The Best Day of My Life

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I sighed heavily, the stress of the last several months finally fading away after today’s earlier events. I look over at my holstaur wife in the passenger seat of the car and smile, my heart fluttering at the thought that only a day before she was my girlfriend. My fiancé. Tucking a lock of creamy off-white hair behind her floppy bovine ear, Lilya gazes back at me with soft, sparkling blue eyes, a hint of red spreading across her cheeks as I gently grasp her hand and intertwine our fingers together. A smile creeps across her face as I turn onto the quiet suburban street, the canopy of trees providing relieving shade as the evening sun slowly sets, turning the sky into a myriad of vivid hues. I feel my wife squeeze my hand slightly as I pull into the driveway of our quaint, two story home, and with a small rumble the car shuts off as I take the keys out of the ignition.

It’s Lilya’s turn to sigh quietly, and I look over at her again as she peers through the car’s windshield at our house. “Nervous?” I ask her as I unbuckle my seatbelt.

“Maybe a little bit.” my monstergirl wife responds, the swell of her immense bosom jiggling slightly under her low-cut wedding dress as she too gets ready to step out of the vehicle.

“Well whatever happens, I’ll be with you Lilya.” I say, reaching over and tenderly caressing her face with one hand before pressing my lips against hers. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” she smiles, returning my kiss with a slightly more voracious one.

With a slight pop, I open the trunk of the car and remove the dozens of wedding gifts Lilya and I got from our friends and family. With her help, my wife and I grunt and mumble curses to whoever made the blender we’re never going to use so heavy as we carry everything up to the front door before exhaling heavily when we put everything down.

With an almost inaudibly rustling, Lilya fishes the house keys out of her purse, and with a click she unlocks the front door. Before she can step inside though, I reach forward and swoop my wife up in my arms, one arm around her back while the other supports her digitigrade legs at the knee.

“Ah!” Lilya squeaks in surprise at my sudden movement. “W-what are you doing?”

“Something I’ve always wanted to do: carry my darling wife over the threshold of our home.” I respond, making the chocolatey skin of her face flush red again. With a wide smile, Lilya reaches up, hungrily locking our lips together and wrapping her arms around my neck, causing her massive breasts to almost fall out of her dress as they squeeze against me. Keeping our mouths pressed against one another, I step past the oak wood door and into the small foyer with the love of my life in my arms. A few steps inside, Lilya breaks the kiss and looks up at me, a broad grin on her face as I gently set her down on her hooves. Just as I’m about to turn around to get our wedding gifts, she grabs me by my collar, pulling me in for an incredibly passionate kiss, lifting her leg up and forcing me to grab hold of her giant, spankable ass to keep her from falling. Moaning into my mouth, my holstaur wife eagerly presses herself against me as hard as she can, her tongue dancing with mine as I grope her wide butt, passionately making out with her just inside the doorway of our house. Chest heaving, Lilya reluctantly breaks the embrace as she gasps for much-needed air.

“I love you.” she whispers with tears in her eyes, hugging me tightly around my waist as she does so.

“I know, Lilya. I know.” I respond, returning her love, holding her close to me as I rest my chin on the top of her head.


An hour or two later and with an exasperated groan, I finally put the last of the wedding gifts away in the bedroom closet after playing Tetris with everything; putting all but one thing in only to find out that the last box doesn’t fit, and then pulling everything out again and starting over. I flop onto the soft, comforting embrace of my bed, my holstaur wife Lilya already having made herself comfortable by changing out of her white Arachne silk wedding gown and into a pair of fuzzy pajamas. Giggling at my expense, she pulls me closer to her before snuggling up against me, pulling the sheets over our legs and up to our waists before resting her head on my shoulder.

“Whew, glad that’s all over.” I say, draping an arm around Lilya’s shoulders.

“Mhmm.” my wife mumbles, hugging me a bit tighter. “I’m just happy I don’t have to worry about planning things for a wedding, and instead go back to a sense of normalcy with the love of my life.” Lily says, looking back up at me with puppy-dog eyes. She chuckles slightly when I roll my eyes back at her before we share another loving smooch for a few moments. “You know,” she starts again, “I always thought that the day I first met you was the best day of my life, because I just knew you were going to be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Then you proposed to me…”

“Yeah, and you nearly suffocated me when you shoved my face into your cleavage.” I respond, laughing slightly.

