Tangled Tentacles Ch.3 -End

Authors Note:

Okay, I know this series wasn’t too ever popular, but it was sitting unfinished and I had this story gathering  dust in my Draft queue for some time. This is the finished part of Tangled Tentacles- slightly edited for your reading pleasure. 


“…I don’t see what the problem is, all I’m asking for is 1 night out of the week, I’m in charge.” Angela complained to Jack sitting in the passenger seat of her SUV as they pulled up into the parking lot of the sex toy store. 

“Well, she said every other week was ok, I mean it’s better then her just saying no, right?” He said as he unbuckled his seat belt.  It had been a couple of months since he had entered into a poly relationship with his Tentacle girlfriend, Tiffany and her human girlfriend Angela. Ironically enough Jack and Angela had actually grown to be fast friends as his more passive nature fit well with Angela’s more aggressive personality.

About a week ago Tiffany managed to convince them both  to move in together with her. It was a tight fit in her place with boxes stacked everywhere but somehow it just felt right with everyone being together under one roof.

“I know, but it just feels like she’s being…” Angela swung her hands around trying to find the right word.

“Cheap, yeah, feels like she’s being cheap!” She exclaimed as she swerved into an empty parking space.

Getting out of the vehicle, they made their way inside the store while still chatting. As they entered, the eyes of every monster girl in the store suddenly trained on them. Jack was shocked that there were so many there. He nervously leaned over to Angela and whispered,

”Are you sure coming here was a good idea?”

Turning to him, she gave him her best, confident grin and said,

”Scared? Come on, we got Tiffany’s smell or whatever the hell they use, all over us! We’re fiiiiine, now let’s find what I came here to get.” 

Angela led the way as they entered deeper into the store,  passing shelves of vibrators, lubricants, fuzzy hand cuffs, edible underwear and the likes until she found the section she was looking for. The wall in front of her held a large selection of strap on dildos in various colors, sizes and even shapes. 

As she smiled at the sight, Jack glanced nervously around. It still felt like he was being watched. Even if he was ‘clamined’ by Tiffany, he didn’t feel safe. He felt like a gazelle on one of them nature shows… the one that ends up being eaten by a lion…

Jack really just wanted Angela to get her toy or whatever she had in mind to use on Tiffany and for them to get the hell outta there. 

“What do you think of this one?” She asked. 

Turning, Jack was met with the erotic sight of  a large 12 inch penis attached to Angela’s neither regions by a candy red harness. She grinned seductively as she pumped the massive member with a hand then gave it a trial thrust in the air. Jacks nervousness melted away instantly as he watched the blonde go through the various motions of pretending to fuck someone. Images of her fucking Tiffany with the giant dildo filled his imagination. He could even imagine himself being sucked off by the Tentacle girl while Angela violently thrusted away at her pussy.  

Feeling a pressure below, Jack looked down to see that he was tenting very obviously in his pants. This wasn’t good! Having a hard on in a sex shop filled with horny monster girls was serious problem! He didn’t want to put Angela’s theory to the test when it came to not being rapped. 

“Umm Angela…” He called nervously. 

”What?” She said as she turned her attention back to her friend. Jack pointed down at his tented erection and grimaced.

”Shit,” She cursed as she saw it. Looking around, she grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the bathroom and shoved him in. Following, she locked the door behind them as she regarded their situation.

”What’s wrong with you?! Having a hard on here? Really?”

“I’m sorry it’s a little difficult with you doing what you were doing,” He replied sarcastically.

“Well think just think of something else!” 

“I’m trying! It’s not going down! I think it’s because of all the time with Tiffany or something!” 

“Well… I don’t know.. just.. take care of it!” She said frustrated. 

“You mean masturbate in here?” He asked apprehensively.

”If it’s the only way to solve the problem, then yes.” She said calmly staring him in the eye.

“Umm okay…” He said unsure as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. 

“Not in front of me!” She yelled, turning away.

”Really? We see each other naked every night we sleep with Tiffany and we’ve had sex more than a few times, so I think you’re doing a really bad job of being a lesbian at this point.” He said sarcastically. 

“….Fine” She said turning back as she glared at him

Jack, feeling guilty about what he just said, turned so his back was to her and faced the toilet. He stroked and pumped at his hardened member to relieve himself but couldn’t get the stimulation needed for release. He badly wished for Tiffany’s tentacles caressing and enveloping him. Finally Angela spoke,

”Whats taking so long?”

”I – I can’t do it…” He mumbled. 

“Why not? I thought it was easy for guys to jerk off?

”Look, I just can’t ok?” He said both frustrated and embarrassed.

Pressing her lips together, Angela marched over and turned him around. Staring him in the eye she growled,

”This never happened, ok?” 

Crouching down, she took him in her mouth and began to suck him roughly. She never did this with any of her past boyfriends and really only with Tiffany, so why with him now, She thought. 

As she slurped up and down his rod, she supposed that things were different. He wasn’t like the others, he didn’t demand anything from her and their relationship was absolutely much different then anything she’d ever been in as well. That and if they didn’t want to get sexually assaulted here then she needed to get his hard-on under control!

