The Mob goes Wild 5

“Lets give her another fifteen minutes, I want to finish my burger~”
“She’s gonna be even more pissed than she already is.”
“An’ s’he cah ‘e pith’d all zhe wunts, Oim vinishing zis damn ‘amboigah.”
Hey Hey, you you, I don’t like your girlfri-
Elizabeth fluttered around in her chair, digging through her pockets for her phone, dreading the the only person that could be calling from that number, not to mention the blush she grew hoping to hide it from you. The hell was she trying to hide? The fact that she was a Lavigne fan?
”Hello?” You let her deal with that phone call, setting in another order for another burger.
”Is that really necessary, ma’am?”
Here we go.
”Yes ma’am, we’ll be home in about… thirty-five minutes.” Checking her watch. You slowly chomped through your burger showing off a lack of tact to the Sheep’s growing anxiety. Her blue eyes sparked a fire looking upon you, you chewing your burger open mouthed to get your point of defiance across. As much as she cared and even loved you, her fear of Karen was a tad greater. ”Now.”
”I ain’t leaving.”
”I’m not playing Anon.”
”I’ll get a cab.” Her seriousness forced a click from under her jacket. ”You’re really gonna pull a gun on me?”
”If I have too.”
”Your paying.”
”Take it to go, I’m driving.”
This drive home was the longest.
Many times you’d be coming back home from a vacation, Karen’s head in your lap and stroking her hair softly, only wanting to pass out in bed. This time however, home was the last place you wanted to be, with her. You could hear it now, ‘You mean the world to me’ ‘Stop doing this to yourself.’ ‘You are priceless to me’ she sure did love that word. Wonder how much meaning it carried despite what she did and maybe what she continued to do.
”Hmm…?” The little sheep in the driver side held a somber tone.
”Did you mean it?”
”When you called me baby, did you mean it?”
”Just say it, right now, say those three words and I’ll turn this car around. We can get some money we can just go. Where she won’t get us.” That hand of hers crossing the center console, resting in your lap, moving between your legs, and hooking under your knee. “I know you feel it, I feel it, just say it Anon. We can go…”
It was her turn for her knuckles to be white on the steering wheel.
”Elizabeth… I lo-”
”Just say it Anon… please. After three years, please, just once I wanna hear it.”
”I love… Karen.”
A sharp hiccup came from the Sheep’s mouth, tearing her hands back and forth across the wheel, fighting to keep back the tears and doing poorly. She was a proud one, trying to act like nothing was wrong despite the restrained sobs and hand to whip away the tears.
”I do love you Elizabeth, I really do, but Karen is my wife. She provided for me, she looked after me, she cared for me. I loved her with all my heart Liz, we have a child. I gave her a promise on that altar and even if she doesn’t want to keep her vows, I’m at least keeping mine. I’m sorry Liz.”
The rest of the ride home was awkward silence, filled in with slight backrubs as the sheep tried her best to recover from her dreary state.
”Thank you. I don’t think I’d be in love with you so much if you didn’t have such a strong sense of self.” You could only smile to her. Forcing a smile on that pitiful mouth with those dopey blue eyes revealing every spectrum of pain in them. The rest of the ride was in silence.
Your car pulled into the driveway, it was actually strange to see all the cars out in the driveway and not in the underground garage. Was Karen already somehow home from Chicago and pissed? Did she personally fly all the way back? Oh man, if she did she has to be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed.
Elizabeth pulled the car in front of the front door, rubbing her eyes trying to make it seem like anything other than crying. She waited for you on her side of the car, stepping in front of you to sharpen your jacket and shirt, struggling for a smile. As you approached the door and grabbed the handle Elizabeth’s hand pressed against the door to keep you from opening it. Placing her other hand squarely on your chest, like she was feeling for a beat that was in tune with her’s.
”Anon, one more. Just one more kiss, while you’re mine for tonight. Before you go back to being hers.”