“Pervert.” Lilya giggles, lightly punching me in the arm.

“You did accept though.” I say, ruffling her hair a bit.

“Yeah…” my wife sighs before she trails off. “What was the best day of your life?” Lilya asks, looking over at me expectantly.

Pursing my lips, my cheeks puff out as I exhale. “Well, I wanna say it was when I met you, but then you beat me to the punch in who confesses their love first. Then I was proven wrong again when you said yes, and then a year later here we are.” I respond, gazing into Lilya’s blue eyes. “I think now that we’re truly together, every day is a tiny bit better than the last. Every day I get to wake up in your arms, every day I get to feel your embrace or your voice telling me you love me, each one is the best day of my life Lilya.” I say, choking slightly on my words as tears bud at the corner of my eyes while equally happy tears roll down my wife’s face. “I just want you to know that I love every part of you with all my heart, from your bright smile to your sparkling eyes, to your care-free and nurturing attitude. Lilya,” I say, pausing as I choke on my words, “you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Tears now freely flowing down my face, I pull her into my lap and hold her against me as weak sobs wrack her body, her tears of joy staining my undershirt as she clutches me. Her fuzzy ears twitch occasionally, tickling me under the chin while her tail curls around me as well. Caressing and rubbing my wife’s back to calm her down, I start blowing on her ears, making them twitch more and more as Lilya’s sobs slowly turn into giggling. Grabbing me by the waist, my wife rolls the two of us over, searching for my weak spot before tickling me on the small of my back. Smiling to myself, I reach for her weak spot, wiggling my fingers up and down the sides of her torso as we laugh together like schoolchildren. Gripping her by the wrists, I pin my wife’s arms to the bed on either side of her, looming over her as I straddle her legs with the once tidy bedsheets splayed all over the place. Chests heaving from our impromptu tickle fight, I look into Lilya’s shining eyes before leaning forward, pressing my lips against hers as we slowly caress each other’s body. Desperately pawing at my shirt, my wife kisses me over and over again as my fingers glide over the large, supple curves of her breasts and down to the hem of her pajama top.

Bunching the fluffy fabric up in my fist, I slowly drag the offending garment up to her heavy bosom before slipping my hand underneath Lilya’s top to gently grasp her warm breast in my hand. A short gasp escapes past her plump lips, temporarily breaking the seal between our mouths before she finally manages to get my undershirt up to the point where I’m forced to take it off. Now in nothing but my boxers, my wife pulls me back into her surprisingly strong grip, her mouth eagerly pressing against mine as her hands guide mine back to her immense chest. She moans again when my palm meets her melon-like breasts, and I capitalize on her momentary lack of concentration by nibbling on her lower lip before kissing her again and slipping my tongue into her mouth. Eager to respond, Lilya grabs the back of my head while her tongue wrestles with mine as I knead the doughy flesh of her bosom with my hand. I flick my thumb across her hardening nipple, making her moan throatily in my mouth before she pulls me away to get some much needed air.

Panting lightly, she looks up at me with a flushed face before pulling me in for a gentle smooch. “I love you.” she whispers, staring at me with cool blue eyes.

“I love you too Lilya.” I respond, gently caressing her cheek when she grabs my wrist and pulls my hand away. “Something wrong?” I ask. Lilya looks away from me for a moment, the smooth brown skin of her face turning an even deeper shade of red before she shifts her gaze back to me.

“…can w-we make love to e-each other?” she whispers, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

Without saying a word, I bend forward again, giving my holstaur wife a deep, loving kiss as my hands slide down to her waist and tug at her pajama bottoms. As I undress her, Lilya caresses me all over my torso, kissing me over and over again as I slip her pajamas down past her motherly hips and colossal ass and down her furry digitigrade legs, revealing the dark purple panties she chose to wear. Tossing the pajamas to the side, I lock lips with my wife again as she tugs at my undergarments, silently pleading with me that she wants more. My hands drift over the smooth contours of Lilya’s motherly hips, her supple chocolate-brown skin like putty in my hands as I fondle the monstergirl’s gigantic rear end as she tosses my boxers into the same pile as the rest of our clothes. Hooking my fingers into the waistband of her underwear, I slowly slide the deep lavender fabric past her waist, down her shapely legs, and off her cloven hooves before dropping the panties onto the floor and looking back at Lilya.

