The Monster Girl City High School Prom: Courting a Date

     The smell of grease and sound of sizzling bacon fill the air in the apartment you live in. Its early morning, and breakfast time for you. Your older brother is slaving over the stove, cooking for you and his manticore wife. You never quite understood why he settled with the sadistic bitch, but they had a certain entertaining dynamic to them that never left you bored.

“God damn it!” your brother exclaims, flailing his hand up and down, trying to cool it down. 

“That’s why you don’t wear a tanktop when you’re frying bacon, dumbass.” you say, stifling a laugh.  

     Ever since your mother succubized, it really was only you and your brother. Your mom dragged your dad to the corners of the world, and they never really visited you. It was like your mother never sown her wild oats until she had a period of “self discovery” with her friends, and bam. She was gone, and your father was off chasing her and trying to keep her in line. So that left you and your brother. That is until SHE shown up.

“Where’s Queen Bee?” you ask, as your brother plates up your bacon and eggs and sets it in front of you. He made it look like a happy face. He had a weird sense of humor. 

“Queen Bee my ass. She wishes. She’s still sleepin. She had a rough night, heh.” your brother declares. He and his wife both worked in a pretty popular watering hole for monster girls. She was the barkeep, he was the muscle and eye candy. Even if you didn’t see why. He was built like a brick shithouse, strongfat really. He kept his head shaved, and had a bitchin’ beard to match. He looked quite a bit like your dad, and had his pig-headedness to boot. You account that to why this man-eater of a monster girl took such a liking to him.

     If he was your dad, you were your mother. Or well. What she used to be. Quiet, calm. Didn’t really enjoy showing your feelings to anyone but your family. You didn’t really have friends in your class, just a herd to try to conceal yourself in. Being a senior, you were prime pickings for the desperate monster girls that had yet to claim one as their own. And thus, your ritual consisted of waking up, eating bacon and eggs, stalking to school, going to your classes, and ducking out without being noticed. So far you were fine you felt, but you knew you were overdue for a reckoning. You just hoped you were abducted by someone gentle.

      Your brother goes to the dishwasher and pulls out a cup. He flips it right side up, and goes to the fridge and gets the milk out. He pours himself a glass and goes to the window and stares out into the bright morning streets of Monster Girl City. You can see the various track marks of his wifes spines all around his unique tattoo that he got during his bachelor party. A man being hung from gallows, only the noose was a manticores tail, with the manticore laying on the beam leisurely. Underneath the olde english looking letters spell “Pretty Noose”. She hated it, but thats your brother for you. They had a constant game of trying to break each other. It was cute, really.

     And in walks the Queen Bee herself. Clad in nothing but cotton white panties and one of your older brothers old Elton John shirts, she yawned and plopped down in the chair next to you. Her tail torpidly swaying back in forth behind her. She eyes you and a slight smile spreads across her predatory face.

“Another day, another chance to find a mate, huh squirt?” She asks, laying her bulbous tail on the table. The bottom lip of her tail sagging open a bit, revealing the pink insides of her appendage. Crinkling your nose a bit, you look away.

“I guess.” you shrug.

“Hon, I’m convinced your brother’s gonna alp.” She comments, a smug grin spreading across her highly attractive face.

“He better pray to God he doesn’t. Heh.” Nick says with a laugh, turning back to the table and acknowledging his beloved wife with a smoochie face before going back to slave over the hot stove.

“Mmm. Why would he pray that he didn’t? I think it would be very entertaining.” She says, leaning forward putting her elbow on the table and her head on her palm, staring off. Obviously daydreaming about you becoming a girl.

“Because if he did, I would be the first to break him in. We’ve had this discussion.” Your dear older brother reminds you. Its been a running joke between you three, on the account of you not finding one of the many ready and willing monster girls good enough for you. Its quite disturbing for you, thinking about your legs in the air, your brother in front of you ready to start drilling your…

“That WOULD be entertaining, my love. And I would absolutely LOVE to watch that go down. I would pay out the nose for that, honestly!~” Veri sighs. The thought of smothering her with a pillow has crossed your mind before, but you couldn’t do that to your brother. He has too much fun with her.