”I… can’t, it’s wrong, I’m married and…”
”Please, just one.” She had those eyes that could make you do anything. You rose a hand to caress her cheek, that little sheep melting into your palm, her lips kissing at your thumb. God, you wanted this too. You rose her chin to be easier to plant your lips one more time with her, but this kiss wasn’t one of passionate lovers, it was one of somber loss. One where two star crossed lovers were destined to be so close and yet never cross. Elizabeth was more forthcoming with her emotion, placing her hand on your cheek in the same way you held her’s, unwilling to let go of the embrace, searching for your lips every time there was even an inch of space. This one needed a crowbar to break her off you. She placed her forehead to your chin, pursing her lips together to savor that warmth.
This kiss wasn’t one of passionate lovers, it was one of somber loss.
But that’s not how Karen saw it, watching your little makeout session from the camera feed on her tablet in her private jet. Of which she stared into with malice intent, cracking and crushing the tablet under her grip, ready to make mutton chops as soon as she walked through the door.
Inside your house stood an above average amount of girls, your usual companions of Allison and Anura, Elizabeth, Janet and an Oni whom you never got the name of, Olivia! That was her name, thats right. But who were the other girls you never had the honor of making acquaintance.
”Did I miss a party ladies?” Janet was there to take your jacket yet again, however she stood between you and the door, unmoving.
”Please, sit down Mr. Anon.”
”I just had a long drive I don’t feel like sitting.”
”Please, -we- insist.” The Oni motioned to the couch. That sounded more like a threat than an invitation, how much did you fuck up tonight? About a 7?
You took a quick glance back at Elizabeth who held a stern ‘you’re on your own nigga’ look smeared across her face. ”Oh, in that case, I guess I will. What’s the occasion?”
”Miss Karen has asked us to stay with you for the night until she got back home.” You took your seat at the couch, many of the girls that you spent so much leisure time with now looked ready to tear your head off on command, best now not disturb the Wife. Elizabeth went off on her own business her head hung low, no doubt gone to take a cold shower and cry herself to sleep.
”So we can’t go out? I was thinking of going to Seaworld for the midnight exhibit.”
”No sir. Karen said to keep you here and use as much force as necessary.” Lets bump that up to an 8.
All eyes were on you as you sat down, no other girl was at your side on the couch. Maybe an eight and a half. You rose up from the couch only to have strong hands force you back down into it.
”Can I at least get the damn controller so I can play? If we’re gonna sit here, I at least don’t wanna be bored the entire time.” The Oni sighed, already tired of your bullshit to come. You popped opened the tray, dropped in the disk, and sat back under the shadow of the CollosOni. They can be bored all they want while waiting for Karen to get back, but after tonight, after the adrenaline and your nerves settled, you were still too wired to go to sleep. Hildegarde wandered into the living room still clutching her purple reptile doll by the throat, climbing onto the sofa to give you a big hug and explain her day at school and her new little friends and this little cute boy she liked and how some of the other girls made fun of her purple dragon plushie and her missing teeth. Probably should take her to a dentist tomorrow. That little thing made of half you DNA plopped into your lap, asking questions about your day and if the game was fun. She asked if she could play too, but any game for the X-Bon-R you had would’ve probably been too hard for her. You resulted in “letting her play” by handing her the remote and telling her that she was controlling the character now, of which she swooped the TV remove back and forth like an airplane hitting randoms buttons.
”I got dat wun daddy!”
”You did sweetie. Look out, get that other one!”
”Ok ok!”
”You got him!”
”I gaht ‘im!”
The two of you continued on, playing some FPS into the late night.
Karen sat cross legged and angered to no hell, sitting alone in her business compartment, her foot tapping away in anxiety.
Ksst, KSST
The plane tossed about as it hit the ground. Her heart in tune and thumping away as well. You really fucked up, according to her. So much damage control to sift through, red tape to sign, so much ass to kiss, so much OF A FUCK UP TO WADE THROUGH. She wasn’t even able to hold onto her drink steadily, keeping the red drink lifted to her lips but not even sipping the liquor, less she wanted to spill it everywhere. Ericka the PA Cyclops entered Karen’s private study.
