The Mob goes Wild 6

And here you sat almost head deep in sheepies pussy. A vagina that had it’s own gravitational pull that was hard enough to resist as is. Elizabeth laid eagerly waiting for the D, her fingers tracing little designs across your cheeks, face, chest, whatever she could get her hands on. Your hesitation on the matter left her wanting and waning. Those blues eyes of hers left to wander and cheeks losing flush and you kneeling over her cunt only able to stare into the promised land. No, this was wrong. A slip in anger and hormones was enough to let that little angel’s voice on your shoulder tell you how horrible of a person you were for even looking at a different vagina than Karen’s. There was a devil on the other side repeating the same message, “Dick the Sheep, Dick the Sheep, Dick the Sheep” over and over. The little angel was a tad louder though. You began to pull away much to her and your own chagrin, knowing that cheating isn’t what you want. Seemed like you were gonna need some coaxing.


Elizabeth rose up to meet you, soft silky lips, nipping, kissing, and caressing your neck in an attempt to drive you over the edge and ravish the girl. That warm, wet tongue making quick work along your neck.
”Nonononono.” She pled, becoming more aggressive the further you back away from her. Bringing up her other hand to clasp to the opposite side of your neck to keep you still. Tongue game too strong, the lack of attention from the wife (and yo dick) combined with her ‘wet-work’ made it too hard to resist. That other hand of hers taking up your crotch and massaging your junk ever so tenderly. She knew exactly how to work you, paying good attention to balls and shaft equally. Now that was too much.
You couldn’t help but bring your lips down to her, all of which she was eager to reciprocate, diving her tongue into your mouth and dancing with your own. The girl rolled onto her back pulling you down with her, wrapping lovely arms and legs around you so you couldn’t escape again. All the better for her to grind that sopping wet crotch into your dick. This girl was something else.
“Oooooh fuck Anon.”
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy this. If only you had a smidgen less morality, Elizabeth wouldn’t be walking straight for weeks to come. This still wasn’t right.
”No, I… I can’t.” As you try to pull away Elizabeth holds fast around you.
”Nonono, don’t be afraid, let this happen.”
”Elizab~” You were cut off as the Sheep’s lips clasped back to your’s trying to shut you up. Grinding harder, that vagina so vicious, like it was trying to open your pants on its own. She just couldn’t wait anymore. “Beth, no. Stop.” She was lost in her own ecstasy, she wasn’t too keen on doing that anytime soon. Her lips kept at yours, moaning in your ear, nibbling your lobes. “Stop. STOP!” It took a good shove to break her free. Those blue eyes covered in a hazy glaze look upon you with a hint of confusion. Wondering where those sweet little lips of yours escaped to.
”No, I can’t. I just… can’t.” You had to get up. Get away from these influences, maybe take a cold shower. You left Elizabeth on the floor by herself in a large steaming mess, taking your exit out the gym to find some way to cool off.
”Dammit.” Elizabeth mused sighing deeply, still aching in the crotch and the only dick in the house left without stuffing her hole. She relaxed into the floor, biting her lip and utterly lost on what to do with the rest of her day. At least she could always make the best of a bad situation. You’ve got work to do today, fingers.
Karen wandered the house in a mild depression, specifically looking for you now. Checking the gun range, the pool, the roof, the garage. Nowhere to find her little beloved.
”Mrs. Karen? You seem distressed.” Ericka the Cyclops showed herself in the living room.
”Ye-have you seen Anon?”
”No ma’am, haven’t seen him all day. But I need you to sig-”
”Oh yeah, ok… I have to go.” Karen wandered off, slipping away from whatever important event the cyclops had in store. The only place she hadn’t checked was the gym.
Elizabeth laid out on the floor, hand down to her crotch and enjoying the feeling of her own fingers. Using her wool in pleasing and creative ways. She murmured sweet little words with your name laced in between.
”Anon?” Karen’s head poked out from a door opposite the one you left. “Are you in…?” Her eyes met with a surprised little sheep pleasuring herself on the floor. “You…” Elizabeth spazzed out. Flailing her arms at the ground, trying to grab any point of leverage to pull herself away from the pissed off dragon that threw open the door and came at her with malicious intent. Karen held a snarl and audible growl, staring at the woman with eyes of red and malice, nothing was going to stop her from maiming and having a little mutton tonight. In a panicked flurry Elizabeth tried to put anything between herself and Satan. A yoga ball, quickly kicked aside, a few plates that Karen stepped over, a bench that actually managed to catch the dragon’s dress. Tripping her to the ground. “You little shit!” Karen was able to reach the sheep’s hoof causing Elizabeth to freak the fuck out even more. Pushing and struggling against her would be murderer in all but vain attempt.
Karen climbed up the woman claw by claw, digging into the sheep’s skin, until a swift little elbow from Elizabeth sent her reeling, that gave her enough room to try and wiggle free with Karen nursing the sudden pain in her nose. Elizabeth was able to get away but the short shorts at her ankles called that shit short, letting an angry 130 pound dragon tackle her to the ground. Scaly lithe hands found their way around the Sheep’s throats and gargling sounds soon followed.
”You little fucking skank, you fuck MY husband?! Behind MY back?! After all I’ve done for you! I took you into my family, trusted you with MY husband and MY daughter, and THIS is what you do?! I did so much for you! How could you do this to me?!”
”AckkkkAckkkkkkkkkkkwikewaokjsefnjsnfj-I didn’t-kjlvcnkjzndxbjinzdbji.”
”Do you have ANYTHING to say for yourself?!”
”I did-jknsdfgjindxbuvnbAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhakkkkkkkkk I didn’t have sex-kjsdnfgjn. WE DIDN’T HAVE SEX!”
Karen’s grip slowly loosened on the sheep, letting the woman breath sweet, sweet air once more.
”We *gaspweeze* We didn’t have sex!”
”But I saw you… I saw you kissing him – on the cameras…”
”And that’s it! That’s as far as we’ve gone.” Elizabeth was full on gasping for air.
”ACCCKKKDUIHNWUEIFRU HE TORE MY SHIRT OPEN… but he stopped himself. I took my  pants off to … crank one out.”
Karen began trembling while straddled atop Elizabeth. Tears pooling in her eyes. Maybe this time they were tears of happiness and relief.
”Lizzy, I’m so sorry. I thought… I thought you two…”
”Like you deserve him anyway. He treated you like a Queen and you fuck around on him.” Elizabeth threw her caution out the window. Her anger took over and let the truth come out.
Karen’s hands went to cover her eyes and force back the impending waterfalls.
”You’re right. I don’t. I don’t deserve him. I’m sorry Elizabeth. I’m so sorry. You’ve done so much for this family, for my family.” Karen rose from Liz’s lap, helping the woman to her feet. “He’s a good man and I’ve done very wrong against him. If… you ever did have sex with him, then I forgive you for it. God knows I’ve done worse. I don’t have any room to be angry at that. I”m sorry Elizabeth, I’ll make it up to you, I promise, and thank you.” Karen placed a kiss on the Sheep’s forehead before leaving through the same door you had.
The poor sheepie was left in a daze in the gym, pants on the floor and shirt torn open. Her emotions were a wild mix of horniness, fear, and confusion. Utterly confused in how to handle this situation, so much she had to grasp at her own throat to check it was still intact.
Still alive?
Wait, what was that that Karen said?
If you ever did have sex with him, then I forgive you for it?
Ever had sex with him, I’d forgive you
Had sex, forgive you
Sex with Anon, be forgiven.
Elizabeth started hyperventilating.
Alone you sat in your own private little study, not as impressive and languished as Karen’s own office, but spacious nonetheless. Your man cave was the man cave to end all man caves. 75in TV, giant recliners, a pool table, bar, and some of your old instruments up on the wall. This would’ve been the place you brought you friends for the game on Sunday, IF YOU HAD ANY. Karen was a little bit too controlling in that department. But you sat at your desk, flicking pens across the room totally blue-balled, but that was another story altogether. At what point were you expected to remain true to yourself versus what you wanted. Your dick craved for that little sheep, but something deep down gnawed at a leash around your neck that held you back. You pulled off one of your old instruments off the wall and returned to your desk to play a few notes in mild distraction, flowing from soft highs and jazzy lows with a twang in between. This thing was out of tune.