     You stab at your eggs, breaking the yolk and watching it bleed out around your bacon. Its a big today at school for you. Prom tickets go on sale today, and that can only mean one thing. Desperate monster girl seniors are going to be press-ganging unattached human male seniors into going with them. That meant you. You just hoped you were shangai-ed by someone gentle.

     Plating the eggs he has just finished cooking, Nick turns around to the table and stops. He glares at Veri, and stands there. They stare at each other for a bit, some kind of standoff. About what, was anyones guess.

“Get your STANK tail off the fucking table I cleaned last night, right now.” He declares, pointing at her tail with one of his gorilla like digits. He was hairy all over, while you were pretty hairless. Maybe you were destined to become an alp.

“You know when you talk to me like that in front of your brother, you’re just digging yourself a hole.” She purrs, lifting the tail off the table and letting it swing idly beside her.

“I am digging a hole. Its out back, and its what I’m going to throw you in after I smother you in your sleep you devil.” He jokes, you think. He slides the plate on the table to his doting wife, and gets out cereal for himself.

“You do know that your little outburst just now will be met with punishment later, right?” Veri says, her eyes glued to your older brother. She really, really liked the dynamic that they had. You’d hope so, considering they’d been together for four years. You didn’t pry into their personal business, but you assumed that they were caught in a deadlock of wills. One couldn’t trump the other, nor break. Even her venom seemed to have a dulled effect on Nick. He was just that stubborn, you assumed.

“You’re quiet today, squirt.” Nick observes, pouring himself some Wheaties.

“Yeah, tough day today. Prom tickets just went on sale.” You say, pushing your plate away from you. Appetite gone.

“Ara, someones getting their cherry popped today!~” Veri proclaims, her blood red eyes darting to you, smug grin still spread on her face. How you wish you could slap her shit.

“Knock it off, Veri. Last time I checked, that’s how we met. Oh wait, not it wasn’t. You ambushed me in an alleyway like some desperate beggar looking for cock.” Nick lips off to his wife. You stifle a giggle, and watch as Veri’s tail twitches back and forth, as if in anger. She has been roasted one too many times this morning, and her not being able to bully back is getting to her.

     It goes quiet, and everyone eats in peace. The sound of your brother munching his cornflakes and your sister-in-law cutting her eggs fills the air with an uneasy silence. It feels like some sort of mexican standoff, waiting to see who opens their mouth first. Its getting close to time for your brother to take you to school like he does every day. You glance at him and meet eyes, and you give him a nod. He nods, and you both stand up.

“Well, time to hit the dusty ol’ trail, squirt. Get your shit, and get in the car.” he says, walking over and putting a coat on. Veri stands up and walks to Nick, leaning on his chest. She stands on her tippy-toes, going in for a kiss. Your brother obliges, and bends down and gives her a peck on the lips. Out of no where, her tail swings around and smacks him on his chest. It pulls away and reveals a barb stuck right below his collarbone. He sighs, and pulls it out and drops the blood coated spike to the floor.

“I’ll see you soon, honey.” she says, her hand slipping off his chest as she turns away and stalks back into their room.

“Fucking cunt.” your brother chuckles, waving you to follow him out.

     The ride to school is pretty uneventful. As per usual, you stare out the window, watching the ants scurry about their work. It was a normal city. Had traffic, people, activity. Difference being that most of the residents were beings once believed to be mythical and fake. And then they just showed up in droves. You didn’t quite understand it, but you were more of the “go with the flow” type. You steal a glance over to your brother, to see how the venom is affecting him. He is sweating like a packhorse, but that’s about it.

“How do you do it?” You ask.

“Do what?”

“Keep control while under that venom shit.”

“Mind over matter. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Plus, it’d be pretty fucking scarring if your older brother just whipped it out and started jerking it in front of his kid brother.”

“But saying you’re going to pound him if he turns into an alp isn’t?”

