The Mob goes Wild 2

Those pictures, those damn fucking pictures. Like fucking magnets, you couldn’t draw your eyes away from the woman you said you loved. Her arm wrapped in another’s. Those lips you kissed so often planted on another guy. Hand in hand walking into a hotel, no doubt they- Fuck can’t even think about it. But the evidence is right here, all of it. How long could you stand to sit there and just look at these damn photos?
”Daddy’s right here sweetie.” Even the hushed pain in your daughter’s voice wasn’t enough to make you break your eye contact. “Daddy loves you sweetie.”
These fucking pictures.
How long was she at it?
Was it always like this when she went out ‘for business’?
That fucking whore.
A thunderous crash broke the silence of the room that had existed for what seemed as hours, couldn’t really tell any time without a clock or anyone there to give you some pain. Had you passed out between the time of the torture and now? Felt like it. That migraine slowly started to work its way back into your skull.
”They’re over here!”
Ok, louder, thats cool, yeah, sure, fine.
You groaned and moaned as the yelling was eager to contribute to the budding migraine. The voice you heard was a familiar one, one you had known for years, Elizabeth. A black suited woman came rushing into the room, clackclackclack of her Anadias dress shoes resonating on the floor like marble.
”Anon!” The Sheep woman came immediately to you, pulling your chin up to meet her eye-to-eye. ‘What the hell did those fucks do to you?” She withdrew a plastic little box the contents which was a sewing kit. Snipping off a snippet of clean wool she went to to wipe over your forehead and cheek. Sky blue eyes meeting yours with the saddest of expressions. Her job description had one line, “Keep Anon safe” and she had fucked up. DAMMIT CJ.
Letting go of your chin, your eyes dropped back down to the pictures which made her follow in turn. Scooping up the pictures, she’d set them on the TV to get them out of the way and out of sight. Her face blushing beet red at the sight of your crotch, after the torture/raping you were left naked. Replacing your pants for you, next the girl went to untie the rope.
”No… Hilde first.” Her panicked fingers locked into the rope around you, stopping for a moment to process what you said. Nodding frantically she quickly went to your daughter and released her first. Pulling up the girl into a tight embrace. Bouncing her gently and patting her head. Staining her suit with the girls blood and tears, sobbing softly and clinging to the sheep.
”Hey Hilde~ Its Miss Elizabeth. Mommy’s here, we’re gonna go home now ok?” Sniping a new chunk of wool to stuff into the girl’s mouth and plug the hole. Another set of clickityclacks came running through the door, with it a Lizard-woman with her gun drawn. Elizabeth quickly passed off your daughter to the Lizard-woman who now was also stained in blood and tears, but your daughter did quick to attach herself to the woman who offered tight hugs and bobbing. The Sheep went back to your rope releasing you and pulling you into her own grasp.
>”D-Don’t worry A-Anon. I’m here for y-you and I won’t leave you e-e-ever again.” Her voice lowered into a hushed and pained tone. Clenching you for dear life, putting your head into a vice grip with your forehead into her chest and a hand stroking your hair.
”Where were those pictures?” The lizard asked quizzingly, a large swathe of drooly blood flowing down her shoulder from Hilde. Eliza brushing her off with a shake of her head, fingers entwining and teasing your hair.
>Her horns were cold.
”Where is he?!” The exasperated sound of the whore burst forth into the warehouse. Your wife with a wolf girl and an oni in tow. She wore a shining black silk dress in contrast to the nice suits everyone else wore. Elizabeth making a short squeak releasing you as fast as possible to stand up and avoid the wrath of the Godmother Dragon, readjusting her tie with a big ole’ gulp of “holy fuck please don’t kill me boss.”
Karen rushing over to pull her daughter into her arms to continue the bouncing and patting, Hilde clasping on tight, the poor girls crying becoming louder and louder.
”Shhhh Shhhh, its ok sweetie. Mommy’s here, she loves you so much.”
