Three Days of Ryu

            It’s that time again. The presence of a pair of farmers from the valley at the base of your mountain tells you as much. Well, this mountain isn’t really yours. You just live here with the Ryu in charge of the shrine at the top it. Besides a dozen or so Shirohebi attendants and a few of their husbands, you and the Ryu enjoy a quiet, solitary life.


            You’d met the Ryu after a particularly odd storm destroyed your high school in MGC. Even though your school building was the only one in the city that had suffered any damage, the Ryu who was responsible for the storm had showed up to ‘oversee’ the repairs. Most of the guys at your all-male school were immediately taken with the beautiful Ryu. Despite her startling beauty, everyone was afraid of her at first. Her straight, remarkably perfect posture along with the terrifyingly powerful and intimidating expression she usually wore made people stay away from her at first. An almost electric feeling seemed to paralyze anyone who met her gaze. There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that the first person to cross her would probably be decapitated or dismembered on site. As time went on however, the students got bolder. Despite her commanding, scary aura, it quickly became apparent that the Ryu would never retaliate against a student. This was proven when she completely ignored a kid who accidentally stepped on the tip of her tail.


            A contest of sorts evolved; everyone included in it tried to ‘tease’ the Ryu as inconspicuously as possible. Ryus were a very rare species, and, according to your classmates, any man who was successful enough to even touch one could become on par with a god. The Ryu was a clever one though; she never reacted to the actions of her little fan club no matter how bold they got. She ignored the boys who would sniff her long purple hair, or brush up against the red bristles on the tip of her tail, or slide a finger down the length on her scaly green body, or ‘trip’ when she slithered by and get a faceful of her ample cleavage.


            Although you found the dangerous and aloof Ryu very attractive, you would never join in the games of your classmates. Unlike most, you had noticed the odd, intense gleam in the Ryu’s electric blue eyes as the boys would tease her. You could tell that eventually, some poor bastard would push her too far and that would be the end of things. He would probably be killed, or at least carried off and never heard from again. Your mates gave you a lot of shit for hiding your interest in the powerful weather Dragon. Despite expressing your concerns, they all just called you a pussy. Unbeknownst to you, some of them had hatched a plan to ‘loosen you up’.


            At the suggestion of the Ryu, the teachers had introduced a new period to everyone’s class schedule. Following her petition, everyone had to attend a designated class where they would ‘learn practical life skills’ by helping with repairs on the school building. All of this was to be overseen by the Ryu of course. She herself never did any actual work; she just stood around; observing people from a few feet away and barking loud orders at the boys with that weird, hungry look in her eyes. In one such class, your classmates had convinced you to get up on a ladder to ‘inspect the ceiling’. They also called the Ryu over to spot you, but when she approached, they pushed the ladder over with you still on it. Everything was a blur as you fell on top of her, the ladder clattering loudly to the floor. Bastards. You were thankful that your landing had been fairly soft, but the blood drained out of your face as you opened your eyes. You were face to face with the imposing, austere Snake-Dragon, and she was… blushing. Why was she blushing? You had never seen her show nearly that much emotion before.


            You sheepishly tried to get up, but the Ryu’s large, strong claws held you firmly in place. An odd, wet thing prodded at your lips. Oh no. It was then that you finally realized the implications of having your face so close to hers. You were kissing her. You were kissing her, and she was trying to kiss you back.


            After that incident, you were hers. She instantly withdrew from your school and made arrangements to have you moved to her shrine to ‘teach you how to do things right’. The work on the school wasn’t done, but nobody dared to challenge the terrifying Ryu.


            When you first arrived at her mountaintop shrine, you were terrified. The place itself was beautiful and picturesque. It was the kind of old-style Japanese buildings that you’d see in postcards or TV shows. As pretty as it was, the intense, commanding aura of the Ryu assured you that she was probably going to punish you thoroughly for the rest of your days. You didn’t really mind leaving home though. School was a drag and your parents were assholes, but you didn’t fancy living the rest of your life as a slave. All throughout your first dinner with the powerful serpentine creature, you were just waiting for her come over and molest you, or make you kneel by her ornate, custom built chair while she laughed haughtily and threw food scraps at you. However, she was kind and surprisingly polite the whole time you were in her shrine.


            To your further surprise, the Ryu lovingly took you into her bedroom once your first meal was over and nervously asked you to marry her. That was the first time you ever caught a glimpse of her hidden, submissive side. She told you all about the comfy life you’d have with her, and you believed her wholeheartedly. You sensed a timid, painfully hopeful honesty in her when she showed you her shy, almost constantly blushing side. The way her domineering facade just vanished when the two of you were in private made you melt. In truth, the Ryu was a gentle, introverted person who had gotten very lonely on top of her mountain without a husband.


            That had all happened six years ago.


            The Ryu had been right, your life at her shrine is pretty fantastic. You can have anything you want, and the serene, intensely peaceful feeling of the mountaintop is just perfect. Things are simple up here, even a little old-fashioned. Your waifu lets you have any bit of technology you want though, as long as it all stays in your room. Sometimes she’ll even join you in a video game or two. The shrine is much better than the loud, busy, and dangerous metropolis of MGC, that’s for sure.


            You sit on a rock overlooking the little farming town so far below you as you contemplate your past. Those damn farmers sure must be laying it on thick, usually their requests don’t take this long. Well, you only have one other time to compare it to. Your previous participation in your waifu’s ‘Ritual of Rain-Calling’ had fallen a little flat. It had happened just a few months after you’d moved in with her, and your performance had been woefully underwhelming. You only managed to last two days out of the three that were needed. There was no way a sixteen-year-old such as yourself could have done much more than that though. The Ryu had become desperate before she met you; her need for a partner was the reason she visited your school in the first place. It didn’t take you long to figure that part out on your own though.


            The Ryu felt so bad for imposing such a huge task on you; the two of you had isolated yourselves and cuddled together in her chambers for two full days after the failed ritual. Fortunately, that had given her just enough power to make the rain that the farmers had asked for. You’ve been preparing for the next ritual since very soon after that incident. There’s no way you would disappoint your gentle, deeply loving waifu like that again. You’ve done hours of research, purchased a bunch of supplies, and talked things over with your waifu extensively in the past several months. When you first moved in, neither of you had any idea that the two of you would fall for each other so fast. For a Dragon who is thousands of years old, the Ryu is very naive when it comes to relationships. That’s just one of the things that draws you to her though. She is your big, adorable love-snake.


            One of the Shirohebi attendants taps you on the shoulder. You turn to see two of her sisters slowly ushering the two farmers out of the shrine; one of the men seems reluctant to leave his white snakegirl attendant behind on the mountain.

            “Lady Neya is ready for you, young Master.” The Shirohebi in front of you bows.

            “Right. Thanks.” You stand up.

            It’s time.


            You meet your waifu in her quarters, chat a bit, shower with her, eat a hearty meal, and shower with her again. After this, she goes off for a quick flight to ready herself. The Ryu has taught you several spells during your time with her, mostly ones pertaining to water manipulation. You’ve also come up with a few other ones of your own. As low-leveled as you are, being a mage is one of the more exciting perks of your ‘job’. You don’t really work though, except for when Neya needs you for her rituals. That being said, you do try to be around to offer support whenever she needs it. She is busy with her duties and around other people a lot of the time, so having three days all to yourselves is something neither of you can wait for. Excitement almost boils over as you enter the magically sealed chamber at the exact center of the shrine that only you and she can access. You have a lot to set up and a long three days ahead of you.


— — — — —



            The secret room in the middle of Neya’s shrine is very large and has all sorts of oddly shaped and exotic furniture inside of it. The floor is made of hard, smooth stone that is painted with all sorts of runes and magic circles. The slightly domed roof is almost like a donut. A brightly shining, forcefield-like barrier sits in the middle of it; it’s open to the sky and you can see the almost full moon rising amongst the stars. An ethereal, magical aura seems to permeate through the large, octagonal room. This room took almost three years to complete, and nearly everything inside of it serves to amplify and aid in the ritual you are about to perform.


            It’s almost midnight before the Ryu returns from her ceremonial pre-ritual flight. She passes through the barrier with ease as she gracefully descends from the sky. You are unable to conceal your excited smile as you approach the fidgeting Snake-Dragon in the middle of the room. She blushes with anticipation; days, weeks, months, and even years of planning have gone in to this endeavor. You have already shed your clothes; you hear the Ryu breathe in sharply with surprise as you step out of the shadows.


            “Hey.” you whisper into her green, wing-like ear as you embrace her. She is only about an inch taller than you now; when you’d first met her, your head was barely level with her chest.

            “Good evening, my love…”

            “It’s almost midnight. Let’s get started, mmm?” Neya nods and begins to untie her long, flowing robes. The intricate folds of green, blue and purple cloth fall from her shoulders, and she quickly covers her pale, naked body with her scaly Dragon-claws as best she can. Her long, emerald tail brushes her crumpled robes off to the side.

