The Wrong Room(?)

DISCLAIMER: This story was written by bobanon.


It’s an odd thing, really, that traveling can wear you out despite the fact that you haven’t really done much. Maybe it’s just the stress or always being on-edge, who knows. The only thing on my mind after spending all day driving was collapsing into my motel bed and calling it a night.

It was kind of a seedy place, but it was cheap. Besides, I could always just sleep on top of the sheets and avoid touching anything unless I absolutely had to. The classic highway-side motel experience.

To add to the experience, I found myself having to fuck with the keycard lock on the door. Insert, red light, try it a different way, red light, insert, red light… and so forth. I began to wonder if the clerk at the desk had given me a key for the wrong room. But, one last time with more oomph. I gripped and turned the handle as hard as I could at the same time I slid in the key, and much to my relief the door finally popped open.

Shuffling in with my overnight bag, I realized nearly immediately something was wrong. I could hear voices. Feminine voices. Didn’t take but a second to realize they were up to something on the bed. I should’ve backed out the instant I heard that, I knew I had the wrong room and just somehow managed to pop the lock.

But the moans and gasps enthralled me, urging me forward. One moaned loudly and another giggled.

“Mmm, your tail is so sensitive, isn’t it?”

I swallowed. It’d be incredibly rude to look, not to mention this was a massive invasion of privacy.

A crack of flesh shot through the room and into the hallway, followed by a gasp and another laugh.

“Naughty girl, you clenched so hard from that little pat on your ass!”

To hell with that. As a man, this wasn’t something I couldn’t overlook, no matter how stupid it was of me to venture forward. Just a quick peek wouldn’t hurt. Just to sate my curiosity. That’s all.

It didn’t take more than two steps to be able to peer around the corner.

Two Manticores on the bed, the sheets all torn up. One was on her knees with her ass in the air and face down, the other kneeling beside her with one of her paws spread wide. She drew her paw back and let fly another slap. Another crack resounded and her ass jiggled, and then I noticed their tails. Their bulbs were interlocked, sucking and wringing on each other. They writhed about and when a third and fourth spank were delivered the one’s tail visibly bore down.

“Oh yessss,” the one said, her face half-buried in the bed with her long, auburn hair spilling down her neck onto the bed. “I’ve been soooo bad!” Her voice was mostly a long moan, her eyes clenched shut.

“And bad girls need to be punished~”

Slap after slap were delivered to both her cheeks until her ass was glowing, every time she moaned happily. With each swing the one manticore’s tits – the one with the shorter, black hair – swung heavily. My gaze switched from a thick ass to heavy breasts capped by perky, proud nipples.

 I don’t know how long I stood there watching, but finally the one manticore let out the longest moan I’d ever heard and a torrent of fluids gushed from her snatch, spraying out all over the bed. She went a little limp, sagging down onto the bed.

Their writhing tails came to a standstill and parted, revealing a massive dildo that’d been shared between them.

“That, that was great,” the one said breathlessly.

“There, do me next,” the dominant manticore said. “I’m so horny and itchy!”

Her voice had lost all of its edge, becoming little more than a plea, really. As much as I wanted to watch round two, I had to go. Just watching that had given me an aching erection, and when I shifted I could feel all the precum smearing in my shorts.

I should’ve made that decision sooner. The one on the bed perked up, looking upwards with an odd look on her face. She sniffed once, then twice.

“Do you smell that?”

The other one did the same thing. Then, in unison, they finally looked my way. Both sets of eyes fell on mine. Even from my position, I could tell their pupils narrowed to thin slits.

I turned and bolted for the door. It was so close, I could escape easily. I tried, but I knew in my mind – I couldn’t outrun a manticore. Just as I turned the handle on the door, a paw slammed heavily against the door. In a panic I tried with all my might to open it, but there was no hope. It wouldn’t budge.

“What do you we have here?” One said. “A voyeur, come to spy?” The other added.

My back pressed against the door as they closed in, both stark naked. I couldn’t help but stare at their naked bodies, their heavy breasts and wide hips. If mistake one was not immediately leaving, that was definitely mistake two.

