The Covet Corner Hotel: Chapter 4

Section 1
The Newcomer

Gramps woke up at the sound of the sirens singing their songs at the dawning sun once again. He got up from his bed and stretched his arms out as he looked around the small confines of his room. It wasn’t much, just a desk with some loose papers off to the side, a small kitchen with just enough room to move, his small yet comfy bed, and the bathroom. He could always change and get a much better room in the hotel, but he never saw any reason on why he should, the room may have been tiny but it was all that he needed. Not only that, but he loved to wake up to the sound of the morning sirens.

He got himself dressed in his usual getup, a plain white shirt, his old weathered staff jacket, and the pair of pants closest to him before heading out the door. Gramps started off his daily routine, walking down the staff only halls and ‘waking up’ the golems one by one so that they could start on their daily tasks as well. He went down to the staff room, poured himself a mug of some leftover coffee from the steel kettle, grabbed a small snack that was left for the staff, and checked the board on the wall to see if any of the floor managers left him anything to do or if anything had crucial happened before walking to the counter.

“Morning Lilly,” he told the young Alice who was already at the counter, “anything new going on?”

“Good morning Gramps, so far we haven’t gotten anyone new. Just a few people who wanted to change rooms and things like that. Ooh, but we did get invited to a wedding.” replied Lilly, showing him a pair of decorated envelopes.

“Wedding?” questioned Gramps taking a sip from his mug as he grabbed one of the invitations, “Who and which floor?”

“Do you remember that guy who came in a few weeks ago, the silly one that thought he was dead? He’s getting married to Julie the unicorn next week on the fourth floor.”

Gramps chuckled as he heard the good news; it had been a while since the hotel had held a Unicorn Wedding.

“I guess we could get a few of the golems to cover our spots while we’re there. So, is there anything else?”

“Nope,” Lilly replied in her usual sweet toned voice as she got off from her stool, “I might as well get ready to greet any new guests.”

And with that, Lilly took flight towards the entrance before landing softly onto her chair to await the guests.

Gramps sat down on his chair, finishing his snack, and readied himself as the rising guests gradually began to fill the lobby. Several husbands and boyfriends were being helped by their wives, one walking in covered in several bandages as his jorou-gomo wife helped him towards the infirmary. The succubi sat down in their sofa chairs, sharing their usual gossip and new sex-tips that they had tried last night. And the nightwatch werewolves were finishing their rounds while deciding what (or who) they would do as they strolled through the lobby.

Gramps watched as the lobby was filled with its usual guests, the crowds of mamono forming around his counter to start the daily cycle once again.

Today started off like every other day, the mamono were either complaining about their rooms, complaining about the lack of a roommate(s), or were simply checking out of the hotel with their new lovers.

Hours passed as the usual events occurred, new guests checking in, some thinking they were dead or dreaming, mamono peering over their shoulders to see if they had gotten a roommate, men falling for the charms of the hotel greeter, and the continuing rivalry between a certain succubi and minotaur.  

‘Yep, just another day at the hotel’ Gramps thought…but something was wrong.

For some reason, the area surrounding tnhe counter gradually began to grow quieter and quieter with each passing moment. Silence was a rare occurrence to happen around the counter of the lobby with so many guests, usually there would be some sort of excited whispers or murmuring that accompanied the drop in volume, but instead only allowed for an eerie tension to fill the air. The crowd parted through the middle as a young blonde girl with an eyepatch over her right eye walked towards the center, a slightly worried expression on her face as some mamono looked at her in disdain while others watched her with keen interest.

“Hi there, welcome to the Covet Corner Hotel. How can I help you?” Gramps exclaimed as he broke the silence.

“Um…hi…ummm…where am I?” the young girl asked.

Gramps simply chuckled at the question, relieving much of the tension in the air as he answered the newcomer.

“You’re in the CC Hotel, where we’ll tend to your every need up to the point where you’ll never want to leave. What brings you here?”