You kept trying a series of notes to try and replay a song you remember from long ago, utterly butchering the bridge, but it had been a long time since you used this thing to pay the rent. A lipstick kiss was still imprinted at the head of the guitar.  It was still fun to sit back and try to play again. Damn this thing was out of tune.
>A buzzing at your pocket damn near made you flop out of the chair to the floor. Your ring tone was a generic one, so it couldn’t have been Elizabeth or Karen.
”Mr. Anon?”
”This is…” and then in a hushed voice. “Rivers.” Sounded like he was trying to hide himself in his office.
”Alright. What do you want?”
”I’m glad to know being an asshole runs in your ‘family’.”
”I’m sorry, just…. dealing with a lot.” Slapping at your desk to find another pen to chuck across the room.
”I’ve got more information about the family you want. Her names, Minnie the Moocher. She’s a mouse.”
”Ohohohoh, yeahyeahyeah. Lemmie get a pen.”
”One second, I can’t find any.” Searching your desk heavily, you couldn’t find one.
Setting your instrument aside, you grab a notepad and rush to the pile of pens you left in the corner of the room.
”Tell me what you know.”
”I’ve got a lot more than a notebook’s worth.”
”No, Fax. Can’t be tracked.”
Ok uhhh… send it to 555-5309.”
”Alright, I’ll send everything.”
 A few seconds later your fax machine came to life, pumping out page after page after page.
A voice brought your attention to the door where your sheep companion stood with her shirt still torn open and pants around her knees, dripping wet.
”An-Anon. Kar-Karen say, Karen said, Karen said we co-”
”Not now Liz. Just stop. Please!”
”B-But Anon, She said she would forgi-”
”I don’t give a shit what Karen said about fucking anything. I’ve got papers on the next girl. Get the fuck dressed.”
Dejected again, Elizabeth slowly pulled her sport shorts up and covered herself with one arm. You took a fist full of papers back to your chair.
”Ok, so, who is she?”
”A mouse, someone named…” Looking at the papers,
”Minnie the Moocher.”////”Minnie the Moocher?”
”You came from that family, you know something about her?”
”Yeah, major druggie. Bought like a brick of cocaine like every week. Rode the white lightning like a mad cunt. She used to borrow everything and never pay back, usually to buy more drugs, hence the name.”
”So you immortalized her with a famous Cab Calloway song?”
”Her parents did that first. Well, her real name is Wilhelmina.”
”That gives me an idea.”
”Like what?”
”She likes to do drugs. We go to her dealer and have the dealer pull Minnie into a buy, then we kill her while she’s buying. Make her come to us.”
”Sounds like a plan. Better than being strangled by Karen again.”
Went the sound of little feet through the house. Little Hildegarde was scrambling around the house looking for daddykins. She clutched a little purple dino under her arm looking for any sign of life. In the living room, Hilde grabbed at the pants leg of a Anissa the cat girl. The woman lowered down to her knees to be eye level with the dragopup, rubbing her head.
”Hey you~ What’cha doin’?”
”Mizz Annie, have you seen my dyaddy?”
”I’m sorry hun, I haven’t seen him all day. Have you tried to ask your mommy?”
”I saw her run into her office, go check.”
”Ok ok.”
Without even a simple thank you Hildegarde ran off down the usual hall to the office. Where Karen found her way back to the office, unable to find you, having searched the grounds of the mansion (somehow missing the man cave). She gave up and was at the end of a bottle again, not enough to be plastered drunk, just enough to make the pain hurt less. She was brought up to the sound her little girl’s feet.
”Hi, Sweetie. Do you need something?”
Hildegarde stood in the office, holding her doll to her chest. Pausing for a few seconds before finally asking.
”Mizz Kawen? Hav’ yew seen dyaddy?”
Bam, Kick, Pow. Right in the feels.
”Sweetie…” Karen immediately stood from her desk, her heart falling all the way to the basement in a split-second. Hildegarde took a slight step back towards the door. “Sweetie, I’m mommy. Not Miss Kar-”
”I can’t find dyaddy.”
”Daddy… Daddy went out for a bit, he’ll be back later.”
”Ok… Om gonna go pway wif Mizz Anewa.”
Hildegard made no hesitation in bolting out the room.
Karen felt her legs give out from under her, falling into her chair and only staring at the door. Her head fell into her hands.
Ericka was there as well, unable to fathom any words, simply placing a hand on Karen’s shoulder.
The papers you got from Rivers lead you to a part of the seedier side of the city, sitting in the driver’s seat again with Elizabeth in your shotgun resting her chin on her knuckles, bored out of her mind. The two of you waited outside a known crack house hoping to find any smidgen of evidence to help you with your plan. You gripped at the steering wheel with a vengeance. Elizabeth rose her other hand to stop right next to your head in a desired attempt to roll your hair over your ear.
”Do you plan on waiting for her to show up? She may not even show up for the rest of the month.”
”I don’t plan on waiting for her at all.” You snapped at her, shooting her a glance.
She pulled her hand back to hide her action in rubbing her eye. “Then what’re you going to do?”
”Waiting….something like that.” You pointed out to a twitchy little tweak entering the crack den. “Please tell me that’s a dealer.” The little tweaker twitched her way up to the front door, knocked and waited. The door opened, no face could be seen, but the animate action in the tweaker showed some sort of conversation with someone behind the door.
”That’ll work. C’mon.” Elizabeth stepped out the car with you, following you across the street. Eyes paranoid and darting back and forth looking for any more prying eyes. She placed her hand on the handle of her own revolver in response to you taking out your own gun. Paranoia levels rising on the porch of the crackhouse, scared someone would already pull a gun out and take you both down solely to sell your jackets for more crack money. What were they, Armani jackets? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet. You knocked once at the door, pulling out your gun and holding the piece behind your back, just incase. It took a few minutes before several tumbles and jingles came from the door. With a creak the door slowly slid open, one little eye peering out from behind the door.
”Who the fu…?” The eyes must’ve recognized Elizabeth well, because their immediate dilation would’ve been a surprise if it was just you. She tried to slam the door shut, but managed to slam it on your hand. Ya’know, because you were actually ‘smart’ enough to think ahead of that bullshit. You let out a loud scream as pain shot through your body from your hand. Elizabeth stared at the door in confusion for a moment until she realized your hand was in the door. She rose her hoof to damn near blow the door off it’s hinges. She was the first one to step in with gun drawn, waving the barrel through the open areas next to her. No telling how many crackheads were ready to pop out.
”Holy fuck!” you could only think about your fingers, with the white hot pain that surged from them. Elizabeth held her gun aimed at the only occupant in the foyer.
”You ok?”
”Oh my god, could you at least not be so loud, we don’t need anyone-”
”Anon. Stop making such a scene.”
”The fuck do you people want? Fuck are you doing here?” Aside from you and Liz, the third voice was a misshapen Cat-girl that was in desperate need of going to a salon and a few brown teeth pulled.
Hunched over you still had an abled hand with which to hold the gun and aim at her as well.
”And who the fuck are you?” You commanded.
”Cammy.” Elizabeth quickly answered that question for you. The Cat-girl, Cammy, smirking anxiously rising her hands in a surrendering manner.
”Elizabeeeeeeth, heeeeeeeeeey. How’re you? You know I haven’t forgotten about that thing. I’ve got it, I just need to get it for you.”
”Can it Cammy, I’m not here for that.”
”What do you want then?”
Elizabeth looks to you for an answer, for you to shaker her off with your ‘ok’ hand.
”Bring her… somewhere else in the house.”
Elizabeth flicked her gun towards the living room. Cammy following the order and doing so. You too followed a ways behind, staring at your trembling hand. Elizabeth guided the cat to sitting on a destroyed sofa in the living room, not letting her gun go so much as an inch away from the cat’s centermass.
”What do you know about, Minnie the Moocher?”
”Minnie?! I don’t know her.”
”Cammy, you have a gun in your face. You wanna tell me you ‘don’t’ know her?”
”I don’t know shit about anyone!”
”Resilient, isn’t she?” You stood over her, pulling her onto the floor, placing your gun into her palm and pulling the trigger. She let out a loud rapturous scream, crying and grasping at her new stigmata.
