Slutty-Butt Kejourou

            You know you shouldn’t be doing this again, but here you are. Your bare feet make no noise on the rough, off-white carpet all throughout your house, and you are short and skinny and athletic enough to sneak around rather well. You’re quiet too; you never talk much in the first place and it has always surprised you how often people don’t realize you’re around. You are tensed and ready to bolt at any moment though, if things go awry. The thought of being a millisecond away from being caught excites and thrills you almost as much as what you came here to ‘observe’ in the first place.


            ‘Observation’ is what you like to call it in your head, but you are fully aware that this is sneaking and spying. Not that you sneak around and spy on people all the time though, there are just times like this where you… can’t help it. At least that’s the excuse you keep rehearsing in your mind as you peer through the inch-wide gap between the door in front of you and the wall. Your heart beats louder and faster as you silently take deep whiffs of the faint, musky smell of sweat combined with that familiar, sweet aroma of flowers. That flowery smell has pervaded your house for the past several months, but it still calms you and excites you like it had when you first smelled it on her.





            It takes almost no time for your eyes to focus on what is going on at the far end of the room. …Yes, this is exactly what you came for. Your cousin’s morning workout.


            Her back is turned to you as she watches the video on her TV, you can barely see the muscled Oni twins on the screen as they go through their pre-programmed routine. A mass of thick, midnight black hair obscures your view a little; the braid that hangs down from her head and trails on the floor for several feet is wider in diameter than both of your arms put together. The braid sways and writhes occasionally like a massive, sleepy python as your cousin stretches and contorts her supple, mature body. She’s still never told you how much older than you she is, but from what you can tell, the difference is at least ten years.


            The only other people who would know her age are your parents, but they’re gone now. Not that you really care about that though. Your parents had just been people who only happened to share the same house as you, you never cared to form a real relationship with the bastards. You were actually relieved when they said they ware going away, but you had been very apprehensive when they said that your cousin would be living with you now. You hardly even remember her from your childhood, probably because your family tended to stay away from their relatives unless something really bad or weird was going on. As weird as it is having a monstergirl live with you, it definitely beats living with your tyrannical parents. The Kejourou isn’t so bad.


            The thought of her snaps you back to reality and you mentally chastise yourself for getting distracted. She’ll be done working out soon and you’ve barely even had yourself a peek.


            Oh boy.

            You’re glad you came to when you did, it looks like it’s time for squats now. The Kejourou’s incredibly round, beautifully wide butt bounces and jiggles a little as she bends her knees and thrusts herself towards the ground. Her incredibly tight, shiny black spats must have some sort of spell on them; you have no idea how the sweat-soaked, gleaming black fabric is able to deal with the massive twin globes of plushy, sweaty flesh straining and bulging out against it. The mature, hourglass figure of the focused, panting woman in front of you makes your throat feel tight. The way her slender, petite waist complements and accentuates her huge bust and voluptuous rear makes something unknown and terrifyingly animalistic stir deep inside of you.


            Your cousin springs back up again and her hair swings across to her other side; the alabaster flesh of her chubby thighs sways and ripples as her spats ride up into her butt crack. Before you even have time to process how fantastic her butt looks when it is tightly hugged and perfectly outlined by her shiny black spats, her hair sways back across her butt and she is bending down again. Her deliciously skintight workout pants stretch out dangerously once more; you see the black fabric lighten a little as the springy threads are stretched and pulled away from each other by that fantastic pale posterior.


            The Kejourou huffs and groans with exhaustion as she continues her set of squats. Your hungry eyes trace her butt’s every movement; from a standing position to just barely grazing the floor and back again. The way her hair drifts back and forth across her back and ass almost like a massive, braided tail is a little annoying though. It almost feels like there is something, some part of her that it doesn’t want to let you see. You don’t pay it too much mind, you are still getting the view of a lifetime even with her hair doing that. As dirty and incredibly unlikely as it is, you can’t help but fantasizing about being smothered beneath that plush, squishy, deliciously sweaty bubble-butt that is about as wide as the distance between your shoulders.


            Your heart leaps as the TV screen suddenly goes black and your cousin slowly begins to turn around.


            Time to leave.

            You turn and sprint towards the bathroom two doors away and lock yourself in as quickly and as quietly as humanly possible. Even though the distance between the Kejourou’s room and the bathroom the two of you share is only a few feet, you have to wait a few moments for your breath to return. You were so distracted during your ‘observation’ that you didn’t even notice your hand had moved to your pants at some point. The painfully compressed bulge in there that you’ve been unconsciously groping at is begging to be dealt with.


