They come….at last

The usual peace and quiet of the human settlement was disrupted by the falling star.

It was a peaceful summer night-those were rare,since summer was when several monsters went into heat.Some even actively attacked settlements,like this one.So the people were determined to enjoy the night when absolutely no monsters had attacked.Their hopes and expectations were uplifted by the appearance of the shooting star. 

Sure,it was a pretty sight,and some people even thought it seemed to signify that a massive change was on the way.

They had no idea.

Three things about the falling star caused confusion in the settlement-

  1. It moved fast.Very fast.Like,ridiculously fast.
  2. It crashed into the city center.
  3. It was not really a star-it was a young boy,fast asleep.

And not just ANY boy.He certainly looked like any other kid about fourteen years old but three things set him apart-the fact that he fell out of the sky,his body markings and,for his apparent age,an unbelievable amount of spirit energy,simply pouring out of his body.If the priest hadn’t intervened,the people would have likely executed the poor unconscious kid under suspicion that he was an incubus.

 “No,no-we cannot simply kill him,”The priest explained”for you see,I,along with the rest of the conclave,was told-by the chief god,no less-that the linchpin to our victory in our battle against the monsters would be delivered to us,tonight.This must be it.We cannot simply kill something sent to us by the grace of the gods!At least,not yet.”

The kid was carried away by a group of order soldiers-an entire battalion had been summoned earlier,just for this task,mainly so that no monsters would be able to kidnap him.He needed to be identified.He needed to be extensively examined.He needed to be interrogated.

The preliminary examinations didn’t reveal much-like any other human boy of his apparent age,had a thin build,weakly developed musculature.Unlike boys of his supposed age, he had odd body markings,that emanated spirit energy like nobody’s business,he had achieved sexual maturity and the sheer volume of spirit energy stored in his body was so high,it rivaled that of incubi-an impossibility for any human.

“Exactly what is he?”General questioned.

“Patience,my son.We will know soon,”The priest replied,”for i have sent for the book of monsters.”

“How will that help?”The general asked indignantly,”Every monster cataloged till date has been female-except for incubi.Normal humans don’t produce this much energy.This must be an incubus-we should just kill him or throw him out before his monster-wife approaches this place!”

“No.He is not an incubus.He could not have entered the church otherwise.Besides,from what I can tell about him,he is in fact,a virgin-he has absolutely no traces of demonic energy.I have sent for an ancient tome-something that has been preserved in the church library for millennia.Back then,monsters could be male and,I am very sure that I have a good guess at exactly what he is.”

At that moment,a soldier came,carrying a gigantic book.It had yellow pages,rotting binding and a cracked leather coat.For a book that was millennia old,it’s text was surprisingly easy to read.

“Good.Now let’s see….”



Just another day in Lescatie,filled with ecstatic screams,seductive moans and happy noises.

Druella simply could not wish for anything better.This was the best life anybody could hope to lead.It was certainly better than those age-old conflicts that were so violent and messy.Her mother was a genius for thinking this up-and those silly humans,who still clung onto their clearly outmoded beliefs needed to be shown the truth-that a hedonistic and lustful life was the best life-the best way to live life.

Druella had dedicated her life to it.

Even by her mother’s most loyal subjects,her group of followers was considered extremist.Druella justified her actions by saying that she simply followed the method she thought was best for propogating her mother’s ideology.

But now,she was bored.

She looked out the window to view her handiwork for the umpteenth time.Confined to this place,to regain the energy that she had lost in conquering it felt very good for her at first,but now,she was bored.There were more places to convert!More humans to convert!She yearned for some action-something new,something interesting…..

My,what a pretty star!It seems to signify that a change is coming…..

A few minutes later,a lizardman showed up at the door to her chamber.With all that demonic energy,the warrior’s body had become so alluring that any man would have lost his wits and begged her for sex.Except her eyes looked like they had seen something that should not exist.She looked scared. 

“A male just crashed into the city center-and he doesn’t look-or feel-human….”


“Aww,did you fall in love warrior,hmm?Do you wanna fuck him?Do you?You know you do…”

Her face colored.It was very cute,indeed.

“Please mistress,be serious!He is unconscious and he doesn’t look too well-we need to help him heal!And he doesn’t even look like a fighter…”

She’s hiding something!

“Be frank warrior.You’re hesitating to tell me something.And I must know what it is,now.”

She squirmed uncomfortably.”Well,his spirit energy production is like that of an incubus..”


“But he has no trace of demonic energy at all.None.And no demonic energy is entering him.Not the energy of this place,not the energy of the succubi,not even…..yours.Almost like he is subconsciously resisting it.”

Druella stood up.This she had to see!

“I have to see this.Get Francisca active now.Get the dark priests looking though the ancient texts.I want his kind identified!”Not even magically resistant dwarves could pull off such a feat-resisting a lilim’s energy.Why,the very idea!”And…get a message of this to my mother.This may be either the greatest gift we could have ever hoped to get,or the greatest threat we can ever face!”

Everything is going to change…..

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