”Do you wanna talk now?”
”Cammy, tell him what he wants to know, and I’ll drop that little thing you owe me.”
”I… She…”
You forcefully rolled her over to grab her other hand and place your gun into the undamaged palm.
”WAIT WAIT WAIT! Ok, ok. I’m her dealer. Yeah, fine. I got her hook ups.”
”Good, good. Making progress. I need you to call her and organize a buy.”
”She bought a brick last week, she won’t be ready for another buy for another month.”
”Wha-What do you want with Minnie anyway?”.
”For us to know and you to get shot in the hand again for asking questions!” You rummaged through her pockets searching for a phone. Grabbing out an old flip phone and cycling through the contacts to find a number. You took down Cammy’s own number.
”Ok Cammy this is what your gonna do.”
”Anything, name it.’ She struggled to get past her tears. Strange to see someone with such weak will trying to play the game.
”I don’t care how you do it Cammy, you call Minnie, and you set up a deal. If you don’t we’ll just come back alright? And if you don’t pick up ‘this’ phone when I call. I guess I can just kill you. That’ll clean up the streets one dealer.”
”Fine *sniffle* fine.”
”Good, I’m going to call you in a tomorrow. And I’ll be back if you have nothing ok?”
”Yeah, yes. I’ll get it done.”
”Good… Good… See you tomorrow, Cat.”
You moved to leave the house paying no more attention to the hunched over cat. Elizabeth slowly followed behind, keeping her gun trained on the cat.
”Do this for us Cammy, and consider your debt paid.”
Elizabeth joined you in the car, reaching over to take your hand into her lap. Running her fingers over your purpling ones. They reached a numbing sensation so it actually wasn’t all that bad.
”For what?”
”Mmm… Nothing.”
It was later that night and you found yourself with nothing better to do than stand nude in an incredible shower. The hot water intensified by the feeling that you were still making progress on your quest of vengeance, it was quite hypnotizing. Almost to the point where you almost didn’t notice two scaly hands slowly cross your body and caress your chest. Those familiar fingers caressing each inch of your body, running over your stomach, up your chest, around your neck, hugging your hips.
”What’re you-?”
”Shhhh… please… let me just feel you.” Her voice was hoarse and strained. Sobs coming through with every breath. “I’ve missed this… the feel of your skin… your smell… your body heat.” You stayed quiet and just let her explore your body. Those hands continued over your body until she took you in a deep embrace, the feeling of her supple skin in conflict with her soft scales. At any other time her touch would feel like burning coals, but here they were cold. You wanted to push her away, but your own heart held back your tongue. She was your wife after all, someone you saw that you were able to say ‘till death do we part’ on an alter. There was a loving relationship, for about six years until about two weeks ago. You haven’t been able to touch her or even look her in the eye, much less sleep in the same bed. She pulled you in to squeeze you in some vain attempt to bring you closer to her.
”What do you want, Leblanc?”
”You haven’t used my first name in a long time.”
”You always told me to call you by your middle name. What do you want?”
Karen stayed silent as she continued to explore your skin.
”You. I miss the feel of your skin, the smell of your hair, I miss the sound of your heartbeat when I lay my head on your chest… I miss my daughter. I miss my family. I miss my husband. I miss hearing my husband say, “I love you” every morning. I miss looking into his eyes and feeling a sense of belonging. I want my husband back.”
”You really fucked that up.”
And in the quietest voice, so pained and hurt. “It’s not my fault.”
”Then whose fault is it?”
That voice, now meek. “I don’t know.”
And now her touch was like knives up your spine.
”Anon, please stop yelling.” Her grip grew tighter around you. Her anxious trembling caused a slight tremble in you.
”Then why? Why did you do this to me? Am I not good enough? Did you ever love me? What did I do to you to deserve this, Leblanc?”
”I do love you.”
”Should I believe that croc of shit? If there was love, would we be talking about it in the first place? I gave you a loving family, I gave up my career and dreams for you. And you’re sucking down eight other dicks a week?
”It’s not like that.”
”Then what is it? What could even compel you to do this?”
”I DON’T KNOW. I just… don’t know…” There was a stoic silence between you two, only broken by the hiss of the showerhead and pelting water on the tile. She searched a distraught mind for the words to say. And then she broke.
”Way back… before we had Hilde. Before we met, back when my mother still ran the family. I was just a caporegime of the Jawfnovese. I was still very powerful back then, I had everything I ever wanted. Money, cars, houses, planes… men. But back then… I wasn’t tied down to anyone, I had a different guy every week and it felt soooooooooo good to be with a new plaything everyday. But one night… I was drinking with my girls after I tossed out a guy. We were at a club, and that’s…. that’s when I first saw you… with your friends. Do you remember?”
”Yeah. With Rotary, and Aish, and Pyro.”
”I liked what I saw, but then… when I saw you get up on stage… with your band. I knew I had to have you. I wanted you in my bed THAT night and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. We had fun talking after you finished, and when I invited you back… You declined. I thought I fucked up my chances with you, but we just kept having fun talking and drinking. That made me crave you even more. Something I couldn’t have, something that eluded me when, anything I wanted was just….mine. I chased you and your band around the city. Always trying to meet up with you for more drinks and to get you back to my home, but… you… always… declined.”
”You always said you wanted love.”///”I always said I wanted love.”
”That’s when I came up with the contract. I figured I could bribe you a little bit, promise to take care of you and love you, and when I was done, toss you out like the others. You played right to me. And then we started dating, you were so much fun to be with. All I wanted was to get in your pants, but every moment we spent together I couldn’t think of anything else other than just spending time with you. You changed me. You made me feel like this was something I wanted to keep. You weren’t like the other guys, I didn’t want you just for sex anymore. I genuinely grew feelings for you. And then you gave me sex… and it was amazing. It was love, not just fucking. I got addicted to you. What was it, like four months before you signed my lil’ contract? Hehe~”
”Two years…”
”Oh… well… then you proposed… I was so happy. You made me feel so loved and comfortable and warm. Years later, you gave me a beautiful daughter, I was given a beautiful husband. But then the old ways started coming back. When my mom retired and gave me control of the family. I got bored with the slow lifestyle. Hildegarde and the family kept me too busy to go out with you like we did. When we went to concerts and vacations and just the little fun stuff we did… like, when for a date you took me to eat lunchables in the park, that was so damn cute. Or… or when we went running in the rain and stayed out in the woods together until the sun came up. You tamed me. You tamed a dragon. But deep down, I still craved that freedom I once had before I met you. On my business trips while I left you and Hilde at home… Gu… G… Guys started t-talking to me, flirting with me, saw me depressed at a bar, I spilled my problems, they offered a few drinks to help mmmy a-a-a-a-anxiety and then offered to ‘take some of the pressure off.” And… Oh god Anon, I’m so sorry.” Her grip became a stranglehold. “I was so weak, I gave into them. I couldn’t help myself. It became a vice I couldn’t break out of. I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you or even do it. I was so weak.”
”I… I loved you Leblanc…”
”I know, and I’m so sorry baby. Please PLEASE forgive me.”
”WHY?! How could I?! I would’ve never dreamed of doing this to you. I’ve been absolutely faithful to you.”
”I know, and I don’t deserve you. But I love you and I want my husband, my lover, my best friend back. I know my fake contract ca-”
”FAKE?! The fucking contract I signed was fake?!”
”W-Well… yes. But that doesn’t mean my feelings for you aren’t real Anon. I drew up the contract to get into your pants easily, but then I FELL FOR YOU! I FELL -ABSOLUTELY- IN LOVE WITH YOU ANON!”
”Everything about you was a lie?”
”No! Nonono I never lied to you… Only about the mafia because I didn’t want to scare you away. I never lied about falling in love with you! I never lied about wanting to take care of you! I never lied about wanting to spend the rest of our lives together! I never lied about wanting to have a child with you…”
Your knees felt a little weak there, collapsing into the wall in front of you. You never felt more vulnerable in that moment. The heat didn’t help. Karen was the only thing keeping you standing at this point. Words escaped you, it was only a trick to get your pants off. Your own mother warned you about women like this and it was a trap you played right into. Tied to Karen’s little puppet strings, she danced you across the stage and might’ve well written your name on her little contract for you.