“You’d be a sex-crazed demon girl. It doesn’t count.” He chuckles, reaching over and ruffling your hair. He had a weird sense of humor.

     More quiet. He was fighting it. He used to compare it to really wanting to use the bathroom, and just trying to desperately hold it in. Even after four years, it looked like he still struggled with it. But thats just the sadistic nature of Veria. She got off on watching Nick squirm like a worm on a hook, but at the same time, your brother got her back. You had been woken in the night by the sound of what you could only assume was Nick beating her to death. You try your best to blot the mental image out.

     The car pulls up to the school. The bustling of monster girls is more erratic today, on the account of the prom shennanigans. You sigh and put your head on the dash, trying to psych yourself to go once more into the breach. You hear the sound of the car going into park, and a sigh.

“Take your time, squirt. You get your lunch Veri packed for you?” he asks.


“Well, check it. I wouldn’t put it past her to be a prick. Haha. I do cut myself up.” Your brother relishes in his stupid pun. You can’t help but agree with him, and pop open your backpack and pull out the brown bag you grabbed right before heading out the door. You open the bag up and pull out a pair of edible underwear. Your brother scoffs and snatches the undergarment from you.

“She’ll pay, don’t worry. Here.” He says, pulling out his wallet and sifting through bills. He gives you a crisp ten dollars and looks at you. He gives a nod, and you give a nod.

“Its okay to be nervous, little brother. But here’s what you need to do. Pop in those earbuds I know you have, turn on the edgiest song you have. Which I’m going to assume is every song you have. And just go to class. Don’t dick around, and stick with your little group of alps. I mean friends.” He says, a smile forms on his sweat-laden face.

“Now get the fuck out of my car before you alp before my eyes, squirt.”

     Just a couple more months, you think to yourself. Your grades and marks had been exceedingly well, and you were poised to get a full ride scholarship to virtually any university you chose. You just had to make it until graduation, and you could get the metaphorical fuck out of Dodge. Just lay low, keep your head down, and don’t be a hero. But you can’t help but feel the eyes. You are being hunted, and you could feel it. The brisk pace of you walking to your first hour class kept your mind busy. It was band, and the only real class you had an enjoyment for. First chair of your section, you had to show why showing early and being diligent paid off.

     The sound of the chittering masses in the hall suddenly stop as the heavy insulated doors of the music room close. You lean against the door and let loose a sigh of relief. You made it to the first hour. It was a downhill walk from here. A sly smile on your face, you begin to stroll casually to the various cubbies where the instruments were placed. You reach your assigned one, and pull out the case. And then stomach flips. There’s a sticky-note attached to it.


     You just flop down to the ground. Why. How. Who. Questions swirl in your head, threatening to tear your sanity apart as you try to think who and what could possibly be about to rape you to death. You were so close, you think to yourself. You dare not tempt fate and not show. That would spell an even bigger disaster. Resigned to your fate, you sit in your chair and wait for class to begin.

      From class to class. Group to group. Herd to herd. You stalk through the day, trying to remain unnoticed and unmolested today. The last thing you need is some jealous crazy amazon smelling that oni that brushed against you at lunch. That would spell certain disaster for your pelvis. At this point, you wish you would alp. You would take that bullet from your brother to just get out of this situation you’ve been dreading. The last thing you want to do is have what happened to your brother, happen to you. To fight an ever constant fight of supremacy and priviledge of self-reliance. That wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted to go to school, graduate with honors, maybe find a wife of YOUR CHOOSING. Not having one thrust upon you. It just wasn’t fair. But your hour came, and it was time to face the music, and hope you could talk your way out of whatever it was.

      You turned the corner and seen your aggressors. Three lamia, in a group, talking to each other. All three of them bright red. Sisters, most likely. It wasn’t until one turned and seen you that who they were finally sunk in. These were athletic stars of the school. Why they had taken a liking to you, escaped you. Your knees are wobbly as you walk forward, trying not to fall. They slither up to you, in all their attractive snake glory.

