Taming Your Desires


The Spirit of the land grew angry and unleashed fear and terror throughout the Red Lake Reservation as it hungered to satisfy their desires.


“Keep running! We need to get back to the village!” yelled one man as they ran away from the screeches behind them.

“Why is the spirit awake, Abooksigun? We performed the rituals and gave offerings. What else could it want?” asked a younger man.

“Just shut up and keep running, Paco! Those rituals were only going to hold it back for so long. Eventually, the spirit’s desires would become too strong and unpredictable to control,” explained Abooksigun as they approached the safety of their town.

The two men ran into the village, the creature halted as it neared the village’s border. The Border of the reservation town was a powdery substance, made out of salt and rosemary, which kept the monster at bay. 

The men observed the creature closely, noting its features. The beast possessed a pair of antlers capable of impaling a man’s heart right out of their chest. Its eyes were crimson red and stood out easily, glowing brightly from the void of its unnatural glossy pitch-black scleras.

The beast teased them with its elegant tan human skin and large-sized breasts, but its smoke-colored fur covering its legs, arms, and back, warding off anyone who gazed upon it. The creature stamped and rutted in frustration with its unnatural deer hooves, as the men looked on.

In a state of desperation, the creature contorted its fingers and appendages, elongating them to their fullest extent in a frantic attempt to seize the two men. 

The men, stepping back in fear, managed to avoid being caught. The creature responded with a furious screech before retreating to the shadows of the desolate land. 

Soon after, a group from the town, including the chief, gathered to check on the two men.

“The spirits of this land grow impatient I see.” the town chief said.

“Chieftain, Sir, we must find a suitable, human sacrifice for the beast and soon!” Paco said

“I have already found two cows slaughtered, and the vegetation in the west side garden has been destroyed. It seems that the beast is no longer satisfied with our offerings,” Abooksigun added. “Very well, we will prepare the campgrounds and advertisements at first light. Surely someone will be gullible enough to be our sacrifice for the beast,” the chieftain declared.

A black Honda Civic pulls up to the gravel parking lot of the Red Lake Community Center.

A 5’10 tall man with a lean muscle build stepped out of his car. His medium-length brown hair lightly blew in the wind and he rubbed his clean-shaven face as he checked his phone. 

“This is the right address, isn’t it?” the man asked himself as he double-checked the ad. The ad read, “Enjoy a once-in-a-blue-moon discount of 60% off on the deluxe camping package at Red Lake Reservation! 

You can enjoy a cabin right on the lake, while you and the family partake in fishing, hiking, canoeing, tomahawk throwing, and archery. Join us during our spiritual and ritual services while exploring our precious and sacred land.

Apply today, limited time offer ending soon!”

“Seems like the right place but wher–”

“Hello! You must be here for the Reservation Camping experience Yes?” A man says as he steps out of the Community Hall. 

Clyde nodded eagerly and replied, “Oh, yeah. Is this where I sign in?”

“Absolutely, Sir! My name is Paco and welcome to the Red Lake Reservation. And you are?” Paco replies, extending his hand for a handshake. 

“I’m Clyde, Clyde Carter,” he introduces himself, shaking Paco’s hand. “I saw your ad and figured I could use some time away from the office. I’ve been camping a few times and would love to get back into it. It could be a good way to relax and refresh my brain,” Clyde explains with a smile. 

Paco nods understandingly, “Perfect! We can get you all set up inside, and I can give you a tour of the campgrounds after.” He says as he led Clyde inside the Community Hall

After helping Clyde get set up and registered for four days of relaxation in the Minnesota countryside, Paco takes him around the reservation. As they walk along a dirt trail, Paco informs Clyde that canoeing services on Lower Red Lake close at 9 pm. However, he is free to fish and swim as much as he wants, but he must take care of his own safety. Clyde assures him that he has read and signed the waiver and will be fine. 

As they approach the campsite, Clyde notices a powdery substance along the town’s borders and asks Paco about it. Paco explains that it is a traditional offering of salt and rosemary. The offering keeps the animals and bugs away from the garbage.

Clyde didn’t really give it much thought after that. 

Arriving at the cabin. Paco told that he was free to join them back in town for worship, and daily traditions if he liked. But the most important, thing Paco informed him was to “Enjoy himself, and let the Spirits of the Land comfort him.” whatever that meant. 

After Clyde got his things settled in his cabin, he figured since the day was almost over he should try and get a quick hike in and explore some trails along the lake. 