”I want Daddy…”
Karen’s eyes immediately shooting at you, her own tears running her makeup. At your side, kneeling before you. Trying to meet your eyes. Hilde trying to make the gap between your wifes arms and yours. Shooting a sharp pain through your chest. That meant ribs, how many of them broken though? Karen pulling your little girl back into her arms, Hilde letting out the shrillest of cries.
”Daddy hurts right now lovebug.”
”I WANT DADDY!” Her crying was full blown bawling at this point.
Your wife longingly looking into your eyes with full waterfalls.
”The pictures… Are they true?”
”Anon… I… I love you.”
YOU FUUUUUUUUUUCKING WHORE. You have the fucking audacity to cheat? You have EVERYTHING you could ever fucking need and you neeeeeeed to cheat? Am I not good enough you fucking whore? You fucking FUCK FACED FU-!
Can there at least be a gun this time and end it quick?
”Hes awake!”
Wut? Bright lights, hospital room, surrounded by black suits. At least things can’t get worse here right?
Elizabeth, Farren, Meli, Alexandra, Missy, and Karen. Karen’s makeup was at a full-on sprint down her face at this point, smiling widely.
”Wha-Where am I? What happened?”
”You passed out back in the warehouse, probably from the pain.” Elizabeth mentions.
”Good news everyone!” Doctor ‘Clops decided to chirp up. A doctor sneaking in at the last minute. MAKE IT QUICK DOC.
”What was wrong with him doc? how did the surgery go?”
Surgery?! How long have you been out?
”Thats the good news! prognosis is 100%! The surgery was a complete success.”
”Oh thank God.”
”Hes very lucky. two skull fractures, a cracked ulna, broken nose, broken jaw, multiple lacerations, a shattered pelvis… Wait… Wrong patient sorry. Oh! And nine broken ribs, with internal damage. Luckily the surgery was fantastic and even the organ damage was recoverable. We were able to reset your ribs back in your intercostal mus-your rib muscles, so just leave it alone and it’ll fix itself~”
Things were that bad? Must’ve blacked out over most of it, with Karen watching the torture must’ve lasted alot longer than what you were conscious for. The way it was set up, she had to watch the whole thing.
”How long are you going to hold him here?” Karen spoke.
”Oh, he’s perfectly fine. We’ll keep him for a few days to keep an eye on him otherwise, we don’t exactly need anything~”
”What about our daughter, her name is Hildegarde.”
”That sweet little dragon girl? Shes perfectly fine. A couple of lacerations and a single skull fracture, but otherwise no permanent damage or anything. She’s fine to leave right now if need be.”
”Our family has a private doctor, do you think we could take of them in our home?”
”Oh… Ummm… Yes, I suppose that could work, Hes outside of intensive care, so I doubt he’d need to be here unless something else were to happen. And your little girl doesn’t really need anything either.”
The great debate, stay here a few days to get away from the wife, or head home to spend more time with the kid.
”Good, I’d feel alot better to have him back at home than at the hospital.”
Yeah, at home where she knows where I am.
”I’ll decide what I want to do, Karen.”
”Oh, yeah… yeah.” Her tone dipping into abit of sadness.
”If that’ll be all then I have rounds to get too. Just call for a nurse if you need anything or myself.”
”Thank you Doc.” You struggled to word trying to sit up.
Elizabeth was the first to assist you at one side, Karen quickly moving to the other, both upset and helping you to sit up. The doctor smiled a wide grin, warm hearted that she contributed to saving a life, pushing up her glass…es? and leaving the room.
”I have to go back home and finish working.” Karen leaning in to try to kiss you. Cut that bitch off fast turning your head away to look past Eliza and out the window.
”I’m sure you do.”
Bam, pow, biff, kick, right in the feels.
Karen pulled back, defeated in one sentence. Pursing her lips and looking away.
”I love you Anon.”
To that you remained silent, not even giving her the benefit of anything in a response.
”Mel, Elizabeth, Stay with him overnight, make sure he’s safe. Alexandra and Farren, keep an eye on our little girl.”
”Ma’am.” The three replied. The Weresheep, Elizabeth, already at your side and the grizzly-girl Meli would be keeping you company overnight. The Werecat and Oni leaving the room.