”I… I loved you.”
”I know, I know. I love you Anon, and Hildegarde too. Please, don’t… leave… me.”
”I don’t… I… What I… I ju-.”
”Anon I love you, with all my heart. That’ll never change. You have a loving wife, who realized her mistake. I fucked up. I fucked up bad.”
And a kiss. Karen laid one simple, little, teensie, small kiss on your back and that was all that took to break the dam of tears that held back a flood of pent up emotions. Karen saw this, reaffirming that loving embrace, planting more and more kisses on your back.
”I loved you.”
”I love you, Anon.”
”I… I loved you.”
”I love you with all my heart, Anon.”
”I… love… you.”
Those kisses were working. Like a poison filling your veins, your blood boiled (or was that the water) for her. To call each other ‘mine’ again, and embrace like you once did under the truth of the stars. This was a woman you knew nothing but love and admiration for, someone your heart went crawling back to even after the lies and deceit she crafted a veil out of. Someone your heart still belong too, even after the utmost heresy. She was eager to prove her upstanding love for you, destroying herself mentally and physically with late nights and alcohol binges at the mere thought that her husband may have lost feeling. She circled around you, her tear stained cheeks even visible under the water. She looked longingly into your tearful waterfalls, finding the source of her own heart within yours. She pressed her hand into your cheek, cupping your face with that scaley hand, it had not once felt so inviting. Pulling herself closer for a kiss at your lips. It was love again, one little peck at your lips like she was testing the waters. You made no attempt to resist. She took this as a sign that she was free for more. She did so, kissing you repeatedly, becoming more and more aggressive with each and every kiss. It wasn’t long before you were returning the kisses, moving in synch with the rhythm her lips created for the both of you. Her tongue danced madly in your mouth, finding its partner and with a few twirls and swirls, coaxed it out of hiding.
She became much more aggressive now, picking up the strength of her kisses grinding lips into your face like a mad animal. Kissing your cheek, up to your ear for a quick nibble and back down to your lips. You were quick to return the favor, trying to nip at the agile lips that danced around your body. She pried apart your defenses, she had spent enough years exploring your body to know the every in and out of your desire. Hot breath and sharp teeth found their ways to the center of your soul. The way she nibbled on that collarbone, hooman.
This woman was no dragon, only a succubus with green scales. She knew just how to make a melody on your heartstrings, and that was the last straw. A fire built up inside that was stoked by a dragon’s flame. She wasn’t going to be walking straight for weeks. She spent enough time being the aggressive one, building you up to the point where your fire couldn’t be contained anymore. She was a mastermind after all, she built you up and let your emotions forgive her faster than any of her apologies could and her plan worked.
You took over the aggression of this battle of emotional attrition. The feeling of her soft ivory skin was an alien feeling. The skin of a woman you’ve been deftly avoiding was a new sensation all together. She maintained herself so well despite the lack of your attention. As you got down to her lower arms familiar scales also reminded you of this lost love. So smooth and yet coarse, this prideful dragon wouldn’t be seen, or felt of with anything less than perfection. Your arms wrapped around a thin frame of a woman that held you the same. Her hand came to caress your face and press your lips ever deeper into hers. Your hands went ever more south, fondling two tight mounds of flesh; just as round and firm as you remembered. She moaned into your mouth as you gripped her tightly, even more so as you forced her to the colder wall of the shower. Those scaled hands writhed around your head to grab a handful of your hair.
And after so long you knew hers. Your mouth played the same game her’s did. Flowing from her lips, to kisses at her cheek, nipping that green webbed ear of her’s, biting down rather fiercely at her shoulder. That too brought another moan. You lifted her into the air and almost as a reflex one of her legs wrapped behind yours to make it easier for you. Slowly you guided yourself into her starving hole. She melted at the feeling of a lover’s return. That shiver of hers was enough to be felt through the space-time continuum. Then again, you were melting as well. No cunt had ever been as hot as a dragon’s. Hot, velvet walls clamped down on you with no intent on letting go. Her insides pulled at you in ways you never thought possible. Pulling, twisting, turning, contorting in ways you never thought possible or maybe that it was just how amazing it felt.
Amber eyes met yours, the two of you staring into each other’s souls like you finally finding something you lost long ago. She pulled you as far as she could into an embrace and she squeezed, she lost you once and that was never happening again.
”Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” She whispered.
So how were things supposed to get back to normal?
Were you going to forgive?
Or hold onto the thought what what she did forever?
The two of you laid naked together in a hilariously oversized bed. A damn 12’ x 15’ bed, damn comfortable though. Something you’d have to get reaccustomed to again. Karen laid cuddled into your side with content little sighs at the end of every breath.  Filled emotionally, spiritually, physically, huehue. She nuzzled closer, those little scales causing a tickle. She looked so complete at your side and under your arm. You drew little circles in her back, little figure eight’s, and traced little lines up and down her spine. You made the girl into a spoiled little brat. She lifted herself up, wiggling around to better plant her head on your chest. She turned and slowly breathed you in.
”Mmm. I missed you.”
”I missed you…” adding a little more inflection in that.
Karen’s head turned again, resting her ear on your heart, tapping a nail into your stomach in rhythm with your heart. Such sweet little nights like this were wasted. She remained motionless upon you only staring out into the light lit New York skyline. It became an ominous feeling of doubt that reigned over the bed. Until she spoke up.
”So what’s gonna’ happen?”
”What do you mean?”
Point out the elephant in the room huh? It had to be approached in some way or another right?
”I don’t know.”
Yeah, that was an appropriate response. She double guessed herself in looking for an answer from you. She bit her lip, confused on how to approach it as well. How do you accept someone back into you life after a year or two of unfaithfulness. She rose to her palms and turned to look at you. Searching you for an answer neither of you had.
”I don’t want this to create an animosity between us.”
”And what you did wouldn’t?”
”Well, I mean… I know what I did was wrong… and I know I don’t deserve to be forgiven… and I don’t know how we’re supposed-or even if we should return to normal. I just want to go back to the way things were. I’m sorry.”
Your eyes avoided hers, wandering the room in search of time to put between the both of you to find an answer.
”Leblanc… I can’t forgive you. I can never forgive you.”
Eyes falling to the bed and bobbing her head in a morose response. She knew she deserved that at the very least. Her self-conscious feeling a tad better in that her prized treasure agreed with it.
Your brought her eyes to meet up with yours again, curiously filled those amber orbs.
”But, we can move on and learn to trust each other again. We can move on. I love you, I want to love you. I want to be a happy family again, and I want to actually be a happy family. I don’t want to leave, I want my little dragons back.” The brooding atmosphere drained away into a sea of relief. She perked up quickly for a kiss and returned to your side. Curling back into your side, eager to hear that heartbeat again.
”You so much as touch another guy and I’m taking Hilde and bailing.”
You both chuckle and lul yourselves to sleep.
Cock-a-doodle-do mother fucker
Fucking birds.
It was morning already.
You swiped your hand at your side for your greenie meanie only to find it’s absent but still warm spot.
Must’ve gotten up before you.
Finding the closest pair of pants, you head out into the living room to the sweet smell of breakfast being cooked. In the kitchen was a barely dressed dragon and an impeccable as ever kikimora. You went for a chair whose creaking brought the attention of the two. Up came those endearing amber eyes and the brightest smile you’d ever seen out of her.
”Good Morning lover!”
”Good morning. What’s the occasion?”
”Don’t know, just felt it. Felt good. Like it?” Obviously she meant the food she prepared and laid out next to the stove. It looked like many strips of bacon, overly complicated omelets, cinnamon rolls, churros, and deer sausage. And you get diabetes, and you get diabetes, everyone gets the diabetes. Karen shoved an overstuffed plate into your face. Definitely trying to win as many points as she could.
It was pretty damn good, crispy bacon with just enough crunch. All that crunch wasn’t enough to overcome the sound of little pitterpatters across the room.
”Dyaddy! Dyaddy! I smelled it. Gimmie some!” Hildegarde came sprinting as fast as a small child could. Slipping on her way into the tile and flying as far as her pink onesie pajamas could into your chair.
”Ahm ok. Ahm ok.” She was driven by stomach alone. She took to climbing up the side of your chair and even leg for more assistance. ”Dyaddy, lemmie have bite.” She pled, hanging off your leg with the most incredibly anxious eyes.
