invited Faulkner over. We were behind on paperwork for TMRC, so we spent the first half working our asses off to get caught up. After that…”

“You two got drunk?”

“Duh! What other way to celebrate after all that paperwork than to drink our sorrows away? Man, hearing him bitch and moan about Karika and the other girls in his class was hilarious.”

“And I bet he got to hear you complain about your woes. Then again, you did that even when sober around me.”

“Aww, put a sock in it, kiddo.” We shared a good laugh at each other’s comeback. “Well, I get to spend Christmas Eve with you this year.”

“Believe me, I’m just as happy about it as you are. We’ve known each other for four years, yet this is the first time I’ve ever been to your house.”

“Just had to talk your father into agreeing with you spending Christmas Eve with me.”

“As for Christmas day, they want you to come to our house and spend Christmas day there.” Even now, Doyle still watches me like a hawk. I’ll have to prepare myself accordingly for tomorrow.

When we finished eating, I told him to shower first while I took care of the dishes. He knew what was coming, so he waited for me in the bedroom with nothing but the towel he dried himself with around his waist.

“…” This house has two bathrooms. The main bathroom was closer to a miniature bathhouse. Made to accommodate Lady Tama, I figured Markus and I could use it later. We’re using the other bathroom next to the master bedroom.

Staring back at my reflection in the full-length mirror hanging on the door, I felt a sudden chill down my spine. My hands reflexively moved to grab onto my shoulders.

“That’s right. Since this is the first time Markus will see me naked. I wonder if…” When I was a merc/bodyguard for hire, I knew about the risks that came with it. “…my scars will bother him…” One above my left breast. And another on the right side of my stomach.

I don’t know why it didn’t cross my mind until now. Maybe I was mentally suppressing it? Markus was bound to see me naked at some point. The thought of him seeing my scars scared me. I just have to put my faith in him…

“Sorry about the wait. I didn’t keep you waiting, did I?”

“No, don’t worry about it…” Like everything else in this house, the master bedroom was quite big. Round and about the size of four California king-size beds, it was made for Lady Tama’s serpentine body. “Y-you look beautiful, Trisha…”

“Ah! Wha-why are you saying that out of the blue?!” We both reacted the exact same way. Red in the face and turning away from each other. Still, it was nice to hear him say that.

“Uh…this bed sure is huge, huh?” Changing the subject, I sat on the edge of the bed while Markus crawled around on the bed.

“You have no idea. It’s a pain in the ass to keep the bed neat every day, so I just gave up and let it stay messy.”

“Can’t say I blame you.” After sitting next to me, neither of us could talk as we were too nervous to say anything. We’d look at each other every now and again, but that was it.

“So…are you gonna pull your towel away?”

“A-aren’t you?!” And just like that, we were locked in a stalemate.

“…f-fine! I’ll go first!” Making the first move, Markus pulled the towel covering his waist off.

“Oh…you’re pretty lean. And your abs are barely visible, but they’re there. You’re making some progress…” Markus didn’t dare open his eyes. Keeping had them shut so hard that his eyelids were twitching. “And…you’re neatly trimmed down here…” I wasn’t thinking about it, but my body certainly was as my right hand hovered over his stomach. A little squishy on the surface but solid underneath, Markus almost fell off the bed from shock before sitting back up.

“Okay! You got your turn now, right?! N-now show me yours!”

“Ah…o-okay…” Shit. I really hung myself on a noose now. Standing up, I turned around to face Markus before grabbing the ends of my towel.

Tch! No turning back!

“H-here!” Soon after I pulled the towel off, there was nothing but deafening silence. The only sound I could hear was the towel falling to the ground and my heartbeat. Like Markus, I kept my eyes shut at first. I was scared of what he’d say or look like if he saw my scars. When I opened my eyes, my fears were justified when I saw the look on his face.

Just like that, the little confidence I gathered melted away. I knew it. Markus finds my scars ugly…

“Trisha…let me say this before anything else. I stick to what I said earlier. You’re beautiful. So if somehow you misinterpreted the expression on my face just now, know that it isn’t that of disgust.”

“I-it isn’t?”

“No, you silly. You said you were a merc and bodyguard before coming here, right?” I nod in response before Markus pats me on the head with his right hand. “I had a feeling that you might have a scar or two from those jobs. I’m just concerned about your body. That’s all.”


“Yes, really.” Feeling silly about doubting him, I chuckled before noticing him staring awfully hard at my scars. “Uh…”

“Sorry! I don’t mean to stare like that. The scars don’t hurt anymore, do they?”

“No. I don’t feel any pain from touching them.”

“Then…can I touch them?” Trusting him to guess my answer, Markus nods before softly touching the scar on my left breast. “I feel a slight bump around your scar…but otherwise…” Whether he was being careful out of consideration or because he was nervous, Markus’s fingers were shaking while tracing his fingertips on it. It was almost ticklish with how subtle his touch was.

“You can be a bit firmer with your hands if you want. Like I said earlier, they don’t hurt anymore.” Touching with a bit more gusto, Markus squeezes my left tit. “…ah…”

“S-soft. How did you get the scar here?” While giving my tit a few more squeezes, he traced his finger around my nipple.

“I-I got it from getting shot by an arrow there…” Whether he realized it or not, Markus had his hand on the other tit now, squeezing them both. “I-I know this is your first time touching them, but I thought you wanted to touch my scars?”

“Ah! Oh crap! I’m sorry, Trisha!”

“Don’t worry about it. I just wanted to save that for when we’re on the bed.” Letting go of my chest, he moved onto the scar on the right side of my stomach. “Ehehe…that tickles…”

“The scar on your stomach, it feels wrinkly.”

“Yeah. That’s a burn scar.”

“Ah…” Markus was firmer with his hands on my stomach. He was probably feeling for my abs.

“Hey, come on now. Didn’t I tell you to save that for the bed?”


“Getting impatient, are we? I can’t blame you. Come’ere!” Grabbing him by his shoulders, I pushed Markus down on the bed, sitting right on top of him.


“So cute…” Okay, Trisha, relax! You can do this! Markus is finally in my house’s bedroom. All I have to do is close my eyes and kiss him! I did it before in the park, so I should have no problem doing it here! Just grab his cheeks, hold him still, and go in for the kill!