He noticed he seemed to be the only tourist at the reservation, but it was a school and work week so it made sense. He liked it that way though, no noisy tourist to ruin his vacation.

During his hike, Clyde scouted a few fishing spots to try later in his vacation and also took some pictures of the beautiful lake. As he headed back to his cabin to make some food, he again, felt like someone was watching him. While walking, he saw a bundle of sticks arranged in a heart shape with Bloodroot flowers surrounding it. It was hanging on a tree limb, and a rat skull was positioned at the center of the totem. Although it looked creepy, Clyde dismissed it as a Native tradition and did not think twice about it. 

At his campsite, he managed to get a fire started, but he had an odd feeling that he was being watched. He cooked up some hotdogs and took a picture, that would make for a good camping trip story on CaptureChat. 

 As he was about to enjoy his meal, he heard something behind him. He quickly turned around with his hotdog raised defensively and saw that it was Paco. 

“Woah, easy there. Don’t want to get mustard on my shirt now,” Paco said teasingly, observing Clyde’s aggressive stance. 

“Gosh, you scared the hell out of me,” Clyde said as he sat back down and resumed his meal. 

“I just came to check up on you, how are you enjoying yourself?” 

Clyde swallowed the rest of his food and patted his chest before speaking. 

“Good- it’s good. I explored the trail back there, and I found a few places that look like good fishing, but I think I might hike around the reservation some more.” Clyde said as he explained his activities for tomorrow. 

“Are you a fisherman?” Paco asked Clyde. 

“I’ve been fishing with my father and friends from time to time,” Clyde replied. 

“Well, if you ever need any help, feel free to ask. Someone from the tribe will be more than willing to assist you,” Paco explained as he was about to head in for the night.

“Wait, Paco! On my way back to the cabin, I saw a weird totem thing. It looked like a heart and had what I think were bloodroot flowers and a rat skull in the middle of it. What is that all about?” Clyde asked Paco. 

“Well, blood roots represent love in our culture. Maybe the Spirits of the land like you,” Paco said with a smug smile as he shrugged and walked away towards the town.

“Huh weird,” Clyde thought as he put out the fire and threw away his dirty plate before heading inside. 

After taking a shower and getting situated in bed he scrolls through his phone until hears what sounds like an animal rummaging around outside.

“Shit, maybe using the outside trash wasn’t a good idea. Eh, I’ll clean it up in the morning,” he thinks to himself before putting his phone down. 

As he is getting ready for bed he sees what looks like two red lights in his window. 

“Were there always telephone towers there?” He wonders. 

Clyde stares at the two red orbs, but they don’t move or flash. He watched them intently, but they remained perfectly still. Eventually, he lost interest and threw the covers over his head, and fell asleep.

In the morning, Clyde woke up and got ready for the day. He started a shower and as he waited for the water to warm up, he noticed something strange. While looking out the window, instead of cellphone towers, he sees smudges and slobber on the glass. 

“What the hell?” he muttered to himself as he inspects the window. Upon stepping outside, he realizes that the trashcan has also been ransacked. He considers the possibility of it being a bear and recalls the salt and rosemary mixture used by the village to ward off animals. However, he is puzzled by the red eyes he noticed earlier. He wonders if bears even have red eyes or if it is some other kind of animal. 

After cleaning up the mess from last night, Clyde decided to attend the morning gathering in the village where he saw Paco talking to someone.

“All I’m saying is that it’s odd it didn’t barge in take him– Oh hey Clyde,” Paco called out. “Abooksigun, this is Clyde, he is our guest at the reservation. Clyde, meet Abooksigun.” Paco introduced the two men. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Abooksigun. This place is beautiful, and I’m enjoying myself so far,” Clyde says, holding out his hand for a handshake. Abooksigun takes Clyde’s hand and shakes it, “I’m glad the land is treating you well,” He responded.

Clyde then asks about getting a guide to come with him on a hike through the southern part of the reservation, to which Abooksigun responds, “Of course, I would love to guide you. Let’s get some breakfast, and then we can head off.” Abooksigun guides Clyde into the community center.

After a decent-sized breakfast, the two men start on the trail. They engage in a conversation about their daily lives until Clyde notices some Indian Paints blooming. 

“Do you have an interest in flowers?” Abooksigun asks. 

