Sweet Rose


“Are You sure you want to meet my  parents Rose, I mean we can-

“I do…would you prefer me not to?”

“You know that’s not it..”

In a not too small apartment laid a  young man, a pale white haired beauty laying on top of his chest. They had just finished having a rather intense love session, simply enjoying each others embrace, the young man content on letting sleep take them but his Jiangshi girlfriend had other ideas.

“It’s because I can’t  have your children isn’t it?” She asked solemnly, already knowing the answer but for whatever reason asking anyway in hopes that wasn’t the case. She mentally scolded herself for ruining yet another love session with her useless comments. Her sky blue eyes started to tear up but she let out a soft ‘o’ when she felt her lover pull her tighter into her.

“You’re going to have my children  beautiful, no if ands or buts,” he said matter-of-factly, kissing her white bed of hair and rubbing her shoulder lovingly. “You and them are just going to have to accept that. The fact that there’s a low chance just means I’m just going to have  to try harder doesn’t it ?”

The pale Jiangshi could only smile, , shuffling her face in his the crook of his neck in a vain attempt to hide herself.

“I love you John, I love you so much” she coed, thinking that was the end of  their  little talk, fully content to simply trust that her lover simply didn’t want to trouble her with his parent but the words he said next caused her undead heart to flutter once more.

“We’re visiting them,” he said, not surprised when he felt his girlfriend sit up, her perfect flawless  body hovering over his, an ecstatic smile on her face and her sky blue eyes dancing across his face.

“You really mean that John?”  she asked  , failing to contain her excitement  as she bounced on him lightly causing him to chuckle.

“I do I do  Rose!”  He chuckled, running his hands up and down her hips  in a weak attempt to keep her still. “I’ve put this off for far too long.  You deserve to see them and they deserve to meet my  special Rose,” he confessed, smiling when blue sparks jumped about her cheeks, her own form of a blush; It didn’t take him long in their relationship to figure it out.

Rose quickly grabbed either sides of his face while placing light kisses on his nose, cheek, lips, anywhere and everywhere on his face.

“Oh I can’t wait to meet your parents! I wonder what they’ll think of me. oh-“

“I know you’re excited and all but..ah fuck it,” John said, trying to consider work tomorrow but ultimately sacrificing sleep to indulge his special girl. He loved when she was happy as that naturally made him as well, but he’d only ever seen her this excited once or twice before and he simply loved it.  tomorrow he would call his parents, but for now it was simply him and his pale beauty of a girlfriend.

Things were sure about to get interesting.

(Line break)

You know it’s not too late John, we can still drive there sweetie. I’ll,I’ll  even drive some of the way!”


“Sixty forty? Fine  I’ll drive the whole way damn it!”

The curious couple walked through the bright and welcoming airport of New York, both of them wrapped up in Winter clothing. John was wearing a simple black coat and jeans with a black hat written ‘NYC’ across it. While John was trying to blend in seemingly the opposite could be said for Rose, at least in her lover’s opinion anyway. She was wearing a simple night blue  coat  along with a matching pair of pants that hugged her womanly curves so perfectly it gave John half a mind to tell her to take it off, Along with a black hat atop of her head that tried in vain to hide her snow white hair as some of it laid across her breast while some was tied into  a simple braid. Her outfit really wouldn’t have been that noticeable-at least to anyone that wasn’t her sweetheart- if it wasn’t for the fact that she had her spirit recalling talisman attached to her  hat covering one eye. Monster girls were still somewhat new to humans but that being considered seeing a Jiangshi was extremely rare in itself.

“It’s going to be fine Rose, I’m going to be sitting right beside you,” John said  though he couldn’t help but chuckle as  Rose merely whined and clenched onto his arm tighter.

“That’s even worse! You know I don’t trust these contraptions, and having both of us in one isn’t going to make me feel any better if something happens!” She whined. She had gathered a great bit of information about this world there were still  some things that  still fascinated and scared her. Men had learned to fly without wings and built outrageously small devices that allowed them to communicate across the world in nearly an instant. She didn’t even want to mention  the wonderful yet utterly terrifying thing everyone used called the internet…

“Shhh Rose! you can’t say that kind of stuff in the airport!” John whispered, cautiously looking around to see if anyone heard him before guiding him and his Rose to a small table.  he quickly shuffled in his left pocket before pulling out a smooth looking black pen.

Rose merely stood still as John reached up and took off her talisman, a nice feeling  of lingering warmth from the spot. She couldn’t help but smile, blue sparks popping around her cheeks  as he wrote carefully and slowly. She knew his handwriting wasn’t the best but when it came to her and her talisman his handwriting was beautiful. After waiting anxiously for what seemed like an eternity he finally placed the magical piece of paper back on her head carefully, patting it gently. Immediately she felt a sense of calm rush through her, easing her nerves just a tad bit.

“Better?” John asked n as he plopped the pen back into his pocket smiling all the while though he almost tumbled over when Rose threw her arms around his chest, burying her head in it as well.

“A little. So what did you write?” She asked, taking in his scent. Despite the fact that John had coated her belly white yesterday night it still didn’t cull  the heat building up in her core.

“Trust and calm,” he replied  as he stroked her silky hair. “As much as I’m enjoying this we should really get to our gate. Once we find seats you can cuddle me as much as you want,” he added with a grin.

“I’ll hold you to that sweetheart,” she chided before returning to her spot clinging to his left arm. “Lead on John.”



Going through security thankful wasn’t too difficult, between  a mixture of them picking a Tuesday and it not being any major holiday they didn’t really run into any trouble. The words  John had written on Rose’s talisman worked like a charm, the Jiangshi for the most part still calm. She had still been a little nervous but she had at least stopped trying to convince the man to simply drive there. About halfway there Rose had the sudden urge for her second favorite treat.

“Hey John…ice cream?” Rose asked, a little unsure if John would let her indulge herself.  It was possibly the only thing she could eat without being outright disgusted by the taste- the other obviously being  John’s special treat  just for her of course-. The only issue with her  eating ice cream was that it somewhat sped up the process of  rigor mortis within her, only slightly though.

The man  only chuckled in response before looking around. He spotted a small restaurant and decided to lead them there, pretty sure that they would serve  some kind of ice cream for  Rose. He knew the effects the ice cream would have on her so he would make sure to try to keep her as ‘warm’ as possible through constant touches; He was hoping the ice cream wouldn’t affect her much since  they went at it like a bunch of succubus  in heat yesterday.

Pretty sure anyway.

“Hello, welcome to Yuha’s,” a black haired  kikimora greeted them nicely though her whole demeanor changed once she recognized who John was, her golden  eyes going wide along with  hug smile on her face. “Oh my goddess you’re-You’re-

“Just a simple man trying to go unnoticed, “John ended for her nicely before pulling out a pen though it was completely different from the one he pulled out for Rose. “How about you keep silent until we leave, and I sign anything you want…in reason of course.” He hated adding the last part but honestly he couldn’t count how many times he had to reject woman- mamono and human- that asked him to sign…unreasonable places.

The woman quickly nodded, the smile still on her face as she pulled out a small book from underneath  the pedestal, the book titled ‘Midnight petals’. She gingerly handed him the book, giggling a bit when her hand brushed against his. She happily watched as he flipped to the very back and signed his name.

“Always a pleasure to meet fans,” John said nicely as he added the finishing touches before handing the book back to the young kikimora. He couldn’t help but smile as she held the book close to her chest.

“Thank you thank you-oh sorry!” She ended in a hush, a nervous smile on her face as she placed the book underneath the pedestal before clearing her throat. “So what can I do for you two today.”

John merely chuckled before gesturing to Rose who was busy looking over a  

“Hello sweetheart. May I have  an order  of your birthday cake  Sundae? You sure you don’t want anything love?” Rose asked, pouting  rather adorably  when he merely shook his head no. “Now you’re going to make me feel fat.”

John snorted comically, earning a another pout from his Woman.

The kikimora known as Carmen quickly cleared her throat  with a smile as the two started to playfully bicker between themselves like an old couple

“So one birthday cake sundae then?” She asked politely, writing down the order before bowing slightly. “We’ll have your order  ready as soon as possible,” and with that she left the two alone.

Rose  hummed to herself before placing a lone finger on John’s chest, sky blue eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I might need some sweet words from the silly boy i love or i might really feel fat.”

“You really want my opinion?”

All rose did was merely shake her head ‘yes’, her sky blue eyes twinkling with kindling desire to hear his words among other things.

John brought her in close, wrapping his arms around her before leaning close to her ear and whispered, “I really must be a terrible lover to have my beautiful woman worry about something so silly. I can only hope that I’ll get the chance to remedy that.” He knew Rose was joking with him but that didn’t mean that he would pass up the chance to fill her with sweet words, especially  words that he would make damn good on.