Just think back to the first time you met him! All smoll and cute. Wait, He was underage at the time! Stop being stupid, me! Just do it already!


I’m his senior by twenty years, aren’t I? I can’t back down now! I love him, and he loves me. So stop being a prissy little bitch and-


“AH!” I was so caught up in my inner monologue that I forgot I was holding onto Markus’s cheeks the whole time.

“Can you lessen your grip a bit?” I didn’t realize how hard I was holding onto his cheeks. I left a red imprint of my hands on his face because of it.

“I-I’m so sorry, Markus! Is your face alright?”

“I’m okay, Trisha. I’m more worried about you. You’re shaking like a leaf.” Looking down at my hands, I could barely keep them from shaking. “We don’t have to go through with this if it’s making you this nervous, you know?”

“NO! I made up my mind! I’m not about to turn tail and run from it! I just need some liquid courage to get me going!” Sitting at the bedside table for that very occasion, I grabbed the Azure Bloom sake bottle, popped the cork off, and chugged away.

“H-hey! Don’t chug the whole thing at once!” Going down smooth at first, I felt the warmth from the sake hit my gut all at once. Starting from my stomach and all the way to the tips of my fingers, my hand’s grip on the bottle loosened as soon as it was empty as it fell on the bed. “Trisha! Are you okay?” Taking the bottle off the bed, I could barely see straight.

“Uwah…wuzzat…oh hey…there you *hic* are…”

“I’ve never seen you this red before.”

“Yeah well…I don’t drink THIS much normally. Aside from Lady Tama…you’re the only person to see me like this…”

“Wait, really? Not even Faulkner?”

“Heh! See, Faulkner is such a close friend to me. Frankly, I can’t trust myself to stay in control. I like him enough that I might jump him into a drunken stupor. But you? I don’t care. Whether I make the first move or you do, it doesn’t matter to me. One of us is going to get violated…”

“That…is really arousing…” It seemed like neither of us wanted to make the first move. I know Markus is raring to go. His erection pinned under my stomach says as much.

“Okay…sounds like you want to be first…” Using my left hand to move my hair away from his face, I tease him a little by lightly pressing my lips against his. Giving him some smoochies, he sticks the tip of his tongue out.

That’s my cue to go all in.

I grabbed his chin with my right hand and kept his head still before kissing him. I opened my lips just enough to let his tongue slip inside. There, I poked at it with my tongue. I planned on teasing Markus like this, but his whole body stiffened from the kiss. He had put his right arm behind my neck and pulled me closer for a deeper kiss.

“Mlah…ah…T-Trisha…” The glassy look in Markus’s eyes after just a bit of kissing. I could drink that all day. Whether aware of it or not, he’s been rubbing his dick against my stomach. That gave me an idea of what to do next.

“We’ve barely gotten started, Markus. Getting impatient already?” Letting my hair fall on his face, I traced my left hand from his chest to his throbbing dick, poking tip before grabbing the shaft. “Sit up for me…”

“A-alright.” The moment he sat up, I brought his face closer for another kiss before stroking his dick.

I’ve seen it plenty of times in the past. Both in life and in porno vids I watched online, I’ve always wanted to try jerking Markus off like this. Now that his dick was fully erect in my hands, It was bigger than I thought. It almost feels like it’s searing my hand with how hot his dick got.

“Slow down, Trisha. You’re stroking it too quickly!” Pulling his lips away, Markus squints his eyes in his attempt to hold his impending ejaculation.

“Am I? The precum leaking from your dick must’ve lubed it up, making my hand slicker.” Rubbing under the neck of his dick with my thumb, Markus tilted his head up from the stimulus before cumming.

“T-Trisha…” Relaxing after cumming, Markus leans against me with his head nuzzled between my chest. While he was catching his breath, I looked at my left hand. Covered with his cum, I lick some of it off my fingers.

I guess I don’t see the appeal because it doesn’t taste good at all. Slightly salty, it clings to my throat in my attempts to swallow it. I’ll need to wash it down with some water. Maybe I should gra-

“AIIIEEE!!!” Suddenly, I felt something pinch my left nipple.

“It’s my turn to make you cum now, Trisha.”

“Hold on for a sec! Let me get something to dr-” Cutting me off again, Markrus slipped his fingers inside my pussy.

“So this is what a vagina feels like? It’s hot inside. And wet.” With a curl of his fingers, a chill ran down my spine, forcing me to stiffen up. I’ve fingered myself before when I’d fantasize about Markus having his way with me, but having him finger me for real feels way better than what I could do with my fingers. It didn’t make sense why it did. I know all the spots to rub inside my pussy to get me going, but the way he’s awkwardly moving his fingers inside to incite a reaction was so arousing.

“Easy with those fingers, Markus. You have to be gentle at first…”

“Ah, s-sorry. I didn’t mean to get carried away like that.”

“It’s alright. Here. Let me show you my sweet spots…” With his fingers still inside me, I traced my left hand to my crotch. “You know the gesture people use when they want someone to come closer? Try doing that inside.”

“Like this?” Pushing deeper inside, Markus hits the mark when he curls his fingers.

“FUWAAHH!!!” With that single flick, my body reflexively tensed as it felt like an electrical shock passed through the length of my spine.

“Oh, so this spot right here?” Glossing over my initial reaction, he rubbed his fingers harder inside me, making me fall on top of him. “Ahaha…felt that good, huh?”

“Yes…it does…” Seeing Markus pull his fingers out from my pussy was arousing but embarrassing at the same time. His eyes fixed on the sticky juices clinging to his fingers, Markus proceeds to lick a bit off his fingers. In front of me, no less.

“Huh. I can’t really describe how it tastes. Or maybe my taste buds are shot from our kiss earlier.”

“Your taste buds are shot? Why’s that?”

“The sake you chugged earlier. Some of it was lingering in your mouth.”

“Right…wait. You’re not feeling all lightheaded and stuff, are you?”

“No, not really. I’d have to drink more than that to get drunk. But forget about that. It’s my turn to make you cum.” Grabbing my shoulder, Markus flipped us over so that he’d be on top. Then, slipping his fingers back inside my pussy, he fingers me vigorously while kissing my neck.

