The Mob goes Wild 4

But exactly how were you going to do this? For sure, your mind was made up that Karen’s lack of action would be your cause for yours. The little Sheep grasping your elbows in some futile attempt to calm you down. She embraced you into a hug as tight as her concern for your ribs would let her, wiping away your tears with the wool at her wrist.

”You can’t do this Anon, it is not who you are. You married into this life but it’s not yours. You still have a heart. Killing people destroys who you are, I would know. I know you want to do this but you need to at least talk to Karen about it.”
”Sh-She hasn’t done an-an-a-anything about it s-so far.  She won’t do a f-f-f-f-f-fucking thing”
”I know, but, maybe she will, I know you know her better, but that is her daughter as well. I’m sure she’ll be just as upset as you are.”
”Fine… Fine FINE Fine! I’ll go, if you just sssssssssSHUT UP about it!”
She lets go of you, bringing her hand to cover her own tears. Her pain stemming from yours, this path of self destruction you had found yourself on. Elizabeth stayed in the gym, sitting on some jumping-stairs as you stormed out. The girls in the living room jolting to the slamming of a door, and meeting your vision, all of them turning away at the sight of your angered stare and red puffy face. They were quick to turn away, not wanting to gain your ire, but their thoughts and opinions meant less than shit at the moment, you were a man on a mission.
Only Elizabeth could ask anything of you. Anyone else in the world, aside from a few things from Karen maybe, you’d stare and laugh at them and fill a car to the brim of rampage. Elizabeth was right though, Karen did have enough access to materials and personnel to maybe do something more efficiently than you could alone. At the very least you could ask Karen to place a few girls under your command. Hopefully that bitch agreed with you.
You crossed the living room for whatever sound in it to be brought to silence. Even two of the girls that were settling their dispute with their fists in the backyard stopped at the sound of nothing.
”Sir, are you ok?”
”Can I get you anything?”
”Do you … need any help sir?”
No, there was nothing they could do to pacify you. Only one woman’s, one answer could do that.
”W-Where is Ka-aren?”
”Shes in her office sir.”
”T-Thank you.”
Karen was in-fact in her office, ticking and tapping away at her macbook, she had not noticed you yet. For all the years you’ve been married it was still a bit of a stigma for you to even enter this room, now you knew why, for all the information about her mob family she wanted hidden from you.
Knocking on the door frame to announce your entrance. Karen damn near slammed the laptop closed.
”Oh! Anon! What’re you doing here? I’m just… finalizing some contracts and buying out a stri-   …a night club.”
”I wanted to talk.”
”Of course, what is it? Are you ok? Do you need anything?” She rose from her seat and came out from the desk to approach you, stopping short as she watched you enter the room and take a seat in front of her desk. It took her until now to noticed you had been crying. At which re rushed in front of you, getting on her knees and placing her hands in your lap. Her face as sad as that scene at the hospital. Her concern was endearing, but it did not make up for what she had done.
”Anon, why have you been crying? What’s wrong my love?”
”I need you to do something for me.”
”Anything, you name it! Its yours!”
”I need you to kill those fucks that tortured me and Hilde.”
”Anon.” Karen lowered her head into your lap, rubbing her cheeks on your thighs and hands pulling softly at your skin to just ‘take you in’. Perhaps if you indulged her, you could influence her decision. Your fingers met the back of her head, twirling her short bob-styled hair. Pulling gently at the strand, rubbing her scaled ears. She was eating this up.
“Anon, I … can’t do that.”
The first sound of the word ‘can’t’ and you were already sliding the chair back to get out of her reach. Frantically shooting out her hand to grab onto your ankle.
”I can’t just go around killing mobster’s Anon! We don’t want to start a war!”
”That is your daughter they tortured! They molested her! For hours! They beat her! They beat -me-! They raped the both of us! They took her innocence from her Karen! If not for me, then do it for your little girl! Do it for your family!” You were fuming with anger, both of you now yelling at the top of your lungs to overcome the other.
”There are procedures to this, Anon! Mob politics! You don’t just go around fucking killing people who wronged you! So much shit has to be considered or we could have the other five family of New York ramming guns up our ass! Yeah, I have no problem going and killing those fucks that tortured you! I would love to murder them in their bed and take revenge for what they did to you!” Her voice quieted trying to silence yours at the same time. “…But if we kill them, then more of them will come to try and kill us, then we have to go back and kill more of them. Then they bring out their allies and we have to bring out ours and an entire war breaks out!”
Elizabeth showed up at the door, pulling the door closed to allow some form of privacy despite your mutual screams across the house.
”I don’t give a fuck about the other families!”
”Obviously! You haven’t shown any care for me in days!”
”You care more about this mafia life than you do our family!”
You knew exactly how to drop this woman down on her metaphorical knees. These eyes were eyes that you couldn’t stop making cry. Any other white knight would have fed off enough of her negative energy to break through these reinforced walls three times over.
”Is that what you think? That I don’t love you? That don’t I care? I do… EVERYTHING FOR YO-”
”AND YOU DID EVERYTHING TO THEM! … I loved you with all my heart Karen, even when we first met and  when you put me under your contract, I was able to come to love you genuinely…” You took her hand, placed it over your heart and pressed firmly.  “This! This was nothing if not yours… And then you sleep with half the fucking city.” Her face brought on a deep grimace undoubtedly feeling it’s beating.