”We’ll be disembarking shortly. Seemed as though there was another plane on the runway but air control shoved them off quickly.”
”Ericka… get me my flight jacket.” She nodded leaving the room and returning a few seconds later with a set of goggles and a special leather jacket.
Karen stepped off the plane wrapped in the jacket, goggles, and long sweat pants.  Large leathery wings burst forth through slits in the back of the jacket.
”Ericka. Take all my things back to the house, I’m flying on ahead.”
”Of course ma’am.”
In one swift swoop of her spacious wings, a large gust of air sent Karen flying through the sky. Flying as fast as those wings could carry her, she landed in your driveway not ten minutes after leaving the airstrip. Damn near tearing off the front door…
”Where is he!?” Fifteen silent hands pointed at the couch. Some of the ladies there leaving the room, holding up their end of the bargain to make sure you stayed at home, and going back to their own rooms for some shut eye. You and your little lizard were cuddled up on the couch. Laying prone across the sofa, Hildegarde was cuddled up on your neck fast asleep. A flick at your cheek spurned you to consciousness.
”Whosa… Copa Cabana… I didn’t do it!” The little dragon girl on your back rolled off, beginning to let out a slightly whine upon waking up.
”Wake the fuck up Anon.”
”Language. Hildy’s right here. Hilde?”
”Daaaadddddyyy, I’m tiiiiiirrreeeeed!”
”Oh c’mere you. Daddy gon’ carry you to bed.” Lifting the girl to your arms, little arms immediately latch to your neck.
Karen mouthing the words ‘get the fuck back here!’
Your words stayed at a soft whisper, hoping your little pup wouldn’t come to shrill cries and moans. “I’m going to tuck her in and come right back.” Karen stamped her foot again, mouthing obscenities.
”Where am I going to go Karen?  Let me get my daughter in bed.” You left her fuming in the living room.
Hildegarde stayed wriggling and writhing in your arms, unable to find a comfortable position, but it wasn’t too far to get her into her little pink princess bed. She unlatched from your person and wiggled her way into the bed.
”Yes sweetheart.”
”Is mommy a good person?”
”…Why would you think she’s not?”
”Because you said that language is bad, and mommy used it. So does that make her a bad person?” That cute little child logic drew a chuckle.
”Haha… No my sweet. Mommy is a very good person. Mommy loves you so much, just like daddy does.”
”But you don’t love Mommy…”
”…Of course Daddy loves Mommy. Daddy loves mommy with all his heart. And you should too.”
”Ok daddy. I go to sleep now. I love you.”
”I love you sweetie. Sweet dreams.”
”Sweet… dweams… da…dy.”
You pet the little girl’s head a few times, whispering sweet little nothings before ending it with a kiss on her head. Before leaving to deal with the dragon in the living room you, you flicked on the pup’s night light and closed her door.
”The fuck did you think you were doing?”
”I was doing what YOU would not.”
”Fucking murdering whores and sluts from some enemy family?!”
”Killing people who were torturing my daughter! Your daughter! Your little girl you’ve seemed to forget about.”
”You think I’ve forgotten all about this family? About my little girl? About the man I love?”
”I fucking told you before! You can’t just kill people or I would’ve done it myself! You have to go through the proper fucking channels to get shit done in this life. We had a special position after… that day, we could’ve done so much, we could’ve ruined everything about the people that did that to you, we could’ve brought New York down ontop of them. And you fucked that up! We have a rule in the families, Anon… No Husbands… No children. I was setting things up so that we could have them killed without putting you or Hilde at any risk… And you fucked that up! Now because of your retaliation you’re an available target for them, ANNNNND took away our bargaining chip. I’ve organized a sit-down with the Marcotti’s Don Mercutia tomorrow and you’re going, no exceptions. DO NOT … Leave this house tomorrow… ” She stormed off to bed.
Party pooper
”Well, How was CHICAGO?!”