            “Hey, I know your nervous, Neya…” You lovingly caress her pale, white shoulders, “…I’m intimidated too. I know you would never hurt me on purpose, and we took extra special care to make sure accidents don’t happen, right?”

            “Right, my love.”

            “Right. That ancient teasing technique we read about is supposed to make it safer for us too.”


            As you have planned it, this whole ritual is dependent on you almost constantly teasing your waifu for three full days, without letting her orgasm. You’ve experimented with orgasm denial in the past, but the longest Neya has gone without cumming is a day and a half. As you reassure her, she brightens a bit and slowly lowers her claws to her sides. Both of you are fully aware of how fearsome her strength is; one single blow from her claw or sweep with her scaly tail could easily kill you. You wordlessly take her claw in your hand and escort her to the first contraption as if you were her butler.

            “Oh, please.” You grin as you turn to the pouting Ryu, she has always been sensitive to you teasing her by acting submissive. You know she would never drop her dominant persona when anyone other than you was around. Whenever the two of you have to go out in public together, you like to act as submissive and well trained as possible, just to make her squirm.

            “Sorry.” you giggle a bit.


            The first piece of furniture you choose to use is very long. It’s massage table of sorts, but it’s several times as long as normal one. There are several magically strengthened straps along the table, and a sturdy-looking metal pillory stands at the foot of it.

            “Okay Neya. You lay on your belly here, facing me.” You stand in front of the open pillory as Neya positions herself on the Ryu-sized massage table. She props herself up with her arms as she stretches her tail along the length of it. Her beautifully pale, D-cup breasts are squeezed between her smooth, scaly arms and her extremely long, green tail extends almost to the other end of the skinny table.

            “Arms go here and here, and your neck goes here.” Neya whines and blushes a bit as you point to the three half-circle openings in the bottom half of the pillory. The holes are lined with soft Weresheep wool, but the pillory has been enhanced and made strong enough to keep even a Wurm in place. The Ryu obediently complies with your instructions and lowers herself into the pillory. Her squishy, alabaster boobs dangle around the narrow part of the table that has been sculpted for them.


            You carefully bring the top half of the pillory down and lock your waifu into it with a heavy padlock. The way her claws and neck are tightly held in place by the restrictive, medieval-style bondage furniture makes Neya look wonderfully helpless and submissive. Once she is secure, you sit cross-legged in front of her and push her long, silky, lavender-colored hair out of her face. Your hands rest tenderly on her cheeks as you stare into each other’s eyes.

            “I love you, Neya. We’re going to do this together.” You kiss her softly, squishing against and nibbling at her soft, full lips with your own. Her breathing is heavy and her eyelids flutter a little when you eventually break from her. Before you get up again, you take an elastic band from your wrist and begin to braid the Ryu’s purple hair. She grunts every so often as you firmly pull ropes of her shiny lavender locks tightly around each other. Once you are finished, you stand up.

            “Thank you, my love.” Neya cranes her neck to look up and smile at you. You know how much she dislikes it when her hair hangs in her face.


            Your Ryu waifu flexes her helpless claws restlessly and tries in vain to twist around to look at you as you walk behind her. One by one, you fasten the multitude of reinforced leather straps along her whole body.

            “Done. Now, how about a nice massage Neya?”

            “Yes please, my love!” the Ryu calls from the other end of her pillory. Her brave enthusiasm makes you smile. Although bondage intimidates her sometimes, she has regularly told and shown you how much she enjoys it.

            “Well alright then.” You swing your leg across her back and straddle her. Neya gasps and shivers as she feels your flaccid member drag across her pale lower back. Ignoring this, you firmly grasp her wide, soft shoulders with your hands.


            You begin to knead at them, teasing the strong, rippling muscles under her pristine, white skin.

            “You’re so tense, Neya…” The Ryu sighs deeply and her muscles spasm and twitch as you massage them. Your strong, skilled hands dance up and down her back, her sides and her neck. Over time, you have become very adept at giving your waifu massages. Under your loving, careful ministrations, her well-toned muscles finally begin to relax. She grunts and whines a bit as you press and knead at each knot of tension, slowly relieving and loosening them. Moving on, you bend over her back and reach down for her dangling breasts.


            “Hnnnnhhh…” Neya whines as your hands sink in to her deliciously soft flesh.

            “I’ve got to be sure I don’t miss an inch of your beautiful body Neya…” you say as you pull and grope at her silky, squishy boobs, occasionally breathing or blowing on her neck and back. You knead your thumbs into her teats just above her nipples and firmly squeeze as you slide your hands down them, almost as if you were milking her. You can feel her shiver beneath you every time your strong thumbs grind powerfully against her stiff, erect nipples. You trace tiny, feathery kisses along her shoulder blades making her moan and struggle occasionally in the pillory. Despite her immense strength, your waifu is no match for the magically enhanced restraints.


            Eventually, you stop groping and massaging Neya’s soft, beautiful breasts and move down to her tail. You gently trace your finger along where her skin becomes scales, just above her butt. She squirms a bit as you gently squeeze at her firm, scaly ass. You feel her delicious, toned butt cheeks ripple and squish beneath your hands as you massage them for several minutes. You are sure to be extremely careful around the one, larger scale at the bottom of the part in her butt, just above where her bristly red hair-spines start. Her reverse scale. You breathe on it ever so slightly and Neya rattles the pillory roughly and then freezes.

            “You ok up there?” For a moment, all you hear is the Ryu’s heavy, ragged breathing.

            “Y-y-y-yes…” Her usually calm, shy voice is cracked and desperate. Even a breath as tiny as that made the Ryu’s hidden, fiery lust flare up. Despite her reply, you move from her butt and her reverse scale and finish massaging down the length of her tail. The ritual is still just beginning, it would be silly to push her over the edge so soon.


            Once you finish Neya’s massage, you gently trace a circle around the tip of her tail with your finger. Her coarse red bristles bend easily under your fingers and she thrashes a bit as you rub and tease at her sensitive tip. Smiling, you finally return to the front of her pillory. The Ryu’s face is colored a bright red and her long, skinny, reptilian tongue hangs all the way out of her panting mouth. You lovingly pat her on the head as her bright cyan eyes slowly come in to focus.

            “I’ll be right back. You did so well Neya.” She nods weakly; the effects of your teasing, erotic massage seem to be getting to her more than you thought they would.


            After getting something off one of the wall racks, you return to your captive. You set the item down in front of Neya, allowing her to get a good look at it while you undo her restraints. Soon, she sits up on the side of the massage table, still panting a bit. A large puddle of glistening, fragrant arousal stains the place just around where her pussy had been; you can see streaks of it trickling down her tail-thigh.

            “How was the massage?” You grin at her.

            “G-good, my love.” Neya twines her left arm around yours, interlacing her razor-sharp talons with your fingers as she leans in to you and rests her head on your shoulder. Despite the fact that she could easily mangle your fleshy digits, you feel perfectly safe holding hands with her.


            You yawn; the massage had gone on longer than you thought it had, and it was already late when you started.

            “I’m glad it was good my love, it kinda took a lot out of me. We might have to cut tonight shor… HEY!” The Ryu jumps and freezes, eyes locked with yours. Her other hand is frantically massaging at her crotch.

            “No masturbating! You know that as well as I do…” She blushes shamefully and looks away.

            “P-please, love… j-just one…”

            “No.” You get up to retrieve the harness-like object from the floor.

            “B-but… I need it! Just a little one! Please! It’s still so early!” She pleads with you, her eyes begging for you to come back.

            “You can wait.”


            You return to the horny, suffering Ryu carrying the object from the floor.

            “Now, you’re going to wear this while we sleep. I can’t have you cumming without me, can I?” You hold up the specially tailored chastity belt you had commissioned for her.

            “Stand up, my love.” Reluctantly, she rises to meet you, blushing all the while. She wrings her claws nervously and her eyes dart from you to the heavy metal chastity belt; you can tell she is desperate to return to fondling her aching folds. The enchanted metal belt is padded with squishy, off-white silicone wherever it’s supposed to touch Neya’s body; she’ll be comfortable wearing it for a long time as long as she can overlook her brutal, tantalizing arousal.


            Ignoring the Ryu’s frustration, you fasten the first metal band around her waist and lock it in place. Two straps hang down in front of and behind her. A curved metal plate completely covers her pussy and little nubs stick out of the silicone pad on the underside of it. The nubs press ever so slightly into her wet, squishy lips. Neya bites her tongue a bit as each bump of the nubs against her dripping, sensitive area sends electric pleasure throughout her body. The second metal strap fits tightly between your waifu’s scaly butt cheeks and a cup-like metal piece hangs from it. This piece completely covers her reverse scale and makes sure there is no way anything or anyone can touch it. The cups are kept firmly up and in place by two short belts that connect to them on either side and lie around the Ryu’s hips. The front strap and the back strap connect to a third belt at their ends; you lock it firmly around her tail, several centimeters below her butt.