“Not really, but I was curious about their meaning. On my first day here, I found a strange totem that had Bloodroots, so I wanted to know what these flowers symbolize. This way, if I see them on a totem, I’ll understand what it means,” Clyde explains while observing the flowers. 

“Well, Bloodroots are a symbol of love, while Indian Paints are a symbol of creating a friendship, and they also can be used in certain poisons,” Abooksigun answers, while chuckling. 

Feeling alarmed, Clyde quickly moves away from the flower and continues on the trail. The two cross through fields, hills, and forests, while Clyde captured some pictures of the landscape.


“Did ya hear that?” Clyde asked, jerking his head behind him.

“Hear what? The birds?” Abooksigun asked.

“No, I heard someone say ‘Mine.’ You seriously didn’t hear it?” Clyde explained.

“It must be the wind playing tricks on you. Come on, we are almost back to the town,” Abooksigun said, gesturing to pick up the pace.

Clyde once again got the feeling that he was being watched, but this time, he also got a slight headache.

“Mine…Mine, you are going to be Mine!” 

He stumbled to the ground as his vision became glossy and his head continued to ache.

“Hey, are you alright?” Abooksigun said, coming to his aid.

“There is something wrong. My head hurts and everything is bright and blurry,” Clyde said, holding his head tightly.

“You probably ate too much and got heat exhaustion. Here, eat this. It’s peppermint leaf,” Abooksigun said, offering Clyde some water as well.

Clyde ate the leaf and drank the water before heading back into town with Abooksigun.

As Clyde enters the Community Hall, he feels the cool air from the AC hitting his skin, providing him with a sweet and refreshing sensation. He takes a seat and flaps his collar a bit to get more comfortable. 

“Oh yeah, much better,” he says with a sigh of relief. “You were right, Abooksigun. Maybe I did overdo it,” he admits.

Abooksigun nods while a cheeky smile is displayed on his face. “I’m glad you’re feeling better. But you should take it easy for the rest of the day, alright?”

Clyde agrees and heads back to his camp, on his way back he took in the beauty of the Minnesota landscape as he walks. After a bit of sightseeing, he reaches his cabin, but his happiness is short-lived as he spots a not-so-pleasant surprise. 

“Ugh, what is that?” he exclaims, his eyes fixed on the carcass lying in front of him.

It appeared to be a raccoon with its head torn or bitten off and it also had a hole where its heart should be. 

Clyde rolled his eyes as he walked to the back of the cabin and searched for something to scoop it up and throw it away. 

After a bit of searching, he found a stick that was good enough for the job. He walked back to the front of the cabin and was surprised to find that the raccoon was no longer there. Instead, there was another heart-shaped totem that was covered in bloodroot. This time, it had an animal heart – most likely the raccoon’s at the center. 

he became annoyed, thinking it was the locals pranking him, but still not wanting to offend them, he hung it off the side of the cabin and went inside. 

The next morning, Clyde decided to go fishing. He checked his equipment and saw that everything was good and ready. He made his way to one of the fishing spots he had seen on his first day. 

After getting settled, he cast his line and enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

“Hey there, Clyde!”

until it wasn’t. 

“Hey there…uh, Paco” Clyde said disappointed, that his peace had ended so soon. 

“Catch anything yet?” Paco asked.

“Nah, just started,” Clyde replied.

“Hey Paco, since you are here, and I do not mean to be rude. But another one of those creepy totems things got put up on my front door. I would appreciate it if I am informed first, before they are placed around my campsite.” Clyde said with a bit of an annoyed tone. 

“Of course, of course, my apologies. That’s just how we welcome others into our land, we want them the land to accept you as we did. But don’t you worry, I’ll make sure to inform you from now on.” Paco replied in a nervous tone, while a bead of sweat dripped from his head to his neck collar. 

“Thank you I would appreci– Woah! I think I got a fish!”

“Well look at that reel him in slowly, give him some line when there is too much tension, and don’t break the line,” Paco said excitedly. 

“Yeah, I got it,” Clyde grunted as he wrestled the aquatic beast.

After a few minutes of battling the beast, Clyde manages to reel in a 32in Bull Bowfin. 

“Well look what we got here, got yourself a pretty one. Too bad it’s a Bull though.” Paco announces.

‘Why is that?” Clyde asks confused.

“Well the big ones have a high chance of carrying worms, you may as well throw it back.” 

“Nah, I think I’m going to keep this one, I’m feeling lucky,” Clyde says as he packs up the fish in his cooler and heads back to his camp. 

