State of Mind

A cloud shaped like a cow slowly drifting across the sky while I lean against my favorite tree to clear my mind. I felt like I was wasting my lunch time looking up at sky when I could be fuckin’ my girl. Well, not anymore since I found out she was cheatin’.

I can’t stay with a man who feels so distant all the time,” huh? pondering the words my ex said to me while taking a whiff of my cig.

“… Mad because you got caught.”

I take a look at my cell to see it’s 1:27 P.M.

“Time for class.”

Puffing the smoke out, then I threw my cig on the ground. While I was stomping my cig out, I noticed a hooded person over by the bench near me. The hooded figure stood out to me since not a lot people come to this side of the park. I paid no mind to the hooded person, but when I drew closer to the hooded person, and what they were fiddling with, it was kinda hard to ignore the doll this person was putting into funny positions.

“Kind of old to be playing with dolls?” A berating tone came from a floating pair of grinning teeth that seem to appear outta nowhere next to the hooded person.

I see a woman coddling right up next to the hooded person. It was a Cheshire Cat. Voluptuous appearance that fills her tight little piece she was wearing, which matched her dark purple hair and cat like features. I’d call most Cheshires “textbook creeper” and this woman was filling that book to the T… ‘n’ A.

“Wha- Well… N-No, it’s not a d-doll. It’s called a figma, Rebecca!” the hooded person barely mustering their rebuttal.

“You can change the thing’s panties, shut-in. So, yeah, doll,” Rebecca stated coldly, yanking the doll right from the hooded person’s hands.

“H-Hey, give it back!” the hooded person plead while trying their best to grab their doll back from the heckler.

Rebecca dangled the doll in front of the hooded person, but pulled away before the hooded person could grab it. She started to play a game of “Keep Away” with the hooded person’s doll by herself by teleporting. The hooded person kept running back and forth. It wasn’t long before the hooded person tired themselves out.

“Ahaha, oh wow, a minute of keeping up! That’s a new record, freak!” the creeper boasted heartily.

During the game of “Keep Away,” the hooded person’s hood must’ve slipped off because what I saw kind of surprised me. A rather attractive woman with two horns popping straight out the sides of her head, big floppy cow ears, and jet black, beautiful kempt hair. While I was staring at the cow woman, our eyes met and she gave me rather pathetic look that screamed “please help.”

What do you expect me to do? Just before I could break my train of thought—

“Hey, loser, what are you— Oh~ Hello there, cutie!” the creeper noticed me and changed her coarse tone.

I felt like I was sweating bullets and all I could muster was a, “Yo…”

“Well, what’s a fine man like yourself doing here?”

I found the sudden shift in her tone really unsettling. Glancing over to the cow woman, then taking a deep breath and said, “I’m meet up with my girlfriend.”

Creep to freakin’ out, Rebecca looked over to the cow woman, then back to me and gave a chilling, “What?”



“Start explaining yourself, bitch!” Rebecca snarled, closing in on the cow woman with her claws drawn.

“Yeah, I asked my,” I began as I inched my way over the cow woman to wrap my hand around her waist, “girlfriend to meet me here by the bench so we could figure out where to eat.”

When I put laid my hand on the cow woman she became visibly flush and pulled her hood over her head.

Rebecca stared in disbelief before saying, “Ok, ok, there’s no way a shut-in like her got a man. Much less a hunk like you. So, how about you ditch the waste of space and get with a real woman~”

Her cooing that last sentence and flashing her cleavage made me wince. I felt a slight shiver from the cow woman when Rebecca was dissin’ her.

“Uh, yeah, nah, one woman is enough trouble. Come on, babe, let’s go that Italian place I was texting you about earlier—”

“Hold on for a minute!” Rebecca appeared right in front of us before the cow girl and I could turn away from her.

“If you really are ‘thing,’ then prove it!” Rebecca sneered, leaning towards the cow woman trying to psych her out with that devilish grin of her’s.

God, women like her are a pain in the ass. I thought as a turned towards the cow woman.

I pulled the cow woman close to me, pulled her hood down, faced her head towards me and gave her a deep kiss for about a few seconds. When we unlocked lips, I felt her go limb in my arms and a heat emanating from her face. Creeper’s cheeks flushed staring at the “proof” that we were a couple.

“W-Well… F-F-Fine! I get it! Y-You two are an ‘item!’ Congratu-fucking-lations!” the creeper kept on fumbling her words, repeating the same thing over again and again while running away.

With a mental exhausted cow woman, I had her sit down on the bench. I gave myself a moment to relax and we sat in silence for a bit.

“Thank you…” the cow woman broke the silence with a murmur. She began slouching as if she was trying to hide herself.

“I didn’t do it for you,” stating that with a little bitterness in my voice.

“W-Well… um, thank you anyway,” her voice trailed off.

The tension was getting dense, so I decide to head out without saying a word.