You didn’t even stay to gauge her reaction and left the room as quickly as you came in, slamming her office door to ream home your point.
Karen stayed on her knees in her office, tears slowly rolling down her face, in the course of four days a perfect marriage, with the help of a few rousing pictures, had been turned into a hell worse than Hell. Thats the actual town of hell not the one under us. She sat back down at her desk, reaching under into one of the cabinets and pulled out an empty liquor bottle.
The girls in the living room were eyeing you up, unsure whether to ask if your ok, or to leave things be. You needed some time away from things, and the spacious backyard was the closest thing to it. Elizabeth was the first to follow you out, always there to console you whenever you needed, the closest thing you had to a friend with this lifestyle you married into.
”What’d she say?”
”Shes not gonna do a damn thing.”
”Anon you know she can’t, doing -anything- about it could start a war between the families. She loves you, but she has to take everything into account. You ca- Anon… Anon, I’m talking to you.” Elizabeth tried to gain your attention, but you were focused on Karen walking out of her office and to somewhere else in the house.
”I got an idea.”
”No… No no no. I know your ideas aren’t good.” With Karen visibly out of sight you snuck back into the house and down the hall to her office.
”No, nonononono!” Elizabeth tried squeaking past you to block the door to the office, not knowing what you had in mind but knowing your thoughts were up to no good.
”Move.” A swift foot-to-hoof sweep sent the girl to the ground. She hit the ground with a thud and squeak, frantically grasping for your ankles to stop you and missing every time.
You rush behind the desk, not knowing when Karen will return, you had to be fast. Where was her phone?
”What the shit, Anon! She’ll kill you if she catches you going through her stuff!” Her voice reduced to a low whisper, hindered by the weight of the fear from the wrath of the Godmother.
”Help me find her phone.”
“Why do you need her phone?!”
”Do you wanna waste time asking, or do you want to help? Find the damn phone!”
While you searched the desk, Elizabeth was ready to shit a brick, passing over the books and other parts of the room not knowing what she was looking for?
”Oh. Is this it?” She held up a Nebula-phone.
”No, thats her personal one.”
Elizabeth set it back down and continued to sift through papers at an end table. You, on the other, shifted through papers on her desk and cabinets of the ebony desk.  Finding her booze drawer, most of which were large and empty, all of them well over one-hundred proof. The next cabinet was a gun-drawer with a row of side-by side handguns. You pulled one out to wave around.
”You think she’s paranoid enough?”
”Put it back!” Fine, fun-police.
”The next drawer was the thin center that had the other phone, lying right atop everything else in there.
”Found it.” Elizabeth rejoined your side. Curious as to your plan.
”What’re you trying to do?”
You didn’t give an answer, quickly flipping through the contacts list.
”Maybe Karen knows somebody that can help me.” You kept flicking as fast as your mind could register the names, most of them weren’t recognizable. One did stick out that anyone would’ve known, “Police”. Tapping the little arrow next to that brought up another list. Sergeant… Chief… Lieutenant… Karen had the entire P.D. under her thumb. No wonder it was so easy to get out of going to jail the day you nailed that Oni to a cross.
”Anon! I hear her coming! Hurry up!” You pulled out your own phone to record and number and set her phone back into the desk. You rushed over and pulled the Sheep to the opposite wall. “How’re we gonna get out?” You rose a painting to reveal an empty dumbwaiter, of which you force the poor girl into with a good bit of resistance. Climb in before resetting the painting like no-one was ever there.
At the other end of the dumbwaiter was basement flood and the shooting range.
”Ok, thanks for that quick thinking but what the hell Anon, you could’ve at least warned me.”
You were too busy tapping in the numbers and hitting call.
”NYPD, Detective Rivers, organized crime unit.”
”Hello Detective?”
“Yes, can I ask who I’m speaking too?”
”My name is Anon.”
”I’m sorry, but I don’t know anyone named Anon. Are you sure you have the right number?”
”Yes, I do. But maybe you’d know my wife, my full name is Anon Jawfnovese.
The voice at the other end of the line hushed down to almost a whisper. “How did you get this number?”
”Lets not ask how I got this number, meet me at the NoMaD in twenty minutes if you don’t want Karen’s phone with your number in it on the D.A.’s desk in the morning.” A sharp buzzing showed that the line ended on the cop’s desk, he’d be there if he knew what was good for him. “Get dressed Liz, we’re going on a date.”
The restaurant you chose was a specific one. One of those restaurants that had that dark atmosphere perfect for at least trying to remain as subtle as possible. This was more of a choice aimed at making the detective comfortable in meeting with the lover of a Godmother, that news gets out and there would be an upheaval of the entire department. Karen would lose her weeds and you’d lose the only person able to help you at the moment. Elizabeth was dressed in her usual suit and tie, and you in a black three-piece suit as well, every now and then catching Elizabeth starring. You went ahead and ordered a full meal and even a vintage bottle of wine for the both of you, and Detective should he need more persuasion.
The detective showed up rather late but nervous as ever, sweating whiskey no doubt. He stopped to say something to the hostess who then pointed him to your table, he stared you down with an annoyed glare aimed down your soul. No one likes to be threatened after all.