“Well…umm…I was trying to find a place to rest…after being kicked out of an inn…for talking back at the owner…”

“WHY IS SHE HERE!” yelled out a small pixie from the crowd who clearly did not care for the girl.

“WHO THE HECK BROUGHT YOU INTO THE CONVERSATION!!!” exclaimed the newcomer, surprising everyone, even Gramps, at the sudden outburst.

Everyone in the vicinity stood there in shock, even the pixie that yelled in the first place wasn’t even sure how to answer. For a moment, time seem to have stood still, until the newcomer turned towards Gramps with her face looking down at the counter instead of his face.

“I’m sorry…” she muttered under her breath, just loud enough to let Gramps hear it.

“Don’t worry about it; I just wasn’t expecting someone your size to be able to scream like that.”

Several mamono from the crowd quickly dispersed and went on with their daily tasks as if the newcomer never arrived, the pixie just hovered in place for a second before doing the same. Only a handful were left, some wanting to talk to Gramps, others waiting to see what the newcomer would do.

“Well then, would you like to stay the night Miss…?”


“Miss Vanessa, would you like to stay the night?”

Vanessa looked back at the entrance which she walked just minutes before, thinking of whether or not to take the offer as some of the mamono casted odd looks at her.

“Sure…I’m better off here than where I just got from.”

“Perfect!” Gramps said as he clasped his hands together

Gramps reached down and shuffled through a few papers before reappearing above the counter with a small box of clear cards. He gently picked one out from the edge and handed it to Vanessa before shoving the box to the corner of the counter for future use.

Vanessa inspected the glass-like card skeptically, as if though looking for a hidden number engraved in it before looking back up at Gramps.

“Sooo….what now?”

“Just wait, you’ll see.”

Once those words escaped from his mouth, the card frantically began to shift between various colors. It started on red before changing to blue, then green, and suddenly purple. A few of the mamono that were still around the counter took out their own respective cards which varied in colors as they awaited for the results. The mamono that weren’t interested in events simply continued on to the counter so that they could talk to Gramps, since it would take a moment for the card to decide which room the newcomer would stay in.

The card continued to revolve between the colors, gradually slowing down in its changes until finally managing to stop at beige.

A collective sigh could be heard from the small group, with only a single lamia being amongst them who held a card of similar color who instead interjected with interest.

“Hmm…,” the tanned lamia began as she approached Vanessa, “It looks like you’re on my floor cutie.”

The lamia slid up by Vanessa and brought up her own similarly colored room card beside the one she held. The snake woman’s card already had the numbers ‘014’ visible within the top half section of it, but Vanessa was distracted by the hand that had landed on her shoulder opposite of the lamia, causing her to tense up.

“Let’s see if a pretty girl like you ends up with little-old me.” she whispered into Vanessa’s ear.

“Uhhmmm…” Vanessa uttered as her cheeks gained a hint of pink, unsure of exactly what she meant.

Within moments, snake-like images slithered throughout the card, each of them heading towards the top end of it. The lines continued to do so until they formed the number ‘846’ in a bold-like font on the top of the card.

“Aww, that’s a shame. You’re not even close to me.” announced the lamia, removing her card from beside Vanessa’s but not doing the same with her hand. “But… if you do feel like paying me a visit or just need help with something, you know where to find me cutie.” She winked, before finally sliding her hand off of Vanessa and slithering away.

Vanessa’s heart was pounding during that interaction, and it still was as she watched the smooth skinned beauty leave her at the counter. Gramps was quietly chuckling seeing the newcomer’s face turn into a rosy color from the corner of his eye, but didn’t make any mention of it as he quickly finished with the mamono he was helping. He took a quick glance at her card afterwards as he turned his attention back to her.

“Seems like you’re on the eighth floor, we better get there quick before it gets too hot.”

Vanessa face changed from that of embarrassment to that of confusion as she raised an eyebrow and looked at Gramps face.

“Too hot?”

