Stranger In A Stranger City PT.2

     The first thing that I did when I got home was to check my bank accounts. No job meant no money, and no money meant that things were going to get a whole lot harder. Thankfully, the paid leave had left me with a few frugal months of living, and if I played my cards right I could take my time finding a new job. Sighing, I turned off my computer and collapsed in my bed. Glancing at the clock it read 8:00 AM. Damn, it was too early to start drinking, not that many bars would be open at this time. I didn’t want to stay cooped up in my apartment, even if it meant getting to drink. I needed to find someplace to vent, get fucked up, maybe get laid, and not exclusively in that order. I rolled over and stared out of my window at the new day’s sun, wishing that it would set already. I would have to improvise. I would have to go to a monster club.

     Stepping off of the bus I looked around at the deserted sidewalks around me. A few cars were parked on the street, but otherwise I was the only person around. Nothing but the faint sounds of traffic and the muffled bass of the clubs. This part of the city was one that the younger, non-crazy men made a point to stay away from. Monster’s had basically taken control of this part of the entertainment district, and now only the brave, ignorant or stupid came here. I had no idea which of those I was, but it probably a combination of all three. Taking a deep breath, I looked at the large, unlit neon sign above me, “Snake Eyes”. What had once been one of those warehouse style thrift stores had been converted into one of the biggest night clubs in the city. Supposedly it was open 24/7, but I had only heard rumors about how they kept its occupants so… busy. I took a deep breath and opened the large double doors, only to be greeted by a small, dim room with another pair of large double doors opposite me that assumedly lead to the actual club. The walls and doors were covered with a thick layer of black noise isolating foam and smelt like cigarette smoke and sex.

                “Kind of earl…”

      A voice spoke before being cut off my by yelp of surprise. Chuckling, a purple haired woman in a tight fitting black t-shirt and jeans walked out of the shadows.

“A bit easy to scare, aren’t you?”

     She grinned and approached me.

“I, um, I’m here to club.”

     Immediately cringing, I reflected on my recent choices. This had been a terrible idea, even if I was in shape that hadn’t changed the fact that I had spent the last few months alone in an apartment, watching anime and workout DVDs. My people skills were still zero and I had just spurged out to the first girl I met. The woman broke into a deep laugh before looking me up and down.

“Do you even know where you are? Looks to me like you’re a bit lost.”

     I was wearing a faded white “Hyper Bowl XXXXXXXI” shirt and a pair of blue, nylon running shorts. After searching through my closet I had come to the realization that the only things that actually fit me anymore were work out clothes. I had thrown them on not thinking about how it was going to look once I actually got to the club.

“I’ll be… back.”

     I spun around and quickly made my way through the door into the early-afternoon sun. Step one, buy new cloths. Step two, wear said cloths. Step three, go to a club where I won’t look like a retard. I began to walk towards the club parking lot before I remembered that I taken the bus in case I got fucked up and couldn’t drive home. In fact, I had been planning on that. Sighing, I began to jog in the direction of my apartment. At least I could work out before shopping.

     Shopping had taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. After getting home and showing, I had put on some baggy clothes and driven to the nearest decent clothing store. The store happen to be an “Orcstrom”, something classier than I was used to, and not really in my now restricted budget, but if I was going to do it I was going to do it right. Four hours and near a grand later I emerged from the store holding around half a dozen bags. Sometime during the shopping I had been “persuaded” by a rather pushy succubus to get a hundred-dollar haircut and shave at the adjoining “Toneta and Girl” salon. Despite my protests I had been sat down and manscaped into oblivion. The only thing that had stopped me from making a break for it when I was presented with the bill was looking at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t the best looking guy in the world, but damn, the hairdresser really had worked magic on me. Before I had looked like a caveman, but now I was more than presentable with short cropped hair and a sculpted beard. Combined with my new outfit I looked ready for a night out on the town, or in my case, a late afternoon at the club.

     After putting away my new wardrobe, I decided that it was time to return to the Snake Eyes and try my luck. I decided to forgo the bus and just drive to save time. In the worst case scenario, I could just stay at a hotel, but waking home in the middle of the night was out of the question considering what happened last time. The street was much busier than when I had initially gone to the club. It seemed that even this early on a weekend people wanted to go out. Steeling myself, I locked my car door and once again approached the club doors. Instead of the empty entrance that I had first seen, it was now roped off and guarded by a rather large ushi-oni. A line stretched a dozen or so feet out, and I nonchalantly made my way to the back of it.

     Unsurprisingly, it’s occupants mostly consisted of various monsters in skimpy attire. A group of hellhounds at the front were loudly talking and laughing, presumably already drunk, with the rest being miscellaneous demons and other hell spawn. As the line slowly progressed forward it dawned on me that I the only guy in the line. As I was mulling over approaching the dangerous looking spider hybrid directly, a group of thuggishly dressed men walked right past the bouncer and into the club. Whether she knew them personally or there were different rules for males, I wasn’t sure. I decided to take a chance and stepped out of the line when a powerful grip on the shoulder stopped me in my tracks.I froze, and calmly turned around to face the bouncer I had met earlier. She had changed into a revealing suit of armor that showed off several of the more elaborate tattoos covering her impressive chest.