Karen and the rest of the entourage followed her out. Mel stayed outside the room in a chair besides the door. Elizabeth took a seat besides your table, seldomly taking your hand and squeezing your fingers shooting you a concerned look.
”I want you to go get something for Hilde, something soft and cuddly. Do they still make those reptar dolls? She likes the little purple ones.”
”Yes Sir.”
The little sheep stumbled out the room, tripping on a trashcan. She mumbled something to the grizzly outside who gave a node and rose from her seat to take Eliza’s old place. She looked antsy eyes wandering the room and fidgety, twiddling her thumbs and looking a little intimidated. Then again it was also everyone else from the stare of death you were throwing around. Locking eyes with her she’d dart hers away, anxious enough. She looked, more than naught, uncomfortable; her fur poking through the orifices of her suit enough to look like its too tight.
”Karen isn’t coming back tonight Meli, Take off your tie, unbutton your shirt. You look uncomfortable.”
”Th-Thank you sir.”
Wonder what’s on TV.
Elizabeth came back about an hour later, met with the sight of an almost lewd grizzly-girl, shirt far unbutton to accommodate her large bosom, tie across her shoulder, and a little belly pudge from unbuttoned dress slacks. They stared at each other for a second before you chime in.
”Not what it looks like.”
Meli began to redo a few piece of her clothing, now avoiding Eliza’s gaze from embarrassment, swiping at her ear once, twice, and moving to the other side of the room so Liz could have her seat next to you back.
”Hilde loved it. I brought it to her and she immediately clung to it.”
”Good. She’ll need all the help she can get.”
”What are you going to do sir?”
”We’ll decide when tomorrow comes. Good night, Eliza. Tell Meli to come in here so we can close the door so you both don’t have to stay up all night.”
Already listening, Meli is already inside the room, looking at you for abit to silently ask if it was ‘ok’ despite hearing you. Closing the door, she pushed two of the unoccupied seats to form a makeshift bed.
”Goodnight sir. I’m just going to stay up abit, longer.”
You hand Elizabeth the TV remote so at least she doesn’t have to withstand the unbearable silence of a dead hospital room.
“I think I’m good without television for a while.”
And just like her nature the grizzly-girl was already fast asleep.
The moon never looked so dead.
Hospital room.
No death today, holy fuck sore doe.
Pain shot through your body to rise up and see a dead little Sheep splayed across your leg. You moved your hand to her head to run through her soft short hair, a meep from the Sheep as she pops up. Blue eyes as dead as can be. Wiping a globber of spit from her mouth.
”Help me up and lets go get Hilde and check out.”
”Yes sir.” Liza starts to help you out of the bed before, wrapping one arm around your back and one at your chest, pain shot through again.
Liz lets you go momentarily to slap the shit out of the grizzly’s leg. Jolting to and raising a fist ready to knock the fuck out of her. Both return to your side to ease you out, and help you to a wheelchair. Actually that won’t be necessary, that torture session didn’t include a knee-capping so theres actually feeling in your shins.
>”I can walk, I can walk.”
Liza at the door, Meli already on ahead and telling the doctors your leaving.
”Mr. Anon, your hospital bill has already been taken care off.” Trying to get on your good side that much faster?
”Wheres my little girl… Uhhh… Hildegarde Jawfnovese ?”
”Mmmm she was checked out yesterday sir.”
”Yeah, shes not there Mr. Anon.” Meli came to a stop in-front of you, already having checked pediatrics.
”Lets just go home.” Your bodyguards slowly follow you out, Meli with a wheelchair in tow just in case. You stumble here and there, Elizabeth with her hands quickly on you to catch you, right now that girl had a metaphorical gun at the back of her head. Karen no doubt had her finger on the trigger if anything happened to you. Meli was on ahead and clearing a path. You were a flower to them. They couldn’t exactly tell you no, even though you weren’t fully in the ‘family’. Not even a made man and you could command anything you wanted, and yet these mother fuckers were treating you like a paper dragonfly. How were these elderly women and little kids going to pose a threat to you? Holy fuck this was sickening.