”Thank you for joining me, Detective Rivers. Can I offer you some wine?”
”I thought you said you were married to Karen. She won’t like you eating mutton.”
Elizabeth’s nostrils flared at the slur, her hate for the man growing by the second. You were easily able to calm her, by placing your hand in her lap. Although his attempt at such a weak-ass blackmailing fell on deaf-ears.
”My Wife? She knows about her, as a matter of fact, this little ewe was hired as my personal bodyguard and has been at my side for three years. Willing to do anything I tell her too. I’m sure she likes pig as well, don’t you Sweetheart?”
”I like my bacon seared.”
”Now Detective, I’m not here to blackmail you or hurt you in any form. Nor will I let you try to blackmail me. Please sit, can I interest you in a meal or some wine?” He’d slowly sit as you slid a menu before him. Rivers pushed the menu away obviously disgusted that you held him here by the balls and against his will.
”I hope my wife pays you off well.”
”I don’t take mob bribes, I know that world. I’m surprised you married into it.”
”Truthfully, I didn’t know about it until recently. Until now, all I knew is that she inherited an incineration plant from her parents and made contracts out to the cities garbage companies, but now the incineration plants makes more sense. Wine?”
For that he held out his glass, first you made sure to show the pecking order by first pouring Elizabeth a glass then filled his. She gave a slight nod and thank you, nursing the fine drink. He gulped his entire glass, forcing you to refill the slight amount to full.
”What do you want? Why did you call me?”
”You have something I want Detective.”
”You have millions, what could I give you?”
”Something millions can’t get, I want information.”
”What do you need?” Straight to the point, huh.?
”An enemy family of my wife’s targeted me and my daughter, I need to know information about them.”
”What makes you think I’ll help?”
”Well… my wife’s afraid to do anything because she fears war. But after seeing how many of your higher up’s numbers I saw on her phone. I’m sure they wouldn’t throw a question if you somehow disappeared.”
His expression changed, hopefully now he was going to be a bit more cooperative.
”Now, I don’t know them exactly bu-”
”Marcoretti.” Elizabeth tried to sneak in through sips of her wine.
”What the fuck Elizabeth, you knew this whole time?”
”Well, the Marcoretti’s then. They have five women I need answers on. A blonde Oni, a black haired Mantis, a tiny Mouse, an Ushi, and a Minotaur named Helen. Can you do this for me?”
”Do I have a choice?”
”Of course, you can help me, or you can walk away. I can’t promise what happens next with either choice you make.”
He stopped to only stare between you and Elizabeth, the sheep positioning her tight jacket to reveal a slight gleam of steel.
”Fine, I’ll get you the info you need.”
”Thanks, gumshoe. Take the bottle as a sign of good faith in helping with my small favor. I’m sure you’re still getting paid handsomely from my wife so I don’t think any monetary gain is worth it.” He strong armed the bottle into a footballer’s like hold, plugging the end with the cork and skittering off.
”Oh my god my heart is beating so fast, threatening a cop? That was exciting, Liz’ is it always like this?”
”The first few times.”
”And thanks for flashing your gun, I wasn’t even expecting that. And sorry about the slur.”
”Its alright, I thought it was cute he thought you were ‘eating’ me.”
You laughed at the joke as well, her laughing only to follow yours. You were finally getting your business in order. The thought of killing anyone trembled the hands, but actions were set in motion, and nothing could change your mind from them.
”Are you ready to order Sir? Ma’am? Oh, you two make such a lovely couple.”
Liz bearing a greater smile now.
”Yes, I would like a…”
Karen sat surrounded by a few of the usual monster girls that were inclined to be at the house. There usually always was some short rotation for girls around, sometimes someone new appeared every week. This time a large group of women sat around a table many of whom you knew, many you didn’t, all looked well dressed and pompous. The few you did recognise you had known to be close to Karen, a consigliere, underbosses, and lesser people still of administrator authority gathered together for a meeting. Many of the girls that were usually goofing off around the house were strictly staying professional for this, not a single peep or off collar joke from any of them, utter silence around except for the jovious and laughing obese elf and the women in power at the table, most notably the elf spitting up turkey bones with every syllable. Karen had ordered out some catering from a nearby restaurant, needing to spoil her girls, especially fatass, she might die of hunger if she isn’t assimilating turkey juices all day and night, four plates were centered around that one.
”I take it you all know why you’re here, ladies?”
”S’uffin ab’ut deesh ash’oles round centole?”
”Swallow your fucking food before you talk, Ber’lyn.”
”Bwo et out ur as Dehvun, you dun commend me ta’ do shyet!”
”Then how about I tell you to swallow your damn food and blow it out your ass?”
”Yeth mam… Yes Ma’am.” The fatass garbled, descending into a coughing fit unable to garbage dispose the meat in her mouth.
”For the lack of respect Ber’lyn has, strange seeing how she has the most room out of all of us. She is right. Over in Harlem we have a family trying to muscle in, the Bobanno and her girls are trying to move in under our noses as well, they’re trying to be subtle about it.”
”Ishn’t dat da crew zat raped your huzben?”