Rose could only hum in a mixture of pleasure and irritation. She enjoyed every word he whispered to her ear but she also knew that he had purposely made her crave him from them as well.  She was going to make him take responsibility, one way or the other but for now she would have to settle for his lips. Both hands on either side of his she guided him to her lips, savoring his sweet lips. She silently begged for entrance from her  tongue, giddy pleasure flowing through her as she continued the endless hot tug-o-war she loved so much. She could taste it, her essence along with green mint and his, it was simply euphoric. She didn’t care at this point, pushing her body deeper into his in a silent attempt to  urge him to state his claim on her. She couldn’t help it to a certain extent , she was after all a mamono. It didn’t come to much of surprise when he pulled away from her, an extremely thin trail of saliva connecting them before  disappearing just as quickly as it appeared.

“Again, they’ll be plenty of time for that later Rose.” he tried to reset them in an attempt to not look like a couple that was about to screw up and down the airport. He fucked up, he knew it as soon as she started kissing him. Rose was warmer then all hell but for all the wrong reasons. He could only hope that the ice cream would calm her down  a little bit.  if worst came to worst there’s always  the plane ride itself; Just the thought caused another wave to of need in his lower region.

Rose  was about to speak her mind when their hostess returned with a rather beautiful looking sundae, decorated fully with rainbow sprinkles and marshmallow  sauce. She gave a ‘you’re not getting off that easy’ after he spun her around  playfully to accept her second favorite treat. She tried her best to ignore John’s hands on her shoulders, the contact at this point fueling her desire to meld with him.

“One birthday sundae!” Carmen announced happily, the young mamono completely oblivious to the mood.

John pulled out his wallet while Rose fiddled with her treat though he was surprised to find the kikimora raise a hand to him and gently shake  her head ‘no’.

“My manager recognized you and insisted  that it be on the house,” Carmen said with a wink as she pointed to the double doors of what most would assume to be the kitchen. Sure enough there was a light-skinned holstaur waving at them with a big smile.

“Well just consider this a tip then Carmen, “John chuckled, quickly laying  a twenty on the podium and wrapping an arm around Rose’s waist. “Keep up the good work,” and with that he guided them on their way once again.

“Oh my god, this ice cream…”Rose purred, absolutely  jubilant at the delicious cold treat. She quickly scooped up some before guiding her spoon to John’s lips, smiling like a Cheshire cat as he  happily obliged. “Taste good right?”

“that does taste pretty good, really good actually.” John had half a mind to go get him an order but quickly dismissed the idea as he actually just wanted to find their gate as well as some seats. He didn’t know why but he felt more tired than he expected to be after last night.

Luckily for John they weren’t that far from their gate and once again they went relatively unnoticed. It was still early in the day and it seemed as though some people had the same idea John had, most people sleeping either by themselves or with loved ones. Wanting to avoid any unnecessary attention he led them to the back by the gate, making sure Rose was alright with the spot before plopping down somewhat exhausted.

“Hey what’s wrong-ahh~.” Rose’s concern for her lover went answered as soon as she sat down, John planting his face right in her lap as he made himself comfy. “You greedy boy,” she laughed before getting rid of her empty ice cream bowl in a blue puff of fire. It was nice to  flex her magic occasionally even if it was for something so small.

“I don’t know why, but I’m more tired than I expected to be,” he replied honestly, sighing in content when he felt her begin to stroke his hair rhythmically and gently. Her hand was a little cold from holding the ice cream but it didn’t stop the act from feeling good in the slightest, in fact seeming to only make him enjoy her touch that much more.

“We’ll you did keep me up all night sweetheart~,” she whispered, inwardly giggling when he felt him shudder underneath her.

“I mean you’re right haha…I don’t know why but it just hit me ya know.” He made himself comfy for the last time before finally deciding that he was about as snug in Rose’s lap as much as possible. He took in a deep breath, his nose being filled with the addicting faint scent of peaches.

Rose leaned down towards him, her lips practically touching his ear as she said, “Go to sleep love, I’ll wake you up when it’s time.” She kissed his black bed of hair after he fell asleep at her words, happy that her spell took an immediate effect. She leaned back and sighed happily, fully content to pass the time stroking her beloved’s hair. She would never admit it but he  looked so cute and innocent when he slept, like one of the kids at the hospital she would nurse before she met John.

Rose missed her time working at  the children’s hospital, the work itself was very enjoyable and surprisingly accepting of mamonos. Helping innocent sweet children always seemed to give her a sense of warmth that filled the void somewhat before she discovered John.

When she met John.

Even after a year and a half she was still embarrassed and ashamed by their first time meeting and…and well their first time being intimate. If only she had paid attention to that dam Lamia, she wouldn’t have…she wouldn’t have been so insulting towards  with her affection. As much as she hated the way she met John, she wouldn’t  change anything for the world.

So content with stroking her loves head and lost in her thoughts did she almost fail to notice a redheaded woman sit next to them, that is until she felt a powerful presence coming from her.

“Oh me oh do my eyes deceive me or would that be the one and only thorn mother?” The woman  said playfully, her voice as smooth as fine wine with a touch of suspiciousness in the jiangshi’s ears.

Rose sighed inwardly, knowing full well who that voice belonged to. She turned a disinterested  blue eye  to her left, not even bothering to hide the slight irritation  from her face.

“Cut the act…I know who you are Verdim. There are few who such an annoying  presence as you.  Get on with it ,” Rose beckoned lazily. This was the not the first time she had run into a lilim but she was equally annoyed by the presence of the monster all the same. She hadn’t had to converse with a lilim in some time, and if it wasn’t for the demon lord she would have kept it that way indefinitely. Always they would ask something from her back in their realm, and always she would have to endure putting up with them for the sake of them being the demon lords spawn. Luckily for the Lilim next to her she was her favorite one-no-  the least troublesome one out of the batch of hellspawn.

“We’ll I just heard you scooped up a man of your own, the legendary John fairheart to boot!” Verdim tapped her chin thought, violet eyes looking towards Rose, particularly her stomach.”No way…”

Rose gave Verdim her full attention now, sitting up as she inched her head forward, inspecting her stomach closer and closer. She wasn’t really worried about Verdim, she knew she would be the last person to try anything funny though she watched her carefully. Rose didn’t know why but when Verdim outstretched her hand, something within her snapped, lunging forward to catch the woman’s hand in a stone grip.


Rose’s eyes widened slightly as she let go of the Lilims hand, confusion evident on her face.  She quickly apologized to Verdim and waved a quick healing spell her way just to be sure.

“Holy crap Garse wasn’t kidding, You’re strong as hell,” Verdim said while nursing her hand slightly. “I’ve never thought you would have a kid anytime soon though.” She quirked a thin brow when Rose simply stared at her. “Wait you didn’t know?”

Rose ignored  Verdim’s giggles, placing her hand on her stomach curiously; she didn’t need magic to tell her that there was something foreign inside of her. She couldn’t contain the smile spreading on her lips, after all those less than tasty supplements she took her and John were finally going to have a beautiful baby girl. Her first instinct was to wake her lover up but she ultimately relented, deciding to simply tell him when the time was right.

A baby. Oh she couldn’t wait. She knew without a doubt her and John would shower their love child   with so much love and affection that it would put any other family to shame. She could pass down all her knowledge of magic to their baby girl and teach her how to control the elements. With John, she would show her the world, and then she’d show her another, the one rich with wonder and-

Her past.

Rose sighed tiredly before casting her gaze to the lilim who-she just realized-had been begging her to touch her.

” Hello Rose?” The lilim waved her hand in front of the Jiangshi  childishly.”Can I please touch your belly Rose? Please please  please-

“enough Verdim.” Rose took Verdim’s hand and guided it her belly slowly before letting it go, still a bit hesitant. Rose’s contained the desire to  knock away  Verdim’s hand as she  rubbed her stomach rather excitedly, the latter smiling wider than a Cheshire cat.

“Can I please come visit-


Verdim flew back before clasping her hands together, a rather pitiful pleading look on her face.

“Come on Rose, pretty pleaseeeee. I’ll be the best aunt Verdim she ever had!”

“I’m not going to leave our child with another child,” Rose said with finality, not wavering in the slightest when Verdim poured on the puppy dog eyes. “You should know as well as anyone else those won’t work on me.”


