The mazoku chapter 1


The book had all the information the priest needed. And it confirmed the suspicions about the boy.

“We should kill him now,before he awakens and attacks us!” General shouted. It was easy to see why he was so worked up-the zealous knight had done deeds that would make any human wet his pants. However, the book had revealed information about the boy-and the nature of his power. His very existence went against everything the humans knew.This was new territory-and a new feeling.

A feeling of sheer terror.

The thing that scared them the most? Not the boy’s power. Not his kind’s supposed strength or superhuman ability. No, the thing that scared them was the boy’s ancestry.

The book stated this point so clearly,that there was no way to confuse it or even try to soften the pure terror it induced.

The boy was part-demon.


“What? But the boy isn’t human! We can’t let the demons get him! At the same time, we can’t simply let him run around the village! We have to kill him!”

The priest knew all that. Yet there was no show of emotion. The priest didn’t see dangers-he saw possibilities. And in this boy and the rest of his kind….

A chance to win and wipe out all monsters. For good.

“No. We have to study him. He holds the key to a kind of power that we didn’t know was possible to harness. W have to make the best of it. I will keep him confined to the church, and keep an eye on him. You, on the other hand, report to Lieutenant. Inform him about the boy, the happenings, and about his kind. Lieutenant’s new mission is to hunt them down.The boy definitely did not come alone.”

The new orders confused the general, but he did not argue. There must have been a reason for this strange order.

“And general? Kill any monster that gets too close to the mazoku.We need a majority of them on our side.”

“Yes sir. I will relay this information to lieutenant immediately.”

“Good. Now Go!”

The priest mumbled to the heavens above for guidance. To think that such a contradiction, such an abomination existed…..

And the boy was not alone-he was part of an entire race!

“So, the devil tribe-the mazoku, have emerged, eh?Rest well, my boy.You have a lot of learning to do once you wake up.”


“But how can this be?!”

Sasha flinched. This information was new, even for the most experienced and oldest monsters-like Druella herself. “Well,the book on archaic monsters says that since they are born due to a union between a monster and a human, they are half-breeds, that cannot produce demonic energy. So,when your mother took over, I guess pure logic kicked in-they don’t produce demonic energy so they stayed male.”

“That’s not what I am talking about!”Druella screamed. “Where were they when my mother took over? Where were they for the last few millennia? And why did they suddenly show up, out of the blue?Is there anything about that in that accursed book?!”

Sasha was losing her normal cool, to blind panic. Druella had never acted like this. She had always been the lady in control,and always ten steps ahead in any plan. Now here she was, freaking out in front of everybody.

But this was new territory. Territory so dangerous and  so volatile, they might as well be walking on a minefield.

“The book says that the mazoku left the known world, due to thorough rejection, a few millennia ago. They were never seen again. A lot of information about them in this book is pure speculation. There is only one way to find out more about them”. Sasha took a deep breath. This would not be easy.

“We need to ask them directly.”

Druella had been completely derailed by this new information. Her mother had taken over so that both warring factions could be unified. Humans were the male counterparts and reproductive partners for the monsters. The infertility of monsters so that they could only give birth to more monsters was the only hitch in the plan.

Now came in this thing.

The male basically DEFINED contradiction-human male of demonic descent, capable of controlling demonic energy yet incapable of producing it, formed by a union between a human and a monster-back when monsters actively preyed on humans.

And,if the book was right, if he coupled with a monster, she would give birth to monster-girls and MALE mazoku, as they were conceived due to monster involvement in the first place. Their kind could also procreate using humans. They were perfect bits of both worlds-and could impact them in any way they wished.


What was he? Was he human? Was he demon?

And what if he was a member of a clan? What if there were more of them? What were they collectively to monsters? A boon? A bane? The harbingers of peace and advancement, or war, death and destruction? Would they come to replace humans or demons? What was going to happen next?

The same question kept echoing in her thoughts.What were they?

The word came out of her mouth without her knowing it. “Freaks.”

The explosion from the hospital dorm, a few feet away, knocked everybody off their feet.

Druella saw a silhouette, with glowing yellow patterns and red eyes stop for a moment, look over her, then dart away in the opposite direction. There was no lust in those eyes-something older, something more ancient. Something more dangerous.

It took a moment for the  monsters to regain their composure, but the next course of action was obvious.

“Stop him!”


The priest and Druella were right to be afraid-this new kind could touch both worlds and impact them in unimaginable ways. And after millennia of hiding,they had reemerged.

Straight from archaic times,in all their bloody and destructive glory.

The clan of devils.

The mazoku.

What will happen now?

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