She didn’t want to admit it but she felt herself becoming more and more aroused as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. 

Jack moaned quietly,

“I’m gonna cum soon.” He whispered. 

Making a decision, Angela paused her felating, stood and pull down her pants and panties in a single action. Before Jack could ask what she was doing, she leaned against the wall with her ass sticking out towards him. 

“Cum inside me, I don’t want those sluts out there getting anything.”  She said quietly, her voice full of desire and need. 

“But, you’ll get pregnant.” Jack protested. 

“I’ll take the morning after pill or have Tiffany clean it out, whatever. Just get over here and fuck me!” 

Not needing to be told a second time, Jack grabbed her hips and plunged himself deep into her dripping slit . He started thrusting slow but quickened as he heard Angela urge him to go faster. Knowing that this wasn’t the best time to draw out their fucking, Jack pounded the blondes bare quim until he felt a familiar pressure building. 

“I’m cumming!” He breathed 

The blonde tightened her pussy on his engorged cock as he shot his load deep in her. Both moaned quietly in pleasure at his release into her. 

“Fuck, you always cum so much…” She complained as his jizz leaked out from their joint neither regions and onto her panties and jeans. 

“Sorry…” He breathed, feeling both guilty and euphoric at the same time as he slowly pulled out of her. 

“It’s fine,” She mumbled as she reached for some toilet paper to absorb his semen. Lining her pantry crouch with it, Angela pulled up her underwear. While they composed themselves, Angela grinned as an evil thought occurred to her,

Those sluts outside will probably be going insane looking for just a drop of his jizz in here, once we leave. Good luck, bitches, because I have it all. 

Suddenly slamming open the door, Angela peered around the half-dozen various monster girls surrounding the bathroom. They regarded her with a mixture of shock and arousal, Angela returned their stares with a cocky smirk. 

“Sorry we took so long ladies, bathrooms all yours.” She said haughtily as she pulled Jack out and made pulled him along to the check out. 

Angela dropped the Strap-On upon the counter with a self-satisfied smile to the Wererabbit cashier. 

“D-Did you find everything you were looking for today m-ma’am?” The cashier stuttered as she bagged the phalis. 

“Oh yes, I got what I came here for… and more.” Angela said in a sweet yet sarcastic tone as she swiped her debit card. 

“T-that’s good.” Said the cashier as she hesitantly handed Angela the receipt and bag. 


“You’ve been getting kinda aggressive towards Mamono lately…” Jack remarked later, as they drove home.

”A girls gotta stand her ground with those bitches. Besides, Tiffany’s a cunt to other Mamono  all the time.“

Jack shrugged in his seat. He did notice that as well but he also read that all Tentacle Girls were like that because of something to do with how long ago they would viciously rape anyone and anything that got near them- especially women and Mamono. Maybe Tiffany’s personality was just rubbing off on her?

Pulling up into the driveway of their shared home, the two exited the SUV.

“Aren’t you going to bring…it?” Jack asked as they walked to the door. 

“Nah, I’ll wait till later, when it’s my turn to be in charge, then I’m gonna give her the biggest surprise of her life!” Angela grinned evilly as she unlocked the door. 

“And what have my loves been up to?” Tiffany greeted the two as entered the house, snaking her tentacles around both Jack and Angela’s waist. She was nude of course, seeing as how being at home, there really was no need for clothes.

“W-We just went out to do some shopping.” Angela said as Tiffany pulled Jack to her for a kiss.  

“Oh really?” She asked as she pulled Angela in for the same treatment. After the kiss, Tiffany sniffed her  suspiciously.

“Well I did have some plans for us this evening but this will also be fun too. Strip, both of you.” She ordered.  

Jack and Angela looked at each other apprehensively,

”Um, why?” The blonde asked nervously before starting to remove her clothing.  

“Because I’m famished and my two delicious humans just came home to feed me.” Tiffany explained as her tentacles wrapped themselves around the blondes c-cup bust while another plunged itself into her cum filled pussy.  

Angela moaned loudly at her intrusion, unable to help herself.

“Oh, but look at this,” Tiffany taunted as she pulled a white glob of Jacks sperm from Angela’s slit and held it up to her face to examine.

“It seems my two loves were having some fun already.” She mused as she slurped up the cum from the tentacle tip. 

“It’s my fault. We… we went somewhere and I got hard and all it wouldn’t go down. Angela was just helping me. I’m sorry!” Jack confessed as a slimy coiled tentacle slid up and down his already stiff shaft. 

Angela spared him a look of gratitude while she was being violated by the Tentacle girl.  

“Oh, no need to apologize. I don’t mind it at all if my loves play together. I’m fact I encourage it.” She purred. 

“Can… can you get his cum out?” Angela asked timidly as Tiffany thrusted her tentacles alternately in and out of her messy cunt. 

“I could… but what if I say no?” She teased as she wiggled a cum covered limb up into Angela’s ass. 