“Oh my, how bold!”

“Could you blame him?” The other one, the one with the short hair – and the one holding the door shut – said.

She leaned in close, holding my gaze with hers. “How would you like to play with us?”

“N-no thanks, I really should get to my own room…”

She cocked her head. “Really?” Then her other paw latched onto my erection through my pants, giving a good squeeze. “I think this guy wants to play…”

“He’s just scared because you’re a little too aggressive,” the other one said, pushing her friend aside by throwing her ample hips into her. “You gotta be nicer!”

Then, as if I hadn’t heard any of that, she turned to me. “Hi there! I’m Cleo and that’s Samantha.” She thrust out her paw at me. I looked at it and thought what else could I do? I extended my hand.

And quickly discovered it was a trap. No sooner did her big fluffy paw wrap around my hand than did she snap her arm back and yank me away from the door and right into her. I crashed face first into her breasts and found both her arms squeezing me tight.

“That’s your idea of being nice?”

“Better than trying to intimidate the poor guy.”

I tried to wriggle free but only succeeded in rolling my face about in her cleavage, much to her amusement. “See? Every guy likes my boobs!”

For a moment she loosened her hold and I managed to right myself somewhat, bringing myself more or less eye-to-eye with her. I’m sure fear or something like it was clear as day on my face, but it didn’t matter. If anything, it just made her happier. “Hey there cutie!”

Her red eyes sparkled, but I could see a deep hunger within.

“Don’t be shy, come on in, take a seat!”

Manhandling me like a child Cleo dragged me to the bed and then pushed me down, sending me sprawling out on my back. In a rush Samantha pounced on my arms, pinning me down. Carefully, making sure I couldn’t break free, she swung herself onto the bed, leaving my legs to dangle off the edge.

“Don’t struggle so much, you’ll have a great time~ Not often a guy gets two Manticores to himself, you know.”

Cleo was giggling and fidgeting my buckle, finally succeeding in popping it free after a few seconds. There was a sharp tug, then another. The cool air of the room washed over me as I sprung free, along with the happy gasp of a manticore.

“So hard already!”

Above me Samantha licked her lips and laughed through her nose. “Hm hm hmm! I can’t wait…”

Bit by bit my pants were pulled down further and further until they, along with my shoes, were ripped free and sent somewhere into the room.

“There, all better!” Cleo chimed in happily, rising up between my legs. She was on her knees and her fluffy, warm paws spread my legs apart. “I think I’ll have a taste!”

Her mouth opened wide and her tongue lapped against the bottom of my shaft, gliding up towards the head. The sensation of her slightly rough tongue made me shiver and drained some of the fight from me. Seizing the opportunity Samantha pulled my shirt off, leaving me as naked as they were.

Agonizingly, Cleo saw fit to lick me like a popsicle, dragging her tongue up and down. A thick warmth bubbled up from within me and I could feel it begin to flow out, covering my tip.

“Ah! There we go. Didn’t take long to get you all leaky!”

And in the next instant she took me entirely into her mouth, forcing me so deep I could feel her throat. She undulated her tongue and sucked deep, bobbing her head with increasingly long strokes. All the while she looked up at me with a smile in her eyes.

Then she began to vibrate.

It must’ve been her purring, but I didn’t care about the specifics. A gasp escaped me, much to the delight of Samantha. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Pinning my legs down and purring, Cleo deep throated me with abandoned, working her tongue over every part of my glans and shaft. My hips began to buck in time and I dearly wished to grab her head and force her down onto me, but Samantha had other plans. Her grip on my arms never relented, even as she positioned herself so that my head was resting in her lap.


I was close, so dearly close. But, just before I was there, before I could have release, Cleo pulled completely off me. Licking her lips, she just giggled and stood. “Tasty indeed!”

“W-why’d you stop?” I protested, glancing down at my cock oozing copious amount of precum.

“You need a little discipline,” Samantha said, leering down at me.

