Tangled Tentacles Ch.2

As Jack drifted close to conciseness, he became pleasantly aware of a soft, warm body cuddling next to him. Opening his eyes, he  saw blonde hair below him. During their nap  it seemed that somehow Tiffany was able to sneak away, leaving Jack and Angela together on the Tentacles massive sized bed. In her absence, Angela unconsciously  attached herself to him. Glancing  down Jack was finally able to get a good look at her face.  A well-defined nose, high cheekbones, slight blemishes here and there, with  full lips, she was the picture perfect version of the cute girl next door that movies loved to portray. 

Fluttering her eyes open, Angela smiled until she saw it was Jack she was hugging. Gasping, she quickly rolled to the other side of the bed, glaring at him. 

“Who are you?” She demanded. 

“I’m Jack, we uh, met earlier…” he said embarrassed. 

“Oh, so it’s you… you’re still here?” 

“I just woke up, remember…?” 

Angela snorted then blushed as she looked away, evidently remembering their earlier intimacy. 

“Hey, um, I’m sorry about earlier… I really didn’t know about all this- you and her-  and then it was like in the heat of the moment earlier…I-I just wanna say I’m sorry…”  Jack said dejected.

Pausing in thought, Angela took a deep breath and exhaled noisily before saying, 

“Look, you don’t have to apologize. I knew she was doing this… She told me she wanted a boyfriend, and I agreed to it. I just got,  I don’t know, jealous… I was afraid you were going to take her away from me, that’s why I came over  to distract her from going out today. She’s the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time…” 

“I didn’t know… I don’t want to split you two up. I really like Tiffany, but I would never want to hurt anyone over this. I- I’ll tell her it’s off… I’m sorry…”  Jack said tearing up as he stood. 

“Wait!” Angela said  stopping him.

“Damn it, she said you were sweet…” She mumbled under her breath as she walked around the bed to face him.

“I love Tiffany and I want her to be happy, she said you were a really nice guy. I didn’t believe her, every guy I’ve ever been with treated me like trash, which is why I really didn’t want her to do this. But, I’m willing to give this a shot ok? So, um… friends?” Angela asked holding out her hand to him.

Smiling softy, Jack took her hand and shook it.  

“Hey, if you two are done, I have dinner ready!”  Yelled Tiffany from what he could only assume to be the kitchen

Jack and Angela both shot each other shocked and embarrassed looks, it seemed that Tiffany had better hearing then either of them thought…

”Huh,” Jack said looking around the bedroom, “My clothes are missing?” 

“Mine too,” Angela replied confused as she looked under the pilliows and sheets on the bed. 

“I put all of your clothes in the washer,  just come down to eat!” Called Tiffany. 

“Naked?!” Cried Angela indignantly. 

“We’ve all just had sex together, I really don’t see the issue.” Tiffany yelled back in a slightly condescending tone. 

“Gods damn Tentacle,”  Sighed Angela, looking  over to a still embarrassed Jack she said, “Come on, we might as well just go out and eat, she’ll get all pissy if we don’t.” 

Nodding in agreement, Jack followed her.  As they walked, he couldn’t help but stare down at her ass, while not huge, each cheek was pleasantly plump and more then a handful. Jack forced his eyes off her posterior as he felt familiar stirrings below. Squishing them as best as he could, Jack forced his eyes up, he did not want to eat with a hard on!

Reaching the kitchen, delicious smelled tickled their noses, and both gasped at the sight before them. Tiffany had somehow quickly whipped up a candle light dinner of steak, potatoes and vegetables. 

“I just wanted to do something nice for my two beauties,” She said grinning at their reaction while leaning back against the kitchen counter. 

“It’s… beautiful…” Angela said mollified from the Tentacles word. Jack nodded in agreement, it was a touching gesture. 

“Well, what are you waiting for? Sit down, and let’s eat!” 