“So the dweeb showed. Interesting.” The ringleader, known as Meryl, observed. The other two giggled behind her like some sort of henchmen waiting for the word to rape you to a pulp.

“I’m surprised he actually came. I always thought bookworms like he to be the cowardly type.” the second of the lamia added, slithering around you. It was like she was inspecting livestock for trade. you half expected her to make you open your mouth so she could inspect your teeth.

“No matter…He’s pretty attractive. For a nerd, though.” the third finished, moving up to besides Meryl.

“So here’s how its going to go down. I’m going to hand you these four prom tickets. You are going to then hand them back to me while asking all three of us to prom. Even though we are the stars of the school, we intimidate everyone. So we’re going to do you a public service and let you take three attractive lamia to the prom. Play ball, and we might even pop your cherry that night.” Meryl explains, pulling four tickets out of messenger bag on her side. Her reptilian eyes drill a hole through you, and you can feel her poking in your thoughts inspecting the insides of your head.

“Ara, you’re scaring the poor man.” the second hisses in your ear, her tail lightly coiling around your feet.

“I can smell his fear. Why are you so scared of girls, Anon?” the third asks, putting her hand up to her face to hide a giggle.

     You could feel your face burning. Accosted by three sultry lamia and you haven’t even made a peep to object. Meryl takes it as a sign of consent and shoves the four tickets into your chest. You reach up hold onto them as her hand pulls away, and she folds her arms. She cocks an eyebrow and looks up, expectantly.

“w-Would you three p-please be my date to prom? i-It’d be a pleasure!” you blurt, not even thinking. The third squeals in delight and shakes her fists, excited.

“A boy actually asked us out to prom Meryl! We’re going on a date! Mama was wrong about us never ge–” she was cut off by Meryl with a wave of her hand. She slides foward, and holds her hand back out. You hand the tickets back, and give a smile. She gives a smirk, and turns.

“Oh, we would love to… But you’re going to have to prove it to me.” She nonchalantly reveals, her back to you. The end of her tail whips up to your face and wiggles a little bit.

“Give me tail.”


“I want you to take the sensitive part of my tail, put it in your mouth, and suck. Please me, and we shall.” The other two giggle and look at each other. They’re about to get a show, and you’re the main attraction.

“I think this is a bad way to–” you try to plead, but she cuts you off

“Its either that, or I tell that weird cheshire that you really REALLY like floating ass to appear in your books, your mouthpiece, toothbrush and everywhere in between.” She makes her case, and you sigh. Even that is too much for you.

     You take the scaly bit into your hand and feel it a bit. Its cool, and slick to the touch. You fidget with the end with your thumb and index finger. You can’t exactly tell her reaction, as her back is to you, but you can imagine she enjoys it with what you seen in those strange videos you watch. With a sigh, you lift the tail to your mouth and begin lightly nibbling the tip. It has a salty taste, but it isn’t terrible. You put more of it in your mouth, and hear the all too familiar sound of someone snapping a picture. You spit the tail out, and see that one of the sisters have taken a picture of you sucking on the end of a lamias tail.

“Hey!” you exclaim, trying to wriggle out of the lamia wrapped around your feets grasp.

“This will make perfect leverage. Can you imagine? The athletic stars of the school! The nerdiest of nerds! What a story!” she says, making wide hand gestures as if it were some sort of pilot she was trying to pitch to a board to get financed.

“Hmmm…He will suffice.” Meryl says, turning back around and slithering up mere inches from your face. She leans down to your ear, and nibbles your earlobe.

“That feeling I just got…The feeling of lording over one. It is delectable. Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch, boyfriend.” she whispers, before leaning back up. The look of a cat that has just caught a canary is wrote all over her face. You feel shame at being manipulated to do this. The three slither away, and you’re left alone, pondering the meaning of your life.


     You sit at the table the next morning, staring down at your eggs and bacon. The other two are already chowing down, and you have no appetite. You sigh and restlessly pick at your eggs. You didn’t get much sleep last night, and you could only imagine what the serpent sisters had in store for you today.

“Ready for school, squirt?” Your brother asks.

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