            You take a deep breath before sitting down on the lid of the toilet and pulling your pants off. They rest loosely around your ankles as you lean back against the lid of the toilet and close your eyes, letting the wonderful sights and smells of your voyeurism wash over you. Oh yes, that was a fantastic ‘observation’ session indeed. You can just see her voluptuous butt bouncing in those tight black spats and her thick, midnight hair swaying tantalizingly in front of you. Pleasure builds very quickly and you feel the edge is almost within reach.


            “Anon.” You freeze.

            On no. Please. Please no.

            Your eyes spring open as terror courses through you.

            “L-Lily…” The mature Kejourou towers over you, grinning widely and still dripping with sweat.

            “You know I like to wash up after I work out, right?”

            “Y-yeah… but I thought I locked the door…”

            “Oh please Anon, you think mere locks can keep me out? Uhuuhuu…” You stifle a gasp as she giggles and her hair starts to un-braid itself. Thousands of thin strands simultaneously billow out around her shoulders like a thick, black cloud of smoke. The tips of those tiny, silky threads of unfathomably long hair tickle at your feet and twine around each of your toes and slither up your ankles as Lily steps closer.

            “Um… uhh…” You are far too scared and distracted to form words.


            Lily continues to grin down at you and your naked lower half smugly, fully aware that you can’t keep your eyes off of her deliciously curvy body. From the size-too-small, soaked pink sports bra that barely conceals the massive, glistening white lumps that are her breasts, to the undeniably arousing outline of her puffy vulva through those thin, tight, shiny black spats, to her strikingly beautiful and alluring facial features; you are completely trapped and entranced by her tantalizingly lewd, beautifully busty form.


            The Kejourou sighs exasperatedly, what she seems to have resigned herself to isn’t clear to you yet.

            “I need the bathroom Anon. Can you please move?” You barely hear her; even if her words had registered with you, you aren’t sure your body would respond if you actually tried to get up.

            “Anon? Hellooooo?” She bends down and stares you in the eye while her breasts dangle dangerously right there in front of you. You feel it’s only a matter of time until they fall out of her tiny pink sports bra. The way her piercing dark green eyes seem to bore into you so intensely makes you feel that getting up or moving are even less likely. Seeming to realize this, Lily straightens herself a little and sighs again.

            “Alright, fine. Fine. If I deal with your ah… little problem, will you be able to move?”

            …That might do it, yes.

            You manage to nod sluggishly.

            “Good. Just this once though, alright? I don’t want you to…” She trails off.


            You aren’t sure what she is thinking, but you nod once more. Lily sighs again in resignation before twirling around and thrusting her butt out at you. She scoots herself backwards, millimeter by millimeter, until her sweat-soaked rear is touching your still erect member. Her hair parts to allow you a full, unimpeded view of her massive butt, and you gasp. Realization and pleasure hit you simultaneously as Lily starts to bounce her butt up and down with your cock in between her cheeks. The slick, sweaty fabric of her incredibly tight black spats feels fantastic against you, far better than your hand could ever hope to achieve. She’s also wearing a butt plug.


            You stifle a second gasp as her hair distracts you; dozens of little ringlets of silky black hair curl around your sack and the base of your cock, completely enveloping your balls in a tightly laced cocoon of incredibly soft, midnight black hair. Lily grins. The light tugging and squeezing of your sack by her magical hair while she hotdogs you with her perfect ass makes you groan and arch your back.

            “Anon… If you’re still in there, do you mind giving me a hand?” The Kejourou’s words along with the feeling of her hair wrapping around your left wrist jerks you back to reality. You watch, almost in disbelief as Lily’s hair guides your hand to her butt.


            Two more tendrils of silky hair hook themselves under the waistband of her spats and pull them down just enough to reveal her pink butt plug. The way her midnight hair makes her black spats seem almost gray coupled with the fact that she doesn’t even need to lift a finger to make you do what she wants make your heart do somersaults.

            Why do these feelings feel so right?

            Her hair brings your hand to rest on her plug; your fingers curl around the flared base of the pink silicone toy almost instinctively. You feel the butt plug slide around in Lily’s anus as she continues to forcefully grind and bounce her ass against you.

            “That’s a good boy Anon, now… Do you know what to do?” You nod and start to pull on the plug. It puts up more of a struggle than you expected; you blink in astonishment as she moans throatily and the teardrop shaped plug finally slides out of your cousin’s ass.


            The butt plug is at least three inches long and an inch and a half wide. It glistens with lube too; a thin, silvery strand of the viscous, slimy liquid still connects the plug to Lily’s beautiful little pucker. You have no idea how long it took for Lily to train herself to accept such a large plug, especially while working out.