”Is it good?” Karen inquired. Standing proud over the meal she made for everyone, hand on the hip and all encapsulated in an air of success. Sorry Janet, but it looked like Karen was getting all your credit. Karen wasn’t exactly known to burn water, but she didn’t exactly go to school and learn how to make churros.
”Its amazing, thank you Janet.” The Kikimora flared up a little and covered her mouth to stifle a chuckle. Karen’s bubble of pride popped ever so audibly. Which you showed you knew Janet only ‘helped’ with a sly smile. “Yes, lovergirl, it is amazing.” You had to reinflate the pride of your wife. That returned her smile enough.
She leaned over the bar counter, taking up your free hand in hers as your other hand was taunting your child with a strip of bacon. Hildegarde tried climbing you more, fangs snapping at the bacon you dauntingly hung over her and pulled out of her reach every attempt the pup made. You lowered yourself to kiss the girl’s face before stuffing that strip of bacon into it. Karen let you go momentarily to set up a new plate with even more food than your own and set it on the bar set to you.
”Hilde, take this plate of food and go eat in your room. Let me talk to daddy.” The holy grail of kid privileges, eating in the room without parents.
”Ahhh! Okay!” Hilde scuffled down the chair just as fast as she scuffled out the kitchen with her own spoils. You were about to yell back at her to only eat at her desk and not get any food in her bed. Then again you had Janet here after all and it wasn’t like you already picked up all the toys after Hilde yourself.
”Anon…” Karen’s attention was focused on you again. She looked at you with such a somber gaze. Quickly flipping from that jovial tone with Hildegarde to a much more saddened feely feel. Loving hands clasped down on yours to keep you there in the moment with her for all it meant. “Anon… I… know you want to continue on your… revenge. But, please… let it go. I know how angry you are about it. I promise I will do something to…” Karen paused, leaning into the counter to whisper. “Kill them.” Returning to normal. “But you need to stop. For me… For Hilde… I can’t protect you if you keep going. They will hunt you down like they would any other girl. Please… Trust me.” Those eyes, those damn eyes.
Guilt weighed you down to the point you were sure you’d fall straight through the basement. It did weigh your fork down, that food didn’t even look so delicious now. You couldn’t even maintain eye contact with her now. You still had half a car full of rampage left. Your hand seemed to slip free of that little clutch all on its own. Leaning back into your chair the rest of her words turned into blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah. How could she even ask of such a thing? We were back to square one.
You rose from the chair, unsure of what to do now. Karen quickly darting around the island to do anything. Coming to stand right before you with her hands planted on her chest.
”I don’t want to lose you, love. Please.” She pled and pled, weary eyes pooling with tears to try and convince you to stay your feet and sway your path. Even after all this progress the both of you made in one night, could you really find it in you to stop? That was almost giving your rapists mercy. Fuck no. None of that shit, they would die, they would all fucking die. All you could do was stare into those amber eyes.
…but by Karen’s hand.
You looked to the floor, nodding slowly. Broken inside that this woman actually got you to stop, she stopped your anger. That was why you married this woman. She knew how to twist you into such a sweet little blanket Anon-burrito of love.
”Yeah…” Words broken by sniffles. “Yeah, ok. I’ll stop. I’ll stop” The petit dragon couldn’t be more filled with joy. She threw herself atop you, wrapping arms tight enough around your neck to induce suffocation.
”Thank you. ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou. You don’t know how much that means to me.”
”I’m *acckkkk* sure *huhughdfnvjknvjn* I do.”
”Ok, Okokokok. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ am going to plan us something nice for tonight! Sooo~ don’t go out tonight ok? I have to get to work, but after that. I have plans ~just~ for us.”
”I can’t wait…” You lowered yourself for a kiss. The excited Karen giggling like a little school dog who found a bone. “Eat up and enjoy the breakfast. I might or may not have to run out today.
I love you.”
”I love you.” She left for her office thereafter. Which left you alone to your thoughts and this delicious bacon. You return to the islands bar only to find yourself prodding the food around the plate. She did the impossible, she quelled a father’s rage. Then again you were being stupid enough. How much luck did you have left after the stunts you pulled. How much luck did you have left? How many more bullets could you magically avoid? Sitting here, letting your emotions cool off and mulling over your thoughts showed you that she was right. You were a father first and foremost. The longer you thought about it, the more the anger just slipped away. Replaced with the thought of a crying little pup visiting a graveyard.
”Why are they burying daddy? Daddy wake-up.”
That was gut wrenching enough.
A little tug at your pants. Little words to break apart your clouds.
”Are you ok Dyaddy? You look zad.”
Your daughter looked up at you with such caring eyes. Would you want to make those eyes ever cry?
”No sweetie. Daddy’s very happy.” You lifted your little pup into your arms and carried her to the breakfast island where she happily seated herself in a chair next to you. Janet already ahead of the curve and whipping up some more for the both of you more specifically Hildegarde’s picky palate. Which rounded itself to being bacon and waffles again. Janet knew the family too well. This little lizard was your heart and soul, looking down at her eagerly wait for her food caused her to look back up with you with silverware in her mouth with the appearance that gave her fork and spoon fangs.
“Uhm’ma wumpiauh dahdeh.”
”If you’re a vampire then daddy will have to eat your food because vampires drink blood and not eat super delicious …uhhh… super bacon.”
Her face filled with horror. “No dyaddy no. Das mai zup’r bacun.” She struggled up to the table trying to pull back the plate of food you slowly slid away from her. Such a cutie.
Karen appeared from her office once more an hour later all dressed up and fancy. She came out with a phone on her ear and stumbling around to put on a heel. Saying something to one of her captains through the phone that you weren’t too keen on following. You were still at the table with your daughter and live-in maid. Making the both of them laugh and making little childish jokes to the little girl. Karen approached the bar, surprising you by kissing your ear and leading a trail of kisses around your face. She even went so far as to pull your head back by your hair and lay lips right into your face.
”Muah!” Aggressive little kisses. She turned to Hildegarde and laid an assault of kisses on the pup’s face as well.
”Mommy! Stawp! Hahahah Stawp! Moooommmyyyy!” She didn’t. “Ahhhhh! Heheheheh.”
”My little jewel.” Karen ran her hand through the girl’s hair while turning back to you. “Anon, got work again. Gonna be gone a few hours. But tonight… you.” Finishing with a devilish little grin.
”Where ya going today?”
Your wife came to a sigh, obviously exasperated from work. “I have to go downtown, Maria needs help with … something, I don’t know.”
”Alright, something with work. I won’t ask.”
”Ok, I love you.”
”I love you.” Out the door she went. Lips plastered in a smile ear to ear
”Dyaddy. Mommy iz a gud persun now? I hurd the loud noises in your woom again.”
Janet’s face immediately grew red. Letting out a sharp chuckle and trying to cover the blush at her cheeks. “Hahaaaa, I haveeeeee work to doooooooo.” Janet was already out of the room before you could have any input, not that you had choking on bacon and laughter.
How did things change so much on a dime? Karen hadn’t been all over your dick this much since you first opened the promised land to her all those years ago. That night was you, her, and a few of the family’s enforcers enjoying that restaurant she tried to get you in many nights ago. Those beautiful eyes were fixated only on you and nothing could break it. The amazing food only kept her off you long enough to pop another roll of sushi in her mouth before those pristine hands returned to your lap, extending a scaled leg out from her silk dress to drape over your own leg. Petting and lavishing over her greatest jewel. No other guy was in the sight of those beautiful eyes. Laughs were all around tonight, good conversation, great food, and a pissed off Japanese man. At least he was being paid well for the headache of 12 mafioso wrecking up the place.
She was all too eager to please you now… The sex had never been better.
Laying in your bed as you got out the shower, crossed leg, arms outstretched across the headboard giving you the best glimpse of those large round breast. Outstretched wings added to an intimidation factor as hungry eyes devoured you from every angle.
”Capable of sssssLaying the dragon, my knight?” That tongue slithered out licking those eager lips. Whipping back and forth in casting temptation in every sway. She knew you were all too eager for what was awaiting as well. As you approached the bed, the tip of her wing flicked off the lights. In absolutely darkness one little flicker of light broke through. Karen lit the way with her own breath. Those crossed legs open slowly in that red light. Showing where the jewel went on the crown. You crossed onto the bed with sly slow slithering motion. Those eyes of hers dilating with such fierce anticipation.
