Three Brothers: Volume 2, Chapter 3

“Strong…… He’s strong…. Together… we will be strong…. Our children… will be strong”

Enyo stomped through the darkening forest like a woman possessed, dragging her greataxe behind her, its blade carving a jagged line into the dirt as she did. Her heart pounded fiercely as it struggled to keep her body standing. The wind had been knocked from her lungs, but her drive to find the man that would be hers kept her going, despite her hoofed feet wanting to give out and rest. 

She could still feel him, her body drawn to his presence, however faint it was. 

Her body was cut and bruised as she forced her way through the forest, knocking down any and every plant and creature in her way. 


“Gah!”, Isaac gasped as he pulled himself up the rocky side of the cliff. “Solomon”, he called to his elder brother, who was already standing above him, looking over the path behind them in case they were being followed. “Is all this really necessary? We’ve been looking for hours and we haven’t gotten any closer”

Solomon extended a strong hand and pulled his younger brother up onto the cliff, his expression calm and collected in contrast to Isaac’s look of fatigue and annoyance. 

“You aren’t thinking of given up already, are you? We haven’t even run into any Monsters yet”, Solomon replied, flashing a toothy grin. 

“N-no! It’s not that! I’m just wondering if there isn’t a better way we can go about this instead of searching aimlessly for hours and hours”, Isaac replied, avoiding eye contact with the Hero.

“Well what else are we supposed to do?”, Solomon asked.

“I dunno…. ask for help?”, Isaac half-heartedly suggested. 

A few awkward moments of silence passed before Solomon’s face broke into an even wider grin. 

“Oh how could have I been so blind? I can ask God for help”, Solomon said to nobody in particular, lightly smacking himself of the forehead. “Thank you brother!”, he exclaimed, grabbing Isaac gruffly by the shoulders.

“…… Your welcome?”, Isaac asked, deeply confused. Solomon then proceeded to kneel before the sky, hands clasped firmly together in prayer. 

Perhaps because of his time spend in the Demon Realm, everything Solomon said sounded like mindless drivel to Isaac. Wishing to rid himself of any mention of the hated Chief Goddess, Isaac decided to give his religious brother a wide birth. As the young Incubus found a spot just out of earshot of Solomon’s nauseating words, a faint glow caught his eyes. 

Isaac, drawn by curiosity, decided to pursue it. Oddly enough, the light didn’t try to flee, as one would normally suspect. Instead, it seemed eager for Isaac to approach. As the Incubus drew closer, he could make out the light’s source much more clearly. 

Isaac smirked. It was a little Fairy, her childish energy practically glowing. She was like a little girl waiting for her big brother to come home and play with her. This was no exaggeration, as the green haired Fey darted right into Isaac’s chest, giggling excitedly. 

“I thought you left already!”, the Fairy cheered, snuggling against Isaac’s shirt. Isaac’s grin soon vanished, replaced by confusion once more.

“Er…. what?”. Isaac asked. The Fairy looked up at him with her big blue eyes, matching Isaac’s confused face perfectly. 

“Wait…. Are you wearing a mask? Did you change your clothes?”, she asked, zipping up to his face and tugging with all her might. 

“Ow! Hey!”, Isaac protested, hesitant to swat the cute little Fairy away from him, though her tiny fingers digging under his eyes was just too much. 

“Knock it off!”, Isaac shouted, his outburst sparking a small amount of dark magic that tossed the Fairy back. Isaac blinked for a few moments, unsure of how he did that. 

“Again!”, the Fairy cheered. 

That just made Isaac even more confused. 

“Uh……..”, Isaac droned, unable to articulate. The Fairy looked at him expectantly for a few moments before her grin vanished as she started to pout. 

“You’re no fun”, she stated bitterly. 

“Hey! I’m a very fun person!”, Isaac retorted, feeling insulted. 

“No, the other guy was more fun, even if Wiese hated him. Then again she doesn’t like humans much anyways”, Vivi sighed. 

“That’s something I can sympathize with”, Isaac said dryly. 

“Oh? You’re not a Human?”, Vivi asked, cocking her head to the left in childish curiosity. 

“No. I’m something much…… better”, Isaac said with a wicked grin. 

“Really?”, Vivi asked. “Because you look like scrawnier version of the guy I was just talking to”

The Fey’s words stabbed at Isaac’s ego like a dagger in the back,

“Ah….”, the Incubus stammered, eye twitching slightly. 