W-Wait— argh!” the cow girl flailed stand up so suddenly and fell on her face.

I might as well to hear her out. What is it?”

Ow, ow… Rebecca’s been heckling for a while now and you’re the first person to stand up for me—”

I told you, I didn’t do it for you. Get to your point, I’m not feeling chatty today.”

Suddenly cutting her off like that made her flinch, but she continued, “Let me treat you to lunch. It’s the least I could do.”

I stood still for bit and considered the cow woman’s offer. My mind was made when I felt my stomach growl.

Alright. I’ll take you up on your offer,” I said while extending my hand to the cow woman. She took my hand and I helped her off the ground.

Ready for our ‘date,’ babe?”

Her cheeks glowed a bright red and lowered her head from my teasing. I sighed deeply.

Feels like it’s gonna be a long day.




After a bus ride, the cow woman leads me though a quiet suburb to a small plaza. We come to an entrance of what looks like a cafe. When I enter the cafe, my ears are greeted with a jazz piece that completes the tranquil atmosphere of the cafe. A raccoon dog girl waitress shows us over to an open table. The cow woman and I sit in silence as I’m glancing over the menu.

Uhmm,” The cow woman tried to speak up, but I didn’t hear her at first, “E-Excuse me, Mr… I’m sorry, but I never got your name.”

I stared at her for a moment before answering, “Devon.”

Well, Mr. Devon—”

Drop the ‘Mr.’”

“O-Oh, of course, Devon.”

Some awkward moments passed before the cow girl continued, “A-Anyway, my name is Sophie. Thank you again for your help today, Devon.”

I was tempted to correct her about why I did what I did, but the earnestness behind her words made just made me let it be.


So, please, order anything you’d like. I’ll pay for it!” Sophie chirp ecstatically.

The waitress comes over to take our orders. Sophie looks at the menu and I noticed that she was also looking through her wallet with some worry. When the waitress asked for my order I asked for something cheap off the menu. Sophie insisted I ordered something more extravagant, but I told her I didn’t feel that hungry.

After some time, our food arrives. I tried to keep the chit chat to a minimum, but Sophie’s surprisingly talkative. She tried her best to get to know me, but most of the time I shot her down or gave her vague answers. Instead of prying, she talked a bit about herself. She tells me her interests include knitting, collecting “figmas” of her favorite Japanese cartoons, and playing the piano. While she was splurge about some “sentai” show, I felt more and more agitated and just wanted to leave. I began eating a little faster. Once I finished my food, I interrupted Sophie to thank her for the food, and just as I was getting outta my seat to leave…

W-Wait, Devon!” Sophie’s voice was a little too loud that it surprised the other guests at the cafe.

After Sophie calmed down from embarrassing herself, “Um, Devon, I-I know we just met, but I don’t have many friends… and, uh, I was just w-wondering if you…” her voice lowering to a whisper.

I pondered as to how I was gonna get myself outta this situation. I think she’s just wanting me to stick around her because she needs someone to fend off that Cheshire that keeps bothering her. I’m not gonna deal with your problems, lady.

Devon, would you like to be friends?” Sophie asks, red as a beet.

Then an idea popped into my head.

Sure, friends… with benefits.”


Yeah, I’ll be your friend provided you give me some extra service.”

Sophie stares at me with confusion at my words.

“… Do you know what ‘friends with benefits’ means, Sophie?”

She just gives me a puzzling look.

It means we’ll be having sex with no strings attached.”

The moment I said “sex” Sophie’s cheeks flared up real quick and she hid her face in her hoodie.

Well, that worked. Now she’ll back off from me and-

W-Well… I mean, if you d-don’t mind doing it with someone like me…”

My train of thought was broke by a reply I wasn’t expecting. I was floored and sat there looking at her in disbelief for awhile before saying, “You realize what you’re saying, right?”

Sophie squirmed in her seat for a little bit before meekly replying, “Y-Yes, I realize, but I have a good feeling about you, so…” Her voice trails off before going completely silent.

Ah, great, I wasn’t expecting her accept my conditions. But, maybe I just need to push her a little more… regaining my state of mind, I grabbed her hand, and harden my expression.

Don’t cry if you regret this later.”




Guess I’ll be missing art class. Laying down in the nude, fresh out of the shower, reflecting on the bed of the hotel room that Sophie and I checked into.

I was hoping she’d back down by the time we got to the hotel, but— My thoughts scattered once I heard the bathroom door open and out stepped Sophie with only a bath towel covering her. She was clinging on to the towel tightly before letting it drop. What I was treated to a gorgeous busty woman that made my heart skip a beat.

I wasn’t expecting her to be well-endowed. That baggy hoodie she was wearing must’ve been covering them up—


Sophie broke me out of my daze, Oh, uh, rightAre you ready? Last chance to turn back.”

Sophie gave a short pause before replying, “No, I’m sure about this.”