Jack and Angela took their places side by side at the table, while Tiffany sat across from them. Instead of eating from the food she had prepared, Jack saw that she had a bowl of blue… soupy water? On her plate. 

While ravenously hungry, Jack forced himself to eat slowly. Glancing over next to Angela, he felt that she was trying to do the same, she after all had taken the most abuse from their ‘meet n greet’ earlier.  He took a moment out of eating  and asked Tiffany about her food.

”Oh this? Well I don’t really need the same kinds of nutrients as you guys, let’s just say what you two give me is definitely more than enough,” She explained pointing her spoon and leering at them before continuing, “But this is just plant food dissolved in water, makes for a yummy snack.” 

As they ate, Tiffany pushed the pair to share details about themselves to each other. Angela told him that she worked at a local contracting company, she liked watching horror movies- but not alone, and that her favorite color was green.

Jack admitted that he also liked green as well and that he was working at a local computer repair store until he could find something better. 

All the while they were talking and eating, Jack felt something snake it’s way up his leg and began to lightly caress and tease his penis. Looking over to a smiling Tiffany, he was pretty sure he knew what it was. 

Angela, suddenly slapped her hand down on the table, startling him.  Growling, she pulling out her chair slightly and checked underneath .

”Are you seriously molesting us while we are eating?” She said angrily.

“What?” Tiffany said innocently while sipping her spoonful of plantfood soup, “I’m just being friendly…” 

“You have a tentacle shoved halfway up my pussy, I think that’s being a little more than friendly!”

Tiffany sighed and put down the spoon. 

“Are you two full?” She asked, ignoring Angela’s indignation. 



“Good, because it’s time for dessert ,” Tiffany said. She stood and walking around the table to be behind them. Both Jack and Angela twisted around to see what she was doing but found themselves coiled in her tentacles. 

“What are you up to, Tiffany?” Angela demanded as she struggled slightly in the Tentacle girls grasp. 

“Why, I’m having dessert , my love,” Tiffany smiled as she pulled them along, back to the bedroom. 

As Jack was dragged along he briefly considered struggling like Angela, but he had a fairly good idea that the Tentacle girl was much stronger than even the two of them combined. Besides he truly doubted that she would ever hurt either of them.  It was strange, Tiffany was definitely the dominant one in both relationships, but Jack honestly didn’t seem to mind. It was almost enjoyable to release control to someone else and not have to worry about taking the lead.

Jacks thoughts were interrupted as Tiffany threw the both of them onto the large bed. Side by side they laid facing the horny Tentacle girl as she gazed loving at them. 

“Mmm my, quite some delicious looking desserts for me to feast on,” She said to herself, lustfully looking them over. 

”Kiss each other.” She demanded. 

Jack turned to look at Angela as she did the same to him. They hesitated slightly as they still really didn’t know each other for that long…

“Do I need to repeat myself?” She warned. 

Deciding to take the reins before Tiffany got truly mad, Jack closed in and kissed Angela. At first it was just lips but he was surprised when she slipped her tongue into his mouth.  After a while both Jack and Angela began to quietly moan to each other as they made out in front of Tiffany.  Jack took a chance and reached out to cup Angela’s modest breast. Using his thumb and index finger he captured her nipple and squeezed it lightly.  Looking into Angela’s eyes, he was met with an intense lustful stare from the blonde causing him to harden even more. 

Peeking sideways from their kissing, Jack saw that Tiffany was masterbaiting furiously while intently  watching their show. 

“So fucking hot…” Tiffany wispered huskily as she plunged a tentacle in and out of her own leaking flower. As they finished, both humans turned from each other to watch their Mamono lover please herself. 

Realizing that they had stopped, Tiffany lustfully shot her own green appendages towards them. First wrapping around Angela’s waist, two slimy tentacles traveled down her trimmed mons to plunge themselves each into her moistened slit and ass. Anglea moaned loudly at the penetration, her hands grabbing at the bedsheets, as Tiffany fiercely violated her holes. 