As Clyde heads back to his camp, he feels a sense of satisfaction at having caught a monster of fish. Upon reaching the camp, he carefully stores the fish in the freezer, happy at the thought of cooking it up later. But before he does that, he wants to capture a few more photos of the beautiful town he’s visiting, as the sun begins to set. 

He left his camp and ventured throughout the town, he takes pictures of the unique architecture, totems, symbols, and gatherings that he comes across. On his stroll, he comes across a traditional potlatch ceremony and decides to observe it for a while. It’s here that he bumps into Paco once again who is with Abooksigun, who are exchanging arrowheads. 

“Woah, are those real Arrowheads? Ya know, I plan to find some before I head back home. Any ideas where is a good place to find some?” Clyde announces excitedly to the two. 

Abooksigun responds with a teasing grin, “There is a creek close to the trail we explored yesterday, you will definitely find one there. Just don’t pass out to the heat.” 

Clyde rolls his eyes and chats with the two for a while, before bidding them farewell and making his way back to the lake where he hopes to capture the beautiful scenery. However, as he crosses the town border, he experiences another splitting headache. 

Despite the pain, he chooses to ignore it and continues on his journey towards the lake. Finally, he reaches the lake and finds the perfect spot to take his picture. He patiently waits for the camera to focus, and he snaps a few shots of the sun reflecting off the lake. 

However, as he moves his thumb to adjust the camera, he accidentally presses the self-capture button. 

He internally curses himself as he attempts to fix his mistake, but he stops. On his screen, he notices a tan woman with a wicked smile on her face. Her glowing red eyes are familiar to him, but he is freaked out by the vicious set of antlers protruding from the top of her head. The sight sends shivers down his spine. He quickly looks behind him but sees no one, he only seems to notice the trees, that were swaying along with the breeze.

Obviously, a bit freaked out, he heads back to his camp. Upon arriving, he notices that his headache has disappeared. Feeling better, he decides to retrieve the Bowfin he caught earlier that day and start to prepare it for dinner. He prepares the fish on the kitchen counter and he slices into the fish, peeling back its scaley and leathery skin. However, to his surprise, he finds worms crawling in and out of the fillet.

 “Oh God damn it… sigh… I should have listened to Paco,” he says with a regretful tone. Clyde carried the fish outside and threw it into the shrubs, letting nature deal with it. 

“Guess it’s sandwiches and s’mores tonight.” 

Clyde grabbed some condiments, as well as the usual ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, and pickles for his sandwich, and he also grabbed marshmallows and chocolate for his dessert. He walked outside with his ingredients and prepared a nice warm fire, this was going to be his perfect meal under the stars.

Peeking from behind a tree, stalked a beast, eyeing her prey. She was so happy that he returned her offerings with a prize catch. She blushed as she ate on the Bowfin he set out for her. She looked up from her meal and saw her prey putting butter, bacon, and ham in a pan, for his own meal. The aroma of the food tickled her nose, and she drooled a little. As she moved from the tree to the brush, doing so silently, much like a cat stalking a mouse. Her prey, unaware of her presence, was delicately preparing his meal. She watched him eat intently, carefully studying his technique and method of eating, admiring it even. Everything her prey did seemed to captivate her. All she wanted to do was wrap him up in a warm ball and make him submit. She watched as he finished his food and then became curious as he began to place these weird white and brown things in between what looked like a cracker. She inched her head closer, to get a better look at food, and of course her prey.

Clyde started to heat the smores in the fire until he heard a snap behind him. He quickly turned his head and stared into the brush, “Hello? Paco? if that’s you I swear I’ll– Oh shit my smores!”

Clyde yelled as he swiftly pulled them back from the fire, in an attempt to save them. 

He cooled them down and examined their charred outer shells, “Ugh, can’t eat these,” He said shaking his head as he tossed them behind him.

but unbeknownst to him threw them in the direction of his curious onlooker. The creature picked up one of the burnt s’mores and tasted it. To her surprise, it was delicious, and she eagerly ate the rest of them. She savored its intense flavor as she licked her fingers clean.

“More, need more… I need Him~” She begins to think about all the treats her prey would make for her once she captures him. She began to frolic her way toward the fields, determined to find her beloved an offering of equal value.