She looks at me longingly, and I press my mouth against hers as I inch myself closer to her, feeling my manhood brush up against her thick thighs before it prods the entrance to her love tunnel. We both gasp at the sudden, electrical sensation before gazing into each other’s eyes. With a shy nod, Lilya wordlessly asks me to go all the way, and I lean forward to kiss my wife once more as my cock slips past her nether lips and slides into the warm walls of her pussy. After only the first inch or so however, I can feel the tip of my manhood brushing up against something, and I look at Lilya questioningly. She nods again, and I reach forward to embrace her, gently pressing myself forward before I slip past and take my wife’s virginity. As I inch forward, the wet walls of her pussy massage my shaft, gently throbbing in time with her heartbeat. With an almost inaudible squelch, my pelvis finally meets hers as I bury my cock up to the hilt inside Lilya, and she breaks the embrace to stare at me again.

“I love you.” she whispers, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I love you too.” I whisper back, hugging her as we finally connect with each other in the most intimate of ways.

Reaching forward, Lilya grasps my hands and intertwines her fingers in with mine, silently pleading with me to fill her body up over and over again with my manhood. With a quiet gasp, I slowly pull out of her quivering pussy, her inner walls undulating around my shaft as it eases out of her warm confines. Just as the head of my cock is about to slip out of her, I push my hips back into her, plunging my cock back into her waiting body. With each slow thrust, Lilya moans softly as her hands squeeze mine, our tongues dancing with each other as her shapely legs slowly wrap themselves around me and keeping me close to her.

As I continue to pump myself in and out of Lilya, her fingers slip out of my hands, and she switches over to hugging me as tightly as she can. With one particularly sensuous thrust, her breath catches in her throat before she lets out a low groan of pleasure, breaking the kiss between us and giving me an idea. Giving my wife a quick kiss, I move to the nape of her neck, planting dozens upon dozens of kisses on her chocolatey skin and giving her tiny little love bites as I nibble at her neck.

Moving southward, I focus my attention on her heaving breasts, grabbing one with a hand while kissing the other and sucking on the dusky skin. Lilya suddenly gasps loudly before I feel her grab the back of my head and shove my face directly onto her nipple, the stiff bud slipping into my mouth. Smiling to myself, I drag my tongue across her wide areola, flicking the tip of her nipple with my tongue before swirling it around the sensitive tip. A drop of sweet, cool liquid splashes into my mouth and I instinctively suck it down, drawing out even more refreshing elixir from my wife’s heavenly bosom. Lilya starts moaning throatily, eagerly pressing my face against her huge breast more, and I start to nurse from her breast, kneading the flesh of the other one with my hand as I pump my cock in and out of her wet pussy

“Anh! Ah! Anh! M-more, I-I want more! I lo-oo-oh! I-I love you!” Lilya moans, frantically pawing at my bare back as I suck on her breast and fill her pussy up over and over again with my cock.

Unable to hold back any longer, I thrust harder and harder into my monstergirl wife, wet slaps sounding out as our bodies meet and causing her to fall back into the pillows, unable to keep up with the onslaught of pleasure attacking her mind. The milk flowing from her breast thickens considerably, the sheer volume almost too much for me to handle as I struggle to gulp as much of it down as I can, my cock sawing in and out of Lilya’s fluttering sex as she edges closer and closer to the brink.

“Ah! Oh! Oh! Yes! Y-yes! M-more! Give me more! Oh god! Oh god! I’m gonna cum so-oo-oh-oh! Oh god! O-o-o-oh!”

