The Nectar Thief

A chorus of almost malevolent laughter carries through the mist shrouded woods as I struggle to catch my breath.
There is no escaping here…..” a seductive, disembodied voice taunted in a sing-song cadence.
Why not just accept your fate?” A second female voice chimed in.
This wasn’t good. Not at all. I thought I could keep my distance from them, but they knew this forest much better than I did and I was running out of precious daylight.
I had been collecting nectar from different exotic plants from the depths of the forests in this backwater canton for awhile now. It’s a pretty lucrative pursuit, but even for the well prepared and experienced, it can be pretty dangerous at best of times. The further into the depths of the forest I ventured, the greater the odds of something like this happening were. Sentient plant mamono like the Alarune or Dryad weren’t too happy when someone- whether it was human, honeybee or grizzly- showed up unannounced to help themselves to the fruits of their labor. I had been tempting fate for awhile now and it looked as though my luck had finally run out today.
Several tense quiet moments had passed by where the only sound I could hear was me trying to catch my breath. The mask I had on wasn’t helping matters, either. It was unlikely that my tormentors had given up, but perhaps they were looking elsewhere at this moment. I had managed to convince myself that was most likely what was happening when I took my first tentative step towards a clearing I saw open up a short distance away through the dissipating mist. Almost as soon as I slowly began my second step, my left foot found a dry twig underfoot and made a loud “SNAP!”.
Found yooouuuuu…….” the sing-song voice giggled, seemingly from everywhere.
“Show yourselves!” I snarl at my unseen pursuers through my mask.
I hardly think you’re in a position to tell us what to do.” the second voice scolded me.
She had a point.
Before I could say anything else, I felt something on the forest floor roughly ensnare both of my ankles and roughly drag me towards my two tormentors as I frantically clawed to find any sort of purchase on the ground. There was none to be had as something else quickly looped around my arms and shoulders. In the blink of an eye, I was suspended a few feet off the ground with my arms and legs splayed out like an ‘X’.
My tormentors had decided to show themselves, but they were by no means finished toying with me.
“Well well- what do we have here, dear sister?” one of them asked.
“I do believe we caught ourselves a nectar thief, my lovely sister.”
As the mist starts to clear, I can make out before me a vision in green and pastels. Standing together in what looks like a giant lily blossom are two beautiful green-skinned women with lilac-hued hair. One was a little taller and had slightly smaller breasts while the shorter one’s hair only came down to her shoulders. Both of them are eyeing me with a predatory gaze.
“What do you have to say for yourself, Mister Nectar Thief?” The taller one taunted. “How does it feel to be helpless and spread out- like a butterfly in someone’s collection?”
I hadn’t succumbed to their hypnotic fragrance yet, but I figured that it would only be a matter of time as I began struggling. I didn’t say a word but continued defiantly glaring at the two of them.
“Oh- the silent treatment?” the smaller one coos as more vines descend upon me, ripping away my protective mask. My best shot at enduring whatever hypnotic fragrance they were using on me was now laying useless on the forest floor. Already, my resistance was being undermined due to the extremely concentrated nature of the liliraune nectar.
I can only gasp. Although I have been doing this long enough to build up some resistance to the nectar or fragrance of various plant mamono, I’m still not completely immune.
“Let’s see how long he can stay quiet, my lovely sister” the bustier one smirked. Before I could even blink, one of the vines snaked its way past my waistband and began to gently wrap itself around my fully erect member. Despite the situation I found myself in- or perhaps because of it- I was hard enough to cut through granite almost as soon as my captors had revealed themselves.
The vine under their control began to softly caress and rub itself up against the bottom of my rigid shaft as I began struggling. Subconsciously I was moving my hips to try and better accommodate the intrusive, animated vine now frolicking unhindered in my crotch. 
“No….please….” I whimper quietly as I thrash and buck and squirm under the plant girl’s attention. I’m dimly aware that the vines binding my ankles and wrists are now pulling me closer to the two as my heart begins to race. The vine that had snaked its way down my pants is slowing up in its ministrations, but it hasn’t stopped completely.