“Yeah, we better hurry before noon gets here. Lilly!”

Within a few seconds the young Alice dropped down from above and landed right beside Vanessa, Lilly politely gave Vanessa a small curtsy before looking up at Gramps.

“What is it?”

“I need you to be in charge of the counter while I take our new guest up to her room. You think you can handle it?”

The small blonde succubus gave him a small pout before jumping up and gliding over the counter to land on her stool, spinning around in it before finally stopping to face the counter.

“Weeeeee…of course I can silly.” She told Gramps as he left the counter.

“Good. Now if you don’t mind Miss Vanessa, will you please follow me to your room?”

Vanessa nodded as Gramps lead the way through the lobby. Many of the residents cleared the path as they went towards the elevator, some giving her confused looks while a few of them…looked at her with odd interest.

“Don’t worry, they won’t do anything… unless you want them to.” Gramps said as he pushed the button for the elevator.

“Wha-, how’d you know what I was thinking?”

“How?” Gramps chuckled, “It’s written all over your face.”

Vanessa quickly blushed and turned her face to look elsewhere.


The elevator doors opened, letting out a cold breeze as a man and his blue-skinned wife walked out together in each others embrace. They both greeted Gramps and walked through the lobby as several of the other residents congratulated them.

“What’s going on with them?” Vanessa asked as she and Gramps stepped into the elevator.

“Oh nothing…” Gramps said with a smile, “they just found out that they’ll be getting a yukiwarashi of their own pretty soon. And news like that travels pretty quickly here.”

“A what?”

“It’s a baby yukki-onna.”

“Oh…what’s a yukki-onna?”

Gramps closed his eyes and lightly slapped the palm of his hand to his forehead before giving out a heavy sigh.

“That’s a yukki-onna.” Gramps replied, pointing at woman from the happy couple just before the elevator doors closed inches away from his finger.

“Oh…” Vanessa said, slightly embarrassed at the fact that she didn’t know that.

Both of them shared a moment of awkward silence as the elevator slowly rose, ringing a small bell with each floor that it passed.

“So…why do we need to get to my room before noon?”


Just as the young Vanessa finished uttering her question, the doors of the elevator split apart and allowed the baked arid air to overtake cool atmosphere left behind from the yukki-onna. Vanessa coughed as the dry air filled up her lungs. Gramps must have had lungs of steel, since he did not show even the slightest sign of discomfort from the overwhelming shift as Vanessa nearly suffocated for the first few seconds.

“Because,” Gramps said as he walked out of the elevator and onto the sand filled hallways, “this floor is as hot as a desert at noon.”

Section 2
The Scorching Desert

Vanessa stood there, wide-eyed with her jaw dropped as her eye were fixated on the floor in which she was staying in. The halls were filled with a sea of sand; the walls seemed to be the leftover of some old village that was barely managing to stay up. The stone slabs balancing on top of each other, weathered by the sandy winds that have blown past it through the ages. Up above the walls was the sun, pointing down at them as if though trying to cook both of them on the spot.

“Welcome to The Scorching Desert, the hottest floor in the entire hotel.” Gramps announced as he turned around to face Vanessa.


“It’s to accommodate the guests.” Gramps replied in his usual manner.

“Who in the world would be crazy enough to live in this heat?”

As luck would have it, when those words managed to pass through her lips, a mummy had begun to cross the hallway right in front of them, making them stop in their tracks. Vanessa froze up, this was the first mummy she had ever seen; she stared at the mummy as it turned around to see the only other two in the hallway. At first it seemed like a regular, if oddly-dressed, human woman, but a patch of skin that was visible on her waist seemed to have dried out to the point where they could break off at the slightest motion. The mummy tilted her head in confusion as she looked down at Vanessa and attempted to greet her before doing the same with Gramps, even though all that could be heard was a bundle of muffled words escaping from her bandage covered mouth. Vanessa couldn’t understand a single thing from the mummy, but what surprised her even more was that Gramps was actually able to hold a conversation with her.