“By your mother be silent child!” Rose yelled, effectively silencing the lilim but unintentionally gaining the attention of others in the airport. She touched the talisman on her head for strength in dealing the overgrown child in front of her as well as silently asking for strength from John. “You can visit-

“Thank y-

“Only once a month!” Rose blurted before she was pulled into a small hug by Verdim, the latter giggling with excitement and ‘thank yous’. Rose inwardly cursed the demon lord for the problem in her arms, but ultimately dismissed everything in light of the recent development. So long she wanted a child by a man she loved whole-heartedly, so many times she came close yet…but all that didn’t matter now with the man still sleeping soundly in her lap. Despite how long she lived and what she’s done, John made her truly feel invaluable. She deserved this, she deserved him dammit and no one could tell her differently. After all the pain she’s endured, this is exactly what she deserved.

“Welp, I love to stay and chat with you some more but I’m pretty sure my planes starting to board so..” She quickly picked Rose on the cheek, much to the jiangshi’s irritation before running off towards her gate. Now that she mentioned it Rose casually glanced towards one of the  clocks on the wall, not surprised to see it was still a ways off before their flight. She watched the Lilim run off towards her gate before leaning back with a sigh. She dismissed the dark thoughts and the presence of the lilim from her mind before giving the world a small smile. She took an unnecessary deep breath before exhaling slowly, the act calming her down somewhat.  Even though she no longer needed to breath the act still calmed her down. With a snap of fingers she broke the sleep spell on John, eyes dancing across his face as she waited for him to stir.

“Oh man *yawn* you interrupted the best part.” He shifted a little bit but made no attempt to remove himself from her lap. “This isn’t so bad either though.”

“What were you dreaming about John?” She asked, slowly returning to stroking his hair.

“Hmm.” John’s face scrunched up in thought as he tried remembering what exactly  his dream was about. After a couple of moments he gave a nervous smile, “I have no idea babe.” It was crazy, he knew he was having a stupidly wonderful dream but he couldn’t remember it in the slightest.

Rose took her free hand and gently rubbed  her thumb against John’s cheek, happy that he was enjoying the affection. “Was it about another woman,” she asked though it was obvious she was joking. She giggled when she watched John look at her with a most bewildered expression, knowing full he would never do such a thing. “It was just a joke Sweetie, relax~,” she giggled though she stopped when John merely looked deep in thought.

“Actually, now that I remember it was this beautiful girl…” John rubbed his chin in thought.

“That wasn’t me?” She asked, her panic rising slightly despite the fact that she convinced herself he was just teasing her.  “Well go on, paint me a picture of this girl John.”

“She was short, terribly short but she was just the cutest thing.” He paused as he continued to try to remember, ignoring the calm but eerie smile on Rose’s face. ” She had black hair and beautiful pale skin, and her eyes…her eyes were sky blues just like yours. “

Rose laughed rather awkwardly before resuming stroking John’s hair. “Alright sweetheart, you got me. Enough joking now please.”

“It’s not a joke Rose…”

“of course it is love, there’s simply no way you would dream of another  woman right?” She said it more as a statement, the calm smile still on her face but inside she was anything but calm; she was already planning on-

John  grabbed the women’s side before stuffing his face in her belly, loving the scent of that euphoric body wash. “It was..it was our daughter Rose.” He chuckled when he felt her relax, her thumb once again drawing circles in his cheek.

“John sweetheart.”

“Yea ow-ow-“

Rose was pulling his cheeks gently, a wave of relief washing through her being.  To think she was mere seconds away from hunting down this girl, only to find out it was a dream about what their daughter might look like in the future.

“Don’t ever joke with me like that again alright? I told you I’m a jealous girl~,” she cooed  though she was actually pretty serious about the comment.  she didn’t know what she’d do if John loved another woman though some form of magic would certainly be included.

“you can tell me that but I’m probably going to forget every time.” Despite his cheeks being pulled he managed to look quite serious.” I don’t plan on cheating on you and I sure as hell don’t plan on leaving you alone anytime.”

Rose withheld from twisting his cheeks but still held on to them as she gave him a small smile. “You always say that.”

“Well I mean it Rose! Trust me when I say that you’re the only one for me.” He caressed one of her hands, somewhat thankful that she relaxed her grip on his cheeks.

She hummed to herself, releasing his cheeks before tapping her chin in thought.” I might need you to prove it to me then~, she said, licking her lips slowly. With ease she lifted him up a little, giggling as he let out a surprised Yelp. “Prove you’ll be mine forever,” she whispered in his ear sensuously.

“Your wish is my command.”

With that John awkwardly stood up, much to the surprise of Rose. He took deep breath, obviously nervous from what he was about to do. Slowly he reached into his pocket, once feeling what he was looking for went down in front of Rose on one knee.

John what the hell are you doing?!?!” Rose asked though a part of her already knew  as Blue sparks started jumping around her cheeks. She couldn’t contain the utter surprise on her face  when he pulled out a small red box, tears starting already forming in her eyes. This had to be joke, there’s no way John was going to… but the look in his eye told her different. She was by no means ready for this, she probably looked like a mess right now and she wasn’t-


“I was going to wait till we arrived at my own home, but beautiful I was just so excited I couldn’t wait any longer.” Rather awkwardly he checked his kneeling stance before continuing. “Rose, you are the love of my life,” John began slowly, hazel eyes never leaving hers, “When we first met I was literally crying my eyes out to LittleJ’s graveyard…”


She giggled a bit, but shook her head in silence for him to continue.


“You came out of nowhere hopping towards me like a cute bunny rabbit, and you stared down at me so hard I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know much about you at the time, but I knew kind of what you wanted from the look in your eye though…”He chuckled but quickly continued, “I didn’t care at that point so I was wholeheartedly ready to surrender myself to you but you did the oddest thing. You bent down and by some unknown power you held my head against your cold skin, your rigor mortis practically gnawing at you at this point.  You held me as I cried my eyes out, till the crack of dawn and I knew right there you were special. So many months passed yet still I feel like it’s all a dream.  This last year has been nothing short of  a perfect dream but it has to end. I want to wake up and have you by my side always, till the force of whoever up there finally tears our love apart. Rose….will you-


“Yes, yes, oh my goddess yes!” She blurted happily, barely containing her joy as he slid the sapphire jewel on her finger. As soon as he was done she leaped at him, wrapping her arms around him and pressing him into her bosom. She held him there as she swayed back and forth, laughing and crying tears of joy at the same time. “A family John, we’re going to be family.”



“Wmurf a butr fhurst,” he mumbled between her breast.


“I’m pregnant John,” she announced happily, relaxing her grip to finally let her husband out if her bosom but not her grasp. She almost jumped back though as his shot up almost inhumanly fast.


“No fucking way!” he said before diving down and placing an ear next to her stomach. She wasn’t kidding, he could feel something, not physically but he definitely felt something. “How far along are you?”


“Not that long, judging from the signs,” She said  as she began stroking his hair lovingly. This was absolutely perfect, no other words could be used to describe how this moment felt.  “You excited?” She giggled though she already his answer.


“You have no idea beautiful.”




First class on one if not the best airlines, ‘Uncharted’, presented the couple with a very generous and almost private room from prying eyes. Two dark blue seats-although they shared one since they were so big- that could decline at a simple button touch along with a table between the two. The best touch-in Rose’s mind anyway- was the fact that the quite spacious section was fitted with a  night blue curtain for privacy as well as a  matching blue blanket.  


“Please turn off all electronics and fasten your seat belts. Once we reach a comfortable altitude we’ll turn off the seatbelt lights and let you know so just bear with us folks. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty smooth ride today so- oh for Pete sakes Jordan..”


There was some shuffling heard on the microphone before a new voice spoke through the intercom system, obviously by the toner a much younger man.


” hello everyone my names Jordan, haha. Ok, so-umm real quick just wanted to say congratulations to  Mr.fairheart and his new fiancée, I hope that you two have a wonderful wedding.” The man made some awkward shuffling noises before finally turning off the intercom.


“That guy’s  getting invited to the wedding.”


“Really now?” Rose giggled, snuggling herself into his side. Admittedly Rose was still very much afraid of the unavoidably ride they were about to take, but the giddiness and pure raw joy she felt at the moment from John’s proposal and the idea of them having a family completely overshadowed any fear she had.


“So did you think of any names yet? I was thinking Luna.”


Before Rose could respond the plane’s engine hummed to life before quietly cycling. The lights dimmed and the seatbelt sign overhead beeped softly once more. She didn’t say a word but blue energy flickered on her cheeks as John double-cheeked her seatbelt before giving it a pat and leaning back in his chair She gingerly moved her hand to his, silently thankful he grabbed hold of it almost instantly.


“I’m assuming that your silence means we’re going with Luna huh?” He chuckled.

Rose smiled as she knew what he was trying to accomplish with bringing up child names, he was trying to distract her from the lift off-the part which she hates the most. She still had her charm on her head but she had long since removed the words on it, wanting to feel every raw emotion that she had. She would have indeed  been afraid if she   Wasn’t absolutely giddy with excitement.  Not wanting to ignore John’s kind gesture she played along.