Elizabeth slowly backed off with a nervous grin, reading heavily into your seething hate. Ready to catch you should you fall, but otherwise keeping a good arms length in distance.
”Give me the keys.”
”Sir, I don’t think you should be driving right now.”
”Give me the Goddamn keys!”
”I don’t think that safe nor do I think Karen-”
”Right fucking now.” At this point you were drawing a scene.
”Yes sir.” How meek of the Sheep to bend to your orders. That fucking whore, Karen, had her girls on a tight leash. She reluctantly dropped the keys into your open palm and made way for your car.
Oh, they brought the Hummer and its black, big surprise. A hard climb into the vehicle, adjusting the seat, a twist of the keys. Must’ve gotten it overhauled recently, engines too quiet. Elizabeth at your side in passenger and Meli in the back.
”This may be a bad time.” The bear barely whispered from the backseat. “Can we get something to eat? I’m hungry.”
The whir and whiz of the engine made a peaceful hum in the awkward silence coinciding with ravenous chomps and chews of the grizzly.
It was rather calming actually.
”Meli… how much did you order?” Elizabeth flicked the rear view mirror to look at the bear whom was covered in food wrappers and currently snarfing down her second double whopper.
”I was hungry…”
”Son of a bastard.” Her mood calmed slightly to re-approach yourself. “So Anon… What’re you going to do?”
”With what?”
”What about Karen?” Grizzly grizzled.
”Shut the fuck up bear!”
”Elizabeth, calm down. Your so jumpy, stop worrying, I won’t let Karen do anything to you, it wasn’t your fault.”
“Whats Elizabeth’s fault?”
”Shut the fuck up!”//”Shut the fuck up!”
”Sorry…” For a Mafia Made-woman. She seemed rather timid.
”Meli… I’m sorry hun.” And under your breath “Apologize, Elizabeth.” She looked at you with a “Are you shitting me?” with a complete jaw drop.
”Do it, I know you really want to anyway.”
”YOU FUC-!” She’d take a deep breath, placing fingers on the bridge of her nose.  “Meli, I’m sorry.”
”…You mean it?”
With a heartfelt sigh the weresheep reached to the back seat and rubbed the grizzly’s leg.
”Yeah, I’m sorry Meli, I’m just… really stressed. I don’t mean to take it out on you.”
A large grin encompassing the grizzly’s entire face as she chewed. “Ok~”
Unlike these mafia types at least you had a heart, Elizabeth had one too, this you knew; but it was deep down and probably covered in a pile of dead bodies she has so far ‘whacked’, maybe drowning in their blood and trying to gasp for air. Meli, on the other hand, wasn’t retarded or stupid or simple by any stretch of the imagination, she just hasn’t killed as many people as the rest of your Wife’s crew.
Under your breath you whispered, God knows you didn’t want to let Meli hear you.
”You know how she feels about her eating.”
”You still never answered me. What’re you gonna do about Karen?”
That was hard to think about. At the very … bear minimum was gonna be a whooooole lot of silence. Definitely no sex, like she needs that, no dates, no affection, not even talking. Hmm, now that you think about it, it probably was going to be pretty deep.
”A paternity test?”
”W O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O W!”
”Are you really that surprised?”
”UhhhYeah, but I mean I understand… shes your wife and all. Ok, lets say Hilde’s not your daughter, the little thing loves you to death, and you’re the perfect father for her. Besides if you try to divorce Karen she’ll probably order me to put you down, N-N-NOT SAYING I WOULD! But, somebody would probably come along. She probably wouldn’t let you leave and after seeing how she reacted through the webcam. Aaaaand PROBABLEEEEEEE~ wouldn’t like it if you went after other women, so either you’d be getting capped or every woman you’d try to date for the rest of your life will until you try to reconcile with Karen. You are the crowning piece of a Dragon’s horde and all that~”
”Why would there need to be a paternity test?” Little Bear.