”DADDYDADDYDADDY!” WHAM, a little 35 pound girl jumping onto your nuts would feel good any day of the week.
”Daddy wake up! Is morning!”
”Yeah, and my nuts still 3am…”
”Nothing. Good morning sweetie?! Sleep well!?”
”Janets here, she can make you something.”
”Ask Janet for food sweetie.”
”Why aren’t you at school?”
”Mawtin Woofer King dey.”
”Good morning you two.” Karen appeared, hanging over the back of the sofa, trying to remain cordial in Hildegarde’s presence.
”Hi mommy…”
”Whats with the loud ruckus?”
”Wittle Hildy is hungwy~”
”Wheres Janet, she can fix us a breakfast and we can eat like a family~ Janet? Janet?!”
A shaggy Kikimora comes jetting from the halls, her maid outfit looking in shambles and a broken feather every here and there. This woman was not able to sleep last night.
”Terribly sorry masters~ It won’t happen again. Y-You would like breakfast? I’ll get started right away~”
”Janet… you look like shit, You can go back to sleep. I can cook.”
”No Sir! I will not be such a lazy maid! I was hired to cook and clean for this family! Thats what I’m going to do!”
”Janet its fine. You don’t have to put yourself through hell for us, take today off, hun.”
”No! I will hear no such thing! I will get started right away and make the best breakfast better than the French Laundry!”
The TV was popped on for some early morning cartoons. Karen found herself on the sofa besides you while Janet slaved away cooking. She sat with your head in her lap softly stroking yours and Hildegarde’s hair. It felt like five burning needles on the scalp, but, be happy in this setting, remain as happy of a family as possible, if not for Hilde’s sake. Hildegarde laid cutely on your chest, laying cheek to cheek with you, so engrossed with watching Tomina and Jerri, this was the episode with extra frying pans.
”Terribly sorry to the wait everyone. Breakfast is ready~” Getting up from the couch you smother your pup in kisses.
”Dadddyyyyy staaaaaawp!”
”No, kissy monster attacks princess munstur. ZUPUR EFFEKTIVE!” She squealed under your tickling and kissing assault, clenching tight to your neck as you rose up for the table. Janet really outdid herself. Seared tuna and ribs for you, a lightly blackened hunk of steak and onions for the wife, and pancake-waffles topped with Bavarian creme, some kind of cheesecake sauce and smothered in strawberries and blueberries. Breakfast fit for a Queen and her consort. Hildegarde was perhaps the most enthusiastic over the food, although Karen was eying that meat like a ravenous beast.
”Hilde, chew with your mouth closed. Its not going anywhere.” Hildegarde ate like a child with no manners, devouring her pancakes like a woodchipper. She eyed you with a territorial glare but followed daddy’s word’s, slowing her eating by a small margin. Karen was also destroying the slab of meat, covering her face in juices and sauces. The gold coin doesn’t roll far from the horde.
You glance at Karen, not a damn thing you could do about that one.
”Dyaddy? Why doesn’t mommy have to chew wif her mouf cwosed?” Karen met your eyes, stopping and only chewing a few bites.
”Love, please chew with your mouth closed.” She’d lower the food to the table, lift a cloth to wipe her mouth and cough only once.
”Yes, my love. I’m sorry, I was very hungry.”
”Still no reason to give up your morals.” Plopping another rib into your mouth. She nodded, continuing to wipe her mouth with that cloth. Yet unable to make eye contact with you.
”Of course.”
”Dyaddy? Wuts a moral?”
“Lady Karen…” Janet brought forth a phone to the table. “A call.”
”Thank you Janet. Hello?” Karen held a pause. “Yes? Silvia, what is it?”
”Mizz Silvia?! I wan’ talk to Mizz Silvia!” Hildegarde yelled at Karen spitting up berries and pancake.
”Shhh sweetie, don’t talk with your mouth full.”
”It can wait.” Karen looked to you once more. “I’m spending time with my family. Now? … … Fine.” Karen dropped the phone to the table, cleaning up herself. “Janet, its very delicious, but I have to go. Wrap it up for me for lunch.”