            “G-good boy Anon. Now f-fuck me with it!” The Kejourou’s lust seems to have spiked; she sighs erotically and her hair undulates and tenses around your feet and wrists and sack as you plunge the huge plug right back into her anus. The way her butt just swallows the plug so effortlessly makes your dick feel liable to explode.


            It takes a lot of concentration to keep yourself focused on pulling her butt plug out again, Lily’s hair has wrapped itself all the way around your cock now. Her hair pulls… or pushes you deeper into her crack; you can barely see yourself between those fantastic, huge orbs of soft, squishy flesh. The thin layer of hair coating all of your rod and your sack feels a little like a condom, but it is really so much more than that. It’s… living. It squeezes and massages you in all the right places, sending electric jolts of pleasure all through your body, and you can feel her every moan and sigh and grunt vibrate through it as you repeatedly plunge the large pink plug into her tight white anus. You can also still feel the fantastic sensation of the Kejourou’s delicate, sweaty flesh and slimy black spats against your skin as her hair constantly moves and adjusts itself while it massages you. You can even feel the intense heat and wetness emanating from her aroused and dripping pussy as she slides and grinds against your cock.


            “Anon… Anon! Ooooh, Anon yeesss!” Lily’s frantic, ecstatic encouragement sends you right over the edge. Your mind goes completely blank as you cum; jet after jet of hot, white, creamy seed spill out over your cousin’s hair and butt and back. The mature, curvy Kejourou squeals beautifully as you slam her plug down with finality.


            After a few seconds of savoring the afterglow, Lily’s hair sluggishly begins to retreat from your body. You watch in fascination as she mops up the remnants of your seed with her magic, midnight black hair. Your cum seems to shimmer and disappear as it is absorbed by her hair wherever it touches. Even though you know how Kejourous absorb spirit energy through their hair from Sex Ed in school, seeing it in action is oddly mesmerizing.


            Eventually, all traces of your orgasm have been erased by your cousin’s hungry hair and she stands up, exhausted after her extra workout. You are pretty tired yourself; you adhere to your end of the bargain and get up to leave the bathroom for her. You are far too tired to pull your pants back up; instead you just kick them off and nudge them out the door with your foot as you leave. A mass of Lily’s hair smacks you playfully on the butt before slamming the door behind you.


            A lot have things have changed in such a small amount of time, all you can do now is wait for your turn to shower and contemplate what comes next.


— — — — —


            “Lily are you okay?”

            “Hmmm? Anon? Yes, I’m fine.”

            Fine. Sure.

            The noncommittal and distracted tone of the Kejourou’s words makes you question their validity.

            ”Oh… okay. I just thought… nevermind.” You have no idea how to how to articulate your thoughts. You know that Lily has been acting odd; distant and preoccupied since she caught you peeping yesterday.


            As hard as it is to focus on eating the food in front of you, it’s the only thing keeping you from dying of awkward. You can tell that your Kejourou cousin probably feels the same, she is intently focused on making her spoon drown as she swirls it around in her bowl. As far as you can tell, she hasn’t taken a bite of her soup since you put it in front of her. That’s another thing that’s flagged your interest, normally Lily is the one who cooks around here. Usually, little meals and snacks just happen to appear at your place at the table, always prepared the way you like and with your favorite foods. Sometimes the things she’d make would even be arranged in shapes on their plates; stars, circles, even hearts.


            Today however, you had found yourself waiting for hours, compulsively checking the kitchen every few minutes for the meal that was never to come. You even had to call Lily down to eat with you, usually she’s right there waiting to pounce and keep you company as soon as you sit down. She’s with you for literally every meal, you didn’t realize how lonely her absence made you feel until you were cooking on your own. Sure you cooked on your own all the time before she moved in, but you have gotten very used to her soothing, graceful presence across from you while you eat. Maybe she just forgot this time? You had hoped that was the answer, but now that you’re realizing her unusual behavior you aren’t so sure. Maybe you’re just a shitty cook and she can’t bring herself to say so in front of you? No, this is canned soup that you heated up in the microwave, you can’t fuck that up too hard at all. You’ve done it exactly the same way so many times in the past too.

            Fuck, maybe you should say something.


            “Lily, I-“

            ”I’m going to go eat this upstairs.”

            Does she know? She cut you off before you even had a chance to react.