            Once fully locked, the chastity belt glows and tightens itself around Neya’s waist, hips, butt and tail.

            “There we go. Now, you can cum all you want, if you can get that off before morning comes.” Her face brightens a bit at your words. However, try as she might, she is unable to remove the strict chastity belt with her claws. She tries to slide it up and down and from side to side, but her wide, scaly hips keep the tight straps and bands firmly in place. She tries to knead the pad into her pussy, but the metal is stiff, and the squishy silicone nubs barely tickle her bits. She even tries to tear the belt off of herself with brute force, but it doesn’t move a millimeter. You grin.

            “I’ll be in bed. I hope you’ll join me!” With a sly wink, you walk to the massive, four-poster bed across the room. The Ryu sighs deeply in frustration and slowly follows you, slithering dejectedly across the smooth, stone floor. Her chastity belt clinks and clatters softly whenever she moves as she climbs into bed with you.


            She lies beside you and coils her thick, scaly tail around your feet and calves as she usually does. “Goodnight, my love. I know you can bear it.” She nods nervously, and you pull the red velvet sheets over the two of you. You gently kiss Neya on the lips and wrap your arms around her, entwining her beautiful, nude body with yours. Hopefully, she’ll be able to sleep a little.


            A muffled, desperate moaning sound rouses you from your sleep. As you wake, you instantly realize the lack of Neya’s warmth cuddled against you. She must have pried you off of herself while you slept; with her strength it would have been too easy. It’s only been a few hours since you two had fallen asleep, cuddled around each other. The Ryu is still on the bed, but her back is facing you. Her body quivers and shakes, and you can see her claws moving up and down methodically around her chest.

            “Neya.” She freezes for a moment before slowly, nervously turning to face you.


            Her thick purple braid is clenched tightly in her sharp white teeth; as her shoulders and torso move with her head, you can see what her claws have been doing. The Ryu’s large scaly hands grip her large, soft boobs tightly. From the faint, red scratch marks on them you can tell that she has been kneading and toying with them for a long time. Her hair gag falls from her mouth as she fumbles around for excuses.

            “M-my love… I-I-I… I didn’t mean…”

            “Ssshh…” You hold a finger up to her lips. She quiets down, but her expression is still a mixture of shame, nervousness, and longing.

            “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” She shakes her head.

            “Good,” You get out of bed. “I don’t want to take any more chances though.”


            You walk across the room to where the toy racks are. You can feel the Ryu’s desperate gaze follow you as you pick an item off a rack. There is no doubt in your mind that your scent, as well as your fully naked body are only adding to her frustration.

            “To be honest, I probably should have put this on you from the start too.” You hold up the heavy-looking chastity bra you picked out as you return to the bed. Your waifu pouts as the crimson blush on her face grows stronger.

            “D-do I have to? T-to wear that?”

            “Yes, my love. You’ve proven that you can’t be trusted while I’m asleep. This is just for safety, okay?” She nods.

            “I understand…” Neya knows as well as you do that you will have to repeat the ritual on the next full moon if she climaxes too early. The anticipation and excitement that have built up must really be getting to her; even while the two of you are alone, the Ryu is usually very collected and in control of herself.


            As you think about it, you feel you may have been a little too harsh with your teasing before. Still, this ritual isn’t just about pleasure; it’s work too. You have to press on. Neya fidgets a little as you clamber back onto the bed and position yourself behind her. You bring the large, padded metal cups of the chastity bra up to her breasts. The Ryu obediently puts her arms though the metal shoulder straps and you buckle the bra around her back. The chastity bra glows and tightens itself once it is fully locked, as its counterpart had. She gasps a bit as the enchanted metal bra suckers itself around her beautiful, squishy teats and pulls them tightly to her chest. Each of her breasts is now completely covered by thick, squishy silicone and shiny, heavy metal. The shoulder and midriff straps cut in to her flesh ever so slightly; her soft, pale skin bulges out a little over the silicone padding.

            “It’s not too tight, is it?”

            “No, my love. It’s… fine. Not too tight at all.” You can tell your waifu is frustrated with having her breasts and pussy locked away like this, but not unhappy. She sighs softly as you move around and embrace her.


            The two of you fall back onto the bed, facing each other. You gently stroke her soft, pale cheek with the back of your fingers as you stare into her bright, cyan eyes.

            “Hey. I’m sorry if I was a little too harsh earlier. I kinda got carried away I guess…” The Ryu smiles.

            “Don’t worry, my love. You’d have to do much worse than a little teasing to hurt one such as me. We’ll get through this together.” Her reassurance thoroughly relaxes you. Whether she’s in her dominant, commanding, public state or the nervous, submissive state she only shares with you, Neya’s inner strength and love for you never fade.

            “Right. Together. You know, I’ve always really admired you, Neya. I know I don’t really ever express it to you, but I really do. All you’ve done for me, and the love you’ve shown me… I… I don’t really know how to say this… ah… I just, always want to be here for you, you know? It’s the least I can do to help you in any way I can, I mean… I guess what I’m trying to say is… I love you, Neya…” You trail off.


            The Ryu tenderly caresses your face with her scaly claws. During your little speech, your eyes had been darting around the room as you tried to put your thoughts into words. Your waifu’s touch calms you a little, and you feel your heart almost explode as your eyes come to rest on her face. Tears of happiness are streaming down her face and she is grinning from ear to ear. Tiny sobs and hiccups of pure joy escape from her lips as she stares at you, completely blown away.

            “M-my love…” Her voice is choked up and brimming with ecstatic passion. Your words have blindsided her; you can’t help but feel your own eyes watering up as you look at her. Neya trembles a bit as she plants a loving, shaky, extremely wet kiss on your lips. That kiss seems to convey all of the intensely adoring love your waifu has for you.

            “I… I knew you felt that way… I… I’ve always understood how you felt, my love… I… well, I was sure I did. You are my precious little human boy, and h-hearing you say those words out loud I just… I love you too!”


            It’s your turn to hold her cheeks and kiss her now. Neither of you has ever been good with expressing your feelings. There’s something about the intimate, vulnerable setting you’ve found yourselves now in that is bringing out all of your deepest, most passionate emotions. The two of you lay there for a long time, gazing into each other’s eyes in happy, blissful silence. You haven’t spoken with her like this since you’ve known her, but it feels fantastic now that you have. Unspoken feelings and emotions flow freely between the two of you as time seems to stand still. You feel as though both of you have a much better understanding of your relationship now.


            Eventually, you notice the light slowly growing in the room. The sun peeks over the eastern edge of the clear, magical roof; you’d completely lost track of time as you stared into your waifu’s eyes. It’s time to get up, you two have a storm to brew.

            “Neya…” You break the long, emotionally charged silence, “…It’s time to get up. You ready?”

            “Yes, love.” She unwraps her strong, warm tail from your legs; it is only now that you notice how tightly she was coiled around you. You have no feeling in your legs whatsoever, and the Ryu’s smooth scales have left imprints all along them. She gets off of the bed and stretches with her back to you as you gingerly massage your dead-feeling legs. They feel unpleasantly prickly as sensation slowly returns to them, and it takes you awhile to feel steady enough to leave the bed. Finally though, you are up next to Neya; the two of you stand there in silence as you look from contraption to contraption, deciding what to use next.


            “C-can we use that one?” The Ryu points to a series of wide leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling like a skeletal cylinder over a comfy-looking armchair.

            “Of course, Neya!” That’s one you’ve definitely been looking forward to using. Neya slithers over to it and sits in the shiny leather chair while you pull a ladder over. A strong rope hangs from a pulley in the middle of the leather cylinders, which get smaller in diameter as they approach the ceiling. Before ascending the ladder, you tie the rope to the end of the Ryu’s serpentine body. She bites her lip as the rough rope tickles the sensitive tip of her tail and digs into her bristles. Once you are at the top of the ladder, you pull on the rope. Your waifu’s thick, heavy tail is slowly hoisted into the air and through the cuffs. With a great deal of effort, you finally get the rope all the way through the pulley and tie it off on the wall.

            “Please try not to move too much Neya.” you call down to the Ryu in the chair. She nods carefully as she concentrates on keeping her tail still. You quickly fasten the first of the seven long, black cuffs just below the rope holding her body in the air.


            Each cuff is about nine inches long lined with a special, magical adhesive; they will keep her tail firmly anchored in the harness but come off easily just like any normal cuff. You stop every so often to fasten the next restraint as you descend the ladder until finally, you are on the ground again. The eighth and final cuff is perpendicular to the others, and is connected to the rather long leg-rest of the chair. The Ryu’s tail is fully suspended from the ceiling, but her human torso reclines comfortably in the black leather armchair. You grin as you admire how helpless the ceiling-harness has made her; all she can do is weakly jerk her tail to and fro in the thick, leather cuffs.

            “Feel ok?” She nods, smiling a bit in anticipation.