She made her way to the bed and sat right next to me. I took a moment to soak in the image of the timid woman sitting next to me.

D-Don’t stare too much.”

Sorry, I didn’t expect you to have huge breasts.”

I-I’m pretty sensitive about my beasts, so don’t tease me about them.

Sophie raised her arms to cover her chest.

Well, in a way, I am gonna tease them. But, not in the way you’re thinking.”


Sophie fell silent as pushed her arms away from her breasts. I put my right hand on her soft tights and wrapped my left arm around her to fondle one of her supple breasts. Her breathing became more ragged as I eagerly explored her body. Nipping at the nape of her neck. The soothing warmth filling my hand as I gently squeezed her breast. It wasn’t before long I pushed her down on the bed.

I slid my right hand down her belly and towards her clit. Sophie muffled her moans as I gently rubbed her clit, then gasped as I slowly slid my middle fingers into her pussy. As I moved my fingers slowly inside of Sophie’s “lips” and caressed her clit with my thumb, I felt my hand become damp. Sophie was struggling to keep her moans down. I lowered my head towards Sophie’s ample bosom and began sucking on one of her nipples.

A soft “moo” escaped from Sophie’s mouth.

Slowly, I became more entranced by this woman…

Forgetting the passing of time.

Focusing intently on the alluring woman in my grasp.

Then suddenly…

Mnnn… Ahnnnnnnnnn!”

A sweet fluid filled my mouth and my hand was drenched. I released the grasp I had on Sophie and backed away from her a little while coughing.

Ack, the hell was that? Milk? Tastes… kinda chocolaty— my thoughts dispersed when my eyes trailed along the contours of Sophie’s body as she basked in the afterglow. Her slow breathing moved her breasts in an enticing way that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her face filled with with ecstasy that made my blood flow from one head to another. Succumbing to my instincts, I prop the panting cow woman against a pillow and get her in a missionary position.

Are you going put it… in?” Sophie meekly spoke as she tried to bury her face behind her hands.


“… O-Ok.”

Without another word, I slowly inched my pelvis towards Sophie’s. My penis was at the entrance to Sophie’s cunt. The tip of my penis was met with some resistance.

You need to relax—” I cut my hounding because I could feel Sophie shivering. I took a deep breath and embraced Sophie.

It’s alright, I’ll go slowly.” gently stroking Sophie’s head and giving the best reassuring tone I could muster. I could feel Sophie’s tension fade away from her body.

O-Ok. Thanks, Devon,” Sophie whispers while pulling into my embrace.

I laid her down against the pillow. Sophie surprised me by grabbing my penis and guiding it to her vagina.

She took a deep breath before calmly speaking,I’m ready, Devon.”

Inch by inch, the tip of my penis was inside of Sophie. Then, the entirety of my shaft into her. We were connected and I stood still for a bit to give Sophie some time to react.

Sophie spoke up,Huh? This doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.”

Well, that’s why we did some foreplay. It helps relax your muscles.”

I hear a soft chuckle from Sophie.

What’s so funny?”

O-Oh, nothing, I was just… thinking how nice of a person you are.”

Huh?” I shot her with a confusing look.

I mean, at first I thought you were quite scary… B-But you’re being really gentle with me. So, I just thought that you must be a really kind person even if you don’t show it.”

Sophie beaming words felt oddly soothing. I stared at her earnest smile in a trance and a thought entered my mind, She’s kinda cute.

Huh? I felt something twitch down there.”

I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks. Quickly, I turned away from Sophie and hid by face with my hand.

Devon is something wrong?”

No… I’m fine.” This woman doesn’t fight fair.

I took moment to clear my mind before I continued, “I’m gonna pick up the pace.”

O-Oh, ok—”

Before Sophie could finish her reply, I penetrated Sophie swiftly. Loud smacks echoed throughout the room.

Devon! Ahh- You’re… Mhhmmm- g-going… Ahnnn- so fast!” Sophie fumbled words between her moans.

Devon! Oh god, Devon! Ahnn- Devon…!”

Sophie nails dug into my back. My lower half was drenched in an instant. The moans, the zesty callings of my name, feeding my budding lust. I could feel Sophie tighten around my penis—as if she was desperate, hungry for my seed. I felt Sophie spasm around my cock.

I desperately kept pounding against her pelvis.

I lost myself in the cries of pleasure coming from the bewitching woman in front of me.

A coo broke me from my stupor,D-Devon~”

Her tender expression and the yearning in her voice threw me over the edge. I pulled out quickly and climaxed over Sophie’s belly. Panting heavily, I flopped on the bed, next to Sophie, feeling unusually exhausted.

Wha— What came over me? trying to collect my thoughts, I rested in the afterglow. I turned to face Sophie. She was fast asleep. As I stared at her resting face, I felt a calming aura surround me.

At this rate, I’m probably gonna get sucked into her pace, but I continued my thought, Would that be such a bad thing?

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