Suddenly, Lilya’s pussy clamps down on my cock hard, her inner walls spasming around my enter length as the milk flooding from her teat turns into a sugary, almost syrup-like liquid. Her thick thighs wrap around my waist almost painfully tight, and her hand tangles itself up in my hair, pulling me from her leaking breast so she can hungrily press her lips against mine as she screams out in climax. A few short pumps later her voluptuous body brings me with her, and I groan out as my manhood twitches violently inside her pussy, splattering load after load of hot, sticky cum all over her inner walls. Pushing myself in as far as I can go, I thrust myself up to the hilt again and again, the tip of my cock kissing the entrance to Lilya’s womb, each successive shot of my cum causing her to moan into my mouth as we breathlessly kiss each other over and over again. Several heavy loads later, I collapse on top of my wife, gasping for air as I rest my head against her pillowy breasts, unable to move as she holds me against her as close as physically possible. Cupping my cheek, Lilya looks at me with tired eyes before giving me a gentle smooch, smiling softly after she pulls away.

“I love you.” my holstaur wife whispers, running her fingers through my hair.

“I love you too Lilya. I love you too.” I respond, returning her embrace as we slowly succumb to exhaustion and fall asleep in each other’s arms.


Breathing softly, I subtly adjust myself, holding the other person in bed with me close to my naked chest as my body slowly wakes up. Warm, plump lips gently press against my own as gentle feminine hands grab my own, placing them on their owner’s incredibly squishy ass. I open my eyes and smile, Lilya’s beautiful face inches from mine as we hold each other in our arms.

“Good morning sleepyhead.” Lilya says, gently caressing my cheeks as she gives me a deep kiss. “Sleep well?”

“Thanks to my lovely wife, yes.” I respond, making her blush slightly before I give her a good morning kiss of my own.

Melting in my grasp, my wife quietly moans as I grope her expansive rear end, our tongues swirling together in our mouths as we kiss each other over and over again. Gasping for breath, she starts caressing my bare torso, gently pushing me onto my back before climbing into my lap, her huge breasts squishing between our bodies as we passionately make out with each other. Rocking her hips back and forth, Lilya starts to grind her pelvis into mine, her arousal already apparent as she smears her sexual fluids all over my rapidly hardening cock. Grabbing my shoulders, she lifts me up into a sitting positon, and I scoot back to rest against the headboard as she starts to lightly hump me, eager for more.

Shifting my grip from her incredibly wide hips and slappable ass, I align my rock-hard shaft with the entrance to her sex, and with an almost painful motion Lilya slams herself down to the hilt in one fluid motion, shuddering with barely restrained desire as she lets out a low groan. Wrapping her arms around my neck, my holstaur wife leans forward and hungrily presses her mouth against mine again, pulling away after a few seconds to peer at me with her deep blue eyes.

“Fuck me.” Lilya whispers huskily, begging me to have my way with her as she sits in my lap.

Smiling softly, I reach up, brushing my hands across the chocolatey skin of her face, holding her there and gently kissing her on the lips before she starts to rock her body on my cock, dragging a few inches of my length out of her pussy before it’s swallowed up again. Grabbing her hips, I start to slowly thrust in and out of Lilya’s pussy, drawing out low, loud moans of pleasure as I bounce her in my lap. Each wet impact causes her giant ass to jiggle obscenely in my hands, her juices squirting out around my cock as it saws in and out of her pussy. Seeing a rather large opportunity in front of me, I grab one of her wobbling breasts in my hand, bringing it up to my lips before latching on. Crying out in ecstasy, Lilya’s body shudders as I start to nurse from her immense chest, sucking down her warm, sweet milk as my hands move back to her colossal ass. Holding one cheek in each hand, I lift my wife’s voluptuous body up in the air before slamming her back down, spearing her on my cock as she moans in my ear.

Already incredibly thick, I struggle to drink the milk flowing from Lilya’s breast, and runnels of the cool liquid spill past my lips and down my chin. Unperturbed, I drink as much as I can as Lilya starts to slam her pelvis against mine of her own volition, fucking me harder and harder as her body loses itself to the pleasure of mating with her husband. Squeezing her huge rear end in my hands hard enough for the jiggly flesh to ooze out between my fingers, I start to pound her snatch as hard as I can, incredibly loud and wet slaps filling the room as we rut like animals.

Already close to the edge, the increased fervor of our love-making throws me over the edge, and I slam Lilya’s body down, shoving my cock up to the hilt in her pussy, the tip pressing against the deepest part of her fluttering confines before I groan in bliss, shooting wad after wad of cum directly into her womb. As soon as the first sticky blast splatters against her inner walls, Lilya cries out, slamming herself down into my lap over and over again as her pussy clamps around my shaft. Each successive blast from my cock fills her womb up more and more before my jizz starts leaking and squirting out around my shaft, but that doesn’t stop her as she continues to batter my pelvis with her zealous thrusts.

“Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck me harder! Harder! Fill me up more! I want more!” Lilya shouts as she continues to roughly fuck me, bouncing in my lap rapidly as my orgasm slowly winds down.

Grabbing her gargantuan rear end again, I bury myself up to the hilt over and over again, smearing my cum all over the walls of her pussy even as I continue to jizz inside her. Her powerful thighs and large butt slap against my legs almost painfully, her staccato moans almost deafening me as I pound her again and again, riding through both of our climaxes until I finally finish, a few last meager spurts of cum squirting from my cock as Lilya collapses onto my chest. Hugging her close, I kiss her deeply, prolonging the moment as prickling sensations run through our bodies from the intensity of our love-making.

“Th-that was amazing…” Lilya pants, finally speaking up. Looking into my eyes, she gives me a tired smile before leaning forward to give me a kiss. “You were amazing.” she says, giggling slightly.

“I know.” I smirk before returning the smooch with one of my own. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“I love you.” my wife whispers, her ocean blue eyes sparkling with mirth.

“I love you too Lilya.” I whisper back, hugging her lovingly and enjoying the feeling of her pressed up against me. “Hey Lilya.”

“Yes dear?” she asks with a quizzical look.

“What do you think of children?”

Lilya looks at me with an embarrassed expression, her gaze lowering as she places a hand on the brown skin of her belly. “Children, huh?” she says, looking back up at me. “I-I don’t know sweetie. I mean, I kinda want to be a mother, but…”

“But you’re afraid you won’t be a good one.” I finish for her.

“Yeah.” she sighs, giving me a wan smile. “I just want our daughter to have strong, loving parents.”

“Sounds like you’re sure we’re going to have one.” I chuckle before giving Lilya a quick smooch. “But that’s why I love you Lilya. You’re smart, strong. You love everyone.” I say, my wife’s smile growing wider and wider as I speak. “Not to mention drop dead gorgeous and incredibly sexy.” I continue, making her blush slightly. “I love everything about you, and despite any faults you might have, I think you’re perfect. A perfect friend, a perfect wife,” I say, leaning in to lock lips with Lilya, “a perfect mother.” I whisper after pulling away.

Sniffling slightly, she leans forward and tightly hugs me, a few tears dampening my skin as my wife embraces me. “Th-thank you sweetie, I really appreciate it.” Lilya says, kissing me deeply. “I guess I’m just a little nervous is all. But if my loving husband believes in me, then I wouldn’t want anyone else to be their father.” she finishes, hugging me again.

“Hey Lilya,” I ask, looking at my wife again, “don’t you think we should take a shower?” I say, giving her a sly grin.

Her chocolate brown face flushes briefly before she smiles back, leaning forward to give me a quick smooch. “That sounds lovely dear.”


The sliding glass door closes with a muted snap, Lilya stepping in after me just as I turn the water on, causing steam to billow throughout the room. Pressing her incredibly curvy body against me, my wife locks lips with me, the hot water pouring over the both of us as she rubs her chocolatey skin against mine. Her plump lips crash against mine, their smoothness sending quiet tingling sensations to my brain as she pulls away, giving my lower lip a short nibble. Lilya gasps quietly when I grab her butt, and she gives me a wry smile before pulling my hands away.

“Not yet sweetie,” she whispers, giving me a quit peck on the lips, “I still need your help.” she says, turning around to face away from me before handing me the bottle of soap.

Figuring out what she’s saying, I squirt a generous amount of soap into my hands, lathering them up a little bit before stepping forward, pressing my chest flush against her back and reaching around to grab her watermelon-sized tits. Her lips part slightly, and I turn her head towards me so I can kiss her while I roll her breasts in my hands, covering them in suds. I gently squeeze the heavy orbs in my hands, warm flesh burgeoning around my fingers as I ‘assist’ my wife by washing her chest. Quietly moaning in my mouth, Lilya starts to press her perfectly round ass into my crotch a little more urgently, and I respond by pinching her dusky nipples or flicking my fingers across the sensitive tips, making her gasp in delight as I roughly fondle her. Moving my hands down, I start to caress the rest of her torso, rubbing my hands across her pudgy stomach and spacious hips, making her giggle slightly before I let go and turn her around.