            “Good!” You collapse the ladder and lean it against the wall before walking over and throwing your leg over your waifu’s lap. She blushes a bit as you straddle her, but her gaze never strays from yours. You feel the fairly hot metal of Neya’s chastity belt brush against your butt as you make yourself comfortable. She must be painfully aware of your naked body slowly grinding against her, millimeters away from her trapped and aching pussy. Grinning, you wrap your arms around your waifu and kiss her deeply. She moans a bit before greedily returning your kiss.


            Her lust seems to have spiked; her frantic, reptilian tongue lustily slides in and out of your mouth as her lips ferociously grip and massage yours. You can feel her tongue sliding deeper as it slowly teases the back of your tongue and your palate. Years of this type of kissing have fully erased your gag reflex. With one hand at the base of one of her sandy brown horns and the other on her soft, rosy cheek, you pull the Ryu’s head closer as the forked tips of her delicious, slippery tongue tickle your uvula. She moans passionately as her muscle pushes deeper down your throat, desperate for some sort of way to release the longing slowly building up inside of her. You can’t help but moan as you deepthroat your waifu’s beautiful, thick tongue. Her saliva mixes with yours as you share several passionate minutes of kissing.


            Eventually, you force yourself to break from her; you teasingly try to suck her tongue back into your mouth as you push away from the Ryu. Her tongue languidly slides out of your mouth and she sighs with pleasure as you gently suckle at her sensitive organ. With a small, wet pop, her tongue is finally free. She doesn’t pull it back into her own mouth though; instead she just sits there, panting. Her shoulders slump a little as her eyes lose focus; silvery drool drips from her tongue and lips down her shiny metal chastity bra. You wipe the remnants of her and your saliva from your face and reach over to a small cart at the side of the chair. Before your waifu has a chance to see what you grabbed, you hide it behind your back.

            “I think we need to clean that dirty tongue of yours a little bit. Look at this…” You point to the drool hanging off of the Ryu’s tongue and rolling down her soft, white belly.


            “You’ll see… Open your mouth, my love.” With a quizzical look, Neya dutifully opens her mouth wide for you.


            Her pearly, pointed teeth shine in the sunlight and saliva glistens all over her tongue.

            “That’s right…” You bring the large, metal ring gag in your hand out from behind your back. It is mostly normal, except for the second, smaller ring connected to the first by four, inch-long metal rods. Neya pales a little as she looks at the double ring gag, but her mouth stays open. You slowly slide the gag around her tongue and gently push it into her mouth. The small ring eventually comes to rest at the base of her slippery tongue, while the larger ring sits comfortably between her teeth. You lift her still braided hair out of the way and buckle the gag tightly behind her head.

            “Aaaahh?” You grin as the puzzled Ryu tries to pull her tongue back into her mouth. Try as she might, the small metal ring encircling and firmly hugging the base of her tongue makes all of her efforts useless.

            “Aaaaaaahhhh! Aaah-aaahh!” The surprised and frustrated noises Neya makes as her long, pink, serpentine tongue dangles limply out of the ring gag are just too cute.

            “Now then…”


            You direct your attention to the arms of the leather chair. Your waifu’s claws rest on them lightly; she makes no effort to resist as you gently hold her left arm down and reach for one of the thick leather straps at the side of the chair. You tighten the first strap around her wrist and the second around her arm just below her elbow. Leaning forward a bit, you fasten the third and final strap around her upper arm just below her armpit, and repeat the whole process with her right arm.

            “Aaaannhhh…” Neya grunts a little through her gag. Her tongue wiggles and dangles to and fro as she tugs and pulls at the straps to test them. They hold her just fine; you made sure to put the same strengthening and reinforcing enchantments on everything in the room. You reach around the Ryu’s midriff and buckle her torso to the chair as well.

            “There we go! All tight and snug. You doing okay, my love?”

            “AAaaahhhaaah!” She nods. The way the double ring gag amplifies and accentuates every sound that comes out of her mouth coupled with the innocent, embarrassed look on her face are just perfect. You pick up a small toothbrush from your cart and your waifu’s eyes widen as she sees the green plastic tool in your hand.


            “Let’s get to cleaning, mmm?”

            “Hhhhaaaahhh.” Neya’s tongue flips around and sways adorably as she tries to reply to you. You carefully squeeze the tip of her tongue between your thumb and index finger and dip the toothbrush into a cup of water that sits on the cart. Time to get to work. Slowly at first, you begin to tease the soft bristles of the toothbrush along the Ryu’s long, rough tongue.

            “Aaaarrrhhh… aaaaaahh… aaanhh…” She whines beautifully with each stroke of the brush. You start to speed up a bit, making sure to scrub firmly at every bit of Neya’s helpless tongue.

            “AAHhhaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaAAHhhhh…” Her adorable noises increase in volume as the toothbrush mercilessly teases her. Saliva flows over your hand as she drools; it’s getting harder to maintain your grip now.


            You continue to tickle and massage up and down the moaning Ryu’s poor, sensitive tongue for a long time. She thrashes around in her restraints, but the enchanted leather cuffs barely let her move an inch. Her chastity belt and chastity bra clink and clatter softly as she struggles, desperately trying to pull her tongue away from your intense, loving brushing. When her thrashing finally becomes too much, you relent and set the toothbrush aside.

            “There… Now your tongue is all clean.” You are panting a little, but it is nothing compared to the ragged, overloaded breaths of the Ryu in front of you. Her serpentine tongue is red and raw; you can swear it is glowing a little. Maybe it’s just the sunlight. Either way, you unbuckle the large, double ring gag and gently pull it from Neya’s mouth.

            “You okay, my love?” Her tortured tongue gratefully slithers back into her mouth, and she remains silent for a bit.

            “Y-y-yethh… I’m okay…” You stifle a giggle; Neya’s new little lisp is adorable.

            “I’m glad.” You pat her on the head lovingly and she weakly smiles back at you.

            “Thhhat felt good, my love… Thhhank you.” You grin. She is so adorably kinky…


            You jump and nearly lose your balance in your waifu’s lap as she gives her tail a singe, strong jerk. With a crash, her still cuffed tail falls to the floor as the bolt in the ceiling breaks. Welp. You had completely forgotten to fortify the ceiling bolt with magic. The Ryu grins slyly at you.

            “You knew, huh.” She nods, still smiling. Whatever. The harness has served its purpose. You yawn a bit; even though it’s a little after noon, you are extremely tired. Neya yawns as well.

            “C-can we jutht thleep here? I’m too tired to get up…” she says.

            “Of course!” The Ryu sighs happily as you free her claws and arms.


            You can feel your strength fading fast as you curl up in your waifu’s lap. She yawns again as she tenderly wraps her powerful arms around you, embracing and supporting you with her great strength. Despite your mostly dominant role in your relationship, you are perfectly content to sleep in Neya’s arms. Sometimes you just have to be the little spoon.

            “Sleep well Neya. I love you.”

            “Yethhh love… I love you too.” The two of you sleep there together for several hours, cuddled together in the leather bondage chair.


— — — — —



            You awaken sometime after midnight, still cuddled in Neya’s strong claw-arms. Like a baby, almost. The long, thick leather cuffs from the ceiling restraints are still buckled tightly all up and down her emerald-colored tail. Her strict, metal chastity belt is digging into your back a little; you become more and more uncomfortable as time passes.

            “Neya… Neya, wake up.” She stirs a little, almost dumping you out of her lap.

            “Mmmmmm… Good morning, my love…” The groggy Ryu arches her back as she wakes up. Her chastity bra and belt creak metallically and stretch with her. You stand up and shiver a little; the cool, early morning air feels pleasant on your still naked body.


            “Did you sleep okay, my love?” you ask.

            “More or less…” The excited and aroused blush on the Ryu’s face seems like it never faded while the two of you slept. You can’t help but smile slyly as you watch her pant a little and blink at you sleepily. The effects of the massage and the tongue brushing you had given her yesterday must still be lingering. Neya’s claws drift almost unconsciously to her boobs; she desperately tries to grope at them through the strict chastity bra suckered tightly to her soft, squishy chest. It’s almost too bad that you can’t fondle her large, beautiful teats or pinch, or pull, or tease at her stiff, sensitive nipples. You feel a lump in your throat as the Ryu hopelessly scratches and pulls at the unyielding metal bra completely locked over her tits.


            “Neya…” She jumps a little and her horned head flies up as she looks at you.

            “How about we get your mind of off your belts for a bit?”

            “P-please… yes…” The poor Ryu pants with arousal and frustration.

            “Follow me then.” You take your waifu’s claw in your hand and lead her across the room to the wall furthest from you. You look up through the clear, luminescent ceiling-barrier to the sky as you pass under it. Even though it’s dark out, you can clearly see the thick, puffy clouds that have gathered on top of the mountain. Things are coming along nicely up there.


            You can tell by the way Neya slithers that she is extremely frustrated. The way her thick, powerful tail swishes back and forth restlessly is a dead giveaway. Wait a second. You’re an idiot. You forgot to undo her cuffs, no wonder she is moving so weirdly.