“Really, I could feel you about to cum. I wasn’t even on you that long! That won’t do at all!”

Cleo had her arms crossed, one paw stuck out and wiggling a furry digit back and forth. “Not at all!”

This sudden turn of events bewildered me. I had no idea what their game was, or what discipline entailed. Given how aggressive the pair was, it was a worrying thought. Still lording over me, Cleo brought her tail around, snaking it closer and closer. The tip hovered over my cock, flaring open and closed, drooling all over me.

“Like my tail, do ya?”

I glanced up at Cleo’s grinning face. “You were staring so hard! You like this, don’t you?” She said coyly, pointing the opening at me. Inside were all kinds of folds and bumps, and they all pulsed and squirmed about in a way nothing else could. “Do you want it on your cock?” She asked, placing the entrance so close to me, I could feel the heat radiating off her.

“Well, do you?” Samantha added, urging me on from my silence.

“It’ll feel so good!”

“Y-yes,” I said weakly. They both giggled.

“Too bad!”


Cleo’s tail hovered over me, dropping down onto my stomach with a wet plop. Slowly she dragged it upwards towards my chest, leaving a slick, hot trail. “How quickly you forget,” she teased. “You’ll have to settle for this…”

Her paw danced up my leg and digit-by-digit wrapped around my shaft, gripping me tight. Her satiny pawpads squished out as if gel-filled, gliding effortlessly thanks to her tail’s lube. Quick, light, movements, up and down. Just enough to make me yearn for more, pine for her to take longer, deeper strokes.

A shadow loomed over my face for a second, stealing my attention. Samantha’s tail curled up and over, setting down on my chest next to Cleo’s. With both of them right in front of me, I could see that Samantha’s tail was the smaller of the two, though the barbs were no less imposing. The two lovebulbs planted kisses on my chest, squirming and sucking until they found themselves centered on my nipples – and then they began to suck in earnest.

“Oh, he likes it,” Samantha said softly, running a paw through my hair. “Our tails are nice, aren’t they?”

Between the tails on me and the paw on my dick, it was all I could do to nod my head.

“Remember, no cumming until we say so,” Cleo said with a slightly malevolent grin.

The supple, cushiony pads worked their way around my entire length and width. Her thumb teased the underside of my head and flicked along my ridge while she pumped up and down. Light presses, hard squeezes – even tapping. All while varying her speed and twisting her digits around.

Their tails continued to suck gently on my nipples, spreading their slick lubricate across my chest. I did what I could to delay the inevitable – thought about anything else I could, but it was useless. They goaded me on, and her paw would never stop. An ending stream of precum poured out, ensuring her pads could slip around with ease on my skin.

Finally it was too much, just too much for me to bear. My balls tensed and a flash of heat shot through me just as a pleasure-drunk groan escaped my lips. My eyes fluttered as the first thick load distended my urethra before spraying out in a ropey jet, splattering all across Cleo’s paw. Despite her hold on me, my cock bucked and quaked as a third and fourth and fifth load shot out, each pearly ribbon drenching her paw further.

“Hey!” They said nearly in unison. “How dare you cum all over my paw,” Cleo said in a huff. “After we expressly forbade you, too.”

The intense orgasm that shook my senses began to fade, but all I could manage for a reply was a meek ‘Sorry.’

Cleo wagged a cum-soaked finger at me. “Naughty boys that don’t listen need discipline!”

“W-what kind of punishment?”

The two Manticores shared a glance before turning their unfriendly smiles towards me. “Clean my paw.”

“But she’s holding my arms, and I don’t see—“

“With your tongue.”

I swallowed hard and tested my binds. They weren’t budging. The only reaction was a throaty little laugh from my captor. Cleo crawled towards me with her paw outstretched, holding it in front of my face. “Go on.”

Naturally I resisted. I expected something more severe from the pair, but Cleo didn’t appear particularly bothered. In fact, she seemed to like that I wasn’t obeying her.

“Oh, I suppose I can understand why you’d be reluctant,” she said in a pitying way. “But how about this?”