“Aaahh…uaaah…” The more I reacted to his touch, the more aggressive he became. Holding my chest down with his lips buried in my chest, he licks and bites my nipples, pushing me to the edge of an orgasm.

“Puwah…as I recall…rubbing this part here would feel good, right?” With his index and middle finger inside me, Markus used his thumb to poke at my clit. A single rub was all it took to cause my whole body to jump from the stimuli, pushing Markus up a bit with me. “Whoa! That was the most violent reaction I’ve gotten yet!”

“Ah…you’ve been edging me for quite a while now, Markus!”

“I-I did? I guess we should finish up then.” Taking me by surprise, Markus flashed a mischievous grin before rubbing my clit hard and fast.

“FUWAAH!” Like that, my body tensed up while my vision faded to white. Clenching my hands into fists, I came as he was fingering me.

“So that’s what it looks like when a woman cums. Are you alright?” I took a few seconds to catch my breath before patting Markus on the head.

“I’m alright. More importantly, where did you learn how to do that?”

“Eh?! Uh…” Markus’s ears turn red before he turns his face away and mumbles. “…m-mom told me…” I’ve only known Emely for a few months, but I wasn’t surprised she told her son how to please a woman.

“Your mom’s certainly eccentric…”

“Yeah…she certainly is…” As funny as it would’ve been to drag the awkward silence, I decided against it.

“Hey, lay down for me. It’s time we move on to the main event.” With a nervous gulp, Markus nods before lying on his back.

“So…we’re really doing it, huh?”

“Yeah. We’ve known each other for over four years, but for some reason, it’s nerve-racking knowing that we’re finally crossing the line.” We’re both well aware of why we’re hesitating. Yes, we’ve known each other for a while now, but because he was still a kid, it feels like we’ve rushed things after only a few months since his eighteenth birthday.



“I know this doesn’t seem like the best time to say this, but I love you.” I was in the middle of positioning myself on top of him when he said that. Freezing in place, I couldn’t help but giggle at his timing. We’re about to do something lewd, yet Markus couldn’t wait to say that until after he’s inside me.

Still, the sentiment’s mutual.

“I love you too, Markus.” With that said and out of the way, I grab his dick and position the tip directly below before pushing down in one blow. “ACK!” Fuck! I didn’t think it’d hurt that badly to take it all in at once!

“T-TIGHT!” Markus tried to lift his waist and failed since I kept it pinned down with mine. “Trisha, you’re bleeding. Are you alright?!”

“Y-yeah…that’s perfectly normal. It doesn’t help that I took your dick in all at once, but that was my fault…” I took a few seconds to acclimate to the pain before I pulled my waist up. “I’m going to start moving, alright?” Putting my hands on my knees for support, I took it nice and slow before moving up and down.

It was painful at first. But as the pain slowly subsided, the build-up of pleasure rose. It was all in the movements, and I moaned after grinding my hips at certain angles.

“H-how are you holding up, Markus?” Markus’s moans did all the answering for me. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was putting his all into not cumming too early with how he’s gripping the bedsheets. “You don’t have to hold back, you know? If you want to cum, then cum.”

“HNNnnnggg…I can’t. We have to do it…together…”

“I appreciate that. But I’m the one on top, right? If I said it’s okay, then it’s okay…” Laying on top of him, I press my chest against his before giving him a peck on the lips. “Don’t hold back…cum for me.” Dropping my hip as far as it’d go, I sway my hip around a bit before Markus cums inside. “Ah…it’s warm…” With every spurt, I’d pull my hip up, then push straight down, milking it in before pulling out all the way and relaxing in each other’s arms.

“Ah…s-sorry for cumming so quickly, Trisha.”

“It’s your first time. Don’t worry about it.” Rolling off to the side, we took a moment to rest while staring at the ceiling fan. It feels like the Alcohol in my system ran its course. I don’t feel as lightheaded as before, but my body feels incredibly hot.

“How’s your…uh…crotch?” Catching me off guard, I chuckled and smiled at Markus to reassure him.

“Huh? Oh! Like I told you earlier, I’m fine.” That seemed to have convinced him enough to drop the subject. But it didn’t take long for him to bring something else up.

“…I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? What’re you sorry for?”

“For doubting you. Deep in my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder if you were lying to me about being a virgin. A part of me said, ‘There’s no way you’d be her first! She’s way too good to have never slept with someone before.’ Doesn’t mean you sleep around with just anybody, but still…” I’ve had this conversation with Markus a few times after he turned eighteen. I thought I made it perfectly clear to him already, but knowing him, I shouldn’t be surprised.

“Hmm…you know, it kind of hurts knowing you still had doubts, Markus. Most women would get offended by that.” Markus’s face scrunched up in guilt before turning his face away from mine. “Yes, there were times when I came close to sleeping with someone. But you know what stopped me every time?”

“No, what?”

“I’d envision the future with that person if I went through with it. And of all the times I did it, only two times could I see myself with that person.” With his curiosity piqued, Markus turned to face me again.

“Two times?” Flashing him a coy smile, I grab his right hand and squeeze it firmly.

“Yup. The first one was you. It took a couple of months of getting to know you for that to happen. For a while, my vision of that coming true faded due to my insecurities…”

“Insecure? You?” Just then, Markus’s grip on my hand tightened. It’s those little things that make me love him even more.

“Well, duh! I’m in my late thirties, Markus! I haven’t had a single boyfriend in my whole life up until now! Of course, I’d feel insecure! Watching people being all lovey-dovey around me while I was single and all alone, I doubt I’d ever find that special someone in my life. Glad I was wrong. I mean, look at us. Naked and on the same bed together. Stop doubting yourself and show me how much of a man you can be. After all, the more you desire me, the more I’ll feel loved in return…” Sometimes, all one needs is a little push, and in this case, Markus’s grip on my hand tightened more than it already was before he sat up, took a deep breath, and turned around.

“Right! I guess I’ll do just that.” To help motivate him, I traced my hands from my neck down to my chest, twirling and pinching my nipples along the way with my fingers before rubbing my clit. The little show I gave him worked after seeing his dick getting hard again.

“That’s the spirit! Mess me up good, Markus. You’re still young, so you should have no problem going more than once…” Holding onto my thighs for support, Markus thrusts his hip forward for round two. This time, he acclimated to the pleasure. He was moving in and out of me more consistently. Coupled with how much the tip of his dick was scrapping against the insides of my pussy was making my vision go white with every thrust.