            “Neya, my love, I’m so sorry…” You immediately stop and hastily unbuckle the restrictive leather cuffs from her tail and drape them over your arm. All seven of them together are pretty heavy; you deposit them back over by the bondage chair and return to her. She hasn’t moved from that spot at all, she is too engrossed in trying to pry the chastity belt off from around her aching pussy. The Ryu can barely get the tip of her talons under the curved metal plate, but its squishy, enchanted silicone lining just pushes them back out if they get too far.


            You put your hands under her ears on either side of her head and gently lift it so her gaze is level with yours.

            “Hey. Neya. Is everything okay?” Her blue eyes are glazed over, but your words make her focus a bit.

            “Yes, my l-love… T-t-this isn’t anything I can’t h-handle…” Her distracted, stuttering voice is a little concerning to you. Even when she is being submissive or shy for you, her tone is never this unfocused.

            “Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you or anything.” Her eyes focus a lot more and her sharp green claws wrap gently around your wrists.

            “I’ll be fine, my love. Truly. It’s just… so hard to ignore…” Her voice is stronger now; it makes you a bit more confident. “Please, lets do the next one. I want to, my love. For us.”

            “Okay.” Her resolve is very touching and endearing to you.


            You finally smile and pull the Ryu in for a quick, passionate kiss; her smooth, firm lips briefly lock with yours. As you pull away, Neya delicately, teasingly licks your cheek with her long, serpentine tongue. Oh, she’ll be just fine. This ritual has been getting to you a lot more than you thought it had, but you can handle it.


            Finally, you stand in front of the next contraption. It looks just like a normal stone wall, save for a long, embossed, upside-down cross shape on it. The bars of the cross are about a foot wide; the middle, vertical bar extends from the floor all the way up to the high ceiling. You push on the cross firmly with both hands and it sinks in a little. Immediately after that, it folds out of the wall and falls towards the floor. A cushioning spell catches it before it hits, just millimeters from the cool gray stone below. Following this, the cross-shaped piece of wall rises back up slowly, coming to a stop around the height of your waist. Now that the inside of it is exposed, it looks a lot like the leather massage table from the previous day.

            “On you get, my love.”


            Neya obediently levitates and lays herself on the cross shaped bed-table. Despite the fact that it hangs freely in midair, the table doesn’t move a bit as the Ryu puts her weight on it. You stroke her face with your fingers as she lays flat on her back on the cross. The red spine-bristles down the length of her back have flattened smoothly against her scales and her tail dangles off the bottom of the table a little. You can’t help but take hold of the bases of her forked horns and bend down to kiss her again, seeing your usually proud and domineering waifu laying down all prone and blushing like this always makes your heart flutter. The Ryu moans a little bit in your mouth as your tongue prods and flicks lovingly at hers. You break from her before you get too hypnotized by her delicious, beautiful tongue and lips again. She makes no effort to resist as you move her claw-arms to lie along the horizontal part of the cross.


            As soon as her arms are in place, metal bands, much like the ones on her chastity belt and bra shoot out of the sides of the table and bind them down to it. The padded metal bands wrap tightly around the Ryu’s wrists, above and below her elbows, just under her armpits, and just below the tips of each of her claw-fingers. The smooth leather of the table squeaks slightly as the magical restraints pull her arms and hands down even tighter. Similar cuffs wrap around Neya’s stomach, torso and tail, you hear their repetitive metal clicking sounds grow faint as they connect and constrict all the way down the length of her body, one after another. Her skin and scales bulge out between the tight, metal restraints a little once they are in place, but she seems fairly comfortable. She smiles warmly at you, clearly excited for what you have in store.


            You lovingly tease along the outline of the bound Ryu’s chastity bra. She bites her lip in anticipation as she feels your light caress on the very edges of her locked up breasts. You tap the metal bra expertly in several locations, and it bursts open at the middle. Neya gasps as her huge breasts bounce and jiggle tantalizingly as they are freed from their metal and silicone prison. The chastity bra now hangs limply off of either side of the table in half, still held in place under her back. As soon as her bra is off, you greedily grab at your helpless waifu’s pale, squishy chest. Neya breathes in sharply as two new metal bands magically snake their way around her chest, just above and below her now freed boobs. Now, you can have some fun.


            You passionately knead and massage at Neya’s teats in your strong hands. Her electric blue eyes flutter and she sighs deeply as the sensation of you lovingly teasing at her beautiful boobs flows over her. You roughly pinch and tug at her inflamed, erect nipples; you take one into your mouth and bite and lick at it while you roll her other nipple around between your fingers. Sweat glistens on her soft, squishy chest as you play with it and suckle on it and tease at it to your heart’s content. The Ryu tries to buck her hips and strain at the tight, metal restraints, but they are far too strong for her. She is desperate to get closer to the brutally teasing pleasure you are inflicting on her poor breasts. The tiny silicone nubs on the inside of her chastity belt must be infuriating as well.


            Eventually, you bend down, squishing her soft teats under your bare chest. Your fingers dance up and down her rough, rigid horns. Neya bites her lip; the places where her horns meet her head are extremely sensitive to your touch as well. She can feel your every touch vibrate down the length of them and reverberate pleasurably in her head. You lock your legs around her middle bits as you try to pull yourself closer to the bound, helpless Ryu on the cross. Your lips meet enthusiastically as you greedily kiss her once more. You are just as desperate as she is to have her tongue deep down your throat again.


            Passionate grunts and moans come from you as you push down against Neya’s face, her tongue sliding deep into your mouth. Frantic, lustful sounds echo throughout the room as you lovingly suck on and deepthroat your waifu’s long, thick tongue. She eagerly pushes it deeper and deeper into you; your beautiful, animalistic moans are music to her ears. Your own tongue pushes against and coils around hers from the bottom of your mouth; you do your best to drag her deeper with it. Your hands have moved from her horns to her scaly, webbed wing-ears; you can’t get enough of fondling and teasing the Ryu’s adorable ears as you kiss her.


            For a single, swift moment, you break from her webbed ears with one of your hands and press a button on the side of the cross-table.

            “HhhhMMM!!!” Neya’s tongue-fucking stops and she squeals in surprise as a multitude of little, mechanical arms carrying an assortment of devious items spring from the table. A small conical, silicone cup of sorts has suckered itself around the tip of her tail. The toy is ribbed and begins to spin; first one way, then the other as it mercilessly tickles her sensitive tail. The Ryu tries to thrash in her metal restraints a little as stiff silicone brushes, ribbed silicone wheels, and fluffy white feathers begin to tickle and tease at her sides, belly and armpits. She can barely move at all as the magical toys tickle her all over. Unfortunately for you, Neya’s tongue recedes back into her mouth as she starts to laugh and shriek uncontrollably. You smile wryly as you sit up and look down at her; this is a surprise that you couldn’t wait to unveil. As soon as your chest is off of hers, more toys come forth and begin to pinch and tickle the Ryu’s breasts and nipples.


            Neya’s earsplitting screaming and laughing reverberate through the room. You are sure you can feel the floor shaking beneath you. The brutally persistent ticklers on the tip of her tail, her armpits, her breasts, sides, belly, neck, horns and ears never let up. Tears begin to stream down her rosy, blushing cheeks, but her face is contorted in a wide grin of ecstatic pleasure.



            Neya has a massive tickle-torture fetish. The two of you don’t have as many tickling sessions as you’d like though. As much as she enjoys it, your waifu is constantly worried about her reputation. This fetish is one of her deepest, darkest secrets; at first, she even had trouble sharing it with you. If any of her Shirohebi attendants got curious about the deafening sounds coming from your room during one of your sessions and saw her tied down while her ‘meek, submissive husband’ tickles her with a merciless, almost demonic look on his face… well… You’re aware of one time when one of the Shirohebis went ‘missing’ and never came back. You don’t quite remember the exact circumstances of that event, but it had definitely involved the unfortunate snakegirl finding out about part of Neya’s submissive side.


            You’re going to have to do something about her screams though; even with the room’s soundproofing, her hysterical, frenzied laughing is much louder and more passionate than usual. She must have been holding back a lot in your past sessions; it looks like her already extreme frustration and arousal are making it impossible for her to control herself now. The preparations you’ve made for this night should ensure she can enjoy herself without too many worries of being intruded upon, but you just want to make sure. As prepared as you’ve been, Neya has already effortlessly destroyed one of your contraptions. The way she ripped her tail harness out of the ceiling last night still sticks in your mind.