”You always do.”
Karen rose from her side of the table, Janet quickly scooping up the remains to take to the kitchen. She’d kiss Hilde’s head and make her way to you. Sweet poisoned words filtered in through her whisper. Her hand snuck down to grab a firm grasp of your nuts, with a copious amount of pressure put on them.
”Do NOT … leave this house.” So much for loving family appearances. Hildegarde was still too busy destroying those never ending pancakes from the Janet-machine. Karen left to get dressed and prepare for the day. She left the dinning table, but not before leaving a kiss on your head as well. Her lips were like a branding iron, burning an invisible image into your skull.
”Mouth… closed…” Hilde shot back that angered animalistic glare glare. Of all the mamono you happened to get involved with, it had to be the most territorial kind. That did remind you of something, Hildegarde’s had been missing two teeth since ‘that day’. “Eat up munchkin, we’re gonna go to da dentist later.”
”I don’ wike da den’tiff.”
”Chew, mouth… closed.”
”Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.” Elizabeth meandered into the kitchen, still wearing her suit from the day before. Looking even more haggard than Janet did. Makeup smeared all eight ways across her face, jacket and pants ruffled, her dress shirt not even bothered to be buttoned up.
”Good morning Hilde.”
”Hi Wizabeff. You want sum my pancaek?” Elizabeth looked to you as Hildegarde handed out her entire plate to Elizabeth. Like a dog asking it’s masters for food. You nodded up to the table where stacks of more pancakes and some bowls of fruit and creams.  Piling on a plate, she took up Karen’s chair.
”Anon, I’m sor-”
”Not here… Eat up, we gotta go somewhere in a sec and fix yourself up. Hilde, go get dressed sweetie.”
“But.. da fewd…”
”It’s not going anywhere.” Grumpy little drago-pup climbed down from her seat and stomped off as children do down the halls.
”Liz, why did that Jinko at that club know who you were?” Like an inevitable meteor that finally crashed to the earth, a reckoning came for her. Elizabeth collapsed into her hands, dropping the fork and food. “Liz…”
”They recognized me… because I used to be a Marcotti Captain.”
”Waitwaitwait, you knew them, personally?”
”I was… I was an underboss.”
”So that means…”
”They didn’t mean to torture you, they wanted me. They wanted me because I left their family. They took you and killed Willamina when I went to the bathroom. Like a consolation prize. Anon, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t know they’d do that, I didn’t mean to bring anything on you and little Hilde. I’m so sorry Anon.”
That was enough of a revelation to let the last of your ribs actually touch the plate. Your little sheepie began to whine again, devastated that the man she loved not only belong to someone else, but whose torture was entirely her fault. You crossed the table quickly and took up the woman in a deep hug.
”Its ok Liz, its not your fault.”
”Of course it’s my fault. If I didn’t leave you alone they would’ve taken me and Hildegard would still have her teeth.”
Damn, really at a loss for words, not really anything you could do to lighten that mood.
”All that matters is that we’re all ok now. Hildegarde will be fine. Shes a strong girl, and we’re recovering, stop worrying, its ok. You’re my bodyguard and I know me and Hilde are safe as long as you’re here.” That was about as good as you could make it. A tug at your pants came in the form of Hildegarde wrapped up in both your’s and Elizabeth’s big for a big big hug. Then wiping her toothpasted face on your pants leg.
“Go brush your teeth, I know you didn’t do it.”
After the hearty breakfast you went through your insurance papers looking for dental, you were able to schedule a last minute appointment reassuring the doc that you only wanted some teeth looked at and nothing too major. They could squeeze you in at anytime, so loading your little darling into some generic yet expensive car in the garage, buckle in her toddler seat and off you went.
There was a minimal line at the dentist, Hildegarde still clutching that purple dino-doll, letting her take it everywhere since the last time you tried to take it away she screamed loud enough to have child services hear her across the state. You were able to sneak ahead of the line, edging the doc into looking at Hilde first as you only needed her two teeth checked and not a full checkup. Obliging he took a gander in her mouth noting that while he could do something about it, he reassured that no permanent damage was done and her adult teeth would grow in just fine. Well thats some good news.