“Aaahh…AAAHHH!!! M-Markus!” Moving so feverishly that my boobs were bouncing with each thrust, all I could do to endure was to grab the bedsheets while gritting my teeth.

Is this what they call getting fucked silly?!


“Huh?!” I kept my eyes closed the whole time from trying to hold it in, so I didn’t notice when he moved his hands next to my head, looming above me.

“I’m doing good, right?” After hearing me moan like that, he still had doubts. He’s like a kid constantly vying for validation. Then again, he WAS a kid just a few months ago.

“Yes, you’re doing great. I can barely keep myself from cumming with how hard you’re slamming into me.” Pulling my head closer, I cradled his cheeks with my hands while licking my lips. “While we’re both close, shoot more of your cum inside and kiss me!” Lunging for my lips, we hugged each other tightly.

Then, while sucking on each other’s tongues and embiding on one another’s saliva, Markus shoots another stream of hot cum inside before cumming around the same time.

“Faaah…aahh…” After a few seconds of involuntary twitching and heavy breathing, our bodies went limp before I kissed him on the forehead. “Well done. I’ve never cummed as hard as I did just now. Having sex with you feels way better than masturbating to you. I imagined you’d be a bit more awkward at the start.” I could care less about what I’d say at this point, and to be fair, it was worth seeing Markus’s face turn completely red from it.

“Uh…yeah…I agree. There were times when I would masturbate to you.”

“Really? What were y-wait a minute…What do you mean ‘There were times,’ Hmm?!” As if I caught him in the act of cheating, Markus’s face went from red to pale white.

“Ah! Well, I didn’t know what you looked like naked before! And sometimes. and you know? Sometimes, a little variety…”

“Variety?!” At his age, it’s natural for Markus to look up porn. And while getting mad at him for watching porn was silly, I can’t help it if I feel cheated on. With latent energy swelling inside, I lunged up and sat on Markus. “Fine. If that’s the case. I’m going to fuck you silly until the only person who could get you off is me!”

“Ah! W-wait! Calm down, Trisha! I cummed three times already!” Though he says that, his throbbing dick pinned under my pussy says otherwise.

“Then why are you still hard?” Looking down at where our crotches meet, Markus looked back and forth between there and my face. “Until you get completely soft. I’m going to milk you of everything you’ve got. I’ve been waiting four years for this!” I thought he’d cling on for dear life and grab the bedsheets with all his might. Instead, Markus grits his teeth and smiles back.

“O-okay! Fine! I’ll take everything you got and then some!”

“Oh-hoh! You’d better not take back those words then!” The rest of the night was kind of a blur. Suffice to say, we fucked a whole lot before seven in the morning.


“Merry Christmas!” Christmas morning, ten in the morning. Markus and I hardly got any sleep after fucking all night and early morning. If the exhaustion wasn’t enough, Doyle had stared daggers at me since we arrived at their house.

“So this is an imported luxury bag from your home country in Zipangu? And to be clear, is your world’s Zipangu, not the Zipangu region in Japan here on Earth?”

“Right. Imports like those are hard to come by. Thankfully, I happen to know a reliable source.” Referring to Nakoto, who I got the bag from, the poor gal’s overworked after Reiss left her with work she was supposed to do.

“Nakoto, that squirrel girl you mentioned before? I’ll have to ask her for more when she’s available!”

“I…doubt that…” Unwrapping his last Christmas present, Markus’s gasp caught Emely and mine’s attention.

“A-are you sure dad?! I can have this?!” Emely seemed to know what it was after seeing Markus dangle a car key in front of Doyle.

“I’ve always planned on giving it to you sometime after you became an adult. You’d better not plan on going anywhere today. I plan on teaching you how to drive that car.”

“What car is Markus getting?” Saying nothing, Doyle just smiles and beckons me to follow him and Markus. When we got to the garage, Doyle turned the lights on before showing off two cars. One was their family SUV and the other car he gave to Markus.

“I doubt you can appreciate what this car is, but it’s a-”

“Nineteen-seventy Chevrolet Chevelle Convertible, right?” Catching both Markus and Doyle by surprise, their jaws hung open in unison.

“H-how did you know?!”

“Long story short, Emely told me. That hillside must’ve been a beautiful view that night.” Markus was as confused as could be when I mentioned that last part to Doyle. Now, Doyle? It took him a few seconds to get what I meant before his face got pale while staring at Emely. Emely played dumb by looking away and whistling.

“Change of plans. Son, I’m going to teach you right now!”

“Huh?! Like this very second, now?!

“Yes, now get into the driver’s side.” Markus got his permit a year ago, so he’s already familiar with how to drive for the most part. But he’s never used a manual stick shift before.

“Alright, you guys have two hours. Have fun!” It was funny watching Markus fumble with the manual stick shift. I’m sure that even if Doyle isn’t there with him, Markus would quickly learn how to use it.

“Fine. Lunch should be ready by then, right?”

“Yup! I might get it done faster with Trisha here to help me, though. So don’t take any longer than you two need to.”

“Got it!” After Doyle and Emely kissed each other, they stared in anticipation after I leaned forward on the driver’s side where Markus sat, puckering my lips for the same treatment.

“Uh…” Going through what I could only guess as an internal struggle in his mind, Markus shook his head before leaning forward, giving me a quick peck on the cheek before driving off. I could barely see Doyle with how quickly Markus drove off, but I swear I saw his face mired with shock.

“Well, we should have a gal meeting while those two are gone. Come on now, Trisha. Lunch isn’t going to prepare itself!” Even in her mid-late thirties, Emely speaks and hops around like any other high-spirited teenager. Following her back to their kitchen, Emely’s plan for lunch was pretty simple.

“Hamburgers and french fries, huh?”

“Freshly cooked, of course!” The ingredients were already neatly laid out on their kitchen counter for us. I helped with prep by shaping the burger meat into patties while Emely cooked them.

“So…how was your first time with Markus?” Emely possesses her question without so much a glint of hesitation.