“So I see that you decided to come back, huh. Couldn’t get enough of me?”

“I, uh, I guess not.”

     I replied, doing my best not to stare at her cleavage.

“Word of advice sweetie.”

     She grinned and leaned forward to push up her breasts.

“Guys get in free, and just in case this is your first time, which I’m sure it’s not, why not let me give you a bit of a tour?”

     I broke out into a smile and nodded a bit more eagerly than I should have. She smiled back and took my arm, walking past the line, nodded at the ushi-oni and into the club.

“By the way, the name’s Sibilla. Just call me Sib.”


     The doors opened to the same cramped, dark room that they had before. The only difference being that a muscly bounder leaned against the opposite wall. Grunting, he pushed off the wall and motioned for me to come closer. I shot a questioning look at Sibilla and she nodded her approval. I stepped forward, and before I could react the bouncer had grabbed and stamped my hand. I pulled back, alarmed, then examined the stamp. In neon yellow ink was the crest of Illias. She slipped her arm through mine and led me through the next pair of door and into a miasma of pulsating bass and strobing lights. Overwhelmed, I flinched back but was dragged forward by her iron grip. We circled around a large dancefloor where a swaying mass of humans and monsters ground against each other.

     I don’t really know what I had expected but this was probably as close to it as it was liable to get. The ceiling and corners were shrouded in darkness, and I didn’t see any windows. The dancefloor and bar were the only real spots of illumination, with the walkways and tables moodily lit by dull Edison bulbs. Sibilla guided me past dozens of faintly illuminated silhouettes into a small alcove booth near the back of the club. Pushing me in, she slid in behind me and slid her arm around my back, grabbing my side to pull herself closer. While we were the only two people at the table, a fallen angel waitress, clad in a tight black v-neck and short shorts that hugged her curves, suddenly appeared at the table.

“What can I get cha’ handso…. Sib? Damn, you always get the cute ones first.”

     She pouted and turned towards me.

“Anyway, what’s your poison?”

     I glanced at Sibilla and she grinned, snatching the drink menu off the table and handing it to the sullen waitress.

“Two wonderlands, and get another two after ten minutes.”

“Of course dear. I’ll put it on your tab.”

     The angel replied with false sweetness. She turned to leave and smiled at me.

“Be careful kid, you’re swimming with sharks.”

     Before I could ask her what she meant she was gone into the darkness of the club. I felt Sibilla tug at my side and turned to focus on her. Her hair was shoulder length, a light purple that seemed natural. Her face was angular with prominent cheekbones and a cute button nose. She flashed another one of her grins and ran her fingers down my back, making me shiver in surprise.

“So, what’d you come here for? You don’t look like you really know your way around a place like this.”

     I cleared my throat and did my best to speak with confidence.

“I just lost my job and decided “fuck it”. I’m gonna get fucked up and probably do some fucking as well. I came here before without preparing, obviously, and blew some money on looking like not shit.”

     She waited for me to say more, but when the silence continued she leaned toward and put her hand on my thigh. Her face was next to mine and her smell was suddenly all that I could concentrate on.  I blushed but didn’t look away. I couldn’t fuck this up again.

“I can see that you’re not too great with words. Maybe you were waiting for this…”

     She shifted her hand to rest atop my crotch.

“Do the talking.”

     I jumped at the contact and looked away, taking an interest in the stained wooden table. Thankfully the waitress returned and loudly placed the glasses on the wooden table, breaking Sibilla’s concentration and giving me a chance to recompose myself.

“Two wonderlands, just like you ordered!”

     Her shit eating grim was enough to bring a scowl to Sibilla’s face and a small smile to mine. Wanting to stall the conversation a bit longer, I grabbed the drink and took a ship, making sure to avoid getting poked by the kitschy wooden umbrella planted in the drink. My eyes widened and I tilted my head back to get more of the colorful liquid. The drink itself looked pretty girly being neon pink with an umbrella as a garnish; however, it tasted amazing. Sweet like a lychee fruit but with a sour kick that hid any taste of alcohol and a refreshing aftertaste that made my throat tingle pleasantly.  I completely drained my glass and noticed giggles coming from both, who exchanged a knowing glance before the waitress left again.

“First time trying mamono alcohol? Most people have a similar first reaction.”

     She reached out and grabbed my hand as I reached over to grab her drink.

“Take it slow, you really don’t want to drink too much of this stuff too fast.”

     She chastised me and took a sip of the drink herself. It had been a while since I’d tried alcohol, but this monster-juice had really made me reconsider my recent sobriety.

“So, now that you’re on the path to getting fucked up, have you made a decision about who you’re going to be doing that fucking with?”

     I accidentally swallowed the ice-cube that I had been chewing on and did my best to suppress a cough.

“Umm, It’s a bit early to tell, plus… I might need some more drinks to make my decision.”

     I smiled stupidly as she grinned and grabbed my thigh. I thought about how tonight might actually go well. If I played along and didn’t sperg the fuck out I had a solid chance of waking up next to the girl snuggling up to me. I looked up as a particularly loud group passed our table and tensed; the glass that I had been playing with was suddenly in pieces and my hand felt slick and warm.  Trailing behind the group was a short, Asian, shutter shade wearing thug who flashed Sibilla a smile obscured by a large golden grill.

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