On the way back Elizabeth stayed oddly quiet, Hildegarde was the one to speak up.
”What is it sweetie?”
”Are you sure you love mommy? She doesn’t make the loud noises with you in her room anymore.” Children always say the darnest things. Elizabeth looked at you stifling a chuckle you doing the same.
A few hours later and back at home, it was getting that time to get ready for that fateful hour. Karen had already picked out a suit to wear. A nice but overused Armani black suit, red undershirt and red tie, and oh god it smelled. Not bad, just… actually smelled  like Karen. It wasn’t all too heavy but it was a rather noticeable scent. Damn girl, keep it in your pants, Karen was being very protective all of a sudden, like a bottle of dragon musk ready to go in your pocket.
She sat opposite you in a stylishly matching red dress. Of course the rest of the girl’s didn’t dress as fanciful, they had to have a stricter uniform. There were also about eight girls in two trucks following Karen’s limo. You were arranged to meet the boss of the Marcotti and ‘Helen the rapist’ at a restaurant to settle this. The limo pulled up outside an Italian restaurant the other girls leaving ahead to set up their tables. Karen held you still for a moment, before getting the go ahead from the girls. Your wife motioned for you to follow where inside was a closed restaurant, taking your arm into hers in the process. Three women standing beside a center table also elegantly dressed. Behind them, two tables, four women each, of some enemy family. The commonly accepted method at this time was to settle disputes by using a third family as a mediator. Karen seemed visibly upset over something though. One woman you recognized, Helen, your rapist. The other a Cheshire with a devastated face and a chunk torn out her ear. The third one you didn’t well recognize.
”Miss Laska… Strange to see you here, I never called you for this meeting.”
”Mrs. Karen, I figured I’d like to join you in my restaurant.”
”Your restaurant?! You know the rules, the sit down occurs at a non-affiliated families place of business. This sit down is between my Jawnovese and Mercutia’s Marcotti’s.”
”I don’t know what your talking about Karen. The Bobannos and Marcotti’s are nowhere near allies. We are still upholding the rules, please take a seat.”
You knew your wife long enough to know her ticks, that twitch in her eye signaling anger. Karen, however, did nod you to the table, pulling you along by the arm. Karen was queen here, like at so many of these meetings. This was a, ‘sit down and shut up’ meeting, do not speak unless spoken to; talk and get shivved. The seating arrangement was Karen at your left, Laska to her left, the unknown to her’s, and Helen to her’s, making Helen at your right. Those Minotaur eyes ravaging your body up and down.
Hey lil’ boy, ready for round two~?
Stranger danger.
The Minotaur showed a hint of surprise and excitement with your anger at her. It would’ve been so easy to just flick this knife into that jugular, end the vengeance-train right there. Then there would be a shootout… and war… if you weren’t sending the families down that path anyway. A waitress came by to take your orders, however none were ready. You bury your face into the menu to keep yourself from murdering the Minotaur here and now.
”I called this meeting for what your Marcotti girl’s did last week to my husband and daughter. I demand the appropriate punishment. She has violated one of our most important family rules.”
”And what rule is that, Mrs. Karen?” Mercutia inquired.
”No Husbands… No Children…”
”Oh~? Karen could you please elaborate what my lieutenant Helen here has done to violate such a rule.” Annoyances abound, Karen looked to you.
”Helen and her girls had… raped my husband and molested my daughter.”
”If these accusations are true then we have a serious problem. Helen.”
The Minotaur only stared at you gyrating her ass into the chair and biting a lip. Maximum disrespect. If you weren’t going to stand up and stop Helen in the next fine minutes, Karen would’ve had to shank a bitch. Luckily Mercutia did that for you. The minotaur immediately coming to wide eyed attention to her boss.
”Yes, ma’am?”
”Did you know about this rule we have in the mafia world?”