Her tail had released its hold on my chest, dragging against my skin. The barbs left faint scratches, but nothing further. “Lick me clean and we’ll make you feel incredible.” As she spoke her tail’s spikes pressed just the tiniest bit against the skin on my inner thigh.

But that wasn’t all. Samantha’s tail trailed down my stomach and her tight hold on me relented, and she even tickled at my ribs with her fluffy paws. “Surely you know alllll about our venom, yes?”

I did, of course. I’d purchased a few ampules, but never very much. Even the little bit I did inject had… considerable effects. Now there were two tails, full of barbs.

“Or we could just stop here,” Cleo said with a sigh, then stood up and turned around. “But then you’d miss all this…”

Looking over her shoulder at me, she bent down slightly and spread one of her ass cheeks apart, parting the lips of her reddened, soaked pussy. Further and further she bent, slipping her paw to her snatch and completely prying herself open to reveal her pink depths.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

My cock gave her all the answer she needed, rising to attention. She smirked. “That’s what I thought… Of course, that’s not all we’ll do, cutie. But you just need to do this one little thing for us.”

I couldn’t figure out why they wanted this so badly. Was it just to express some kind of control over me? She swatted her own ass, sending her thick flesh into a ripple.

Then a warm, wet tongue licked around my ear, sending a shiver down my spine. “Don’t forget I’m here too.” If that wasn’t enough, she nibbled lightly on my earlobe and whispered “I’m more of a backdoor girl myself…”

There was a brief moment where I wondered what they had planned with their tails, but it didn’t last long.

“Fine,” I grumbled.

“What was that?” Cleo said, turning around. “I don’t think I caught that…”

Given the giant fluffy ears on her head and how they twitched when I spoke, she most certainly did. Despite all that’d happened to me so far, this was the first time I felt embarrassed. “I’ll do it…”

“Do what?”

“…Clean your paw…”

“You’re still forgetting something,” Samantha added, letting her teeth sink in just a little deeper on my ear.


Suddenly Cleo’s face contorted in an obvious attempt to suppress a laugh. “That’s not what I meant,” she chortled, “but I’ll take it.”

Climbing up onto the bed she proffered her paw, holding it just above my lips. I could smell the sour stench of my own seed. Steeling myself, I lapped at it. The thick, bitter liquid clung to my tongue and I clamped my eyes shut to endure it. Cleo moved her paw around, rubbing it all over my tongue. A few hairs in addition to all I’d let out made it even worse. Even gagged once.

Mercifully it ended, leaving me to deeply regret what I’d just done. “Such a good boy,” Cleo said happily. “Think you can listen this time?”


It wounded my pride to go along with their ploy, but I deeply wanted to feel them. Both of them.

“Hey, look at me,” Samantha said, peering down at me. I looked up at her, about to ask why – then I learned why. It was just a simple distraction for the barbs.

Two of the flechettes pierced my inner thigh and just as a yelp of pain and surprise boiled up in my throat I got them in my side as well. Four barbs. Then a fifth and a sixth. Searing heat spread from the punctures like electricity, setting all my nerves and blood alight until my whole body felt like it burned.

Samantha released me, and as she did the fluffy from her paws sent little sparks of pleasure wherever they touched.

My erection throbbed, my heart beat and my head swam. They shuffled around, Cleo lying down on her back. She then beckoned me over by spreading her legs and flashing her bright pink pussy and swollen lips at me. “Well, are you going to keep me waiting, lover?”

In a scramble I climbed over the top of her, staring down at her smiling face. Like a wild dog my hips lurched randomly, eliciting a giggle from Cleo. “Oh my, perhaps we gave him too much at once?”

My cock rubbed against her thighs and stomach, but couldn’t find purchase where I most desired. That is, until a paw from behind pressed me down and forward as another wrapped around my shaft and guided me in. “Really, can’t even get it in on your own,” Samantha said in her own girlish way. “Now, just like…” I felt my tip press against something incredibly soft, wet, and hot. “That!” With a hard push my cock speared Cleo, burying all the way in a single go.