Kissing her deeply, I pour some more soap into my hands before reaching around Lilya’s back, slapping my hands against her wide butt and groping the jiggly flesh. Pinning me against the shower wall, Lilya furiously kisses me over and over again, leaning her entire body up against me as I grope her large ass. My hard cock presses up against her belly, and she lets out an unrestrained moan when I lightly slap one of her cheeks, faint ripples rolling across her meaty bottom. Grinding herself against me, Lilya slowly lowers herself down onto her knees, kissing my skin all the way down until she reaches my manhood.

Grabbing me by the base, she gives the tip a light smooch before parting her lips, the head of my shaft slipping past as she starts to go down on me. More and more of my stiff rod disappears into her waiting mouth, the tip of my cock only just sliding past the back of her throat before Lilya’s face presses against my groin. With eager hands, she grabs my legs before pulling back, looking up at me when just the tip is in her mouth, and with a wink she pushes forward again. Bobbing her head to a steady rhythm, my wife sucks on my cock with increased fervor, humming to herself when the head of my shaft slips into her throat or swirling her tongue around the shaft as she pulls away. She gives an appreciative moan when I grab the back of her head, controlling her pace as she blows me, crude slurping noises filling the bathroom as she gives me head. Letting go with one hand, she reaches under my cock to fondle my balls, rolling them in her fingers and trying to edge me closer to the release that she desperately wants.

Grabbing her wrist, I pull her hand away from my junk, and she quietly whines as her head continues to bob up and down on my shaft, and I grip her bovine horns in my hands as I start to buck my hips. With a cock-filled smile, Lilya holds onto me for dear life as I plunge my manhood in and out of her waiting mouth, and before long I feel another orgasm welling up from deep within me. With a final push, I bury my cock up to the base, exploding down her throat as it throbs in her mouth, shooting hot sticky loads of my cum directly into her gullet. Gurgling around my twitching manhood, Lilya pumps my cock in and out of her mouth slightly as I continue to shoot into it, coating her throat with salty goo for several seconds before my body starts to wind down again. Swirling her tongue around my shaft, my wife sucks every last drop out of me before pulling off with a wet pop, looking up at me with a grateful smile. Opening her mouth, she shows me the massive load sitting proudly on her tongue before she closes her mouth and winks, swallowing audibly before revealing absolutely no trace of cum is left in her mouth.

Getting back up, Lilya gives me a caring hug and a kiss on the cheek before looking me in the eye again. Gently grabbing my shoulders, she turns me around before lathering up her tremendous bosom again, pressing her heavy breasts against my back as she rubs her soapy body all over me. She spends more than enough time washing my groin, fondling my junk in her sudsy hands as her boobs rest against my shoulders, and a few minutes later the hot water runs out and we step out and dry each other off.

Cream-colored hair wrapped up in a towel around her horns, Lilya wraps her arms around my neck and plants a big fat kiss right on my lips. She breaks the kiss after a few seconds, smiling at me before moving in to give me another quick smooch, pressing herself up against me ever so slightly. “I love you.” she declares, eyes sparkling yet again.

“I love you too Lilya.” I respond, returning her hug with one of my own. At that moment, my stomach grows audibly, making my monstergirl wife giggle heartily.

“Want me to make us something for breakfast?” she asks, still giggling slightly. Right as I’m about to speak, my stomach speaks for me and growls even louder, making Lilya burst out laughing. “Alright,” she chuckles, “I’ll go make something.”

Turning around, she walks out of the bathroom, but not before I slap her hard on the ass, making her jump in the air and let out a high-pitched squeak as the fluffy towel falls off her head. She looks over her shoulder at me with a mischievous grin, wiggling her hips back and forth as she heads to the kitchen.


“That was wonderful dear, thank you.” I say as I get up from the kitchen table, giving Lilya a quick peck on the cheek before starting to clear the table.