”Y-Yes ma’am.”
”So, you knew of this rule and you knowingly broke it.”
”No ma’am! We were going after Elizabeth and we found Anon there. The other girls thought we should take advant-”
”Did you… or did you not… have sexual intercourse with Karen’s husband and daughter.”
”It was the other girl’s idea. We went for Elizabeth but she-”
”Did you… or did you not… have sexual intercourse with Karen’s husband and daughter.”
”Y-Yes m-ma’am but it was-”
”Then it seems we do have a problem on our hands.”
”Well Karen, it seems an apology is in order. We started something that no woman would ever wish on her family, much less an enemy’s. What is it do you think an appropriate punishment?”
You were quick to interject. Fuck formalities. “I want her dead.” Karen slowly reached over to squeeze your thigh. ”We can kill her, thats always an opti-!”
”I apologize for my husband he has been quite… emotional after the incident.”
You slowly shuffle your leg, trying to get out of Karen’s grip, only to be met with a silent “stahp” from her, trying to reaffirm a grip on your thigh.
Wait a minute, Karen’s tail isn’t fluffy..
A new sensation of some soft variant crept up the side of your leg, sneaking inside your slacks and wrapping around your leg twice and tickling the inside of your thigh.
Helen stealthily scooched closer while no one was looking and snuck her tail up your leg. Of all places and times this bitch had the strong enough vagina to  trespass on enemy territory while the dictator of that territory sat beside her. Not to mention her own boss that was trying to resolve her fuck-up and keep face. This “No husband’s” rule must’ve been taken seriously in this world. She added insult to injury by giving you a coy smirk and wink. Just cut her, cut the bitch now.
”Excuse me… my love.” Karen perked up at your words, utterly surprised, perhaps more so that you called her by love, than by name. The three women’s conversation halted by your intruding voice. “Karen, would you mind if we switched? Theres a bright light in my eyes.”
”Yes, of course.” The both of you stood up, you making a statement by yanking on the woman’s tail before she could properly let go. Pulling her across the floor ever so slightly with a mild yelp. Karen held out the chair for you to sit, pushing you in like a good Wife, it was all for appearances of course, Karen wanting to show she took good care of you in anyway shape or form. All of the things you did for appearances. If you had come by yourself with just Karen, you’d pull a gun and take Helen down here and now. But you weren’t, you were surrounded, by eight of the enemies women, eight of your own, and no doubt they’d go after Hildegarde if you started shit.
Karen, however, took the hint of your uncomfortable anxiety of being so close to Helen. Karen eyed the woman with a ferocious glare before resuming to talk. The waitress returned for orders, she specifically motioned for you first.
”I would like-.” A tug at your thigh again from Karen, her eyes were fixated on you, yet not -looking- at you. That was a universal sign for “No”.
“Uhh. I’m sorry, I’m not hungry, thank you.” She knew something you didn’t. When bosses order a sit-down with a rival family, rules go that you always hold it at a third party families restaurant. It was some kind of respect to do so or something. To show that the third party was able to be trusted for business, no Boss would ever break the cease-fire of a sit down without massive repercussions. Guess the trust wasn’t strong here, Karen brought your best warriors just in case. Animosity abound, your girl’s and theirs were ready to go toe-to-toe and tear each other’s head’s off. You paid little attention to the conversation between Karen and her newfound associates, more content with thinking up all the ways you could strange Helen, stab her in the throat, rip out her organs, gouge out those eyes, feast on her uterus BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
You had to shake your head a sec’ to clear your mind of Khorne’s influences and remain as stable at this event as possible.
”Then Helen was obviously in the wrong and will receive punishment.”
”I’m glad that we could come to an agreement.”
Damn, missed everything.
”What are you going to do about her?” You should really learn to keep your mouth shut when accosted by three of New York’s most powerful crime families.
”We will handle that and punishment will be taken accordingly.” Mercutia responded in a matronly voice.
So they’re going to do nothing, great.
”And so we can forget about the transgressions of my husband then?”