You crawled along the silks of the bed towards the woman. Green legs spreading to make it easier. Entering the range of the dragon, a foot crept over your shoulder. You responded in kind with kisses to her cool scales that brought a soft giggle. That leg that slid over your back to pull and guide you you closer to her starving hole.
”You uhhh… ahem.” Motioning to her vagina.
”Y-Yeah, Anon. I always used protection.” That was something you knew she wasn’t lying about. For so long even when the two of you started dating she always insisted on protection to begin with. She wasn’t the kind of person to put herself at risk with anyone until she fell for you of course.
That was enough to settle your mind to rock her world. You continue kissing a line along her thigh, up to her knee, paying close attention to the transition line between scale and thigh. In one instance you destroy the moment and recovered it brilliantly. Kissing and licking that line along her inner thigh she squirmed under the influence of your tongue. Biting down on her lip with one hand running through your hair. No one knew as much of this girl as you. She had a special sensitivity in that area that allowed you to make her dance in your fingers.
”Anon staaaawp. C’mon…OooooooOoOoOoOoOoOoOoh right there~” That was your teeth rustling over her scales. Legs tightened around your neck forcing you closer to the southern rose. Slow your roll little lady, she might be the dragon but you were the one with the reins. Who the hell were you kidding, you were going there anyway. That tongue of yours could work magic, but gave her no reprieve going straight for her hole. Working over one lip with your tongue and paying attention to the other lip in kind. Those legs quivered under your magic. Shivering the hardest as your tongue entered silken walls.
”OoooOOOoOOooOooh God~!” Her fist gripped a large chunk of your hair. She cried out your name bucking those hips into your face as hard as she could. “Oooooh FUCK!” Unintentionally showing off how much she loved your work with unconsciously twitching wings.
 You worked her hard teasing her hole only to exit and kiss her thigh again. Licking that swollen clit to jolt your tongue back into her sopping wetness. She drooled and moaned your name while grinding her crotch as hard as she could into your face. Her hips moved on their own unable to stay composed or even resist your charm. She was a pool of mush at your complete and utter control. She may have controlled a lot of New York, but under this roof, you were her master.
>There was enough teasing here. She wouldn’t last much longer under your ‘wet work’ so it was time to calm her down. You brought your tongue out from her much to her disdain.
”Wh-Why? Don’t staaaaawp.” She tried to force you back down to her nethers. Nonono, not in my haus.
You ignored her plea kissing a trail up her crotch, naval, left breast and nipple. Paying such close and slow attention to perky nipples. Swirling one little circle left then one little circle right. Your actions were slow but purposeful, you didn’t need her finishing so fast. It sparked a whimper from the dragon.
”Baby p-please. Ssssssstop teasing!” You were torturous with that sucking mouth. Becoming more vicious in your tongue play. Sucking that nipple to make her voice shatter the room. Hildegarde was certainly going to hear that one.
”But baby~ we’re just getting started. I can’t have you finish so soon~”
”I swear to god Anon if you dont ffffffffucking stop the godda-OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOh~” Such a sweet little thing at the mercy of every trick up your sleeve, she hadn’t even seen your true form yet. You rose to find a new target in her lips, her actual lips this time. She leaned her head in searching for your own lips where she found only air in between the distance of your own. Keeping your lips just out of reach for an affectionate starving Karen. Your hands looks so big on her wrists to keep the girl tamed. She was getting a bit grabby after all.
”No no my little dragon~” She was such an easy being to tease. Always with such overreactions to get what she wanted, she really wore her emotions on her sleeves at times. Lips chasing down your own to seek out that physical love with you ducking back and away everytime she came close to contact. Robbing her of any sort of the pleasure. The Knight had to play a careful game when dancing with dragons. One wrong slip could mean a proverbial bloody death as she’d tear you apart to get to that dick. These bound emotions could turn to anger and anger would turn into angry sex; now who wouldn’t want that. She grew jumpy lashing out for your lips for just a simple kiss that you denied her. However that dick of your grinding into an aching pussy was just kindling for an already blazing flame. Grinding hard into that pelvis sent shivers up, down, side-to-side for the both of you. “The night’s just beginning for you.” Her lips were on fire. A warmth ignited by a blaze of passion and love.
”Stop teasing and FUCK me asshole!”
Oh, she was gonna get it alright.
You even had your own battle music prepared
What were you waiting for?
One side of this house was engulfed in flames, the other was as broken as Hawking’s theories’ pertaining to black holes.. While you were nailing your wife a certain other little horned devil was staring into a mirror with the anger of a thousand suns. She sat at the end of her bed in her own personal little room at the mansion, staring into a mirror that only showed back a portrait of herself.
With all her strength to hold herself in place to keep herself from bargain in that room and pulling you out from that living satan. Uncontrollable tremors wracked her body even noticeable in the wall mirror she drew regret from. Angry over the fact that those noises were not her own. Angry that your dick was not in her yet someone else. Angry that you’d pick your cheating whore of a wife over someone that stood by your side for years and would’ve been far more faithful. The mirror only showed hate and a whimpering sheep. A hiccup here, a hiccup there. Wrapping herself in her fluffy arms in some feign attempt to even control her trembling. Karen’s moans and cursing were barely audible from here but each syllable out of that slutgon’s mouth was an icepick smashing into her brain. Tears in full effect raining down her cheeks.
”Fuck y-y-y-ou.” Elizabeth said out into the darkness, to Karen’s moaning, to herself in the mirror, to anyone listening. With no reason or purpose other than her just wanted to say it. “Fuck you!” There was no containing the anger, there was only a sobbing crying downright distraught little sheep. She stood off her bed and approached the wall high mirror. Staring directly into her her own eyes. Grunting and sniveling little growls that grew and grew, not too high, she couldn’t bear the look on your face if you somehow heard. Restrained little grunting, restrained little growls. Hiding pent up aggression that had been bottled up for years. Ever since she first found you in her heart. Elizabeth slowly disrobed in front of the mirror to look over her naked form. Perky c-cup breast with peach colored nipples, and a mound with just enough wool on it after a shave.
”W-Why the f-f-f-fuck does he want that whor-whor-re? W-W-W-Why does he-he-he not want me? Am I not good enough for him? What’s w-w-w-w-wrong with my body? My tits not big e-e-enough for him? Why isn’t he fucking me INSTEAD OF THAT WHORE!” Such a violent scream little rebel. Elizabeth caught herself at the last moment and like a dog that had been reprimanded by its owner, retreated into a solemn little shell. It didn’t halt the rampage of anger roiling inside her. So much so it increased her tremors. She wanted to hurt something, to break something, ‘someone’.
“Why did he go back to that fucking slut? When he could have someone that would actually love him. I would never cheat on him. I would be perfect.”
The breakdown was imminent.
”Why couldn’t I have found him first? Why…why couldn’t Hildegarde be a sheep instead?” The dam broke, water fell forth, and the sheep fell into her own cradling arms. An uncontrollable mess in front of a judging twin. Her hands cradled her face to shut out the world. To hide from even herself, trying to retreat back into an area where not even she existed. That didn’t stop the sound of a screaming dragon through the walls. She collapsed onto the floor, fetal position, clutching her head to make the noises stop. To many everything stop. She wasn’t trying to hold back the tears any longer. “Why couldn’t I’ve found you first?”
While someone descended into their very own hell. Someone else was rocketed to heaven.
”Holy fuck Anon! Goddamn your….fffffffffffffffffffucking tongue. SHIIIIIIIIIII-IIT!” Her scaled hand pulling you deeper into her hungry snatch. A noise brought you from the swamp of bed sheets. It sounded like a loud crash. Did Hildegarde run into the T.V. again?