”Impulsive as ever aren’t you… Allison, if you’d please. Emotionlessly, the Wolf-girl whom you had been playing billiards with the day before made her way to the table behind the Elf, forcing her hand down on the table. The Elf resisted as much as her weight allowed, screaming out in utter pain as Allison the Wolf ripped the Hambeast’s middle finger into 120 degree angle, backwards. Allison took a few steps back to give the patrons better spacing, yet staying close to Ber’lyn the fat in case she needed more help with her food.
”No Ber’lyn, The woman that raped my husband-.”
”Something about me I need to know about?” You stood questioning the other inhabitants of the table.
”Oh, no my love. We were just discussing business. Where were you today?”
”Any reason?”
”Just curious…”
”Went to eat at Nomad… then Elizabeth and I went and caught the Gorillaz concert.”
”Ok, I’ll come see you after we’re done here.” Janet came by to take your’s and Elizabeth’s coats, with a slight bow and left. She reappeared to help serve more drink and food.
”I love you, Anon.” Karen’s words tasted like salt… if… sound could be tasted that is. But… at this time during an important meeting she was king, no matter how much you hated her, there were some procedures you had to follow. Like don’t make boss lady look like a bitch.
”…I love you too…  I’m gonna go change.” She didn’t look all to happy to hear that, or any other emotion at all. It was said to maintain appearances, nothing more, and she knew that you knew that. Uncuffing a wrist link, you disappeared into your bedrooms hall, stopping only at the interruption of Janet on the way out. She was fucking everywhere.
”I’m sorry sir.”
”Its ok Janet, you don’t have to apologize.”
”Want to make another comment about fucking my husband harder than I ever could Ber’lyn?” The obese lady shook her head at the speed of light, staring with fear at the Dragon’s ‘no-bullshit’ visage.
”Dat *chomp* wuz Caitlin.” The short haired golden lion tamarin at the end next to Karen was ready to strangle the fat bitch.
”Bullshit aside ladies, It was the daughter of the Marcotti boss. But that is a personal vendetta that will be dealt with accordingly. I would wipe them off the face of the planet, HOWEVEEEEEEER, Bobanno’s and Marcotti’s are allies, weak allies at that, something I want to exploit. I want to break the Bobanno’s and Marcotti relationship. Once we do that, we can wipe out the Marcotti’s, and deal with the Don Bobanno later.”
”What about our Alp’bino allies? Aren’t they on good terms with the Bobanno’s? If we do something about the Bobanno, they Alp’bino wouldn’t be too inclined to help us without some pressure” A kitsune spoke out, and out of turn at that. With that tough of a couch, she had to have years and rank in the family.
”Of course, but we also have to deal with Bobanno fucking the chairman. The Chairman will always side with Bobanno, which will not allow us to attack Marcotti.”
”So the Marcotti’s are having free reign on our business?”
”Which cannot happen. So I say again, give me ideas ladies.” Karen took her seat, lifting a fork to delicated pick at her food.
”How did a man rise to that much power?”
Best ring-tone ever
Slapping at your desk until you hit your phone across the room, Reggie Watt’s angelic voice continued on for a few more seconds before it stopped altogether. You found yourself waking up in your bed all wrapped up in silk sheets, squirming and stretching across the oversized twelve-foot bed, rubbing your eyes, standing up. Until a tug at your arm held you back.
Karen was laying on your arm at the ‘her’s’ side of the bed, stretched out (wings included) to damn near take up her entire side, along with the entirety of the blanket she commanded.
Maybe Elizabeth was right, Karen was damn near destroying her own damn self in the time you’ve found out that she was cheating. She was doing more damage to herself than you could ever do with just simply ignoring her. You decided to have a talk with her the next time.
You softly slid your arm out from under her weight, pulling up the blanket over her shoulders. You snatched up your phone and slinked away into the bathroom, with the doors you you made the callback.
”Detective Rivers.”
”You called?”
”Yeah, like four hours ago. Do you normally sleep to two?”
”That Mantis you asked about, I found that the Marcotti employs two Mantis’, at least that we have records on, a blonde and a black haired.
”Black haired.”
”Ok, let me see here …  … Her name’s Matilda, she runs a few businesses, a café thats been known to be a front and launder, a metal refinery, and a BDSM club over in Flatiron.”
”Ok, let me get a piece of paper and a pen and write that down… Ok, let me have the numbers… …  Alright, call me back when you find out more on the others.”
”Got a start…”
A clicking behind you came as a startle when the dragon hunched in groaning in some form of pain. Hungover? That low held head, face in her palms said that much. Right to the toilet she went.
You’d take the moment to sneak out the bathroom and into the backyard. And took the the numbers you had on a piece of tissue paper.
”Herro! You carr Mujititan Pho parace See how you menu all night yes? Good price, derivery or peek-up?”
”Uhhh… Would a woman named Matilda happen to be there?
”No, no ma’am. Matilda, shes a mantis?”
”Ooooooh Ok Ok you want rese-vashun!”
”No! Matilda!”
”MUH – TIL – DUH!”
”Oooooh ok ok, Boss rady~ yeeeees.”
”Yes, is she there?”
”Oh uh-nooooo noooo, boss rady leave hour go.”
”Ok thank you.”
Click. ”Marty.”
”Hello? Is this Fuhrman Metal refinery?”