            A faint rumble of thunder comes from above you as you swing yourself off of the desperately laughing Ryu’s stomach and jog to your supply racks. As soon as you are off of her, a tiny, ribbed, drill-like silicone tickler immediately attacks her adorable little bellybutton. You return to your delirious, scream-laughing waifu with a single object in hand. It’s a thick, leather panel gag with an unusual attachment; the part that fits into the victim’s mouth is the size of a dildo. The thick, black dildo has a centimeter-wide hole through it to allow for breathing, but it is still a fairly intimidating piece. Grinning, you slowly slide the long, smooth dildo between the tortured Ryu’s frantic lips. From the way her rosy lips tremble around the head of the gag and the way her eyes dart from it to you, she seems incredibly eager to have it in her mouth. The look she wears seems to thank you as you slowly push the toy down her throat, effectively muzzling her. You know how embarrassing her loud, uncontrollable laughs and shrieks are to her. As cute as they are to you, you can’t just be selfish. Besides, your ears are starting to ring a little, and you don’t want to wake the Shirohebis.


            You lift the Ryu’s head up briefly and tightly buckle the dildo gag behind her head. She still moans and sputters beautifully behind it as she is tickled and tortured, but her volume has decreased a lot. A lump forms in your throat as you imagine the considerable dildo held down her throat by the tight, leather panel gag.

            “Better?” Neya barely manages a small, grateful nod; she sucks gratefully at the dildo gag now strictly muzzling her face almost as if it were a pacifier.

            ‘You know, she’s probably going to be hungry after this session.’

            Time to go make a snack.


            Your snack takes longer to prepare than you expected; when you return to the bound, tortured and extremely frustrated Ryu, her cyan eyes are glazed over and her face is crimson and soaked with drool. You can’t help that you kept getting hypnotized by watching her from across the room. She has endured the beautifully overstimulating tickle-torture for several hours, unable to do anything but wriggle around in vain and suck on her dildo muzzle as the devious mechanical toys simultaneously teased every sensitive spot on her body. Even now, the magically controlled arms are just blurs as they massage and tickle Neya’s armpits, her bellybutton, the tip and underside of her tail, her sides, her neck, her breasts, her nipples and many other places. The adorable sputters and moans that come from around the deepthroat gag are softer now, but no less desperate or passionate. You wave your hand and all of the ticklers recede back into the table. The helpless Ryu takes a long, deep, ragged breath through her gag as the intense tickle-torture finally stops.


            As you unbuckle the tight, leather muzzle from around Neya’s face, you smile warmly at her and stroke her soaked cheek.

            “Sorry that took so long, my love. I’m back now.” The long, glistening black dildo slowly slides out of your waifu’s panting mouth as you continue to lovingly caress her face.

            “H… hi…” Her voice is hoarse and quiet, but happy and content at the same time.    

            “Did you have fun Neya?” She nods fervently, smiling at you.

            “I’m glad!” You smile back and wave your hand again. All of the tight, padded metal cuffs recede into the cross table as well and Neya takes another deep breath.


            The sky is overcast and gray, but her pale, beautiful body shines and drips with sweat in the early morning light as you stand over the reclining Snake-Dragon. Her now freed claws reach up and wrap around your back, pulling you down on top of her as she hugs you tightly.

            “I love you… I love… I love you so much…” she whispers.

            “I love you too, Neya.” You feel content as you return her passionate hug and continue to stroke her adorable face. She must really be aching for it if she’s confessing to you like this. Usually, she’ll just stutter around and blush at you, and that’s only in private. Expressing her feelings is unheard of for Neya if she’s in public.


            The Ryu releases you and tries to sit up, but you stop her.

            “Hold on, my love… don’t think I’ve forgotten.” She pouts and whines a bit as you re-fasten her strict chastity bra. The pale yellow silicone inside the metal cups suckers to her large breasts again as the bra tightly locks them away.

            “Now, how about some food?” You gesture to the tray full of food and drinks off on a table. Neya sighs a little, but smiles.

            “That would be lovely.” Her gaze never strays from you as the two of you eat in happy, contented silence.


            Once the meal is finished, you can definitely tell that the energy has returned to Neya’s face. She seems much stronger and reinvigorated now that she’s eaten. Her blush is there in full force, and you can hear the slight clinking and scratching of her green claws against the crotch of her chastity belt.

            “Hey Neya, I have a little surprise for you.” The metallic scraping noises pause for a moment as she looks up at you.

            “I’m going to let you suck on me.” She smiles widely; she knows exactly what you mean. You don’t want to spoil yourself too much, but watching Neya get tickle-tortured while sucking on her dildo muzzle-gag was just too much. Besides, your orgasms aren’t the ones that cause storms.


            You push your chair back from the table and motion your Ryu waifu over. Her face falls a little as she sees the condom stretched tightly over your fully erect member.

            “My love…” her words are adorably obscured by a pout.

            “What? This is supposed to be a teasing session, right? Besides, I can’t be sure you’ll ever let me go if you get a taste.” Neya nods dejectedly. She knows as well as you do that one good taste of your cum could send her into a pelvis-shattering frenzy due to the state that she’s in. Still, she can’t tear her electric blue eyes away from your stiff cock and your otherwise naked body.

            “I even made sure to get an enchanted condom, my love! We’ll both be able to have fun without even feeling it. It’ll be like it isn’t even there!” You wink and Neya nods again, resigned to her brutal, teasing fate. As heinous as it is, being responsible for your orgasm while not being able to have one herself will really help with the ritual.


            The desperate Ryu wastes no time in lowering herself and wriggling her torso between your legs. Even though she knows that there’s nothing in it for her, you know she still loves just holding you in her mouth. You breathe in sharply as her right claw comes up under your cock. She presses her smooth, scaly palm on your balls and pushes them lightly against your taint as she holds the tight, rubber condom on you between two of her talons. Even though you are sure she’d never hurt you as long as she lived, having such dangerous appendages enveloping your bits like this is still unnerving. Neya’s forked, serpentine tongue snakes out from between her full, rosy lips and begins to tease at your tip. You can’t help but close one eye as she barely licks at you; you can’t feel the condom between you and her at all. Her skilled, slippery tongue coils around you; she smiles through her open mouth as she wraps and squeezes her tongue all over your rock hard girth. Slowly, ever so slowly, you are pulled into her warm, eager maw.


            The hot insides of her mouth tug at you as your Ryu waifu hungrily sucks at your bare-feeling member. You pat her head and fondle her sandy, forked horns as her beautiful head bobs up and down in your lap. Your eyes squeeze shut momentarily as Neya suddenly takes your full length into her tight, wet, throat. She just sits there for a minute and stares up at you, unblinking and devilishly innocent-looking with your cock fully enclosed in her wonderful mouth. You grin as you keep your gaze steady with hers and trace your fingers along her cute wing-ears. Her soft lips tickle the base of your shaft as her content sighs and soft, muffled moans send amazing vibrations down and through you. You can feel her tongue slowly circling around and around you as she lovingly holds you all the way inside of her. Soon, she starts to move again. You close your eyes once more and try to mentally fortify yourself as best you can. Neya seems almost demonically intent on making you squirm. She isn’t getting an orgasm out of this, but to her, seeing you melt and moan like a little boy under her ministrations is payback. Damn she takes her job seriously.


            The Ryu frenziedly quickens her pace; at this point, she doesn’t care that she won’t even taste your cum. All that she can think about is the delicious, twitching rod repeatedly sliding down her slick throat and you whining like you had the first time she’d ever had you in her mouth. Wet squishing and slurping noises come from the passionate Snake-Dragon servicing you with her amazingly lewd mouth. It doesn’t take long before you cum; Neya grunts in shock as she feels the warm, ghostly explosion of your orgasm down her throat. Pleasure wracks through your body as the tension that had built within you for the past day and a half is all, beautifully washed away. What an amazing feeling that is. Although it all pools in the enchanted condom, the Ryu is sure she can feel your hot, creamy cum repeatedly shooting into her maw. As she rather reluctantly releases you from her mouth, she sighs both in satisfaction and frustration. Your loving waifu caresses your panting face with her claws as you come down from your mind-blowing orgasm.


            You are far too tired and drained to move; you can only lean back in your chair and breathe heavily. Neya’s perfect, beautiful mouth has done a number on you. You love that she can still reduce you to a weak, panting mess as if the two of you had only just met. The gentle Ryu diligently removes your condom, wipes you off with a cloth napkin from the table, and throws the condom into the trash incinerator at the side of the room. You realize now how silly you had been to doubt her earlier. One she is done, she returns to you and carefully picks you up off of the chair. A smug, content smile adorns her face as she princess carries her precious husband to the bed. You love how her proud, dominant side comes out a little after every time she makes you cum. The way she only shows her true feelings when she is alone with you always makes you smile.


            Neya pulls the velvet curtains of the four-poster bed closed to shut out the bright, midday light and lies behind you. Her strong, loving claw-arms wrap around your chest and stomach and her thick green tail coils around your hips and legs as she spoons you. You feel the warm metal cups of her chastity bra against your bare back, but she doesn’t squeeze hard enough to make you uncomfortable. It doesn’t take long for the two of you doze off, lightly cuddling with each other as you sleep.


— — — — —



            Something thick and hard slams in to you. You open your eyes and find yourself in midair, milliseconds before you land on the cold, stone floor beneath your bed. You land heavily on your right arm and all of the air flies out of your lungs. Gasping, you just lay there. From the swishing and rustling noises coming from above you, you can tell that your Ryu waifu is thrashing around a lot in her sleep. She must have knocked you out of bed while she was wriggling around like that. What a way to wake up.