“Hi Isis,” Gramps greeted back, “how’s it going?”

“Mmph mph mmmph mph mmmph mmph.” the mummy replied.

“Why’s that?”

“Mph, mphmm, mmph mphmphm mmm mbhmm mphmmph mph mmph mmphmphmph, mph mm mmph mmph mph mm mmph.”

“What’s it called?”

“Mph mmmphmmph.”

“Oh that’s a tough one.”

“Mph mph mmph mphmm mph mmph mphmm mmph mph mmphm mmph.”

“But what about using something else…like a chair?” Gramps was apparently suggesting.

“Mmph mmmph mmph mph mph mmmph mmmph.”

“You’re right…not enough space for three…well you can always try the sofa…”

“Mmmph mph mmph mmph mmmph mph mmmph.”

“Well, it might get a bit uncomfortable, but nothing you can’t handle.”

“Mph, mmph mph.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

The mummy then politely waved goodbye to both Gramps and Vanessa before leaving them in the hallway.

Vanessa stood there, wondering what in the world had just happened. She saw the entire scene before her very eye, but could not believe them even if it was to happen another hundred times in front of her.  Gramps turned towards her with the usual expression on his face and waited as she took all of this in.

“You okay?”

Vanessa took a moment before finally nodding back to Gramps.

“Good, your room isn’t too far from here, so let’s hurry up.”

Vanessa nodded once more before following Gramps down the hall and further into this odd floor. She wondered how they managed to keep all the sand in this floor without it being accidentally swept into the other floors. That, as well as how in the world they had gotten all this sand in here to begin with.

Of course, she asked Gramps how this was possible after questioning how they had made it seem like they were outside and in the middle of a desert. She had heard of extravagant places that used exotic themes and decorations in order to attract all kinds of folks, but this was ridiculous. Gramps told her that it was mostly illusions and whatnot that only gave the appearance, otherwise it would look like a very boring hallway filled with sand. It didn’t explain the gusts of wind and the heat, but knowing that it was all being done artificially put her mind at ease… somewhat. But he refused to answer how they had gotten the sand on this floor to begin with for some reason.

They continued through the halls, seeing all sorts of other guests, one was in fact another human woman covered head to toe in long loose-fitting clothes. Vanessa thought she would probably burn up in all that, but she seemed to make no indication of it as she greeted them and continued on her way. Seeing that she was curious, Gramps told her that the clothes actually kept her quite cool in the intense heat without having to use any sort of magic, and that it was fairly common in actual desert regions. Vanessa made note to eventually get herself something like that, because she felt like she was boiling with what she had on right now. She couldn’t understand how Gramps was managing in this heat with a jacket on… was he using magic?

After passing some sort of werecat in expensive garbs conversing with a naked woman who was literally on fire, the two took a left turn into a hall, stopping by a rather large rock.

The boulder was almost as big as Vanessa, and no doubt weighed too much for the two of them to be able to budge it. Oddly enough, the boulder looked amazingly as smooth as it was round, save the crack on the top that made out three numbers.


“Well, that’s your room number isn’t it?”

“Yeah…but where’s the room?”

Gramps chuckled as he neared towards the large boulder and placed his hand on the side of it. There was no way that he’d be able to move it, the sheer size alone was enough to say that he wouldn’t be anywhere near being able to do that. She looked down the hall to see that it was the only one in the entire hall, the other rooms had what seemed to be old thin doors that had aged in the sun. Why in the world was this the only one with a giant rock? If there was a room behind this thing, she had no idea how they were going to get to it. After a few moments of Gramps moving his hand around the side…


…he revealed a small slot from the side with a slit no bigger than the size of a card in the center of it. Gramps then held his open hand out to Vanessa as if though expecting something.

“Your room key please.”

“Oh.” Vanessa quickly pulled out her room key and handed it to Gramps.