”Yes, can I ask who I am speaking too?”
”Is a woman named Matilda there?”
”Matilda? I can’t tell you, she comes in randomly, I have no idea when she’ll be back. Are you a client or contractor? If you leave me your info I can-.”
Click. Getting down to the last one.
”Hello and thank you for Madam Clouret’s house of pleasure and pain, are you looking to book a room for the night for you and your lover?”
”Mmm, no. Me and the Wife aren’t into leather and chains anymore.” That really reminded you of your first few sexual experiences with Karen where she had you wear a tin helmet, pauldrons, and boots (nothing else), with her in the skimpiest leather bikini. Whoever ‘won’, got to top that night.
”No ma’am. I was calling to see if a Mantis named Matilda would be in tonight.”
”Yes sir, she be here all night if you need to talk with her.”
”Ok, thank you so much!”
”Happy to help, were you hoping for a private session with her?”
”…Yes, actually. I’d love to know when she’s free.”
”She’ll have a free period between eight and nine, and… … three onward.”
”Perfect, thank you.”
”Glad to help you sir, so would you like to to pencil you in fo-?”
These plans were made for walkin’, and that’s what they’re gonna…wait…
You had to tell Elizabeth the news, only as soon as you got past your Kikimora maid pulling luggage out of your bed room.
“Good Afternoon sir.”
”Anon…” Karen came out carrying a few more things. “I have to go on business a couple days over to Chicago.”
Try to throw her a bone and she takes the entire skeleton.
”Ok.” Even that was hard to force out.
”I’ll try to come back as fast as I can.”
”Yeah, I heard you.”
”I love you.”
”Me too.” She perked up slightly at that, but only watched wordlessly when you left to check up on Elizabeth.
You get to Elizabeth’s room and make no qualms at not even knocking, before barging in. In the middle of the 12×12 room stood a buck-naked little ewe. She squealed covering herself reaching for her gun on the dresser, failing miserably and falling to the ground. Reaching for anything and everything around her, drawing a pile of clothes onto herself.
>”GET THE FUCK OUT!” Yeah, you did so.
”Can’t you knock?!”
”Hurry up and get dressed, I have a lead on one of ‘those guys’.”
”Which guys Anon?”
Karen had followed you to Elizabeth’s room.
”Oh! No one, just… some old friends from College. You remember Steven and Vincent and Sarah?”
”…Ok. Here, I got this for you the other day.”
In her hands was a small black case, when opened, was a beautiful and well crafted silver necklace with a symbol of Hathor. Cuz ya know, the Egyptian pantheon grew into MGT rather than Christianity, at least that what I understand it as. She took the necklace out to clasp around your neck. placing a hand on her chest when she finished.
”You look handsome.”
”Thank you.”
”You gonna stand there and wait for me to get dressed?” Little big blue eyes peaked out from the door. 
Karen left off back to the living room at this point.
”If you would rather invite me in, I’d be ok with that.”
”If you didn’t have that ring on your finger stud. Now go and give a girl some privacy.”
”Hey! You weren’t getting any anyway, don’t feel so special.”
She reached out to push you away from the door before sliding back in and closing it. She leaned out far enough to get a slight glimpse of some nip.
”Oh wow, I didn’t expect you to have such bright colored nipples~.”
You left the Sheep her her devices returning to the living room, hoping the couch and propping up the XBone-R for some “Call of Duty”.
”How does it feel to be beaten by a guy carpet-muncher?”
”Beginners luck!”
”Prestige 2 bitch. Get wrecked, stay wrecked.” Two friend request’s rolled in.
”Please ladies, I’m just here to play.”
”Dicks or get the fuck out.”
”I don’t think my Wife would like that.”
I felt a great disturbance in the internet, as if millions of sexually frustrated gamer girls suddenly cried out in anger and suddenly rage-quit. Oh hey, get no-scoped.
Your sheepie companion rolled over the couch, rolling over the seat and onto the floor.
”Wheres Hilde?”
”Shes at school on holiday?”
”The holiday ended last week. So happy to be done with that shit. Four years of college was too much. Should ask Karen if she wouldn’t mind paying for you to go to school.”
”Its been too long Anon, I wouldn’t even know what I want to go for. Besides she’d say no, she thinks your fucking me on the side.”
”She should know better…” The Sheep looked at you a tad disappointed. “I MEAN… cuz I’m very loyal and all. I’m sure you’re a good fuck Liz. Were I a single man, I’d bend you over a kitchen counter somewhere and ravish you rightly.”
Karen’s luggage was gone at this point, no way in hell you’d be caught saying that.
”You gonna keep wearing that necklace?”
”I figured you were kinda right, shes hurting herself more than I ever could. So at least she thinks I mean something to her.”
”You gonna forgive her?”
”Fuck no, but… I’ll talk to her about it. See what happens.” She turned her head to look at you, resting her chin on your knee.
”Happy you’re gonna try to work through it.”
”Maybe its too late for that, I don’t know.”
”All you can do is see.”
”All we can do i-OHGETROCKEDBITCH!”
You stayed on that couch for a few hours, waiting until nightfall and still a little more. Elizabeth was hanging off the side doing whatever on her phone, it had been long since you switched to another game, currently riding around in Burnout, ya know the best one, Revenge.