”I’ll get a new TV, Don’t you dare stop!” You lowered yourself for one last kiss to her lips. Beautiful amber eyes looked down at you, begging you to continue. So weak the powerful dragon to squirm under her husband’s touch. “Don’t stop…” You climbed up between her legs, planting sloppy kisses her to actual lips. Moving in soft movements to match the other’s lips. Graceful fingers slid down your hips wistfully untying your towel. Keeping her hand on either end to pull your crotches together. She forced you to stay lip locked, using one of her hands to fondle you so gently. She had some skills. Enough to cradle both your balls and work your shaft all at once. The appetizer didn’t last long at all. The main course was well and hot and ready to be served. She held your shaft with one hand, rubbing your head with her thumb to get you as hard as possible before entering her cave. “Go~”
Her hand was all that was holding you back. Ready to dive in before she even started. Plunging your hard throbbing cock into her brought the sensation of fire. It had been some odd weeks since you ‘found out’ and going so long without gave the sensation of something new and exciting. Your senses had time to clear and in those weeks, you had long forgotten just how hot she really was. Her insides lapped at you with licks of fire. The wet suction inside pulled you in every angle, at least that’s how it felt. Your head now swimming in pleasure (and an ocean of dragon cunt) and unable to make left or right, only in and out. Ramming that dragon cunt with such beastial rage. Show her who’s boss under this roof, she was queen of a mafia, you were king of the bed. Show her that no dick was going to ever be this good.
Your little dragon was reduced to a pile of goo under the dick. Wings expanded to fit almost the entire bed (twitching), toes curling every which way and loose, perfectly manicured claws digging different just so roughly into your arms and back. Drawing just the smallest bead of blood out. She screamed and screamed. This was that magical sex, passion, love, desire, and just plain fucking. The epitome of sex.
”I ca…..I ffuuuu…Ju-kfvjnknvlkjdnbkjn.” She couldn’t even form proper sentences. That vagina was getting the pounding of a lifetime. She’d surely think twice before losing that privilege with another guy. You continued on and on, plowing the hell out of that girl, her eyes had long since rolled to the back of her head.
You continued on murdering her vagina for another two hours taking up all sorts of positions: Cowgirl, Reverse, Doggy, Missionary for the sole purpose of procreation. Finally, succumbing to the fiery silk walls and blowing your load inside that tight cunt. You had been worn out, utterly defeated and exasperated from her fiery walls. Her own movements drained the both of you. You couldn’t have even lasted that long in a marathon. Not that that was a goal, maybe for the future. With your energy spent there was nothing left in you to stay upright. You collapsed into your love who received your warmly. Wrapping arms and legs around you in a tight lock. She didn’t even give you the chance to pull yourself out of her. Running fingers through your hair. Kissing your chin and nose. Playing with different parts of your body until the both of you fell into simultaneous slumbers.
It was morning as soon as you closed your eyes.
Fucking birds.
This time you had a little baggage still attached to your undercarriage. Your little lovely dragon was still fast asleep and snoring as loud as her dragon lungs could go. You peck her lips softly to stir her awake.
”Fuff mor’ min’ts. Noooo.”
”Its morning… you wurm~” You teased. Oh, how she hated that race, to be apart of the highly respected race of dragons to be teased down to a lowly wurm. She stirred more under you. Finally breaking free of you after eight or so hours. Your untangled forms gave some room to stretch. Her nude form straightening  into a stretch bringing her arms well above the bed frame. It gave such an ample availability of those perfect D cup breast. She wouldn’t mind if you gave them one little kiss&tickle.
She giggled when your warm lips and tongue played more with her nipples. She smirked, bringing her hands over your back watching your give the start to round thirty-two. She rose her head to kiss the top of your head, repeatedly planting kisses into your scalp as you worked her nipples.
”MOMMAY! MOMMAY! MOMMAY! DADDAY!” Such a sweet little bundle of joy being awake this early was heretical. Whom came barreling into the room with no sense of privacy. Jumped her way onto the end of the super bed.
”OUT! OUT OF HERE NOW!” Karen screeched at the pupling. It was way too early to be dealing with a child’s bullshit. Not to mention the significant lack of coffee to help deal with said bullshit. And round twenty-seven might’ve needed to happen. Hildegarde made a complete one-eighty to scrambled her scared little paws out the room.
”Leblanc, what the fuck.” That was directly in your ears after all.
”I’d rather my daughter’s first sight of a dick NOT be her father’s.”
”My ear though…”
”Awww does mai pooh wittle baby need a kith to mayk it bettuh.”
”You can suck my dick again, that’ll make it up to me.”
A new smirk crossed her face.
Forty five minutes later, Karen is wiping her mouth and leaving the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam. You were there as well, propping yourself against the counter, gasping for breath, finding it a struggle amongst the steam and the succubus that just ripped your life out through your dick.
Oh it took some time to regain your composure. Your legs were rubber for the better part of ten minutes. Any attempt to get up would’ve found yourself on your ass. Breath next time slugger. When your legs were capable again it was finally time to start the day. You had settled on something comfy with no plans to leave for the day. Spend the day with Hildegarde and Elizabeth?
You leave your room destined for the living room trying to find little sheepie. Not in the living room with a few of the other girls. All of which stared at you with hungry eyes. Walking out of your bedroom with  a large bed-rattled T-shirt and comfy shorts gave the impression of easiness. Elizabeth was not amongst them eating breakfast. Maybe her room? Ignoring the eyes on you, you made your way across the living room to Elizabeth’s. Where you saw a tattered and devastated little sheep at the end of her bed.
She heard you come in. She’d have to be stupid not to hear you. It’s not like you were trying to sneak your way in.
She hiccuped.
You had so much power over her. She had this genuine love for you that you only responded with with a few moments of getting lost in the moment. You sat next to this huddled mess. She looked like she hadn’t gotten any sleep. She had been staring at herself the entire night in her bedroom mirrors.
”Elizabeth… I.” You stopped when you realized that you had nothing to say. You rose a hand to rub her back, but stopped when the idea dawned that that might’ve caused more damage.
The both of you sat in silence before she managed the harshest of peeps.
”Why her? Why stay with her? She cheated with so many guys for…fucking years.” She forced those words out despite being horsed as hell.
”I don’t know what to say-what do you want me to say?”
”She cheated on you. And it’s only a matter of time before she cheats again. It’s not like her to settle down with one guy. I knew her long before you did. She was a slut then, shes a slut now. She’s not going to change. But I won’t. I would love you until the end of time. Whats wrong with me Anon? Why don’t you love me?”
You had an answer, not one Elizabeth would’ve liked.
”She got to me first… And that’s literally it.”
Elizabeth tightened in on herself. More tears ready to fall forth
”She is my wife, I… don’t like that she cheated on me either. But I don’t know what to do. I-”
”Leave her.” She stammered.
Hesitation caught your voice. “Liz. I… I didn’t know what to do. I love her. I mean, I love you, I do. But… she is my wife.”
Way to go Anon, she’s here pouring her heart out to you and make her cry more.
”I do love you, don’t think I don’t. But I love Leblanc. I’m sorry.”
There was nothing you could’ve done to stop or ease her pain. Just short of uprooting your life to be with Sheepie. Of which a mad dragon mob boss would probably run you down and sheer your balls off herself so you couldn’t reproduce or make sweet sweet love, and then cap Elizabeth. You were at odds here. No matter what path you took at the end of either meant a broken heart. All in all, Karen got to your heart first and even though she did all that bad. She was still there. In another time, in another life. You rose from the bed unable to say or even think of anything that steady her nerves or perk her back up. Just short of dumping Karen and running away with Liz. You left her sitting there a wet and messy pile of wool.
Life had turned back a few years for the both of you. Back to a nicer time similar to when you were still dating. Absolutely affectionate over everything. Every minute had to be the both of you together with cute little hair playing and hand holding, always had to be touching. Even simply watching movies in the home movie theater had you both cuddled up in one chair together. Hildegarde had to forcefully push her way into cuddles every now and then. Sharing food at restaurants, no one needed to know the both of you were holding hands under the table. Surprise public sex in changing rooms for new clothes she wanted to see you in.
One of you was a stumbling cloud, raining on the parade. Elizabeth had not recovered from that night or any one of them since. She had since stopped crying but has yet to wear one single smile. She had gone back to the time of before the two of your got close on a personal level. When it was strictly professional between you and her and a Raging Bull. Deep down you could catch brief moments of your best friend struggling to hold back any emotion. Like when your pissed at said friend but see something you wanna talk about then stuff that emotion into a deep dark recess in your soul, because he wouldn’t leave a slut to live with you and stuff your holes. Anywhere you went Liz was the only one unable to enjoy herself. Where everyone had laughs and jokes, Elizabeth was ready to bit hands off.