She moaned long and happy and the intense sensation weakened me to the point I collapsed on top of her.  Her tight pussy squirmed and pulsed around me, clenching down like a fleshy vice. Just laying still felt divine, just feeling her heat and wetness made me feel like I would melt.

I tried to pump weakly, but barely moved – and yet still Cleo mewled and threw her paws around my back and pulled me into her mane. It smelled like, well, her – a sort of scent like shampoo and mountains and feral need.

“That won’t do at all,” I heard a voice from behind say, followed by a pair of paws lifting me.

Cleo’s cunt grabbed onto me and sucked harder than I would have thought possible, as if desperate to keep me inside. Just as I was about to full extract the paws let go, letting gravity carry me back inside. Her depths welcomed me home and my crown crashed heavily into her cervix, drawing more mewls and happy moans from the manticore.

“How’s he feel?”

“Fantastic,” Cleo purred. “He’s so fucking hard and I can feel him throbbing!”

“I can’t for my turn…”

After that, just being inside wasn’t enough. Steadying myself I rose on my arms and began to rock my hips. Slow and shallow, at first, more grinding myself into her than anything. Forcing her innards to part and spread all over as others squeezed me tight.

My face still half-buried in her mane, Samantha loomed over me, brushing my back with her stiff nipples. She sort of half-climbed on top of me, sandwiching me against Cleo. My arms shook and gave, and for a moment I held still. Then I heard the squelching and the Manticore underneath me wriggled ever so slightly.

They were kissing, and turning my head I caught a glimpse of their tails locked together again, each one attempting to outdo the other in a lewd dance.

I tried to thrust into her, but with the other on top of me I couldn’t pull out far. I wanted to plow her so hard I couldn’t stand it. All I could imagine was releasing my boiling load inside her – a load which I could feel backing up inside me.

So much time passed with me thrusting in short, pathetic bursts, mashing up against her crotch. The pleasure was maddening, but I could never get there, even as I felt rivers of precum pouring out like I was in a constant state of low-level orgasm. Even as Cleo gasped and moaned and her whole body shook under me from what must’ve been countless orgasms from her tail with me buried to the hilt in her.

“We’ve been a little cruel to him, haven’t we?” Samantha said, and finally she pulled off me.

But, to my horror, before I could get a single thrust in she pulled me up and back, pinning me like before. This time I had a full view of the Manticore beneath me, her gorgeous tits and slim stomach and fluffy neck ruff that I’d been inhaling for who knows how long.

“Smell just like her now,” the other said, sniffing my cheek from the side.

I whimpered “Just let me cum, I need to so bad…”

“Why didn’t you just say so?”

With that she let me go, letting me fall forward again. Instantly I hauled myself up and began to pump into the tight Manticore pussy that’d been toying with me for far, far too long. Cleo writhed under me, biting her lip and moaning non-stop. I began hammering away like a possessed beast, heedless of her pleasure or pain or anything else.

From behind two paws latched onto my hips, controlling my tempo to something a little more sensible, though they also pushed me even harder and deeper. So hard and deep, in fact, that the two of us wound up scooting forward up the bed bit by bit until Cleo’s paws managed to find purchase on the headboard and hung on for dear life.

Her squelching pussy fought frantically to keep up with me, but all it took was one cunt-shattering orgasm for Cleo’s body to lose all hope of control. Tongue lolling out of her mouth and bright red cheeks, she stared at me as if I was the best thing in the world to happen to her. Convulsions rocked her body, sending her pussy into uncontrolled spasms around me and left her whole body shaking.

“Fuck me fuck me oh goddesses it’s so fucking good!” She howled in pleasure, hissing through clenched teeth.

What finally pushed me over the edge, what finally opened the floodgates was when Samantha began swatting my ass in time with each bed-breaking thrust. Only took a few cracks until I felt it, deep inside. Concentrated bliss, in a word, roiled within me. Overwhelming volume – I could feel it – spurred on by the torment of being denied release for so long, combined with all the venom they injected me with.