Once the card was in his hand, he pushed the key into the slit for a second before pulling it out and handing it back to Vanessa. He took a few steps back besides Vanessa as the boulder began to creak and groan loudly. Just then, the boulder began to move on its own, slowly sliding across the sand covered floors. It creaked and groaned until it finally managed to stop, revealing a small set of steps with a door at the end.

“Welcome to your room, hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, and try not to go out for the next hour or two unless you know where you’re going, it’s almost noon.”

Vanessa nodded before going down into the small room and stopping in front of the door. The boulder above began to creak and groan once again as it slowly closed above her head, before Vanessa realized-

“Wait, how do I get the boulder out of my way if I want to get out!?!”  She yelled out as she turned around to look up at Gramps, but he had already left.

The boulder had sealed shut just above her, showing no sign of moving to let her back out anytime soon. Vanessa cursed her luck, but seeing that she had no other option at this point, Vanessa turned back towards the door as she prepared to open it. The door had a scarlet color painted on it as the numbers labeled ‘846’ were mounted on it in gold lettering. It was in a much better condition than those that she saw in the hallways.

Her hand cautiously reached for the handle, pushing it forward ever so gently until the door was cracked open.

“Hello, is anyone here?” Vanessa nervously asked as she poked her head inside the room, only to be greeted by emptiness.

She gave out a heavy sigh of relief as she stepped into the luxuriously adorned suite that she was given. Atop of the cream-colored rugged floor were several small satin pillows laced with a golden trim that glistened in the light. The room was lit by what seemed to be several oil lamps that hung from the walls and one chandelier-like lamp that hung from the center of the ceiling. Placed upon the vermillion walls were large portraits of the desert, an oasis, and a battle between two scorpions…

‘Who in the right mind would put that here?! It doesn’t even match the feeling of this room!’

Even though from a distance Vanessa thought that the picture was out of place, she couldn’t help but get a closer view of it as she walked across the exceptionally soft carpet towards it and ignored everything else in the room. She walked passed one of the doors that connected to other rooms as she approached the painting. Something about it made her want to stare into it. The scene between the two creatures was one of an epic deadlock; both had a hold of the other’s claws as their tails crossed each other, attempting to push their stingers beneath the enemy’s shell and end the other’s existence. Vanessa couldn’t tell who was winning in the fight between the two desert creatures, but she couldn’t stop staring into the scene.

“It’s a rather nice painting, don’t you think?” a voice asked.


That was the last thought that went through Vanessa’s mind as she turned her head to look behind her when a sharp sudden pain pierced the side of her neck. Her body grew numb as her body fell to the ground, and her vision became blurry. All she could hear as her mind drifted into unconsciousness was a light but amused laugh from the voice before everything went blank.

Section 3
The Scorpio’s Chamber

‘Ugghh…why do I feel like this today? And why is it so hot?’ thought Vanessa as she tried to rub her eye…but couldn’t.

She tried one more time, but still could not manage to do so. Instead, she tried to sit up from her spot, but her body refused to react to her commands. Suddenly, her eye shot open as she remembered what had happened; she was attacked by someone. Vanessa desperately struggled to get out, but in vain due to her paralyzed body. After several seconds, she finally gave up, only managing to move her eye, fingers, and toes. She looked about the room, seeing that it had the similar ceiling lamp to the room she was in before…and walls…and paintings…and…

‘I’m still in the same room from before? What the heck happened to me?!’ she thought whilst letting out a groan.

“Oooh, you’re awake!” a voice spoke out beyond Vanessa’s vision.

She couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from, but she knew that someone was walking towards her since the voice was steadily getting louder.

“I’m sorry about the whole sneak up behind you and poison you while you weren’t looking, but I didn’t know you were my roommate. Never can be too careful nowadays, now can we?”

Vanessa couldn’t respond, her jaw was still paralyzed along with the rest of her body.

“That poison I stung you with will take a few hours to wear off, so I tried to put you in a comfy position so that you wouldn’t cramp up or anything. By the way, I’m Kalila, but you can call me Kali.”