“Tttthhhheeeennnnn I’ll geeet ppppregnant.” She cried as Tiffany plunged deeper into her. 

“I’ve always wanted to see you pregnant.” She grinned to the blonde. 

The pairs erotic conversation were proving too much for poor Jack as his orgasm neared. The feeling of Tiffany’s tentacle squeezing and stoking his hard cock was too much to bear anymore. 

“Tiffany, I’m gonna cum!” He warned. Tiffany immediately squeezed her tentacle around the base of his shaft, keeping him from ejaculating. 

“Not yet my love, I want an answer from her first.” She said to him with an affectionate kiss on the lips.

Jack moaned in complaint, but kept quiet as her tentacles firmly held him. 

“So?” Tiffany turned to ask Angela as she continued her assault on her neither regions. 

“Fine!” Angela relented in pleasure, her eyes squeezed shut, “I’ll get pregnant, whatever you want!” 

“You mean it?” The Tentacle girl asked excitedly while increasing her the speed of her thrusts. 

“Yes! Just…  Just take care of me and the baby, both of you.” Angela moaned, the pleasure almost too much to endure. She opened her eyes to look at both of them. Suddenly the tentacles were removed, leaving the blonde panting, groaning in frustration that she hadn’t had her release yet. A seed shaped object the size of a large vitamin pill was put in front of her face. 

“You see this my love?” She asked tantalizingly. This is something special I’ve been growing. When I plant it inside your beautiful pussy and our handsome Jack fertilizes it, it will impregnate you with a beautiful Tentacle baby. Best of all she will share all three of our features and genetics.” 

Angela stared at it longingly, her blonde hair now sweat soaked and stuck on her face. Perspiration dripping from her body as she breathed rapidly. Now she was offered something special, the chance to be a mother to a child from both people that she cared about. 

“Please… put it in me…” She whispered.

”I have to warn you, doing so will also speed up your change into a Tentacle.” Tiffany said softly. 

Both Angela and Jack looked to her in both shock and question. 

“What? You didn’t think that us fucking for this long wouldn’t have any effects on you, did you?” Tiffany shrugged with a small smile, stroking her cheek gently.  

Angela paused in thought for a moment before nodding her head to both of them. 

“I… I love you… both,” She said slowly, quietly as the sweat dripped off her, “ I want this.” 

Caught up in the tender moment, Tiffany brought both Angela and Jack up together to her for a passionate 3 way kiss. The three caressing each other as their shared love needed no more words. 

Tiffany took the two into their bedroom and laid Angela down upon the bed. Extending the tentacle holding the seed up to the blondes wet, puffy, reddened slit, Tiffany once again looked at Angela questioningly. 

“Do it.”

She slowly penetrated her, taking great care with the precious seed. Angela hummed in pleasure as she was filled with the beginnings of a new life. 

“Now Jack, as soon as I pull out you need to start fucking her, get that seed nice and deep in her and don’t hold back, you need fill her up with as much your cum as possible.” Tiffany instructed softly to him as he knelt next to her. 

Pulling her tentacle out of the blondes leaking quim, Jack quickly plunged himself into he, thrusting and grinding into her with reckless abandon. The instinct, the need to reproduce, to create life with her over taking all rational thought. He could feel the seed on the tip of his penis as he pushed it deeper and deeper into Angela’s pussy. Moaning loudly she needily wrapped her long legs around his waist, urging him for more. 

Smiling at the scene, Tiffany enjoyed watching her two human lovers reduced to their base urges. It was nothing short of beautiful to her as she slipped behind Jack to kiss his back and slide some of her tentacles over to the front to caress his chest and tease his nipples. Others slithered over to Angela to latch on to her nipples and squeeze roughly at the rosy buds. 

Tiffany’s fondling only sped up Jacks growing monstrous orgasm as he still had not cum. His balls felt painfully full and cried out to empty into his lover. 

“I’m cuming!” He declared as he pushed his dick as deep as he could into Angela. 

“Do it! Fill me, give me a baby!” The blonde begged. 

Grunting loudly, Jack shot over and over into her, more than he ever had in his entire life, ensuring Angela’s  pregnancy and the start of their family. 



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6 thoughts on “Tangled Tentacles Ch.3 -End

  1. I remember this. I think people disliked the polymory (instead of just calling it what it is, polygamy) and the strange cheating aspect of the first chapter. But its not bad. Not overly complex, gets to the point, likable enough characters, good action.

    3/5 good. I like it

  2. Thanks, I honestly just wrote it as a cheap smut piece and to give a little love to the Tentacle girl- not too many stories about them out there.

    1. Tentacles do need more love. This series is enjoyable enough if you wanted to continue it I would. I’d like to see what happens next anyway.

  3. A nice Polyamory Triad. Brings back memories…or so I’ve been told.

    Minor quip- Fellatio: Two “L’s”.
    Cumming: Two “M’s”. I know I know, Spelling Nazi. My bad.

    What a lucky guy, One Tentacle, another on the way way via Monsterization, and a Tentacle-Muffin in the oven….Bliss.

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