            “Y-yeah… okay.” As much as you want to stop her and question her, you don’t. You feel like one wrong word could offend her or make her angry or sad and the last thing you want to do is make her worse. The awkwardness in the air has been replaced by tension; the weight of unvoiced emotions makes you really nervous. You are just waiting in vain for the explanation you are fairly certain will never come. Yeah, she can’t even make eye contact, there’s no way she’ll tell you what’s wrong.


            Maybe it’s good that she didn’t let you continue, maybe she knew. Maybe she knew you’d make her worse.


            You make no effort to stop your cousin as she takes her still full bowl and hurries upstairs to her room with her hair swaying nervously behind her. Instead you just lean over and stare down into your soup with your elbows on the table and your head in your hands. Well, it’s pretty obvious that you blew it. If only you had just left the bathroom and not made her pleasure you like that. Sure she seemed like she was into it, really into it even… but you basically made her do it, right? You kinda left her no choice. Fuck, none of this would ever have happened if you weren’t spying on her in the first place.



            Just when the two of you seemed to be getting closer, you had to go and screw it all up. You had even had your first REAL conversation a few days ago, one that wasn’t just your usual meaningless small talk. You hat talked about video games, all about how Lily secretly has a passion for them but has been too busy with work to play since she moved in with you. The ecstatic, passionate look in Lily’s eye as she went on and on about the newest games slated to come out had made you feel a feeling that you hadn’t felt in years.


            You like her.

            You actually like someone again.

            Lily is someone with shared interests… someone you can relate to and feel mostly comfortable around. Well, USED TO feel mostly comfortable around. Regardless of your dynamic at present, you’d thought for sure you’d lost the capacity to like someone a long time ago. Well, maybe you jumped to conclusions a bit too fast. Now she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. You feel a deep, dull, uncomfortable ache in your chest at the thought of losing your familiarity with someone you finally felt you could relate to, even if only a little. Now that everything has happened the way it has, you don’t really see a way where the two of you could really recover from this.


            Eh, these thoughts are getting a bit too painful. Maybe it’s time for a nice movie or something, maybe play a video game or two. Either way, in times like these, the internet always provides.


— — — — —


            You aren’t really sure what to do right now. It’s been several days since Lily cut you off and took her dinner upstairs, but all the signs are here. You’re only just realizing how scared you’ve been to admit it. That being said, you’re still much more scared of what will happen if you keep denying it and thinking things will just magically change. You know what depression is like. You know EXACTLY what depression is like, maybe that’s why you’re so afraid.


            Ever since your time together in the bathroom, Lily has slowly been spiraling away from you.

            You fucking hate it.

            You have no idea what to say or what to believe or how to approach her, but you can tell that Lily has been brutally fighting herself since she caught you ‘observing’ her. You feel incredibly helpless; doomed to watch her slowly waste away in front of you. The way your strong, graceful, elegant (though sometimes smug and cynical) cousin has become an empty shell of her former self just hurts too much. This whole situation sickens you; it’s clearly all your fault, right? If you hadn’t been such a horny idiot, none of this would have happened.


            You’re terrified of talking to her about what the hell is going on; it didn’t take much thought to figure out that you really don’t want the Kejourou to go away. Even though the two of you haven’t talked much, you always knew there was something… some bond, or feeling, or emotion there that both of you could sense. The single meaningful conversation you had with her confirmed your feelings for each other, even if you weren’t fully aware of them at the time. There’s no denying now that you feel incredibly drawn to her. Her curvy, mature body is fantastic for sure, but there’s a whole lot more to your feelings than that. Over the few short months you’ve been living together, the two of you have developed something unsaid, yet deeply meaningful. Deep down, you know that Lily is the only person you’ve ever felt truly comfortable and mostly happy around, and part of you feels that being around you may be the same for her. You don’t care that she’s your cousin, closer family members than cousins get married all the time in this city.


            You definitely have feelings for the Kejourou, even in her current state; you’re just far too scared of making things worse to do anything about the way things have become. Now that another person actually seems to care about you (or at least not hate you), you’d rather not lose them. The pain of not doing anything so you don’t make things worse has become too unbearable. All you really want to do is comfort her and cuddle with her and somehow let her know that you like her. You feel uncomfortably, unfathomably stuck though; immobilized by your own thoughts and fears.


            You’ve had a whole lot of time to think about things and re-think about things and then think about them several more times, but the end result is usually the same. Your efforts are never going to work.

            What a terrible fucking feeling that is.

            Well, if they’re not going to work, what’s stopping you from actually finding out?

            …You’re scared to. Right.

            You really hate that excuse though, you know you should just do something anyway. Part of you would definitely rather avoid change and just accept the fact that you and she will constantly dance around your issues in an incredibly awkward, painfully silent and meaningless relationship. How bad can it be, at least you still have… the internet, right?