”What time did you say you wanted to go down to that club?”
”About Nine.”
”Its eight forty-five.”
”Yeah, still got fifteen minutes.”
”And the drive…”
”Fifteen minutes.”
”And to get our guns.”
”And to get you psyched up for actually going through with it.”
”All apart of the plan.”
”You’re scared to go aren’t you.”
”Nooooooooooooooooooooo… Naw… … … that ain’t me.”
She’d sigh rolling up on the couch.
”You don’t have to go Anon. No one would blame you, you’re not putting your life on the line and I’m damn sure Karen would be a lot happier for it. Hilde doesn’t need to be avenged, Yeah, what they did was terrible… but killing them won’t give your girl back her innocence.”
”No… but it will damn teach them to fuck with my family.”
Reinvigorated you put the controller down mid-race and was off like a man on a mission.
In the shooting range/armory, Elizabeth made sure to fit you up with a vest first, knowing that you knew jack-shit of what to do outside of her teaching you the proper way to hold a gun. She went over to the handgun cabinet and pulled out a Raging Bull.
”Are you shitting me? You’re really taking that? Is that even necessary? Are we going up against Elephant girls?!”
”Fine, fun-police.” She put that away and took out a .357 Tracker.
You took up a much smaller Jericho 911, wrapped your arm around the small of Elizabeth’s back, pulling her in for a deep kiss. His fingers curling in and trying to reach for your chin, yet to lost in her personal ecstasy to make any conscious thought. Staying lip locked for a good ten seconds or so, before pulling away from the wanting lips of the Sheep.
”Thank you Elizabeth, for everything you’ve done for me. And what your doing for me now… though Karen will probably kill you for letting me do this.”
”Yeah, mhmm… just… mmm… I… yeah.” her lips eagerly searching for your mouth again, being stopped by your finger.
”That was your only one.” The love struck Sheep slowly trying to follow you out the Armory.
Now was the time, now or never, time to make it happen. Your hands trembled at the wheel, becoming white under the stress you crushed the wheel under. Your heart was at a million-miles-an-hours. The silence of the car and flickering light sign hinting at the impending action, unnerving to say the least.
”Hello and thank you for calling Madam Clouret’s, House of-”
”i-is m-m-matilda THERE?!”
”Uuurrr… Yes sir, can I ask who’s ca-” Click.
”Last chance to bug out.”
”Not on your life.” You step out the car and begin that long hike to the door.
A silent walk, what felt like miles. Enough adrenaline coursing through your veins enough to kill a bull elephant. You looked Elizabeth over one last time for calming reassurance to see her just as calm as a still lake. For her, just another day at the office.
For you, the rest of your life.
Elizabeth drew her gun, unconsciously forcing you to do the same. She would be the first to announce, kicking in the door.
“The fuck?!” An actual elephant girl was in the lobby in full suit as well, seeing Eliza armed she too went for her own gun.
Way to be too literal Liz.
Your gun went to draw a bead on the receptionist.
Please allow me to adjust my pants…
So that I may dance the good time dance…
And put the onlookers and innocent bystanders into a trance…
Crashing at a door behind the desk, another woman came out brandishing a shotgun. Blown away by a few salvos from both you and your raging sheep companion.
Forth floor! Corner r-!” You fire your gun at mid-point of the desk, the receptionist going down with a large “Fuck” of pain.
You and Eliza started down the hallway, Liz taking the moment to hastily reload her weapon. You do the same simply to have a fresh magazine, unaware of how many shells you spent on that one person. She was right, this was not someone you were, was it someone you had to become?
”Jawfnovese! Its Karen’s girls!” a scream at the reception desk came through. They had an intercom system here?
”Liz, how did they know who we are?”
Two more goons showed up at the end of the hall, Eliza immediately hitting the floor and firing off a few shells. You forced yourself to the wall as far as humanly possible and then some. The pressure of the passing bullets clenching your asshole tighter than a twelve year old virgin. You rose your gun to fire off a few in return. One down and the other still standing, Elizabeth pushed you into an adjoining room. Falling ontop of you in the process. Your eyes met in a strange way of wanderlust and anxiety.
“Another time, lovergirl.”
You had entered into the copious amounts of people wearing animal masks and in skimpy leather garments covering as little as possible, all surrounding a man on a table with an apple stuffed in his mouth.
”Sorry!” The both of you poking a head out, you having to jolt back from the incoming fire, which gave Liz enough time to raise the gun downrange for a few more shots and drop him. She gave the nod that the hallway was clear. You left that room with another “Sorry!”
At the end of the hall was a stairway leading up.
”KYAAAAAAAAAAAA~!” A naked man was standing at the top of the stairs raising a bat, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to run down-JUMP DOWN STAIRS? Rumbling and tumbling down the stairs, dropping the bat along the way, the man only made it about a third way down before tripping. Both of your guns in his face was persuasive enough, his hands going straight to the “give up” position. Flicking your gun to the door he scrambled to his feet and peace’d the scene.
At the top of the stairs was a wider open room with an assortment of ‘play’ devices and many private rooms that lined the walls, at the other end, who guarded another set of stairs. A large Jinko dual-wielding AK’s.