”And every other guy is just one of the jewels on the crowns tip. Just because she cheated on me for years doesn’t mean I’m not going to be loyal, at least one of us needs morals, I meant it when I said ’till-death-do-we-part’. But! We will cross that bridge when we get to it. For now… I want a paternity test, and obviously no sex or anything with her until I decide what to do. If she is my daughter, I will love her with all my heart all the same, that won’t change, maybe keep her away from Karen so she doesn’t want to join the family.”
”Ohohohoho Karen definitely won’t like that.”
”Tough shit.”
“But what about the paternity test?” Glizzles grizzlings my grizzled grimsnatches.
”Just, forget everything we’re talking about Meli. I’ll buy you some more food later.”
Your foot went to the pedal as the light turned green. Elizabeth continuing on in conversation about hypotheticals and rhetoricals. The bear in the back continuing to grizzle its way through life and her fourth burger. Responding ever so analytically to each and every question she posed. Deflecting her stabbing questions with excellent parry and ripo-HOLD THE SHIT
At the left of an intersection, just down the way, on the left, getting out of a car, undeniable, irrevocable, absolutely, positively, unquestioningly, certainly, without-a-doubt, EVERY-WHICH-WAY-BUT-LOOSE, WUN-HUNDID-PUHCENT, CONCLUSIVELY!
A little fucking Oni, but not just any Oni. THE ONI.
Yeah, that one from yesterday. Every look, every article of clothing. Eww she was wearing the same shit from yesterday? Gurl you ratchet. The only bad news of this scenario was that it wasn’t the Oni that molested your daughter, just the other that participated in the torture. Even the fucking mouse-girl stepping outside at the other side of the car. Oh, yeah, this was happening. The pair seemed to be waiting on something, remaining unmoving by their car. A pain racked your chest again, this time was your body starting to adrenalize, knuckles turning white from gripping the wheel.
”Anon? Anon? Are you ok? Whats wrong?”
You start turning the hummer left onto that street.
”Anon, What’re you doing?”
”Elizabeth? Whats Anon doing?!”
”Anon. Home is the other way. Anon?!”
You floor the accelerator, the hummer picking up a surprising amount of speed. BOSS 777 TURBO MOTHER FUCKER
”ANON?! ANOOOON!?” You companions thoroughly losing their shit at this point. It didn’t click into their heads what you were doing, all up until the point where you threw the Hummer into the oncoming lane, deftly avoiding traffic and landing up on the sidewalk. The Sheep reaching across the console to try and rip back the steering wheel.
”My head hurts.” The grizzler chimes in.
The migraine came for a return visit, a giant white pouch blocking your vision. Moans all around in the car. Shimmying out of the car, you pull yourself out from the wreck of a Hummer you now created, hobbling to the front of the two car pile-up to see that car you plowed into.
And the Oni crunched between the two.
No doubt that Oni was dead on impact. Her head almost making a seven-twenty at this angle, looking like it tried to reach escape velocity and bloodied to hell. The Mouse girl was nowhere to be found. Who the hell knew where that little faggot rodent got off to. Elizabeth popping the airbag with her horns and falling out. Meli already out of the car vomiting into the street.
Good job there Anon, wrapping the Hummer around their Cadillac.
Elizabeth’s pull at the wheel in the last seconds caused you to miss the Mouse and only hit the corner of their car, crushing the Oni and spinning the Hummer out into the middle of the street. By sheer luck, you happened to avoid any pedestrians, but now all eyes were on you.

A new sharp pain.
Two large bumps one atop the other protruding in your chest. Was it worth it?
”Meli! Stop fucking vomiting and help me! We have to get the fuck out of here!”
Meli let out two more roils of some browning liquid before being able to regain her composure. Without a care for your safety or body, Elizabeth throws your arm over her shoulder and hurries off into the backstreets.
No words, no protection from Eliza’s rough method, only screams. Searing hot pain shot through your body again. The fuck are you, some kinda pin-cushion?
”I’m hungry again.”
“This sis not the fucking time Meli!”





Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.






A woman scorned hath no fury like a father’s love.

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