After extinguishing the fire, Clyde became alert as he heard some faint rustling and snapping of twigs from the nearby brush. He realizes that it might be wise to finally head back into his cabin to clean up and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

“He will be mine, He will make treats, I will spoil him lots, He will be mine…” The beast seemed to repeat to itself in a sing-song tone as it dragged the carcass of a dead cow back to her prey’s camp. She found a cow grazing too far from its pen, and she took advantage of the opportunity as she morphed her fingernails into that of talons, similar to that of an eagle. She strategically sliced its throat and snapped its neck for a perfect kill. As she reached the camp she sliced the cow’s stomach open to retrieve its heart.

She placed the heart at the foot of the door and used excess blood to write out a message to her beloved. She joylessly skipped off into the night and waited for her prey to receive her offering. 

Clyde awoke from his slumber, he felt like today he would capture a few more pictures to wrap up his vacation. After his usual morning shower, he sat down on his bed with his phone and started scrolling through the photos he had taken so far. He admired the art and architecture he took during his few visits through the town. He was also captivated by the stunning, unspoiled beauty of the rural landscape that he had managed to capture. While scrolling, he suddenly noticed something peculiar that caught his attention a familiar pair of glowing red eyes, and the smiling face of a woman with antlers peeked out from behind the trees.

He continued to scroll through the pictures and she was present in almost every picture, peeking from a shrub or spying from an accumulation of trees, she seemed to be stalking him, but why he thought? A bit freaked out he wanted to get to the bottom of this and see where she was present, there had to be some correlation. He saw that in all the pictures taken in the town, she was nowhere to be seen, not in the back or foreground of the images. 

Clydes’s heart sank as he may have realized why he had been getting these sudden headaches, why the natives had a salt and rosemary border around their town, and why the campgrounds weren’t included within the said border. 

“Those fuckers… they know about that thing they…” He stopped himself as he tried to make sense of it all. Clyde figured he just needed some fresh air to calm down. He opened the door and his mood worsened as his eyes landed on what looked like a cow’s heart, and a little off by the fire was the corpse of a cow, with the words “Mine for Eternity” written next to it in blood. Horrified and afraid he just stares at the scene, his eyes darting back and forth from the heart to the carcass. Eventually, his horror was replaced with anger, as his body filled with adrenaline. 

Clyde shook his head, “No, nope I’m done, fuck all this voodoo, sacrificial shit.” He curses to himself as he grabs his keys and sets off on his way back to his car, even going as far as leaving his bags in the process. 

Paco and Abooksigun are doing a routine check on their town’s perimeter. 

“I noticed one of the cows disappeared last night,” Paco said aloud.

“Probably ended up as another expression of love to its Prey,” Abooksigun responded as he added some rosemary and salt to the perimeter. 

“But hasn’t it been long enough? What could that thing be doing, that it needs almost four days to take our offering?” Paco asked annoyed.

“We don’t question the spirit’s tendencies, as long as he keeps her occupied, our land will be rid of her violent tendencies.”

Paco nodded in agreement, as he laid out some rosemary. 

Abooksigun looks up and notices Clyde jogging down the lake in a frustrated manner. 

“Oh that can’t be good,” Abooksigun said to Paco as he pointed to Clyde jogging in the direction of his car.

“Shit! What do we do?” Paco asked.

“Stall him, I’ll let the chieftain know. Don’t worry the Spirit won’t let her prey go that easily.” Abookisgun said as he ran into town to inform the Chieftan of the current situation.

Clyde notices Paco heading in his direction, with concern plastered in his movement, “Fuck off Paco,” Clyde gritted.

“Let’s just talk this out Clyde–”

“No!” Clyde said as he angrily turned in his direction.

“We aren’t just going to talk. You knew about that thing, you wanted it to get me! For christ’s sake, there is a cow’s torso! In front of my cabin!” Clyde said in a disturbed and agitated tone.

“The Spirits mean no harm, they are just gifts, think of them as acts of love,” Paco says trying to calm him down. 

“You are insane! How can you say that? I’m done… I’m leaving, and I want nothing to do wi–” 


Clyde is cut off by the vicious shriek of the Creature, who is now rapidly pursuing him. Clyde gave Paco a final glare of anger as he took off towards the safety of his vehicle. 

Clyde figured sticking to the bank of the river would be the fastest option, the only downside was the brush and large amounts of trees that would aid the creature, in its pursuit. 

As Clyde ran he noticed he came down with another headache, but this one felt off. He felt his head throb as if his brain is pushing against his skull, in favor of the beast. His vision became blurry, and his movements were jagged, He pushed through his ailments, with only the thought of escape in his mind. 