“How much longer can you last, nectar thief.” The slightly smaller one taunted as I squirmed helplessly in the vines.
I can only whimper incoherently as a response while the vine making itself at home around my shaft begins increasing its tempo.
“Poor boy.” The taller one teases as she cups my chin. I’m looking straight into her violet eyes, but my mind might as well be thousands of miles away as I feebly buck and thrash.
“You’re panting like a dog…I wonder, Mr Nectar Thief. Can you bark like one for me too?” the taller flower girl taunts.
Defiance or any attempt to salvage even a shred of dignity went out the window awhile ago. I don’t want to admit it, but I love what these two are doing to me. And just like that, I follow her command that she phrased in the form of a question.
“Woof woof….” I mumble weakly.
The vine going to work in my tented pants slows up for a moment.
“What was that, Mr. Thief?” she teases, cupping her ear.
I blink and swallow.
“WOOF WOOF!” I say much more coherently.
“Good boy! I knew you could…” she says cheerfully as she moves in closer, ruffling my sandy-hued locks.
My thoughts cut through the dense haze clouding up my mind as one of my beautiful captors stands before me. The vines haven’t released me from their grip- not at all. But they have slackened noticeably. Using this opportunity, I suddenly lower my head and lunge forward into the startled plant girl. However, instead of headbutting her, my lips quickly make their way to her right breast as I begin to lick and kiss her nipple as much as the binding vines will allow me.
I must have a taste of her as I greedily lap up the nectar that’s seeping from her nipple. Nothing else in the world seems to matter as my tongue and lips work their way over the green expanse of irresistible flesh. She doesn’t pull away immediately, but I am aware of something snaking around my neck and tightening. Another vine is now gently but firmly pulling my head away from her.
“Oh my.” her twin sibling titters. “Excitable little doggies should be put on a collar and a leash.”
Before I can protest, she snaps her fingers as though she just had an idea.
“I know!” she points to me. “If you promise to be good, I’ll let you have a taste.”
I nod.
Another vine springs from hiding, but instead of moving to further bind or secure me, it snakes its way over to the shorter and bustier of the twin plant girls. She lets out a little moan as the vine makes its way between her legs in a most lewd and provocative manner. The smaller plant girl then begins rocking herself back and forth on the animated vine, letting out little gasps and shudders. I can see glistening nectar starting to trickle down the inside of her thighs before the vine withdraws from her and makes its way over to me.
“Now say ‘Aaah’….” she orders perkily.
I do exactly as she says, quietly opening my mouth. The vine doesn’t go directly in, but rather wraps itself around my head, setting itself horizontally across my open mouth as I almost gently clamp down on it. While sweet, this nectar has a distinctly musky aftertaste to it as it begins to seep off of the vine and into my mouth. Before I can close my eyes and savor it completely, I’m aware of movement beneath me as the vines tending to my aching nether regions have stopped and are how replaced by something else altogether. The taller of the two plant girls is down on her knees, unbuckling my pants as I’m tasting her twin’s juices on the vine they’re using to gag me. I can feel my member bounce and twitch in the cooler air once its been freed from my pants and undergarments. Looking down, I’m just in time to see the taller plant girl gently take my rigid manhood into her mouth. Right away, I resume thrashing and bucking. The vines are still holding me fast when I want to hold on to the back of her head as she begins sucking and darting her tongue back and forth along the underside of my dick. When the vines don’t give way immediately, I let out a muffled protest, causing the vine that’s gagging me to shift a little and introduce a little more of the smaller plant girl’s juices into my mouth.
“Dvojča!” the slightly smaller plant girl admonishes her sibling while she’s fellating me.
Her sister ignores her as she begins to take the entire length into her mouth, her cheeks caved in slightly as she makes little bobbing motions. There can be no other way to describe it short of divine- it’s as though my shaft itself was capable of tasting her warmth and sweetness.
Although my hands and feet are still secured, the custom flavored vine that the smaller plant girl has been using to gag me falls by the wayside. Before I can ask what’s going on, bark like a dog or even moan, she roughly cups my chin and plants her lips on mine. My nostrils are filled with a dizzying sweetness as I could feel myself inching closer to release. The smaller, bustier plant girl’s tongue was now probing the inside of my mouth and almost playfully darting across the roof of my mouth, sending shivers down my spine just as intense as the ones from being orally serviced by the other plant girl.