“Not  necessarily though it’s certainly not out of the question.” She tapped her chin in mock thought, pretending to come up with cute baby names though she had already came up with at least a dozen so Add to dictionary does Lily Fairheart sound?”


“Sounds almost as good as Rose Fairheart. You like the sound of Elis-” the man stopped himself as the sound of the plane’s engines roared to life, signaling their  ascent. “Elise Fairheart sounds good huh?”


Rose couldn’t but giggle at John’s enthusiasm, sitting back in her seat with a sweet smile on her face.


“We’ll discuss our little girl’s name later, we still have quite the while before she see’s her mommy and daddy.”

“Daddy…I’m going to a daddy huh?”


Rose peaked at her lover, watching as he sat back in his seat content. She freed her hand before stroking his cheek, grinning when he reached up and nuzzled it. “Yes. Yes you are.  and  I’m going to be a mommy, she said, giving him a beautiful smile.

A sexy mommy,” he chuckled.


“Attention all our lovely passengers. we’ve  just reached cruising altitude so you may now take off your seat belts. Our ETA to Nashville should be around eleven thirty-seven and expect a pretty smooth ride as it’s pretty clear weather . Our lovely flight attendants shall be around shortly. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.” The one who spoke was most definitely the older one definitely a smoothness in his voice from obvious practice.

Rose was the first to unbuckle her seatbelt, leaning forward and grabbing the dark blanket before tossing it over them. She reached up with her right hand and dimmed the cabin light before snuggling up to John. She loved it, but she’d love it even more once she finally pays back John for putting her through such a roller coaster of emotions.

“You’re not really going to sleep are you?” John eyed his woman curiously as she stretched herself out on the seat rather unceremoniously, laying  her head on his lap. He shook his head before adjusting his own portion of the blanket to give to her. He wasn’t really that tired so he  didn’t mind. Wanting to merely let Rose sleep he pulled out his phone, cringing when he looked upon  the numerous messages from his mother. It’s not that he didn’t like his parents, he actually loved and treasured them immensely. He didn’t hate his parents by  any means, he loved them to death, it’s just that he hadn’t really spoken to them if not at all since he started directing movies and dating Rose. He was going to respond to the first of twenty or so messages when the curtain to their  private section was open by one of the flight attendants, a young woman with dark pink hair and caramel skin.

“Hello again Mr.Fairheart…and oh my,” The woman gradually lowered her voice as she noticed the figure underneath the blanket, an immense blush on her face as she jumped to conclusions.

“It’s not what you think, My fiancée is just sleeping,” John interjected, laughing nervously as the woman giggled as well. “Did you need something Ms.?”

“Um..oh yes. My name is  Catherine and  I’m just checking on everyone. Would you like some  drinks, maybe some snacks? Since your first class we can offer you very delicious meals.”

Rose leaned up, her head poking up from beneath the blanket and next to John, a kind smile on her face but an obvious mischievous glint in her eyes that didn’t go unnoticed by the cupid flight attendant.

“You don’t want anything do you love?” She looked at him with a bemused smile when he scratched his cheek in thought..  she leaned forward, her breath tickling his cheek, “you don’t want anything, right love?”

Oh no, her breath was cold. He hoped to god that it was because of the ice cream, but a small part of him told him he wouldn’t be so lucky for that to be the case.

“I…I don’t want anything.”

Rose clapped her hands, a smile ever-present on her face as she addressed the flight attendant. Phase one was complete, now all that was left was to deal with the flight attendants.

“Good. We probably won’t need anything for now but could you bring two glasses of water in say, an hour or so?” She waited until the attendant shook her head ‘yes’ before she continued. “Good. If possible could you not bother us as we have a pretty big day ahead of us and I would like to grasp some sort of sleep. “Sleep was definitely the last thing on her mind at the moment.

“I understand Ms.Monte. I will tell the other flight attendant to leave you both be. ” she bowed before them before grasping the two curtains. “I do hope…your a quiet sleeper,” the woman giggled before finally closing the curtain and leaving the two alone once more.

“Listen Rose I know what you’re going to do-dammit woman were on a plane for god’s sake,” he whispered, already feeling his fiancée working the outline of his hardening member.  he tried to stop her, shoving his hands towards her only to meet foreign resistance that could only be magic. That was the last sign that it was fruitless for him at this point; When Rose used magic that meant she was getting what she wanted.

Rose smiled mockingly at her man before she unzipped his zipper, only to gasp as his Member almost busted from its cage, still being held captive by the thin fabric that was his boxers. Quickly with practiced ease she peeled back the thin fabric to finally reveal her number one treat.

‘So warm, it feels like it’s burning me’  she thought feverishly, grinning like a Cheshire cat as she felt him squirm  underneath her grip. No matter how many times she caressed his dick she would always be pleasantly surprised by how warm- no-radiant  it was; A pleasurable hot instrument she would use to the fullest. Once again she felt him squirm underneath her touch; Oh how she loved that she had this power over him, to know that she was the only one that had this effect on him.

John pulled the blanket up, straining   through the pleasure to see his fiancée’s cold hand  stroking him off, pale pink lips curved into a smile  as she looked up at him.  words were in his throat as she blew another breath of cold air on his person. Despite the number of times he still wasn’t used to her cold touch, albeit pleasant, her touch still sent shivers  up and down his body.

“You think you can  propose to me and get away with it? Tease me with the thought of you dreaming of another woman and get away with it? Looks like I haven’t pleased you enough~,” She purred. A lewd smile spread on her face before she took his length in her mouth, her eyes themselves smiling in glee at the sight of his face consorting in nothing but pleasure. She released his cock from her mouth though she continued to stroke it gently, her spit slathering both it and her hand. “It’s only right that you take responsibility.”

“Rose, for fucks sake woman-ga-wai-” he couldn’t even get the thought out before  Rose wrapped her mouth around his member once more. He tried his best to look irritated but that plan was scrapped when he felt her tongue slide all over his flesh.

Rose watched her man squirm, inwardly giggling as she watched him trying to control the urge to make his pleasure vocal. Wanting to deepen the pleasure she released his cock without warning, spit and precum threatening to leak out of mouth right before she took the whole girth of his length. she didn’t pause in the slightest as she bobbed her head back and forth, his dick constantly scraping the back of her throat. out of the corner of her eyes she saw John’s hands tremble, and she knew he was hers. in a swift motion she removed both her hands and grabbed his before guiding them to her head. she wanted him to enjoy himself after all, and she knew he loved when she deep-throated his cock.

But she also knew he wanted to pound her throat.

John couldn’t contain himself, grabbing her head and shoving her head back and forth like a rabid beast. Seeing her absolutely lewd face watching him only seemed to encourage her to facefuck her even harder, a twisted sense of pride welling up in him that wanted to utterly dominate her.. He could feel his orgasm near, but he gave no signs of stopping, his nearing ejaculation only seeming to make him strive to pump her throat even deeper.

Rose could feel it, his dick pulsing inside of her. he was about to cum. she wanted that sweet thick cum, wanted it to fill her belly like nothing else would.

“Rose, I’m About t-” but that was all he muttered before shoving his dick hard down Rose throat, wave after wave of hot cum shooting from his dick. each assault of warm liquid sent an indescribable and thought shattering sense of pleasure through the man.

Rose didn’t care in the slightest, locking his legs in place as she greedily gulped down glob after glob of semen down her throat. After she was sure he emptied all of his being she relinquished her grip, preparing for her next ‘trick’.

John took heavy but forced silent heaves, leaning back in his chair to try to grasp so sort of sense. It was only due to the movement on top of him that made him open his eyes.

And he was glad he did.

Rose  had climbed halfway up his chest with a most obscene look on her face. She silently put a finger to his lips as she opened her mouth, revealing a mouth full of his seed before closing it and sloshing it around. She giggled silently as her man’s eyes never left hers, his penis thumping up against her bum. Figuring the teasing was enough she finally swallowed with a  purposely audible gulp, ending with a ‘ahh’ as she purposely opened her mouth as well to reveal she had swallowed it all; nothing but her pink tongue and pearly whites could be seen, his seed all but gone.

“Thank you for the meal,” she purred before reaching down and stroking his tool. “You still want more don’t you?” A grin spread on her pale pink lips as he nodded embarrassingly. “Such a pervert you are, doing it on the plane with your woman.”

“Rose…you know-

“Don’t worry sweetie, no one’s going to catch us,” she interrupted smoothly. “I’ll make sure to be extra quiet too. Oh looks like someone’s already rock hard~.”