The two of you dove for the closest object for cover. You flipped the table of some sort of device, while Elizabeth took behind a couch, the bullets focused on her, obviously not knowing who you were.
”Care to explain Liz?”
”This is the time where you shoot first and ask questions later Anon!”
”Well, that covers everything!” You pop out of your cover to shoot a few shells, plugging the Jinko in her stomach and arm, drawing the fire off of Liz. Ducking back down, Elizabeth did the same, allowing you to run up to the next object of viable cover, pop out, fire, duck. Elizabeth the same, then you, then her. Until the Jinko wasn’t able to stand it any longer and collapsed dead.
Now, all the odds are in our favor. Save the victory speech for later!
Reloading once more you make it up to the third floor had you accosted by an ambush of a bondaged Gazer charging out of a nearby room. Pinning you to the wall before you could react. Elizabeth came to your aid to rip the slime-thrower off you before being thrown into a wall by a Dark Elf. You know… the bad kind. It took some wrestling for position, and a punch to the stomach before you could free yourself from the Gazer.
Right straight.
Right to the face.
She returned with a sweep at your feet with her eye-stalks.
”My toddler can fight better than you!”
”Yeah?! Well you fight like a bitch!”
She dove at you again, pinning you to the floor this time, but you had the advantage of getting your hands to her throat and get in a few more punches. She rose up, lifting her stalks to slam them upon you successfully. Even with your arms up to block, it was still strong enough to knock the wind out of you, and it wasn’t until after the second slam that you had the gall to get away. The third slam crushing a hole in the floor. You were able to retrieve your gun by the time she noticed, putting her stalks in a tight wall around you and her. Firing rounds, your bullets couldn’t break her barrier but did make a few of the stalks fly off.
Elizabeth looked to be having some trouble with that Elf, even with her superb boxing technique, the Elf damn near danced around her. You ere pulled across the floor into a wall, the gazer pulling you around with her stalk. You aimed again, but were only met with a clicking. Searching for another magazine on your body, the gazer wrapped another stalk around a leg, throwing you into the walls and floor. You finally found a mag and slid it in before the Gazer lifted you to the ceiling. Your bullets flew wildly, unable to get a solid bead with the Gazer’s shifty movements, but one lucky bullet caught the base of the stalk that held you. Yelping loudly in what seemed like a mix of pain and pleasure, the Gazer dropped you, landing with an Oompf! you were able to draw a bead with the girl charging you again, a few more rounds fired sent her into a flat spin across the room.
”Liz! Down!” The elf had Liz bent over backwards over a table, strangling her. She was able to turn away before you blew the brains out of the Elf. Sheepie pushed the corpse off of her, picking up her revolver again.
”How much you got left?”
”About…” Your hand shuffled across your body. “Magazine and a half?”
”I got about 5 rounds left too.”
”We’re almost to the top. Lets pray they don’t have anyone else.”
”Heavenly mother, who art thou holy. Pray deliver us from this asswhoopin.”
More gunshots reverberated from down the hall, clearly missing the both of you. Liz reached into her jacket and pulled out some round object.
”Elizabeth, the hell did you get a grenade?”
”The shit we have would astound you. Now run!”
The two of you bolt out, halfway down the hall, Elizabeth pulling the pin on the grenade and tossing it into the room as you both sprinted by. Now that was the loudest explosion you’ve ever heard.
Last floor, oddly quiet. Too quiet. Wait no, that was just the ringing in your ears.
No seriously, not even pained groans of pleasure or anything.
You kicked in one door, empty.
Elizabeth kicked in another, nadda.
You kicked in the third, a couple was torturing each other with candle wax, stopping to stare at you with a confused glare. Were these walls soundproof? Yeah, but it was still pretty early, must be too early for some. ”Sorry!”
”Anon!” followed by another large blast from her gun. Out in the hallway, a leather clad round face peaked from a doorway and zipped back inside at the sound of Liz’s gin.
”Get him!” Liz sprinted down first, you behind her. A shotgun blast ripping through the door, Liz trying to stop and slipping. Those hoofs are terrible for running, how the hell could she even jog with you? You pull her back away from the door as another shell rips through that would’ve took a leg had you not pulled her back.
”Tildy~ I WANNA PLAY A GAME!” You edge your head into the room to see a large, an at least four-hundred pound man in a gimp suit loading a shotgun. Matilda the Mantis was in that room alright, all tied up in some suspension contraption, struggling and wiggling to get free. You pull your head back before another shotgun blast had the chance to rip it off.
”MAURICE, I JUST WANT THE T-” Another shotgun blast tore through the wall to your head’s right. “Ok, I guess he wants his toys.” You peaked back into the room to see Maurice the Gimp drag the still tied mantis into an adjacent room. “Liz, they’re trying to run. Hit the next room! Cut them off!” Matilda had the shotgun this time and fired a round. You return fire a few rounds at her, only catching the floor and one striking the Gimp’s backside but it didn’t look at all effective. Elizabeth was already down the hall ready to enter the next room, firing a few rounds into it at them.