“Well you’re welcome sweetie.” Lilya responds, bringing over the last of the dishes before putting them in the sink for later. “You know,” she whispers, trailing a finger up and down my chest, “we can pick up from where we left off earlier.” she says, giving me a lewd grin before turning to the side and bending over the kitchen counter.

Her furry thighs are absolutely soaked in her juices, her pussy lips glistening with moisture as she shakes her ass back and forth. Throwing off my clothes, I lunge forward and grab her wide hips, burying my face in her dripping slit and breathing in her musky scent. Her thick thighs squeeze around me, and I stick my tongue out to lap up her dripping juices, the tangy flavor exploding across my taste buds as I drag them across her quivering lips. Prodding her entrance, I slip my tongue inside her hot folds, swirling it around her insides and making her shudder as I stimulate her.

“Oooh, yes. R-right there…” Lilya moans above me, her legs pressing against my head just a little bit harder as I flick my tongue across her clit.

Finding her weak spot, I prod her sensitive bud over and over again, making her cry out loudly as I lick her pussy. A particularly strong shudder makes me pause, and I pull away from Lilya’s pussy to see her face incredibly red, her eyes half-lidded in pleasure.

“Wh-why’d you stop?” she asks when she notices me.

Rather than answer her, I reach forward and press my lips against her while I rub my cock against her folds, coating it in her slick juices. Almost immediately she starts to moan again, bucking her hips back against me, trying but failing to get the release she desperately needs. Now thoroughly coated in her sexual fluids, I line my manhood up with her dark entrance, prodding her ass with the tip of my cock. Pressing forward, I ease my cock into her tight backdoor, spreading her insides wide as we both moan throatily at the sensation.

With a wet squelch, I finally hilt myself deep within Lilya’s ass after what seemed like an agonizing, almost torturous minute. Her insides squeeze me almost painfully tight, but that doesn’t stop me from pulling out before slamming back in, my body slapping loudly against her tremendous ass and pushing her forward with the force of my thrusts.

“Oh yeah! Yeah! Harder baby! Fuck my ass! Fuck me harder!” Lilya moans as I pound her from behind.

Grabbing her giant ass in each hand, I start to brutally fuck her, thrusting with all my might as she gasps and moans, encouraging me to go even harder. Reaching a hand up, I bring it down hard on her jiggling derriere, making her clench around my pistoning shaft and leaving a hand-shaped mark on her wobbly cheek. I slap her again and again, the handprint on her ass growing redder and redder before she suddenly cries out, sexual juices splashing down her shapely legs as she cums hard, and I continue to ride her ass through her mind-blowing orgasm. Grunting with the effort, I grab my wife’s matronly hips, shoving my cock as deep into her dark hole as I can before I suddenly explode inside her ass. Balls trembling, I bury myself in Lilya’s ass, my cock spurting load after load of jizz into her and sending her over the edge again. Somehow I manage to keep on going, fucking her in the ass over and over again as I fill her up, her body gurgling audibly with the sheer amount of semen I’m pumping into it. Before long though, pearly white goo starts spurting out around my shaft as I continue to pound away, my vision almost going completely white as Lilya rests against the counter, drooling all over the surface as I overload her lust-addled mind.

Gasping for air, I lean forward and rest against my wife, slipping out of her ass and causing my cum to drool out of her dark hole. Stirring underneath me, Lilya slowly rises up, her heavily-lidded eyes looking at me from over her shoulder as she smiles weakly. I smile back and pull her up with me, gently kissing her on the lips before hugging her softly.

“Hey honey?” Lilya asks me with a tired voice.

“Yes dear?” I respond, gazing into her blue eyes.

“Wanna go back to bed?” my wife asks with a small smirk.

“Sure.” I say, picking her up in my arms and carrying her back to our bedroom. “Hey Lilya.” I say as I gently place her down on the ruffled sheets.

“What is it sweetie?” she asks as I climb on top of her.

“I love you.”

“Shut up and fuck me.” Lilya says, making us both laugh heartily before she silences me with a passionate kiss.

“I love you too.”

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5 thoughts on “The Best Day of My Life

  1. The featured image is not spanning the whole width. I strongly suggest you simply increase the canvas width of your image you used to about 700 pixels and fill the empty left and right sides with white color. That should do the trick nicely.

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