While the voice introduced itself, its owner’s head popped up above Vanessa, looking down at her with an innocent childish smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

It was a bronzed-skinned woman who was smiling down at Vanessa, with long emerald hair tied up in a ponytail. On her forehead she bore a small tattoo similar to her hair color with a heliotrope tear-drop shaped jewel at its center. Kali stood up straight again and walked back to where she was before, the sound of pots and pans moving followed soon afterwards.

“Again, sorry about poisoning you, I thought you were trying to break into my room and steal some of my valuables. I had made a special order for the door of this place to make sure that didn’t happen, so I was quite surprised when I saw you in here. At least Gramps called in soon after I got you and told me that I had gotten a roommate; I was gonna leave you out in the hall and let everyone else deal with you.”

Vanessa’s body felt warm enough as it was, but the heat in the halls alone was unbearable for her, and to have everyone else on the floor think she was a thief in the state she was in would be even worse. Once again Vanessa tried to respond to her roommate, but only managed to grunt


“Still not able to talk yet? Don’t worry, I know how to fix that.” Kali said as she rummaged through more of her kitchen items.

Vanessa wondered what her roommate could possibly be looking for, but since she couldn’t move her head to take a peek, she simply continued to stare at the roof of her room. Vanessa listened as Kalila moved and shoved several things to the side as she searched for whatever she was looking for, until…

“Found it!”

Kali hurried to Vanessa’s side, shaking the unlabeled bottled several times before removing the cork from its top.

“Here,” Kali said as she lifted Vanessa up, “take a whiff of this.”

Kali placed the vial right under Vanessa nose just as she was taking in a-


Kali smiled as she took the bottle away from Vanessa’s nose and placed it to the side.

“Nice to finally hear the voice of my roommate, how are you?” replied Kali as she sealed the vial with the cork.

“Oh,” Vanessa almost didn’t realize that she could talk now, “sorry…” she replied as her eye looked down to her still paralyzed body.

“No need to be sorry, if anything I should be the one apologizing for having done that to you. Either way, I still don’t know your name Roomy.” she said with a smile.

“Oh yeah,” lifting her gaze back up to see Kali’s face, “my name is Vane-”

Vanessa’s face suddenly froze up, and this wasn’t because of the poison in her veins or the smell of sewage still in her nose. Vanessa’s face had frozen due to what she saw in front of her eye. Swaying side-by-side behind Kali’s smiling face was a giant stinger that was as big, if not bigger, than Kali’s head. The stinger was attached to a tail that curved downwards into the body of a giant scorpion, with six large legs protruding from its body and two smaller claws up front, similar to the ones on the painting. And right where the head of the scorpion was supposed to be was where the lower-half of Kali’s body began.

“Vane-?” Kali questioned as she threw a few confused looks at Vanessa.

“-ssa” she finally managed to squeak out in a higher pitch, never releasing her stare from the stinger that was a mere few feet away from her.

“Is something wrong?” Kali asked as she looked behind her, seeing that the only thing there was her tail.

“Oh,” she blushed up suddenly, taking a hold of her tail with her free hand and petting it defensively, “you mean this thing… I know it’s not as big as the other girls, but I like my tail…even if I tend to bump it into things…”

Kali had misunderstood Vanessa’s expression of fear and shock, thinking that she was judging the size of her tail.


Although she thought this, she did not say it.

“No, it’s not that…it’s…it’s a nice tail…” Vanessa voiced, trying her best not to harm her scorpion friend’s feelings.

“Thanks” Kali replied with a small grin on her face, “Again, I’m sorry about paralyzing you like that…”

“No no no, don’t worry about it. I just barged in here without thinking.”

“No, it’s my fault that you’re like, so I’m gonna have to make it up to!” She proclaimed with a self-determined look in her eyes, “Is there anything that you really really want? I’m pretty sure I can get it one way or the other.”

“No, nothing at the moment.” Vanessa responding, not sure what else to say.