This is it. I can’t last much longer as I can feel my breathing become more shallow and my body tenses up. It’s too much.
My moaning is muffled by the shorter plant girl’s lips as I thrash against the restraining vines. Her sister’s tempo is increasing and I can feel precum slipping out into her attentive mouth. As she brings me to climax, I can only arch my back and moan into her sister’s equally attentive mouth. I try shouting, but it’s muffled by the shorter one’s oral ministration. Try as I might to hold out, the dam finally bursts, shooting jets of sticky white seed into my captor’s eager and talented mouth. My body is rocked by a series of spasms as I give one last feeble tug against the binding vines, every last nerve exploding with pleasure as little white hot pinpricks of stars briefly fill my vision.
Instead of shouting out to the heavens, I can only whimper and groan helplessly like some sort of captured beast as my cock fires off a few remaining spurts of white nectar into my captor’s mouth.
I can’t even futilely call out to the Chief Goddess, the Demon Lord or Eros herself as the shorter plant girl is still eagerly exploring the inside of my mouth with her own tongue. After what seems like an eternity, she breaks the kiss with a syrupy strand of our saliva blended together dangling between our lips before snapping away and falling onto her chest and trickling down her considerable bosom. Part of me wants to beg them for release and part of me wants to beg them to do it all over again.
In other words, I’m a mess. A panting, sticky, exhausted, incoherent mess. The only reason I haven’t collapsed is because the vines are still holding me in place. My face is pressed into the bosom of the shorter one as she quickly wraps her arm around my head and gives me a playful little kiss on the top of my scalp.
“Dvojča, you little piggy! Why did you have to go and drain his spirit energy like that?” the shorter one pouted.
“Quit whining, Kvetina!” The taller one grumbled as she wiped a little dribble of white from the corner of her lips. “I have some left over if you want…..”
Without waiting for a reply in the affirmative of negative, the more statuesque plant girl placed each hand on her smaller sister’s cheek before drawing in close for a kiss. The littler one struggled a bit at first, but then relaxed a bit. Apparently Dvojča didn’t swallow all of my mana.
“He………heh………Hey….” I pant breathlessly, interrupting the twins’ very memorable show.
The more diminutive one, Kvetina, turns to me and her eyes widen a little as she lets out a gasp.
“Cousin! You’re bleeding!” she exclaims.
I didn’t notice that right away- instead, I seemed more perturbed by the way she was addressing me.
“Come on, Kvetina….I told you not to call me that- it creeps me out!” I find the energy to rebuke her as she uses the restraining vines to bring me closer. I wasn’t sure where I was bleeding from until Kvetina begins checking my hands. The vines completely loosen now and I can see a little trail of blood running down one of my fingers. It must’ve been from when they dragged me towards them with their vines and I was clawing at the ground.
“I’m sorry!” she said as she was examining the small cut. “We were having so much fun that I must’ve gotten carried away.”
“It’s nothing….” I try and reassure her. “I’m all right. You don’t have to apologize for a little bit of role-playing now.”
“Here- let cousin Dvojča make it all better.” Dvojča teases as she suddenly grabs my hand and sensually puts it in her mouth, gently sucking away. In all honesty, I’m a little surprised I didn’t shoot another load on the spot after that display.
However, I manage to find my voice once again.
“OK- What did I JUST say, Dvojča?”
“Party pooper.” she pouts after removing my finger from her attentive mouth.
“Did you bring us back anything from town?” Kvetina asked excitedly, suddenly eager to change the subject as she’s absently rocking back and forth inside the gigantic flower.
“As a matter of fact…..” I begin to say. My pants are once again back on, although there’s still a considerable bulge thanks to the antics of the Liliraune twins. I fish out from my pocket two little spools that have a powder blue ribbon with little loops along the edges. “I thought these would look pretty in your hair.” I said, handing each of them some ribbon.
It didn’t escape my attention that the both looked a little disappointed as both of them tepidly thanked me for the ribbon.