“I…uh…it was great. Markus did really well for the first time. No doubt thanks to your… tutelage…”

“You’d better believe it. Markus is more of a visual learner, so he wouldn’t get it unless I showed him how.” My mind immediately imagined Emely demonstrating using her body. Rather than correcting me immediately, Emely smiles back before diverting her attention to the burger meat. She’s clearly fucking with me, yet I can almost see her being serious about it too.

“Don’t give me that look, Trisha! We watched a video together on it. You’re pretty sick in the head for having those intrusive thoughts.”

“Yeah…that’s not much better…” Emely flips the burger patties before letting out a deep sigh.

“I’ve mentioned this already, but Doyle can be overprotective. The way he sees it, he truly believes that the only people you can trust are family. Everyone else will simply use or betray you.”

“That seems like a terrible mindset to have.”

“That’s what I said! I told him, ‘It’s not an issue once Trisha truly becomes part of our family, right?!’ and do you know what he said next?”

“N-no, what?”

“He said, ‘Only if they’re stupid enough to make the same mistake we did!’.” Fully cooked with a bit of red on the inside, Emely sets the burger patties on a plate to rest. “Wouldn’t be surprised if history repeats itself with you two, but I did hear that Monster Girls have a harder time getting pregnant than humans, right?”

“Right. Our monster genetics are dominant by nature. So the chance of pregnancy is relatively low, even when we’re ovulating.” Weird, just now, I felt a chill down my spine. What was it that caused that to happen, I wonder?

“It’s already a surreal experience knowing you’re a year older than Doyle and I. So I can’t imagine being a grandma at my age.” Emely and I shared a laugh together before it was the french fries turn to get cooked.

“By the way, what kind of sex positions did you and Markus do? I bet you had cowgirl first, then Markus retaliated with a missionary!” How the fuck can she ask all that with a straight face?!

“I…um…you’re actually on point.”

“Whoa, really?! Haha! A mother DOES know best, doesn’t she.” I’m seriously beginning to question Doyle and Emely’s relationship. Was Doyle the one who fell in love with her, or did she fall for him?

“Again, I don’t think that’s something you should be proud of! With how reserved Doyle is, I’m surprised you two got together.”

“Well…” After pulling the french fries out of the deep fryer to drain, Emely squints her eyes and smiles deviously. “Between you and me, Doyle is a massive Sub.” Leave it to Emely to leave discretion out the window…

“Uh…good for…you?”

“I’m sure some of my forwardness rubbed off on Markus. And hey, if he gets you pregnant, that’ll boost his self-esteem, right?! If it gets him out of the house, even better! Gives me more time to fuck Doyle at my leisure.”

“T-that’s not funny, Emely! He’s starting College in January next year.”

“Yeah, you’re right! But you said you have money saved for such an occasion, right?”

“I do, but I’ll be pretty busy being trained for the superintendent job Reiss gave me. I’m not sure how busy I’ll be.” I’m not sure exactly when training starts. If I do get pregnant, then at least it’ll be during the time when Reiss evaluates TMRC to see if it succeeds.

“Ah, right! That Gyoubu Danuki Reiss. I’m sure you’ll do just fine! Now then. We still have about an hour before those two get home. Let’s sit back and relax while listening to music!”

“Sure, sounds good to me.” It was definitely nice to kick back and relax. The moment I sat on their couch, I almost felt the loving embrace of sleep whisk me away. With what Emely said earlier, one would think her idea of what to listen to for relaxation would be smooth jazz.


“I love Doyle to death, which is why I love hearing his singing voice, even when it’s god awful!” Laughing so hard that she ends up rolling on the floor while holding onto her stomach, Emely’s easily the quirkiest woman I’ve ever met. I kind of feel bad for Doyle. That said, her laugh was infectious enough that I found myself laughing with her soon after.

“Hey, we’re ba-” Emely and I were so busy laughing that we couldn’t hear the front door opening. “Why are you two laughing so…” It took less than two seconds for Doyle to pick up on what we were listening to. If his chin bone attached to his skull, I would’ve sworn I’d see it drop straight to the floor. He pulled the plug on the CD player in the living room before grabbing Emely by her shoulders. “WHY?! That’s meant for your ears only, Emely!”

“I-I’m sorry! It’s just too fucking funny to pass up!” There wasn’t a shred of guilt on Emely’s face. Instead, she had wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheeks. “Here, some kissies should make up for it, right?”

“S-Stop that! Not while Trisha and Markus are around! No, w-wait, I mean…” Watching Doyle fumble his words the same way Markus does was pretty funny. And speaking of Markus, he offered his hand and helped me get on my feet while watching Doyle and Emely being lovey-dovey.

“How was it, Markus? Didn’t crash into anything or anyone, did you?”

“You think I’d be here if that were the case?” I didn’t want to get one-upped by Doyle and Emely, so I put my hands on Markus’s cheeks before kissing him on his lips. Emely doesn’t stop kissing Doyle, simply giving us a thumbs up while Doyle himself tries to stop Emely’s kisses.


“Alright, glad you two could make it. I know you’re busy with the slew of new students enrolling in TMRC, but this was the only day I could see you two. For about four hours…” It was about three and a half weeks after Christmas at this point. Reiss called Faulkner and me back to her main office building at seven in the morning.

“No problem. I understand you had a busy trip in Zipangu?”

“Yes, Zipangu, and by extension, the world of Faulinth, was a tiring way to spend my Christmas Holiday. How do you like your new home, Faulkner?”

“It’s honestly more than I deserve. Despite unpacking all of our stuff, there’s still plenty of space in the storage room and an empty bedroom in that house. I’ll have to bring Denise over for dinner at one point as thanks. Of course, you’re welcome to come, Miss Reiss, Nakoto.”

“I’d love to, but I’m knee-deep in paperwork.”

“You mean I’M knee-deep in paperwork that YOU relegated to me?” Nakoto and I shoot text to each other every once in a while. Most of what Nakoto says outside of work are her complaints about working for Miss Reiss. Now that I’ll be working for Miss Reiss, Nakoto told me horror stories of how often Reiss would dump her work on Nakoto.

“Oh, don’t complain, Nakoto! There’s no one else more talented to handle the task of being my secretary than you.”

“With all due respect, Miss Reiss, that kind of praise won’t work on me anymore…” Most people who work for Miss Reiss tend to be intimidated by her due to her position as their boss. Nakoto is one of the few people under her that’s not afraid to put her foot down.