”Yes Mrs. Karen, I do think we can forgive and forget. Thank you for your patience and sparing us your anger.”
”Don’t let this happen again Mercutia, or you’ll be in a world of shit.”
”Of course.”
Everyone seemed afraid of Karen, not that that wasn’t the best thing to do in that situation. But hey, looks like everything was taken care of. Helen was going to be ‘disciplined’ and that would’ve been the end of it. Now, you’re just going to go ahead and grab that knife there~
Karen’s hand overlapped your as you went for the knife, softly taking up your fingers in her scales and lowering it to her lap where both of her hands went to pet and knead your skin ever so gently.
”Thank you for seeing it my way, I also expect that reimbursement within the week.”
”Of course.”
”Come my love, we’re done here.” She was a smooth operator, she turned your misdeeds and killing spree into a beneficial bonus for herself. Karen again rose, motioning for you and her girls to follow with her and that you did.
”Why didn’t you do anything? Don’t you love us?” You couldn’t even bare to look at her while you two were being driven home.
”Of course Anon… but this was the best we can do.”
”Nothing? Sit back and let them off scott-free? Lets start handing out fruit baskets while we’re at it?”
”We can’t kill them and we can only trust that Mercutia and Laska will take care of the slut.”
”You know that they won’t do anything. I -KNOW- THEY WON’T DO ANYTHING!”
”I know that, but we can’t do anything, it’s settled. Please, don’t take anymore of this into your hands. Let it ve, if you continue I can’t promise your safety. I want to avenge what they did to you too, but I couldn’t bear losing you.”
”Until your next business trip.”
”Anon, I…”
”Save it… I don’t care.”
”FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” The anger bottled inside only allowed to scream out into an empty gym of equipment that couldn’t give a shit about your problems. Elizabeth was the only one there to take the brunt of your anger. She meekly stands and watches you tear into a punching bag.
”Anon, I’m sorry she-”
”Can you only keep saying sorry?! Holy fuck!” The anger has got a hold of him, lawdy jesus, he mad, Jesus why he got ta be dis mad? Lawdy Jesus help dis man.
”I’m sorr-”
”Anon… she… she isn’t going to do anything huh…”
”Not a damn thing.”
”I know you’re angry, but we shouldn’t do anything about it. I know you want to kill them, but the scores been settled. They agreed to not fight over your actions if yo-.”
”Anon, I… please… you’re scaring me.”
”No! No no no noNONONONONONO! FUCK THAT! I will not stop. I won’t let Karen fucking stop me. I will kill them and they won’t-”
”No Anon! I won’t let you! I won’t let you go out there and kill yourself.”
This bitch just wouldn’t shut up, she just wanted to keep taking and talking, hell she didn’t even seem like SHE was on your side any longer. Was she was consorting with Karen to keep you at bay? Elizabeth said she loved you and yet she was agreeing with the enemy.
”So you’re with her too? You’d rather be on her side? DID YOU FORGET ABOUT HILDEGARDE TOO?!”
THUD, you didn’t even give Elizabeth the chance to respond to your accusation before you surprised her with a double leg takedown to the mat.
”THE SHIT THEY DID TO US?!” Rip and tear, off came her sports bra. Flashing out two large c-cup globes of flesh, one hand groping one of the large grape-fruit mounds on her chest.
”WHAT THEY DID TO MY LITTLE GIRL?!” She groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Her face flourishing in a bright red, embarrassed but wishing for something like this to happen. You caressed her soft pink flesh before moving to the knot that tied off her short gym shorts. Ripping those off and then her white panties with the imprint of a sheep hopping a childish star, revealed a well groomed crotch with a little tuft of blonde pubic…wool…hair? You stare down at her nethers ready to fuck the shit out of her. Then staring up at her, those blue eyes gleaming with excitement with almost airline strip lights pointing you into her hole. Her hand came to caress your face, yet trembling.
That hole was well wet and ready, she was ready, you were too.
She couldn’t be happier.

But could you?

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