I’ve known the two of them for a little while after a chance encounter some time ago. According to them, I had inadvertently frightened off a curious grizzly that was getting too close for comfort, so they seemed grateful. They seemed pretty lonely at first, but they were curious and asked me all sorts of questions about life beyond the massive forest. So in exchange for indulging them in some rather fun roleplay and bringing small gifts back from the village, they would allow me to take some of their nectar.
Having me roleplay as a thief out to steal their sweet, concentrated nectar was a recurring favorite of theirs. As the thief, they loved to capture me and playfully show me the error of my ways.
“I also got……”
“Humie food!?” Kvetina asked, her eyes wide in anticipation and glee.
“Yep! They’re like little cakes, but almost small enough to fit inside of cups.” I say as I’m able to move under my own power. I left them in a little box next to the clearing- there were three, but I got hungry on my way over here and had one.
“Cup…..cakes?” Dvojča pondered as I presented her a vanilla flavored one with a chocolate hazelnut frosting. She examined it a minute before tentatively taking a bite.
Kvetina eagerly tore into hers- a vanilla one with strawberry frosting.
“Sooooo good!” She said jubilantly through a mouthful of confectionary before pausing. “Aren’t you gonna have one?”
“I had one on the way over here- blueberry frosting.”
“That sounds good too!” Kvetina.
“You know girls- there’s something I wanted to ask.”
Dvojča arched an eyebrow and she stopped chewing her sweet pastry for a moment.
“I thought if I was able to keep my distance, you two would have a hard time snagging me. But I spread out a little further afield and you girls were STILL able to get me without much problem. How did you manage that?”
Still holding their partially eaten pastries, the two exchanged coy, knowing glances before nodding.
“You know that we have a system of subterranean roots and vines, right?” Dvojča asks.
“Right- they’re clustered around the base of the flower that shelters you, aren’t they?”
“Normally, yes…..”
“But!” Kvetina speaks up excitedly. “We can take those concentrated roots and vines and spread them out a little further, like a web.”
Dvojča lets out a demure little cough as she finishes the last of her cupcake. “We can’t do it for long periods of time, but we can alter the roots and vines beneath us to radiate out like a spider web.”
“And like a spider web, we can sense vibrations from anything that’s moving over the ground around it. The only problem is….”the younger sibling spoke up.
“The bigger the ‘web’, the more gaps there are for someone to slip through.” Dvojča finished her sister’s sentence for her. “It’s an imperfect system.”
“But it worked today. Whenever we couldn’t see or smell you, you were still close enough to be tracked through the underground roots and vines we set up.”
“That’s pretty clever” I remark as I’m readying my gear.
“Thanks for the cup cakes and playing with us again…” Dvojča says shyly.
“Girls, it was my pleasure.”
“Are you sure you can’t stay a little longer?” Kvetina asks sweetly.
Almost as if on cue, a loud crack of thunder reverberates across the distant sky. Sure enough, a storm’s moving in. There was no way I could make it back to the village or even the nearest inn without getting caught in a torrential downpour. Already, one of the vines was holding onto me a little less firmly as the twin plant girls beckoned.
“Come…spend the night with us.” Dvojča urged as though the thought hadn’t already occurred to me. With just a little coaxing I’m out of my boxers and pants- I know from experience that the sticky nectar that pools inside the large flower the two called home would ruin my clothes if I stepped in there fully clothed. I gingerly step into the flower to join the two of them and am almost immediately hip deep in sweet amber-hued nectar as I feel both of their hands gently guiding me in.
“Besides- you still owe me a drink of your white nectar straight from the tap since my lovely sister’s already had a taste.” Kvetina teases as she pulls me in.
My manhood stirred as I felt the twins’ soft alluring and fragrant bodies against mine.
I would not be dry tonight, but I had found my shelter.
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8 thoughts on “The Nectar Thief

  1. I don’t know how I missed, but I’m glad I was able to find it.

    I was a bit worried about this one. I figured it was going to be a typical “guy gets captured and raped by MG” story, but the twist of it being a little roleplay made me like this 10x more.

    Continue the great work!

  2. The entire premise of the story is biologically illiterate. Nectar isn’t made for plants, it’s made to ATTRACT POLLENATERS. Bees don’t “steal” nectar, they are taking their reward for spreading pollen.

    Far from being something a plant girl would get upset at being taken, nectar should be a tool to lure in guys for breeding.

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