Rather than butt in, Faulkner and I just stared at each other and chuckled before Reiss talked Nakoto down into discussing their matters later.

“A-anyway…Faulkner, I want you to look these over.” Reiss gave Faulkner a folder filled with work application papers complete with pictures of the applicants. “Like I told you, I need more people like you, Faulkner. There’s a total of fifteen applicants I want you to look over. There used to be over a hundred, but I deemed that the fifteen here deserve your attention. I want your opinion and see if they’re worth investing in. I don’t want to spend money on those who don’t take this seriously. Read over their applications, call them, or FaceTime them for all I care. I want you to evaluate all fifteen applicants in that folder by the end of the month.”

“A-All of them?!”

“Yes, all of them.” I almost feel bad for Faulkner. He probably won’t have much free time between that and his work at TMRC.

“As for you, Trisha…” Reiss says before pointing at me. “I’ll personally see to your training to become a superintendent.”


“You know the basics of what a superintendent does, right?”

“Of course I do! They supervise other institutes they’re in charge of.”

“Right. Coincidentally, you’ll be working together with Faulkner since you’ll have the final say regarding the teachers Faulkner trains. I’ve bought some properties within the state to build institutes like TMRC. Once construction of those places finishes, you’ll oversee those institutes and make policies, develop regulations, manage day-to-day operations, and so on. Suffice it to say, at some point, you’ll go around these institutes and supervise their operations. I’ll try to limit the number of institutes you’ll be in charge of.” I could picture it now. She’ll probably have me jump around city to city.

“Hey, Just how far are these institutes from one another?” Reading Reiss’s body language was all I needed to see to get my answer. Drooped ears and a limp tail don’t bode well.

“Oh…give or take…twenty to twenty-five miles at the least. Double or even triple that more than likely…”

“Wha! And how many of these places have you bought that you plan on having me jump around on?!”

“According to our records, there are four facilities planned.” Nakoto had a look of guilt on her face when she said that.

“Four?! I’ll hardly have time for sleep, let alone free time for myself!

“R-Relax, Trisha! You didn’t think I’d have you jumping from one place to another on a car, did you?”

“Okay…then what did you have in mind?” Rather than tell us, Reiss pulls her phone out and shows an article for Faulkner and me to read.

“‘The human and monster coalition treaty recently revised and approved the use of portal gates?’ I thought that was already a thing. Otherwise, you guys wouldn’t even be on Earth, right?” I couldn’t blame Faulkner for getting mixed up, but I knew what it meant.

“No, it’s not about the portal gates between Earth and Faulinth. The article talks about creating gates on Earth. So, for example, creating a portal gate that transports you from where we are now to somewhere far like New York.”

“Oh. I haven’t really paid much attention to it since I hardly travel. I didn’t know that wasn’t allowed.”

“It’s simple once you think about it. Imagine traveling from Japan to the United States without going through customs. You know better than we do why humans built that system here on Earth.”

“To prevent unlawful entry from one country to another.”

“Yup. Now that creating portal gates has been approved here on Earth, I can have ones built in each TMRC Institute to make jumping from one facility to another seamless. I can’t just have said portals built anywhere. I was approved to have them built because TMRC is an institute for learning. That said, I need to hire people specializing in portal stabilization. And here I thought I could go to my penthouse and relax for the day. Oh well…” Faulkner, that lucky son of a bitch got it easy and left soon after to review all the applicants on his house.

As for me, I had to stay behind and sign a bunch of paperwork. The paperwork ranged from background checks to contracts. It was just filling out signatures, but it felt more exhausting than it ought to be.

Thankfully, by the time I got home, Markus had ordered some Chinese food for us to eat. There, we spent the rest of the day eating and relaxing. I’m milking it too. Since starting tomorrow, it’s back to TMRC…


“Hey, Markus. Do you mind picking up some Pepto Bismol on your way here? And maybe some sour candy? Not that weak shit either! Uh…sorry, I didn’t mean to yell there. Uh-huh. Okay, thanks. Love you, bye.” It’s been three weeks since classes started again. It was an exhausting ordeal sorting through the new staff members. Then there’s outsourcing a security firm to handle midday to overnight hours since Reiss hired a company to build a portal gate near the front entrance of TMRC.

Then, to top it all off, there are days when I suddenly feel nauseous. Today feels like the worst of all. Every part of my body screams to me to stay still, but I at least have to get some breakfast.

*Ring, Ring*

Judging from how early it is, the call’s probably from Faulkner or Fae Fae.


“Goodness, you sound terrible.” It’s Fae Fae. I feel bad for her since I took the day off from work today. Thankfully, there’s nothing major going on today that needs my attention.

“You don’t say? How are things over there? Not too chaotic, I hope?”

“No. There is some paperwork for you to sign, but that can wait for another week. Did you figure out the cause of your nausea?”

“No! And it’s driving me nuts! I know I didn’t eat anything funny, but now I’ve been craving sour stuff!”

“What about alcohol?”

“I didn’t do any drinking either! For some reason, sniffing the stuff made me feel even more nauseous.” I thought Fae Fae had nothing else to say since she got quiet. A few seconds of silence pass before I hear her muttering to herself. “Uh…Fae Fae?”

“Trisha…does any of what you’re saying sound familiar?”

“Familiar how?”

“Well…I remember having a conversation with you before…”

“What?! Are you talking about some Deja vu shit? I’m not in a fucking mood for-”

“Only in reverse…” Reverse? What does Fae Fae mean by that? Reverse…reverse…


When I realized exactly what Fae Fae meant by that, the nausea plaguing me all morning disappeared.

Oh shit…


“Gotta go, bye!” Hanging up, I quickly put on some khakis and a flannel shirt before heading straight to my car and into the nearest convenience store.

No no no no no!

It’s too early, it’s WAY too damn early for this. Then again, I should’ve had my period a week ago, but it never came. As soon as I got to a convenience store, I went straight for the healthcare aisle. Before I reached out for what I came here for, I froze up. The more logical part of me is hesitating to grab it. Maybe this is just a fluke, and all the symptoms I’ve been feeling were all in my head? It’s possible. By now, Markus probably got back home. I should head back now before he starts worrying…

I was nearly tempted to turn around, but then. For some strange reason, all the noise around me starts to dwindle. From the subtle voices of the people around me to the radio playing music. The sounds faded until the only noise I could hear was my heartbeat. My heart’s racing so much. That’s when I remembered something Lady Tama told me.