Jack intently watched the display next to him, his cock straining at the sight of Angela’s defilement. 

“Your turn, lover boy.” 

Another tentacle wraped itself around Jacks waist, similar to what had just happened to Angela, but at the end of its tip was a small oriface that tightly fit over his errect member. Moaning in pleasure, himself, Jack grabbed at the mattress below him.  He felt Angela’s hand snake out and clasp his own as they shared  in the pleasure brought by their Mamono girlfriend.

”Now I know Angela looooves this,” Tiffany began as she shot out two more thin appendages that latched onto the girls eraser sized nipples, “But I wonder if you’re into it?” 

Another two shot from below her as they attached on to Jacks much smaller nipples. He immediately felt  pleasure from the undiscovered errogenous  zone as they were being teased and nibbled upon.  The new and intense sensation caused him to thrash his hips up in ecstasy. 

“Ohh Angela, I guess he’s really just like you.” Tiffany giggled as she ravished both her humans. 

“I really love this,” Tiffany breathed heavily as she continued thrusting her tentacles in and out of Anglea while simultaneously thrusting her tentacle pussy up and down Jacks penis, “Fucking both of you at the same time, it’s like a dream come true…” 

Neither Jack nor Angela could speak as sexual bliss overwhelmed their brains. Anglea was the first to cum as she convulsed in orgasam, Jack was right behind her as he emptied himself into the hungry, attached appendage.

 Gently pulling her tentacles off and out of the two, Tiffany crawled onto the bed and positioned herself above the recuperating couple. 

As if on autopilot, Angela slowly turned onto her belly and crawled up to Tiffany’s dripping flower, licking slowly, she drank away at the nectar. 

“Jack,” Tiffany called softly , “Come join her, my juice will help you recover, that’s how Angela is able to go for so long..” 

Copying Angela, Jack turned  over and pulled himself up next to her. Tiffany widened her legs as Angela shifted over to make room as he approached. Licking at the oozing slit, Jack found that she was leaking an incredibly sweet tasting syrup. The more of it he swallowed better he felt and  the harder he became.

Tiffany moaned with delight as the two hungrily lapped away at their lovers quim. She reached out with her appendages to caress their backsides, faces, and play with their hair. She briefly wondered if this was what it was like to nurse young. Biting her lower lip she spared a glance down at Angela. She knew it was just her species DNA talking but she badly wanted to knock her up. She had been working on growing a special kind of bulb just for that purpose. All she would  have to do is insert it in Angela’s womb, Jack could fertilize it, and Angela would be instantly pregnant with her baby. Of course she would need a sister too, perhaps she would allow Jack to impregnate her after? Tiffany shuttered as an orgasm ran through her at the very thought of Angela being bred. 

How would Anglea look pregnant? Big belly, swollen breasts, leaking with milk… Perhaps Jack and herself would drink from them as they pleasured her body?Tiffany fought the urge to do the deed that very moment. She had made plans for that very purpose at a later date.

Tiffanys fantasies were interrupted as Jack sat up and shyly asked,

“Um Tiffany? Do you think that um… you and I could…um if it’s ok that is… “Jack trailed off, stroking himself as he looked over to Anglea. He desperately needed relief as his cock seemed impossibly hard and balls felt overwhelmingly heavy with cum.

‘Could this be the result of Tiffany’s nectar? ‘ He hazily thought. 

Tiffanys brow furled in confusion, as she was about to inquire what he meant when Angela answered her unasked question. 

“He wants to fuck you, but he’s asking permission.” She said from Tiffany’s crouch. 

“Um yeah…” He said bashfully. 

Smiling widely at his shyness, Tiffany then curled a tentacle under Angela’s chin, forcing her to look up at Tentacle Girl. 

“Would you be okay with us doing that in front of you, my love ?” Tiffany asked, staring deeply into the girls eyes. 

Angela turned her head away from the Tentacles grasp,  a hurt look on her face but then, suddenly,  a sadistic smile spread across to replace it as she turned back. 