The days and weeks dragged on. Your relationship with Karen returned after one night of passion. She was back to being busy with work and strangling some fool who was late with payments or the loose ends you created. However, even the war you almost started had died down to a fizzle under Karen’s iron grip. If she strangled the other’s families as good as she strangled your dick, they’d be having eight orgasm an hour and under her control. She certainly had a strong strategist’s mind. Certainly knowing how to manipulate the other’s.
If she wasn’t at work. She was either in your lap expecting head pats or cradling your head with hair playing.
And lots of Dragon fucking.
Lots of Dragon fucking.
Nigga you don’t understand how much dragon fucking.
”How many do we need Janet?”
”Enough to last the week~  I expect groceries coming in friday~ So we have to survive until then~” Such a peppy little step in her voice. You scanned over the fruits and vegetables you held to make sure of minimal bruising. Wrapping them into plastic bags before grabbing more. Janet was doing the same with some choice pieces of meat and Elizabeth was as grumpy as ever. Your choice of action was to simply let her be. Try to let her calm down. If there was ever going to be a day.
Best not to touch that stick of dynamite.
Karen wandered the spacious living room, calendar book in one hand and phone in the other. Pacing to the kitchen to grab one of Hildegarde’s juice boxes and a dragonfruit. Then, back to the office. Hildegarde would’ve lost her shit to know one of her precious treasures were taken from the fortress proper. Like Mother, like Daughter.
”Then bring him to the warehouse and have it ready for a ‘spill’. I’ll be there in a few days … … … Then starve him, I don’t give a shit.” Karen held a dastardly brutal side that you had never known in your many years of marriage until now. Only ever knowing this calm, warm, loving embrace of such a soft palm that cradled your heart for years was so bloodied and worn across the backside of many mamono faces.
She was right in the fact that you would’ve have SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERVED far away from this bitch had you known she was a mafioso before Hilde was born. Now it seems like a trivial thought. Despite knowing that she had killed many men and women, by her hand and the forcing of others. This life was still contentment. With millions of dollars at your disposal there was no other place to be. Beautiful Caribbean beaches with tingling sand and tanned Kitsune, were incomplete without the image of holding Karen’s hand…
…and maybe a few patrón margaritas.
Karen’s smile was warm and luscious. Such a genuine smile from a bloodthirsty villain. Life was perfect. Even booking flights for the three of you to that bahamas vision.
Ding dang dong.
”Hold on, let me call you back. Someone’s ringing my doorbell.” Karen pressed her phone to silence the microphone to muffle herself. “Is anyone going to get the door?!” She called out to nothing.
At the mansion, the only girl that ever were into Karen’s office was herself and Erika. Everyone else was generally enjoying what Estate de’ Jawfnovese had to offer.
Ahhh my dingdingdong~
”ANYONE OF YOU BITCHES GOING TO GET MY GODDAMN DOOR?!” Another cry into nothing. “Let me call you back Serah.” Karen hung up the phone, placing it on her desk. The end tone filling an otherwise empty void of the non responding home. Peeking her head out the office show no immediate warm bodies. “The fuck?”
Karen approached her living room with a hint of cautiousness. Never once had the mansion been so devoid. Even on a calm day, you could hear Hildegarde playing in her room or running across the house. Where was everyone?
”Elizabeth, please talk to me.”
Elizabeth was kept confined to staring off into any space that you didn’t inhabit at any given moment. Any time you tried to lock eyes with her or meet her face-to-face, you were met with the back of her head.
”Liz, what do you want from me. It’s been like… a month and you’re still upset.”
”You know what I want.” That was the quietest little peep you’ve ever heard from the woman. Timid would be an understatement.
Elizabeth was slumped over your shopping cart, doing everything in her power not to face you. She did however, leave her hands undefended. Leaving her ultimate weakness completely vulnerable. Every mamono had a universal weak-point, hand holding. You wiggled a single finger into her palm. Not even a cold blooded hit-woman would be able to resist the cuteness of handholding. Such was the way to melt even the coldest of hearts. The draw of cuteness was too much. A woman whose soul was so desensitized even from years of murder was unable to resist the call to grasp your pinky like a baby would.
”Where the fuck are all my girls?!” Karen called out once again, making her way to the door. “Wheres my goddamn daughter?!” Not even a peep from the rambunctious demon child. Karen approached the door, flinging it open in all her agitated might. “WHO THE FUCK IS A- … how did you get here?”
”Oooooh~ Mon’cher~ is zat any vay to greet un old lovair’ ?”
The man from Chicago.
”How the fuck did you find my house?”
”You called me didn’t you? How else would I be here?”
”I didn’t call you…. You need to leave.” The door met an abrupt pause a tiny yelp of pain. The man stuck his hand into the door to keep it open.
”Oh baby, is this how you say hi after not seeing me for a few weeks. I thought you’d at least return my calls. It’s been so long baby. Doesn’t even look like anyone’s home. You prepared everything.”
The man easily pushed the door past the 130lb dragon. Karen took a few steps back, infuriated at her intruder.
”Get the FUCK out of my house asshole!”
”But it’s been so long since I’ve seen you mon’cher. You did like the French ak’zent oui’? You never take trips to Chicago anymore. How am I supposed to get a taste of my favorite Dragon?”
He approached in wanton lust. Shirt already unbuttoned and open. Trying to appeal to sexzy argument here. Karen was taken slightly aback by the sight of the ripped muscular chest. Quickly though had she snapped herself from it. Remembering you and her family.
”N-No. You button your… abs and get the fuck out of my house. You get rid of my number, get rid of anything you have of me and never come back.”
He seemed unphased.
”Oh~ I dew luv’ ‘ow yew fite bock mon’cher.” He approached her, placing his hands on her shoulders to pull her close to rub himself all over that scalie bod.
”Get off of me!” She fought back as best her compressed body could, which resulted in beating on the man’s chest like a child. He took advantage of her writhing state, planting kisses up and down her neck. Nibbling her ear just the way she liked it. He seemed to strike all her weak points that you found after year with her.
”No, Sto- Fuck you! Get off!” She struggled to compete with him. Sharply gasping at the tight pressure on one of her breasts. She writhed and fought back as hard as she could, fighting with every inch of her being. Even throwing her wings into the mix to try and gain some sort of leverage. Fucker was like a damn jiujitsu guy.
”HOOOONEEEEEEY! I’M HOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo-” You stood in the doorway with Elizabeth holding a bag of groceries. Were your eyes deceiving you? A man atop your lovely wife right in the middle of your living room floor. Only a few weeks for her to had fallen off the wagon. What a slut. Were you capable of any emotion at this point? Capable of feeling anything at all? You couldn’t even feel the groceries slip out of your hands and hit the floor. Couldn’t even get out of her fine silk dress. Straight to sex in a hurry.
Even Elizabeth was in somewhat a state of disbelief. She was more along the fence of being surprised of either way happening. That is, surprised that Karen was staying faithful to you and at the same time that she actually relapsed.
”Anon! Anon please! Baby please! I swear to god it’s not what it looks like!”
”Und who is zis eh?”
Words escaped you at the moment. Swimming in bliss in one moment and lost in a gray mush the next. Saying no word to anyone or anything you just turned back out the door. Janet was on her way in, confusingly staring at you on your way out. Elizabeth was the first to chime in.
”A-Anon… ?”
Completely distraught.
”Anon, where are you going?”
”Get in the car Elizabeth.”
”Anon I-”
Karen was out of the door sprinting to you. For once she spoke the truth but damage had been done and the ice was a thin thing at this point. The trust was being repaired so daintily and yet shattered in one swift blow. Once a whore always a whore. How can a ho be a housewife? Right now, there was no time for words. Just get away, get away from Karen and the house and things.
”ANON PLEASE! ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. I SWEAR TO GOD, I LOVE YOU. PLEASE! PLEASE! Please…please… i love you. don’t go. i swear to god.”
Karen collapsed in the driveway. Watching you drive into the city.

Feeling every bit of her soul fall to pieces.

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