“Follow your heart…” Rethinking those words, I stopped hesitating. After paying for the two-pack pregnancy strips, I headed straight home. I guess Markus hadn’t gotten back yet.

“…” Holding the test strip in front of me, I took a deep breath before taking the plunge.

“Trisha! I’m home. The most sour candy they had was something called Atomic Heads! I tried one myself. It’s pretty sour.”

“Hey…welcome back…”

“Ah, there you are. Did you go somewhere? First, I saw your car parked differently than when I left. There’s also the fact that you’re not wearing your Pajamas.”

“I had to go somewhere real quick. The nausea I was feeling earlier’s mostly gone now.”

“Glad to hear it. You sounded horrible over the phone, so I thought it was something serious.”

“No. I-I’m fine now. Listen, there’s something I want to ask you. Sit next to me, will yah?”

“Uh…sure.” Getting comfortable, Markus was considerate enough to stay quiet while I gathered my thoughts. Between the pregnancy test and his ignorance of it all, the tension between us was thick.

“So…I’m sure you know how your mom and dad got together, right?”

“Of course. I mean. Mom left out the details of having sex with him at their graduation ceremony until a few months ago, but I know they had me early. Why bring that up?”

“…well…” Try as I might, I kept choking up my words whenever I had something to say. Then, when I calmed down, I’d forget what I wanted to say. That went on for a solid minute before Markus had put his left hand on my lap. He didn’t say anything. Instead, he let his smile do the talking. “Okay. So, I guess history’s going to repeat itself…”

“Huh? History, what history?” Pulling out the pregnancy test from my left pant pocket, I pointed at it in front of Markus.

“I’m pregnant…” Shifting his gaze to the pregnancy strip, he leans closer to look at the test results. Looking back and forth between me and the test strip, I’d nod every time he looked at me.


“Yeah…” Going limp on the couch, Markus took a deep breath, exhaled, and stared at the ceiling for a whole minute.

“I…I can’t say I expected you to get pregnant already.”

“I know. The chances of us Monster Girls getting pregnant are pretty low. Even if we had sex when I was most fertile, which I wasn’t, the chances are damn low.”

“They’re low, but never zero…” Despite the bombshell that I dropped just now, Markus remained calm. At least he looked the part, anyway. Now that he knows, the anxiety that’s bogged me down all this time left me exhausted. So I lean my right shoulder against him. “Like father, like son, I’ll be a daddy at age eighteen. I wonder how Dad will react to the news…” That’s right. It didn’t come across my mind until Markus brought it up. I’m sure Emely trusts me enough to laugh it off before congratulating us. But Doyle? He was already glaring at me like he was ready to kill me when I told him we had sex! What more once he finds out that I’m pregnant?!

“Y-you’re scaring me, Markus! Doyle’s probably going to wring my neck out for this!”

“You’re exaggerating, Trisha. He’s not going to do that. I won’t let him, at least…” Jokes aside, I’m sure Markus was going through several emotions like I was earlier. Tapping his fingers on his lap, Markus sighs before he scoffs at me. “I was hoping to arrange a wedding before having a kid.”

“Hmm…same. But you know, back in Faulinth, it was common for Monster girls to get married after their first kid, sometimes after the second. Our relationship isn’t exactly normal, so it’s not like we have to follow societal norms here, you know?” The irony of what I said would’ve made Faulkner shake his head. Then again, he broke those norms before I did.

“It certainly isn’t. Though, I imagine this is worse for you. I was already worried sick when you’d have your fits of nausea. I can’t imagine what kind of pain you’ll be in once your labor pains kick in.”

“I don’t need a reminder of that, Markus. I’m well aware of what I’ll have to look forward to. You remember when I’d vent to you about Fae Fae when she was pregnant, right?”

“Right! You said you’ve never seen Fae Fae ever look angry before.”

“It’s often those who usually come off as bright and cheerful that’s the most frightening when angry.” Now that I can think more rationally, I’ve put Markus in a really awkward spot. And not just because he has to explain to his parents that he got me pregnant.

He turned eighteen just four months ago. He’s barely started his college course, and now he has to worry about raising a kid. The mental burden of it all made me realize the gravity of the situation I put us in. I only have myself to blame for having sex with him on Christmas day. I should’ve held off until he finished college.

But my lust clouded my better judgment. I left it to chance when I shouldn’t have. I just made Markus feel guilty for something I could’ve avoided by having better self-control…


“Hmm? What is it, Trisha?”

“Look…I realize the situation I put us in. Thinking about it rationally…maybe it’s better I abort while it’s still early…” Suddenly, Markus jumps off the couch, only to turn around and grab me by my shoulders.

“Trisha! Look at me! When we slept together on the same bed on Christmas Eve, I was there with you, knowing what might’ve happened! No matter the outcome, I want you to know I won’t regret it! You’re not at fault.”


“It’s a different story if having a baby now will make you miserable. So I want the truth, Trisha. Do you want to abort because having a baby this early in our relationship will make you miserable?! Because if you think it’ll make me miserable, then I guess you don’t know me as well as you should. A real man NEVER turns his back to the person he loves!” It was something formed from my imagination. I saw a future where I held our baby in my arms. The sight of us smiling warmly at our baby was something I wanted.

“Trisha. Do you want to raise this baby?” To drive his point home, Markus gently rubs my stomach. If the tears coming out of my eyes weren’t enough, I just had to smile like an idiot in front of him.

“Yes…I want to give birth to this baby.”

“Then that’s what we’ll do. I’m not sure how much of a help I’ll be since I don’t even have a job yet, but I’ll do my best to support you.” Wrapping my arms around his back, I pulled him close for a tight hug, showering him with kisses on the cheeks, forehead, and lips.

“You’ve given me plenty already. I love you, Markus. I love you so much!”

“T-Trisha, I get it, alright! You can let go now!”

“What, and ruin the moment? I don’t think so!” Try as he might, I’m not letting him go. He kept trying to pull away from me. Why’s he trying so hard to pull away? Before I could ask, I felt something hard pressed against my crotch. Oh. “So…that’s why you’re pulling out? Didn’t you just say a man never turns his back on the person he loves?”