“Sure…” She said, shocking all as she tugged Tiffany down the bed by the waist to Jack. Bending over to his ear, she growled quietly to him,

”I want you to fuck the shit out of her…” 

Waiting for no other discussion, Jack readily plunged his aching hard-on into Tiffany’s syrupy canal. As he eagerly rutted away at the moaning Tentacle girl, Angela watched, feeling  a myriad of emotions in her  play upon each other.  Jealousy, arrousal, disgust and, now a new feeling – the urge to dominate her moaning girlfriend as she having sex for the first time with her new lover . Reaching over, she pinched Tiffany’s nipples roughly and said,

”You’re always the one that does the fucking, how to does it feel to be the one fucked, huh?  How does it feel to be plowed?”  

Feeling an erotic dominance building within her,  Anglea swung her legs over Tiffany to shove her mound vehemently against the Tentacles face. Forcefully rubbing her bare wet slit against Tiffany’s mouth, Angela continued her dialog, 

”All the times you fucked me, you always shoved your tentacles up my ass too, did you ever think maybe I didn’t want that? I just maybe wanted to have regular sex with you, huh? Or maybe I just wanted to have it licked not fucked? Or maybe I didn’t want it that rough?” Angela said dominantly as she ground her clit.

Fuck her harder!” She commanded back at Jack as she reached behind to pinch and abuse Tiffany’s nipples while continuing to use her mound to punish the Tentacle girls mouth. A newfound pleasure blossomed in Angela as she dominated Tiffany. 

Together, the two humans assaulted the Tentacle’s body. Angela exhausting her supressed anger while Jack quenched his need to finally have Tiffany’s body.  

Although she could have easily turned the tables and overpowered her lovers, Tiffany decided to let them have some fun together as they ravished her. Angela did need to blow off some steam, while she did promise Jack her pussy. She moaned in delight as they used her roughly for their pent-up desires.

 Pounding away at Tiffany’s willing slit, Jack finally apexed as he shot his cream deep inside her. Spurt after spurt he ejaculated what seemed like an impossible amount filling the Tentacle girl to the very core, even to the point of causing her belly to bulge slightly. 

Jack slumped down next to her expanded stomach as he caught his breath. Reaching over, he gently caressed it with his hand and lovingly kissed the sides. 

A few minutes after, Angela let out a primal yell of release as she came hard on the Tentacle girl’s mouth. Gasping in pleasure, she collapsed down on the bed, swinging her leg back over to reveal a smiling Tiffany, her face covered with Angela’s juice. 

“Feel better now, my loves?” She fondly asked the two as she used her appendages to scoop up Angela’s messy spendings to slurp. Reaching down, she did the same with Jacks cum that was slowly leaking from her folds. 

“Uh huh.” Jack mumbled while still kissing Tiffany’s engourged, cum filled belly. 

“Fuck yeah,” Angela breathed still basking in her powerful orgasm. 

Looking at the clock by the bed, Tiffany saw that it was well past midnight. Quite a few hours had past since dessert had started. 

“Come on you two, works tomorrow, time for bed,” She said in a motherly tone as she shuffled her exhausted humans next to her on each side. Pulling the covers over them all,  she breathed deep the musky smell of sex in the room. It had truly been the most amazing day she’s ever had. Both her lovers together at last. In the back of her mind she started to plan for a more permanent arrangement for her two beloveds. 






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    1. Several instances where Angela is Anglea. Both are cute names, but which one is it?

      Also I believe you meant “dessert.” “Deserts” are full of sand, something a girl definitely doesn’t want in those sensitive places.

      Other than that, fun story. With this amount of intimacy, is Angela going to become a tentacle girl herself?

      1. Thanks for the find, I can’t believe I missed that anyway all will be revealed in chapter 3, I’m currently trying to hammer out June’s Revenge with Karen as well as a few other projects as well

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