After a bit of shuffling and some clever magic Rose was hovering over him underneath the blanket., his pulsing hot erection in her hand. She rubbed it against her wet dripping  lips, silently mewing at the pleasure it promised. She was done waiting, simultaneously she dropped her hips against him and captured his lips, moaning in his mouth as his hard cock penetrated her. She wasted no time, immediately bouncing on his baby-maker and digging her hands between his neck and the seat. Much to her displeasure  John broke the kiss for air, panting heavily as he placed his head on the crook of her neck.  

John despite the intense kiss wrapped his arms around Rose before pumping her vigorously, his dick only aching harder every time he felt her wet pussy squeeze his dick before letting it go reluctantly. He suckled on her pale skin, wanting to taste every part of her, wanting to savor every part of his fiancée soon to be mother of his child.  he wanted to give absolute pleasure to Rose, to see her face in lewd bliss because of him.

And that it was.

Rose’s face was pure ecstasy, her hands holding him and pressing him further into her. She loved it, from the way his cock stirred her insides to the hot wet kisses on her skin, she loved every minute of it.  Everything she felt was nothing short of bliss, and every second felt better than the last.  This is what she had been craving, and John was kindly obliging to feeding her and their love child.

“You’re cock-it-it feels…so damn good.” She barely got her thought out, her words slush like her mind as her pussy was getting repeatedly pounded. She didn’t want him to stop, no, she needed him to keep going as long as he could so this pleasure wouldn’t stop. “Fuck-fuck me harder daddy!” She moaned in a loud whisper.

John fully obliged. Tightening his hold on Rose, he drove his fuck stick as deep into her cavern as he could. John couldn’t even process anything at this point, the only things registering in his mind being the wet lewd  noises they produced and Rose’s hot pants against his neck. John gritted his teeth, the feeling of Rose’s pussy clamping on his dick as if trying to milk him after each and every pump.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you? Paint my baby room white, I want it all!” She slurred lustfully, leaning forward so close they were practically exchanging pants.  she could feel it, the twitching of his hot rod inside of her, almost teasing her with sinful promise. She let out soft moans, trying her damn near hardest to restrict her womanly moans of ecstasy but it was all fruitless as a rather loud moan escaped. Panic appeared as quickly as it disappeared, the woman about to throw caution to the wind until she felt a pair of lips on hers. She gleefully obliged her mate, wrapping her tongue around his and wanting to savor everything that was his. The kiss was short-lived as John broke the kiss, a strained but pleasure look on his sweaty face.

“Rose, I-I’m about to-

“I want it all,” was all she said before kissing him hard as he slammed in her pussy, emptying his balls once more and giving her the warm treat that she and their love child desired. She moaned in his mouth as electricity flowed through her being, her own organism added with his causing her to go simply go limp against him.

John fell back with Rose still laying against his chest, both parties painting  quite heavily. Rose was the first to return from her high-somewhat anyway.

“Ready for round two?” She purred in his chest, silently giggling to herself when she felt his hot member harden against her ass.”So is that a yes?”


“I was just joking…kinda.”

Both the couples became decent once more but the air was thick with musk from their recent activities. John reached up with his right hand- his left arm being completely dedicated  to slowly petting Rose who laid on his lap once more- to turn on the small fan to maybe help with the air. John’s beast was still at semi-attention despite his efforts of shoving the thought of plowing Rose’s pale plump round ass-

He sighed heavily, trying to instead  focus on what they would do after they landed. He could just imagine his parents face once they reached his old home, both of them looking at him with an ‘explain’ face. He knew his mom was weary about Rose before, but he had regrettably told her she wasn’t really anything serious, “just a ‘phase’ he was going through before he would settle with a human woman “his mom called it. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that Rose was objectively everything to him and literally embodied everything that he wanted in a woman; beautiful, compassionate, strong, smart, the list could go on forever. To the normal person the many things that he loved about Rose could  be deemed generic, but to him it felt like all these qualities he couldn’t find in any other woman; she was his muse, his moon at night, his sun in the morning. Without her, well, everything just seemed kinda… meh.

“Hey Rose.”


“You know I love you right?” He stopped stroking her as she turned in his lap, gracing him with her gorgeous sky blues and a soft smile. This was the woman who had captured his heart, this was the woman whom he would give everything for but at a moment’s notice. Even now, after all these months it still felt like a dream, a wonderful dream that he didn’t want to wake up from.

“You could stand to stay it just a teeny bit more~,” she giggled, taking his hand and nuzzling in it. She loved every part of him; She  wanted to capture as much of his touch as possible, to keep  his warmth to herself and never let it go. “I won’t be mad if you showed me a little more too~. Maybe right now?”

“You’re lucky I allowed that Rose, no more until after-“

“We meet your parents, I know I know,” she chimed with irritated  practice, torn between excitement at meeting John’s parents and irritation at their sex being put on hold until after. She would have loved nothing more than to continue but she would wait though she when all this was said and done she was going to thoroughly milk him for all his worth. On a less lewd note she was genuinely excited  to finally meet John’s Parents; there might be some conflict between them, but she was sure she could quell any negative feelings at the end of the day.

“I’m genuinely surprised though,” John started as well as narrowing his eyes towards her before shaking his head with a smile, “Nevermind.”

“what?” Rose looked up to him with curiosity.

“Nothing, I just answered my own question,” he answered coolly, returning to merely stroking his hand against her cheek.

“Oh…” Rose didn’t saying another word, enjoying his touch for all but seconds before speaking up once more. “What question were you thinking about?”

“Nothing really. I was just wondering why u were still horny after yesterday. Hehe. I guess it still hasn’t sunk In yet that I’m going to be a daddy is all,” he admittedly honestly. It wasn’t that he was scared of fatherhood or anything along those lines, he just didn’t know if he was really qualified to be a good father. It’s easy to be a father, but it takes special kind of men to be great fathers-in his eyes anyway. Of course since he thought this way, he considered his father to be one of them. He taught him the highs and lows of the wild ride they called life, and the lessons he instilled in him he would never forget.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy~,” Rose giggled sweetly, not a care in the world despite her beloved shaking his head in disbelief. Without warning she stood up slightly , taking the blanket with her as well before she sat back down revealing her pale blue feet and purple toes. “Massage momma’s toes please daddy?~” she asked so crucially sweet, puppy dog eyeing her beloved  without any reservation.

“Rose what the hell happened to your shoes???” John said though he was already moving his hands towards her feet. He took a deep breath, once again the smell of something akin to sweet peaches filling his nose once more. God he loved that damn body wash she used.

“Magic,” she replied, sighing contentedly when she felt her lover’s fingers wrap around her feet. “I got my favorite treat and  a foot massage  from daddy., oh what a world be alive,” she continued merrily  though  she slapped her left fist into her palm suddenly. “Aha.” She waved her hand and blue magic fizzled in the air once more disappearing, leaving a pink and white bottle in her hand that she quickly handed to John. “You’re going to need it~”  she said with a  winked.

John eyed the bottle wearily before shaking his head; At this point he was used to his Rose’s antics, no matter how…Outlandish they were at times. He squirted a pretty good amount in his hands before continuing to massage rose’s feet, grinning as he watched her moan in content.

“Oh goddess.” Rose giggled a little  as John worked his own magic. “Keep this up and I might actually behave~,” she joked though she cried out when he took his hands from her feet leaving them to the unreasonably  cold air  once more.

“You mean you’re going to behave when we get there,” John stated, smirking  when she nodded quickly, blue eyes slightly pleading for him to continue.

“I promise  Rose will be a good girl daddy~, “she blurted, mewing to herself and leaning back  when she felt his familiar warm touch on her once more. She was embarrassed, like many other times, but John’s touch was just something else; All she wanted was his touch, skin against skin in any way possible and every way possible whenever possible. A selfish desire it was but she made sure to repay for every little bit of pleasure, after all she was his Rose.

“Excuse me.”

The two turned towards the curtain, both of them looking upon the flight attendant from before, a small smile on her face.  John out of unexplained embarrassment pulled his hands away from Rose’s feet, eliciting something between a pout and whimper from his woman.

The woman disappeared from the folds of the curtain for only a second before reappearing, this time a tray in hand  with two waters.

“A little late, but two waters just as you requested Ms.Monte,” she announced happily, letting a giggle through as she watched Mr.fairheart shuffle awkwardly looking for somewhere to place them.

Rose tapped her hand against a button underneath the window causing a white table to fold out before leaning up and taking the ice waters from the pink haired flight attendant. She had skimmed through the little pamphlet when they were getting first situated for a couple of seconds, so she practically knew every little quirk there was to know about the plane they were riding.

“Thank you very much Katherine,” Rose chimed sweetly before downing her cup in one go, completely unaware of the pair of brown eyes on her as she finished with a content sigh.