“Nothing? Food? Clothes? Anything?”

Vanessa would’ve have shook her head, but wasn’t able to, so she instead murmured to signify no.

“Hmm…” Kali pouted as she thought for a moment before snapping her fingers, “I got it.”

Kali placed Vanessa back down, resting her head atop of one of the several pillows surrounding her before placing her face mere inches away from Vanessa

“I’ll make you feel good.” She cooed as her eyes narrowed slightly before moving to the side and nibbling the ends of Vanessa’s ear.

“Aaahhhh….” Vanessa moaned, “W-what are you d-doing?” trying her best to keep herself together.

“Paying you back, silly” Kali proclaimed

“B-but-” being quickly silenced as Kali slid her finger above Vanessa’s lips

“Sshhh…just relax, and I’ll do the rest…” before continuing to nibble on her ear as her hand slowly began to run down Vanessa’s chin and crawl down onto her chest.

Kali’s hand slowly began to massage Vanessa’s breast, continuously in a circular motion before switching to the other one. Vanessa gritted her teeth with a flushed face as she tried her best not to moan, and even though she did not want to admit it, she was enjoying it. Her body was heating up in excitement, especially her lower half. She couldn’t understand why she was so turned on though, Kali had barely started but she could tell that she was already getting wet by her little interactions. Kali finally ceased the nibbling, looking down at her prey before kissing her forehead and slowly removing the small blonde’s dress.

“Oooh, you look so cute in your underwear!” she exclaimed, making Vanessa blush a deeper red and shift her gaze back onto the painting of the scorpions.

“Now don’t be so harsh; remember, I want you to relax, and to enjoy this.” she whispered before slowly removing Vanessa’s bra to reveal her stiffened nipples.

Kali almost giggled at the sight of her victims small breasts before going down on the one furthest from her and sensually licking it as her hand continued to massage the other. Vanessa tried her best not to moan, giving out a small whine instead as her eye closed shut due to pleasure. She could feel herself craving for more as Kali ‘repaid’ her.

Kali’s free hand gradually began its downward descent, caressing Vanessa’s body as it began to near her nether regions.

“Gaahh!” Vanessa exclaimed, unable to suppress her moans

“Ooh,” Kali responded with a smile, “seems like I just hit the jackpot. Do you want more?”

If Vanessa wasn’t already blushing, she would have at the question, instead she quickly pouted and returned her gaze upon the paintings, making Kali giggle.

“You’re face says no, but your body says yes.” Kali replied, lifting her hand to show that her fingers were wet from the juices on Vanessa’s panties.

Kali continued, sliding the tight pink panties down Vanessa’s legs and tossing them to the side to reveal the already drenched pussy of Vanessa’s. Kali slid two of her fingers along the entrance of Vanessa’s pussy, causing her to let out a moan. She gently began to massage Vanessa’s engorged clitoris as her other hand pinched Vanessa’s stiffened nipples, rolling them between her fingers. Vanessa bit her lip so that she wouldn’t cry out in ecstasy, this was the most pleasure she had ever felt in a single moment. But when Kali suddenly pushed both of her fingers into Vanessa’s pink slit, she instantly climaxed at the swift entry, spilling much of her juices onto the rugged floor.

“Look at that, you came already.” Kali voiced, “But don’t worry, the fun has only just begun.” she ended in her vixenish tone.  

Kali neared her face in between Vanessa’s legs to see her steaming folds glistening in the lights of the room. Vanessa was suffering in embarrassment that someone was looking at her private areas like that, and wanted nothing more than to cross her legs shut, but could only manage to wiggle her toes a few more times. The scorpion saw as her prey’s face, making her giggle before leaning in for the first lick.

An abrupt gasp of pleasure escaped Vanessa as her sensitive entrance was lightly stroked by Kali’s tongue. Kali continued to massage the entry of Vanessa’s soaking pussy, suckling on the swollen clit ever so often as she began to move her hand down her own body and rub her fingers against her own jealous folds beneath her cloth.