Clyde eventually trips over a dip in the lake’s bank, turning around he is faced with the creature at its whole. He recognized its fierce antlers, bright red crimson eyes, and lastly its captivating tan feminine figure, but he also noticed some new and more peculiar traits. Her moose-like ears flicked in his direction, listening for its prey to make a move. A demonic smile formed on her face as her hair stood up to make her appearance even larger while her tail swayed as she approached him. He also noticed her legs were half animal, as they held a resemblance to that of a deer. Clyde, fearful for his life, stood up and cut through the brush to escape the demon. 


The creature lets out another howl as he runs away. When he finally breaks through the brush and reaches the empty parking lot, he is shocked to discover that his vehicle has been wrecked. The tires have been punctured, the doors have been removed, and the windows have been shattered. His mind fills with despair as he realizes that he has no means of escape.

As he heard the sound of fast-approaching plodding, he muttered to himself, “Those bastards…” In no time, he was tackled onto the pavement. The creature, with swift and graceful movements, flipped him onto his back, and they were now face to face. The demon’s eyes roamed over his face, studying his features intently. He noticed that the creature’s breathing was deep and labored, each hot exhale sending a visible plume of steam into the air. Its mouth was slightly parted, allowing some drool to slowly drip from her mouth and onto his chest. 

Clyde was frozen with fear. He had never witnessed anything like this creature before. His face turned pale as he took in the fierce yet graceful appearance of the beast. All he could do was hope for a quick death, rather than being mauled alive.

It brought its nose to his neck taking in a deep breath of his scent, Clyde shuts his eyes and braces himself as he prepares for it to attack. The creature begins to slowly lick his neck all the way to his forehead slowly, tasting him. He can feel the creature shutter as she does this and her grip tightness around his shoulders. After acquiring her taste a deep blush is apparent on her face as she looks down at him seductively. 

“Finally mine, You are finally Mine…” The creature says in a low raspy feminine voice, but with a hint of a giddy tone. 

The creature grabs Clyde by his face and brings it towards her as she envelopes Clyde with a deep kiss. Her eyes roll to the back of her head with ecstasy, as she deeply explores the crevices of his mouth. 

Parting from the kiss Clyde is shocked as he tries to catch his breath. 

The creature smiles widely as she begins to speak. “What is the name of my Prey?” She says as her hands caress his cheeks. 

Clyde unable to comprehend the situation he is in, blankly stares at her and mutters, “Cly- Clyde, I’m- Clyde”

The creature’s blush deepens as he speaks, she begins to lightly mutter his name ready to her sell while staring at him lovingly. 

“I am Kaniya, and you are now my property, Clyde.” She says as she moves her mouth onto his neck and lightly bites him. Her bite felt like that of a cat kneading its bed, before slumber. She parts her mouth and he can see there is a bit of blood and drool smeared on the side of her cheek. Wiping her mouth, she does not waste time as she picks up Clyde into the bridal carry. She brings him to her chest, Clyde begins to feel her hands and fingers begin to morph in length as they wrap around his body, securing him to her chest. He soon learns why this is, as she quickly darts through the heavy brush and shrubs back to her dwelling. Her grip was tight yet gentle she kept his face buried into her chest as she sprinted through the terrain. Pressed tightly against her, he took in her scent which had a musky smell mixed with pine. 

The pair eventually arrived at a small cave, nestled by a waterfall, that fed into the lake. 

She sat Clyde down on an array of pelts and blankets like he was a teddy bear. Clyde watched as her hands morphed back into their regular size, which was still larger than his by some degree. Kaniya then crouches before him, not saying a word, but rather staring at him with admiration and joy that he is finally hers. “So…Kaniya right?” Clyde said with a fearful tone. Kaniya’s ears flicked towards him, and she nodded her head, waiting with anticipation for him to speak. “What… I mean, no offense, but what exactly are you?” Noticing that Clyde was still frightened, Kaniya decided to calm him down by embracing him in a warm hug as she explained. 

“Well, for starters hun~, I am a Wendigo. I was summoned by the longing desires of marriage and companionship, from the lonely women of the land. The people of this land have satisfied me with these offerings and gifts that lay before you,” She says referring to the pelts, dishware, food, and other necessities that surround them. 

“And now, they have given me… You!” She says with a seductive tone as she pulls his head into her chest again, enjoying his touch. Clyde struggles in her tight grasp and manages to pull his head away from her to ask another question. 