John Shook his head quickly, trying to calm himself from the sight. He coughed in his hand before turning his attention towards their flight attendant, eye twitching in annoyance at the knowing look in her eye. “T-thank you Katherine.”

“If there isn’t anything else I can do for you two then I’ll take my leave. Please be mindful that we should be landing pretty soon,” she winked before leaving them alone once more.

“So beautiful..”

Rose was staring  out of the small window, a look of wonder on her face as she took in the sky from above for the first time. When she saw John lean close to her out of the corner of her eye she leaned her head against his, her eyes though still looking in wonder. She didn’t want to admit it but she was still somewhat troubled about riding the plane for the first time, but between John being with her- in more ways than one- and the simply beautiful sky she definitely wasn’t as scared as before.

John didn’t say a word, merely letting his fiancée enjoy the view. It wasn’t that spectacular to him if he was being honest, but seeing the pure wonder on Rose’s face was enough for to stay silent and merely look on with her. As John looked down at the clouds he couldn’t help but think of his parents, and the guaranteed drama that would ensue.  He hadn’t told Rose but his parents…didn’t like mamono  to put it lightly. As soon as his career took off the communication between them nose-dived dramatically not as much with his dad, more so with his mother. They didn’t have to necessarily like Rose, but they did have to accept her or… or he would make possibly the hardest choice in his life. He could only hope  they would realize what a special woman Rose was, the same special woman that he fell in love with.


“Rose. You alright?”

“Honestly John, I feel more scared than that time I saw that lilim trying to steal you away from me.”

With Johns arm tuck between hers they stood before the home of none other his parents home; It wasn’t large by any stretch of the imagination, but it looked humble. At the end of the rather long driveway that lead to their home was where they  parked the rental mustang, looking  almost awkward with the rather old  parked camaro  beside it. The house looked rather old in design, but from outside appearances it looked to be very well maintained.  


“But..” She fiddled with her hat nervously, the talisman swaying slightly in her wake, “I’m excited to finally be able to met John’s parents, the ones who gave birth to my soon to be husband,” she finished, blue sparks of magic dancing on her cheeks as she gave him a pure smile.

Deep red graced his cheeks before he turned away in pure embarrassment, trying to accept the utter love and determination wafting off of Rose’s. He  couldn’t even look at her, lest he be mocked for the overflowing red-painted on his cheeks.  Rose, just sometimes she was just too much for him, but it wasn’t a bad thing by any means. The young man took a deep breath, holding it in before exhaling and giving the world a small grin. “Ready to knock the socks off my parents?” Instead of an answer he merely received a poke at his right  red cheek.

“You’re so cute when you try to hide your blush,” Rose teased, giggling when he tried denying it. “To answer your question lets,” she started before pulling him closer to her, her lips practically kissing his ear as she spoke, “the sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can properly repay you,” she ended before pulling away satisfied as she heard him gulp. She didn’t wait for her words to simmer, pulling him along as she made her way with determination towards the door.

“Wait a minute-“


Rose waited confidently, head held high and back straight as she waited for someone to answer the door. The look on her face changed shockingly fast, from  flirtatious to calm and serious in a matter of seconds.

The same couldn’t be said for John unfortunately.

John stood straight, but that’s where the similarities ended. Instead of a face that radiated confidence it instead seemed to radiate nervousness. All of his worries and worst case scenarios flooded into his mind, one after the other  horrible possibilities that could happen to him-to them. As quickly as these negative thoughts appeared did they disappear as he felt a familiar hand grip his tightly. That’s right, he had told her that whatever happens he would be there for her, and she would for him.

The door opened.

John braced himself.

There in the doorway stood his mother, dressed in a casual but nice red shirt and pants. Slightly dull but still vibrant of color brown hair stretched across her shoulders, brown eyes looking surprisingly between her son and his fiancée. There were some signs of age but she looked no older than thirty-five, in truth she was forty-nine. She was an aged beauty through and through, and she knew it and took pride in the very fact; that’s just the kind of woman she was.

It was quiet between the three of them for a couple of moments, Rose standing and staring  straight into the curious and bewildered eyes of John’s mom while said man looked between the two women.  More moments passed before John’s mother was the first to break the tension with a sigh. She rubbed her forehead in obvious irritation before finally locking eyes with John.

“Just a phase you said, lying through your damn teeth,” she said irritably, causing him to flinch slightly. “And what kind of monster girl are you suppose to be to  corrupt my son?”

Rose bowed politely before starting,”I’m a Jiangshi Ma’am but I assure you-“

“The hell is a Jiangshi?” John’s mother  interrupted rudely, waving a hand towards her son as her eyes looked upon him once more.

“Mom can we please come inside first and sit down with dad?”  he asked nicely, biting back the building frustration of how his mother was referring to Rose at the moment. He genuinely hoped that they could talk this out with dad, he was the ‘understanding parent’ in his childhood for the most part of course.

His mother stroked her forehead in irritation at the whole situation before casting a less than favorable glance towards Rose. Her eyes widened slightly when John pulled her close to him, his eyes meeting hers with something that couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than determination.

“If you don’t want  to talk with us then fine, but I’m not going have Rose stand out here in the cold just so you can look at her like that. Can we come in, or not?”

The woman wasn’t phased by the slightest by her sons tone, it was her son after all; John was a good boy through and through but every boy had their rebellious phase and he was no different.  It was because of this though that she was a little surprised because he had not spoken to her so sharply before, even when she had chastised him about how she felt concerning monstergirls or…Mamono as they called it.

“Yes…yes you and your monster friend must be quite cold,” she said somewhat reluctantly as she stepped to the side to let them in. She watched the pale blue woman carefully, automatically already coming to the conclusion that she was a highly dangerous type of monster that needed a seal attached to their head at all times or something along those lines.

The house wasn’t spectacular by any means, just nicely simple. Pure  white walls lined the two halls throughout the small house, specs of golden brown here and there. Family pictures hung here and there, and trinkets sprinkled in as well.

John nudged Rose gently as he took off her coat for her, squeezing her shoulders in reassurance while doing so; he wished he could have comforted Rose more but he couldn’t with his mom still standing behind him. He earned a silent thank you from Rose  before following suit, making note of the sound of shuffling feet.

“We’ll look…oh boy.”

Standing in the hallway with a nervous smile was a rather not too aged looking man, streaks of grey sprouting in his black hair. He wasn’t graced like his wife but he was still commendably muscular for someone his age, muscles poking through the simple black shirt he wore. Unlike the younger man before him though he wore glasses, the lens trying to hide dark grey eyes behind them.

“Hey dad..” John greeted, trying hard to ignore the slight panicked look in his father’s eyes that he knew all too well.

Rose bowed politely, completely ignoring but painfully aware of the atmosphere as she greeted John’s father as well. “Nice to you meet you Mr.Fairheart.”

“Nice to meet you Ms…”

“Rose, Rose Monte!” Rose answered, genuinely happy to be treated as a woman for once since she arrived. “I can see where John gets his good looks from~,” she chimed happily.

Mr.Fairheart scratched the back of his head, his lips twitching in a smile. “T-Thank you Rose. ” he coughed in his hand as his wife walked past him with a rather serious  look in her eyes. “How about we take the rest of this in the living room.” It was obviously clear to everyone who was the dominant one in the relationship.

John nodded a bit too eagerly before his dad joined his mother towards the living room, leaving them alone for a minute. John sighed as he started taking off his shoes, comforted somewhat to find Rose taking hers off as well with a surprisingly calm smile. He couldn’t help but ask her what she was smiling for, considering he was kind of expecting her to turn into a nervous mess as soon as they left them alone.

“Oh nothing. It’s just your father nice and acts just like you~,” she said, giggling at John’s bewildered expression. “I am nervous John but I’m a little relieved that at least one of your parents doesn’t think too bad of me,” she whispered with a hint of melancholy.  

“My mom doesn’t hate you…it’s just she doesn’t know about you, about you being a Jiangshi and all,” he whispered, sighing inwardly when she seemed to understand. “All we got to do is convince her that you’re the best woman for me-for us.” He placed his hand on her stomach, taking comfort when she placed both of her hands on top of his. John didn’t care what he had to do, he wasn’t leaving till his mother acknowledged Rose as his fiancée.

“We’ll try our best daddy~.” Rose stepped forward, pulling John with her. Now she just wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. She knew John’s mother was going to be a handful but the pure malic she felt from her was simply outrageous. She hoped she and John could convince her  but she was hoping for much.

At least with that method anyway.

Rose lead the charge, strolling in first pulling John with her.  she took quick note of the two sitting on the far end of a cream-colored couch, leading them to sit on the other side.  She watched silently as Mr.Fairheart turned off the  rather large screen tv off in front of them before placing the remote on the coffee table before them.