Matilda came bursting out the room tackling Elizabeth, but with a quick roll and throw sent the Mantis off her into another room. You were ready to give chase had Maurice and the gun not stood in your path. You move into the room before any pellet could catch you. With a guy like that, addicted to pain? The five remaining bullets in your mag wouldn’t be enough if they weren’t head shots, reload and be safe right? The five round mag slid out the ground. Maurice ready in the next room or in the hall, better call this bluff right. The magazine hitting the ground was like a starting gun, you bolted for the door Gimpy tried to drag Matilda to the next room. Bluff called right, Maurice was ready to come the same way you were and ignore the hall entirely. You slink back into the room, back to your original cover. Watching gimpy turn over a table, not giving him the chance to prepare more you fire off a few rounds that pluck through his chest and stomach, not even flinching, you win this day masochist. He was ready to make trades, shooting a blast as soon as you popped up to fire a few rounds, but you had the advantage of cover to move between to keep him on his toes. It wasn’t long before the gimp was covered in holes and yet still moving. You were dry and he kept firing like there was no tomorrow. This was how it had to end huh? Dying to some fat fuck that didn’t know when to stay down. He took notice of your lack of firing as well, leaving his cover with gun trained along the cover you were taking, expecting you to run again.
Wait, that last clip you had, still there. You made the sprint of your life to it, huddling behind the cover for dear life, Maurice firing off two shells without looking, trying to get back to his cover. A scream down the hall, Elizabeth was in trouble.
”Hold on Lizzy, I’m coming!” That Gimp wasn’t going to go down with these five shots, although his hoarse breathing signified he was close. You weren’t good enough with a gun to make that headshot from this distance, it was now or never. You couldn’t charge without taking a shell to the face, but that did give you an idea. You dove belly first into the ground behind more cover in the room, narrowly missing a blast.
Maurice trained that gun on that table you hid from him with. Trembling in utter fear and orgasm, probably having came at least five times from the pain you gave him. You helped a deviant get off you pervert.
”You won’t touch Mistress Matilda faggot!”
”She’s gonna die and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it!”
”Nuh- uh!”
”Yeah huh!”
We’re really doing this?
Blam! Maurice shot at something that flew out to his left of the table.
In you came running from his right, your distraction working as you charged over the table placing rounds right into his face, and finally dropping him.
“Baby I’m comin’!” You came into the room Liz was fighting in, one hand grasping a rope still attached to the Mantis’ wrist, and one hoof pressed into her scythe. Your best guttural roar drew their attention, bull rushing the mantis and launching her into the wall. Unleashing a flurry of punches into the Mantis’ core and face. She mentally caught up enough to push you off and relaunching her attacking, her scythe swipe only catching your jacket lapel, yet tearing a clear shear through the fabric. Elizabeth snuck in, rushing the Mantis with  haymaker right letting you get back in and let fly a few more fists. Matilda got you once in the stomach, but this time allowed Elizabeth to get behind her and wrap the Mantis in a rear triangle choke. The Mantis wasn’t having any of that shit, using nearby BDSM gizmo’s to backflip over Liz and kick her at you. When Matilda was expecting you to catch Elizabeth and get herself a breather, you allowed Liz to fall past you and sneak in with a left hook. That caught her off guard and sent her reeling, stumbling down, and then there was the rope. You rushed to her for the final time, taking up the rope that was still on her wrist, wrapped it around her neck and pulled.
She spazzed out with the force of a thousand lions, had it been eight seconds yet? She writhed and toiled, gasping for air that you harshly deprived. Clawing at her neck, eyes rolling back in her head, going bloodshot, and then nothing. She stopped resisting, stopped moving, everything. You gave the noose another strong pull to set it in and make sure she wasn’t properly breathing in any form.
Elizabeth joined your side, the both of you panting heavily. Exhausted to no end.
”Did… *gasp* Did you… Did you call me baby?” Take her breath away Anon.
You latched onto the small of her back again, pulling her into a deeper kiss. Holding until you had to stop to breath. That girl’s arms wrapping around your neck and never wanting to let go.
”That… was your last one.”
Karen sat at the end of her hotel room bed, fixing her night-gown and staring at herself with utter contempt in the mirror in front of her.
“Ooooh Mon cher~ Why are you so angry? Did you not like it? Was I not good enough? I know that face says no, but your body…” A man trailed his tongue along her shoulder, up her neck, nibbling her large ears. “Do you need round three love?”
“Stop!” He didn’t. “Stop! Get the fuck out! GET THE FUCK OUT!” She forced the near naked man out of her room, slapping him with a pillow.
“What the hell you crazy bitch?”
Karen went back to the edge of the bed, dropping her head in her hands, looks like a good night to cry your heart out again.
“Why do I keep doing this?”
“Can I at least have my pants back?!”
A completely vanilla ringtone at the end table snapped Karen back to some sense of professionalism.
“Hello?”  ….  ….  “HE DID WHAT!?”
 Narrowly avoiding the cops after leaving that bloodbath and having to stop only
twice to vomit on the side of the road, your nerves finally hit you after coming off that high. The two of you recovered at a Waffle House, where you drew the ire of every law-abiding citizen for miles. Chewing slowly your burger, her a salad, in quiet riot, the events of the night still rampaging around your head. Swear there was some sort subtle baaaaahing~ sound from Liz. Content?
I loooove the way you mooooove, I love the way you mooooooove, I love the way, I love the way.
Ringtone, specifically Karen.
The Five Families of New York


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