Toybox Bogey

Species: Ogre, Magic-Being

Habitat: Wherever an abundance of toys are

Disposition: Teasing, Malicious, Overbearing, Condescending

Diet: Joy from playing with their “toys”, spirit energy, and make-believe meals


Bogeys are known to come from closets and under beds, but it’s never as simple as a straight trip, sometimes detours are required, through quiet and forgotten places. A bogey might need to cut through a quiet forest, an empty mall, or a warehouse. Sometimes these places have toys, abandoned, forgotten, and left alone without fulfilling their true purpose of being played with. As bogeys pass by, their ambient magic will slowly seep into these toys, and eventually, they might awaken into a Toybox Bogey, who will set off to find someone to fulfill their need to play.

Toybox Bogeys are tall, towering over everyone they meet due to a strange magical phenomenon. No matter who the Toybox Bogey is near, space will change and warp so that the bogey’s bust is always eye or higher level, and that’s only for the tallest of the tall. Most should count themselves lucky if they match even the Toybox Bogeys hips. Those who are not taken aback by this height difference will notice that these bogeys do not look like other subspecies. While still made of plush, these bogeys will always resemble the toy they monsterized from. Toybox Bogeys that came from porcelain dolls will always have an ethereal albino skin, while those that are monsterized from piles of wooden blocks will appear to be made of different floating shapes, disconnected from one another yet still cohesive in form. One thing that all of these examples have in common however are their long fingers, capable of finely manipulating even the smallest gears or the finest threads, and the toybox always strung on their back.

The Toybox Bogeys toybox is a sacred item to them, taking many different forms, but never leaving the Bogeys side. Some look like treasure chests, others meager crates, but all have a strange glow emanating from within. Every lost toy, every forgotten board game, even rusty playground equipment, everything that the bogey comes across that’s been abandoned and forgotten goes inside the box. Thanks to recent innovation, there is recorded proof of what occurs when this happens. As the toy is put in, it begins to fall as if pulled through a portal, soaking up the bogey’s mana that was contained in the box. From here, it begins to monsterize, but not to the extent the Toybox Bogey has, and instead of becoming fully sapient, it becomes closer to a sentient extension of the bogey. These toys like the bogey become plush but often retain more elements from their times as toys, such as needing others to rewind their clockwork or change their batteries. Finally, the toy will land in a pocket dimension with all the other toys, made up of life-sized versions of all the board games and play sets acquired by the Toybox over the years, with all the toys living in their society away from the world.


However, something different happens when a person is put inside. This data took much longer to gather as Toybox Bogeys are very particular when it comes to putting living beings in the box. The Toybox Bogey, unless they are looking for someone to marry, will only put people and monsters who are cruel or mean to toys or children inside to teach them a lesson. Like toys put inside, the people will also go through a transformation as they are bathed in the concentrated mana. The person put inside will begin to shrink as they fall, becoming smaller than even the toys that came before them. Next, their clothes and bodies begin to change and as if by the bogey’s hand itself, shifting to what she believes is a more proper form for the person. In some cases, this might be to make them look like the toy they destroyed, such as a man turning into a plush dress-up doll, or a jinko becoming a LAGO person. Whatever happens these new toys will land in the pocket dimension all the same, though their punishment does not end there. As they land, it is as if they’ve been marked, and every toy within will hunt for them. The first one to catch them is given charge over them, training them and taking care of them until they can be considered a “proper toy”.

To the punished, this is a long and arduous process, being played with both physically and sexually by these toys over and over again. Tea parties with plastic dining sets and nonexistent food, yet it’s strangely the only food that feeds, make-believe where they see every imagined object conjured before their very eyes, hide and seek where if they’re found the toys will punish them with pleasure, nothing is off limits for the hell that awaits them. Once they accept their place though and are trained properly, they’re allowed a probation period where they’re allowed into the toy society, acting as their toys toy. They will always be taken where their owner goes and given proper love and care, shaving away any remaining resentment of cruelty in their hearts. It might take months from their perspective, but outside the box, it will take only days, or possibly hours for the particularly weak of will. However long it takes when the punished have become a proper toy from the bottom of their heart, they are released along with the toy that took care of them. From here the toy that took in the punished becomes properly sapient and sets off to start their new life with their new toy, possibly finding a husband for the both of them.


It’s a different story for those who have caught the Toybox Bogey’s eye personally, however. Should the Toybox Bogey spot someone they wish to marry they will throw them into the box without hesitation, before hiding the box and jumping in themselves. When the Toybox enters her pocket dimension she gains the ability of a malicious god, and will solely devote her attention to her very special, and permanent, guest. Every toy not taking care of a punished will dedicate every activity to embarrassing and humiliating the bogey spouse with her help. Every game the Toybox wishes to play will be played, even if she needs to connect her spouse’s arms and legs to puppet strings. Everything from playing dress up, to using their spouse as their sex toy, nothing is off limits for them. The Toybox will even go so far as to constantly encourage and tempt their spouse to stop their will from breaking for longer. Of course, the spouse will still break like any other, and when they truly give in to being a toy, the games will become even more extreme, even going so far as for the Toybox to let their spouse out temporarily to bring their games to the real world, though if the spouses blush is anything to go by, a broken spirit does nothing to stave off humiliation.

However, the Toybox can’t play forever, and is always on the hunt for new toys, or people, for her collection. When it’s time for the bogey to return to their tasks, she’ll leave the other toys in charge of her spouse’s punishment, making sure their training never ceases. Even when integrated into their toy society, the spouse is simultaneously the lowest rung of society, and yet shares privileges with the highest. The Toybox Bogeys personal toy is allowed anywhere they please, but they’re always toyed with. Some might pick them up and hug the spouse before letting them go on their way, others might accost the spouse, demanding they hold hands as walk. If the spouse wants to eat at a restaurant, they might only be allowed to if they sit on the lap of a toy, and even then might not be allowed to order without doing so in a cutesy voice. That isn’t to say they aren’t given love however, as head pats and hugs always abound should the spouse ask for it, and as malicious as the Toybox herself can be, she will still personally dote and play with her favorite toy whenever she visits. For every public clothing change in the town square, there are ten more cuddle sessions not too far behind, and for as humiliated as the spouse will feel, they will feel just as cared for and taken care of in equal measure, like a beloved childhood toy.

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