Pure, unadulterated need drove me on, kept me sawing in and out of her sweet flesh. Just as the wave was about to crest, a tiny little voice of reason managed to make itself heard: Blowing my load in her might get her pregnant.

In a valiant, heroic effort I tried to pull out of the highest class goods my cock had ever been in. All my primal instincts urged me to finish inside her, sow my virile seed in her fertile fields. No doubt a Manticore like her with such motherly hips and heaving breasts was ripe for breeding.

But it was not to be.

Her legs shot out and wrapped around my waist, holding me near and dear, deep inside her rippling, undulating pussy. “Don’t you fucking dare!” She growled, throwing her arms around me for good measure.

I tried to escape her hold, tried to pull out. I managed to succeed in moving maybe an inch out of her before her legs clamped hard and forced me deep – so much deeper than I’d ever been.

I could feel my cockhead spear through the door to her womb, plow into her deepest parts. Her cervix contracted mightily on me, just behind my glans – in effect, locking me in. My struggle lasted all of seconds before her tender folds overwhelmed me.  

That was that. Groaning and gasping my body went into shocks of pleasure and my cock jumped and bucked. She gripped me harder and began to mewl and gasp, only to stifle her cries of bliss by biting on my shoulder.

Powerful contractions shot the first of an obscenely massive load through my urethra, making my cock fatten enough to force a gasp from Cleo. I couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything except twitch and grit my teeth and focus on impregnating and filling her womb. I envisoned every load pouring into her womb, stretching and bloating it, making absolutely sure every surface was coated in thick seed. Making absolutely sure her eggs were fertilized, giving her a litter of kittens-to-be.

Spurred on by those thoughts I kept cumming and cumming until all my muscles hurt and then I came some more, leaving me a shaky wreck. I couldn’t believe how much it all was and even Cleo was squeaking and gurgling. By the time I was done I looked down, and couldn’t believe my eyes. Even Samantha gasped.

Cleo pat her visibly rounded tummy and sighed happily. “You fucking stud! Look what you did!”

Sore and unsteady I pulled back, shuddering with every inch as her pussy still fought to keep me inside. With a pop I was free, and what immediately followed was a wash of semen. A huge amount, but still her tummy kept its rounded shape, her body somehow trapped most of it within her. Unless she was on some serious birth control, there was no way that load didn’t knock her up.

A few seconds was all I got to admire my handiwork before fatigue overtook me, overpowering even my fear of becoming a new father. I was utterly drained, in every sense of the word. Shaking one way and then the other, I flopped down onto the bed and my eyes fluttered closed.

“Wha-? Hey! You still have to fuck my ass full!”

I couldn’t care any less at that point.

“Fine! Let me just stick him some more and he’ll be up!”

Okay, I cared a little bit, but I was so tired I couldn’t even react aside from some feeble swatting at where I thought Samantha was. Fortunately the look in my weary, tired eyes must’ve worked. The pissed Manticore let out a snort through her nose after studying my face for a while, then let her shoulders slump.

“We did hit him pretty hard…” Cleo said, scooting up next to me. One of her paws snaked around my waist and pulled me close, allowing her to rub her cheek against mine. “Poor guy must be exhausted after that!”

Dear sweet Cleo, she knows of my plight!

I think I managed to mumble some kind of agreement and fumbled out with my hand to pat her, only to wind up rubbing her tummy. The roundness set a few lewd thoughts in motion, only to vanish as quickly as they’d come – partly due to my tiredness, and partly because Cleo purred happily at my touch.

“Hmph, well then I’ll just get him in the morning!”

Despite her harrumphing, Samantha crawled into bed after turning off the light. Cuddling up on the other side of me, the two of them wound up throwing an arm over me apiece, holding (or maybe trapping) me in their combined embrace.

Sleep fell on me quickly, nestled between the two of them purring gently. It got rather warm in a hurry, but I’d been in worse positions. Just before my consciousness winked out, I wondered about the effects of unloading such a massive load in her ass.

I guess I’d just have to find out in the morning.

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