            It’s mostly dark; clouds completely obscure the sky from your view through the magical ceiling-barrier. It’s hard to tell, but you think you can see the faint gray light of early dawn up there. A loud, massive thump echoes through the room and shakes the floor as a muffled, surprised cry comes from the other side of the bed. Looks like Neya is awake too. Your fall didn’t hurt too much, and your breath has finally returned. Gingerly, you get to your feet.

            “Neya…? You okay?” you call. A faint, disoriented voice answers you.

            “Yes, my love. I just fell…” You walk around the corner of the bed, only to see the Ryu sprawled across the floor, still wearing nothing but her tight chastity belts. Her thick, scaly tail is draped awkwardly over itself and she blushes slightly before straightening herself out.


            “W-why were you over there, my love?”

            “I fell too.” Neya hangs her head as she realizes why your voice came from the ground as well.

            “Don’t worry about it. It was probably time to get up anyway, see?” You gesture to the sky. Sure enough, it’s a little lighter than when you looked a few moments ago. Neya gets up and the two of you stretch out the stiffness of sleep. You just stand there for a while after that, pondering what to do next. Soon enough, the Ryu’s voice breaks the silence.

            “My love… Can I choose the next one?” You grin.

            “Of course you can! Which one do you want Neya?” She blushes and motions you closer with a claw. You oblige and she whispers to you, her soft, pink lips mere millimeters from your ear.


            “I-I just want you to tie me up… a-a-and w-whip me…” Her embarrassed, stuttering request makes you smile.

            “Of course Neya. You just sit there on the bed and I’ll be right back.” She nods and briefly locks her gaze with yours, a happy yet hungry look in her bright cyan eyes. You quickly pull a bunch of things from your supply wall and return to the bed. While you busy yourself, Neya draws the red velvet curtains and gets ready to lay down, anticipation fully apparent in her every movement. Her hips sway to and fro and her tail swishes back and forth restlessly. The metal of her chastity devices make jingling and creaking noises as she moves around and occasionally tugs at them with her claws. She lies down and looks over at you as you return.


            You dump all but one of your items on the nightstand beside the bed and join your waifu on the disorganized sheets.

            “Ready?” You hold up a large coil of thick, enchanted rope.

            “Yes, my love.” The Ryu’s face is ruby red and she pants ever so slightly as she looks up at you from her pillows. You can tell she is dying for stimulation of any kind; in her desperately aroused state, no stimulation at all is almost as torturous as being teased, if not more so. Grinning, you waste no time in positioning your waifu’s body and wrapping the thick, rough rope around her in various places.


            Tying her up takes a long time; you want to make sure the magically strengthened loops and knots of rope are tight enough to completely keep her from moving. Finally though, you are finished. The Ryu’s long scaly tail is coiled in the shape of a figure eight on the bed. Her humanoid torso rests on her tail, almost as if it were an extension of the plush mattress below her. The thick rope is wrapped around her wrists many times, then looped up and under her; her arms themselves are pulled tightly up over her head. You made sure to wrap her long, braided hair around her arms and wrists as well to make sure she can’t move her head too much. Many more tight loops of rope constrict Neya’s body and bind it down to her helpless tail. She fidgets a bit, unable to move more than a few millimeters in the strict, enchanted rope harness.


            “You ready to get these off now Neya?” You straddle the bound Ryu and gesture to her chastity bra and belt.

            “Yes please, my love!” Her voice is extremely excited.

            “Don’t be getting too happy yet, we still have a little more time left.” Her face falls a bit, but you can feel her twitching impatiently beneath you. You tap on the chastity belt first, Neya sighs with relief as cool, fresh air finally flows over her aching pussy. With extreme care not to brush the chastity belt against her reverse scale, you pull it from under her and toss it aside. The off-white silicone padding is completely soaked and shiny with her juices; the thick, musky scent of her intense arousal makes you gulp. Your waifu sighs again as you release her ample breasts from their metal and silicone prison. Her adorable nipples are already red and erect. You blow on them ever so slightly and the Ryu bites her lip as she tries to squirm against the rope restraining her.


            By now the sun would be fully visible through the hole in the ceiling, if it weren’t obscured by massive thunderheads. Light from the ceiling-barrier shines off of Neya’s pale, sweaty body and you feel that familiar lump come back into your throat. You waste no time in extricating and discarding her chastity bra and running your hands all over the bound, helpless Ryu’s stomach. She giggles adorably as you begin to massage and gently pinch her soft, squishy belly. You swallow as your hands dance upon and caress and grope at her delicate white flesh. It doesn’t take long for your hands to move from Neya’s belly to her almost painfully sensitive breasts. She whines with anticipation as you give them a single, firm squeeze. Her deliciously soft boobs jiggle and bounce magnificently as you play with them. The Ryu’s eyes have already glazed over under her half closed eyelids. She moans and coos heavily as you firmly pinch and pull at her stiff, sensitive nipples and her eyes flutter as she tries in vain to push her chest closer to your loving hands.


            You pull an item from the nightstand and Neya whines when she sees it. It’s all she’s going to be seeing for a while, so she better get used to it. Grinning, you place the padded leather blindfold over your waifu’s face. The thick, soft leather completely covers each of her electric blue eyes as you reach around her and buckle it behind her head. The tight blindfold hugs the Ryu’s face and forces her to focus on and heighten her other senses.

            “Feel alright Neya? You can’t see, can you?”

            “No, my love.” She bites her lip, trying to hold back a smile.

            “Good.” You return to playing with her pale, squishy teats for a while. Her cute little moans and squeaks and sighs make your heart flutter as you occasionally bite at or suck on one of her nipples.

            “Poor, proud Neya… All tied up. Unable to even see me grope and molest her sweet, beautiful boobs…”

            “Hhhmmmmm…” She whines as your erotic words tease and embarrass her. You reach for the nightstand again.



            The Ryu breathes in sharply as the leather riding crop in your hand unexpectedly hits her just above her bellybutton.

            “Hmmm… what was that, Neya? I wonder…”


            She squeals as you smack her across the belly with the crop again.

            “Aaaahh! M-my love…”

            “What’s that? Finish your sentence for me, Neya.”

            “M-my love… p-p-please, whip me harder!”

            “Harder you say? Alright then!”


            One lash on her stomach, and one on each breast. The Ryu moans as her soft white skin slowly turns red wherever the crop hit her. You scoot yourself lower down on her body until her hips are a little in front of you. Her smooth, glistening pussy entrances you for a moment; you can’t wait for the moment when you finally bury yourself inside of it.


            A series of short, wet slapping sounds echo throughout the room as you rapidly bounce the crop up and down on the bound Ryu’s puffy pussy.

            “Aaaahh-AAahh-AAAhhh-AAAaahh!” Her short, adorable cries rise and fall as you increase the force of the crop. Neya almost unconsciously thrusts her hips at the crop as it sends an electric mix of pain and pleasure through her.


            Your arm flies through the air as you forcefully spank Neya’s breasts again. Her loud, passionate shrieks and whines pierce your eardrums each time the merciless leather crop lands on her. You continue to whip the helpless Ryu with the riding crop for several more minutes. Her belly, chest, breasts, armpits, sides, crotch, and pussy; nowhere is spared from your sharp, loving whipping. Tears start to stream from under Neya’s tight, restrictive blindfold and her smooth, alabaster skin is covered in angry red marks.


            “P-p-please my love… m-more… whip me more…” The Ryu’s desperate, pleading voice tugs at your heart.

            “Of course, Neya. Just hold on.” You put the crop back on the nightstand and take another item from it.

            “Open your mouth, my love.” She obediently complies and you pop a large red ball into her waiting maw.

            “Mmmmph!?” The Ryu grunts a little in surprise as you tightly buckle the ball gag into her mouth.

            “We’re about to get a little rougher. Just taking precautions, mmm?”

            “Mmmmmmhhhmm…” The blindfolded and gagged Ryu tries to answer and nod, but she can barely move. Still, you know exactly what she means. You take a springy wooden cane from the nightstand and position it just below her breasts.


            Slowly at first, you begin to slap the thin wooden rod against them. The erotic smacking sound of wood on flesh slowly grows in volume as you make each hit more forceful than the last.

            “MMMmmm! MMMPHHHH! MMMMMMHHH!” Neya strains and splutters through the large ball gag buckled tightly in her mouth.

            “What’s that Neya? You like it when I beat your tits like this?”


            “You like it when your tits are in pain? Oh, you should just see how red they’re getting!”


            “Yeah? Can you picture it, Neya? Can you picture the beautiful red marks my cane is leaving on your poor, helpless breasts?”


            “Look at how they jiggle around, my love! I’m sure you know all about that though… Oops!”