“But, why? What are you going to do to me?” 

Kaniya senses the discomfort in his voice and it sparks a caring nature in her. She pushed him onto the bed and positioned herself above him. “Why you ask? Because it gets lonely for women like me you know.” She says as she plays with his hair. She then plants her mouth onto Clyde’s shoulder marking him once more. Clyde attempts to push her away but he hears a low growl, in response to his resistance. He tries once more, to relieve himself from her grasp, but this time he is met with her hand palming his head in place, as she continues to leave her mark. 

Clyde stops struggling, which in turn, she ceases her growling. He moves his arms a bit, and the growling starts up again, but this time more viscous. He figures he needs to attempt a new course of action, and instead of resisting, he wraps his arms around her, accepting her. She is caught off guard by this and stops biting him, instead, she moves her head to his neck and begins to lick and kiss him softly. Clyde realizes that she is very affectionate, almost as if she is loved starved, she may very well be telling the truth, in that she just wanted someone for herself.  

She moves her head to wear they both are facing each other. Clyde’s hand glides towards her head, his fingers gently tracing the contours of her soft fur. As he scratches behind her ears, he feels his mind wandering, as if his intrusive thoughts have taken over. 

He watches as the Wendigo cocks her head to the side, leaning into his touch. Her eyes look up at him with a sense of security, and she even begins to make a sort of purring sound, as if to say that she is content in his company. Clyde cannot help but smile to himself as he realizes that he is honestly enjoying himself a bit. 

“Huh, I guess you are pretty friendly,” he says aloud, acknowledging Kaniya’s affectionate response.

Kaniya moves his hand from her ear to her cheek and stares deeply into his eyes. 

“I can be more than friendly my sweet prey” She purrs against his touch.

She leans in close to him once again enjoying his warmth. “I love this, you know, I crave this. I don’t want us to ever separate.” She says licking his face.

“Well I would be lying, if I said this wasn’t nice or if you weren’t beautiful but I can’t stay here. I need to get home bac–” She shushes his protest as she caresses his head and brings his ear to her mouth.

“But you are Home, with me~ I can provide you with all that you may need.” She says as a series of growls escape her voice. 

She moves his head so that they are staring at one another. “I will provide for you, care for you, praise and even coddle you. All I ask is that you fill the void and emptiness of this old Spirit.” She says as she boops his nose. “And also make me some more of those delicious treats, you made.” She says in a s soft and teasing tone. 

“Treats?” Clyde says with confusion. 

She nodded her head, “Those goey treats you offered me last night” She said with twinkling eyes as she remembered its sweet flavor. 

Clyde slowly came to the realization that Kaniya was referring to the s’mores he had tossed aside earlier. He noticed that she seemed to think they were meant for her as an offering, and couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. 

“You mean those s’mores that I burned to a crisp? They were no good, Kaniya. You need to have some that are cooked to perfection,” Clyde said, his voice laced with amusement. Kaniya’s tail wagged furiously and her eyes lit up with excitement. 

“So, you’re going to make more for me?” she asked eagerly. Clyde’s nerves got the better of him as he nodded his head in response. She responded with a bear hug as she buried her face into the crook of his neck. Clyde then returns the gesture by hugging her back, feeling a sense of security in her embrace. 

“This is nice,” Clyde said as he began to feel his worries melting away. He had been working at his job for 5 years as a dedicated workaholic, but unfortunately, he never received any recognition for his hard work and loyalty to the company. Didn’t help that he did not take the time to socialize, make friends, or even date. But being embraced by a loving and caring person made him feel safe and content, something he had been yearning for. 

“But let’s not worry about that now, we have all night to get to know each other.” She perked up as she snuggled up to his chest. Clyde was overtaken by the warm and cuddly sensation she was providing. He begins to stroke her lustrous mane as she begins to purr. Clyde was enveloped by the soothing hum of Kaniya’s motor, which seemed to erase all worries and anxieties that had previously plagued him. As he held her close, he felt a sense of contentment wash over him, and he couldn’t help but think that this moment was perfect. 

“You know,” he whispered, “this isn’t so bad. I could stay like this forever.”


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  1. That was so very sweet. Despite some issues with spelling and formatting, it was an enjoyable read. The Wendigo is one of those rarely seen creatures, but well worth it. Initially ferocious but like Hellhounds cuddly and loving once you get to know her.

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