“Th-this is different! You’re in the early stages of pregnancy. We shouldn’t do things like that until after you give birth!”

“Nuh-uh! I’m not waiting nine months for that! Besides, I can still have sex after getting pregnant.”

“But you were nauseous earlier this morning!”

“No excuses! Now, take off your clothes, or I’m ripping them off for you!” While Markus tried to put up a fight, I knew deep down he wanted it…


“Ugh! Finally! I’m all caught up! Fucking hell.”

“Good job, Miss Reiss. Must’ve been SO hard signing all those papers and making those phone calls…”

“You know something, Nakoto? You should take lessons on how sarcasm works…” A day had passed since Trisha found out she was pregnant. Reiss had finished catching up on everything she left behind on Earth after her trip to Zipangu in Faulinth.

“Really? I just wanted to get my point across. You seem to think I can handle everything you throw at me. Do you have any idea how many times I bowed in apology to the other execs when I showed up in your sted?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault those jackasses are so inflexible! I told them that I planned on leaving for Zipangu.”

“Yes, you gave them a week’s notice! For someone well-versed in business etiquette, I thought you’d know better than to leave on such short notice.” In her absence, Nakoto had to show up to all the meetings Reiss was meant to attend. It wasn’t just those meetings. Nakoto had to sign papers in Reiss’s sted on top of her duties as secretary. To say that Nakoto was overworked was an understatement, something she plans on letting Reiss know.

“Heh! Bet you appreciate me even more now that you realize how much work I put into keeping our business afloat!”

“Riiiight…” Before Nakoto could let out a retort, her phone started ringing.

*Ring, Ring.*

“Hello? Oh, hey, Trisha.”

“Trisha?” True to her nature, Reiss couldn’t help but wonder what Trisha was saying over the phone. “Nakoto, put your phone on speaker.”

“Shush! Uh-huh. Oh, OH! Are you certain?!” Still feeling spiteful for all the work Reiss left behind for Nakoto to pick up, she purposefully exaggerates her reactions to elicit Reiss’s ire.

“Hey, let me hear what she’s saying, dammit!” Despite Reiss’s height advantage, Nakoto manages to keep Reiss’s hands out of reach before ending her call with Trisha. “Ah! No fair, Nakoto!”

“Oh, if only the others could see you like this…”

“Fine…enough with the bullshit then. Seriously, what did Trisha call you for?”

“Miss Reiss, Trisha’s pregnant…” Left utterly shocked, Reiss froze for a few seconds before falling back onto her seat.

“Did she have anything else to say aside from that?”

“Trisha did ask for you, but I told her you’ll get back to her later.” Rather than get angry at Nakoto since she could’ve just handed the phone over to her while Trisha was still on, Reiss nods before putting her hands together in contemplation.

For half a minute, the room was uncomfortably quiet. It wasn’t until Nakoto saw the gleam of mischief in Reiss’s eyes that she realized what her boss had brewing in her head.

“Remind me, Nakoto. What’s my schedule for Saturday and Sunday again?” Hesitating to give her an answer, Nakoto had to swallow the lingering feeling she got in her spine, knowing she had to answer.

“You have a board of executives meeting early morning Saturday regarding the grocery stores’ shortages of monster-specific produce. Then, in the afternoon, the chief executive officer of security wants to discuss how you’ll schedule the security guards you plan to hire for the upcoming TMRC buildings. Sunday, there’s the brunch you promised to have with Lady Welhemia since it’ll be the day she returns back from her trip to Faulinth with her wife, Valery.”

“Shit…I forgot that this upcoming Sunday’s the day Welhemia comes back…”

“Let me guess? You want to go back to Zipangu and tell Lady Tama the news about Trisha’s pregnancy?”

“Uh…maybe? What about Friday and Saturday?!” Before Reiss could ‘negotiate’ her way out of her duties again, Nakoto stomped her right foot in irritation. The hairs on Nakoto’s tail stiffened, further showing her angered state.

“Uh, hell no!”

“Come on! I want to see the look on Tama’s face when she finds out Trisha’s Pregnant! There’s no reliable way for me to contact her here on Earth other than to cross the portal gate! Please! I’ll give you anything you want in return!” Though Nakoto’s expression remained unchanged, her inner persona laughed evilly now that she got Reiss right where she wanted her.

“Anything?” Reiss instantly regrets what she just said. But she decides to press on and nod. “I see. I SUPPOSE I could COVER your Saturday schedule…”

“J-just Saturday?!”

“Hush. Let me finish, Reiss.” Though their relationship remains unknown to everyone but themselves, it’s clear that whatever kind of relationship they have, it’s a close one. “You get Saturday and Saturday only.”

“So, that’s your terms? You’ll only allow me to leave on Saturday?” Catching her off guard, Nakoto started laughing almost maniacly, scaring Reiss.

“Hahahaha! Ah…no! That’s just the prerequisite!”

“You can’t expect me to go to Zipangu in Faulinth, then back here on Earth in one day, do you?!”

“Uh…yes, I do. Do you really think I don’t know what you did in Zipangu for the two weeks you were there? I know you went to Ryugujo to party and have a little vacation!”


Reiss’s face says it all for Nakoto. Despite Reiss’s intelligence and charisma, Nakoto knows Reiss is also lazy.


“Now! As for my terms. I want a paid month vacation two weeks after you come back from Zipangu.”

“A-A month?! Are you insane?! Do you have any idea how much work I have to do?! I need you here to help me with that!”

“Don’t give me that excuse. I know damn well how much work you have on your plate! What do you think I’ve been doing for the past two weeks you were gone in Zipangu?! That’s on top of my duties as your secretary! You have two weeks to find a substitute secretary to take my place. Be grateful I’m giving you that much.” Had it been anyone else, Reiss would’ve fired any secretary who would make such outrageous demands. But she knows she couldn’t go through with it. Nakoto was more than just her secretary. Nakoto is Reiss’s friend. The closest one she has.

“…f-fine…” Humming in victory, Nakoto pats Reiss on her head.

“Good. You better start making phone calls to let the board of executives and chief officer know you’ll be absent on Saturday.”

“Yeah. Not looking forward to that.”

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