“Anyways he headed west the last I saw him. I wanted to follow, but Wiese was scolding me and I couldn’t find his path. Must be because Wiese tried to fix all the stuff he wrecked along the way”

Isaac bit the inside of his lip as he tried to keep from losing his temper. Wanting to cut the conversation short, he figured Vivi was talking about Isidore and decided to return to his praying brother.

…… Well, not before trying to woo over the rambunctious Fairy one last time. 

“I have to say, the man you’re talking about sounds scary”, Isaac said, is tone concerned though far from genuine. 

“Not really”, Vivi replied, smiling sweetly. “I think he’s funny. Grouchy, but funny”

“I see”, Isaac sighed, eye twitching. “Well then, I guess I’ll be on my way then”, Isaac said, not used to the feeling of rejection. 

“Kay, see ya!”, Vivi called as Isaac walked away. 


The green-cloaked Mercenary sighed as he walked down the forest path. While he was glad to have his dagger back, he knew what waited for when he would be united with his brothers once more. 

He could feel the heat escape from his body through the holes in his shirt, the cool forest air sending slight chills down his side. He took extra care around the foliage he moved through and around, mindful of the temperamental Dryad he had met not but a few hours ago. 

“She’s been sitting in her own sap for too long”, Isidore thought to himself, grinning under his mask. “Bitch has no connection to the outside world”

Isidore froze in place as he heard the sound of something crashing through the foliage like a wild beast. As it drew closer, he could growling and ragged breathing. It sounded like whatever was closing in on him was out for blood. He drew his dagger from its sheath and prepared himself to fight or to run. 

Isidore tightened his grip on his weapon, the creaking of his leather gloves barely audible over the sound of whatever was about to rush out at him. 

“Gaaaaah! Aaaaahh! Oh by the Chief Godesss!”, Solomon stammered as he stumbled out of the thicket and onto the path, panting heavily. “Isidore! The Hero cried, bits of twigs and a few leaves stuck in his white cloak and blond hair. Isidore stood there, utterly flabbergasted as Solomon took him into a great bear hug.

“What in the-“, Isidore began to protest as he squirmed, but was again interrupted by something else crashing through the thicket. 

“Solomon! Don’t just run off like that!!”, Isaac groaned as he stumbled through the bushes as well. 

“Don’t you see, Isaac? We’ve been united once more all thanks to Heaven!”, Solomon cheered. 

“I was the one who told you where he was going!”, Isaac snapped. 

“Let go of me!”, Isidore protested, wriggling out of his brother’s hug and kicking him in the chest. 

Solomon was a bit taken aback by his younger brother’s actions, but nonetheless remained cheerful. 

“Well then, we should meet up with the Order forces in the area. They’re most likely at the capitol of this land”, the Hero said, adjusting his outfit. 

“You sure Lord Rubius is hospitable enough for that?”, Isidore asked skeptically. 

“Don’t you remember anything from church, Brother?”, Solomon asked, grinning widely. “Being hospitable is required of anyone who follows the will of the Gods, though to be honest his idea of hospitality is a bit more ah….. hedonistic than most good folk would care for….. though he’s yet to be stricken down so I can’t really judge at the moment. Though I’d certainly like to”

“Sounds fun”, Isaac said with a sly grin. Isidore wanted to say something, but his brothers were already walking down the path before he could utter even a single syllable. The Mercenary sighed as he sheathed his sword and continued on after them. 


The faint smell of the green cloaked man tickled Enyo’s nose as she moved through the forest. The restless Monster moved on as if she were possessed, thinking only of finding him. 

Her bull-like ear flicked at the sound of something rustling in the bushes. Her excitement caused her to throw all caution to the wind as she charged straight at the source of the sound. 

“Mommy!?”,  a completely terrified voice whimpered in the most pathetic manner. Enyo’s bore narrowed in confusion, sending her mighty arm into the bush and reaching for whoever made that noise. Her hand gripped a clothed shoulder and she ripped whoever it belonged to out into the open. 

The man looked like he ha d gone through a fall from grace. A face that was once proud and determined was now terrified and shaken, like that of a child lost in a dark ally. His clothes were tattered rags at this point, and what fabric that remained was wet with sweat, mud and something else far more unpleasant. Enyo’s face contorted in  revulsion as she tossed the disgusting thing aside, the well whimpering back into the bushes to hide. 

The Minotaurus snorted as she pressed on, already forgetting about the wreck of a man she had just met, and returned to thinking of the man that would be hers.

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