Theseus Bogey

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Species: Chimera

Habitat: Unclear

Disposition: Lazy, spacey, artsy

Diet: Omnivorous, male spirit energy

The Theseus Bogey is a type of chimera that at first glance, is a mishmash of different bogey parts put together, all of which seem torn up more than the average bogey. This is due to a mix of psychology, physiology, and an odd quirk of bogey existence.

Theseus Bogeys tend to have much flimsier stitching than others, leading to rips tears, or sometimes even entire limbs coming apart. Some might find this deterring, but to these bogeys, it is merely a minor inconvenience. They always carry a special needle on them, allowing them to stitch themselves back together without a hitch. As such, most don’t even notice, let alone bother fixing their limbs until they absolutely have to, leading to laziness and procrastination, which usually causes the limb to erode completely leaving only the stuffing behind.

Once there is nothing but stuffing, the Theseus Bogey will take on an  artistic hyperfocus to its repair. They will observe nearby monsters to take inspiration on how the restitched limb should, look, feel, and move. Someone might wonder where their lazy personality went as they redo their limb. Due to their artsy nature, it is unlikely you’ll ever find two Theseus Bogey who are exactly a like as they will often mess with even the fundamentals of the appendages. Some might have scaled goat legs or furred golem-like arms, some might attach wings to their head and have them lazily float above their body, and there has even been an account where one replaced her arm with a plush manticore tail.

Once repairs are done, the limb might take time to restuff, which causes the Theseus Bogey to become very hungry as their body works overtime to replenish itself. If unmarried they can frequently eat up to three times what they normally do, but if they are married, they will gladly take their partner’s spirit energy, play with and test their new appendage on them all night until it’s fully been restuffed. Finally, the cycle will restart as the Theseus Bogey returns to her regular activities, at least until the major fall apart happens.

Some final notes are that it’s unknown if the Theseus Bogey is their own true subtype or merely a particularly lazy Bogey. Children they have seem to resemble the parts they had at the time of conception, but it’s unknown why this happens, and scholars to this day argue upon their classification. It’s unknown how they get around or manipulate the stuffing when the particularly lazy ones allow themselves to degrade to that point, and like the Theseus Bogeys themselves, their movements seem different from one another. Some seem slimelike while others vaguely hold their shape. One was even noted to have some odd form of teleportation where she would seemingly melt in one spot and regrow in another and it’s believed that the locomotion matches the bogey’s mood at the time, and can even seem to change from moment to moment.

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