“Would you two like anything to drink?.” When the couple nicely declined he nodded before inhaling and exhaling a deep breath. “So, let’s get started. This young lady here is your fiancée right?”

“Yea dad, she’s the love of my life,” he answered with determination, placing his hand on Rose’s knee. “I brought her here actually because she wanted to meet you guys and mom wanted to meet her.”

“I said I wanted to meet your girlfriend you’ve been talking so fondly of, not some…Jiangshi, she interjected, hand waving towards Rose rudely. “You told me when I asked you about it, you told me it was just a phase!”

“Mom she’s not an it or a monster, she’s my fiancée!.” John rubbed his temple in irritation before continuing. “Yes I did say Rose was just a phase when you asked me about her but I just didn’t, well I just didn’t want you to act like this! I mean for god’s sake you hardly ever spoke to me after I started directing movies-“

“Every big movie you directed revolved around people….like her,” she said, eyes looking furious at Rose as if she had insulted her. She seemed to only glare more daggers at the pale blue skinned woman who simply remained looking determine, actually more determined if anything.

“You may not have liked the work that I accomplished but couldn’t have you at least called me or anything?” The young man asked, silently pleading his mother to give him so kind of reason yet she simply remained silent. “Fine be that way, but at least acknowledge the woman sitting next to me is the absolute love of my life. I know you hate Mamono but please just give Rose a chance. She, she makes me happy mom so please…”

Mrs.Fairheart looked between the face of her pleading son and the face of the monster that had he claimed to have fallen in love with. She held back a grimace as the woman still looked determined, not a hint of fear or nervousness in her eyes to be seen. Why, why couldn’t her son fallen in love with a human girl, why couldn’t he have-

She inwardly sighed; it was too late now. She had failed as a mother when she had purposely ignored him after he started producing those monster girl themed movies, and now she was paying the price for her mistake. She shouldn’t have never pushed him away, she should have convinced him to stop directing movies about those damn monsters and ended it.

But there was still hope.

She didn’t know how bad this would hurt him, but she was convinced that he would pick her over this monster If she pushed him hard enough. She opened her eyes and looked directly at John.

“We can’t accept this monster as the love of your life John…I will not,” she said softly, ignoring the bewildered look of her son. “Haven’t you seen what the order said about these monsters, they take people away John and they rape men. Young men like you.”

John didn’t say anything for a couple of moments, merely placing his head in his hands as he took a deep breath. He didn’t budge nor relax when he felt Rose place a hand on his shoulder, his brain trying to come up with a solution to fix all of this. He knew his mother was ignorant but to this extent was just unreal. He..he..knew what-

“Go to sleep John, mother is going to take care of it~,” Rose whispered sweetly as she cradled John in her lap.

“What, what the hell did you do to my son you Bitch!” Ms.fairheart seethed, attempting to jump up from the end of the couch but ultimately failing as she felt some invisible force keep her in place. “Henry..” She started but the rest of her words were lost in her throat when he was limp against the sofa awkwardly.

“Don’t worry, I just put the boys to sleep, they don’t need to see any of this,” Rose said, Smiling despite the rude comment as  she continued to comb  her fingers through John’s hair.

“I knew you  fucking Monsters were all the same, all of you kidnapping any piece of meat you can find-“

“You’re so rude you know that~,” Rose interrupted, her smile turning wicked as she looked upon the seething woman .”I knew John told me you were rude, but you’re kind of bitch to be honest. It was shockingly hard to hold back from doing this sooner with all those very rude comments out of your dirty mouth.” She flexed her free hand towards Mrs.fairheart, blue sparks dancing around her hand as summoned her magic.

The woman closed her eyes, screaming as she thought her final moments were upon her: but nothing happened. After a couple of moments that felt like an eternity she peeked out her left eye, only to have her heart leap out of her chest; Hovering in front of her was a big blue floating hand, purple fingernails glowing as it was inches away from her eyes.

“It’s people like you I’ve found to be the most pleasurable to turn into Jiangshi…BECAUSE IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT PISS ME OFF THE MOST!” She yelled as she was standing now, her face changing to one that questioned if she was still sane or even to begin with. She made her way around the coffee table slowly to Ms.fairheart, dismissing the hand as she lowered herself to come to eye level with her. “People like you who can’t fathom how much we love  our mates and are too stupid to realize what true love is.” She grabbed the woman’s chin and yanked her head upwards to look at her. “By the time I’m through with you bitch  you’re going to understand our love!”

“please…please just let my son go…” The woman whimpered. She didn’t have the strength to fight this monstrosity in front of her, and the last thing she wanted was for their baby to get involved.

“Let him go!?!”Rose responded in genuine bewilderment. “There’s no way I could let daddy go, I love him so much!” She started to hug herself, the Jiangshi  completely going off into her own world. “I love him so much that all my thoughts are of him. When I’m at work all I can do is think of when I can finally feel his touch again! When he takes me out I feel like it’s only me and him! I love when he makes time for me and when he’s late to work because of me! When he talks to me in that sweet voice of his my mind gets hazy!  When he’s asleep all  I can do is stroke his face and masturbate to myself as i wait for him to wake up ! When he’s fucking me up and down our apartment all i can think about is how much i love it-how much i love him. when he’s pounding my womb I love it ! I love I love it I love it I love I love I love it I love it!” She moaned loudly at the end before suddenly becoming quiet. She turned a sky blue eye towards the woman. “And I won’t let anybody take him away from me.”

“Your, you’re insane..”

“Not insane, just in love,” Rose began as she bent down in front of the woman once more, blue sparks wafting off her hands,”Now don’t squirm. I’m going to rewrite your memories of Mamonos now mother~,” she finished happily though she frowned slightly when the woman turned her head. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt…much as long you don’t squirm. You should be happy, You’re son’s going to marry a beautiful wholeheartedly devoted woman and have a beautiful baby girl by her  as well~.” She giggled when the woman’s eyes widened. “I think John was going to tell you sooner or later but yes, we’re going to  have a little one.” Rose stood up before grabbing one of the woman’s hands, gently guiding it to her stomach. “Wonderful isn’t it?”

Ms.fairheart didn’t know what to say, her hand still unresponsive but able to feel something still. She could have sworn the birthrate for Mamonos was ridiculously low. She could only look up at the woman who held her whole family’s life in her hand.

“You’re quite right, it is hard for us mamano to become pregnant but it’s certainly not as impossible as one would think if one were to take extra steps to increase the chance of getting pregnant~,” she said before placing her hands on her belly as well. ” I’ll admit that I may have taken a few supplements to improve the odds, nasty they were I might add, but I wanted to have a daughter of my own so very bad~.” She dropped  down once more to eye level with Ms.fairheart. “Enough wasting time, all this talk about John has put me in quite the mood. As a thank you for the nice chat I’ll try my best  to exclude any pain from this!” Rose said, placing her hands on either side of the woman’s face gently.

“Is this how you brainwashed my son?” She whispered, not bothering to say anything to  displease the crazy monster in front of her.

“Of course not,” Rose began as she summoned her magic once more,” All of the love John has given me is pure through and through. I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’ve never used my magic to manipulate John’s love for me, only using my magic to help him fall asleep occasionally and the very rare times he became sick from something. You must realize by now don’t you? Yes, your son fell so deeply in love with a monster like me all by himself~,” she admitted with a crazed smile. She would happily rub in these facts in This woman’s face, something akin to pride and twisted satisfaction that she crushed any illusion that her love was one-sided.

Ms.fairheart was about to comment but she felt something…violating her mind. She wanted to scream but found herself only able to stare in silent horror at the devilish smiling monster before her. Memories of her family started  to flood her mind, each one flipping through her head so painfully fast that she couldn’t even process any of them; it was only the most dearest memories to her heart that she could faintly make out. As the onslaught of her past racked her mind, her consciousness started to fade in return. The woman eyes started  to close slowly, black dots dripping into her vision every second. As her consciousness faded she heard her loving daughter speak, her voice as sweet as an angel’s.


“I’m not that heartless after all…”


And with that the world became black.




“I will admit that I’m still a little hesitant about you Rose…but I’m willing to give you a chance with my son, just one though!”


“That is all I ask Ms.Fairheart.”


Both the men in the living room let out a collective sigh, both having been on edge since the surprisingly calm discussion between the woman. Truth be told they both hadn’t expected the rather difficult woman to fold so easily, only needing Rose   and her son to enlighten her a little.  


Said ‘difficult’ woman shot a look at her husband, effectively causing him to cough in his hand.


Rose simply smiled at the two, inwardly smirking as her primary  ‘backup’ plan had gone off without a hitch. The woman before her was completely subjugated, her memories and views concerning mamono completely overwritten so that she would accept her. She had to ‘reset the conversation though which involved messing with the boys memories just a touch, genuinely not wanting to tinker with her beloved and his very nice father. Ultimately the end result was nothing short of what she  expected, everyone accepting Ms.Fairheart less harsh terms.


