Stuffer Bogey

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Species: Ogre

Habitat: Unclear

Disposition: Motherly, cheerful, encouraging

Diet: Omnivorous


Stuffer Bogeys are a bogey species whose forms highly differ from the rest. Not only are they the only bogey species that have no tears on their bodies, but they’re also the only bogey species that are naturally born with cocks as well as vaginas. Stuffer bogeys are easy to tell apart from others due to this, as the stitching their bodies sport is incredibly tight and causes the surrounding plush to bulge. Their tight stitching and durable plush bodies mean most stuffer bogeys will go their whole life and never suffer a tear.

Unfortunately, however, what might seem like a great boon to these bogeys is actually highly inconvenient. While they are born with magic to control the plush within their body, their bodies, specifically their balls, never stop producing it. As such, their bodies tend to grow uncomfortably tight, and if not relieved, their bodily control becomes stiff and unwieldy. Stuffer Bogeys must regularly release plush from their bodies to avoid this fate. This need for relief has actually caused a small religion to form around their cocks and by extension, ways to relieve them.

The relationship between the stuffer and her cock, while religious in nature, is less like worship and is closer to that of one of respect. Stuffer bogeys will often take great care of their penises, going so far as to knit cozies not for just their own cocks, but for their own husband and even other couples. These cozies tend to be tight but stretchy, and keep the cock warm and, for lack of a better description outside of accounts, “fresh”.

Though even with great care taken, Stuffer cocks are fickle things, with masturbation and toys only giving partial relief at best and leaving the stuff constantly hungry. This however changes when the Stuffer finds a partner. Stuffers do not seek out any specific partner in particular but the relationship between a stuffer and their partner is as important to the Stuffer as their cock. Their minds will shift from “I want to release my stuffing…” to “I want to stuff my lover!”

Sex with a stuffer is always a personal affair, as the stuffer can control the size of her parts mid-coitus to suit both her and her partner’s needs and wants. She can make her cock small enough to slip inside her partner with ease, before filling it up full again so they can’t pull out. She can grow her breasts full so their partner can bury their heads when they moan, or fill their hips so there is something to grip. However, the real magic happens when the stuffer stuffs her partner full of stuffing.

Given how stuffer plush comes from the most cherished area of a monster, the stuffing is incredibly potent and brimming with demonic energy and magic. As it comes into contact with their lover, be it from the inside or the outside, it will slowly fill them with feelings of confidence and self-love, all while removing feelings of stress or anxiety. These feelings will persist long after coitus has ended allowing the now stuffed partner to go about their lives with newfound passion. The Stuffer Bogey will also feed these feelings, encouraging their partner to seek their dreams and be the best them they can be, much like a mother helping their child achieve their dreams.

That is only the start, however, as the magic and demonic energy that is pumped into the lover’s body slowly changes them. The changes are subtle, with the lover first beginning to be able to hold more stuffing and feel their warm feeling for longer without them fading. Over time their torso will begin to change, looking like that of a teddy bear as their capacity increase with love for their partner, growing softer all the while. Once their torsos have fully changed and they’ve truly grown able to hold all they can another small transformation will happen. Upon being filled full to the brim, a symbol, usually a heart but other symbols have been reported, will appear on the lover’s stomach, glowing when they’ve been filled full so even through clothing all will know they are filled with love.

When filled this much, the lover can go years without being near the Stuffer and still feel their warm fuzzy feeling. Interestingly enough, however, partners upon transforming appear to spend more time with the Stuffer. Though with the help of the stuffer bogey to achieve their dreams and goals, they’re always more than happy to give their loving wife a hug.


There are a few more interesting notes to touch on. For one, the Stuffers will enjoy having their partners interact with their cocks whenever they can, even while sleeping. For some, this can mean putting in before snuggling their partner tight. Others however might grow their cocks as large as a body pillow before slipping their partner under the cozy so can snuggle their cock all night long, head to “head”.

Another note is that depending on which method the Stuffer uses for relief with their partner, their partner will start to gain some bedroom perks. Should the Stuffers partner use their mouth a lot, they will find their tongue more dexterous, and their dirty talk dirtier than ever, as well as their mouth slowly turning into an erroneous zone. Should they receive anal, they will be able to control their whole body as well as any mamono can control her pussy, allowing both the Stuffer and themselves to be pleasured even more. Should the Stuffer decide to cover their partner in stuffing, the partner will find their sensitivity increased. If all these are done in one session, the Stuffers love will find their whole body, from the tip of their toes to the top of their head, inside and out, has turned into an erogenous zone, which the Stuffer will be more than happy pleasure fully and thoroughly.

Finally, there have been some reports of the Stuffer’s cock releasing a “musk”. These reports vary with some finding it incredibly enticing, while others finding it offputting. Research into this topic has shown that certain individuals who can smell this scent are those who are predisposed to liking it, with the musk being scentless by anyone else but the partner. Interestingly, those who find the smell off-putting at first are actually those with the highest rate of finding the smell addicting.

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