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Preamble: Any bogey description not long enough for their own profile will receive a short excerpt. Ones with profiles long enough will receive a link to said profile and one to two short sentence descriptions. ALL bogeys will have their average size listed. For future context, I believe the average height of the standard MGE bogey is 8-9 ft. Also, these heights are not set in stone, should you wish your own bogey to be bigger or smaller, adjust accordingly through ones own means, be it magic, potions, or them just being built different.

For context: Bogeys and their subtypes according to this headcannon originate from Bombacio. For more information, check out Bombacio: The Land of the Bogeys

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Helping with 90% of dragon bogey. I basically just put pen to paper.

This page is constantly updated, so if you see a spelling error, or feel a sentence can be worded better, let me know and I will fix it at my earliest convenience.

Cybogey Nuno Shinbioto

The Cybogey is a mix between a bogey and a will-o-wisp. You can even have a harem of them. Hope you like forever cuddles.

Average Height: Varies wildly, but the average is around 15ft


Bear Bogey

Bear bogeys are known for two things; their laziness, and their weight. They got junk in the trunk from their lazy nature, and wish to share this laziness with their husband. They will lie upon their husband, causing them to feel as if several weight blankets have been laid on top of them, as they laze around with their husband all day. Should their husband escape this lazy day, she will chase him down and sit upon him. After finding her seat, she will begin tickling his face with her bear tail till he promises not to do it again, at which point she will return to her regularly scheduled cuddling.

Average Height: 8-10ft


Kangaroo Bogey

Kangaroo bogeys are exhibitionists, though not in the erotic sense. They love nothing more than teasing their husbands with their coddling, and do so very publicly as if to say “this is my boy, and I want everyone to know who takes care of him!” Their pouches are where they keep their husbands when out in public, and are nigh impossible to escape from without help, as the husbands will find them both too deep and too soft. While inside, the husband will feel as if he is being gently rocked and bounced as the kangaroo walks, as if she were holding him in her arms. The man also has “access” to his wife, meaning if you see a kanga bouncing the man in her pouch, she might be trying to tease him, or she might be trying to tease something out of him. Fun Fact: No kanga bogeys are born with body writing or body imagery. They simply choose to add purely to tease their husbands more.

Average Height: Varies depending on the size of the husband, but for a 6ft man, between 15-20ft


Weresheep Bogey

Weresheep Bogeys come in pairs of 2. One will have a lot of fluff, but a flat chest, while the other will have a large chest, but little fluff. The one with little fluff also has incredibly warm skin. Their main form of attack is to sandwich their husband between them, with the fluffy one acting as the blanket, and the large chest one acting as the pillow. The fluffy one will even use her flat chest to further push and sandwich their husband’s head into the other’s large chest. Their wool has a similar effect to weresheep, and weresheep bogeys will often partner, though not always form a harem with, nightmares in order to make sure that not even in his dreams can they escape their loving cuddles.

Average Height: 8-12ft


Bunny Bogey

Bunny bogeys are bondage experts. They see their husbands as cute, but fussy, and as such feel much better knowing that their husbands are unable to resist their cuddles. They use their ears as ropes, tying up their husbands until they can’t move. To the husband, the ears are as soft as a body pillow, yet are heavy like a weighted blanket, and feel about as unbreakable as a diamond. Should one find themselves the husband of a bunny bogey, he will find himself held close to her, unable to move, almost all of the time.

Average Height: 10-15ft


Mouse Bogey

Mouse Bogeys are small bogeys who, if annoyed enough, can turn husbands small and give them mouse features.

Average Height: 4-5ft


Spider Bogey

Costume play bogey. Hope you like silk and spiders.

Average Height: 6-9ft


Plush Maker Bogey

Bogey equivalent of a mindflayer. Will truly make your mind and body one with plush.

Average Height: 8-12ft


Cat Bogey

A cat bogey who needs a man to be able to sleep well at night. Will also turn you into a cat boy.

Average Height: 8-12ft


Dragon Bogey

This dragon’s hoard isn’t money or power, it’s the precious memories she makes with you.

Average Height: 8-12ft


Lamia Bogey

A bogey that has the ability to shed its tail into a high-quality sleeping bag. It even comes with a free lap pillow!

Average Height: Depends on tail length, but never less than 8ft.


Selkie Bogey

Cousin of the lamia bogey. Their pelt naturally attracts a husband who will see it as the perfect clothes, though some may find them a little tight.

Average Height: 10-15ft


Cow Bogey

Bogeys that specialize in the production of plush milk, and big strong boys. Hope you’re thirsty.

Average Height: 8-15ft


Waterbed Bogey

See-through bogeys that are filled with liquid. Jiggly and a blast to lay on.

Average Height: 8-15ft



An edible, highly aggressive, slime like bogey to fill you tummy with all kinds of yummy treats.

Average Heigh: 10-15ft


Voodoo Doll
While not specifically a bogey, they are distantly related. Be cursed by this doll with the power of voodoo!

Average Height: N/A


Stress Ball Bogey / Poliufication

A special process that makes bogeys of any type large and squishy.

Average Height: Dependent on previous height


Theseus Bogey

An everchanging chimera of a bogey

Average height: Probably different from when you last checked


Stuffer Bogey

A tightly stuffed futanari bogey

Average height: 8-13ft


Clam Bogey

A high-class bogey who will spoil you rotten

Average Height: 12-15ft


Wonderland Bogey

An imaginative bogey whose dreams are a reality.

Average Height: 4-???ft


Yeti Bogey
A light cuddly bogey to keep you warm when you’re cold. Or cold when you’re warm!
Average Height: 7-10ft


Wind-Up Bogey

A non-natural subtype with a key to wind up with many fun effects!
Average Height: Dependent on original species


What happens when you mix a shoggoth and a bogey. It’s a little scary.
Average Height: Unkown, too much variance across examples.


Protector Bogey
A super powered super hero to save the day with her trusted sidekick, you!
Average Height: Depends on the hero.


Evildoer Bogey
An evil super villain, come to rule the world and make everyone her minions!
Average Height: Depends on the villain.


Baddy Bogey
Henchmen of the supervillain known as the Evildoer Bogey! Made up of men and women alike!
Average Height: Depends on how big the Evildoer made the suits.


Dinosaur Bogeys
A subcategory of bogeys who are relatively young, and seem to be from a more ancient time.


Plush Sabbath
A sabbath obsessed with plush, but has lost sight of the bogey’s true goal.


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