But now a new problem arose.


“Uhm.” Rose coughed slightly as well as nudge her love in the side. She really wasn’t lying when she said in  the conversation with Ms.Fairheart that it  had put her in the mood, to pile on top of that she still hadn’t properly paid John back yet.


“What’s up Rose?” The man asked nicely, completely oblivious to the lust wafting off his fiancé at the moment.


“Remember, that condition you made? “she said , waving her hand slightly in hopes of somehow helping him remember.


“Hmmm, about taking you sight se-“


“Yes!” Rose interjected a little too quickly with a giggle. ” that  really beautiful place you were talking about on the way. You said you would take after we met your parents, “she said, her eyes twinkling when it finally clicked in her lover’s expression.


“It’s been fun but I promised Rose I’d take her to see the hill by the mall  I used to hang out, you remember the one right dad?”


Rose saw it, the silent conversation exchanged between the two men. Even after so long roaming both worlds, she still didn’t understand the magic between men that held no spec of abnormal magic qualities being able to communicate wordlessly.


“Of course I do!” He stood up before  waving his son towards him.” Just give this  old man a hug and you can go.”


Much to the humor of both woman as soon as John got close his father pulled him into a grizzly bear hug, grinning ear to ear.


“Whatcha standing around for? come on in girly.”


Blue magic trickled around Rose’s cheeks as she watched John extend a welcoming arm towards her, the woman caving in quickly and joining in the warm hug; she couldn’t remember the last time she felt such otherworldly warmth before. So lost in the family embrace she hummed silently in joy.


After a few moments the embrace ended, leaving Rose to surprisingly want more but she didn’t voice it of course. As John was saying his final goodbyes to his parents for now Rose had snapped her fingers soundlessly while looking towards Ms.Fairheart.


“Actually there’s one thing I want to talk about with Rose, just some girl  talk,” she assured the men before meeting Roses eyes.”if that’s alright with you of course as well.”


“By all means Ms.Fairheart. Shall we discuss this in the hall?” Rose suggested while leading them into the hallway close to the front door. As soon as she was sure they were out of earshot she waved a hand towards Ms.Fairheart, watching silently as her eyes flashed light blue. “Make sure to behave Spirit, and remember to make the process gradual. I expect great things from you.”


Ms.Fairheart bowed respectfully.”I will not disappoint you thorn mother and I thank you for the opportunity to prove my love for thee.”


Rose smiled sadly before pulling Ms.Fairheart in a deep hug. “I’m going to miss you Liss. Make sure to call mother alright?” After she received a polite ‘of course’ she let go of her and snapped her fingers once more. Even after everything she’s done she still didn’t feel comfortable leaving one of her favorite spirits here but it was for the best she supposed. She honestly didn’t feel like having to constantly renew the spell herself every month and she was fairly confident that Liss would undoubtedly enjoy herself here. She had to admire as well that having one of her most powerful spirits aiding her in the gradual corruption of the woman would undoubtedly ensure the process.


Satisfied with things how they were Rose guided her and Ms.Fairheart back to the living room, smiling when she saw John  notice them walking in. She gave him a wink and gestured for them to take their leave.


“Well, um, we’re off.” John stepped around his mother to  Rose, not surprised in the slightest when she nestled his arm between her breast and hers. “We’ll make sure to come visit tomorrow for sure.” He scratched the back of his nervously before smiling towards his mother. “Thanks again for giving Rose a chance mom, I really appreciate it.”


“Well  if she makes you happy then she can’t be that bad right?” Ms Fairheart said as she held onto Mr.Fairheart. “We’ll see you two tomorrow right?”



John was about to answer but Rose beat him to it.”At six for baby pictures and the likes? Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” John groaned in embarrassment, trying to ignore the chuckles from his girlfriend. Not baby pictures, anything but baby pictures. Speaking of  babies he could only assume Rose was going to drop the news about their daughter on the way tomorrow,  so tomorrow was probably going to be even more chaotic.


Rose poked his cheek, her eyes twinkling with mischief. If the Jiangshi had to wait any longer she didn’t think she would be able  to contain herself for the special surprise she had in store for him. Rose inwardly chuckled at the thought of what’d she do to him: if he believed she was intense last then she was about straight ravage him. Just the thought  caused her to quiver in excitement.  




Rose snapped out of her stupor,  finally taking note  of her surroundings. Snow covered trees and their rented Camaro came into view. She took a deep breath and walked ahead of John with a flick of her hair, purposely swaying her hips all the while. A cocky smirk spread on her lips as she glanced towards him, his eyes glued to her. “You coming or what?” She asked before hopping in the car.


After a couple of moments John was at the  driver’s side, his cheeks tinted red. Bemused, Rose was about to say something but stopped herself as John reached over and grabbed her seatbelt before fumbling to fasten it.


“Dammit, come on.” Rose giggled before helping him fasten her seatbelt. She had to admit seeing John try to rush to the hotel was quite the site, but something was missing. Leaning forward, she grabbed either sides of his face before locking lips with him. She could feel him hesitate for a split second before fully committing to her act of affection, slipping and inviting her tongue to mingle with his.   For some reason he tasted different, not necessarily bad, just different. As if the act would give her answers she deepened the kiss, trying fruitless to ignore the growing desire to have all of him right there. Her eyes widened and she pulled back feverishly, a  thin trail of saliva of connecting them still.

She finally realized it.

Rose tore the near  invisible strand apart before shoving it in her mouth. With a perverted face she sucked and slurped on her  index and middle finger, her eyes never John’s. After a couple of seconds she opened her mouth, revealing the two slick fingers and holding them in front of John.  

“You’re mine.” She moaned as John sucked on her fingers, his warm tongue working to clean on the two digits.  “No one can take you from me, “she purred. Clean or not she pulled her fingers from his mouth before shoving them in her lower reign, leaning forward right next to his ear and blowing hot breath on his neck. “We’re going to give you special treat today.”

“We?” John asked, trying to ignore the raging  erection between his legs.

That’s when he felt it.

Something wet met his cheek. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed   another  Rose, exactly the same in every way, and looking just as lewd  as the one next to him as she licked his cheek sensuously . If his member wasn’t aching before it was certainly now with the added presence of Rose’s seemingly twin. Even her voice sounded the same, lewd and leaking with lust just like Rose.

“Come on sweetheart,” Rose’s copy said, planting wet kisses on his jaw. “I want you  to shower me in cum.”

“Mine and mine only~,” they both said in unison with a sweet giggle.

John didn’t say another word, merely revving up the car and driving legally fast as possible to their hotel. He  knew it, he was going to be in for a long and wild night, and Rose would without a doubt milk him for all his worth and then some.

Needless to say he was perfectly ok with that.







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3 thoughts on “Sweet Rose

  1. I really feel like this one could’ve used an editor.

    > (Line break)
    > XXxxXXx
    > “She shouldn’t have never pushed him away”

    The flight attendant is called Catherine and Katherine

    They arrive in a rented Mustang and leave in a rented Camaro

    He stuck his dick all the way down her throat on the plane but somehow she still had a mouthful of seed to swallow

    > “If only she had paid attention to that dam Lamia, she wouldn’t have…she wouldn’t have been so insulting towards with her affection”
    I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

    Is John an author and director? He signed a book for the Kiki waitress but he hadn’t spoken to his parents “since he started directing movies”

    Additionally there were a whole bunch of apostrophes where they shouldn’t have been and apostrophes that weren’t where they should’ve, your/you’re mixups and other assorted issues as such.

    Previous Twitter bullshit aside, Rose calling him “daddy” so much felt a little weird, but that’s a personal thing.

    > “Mine and mine only~,” they both said in unison with a sweet giggle.

    This gave me a Shining vibe, but again that’s a personal thing.

    The biggest thing, however, is how Rose handles John’s mother – if Rose’s first plan of action on meeting his prejudiced mother is to rewrite her memories and convert her into a Jiangshi before wiping everyone else’s minds, his mother was right to think poorly of Rose, and (to me) it calls into question Rose’s assertion that she didn’t fuck with John’s mind to get them together.

    1. Also, who is Liss? Was she part of Rose? Can Jiangshi just pull spirits from wherever and put them in people’s bodies? If so that’s both not in the MGE and kinda fucking terrifying.

      1. thank you for the comment foremost. it could use a editor, I was editing this myself late at night and it definitely shows. there was some things that didn’t make sense because I was writing with the mindset of doing a follow-up to it, not with the mindset of writing it as a one-shot which I had intended it to be. I hope that the next piece I write will be more enjoyable and easier overall to read.

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