            You ‘accidentally’ miss her boobs with the cane, but it still connects painfully with her nipples. The bound Ryu writhes in agony as her glowing red teats bounce back and forth across her chest.

            “I’m sorry about that one, my love. I think let’s leave your poor boobs alone for a bit.”

            “mmmhhmmmph!” Neya does her best to nod as vigorously as she can. Long ribbons of silvery drool bubble out of her mouth around the strict ball gag.

            “Alright, how about your belly then?” You begin to bounce the cane up and down on your Ryu waifu’s stomach. The wooden switch creates tiny ripples in her smooth, soft tummy as you increase the strength of each hit. Drool pours out of her mouth around her gag as she moans and screams and whimpers as you continue to spank her stomach with the cane. The frustrated, frantic, adorably muffled noises coming from behind the tight ball gag in Neya’s mouth seem to egg you on and drive you into a frenzy.    


            After a few more minutes of loving, forceful caning, your waifu’s head jerks around wildly and a great clap of thunder echoes all around you.

            “Sorry, my love. Ready to stop?”


            “Right.” You put the switch away and cuddle up next to her, fully aware that she has reached her limit. Neya sighs frustratedly and desperately tries to push the ball gag out of her mouth, but it barely moves at all. Resigned, she sighs and tries to scoot closer to you. You reach up and gently caress her drool and tear-soaked face.

            “Do you need me to untie you Neya?” A small pause, and the Ryu shakes her horned head as best she can. You smile and plant a small kiss in the middle of her forehead.


            It doesn’t take long for you to reposition yourself so that you and she are both comfortable. You always look forward to aftercare. You are lying almost on top of Neya with your face inches from hers. Her heavy breathing slowly stabilizes around her ball gag and the tears stop trickling from under her blindfold as you whisper soft, sweet nothings into her ear and gently stroke her face, shoulders and arms. Many minutes pass as your heartbeats echo each other while you tenderly cuddle and caress your bound, helpless waifu on the bed. You sleep together for several hours, snuggled up against the warm, beautiful Ryu as you comfort and reassure her with your strong, loving presence.


            The two of you slowly awaken again at roughly the same time. Neya grunts and wiggles her lips around the tight, red ball gag in her mouth and you reach up to remove it. A thin strand of drool still connects the smooth rubber ball to her lower lip, but it breaks as she swallows.

            “T-thank you, my love…” You push the leather blindfold up and off of Neya’s eyes after setting the gag aside. Her watery gaze is full of love as she smiles emotionally at you.

            “What?” you stare at her blankly.

            “Thank you. I’m so lucky I have someone who loves me like you do… I feel like there’s something… different for us now. I trust you more, and I know you trust me more too, right?” She beams at you once more and you smile back.

            “Yeah, you’re right Neya. I love you.” This straightforward honesty is still rather uncharactNeyatic of your waifu, but her words make your heart pound heavily in your chest. She’s right though, this ritual has increased the connection and love you have for her more than you can put in to words. You stroke her cheek and stare lovingly into her beautiful blue eyes for what feels like a long time.


            The massive, ominous storm clouds in the sky are almost black now and you have no idea what time it is.

            “I know it may still be a little early, but are you ready for the finale? The clouds look ready.”

            “They do, my love… I am ready.” Neya smiles at you.


            It’s finally time. Everything you have planned for over the years, every second of the last three days, everything has led to this moment. Almost incredulously, you extricate yourself from around the helpless Ryu and get up.

            “Will you be ok if I untie you? I kind of want to do this together…” Neya’s eyes well up and her choked reply is barely audible.

            “Of course, my love… of course…” That amazing, joyous, beautiful smile returns and a flash of lightning illuminates the room.

            “Alright then!” You smile back and start to untie her. It takes a while, but your mind is far, far away from the ropes and knots beneath your fingers. Before you know it, your freed waifu sits up and tenderly wraps her strong, scaly claws around your back and shoulders.

            “Please, my love. I want you… I need you.”

            “I know, Neya. Now lay back down, I’m going to give you your reward.”


            Neya happily releases you and flops back down on the bed. You stand over her on all fours with your cock inches from her hot, dripping pussy. Eyes locked with hers, you use your hand to line yourself up. The Ryu bites her lip as she feels your tip barely brush against her soft, puffy folds.

            “Here we go, Neya. I love you.” With those words, you plunge forward.

            “OooooOOOOhhhhHhhh!” Neya’s deep, ecstatic moan makes your knees weak and your body tremble as you thrust your hot girth all the way inside of her. Her silky, desperately eager walls seem to pull you deeper into their wet, pulsating depths. Your lips lock together in a passionate kiss as you thrust into Neya’s pussy again; you close your eyes as her long, familiar tongue dances at the back of your mouth. Again, you thrust. It’s all you can do to not blow your load early.


            The Ryu’s claws pull you closer as her slippery tongue slithers further and further down your throat. You moan softly and thrust again and again, submerging your member deeper and deeper inside your waifu’s incomprehensibly eager, aching pussy. Electricity seems to wink and spark around you and crackle between Neya’s horns as you quicken your pace, pleasure quickly starting to overwhelm you. She moans and whines passionately into your mouth, each sound makes her delicious, velvety tongue vibrate in your throat. Your heart pounds in your chest as the two of you levitate into the air, white flashes of electricity popping and fizzling around you. You continue to thrust and grind against each other in a frenzy as you float higher and higher, pleasure and passion swelling with ferocious intensity.


            The two of you have risen to the middle of the room now; you writhe and undulate frantically in the air as you repeatedly bury your love inside of your waifu a few feet below the ceiling barrier. A single, fiendish thought blazes in your mind as you reach around to Neya’s butt. You firmly grasp her smooth reverse scale between your thumb and forefinger and give it a swift, loving tug. As you do this, something inexplicably hot and blinding erupts between the two of you, only for the tiniest moment. Was that lightning? That was definitely lightning.


            With one final thrust, your orgasm hits. Intense, white-hot pleasure explodes within you as jet after jet of cum flows deep into the Ryu. She lets out an otherworldly, infinitely passionate and exultant sound, the likes of which you have never heard before. She shivers as she continues to scream; her pussy clenches and shudders around you as she experiences the most intense, fulfilling orgasm of her life. Your eyes lock with Neya’s as she jerks away from your kiss. Her hair has broken free of its tight braid and has turned bright, flaming red. Her eyes have gone blindingly white and her usually green scales are now a deep, electric cobalt color. This really is something. Neya’s hair flows and ripples in the magical aura around her and the loudest, longest explosion of thunder pierces your eardrums. The magical barrier in the ceiling vanishes and a loud rush of falling water deafens you as rain begins to pour in on top of you and your waifu. You have done it. The ‘Ritual of Rain-Calling’ is complete.


            The two of you drop to the floor, panting and dripping with sweat and rain.

            “My love… We did it… We did it!” Neya repeats herself over and over again as she hugs you tightly in her claw-arms.

            “Yeah. Looks like we did.” You are far too tired to worry about the rain cascading over you. It actually feels kind of nice; this is Neya’s storm, and your storm. The Ryu’s body and hair have returned to their normal color now. She cuddles you close to her warm, bare chest and coils her smooth, scaly tail around your whole body as you push her soaked lavender hair out of her face. Your cock is still fully embedded inside her pussy as you hug each other in the rain on the floor.


            Her and your undying love and passion seem to pass through the beautifully meaningful gaze you share for a long time. Every so often either you or she will plant a wet, tenderly loving kiss on the other’s lips. Your hands stroke the back of each other’s heads and you begin to feel sleep starting to weigh on your eyes. You can see your waifu struggling to keep her own eyes open through the cool torrent of water that envelops you. The thunder and lightning from the clouds above seem distant and silent compared to the beautiful Ryu you are cuddling. Neya’s naturally warm body shields you from the cold rain, the two of you will be fine sleeping here for awhile. This is your storm, you two can sleep in it if you want to.

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6 thoughts on “Three Days of Ryu

  1. Very nice story but I think it would have worked better as a first person POV one could easily replace you with I or me. It was more tell then show not that I don’t mind. Still a very touching story with nice slow pacing to enjoy the sex scenes.

  2. I absolutely loved this story! Your writing and the imagery you conjure just enthralls me. Even more so, the various bondage techniques you use in your stories are just fantastic!

    Thank you once again for another great read!

  3. Loved the story, (apparently I’m not the only one who thought of a submissive Ryu- but that’s life. You beat me to it.)

    An enjoyable read all around.
    But, just a minor couple of problems.
    #1 and the biggest- is NEVER leave a partner tied up alone and unattended. Deaths have resulted when something went wrong. I’d imagine that the Ryu’s relatives would be less than pleased if he came back from his meal making episode and found her….
    #2- warm up. Perhaps Ryu can handle a lot more intensity, but normal human women need a slow buildup of intensity when it comes to flogging. (In fact I’ve seen some women orgasm just from being flogged- properly).

    I like the story, and the premise behind it. A Ryu who wants someone else to take charge, before her husband has become a full Incubus.

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