Without a moment to spare, the scorpion plunged her fingers into Vanessa and expertly began to stimulate the walls of Vanessa’s pink vagina whilst rubbing her tongue against Vanessa’s clit. Vanessa winced in utter bliss as Kali’s fingers managed to wiggle its way through her tight folds, feeling its every movement inside of her. Kali would occasionally kiss the inner thigh to then return to the quivering mess that was Vanessa’s folds while her fingers rubbed against the roof of the Vanessa’s tense pussy. Her other hand was busy pleasing its owner, rubbing against the wet folds of Kali as she began sliding in a single finger enjoying herself as she took care of her prey.

It didn’t take long until Vanessa was reaching her second climax, she could barely contain herself.

“I’m…I’m gonna….”

“Don’t hold yourself back! Just let it out!” Kali told her before pulling her fingers out to vigorously lick Vanessa’s folds.

“Ah, ah, aaggghhhh!” Vanessa screamed as she was drowned in a sea of pleasure during her climax, filling Kali’s mouth with her juices.

Kali drank as much as she could; some spilling down off her chin and onto the floor. After Vanessa has finished releasing what she could, Kali stood up, wiping the excess off her chin. She looked down and smiled at her panting prey, lying there with a glazed look of happiness visible in her face.

“Did you enjoy it?” Kali questioned.

“Uh-huh” Vanessa managed to utter between her breathes.

“Good,” smirking as she said so, “now I don’t think it would be fair if you had all the fun…” removing her lungi without a moment to lose. “I think it’s my turn.”

Vanessa looked at her roommate in confusion by what she meant, but when she crawled above her body and set her excited pussy that she was still fingering mere centimeters from her face, she understood.

“Please hurry, I don’t know how much longer I can stand it” Kali requested, pulling out her finger and spreading open her pink wet anticipating folds just above Vanessa’s mouth.

Vanessa almost felt obliged to, but she nonetheless stuck out her tongue and stuck it inside of her open slit. Kali shivered as Vanessa’s warm tongue touched her, causing her tail to rub up against Vanessa’s nether regions.

“Don’t stop.” Kali pleaded, lifting up her own bra and grabbing a hold of her own breast as her other hand tickled her clit.

Vanessa continued to lick the insides of her folds, licking against all that she could reach as she was being fondled by Kali’s tail. Kali began to push herself against Vanessa’s face with each lick that she gave her, making her tail shake in pleasure more and more each time. She clenched onto her own breast as Vanessa managed to satisfy her, pinching her clitoris as she began near her own climax.

Vanessa was nearing her third climax due to the non-stop vibrations of Kali’s tail, attempting to endure it to continue her task of pleasing her roommate. But she couldn’t handle it, the tail was too much and caused Vanessa to climax a third time. Vanessa yelled in pure ecstasy, muffled by Kali’s fold, but the added motions of her tongue and lips against Kali forced her to climax along with her.

“AAAaaahhhhhh!” Kali screamed, arching her back and squeezing her breast from the flow of pleasure she was experiencing. Her tail flailed at the sudden climax, jabbing itself to the side of Vanessa’s leg and injecting her with more poison. But Vanessa could not feel it; her body was too numb from pleasure to feel anything else at that point.

Kali fell to Vanessa’s side, exhausted. She looked at her paralyzed friend and smiled with delight at the ideas that formed in her head.

“Rest now, I think that’s more than enough as payment for our little accident.” Kali giggled before snuggling up again Vanessa.

Vanessa laid there, paralyzed and numb. She knew that she couldn’t move her head to look at Kali, but tried to anyways. Even though she couldn’t move or feel most of her body, she was happy where she was. The only thing she could say that she regretted…was probably having to stare at that scorpion painting the entire time…



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  1. A rather “hot” chapter this one was.

    With all the different biomes in CC hotel, i wonder just how taxing the labor that goes into maintaining the place is.

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