            No, fuck that.

            You have to do SOMETHING.

            At least find out what she’s thinking to satisfy your curiosity, otherwise you’ll get just as depressed as she is or even go insane.

            Or both.

            Probably both.


            Yeah, its time to do something.


            You finally get up and go to leave your room. Your head feels fuzzy, almost as if you are on autopilot; you hardly feel like you are even alive for a second or two. It’s probably been eight hours since you moved from your desk and your computer. Hell, that last hour was just you staring blankly at your paused movie as your thoughts assaulted and distracted you. Your thoughts continue to consume you as you head outside of your dark, comfortable sanctuary, and you are in front of Lily’s door before you know it.

            Her closed door.

            Her door that has stayed closed at all times since the last time you ‘observed’. You know she’s inside; she’s been cooped up in there for several days, much like you’ve been in your own room.

            Fuck, everything seems so grim.


            You’re really glad that your thoughts don’t stop you from knocking. It takes a while before you finally hear the slow, sad shuffling of soft feet on coarse carpet behind the plain white door. The knob turns agonizingly; since you knocked your heart has been racing and your thoughts are only flying by faster. There are so many things that could happen, so many that you’ll never predict or be prepared for every single situation no matter how hard you try. For better or worse, the sight of Lily as she sluggishly opens the door drives all the thoughts form your mind.


            The first thing you notice is her hair. Her usually straight, shiny, lustrous black hair is all frayed and wrinkled and incredibly messy. It looks like somebody halfheartedly tried to make a paper fan out of it with a curling iron. She is wearing nothing except a plain white button-down shirt that is several sizes too big for her. It hangs down to just above her knees as she blinks and stares blankly down at you, as if she can barely comprehend why you’re here. The deep purple bags under her sad, dull, downcast eyes tell you she probably hasn’t slept much since you ‘played’ with each other. The deep, olive green hue of her eyes seems almost gray to you now.


            You can feel the tension and awkwardness radiating around you as you fight to make yourself speak.

            “…umm… uh… Hi Lily…” Your eyes dart to anywhere that isn’t her face. Looking at her in this state just hurts too much. A few seconds pass, yet she still hasn’t answered you.

            “Um… if you don’t mind, uh… can we talk?”

            There you go, you’ve said it. You feel the tiniest bit better, now you just have to wait for her to reply, right?

            “yeah.” Her reply is lifeless and monotone; hearing how different and sad her voice is now makes your stomach squirm. Your tall cousin takes her slender white hand off the doorknob and turns around, dragging her soft, pale feet dejectedly as she walks back over to her bed.


            Her room is in just as bad a state as she is; piles of dirty clothes and plates of moldy, half-eaten food litter the floor and most of the furniture. The whole place smells like decayed flowers, and sweat, and rotten food, and… something else. If it weren’t for the rotten food you would find the smell somewhat enticing, but you try not to think about that too much. The depressed Kejourou flops down on her bed with her face buried in her mess of pillows and she makes no protest when you nervously sit beside her.

            “So… what’s up?”

            Oh wow genius, what a way to start a conversation.

            Lily doesn’t answer so you quickly keep talking.

            “I mean, what’s going on? I know that… I mean- I know what we did, but why? Was I not supposed to say yes to it?”

            Fuck, words are hard.


            She still hasn’t answered you or even moved form her original position, if it weren’t for the slow, steady rise and fall of her broad back as she breathes, you would have thought she died when she flopped down on the bed.

            “Lily? …I don’t know what to say. I guess I’m so worried because… I- I like you, and I just want to know what’s wrong.”

            There you go, you did it.

            That felt pretty good actually; you feel as though the great, almost suffocating pressure all around you has been lessened to a degree. You still don’t feel fantastic, but you definitely feel better. If only you could get your eyes to stay in one place for more than a few seconds without feeling like you’ll have to run away and hide from the awkwardness.


            “Y-you… you l-like me?” Your heart skips a beat and you feel yourself blush as you look down at your older cousin. The only part of her that has moved is her head; her round, tired, pasty face peeps out at you from behind thick curtains of tangled black hair with tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

            “Yeah, of course I do.” Your reply is so natural and automatic that it surprises you a little. You didn’t have to think about it at all, and it feels… right.


            The Kejourou looks at you quizzically, as if she is unable to fully comprehend your words.

            “I like you, Lily. I want to know what’s going on so we don’t have to tiptoe around talking anymore… did I do something wrong?”

            “Anon I…” Her pale, slender hand tentatively reaches out for you and you grab it and interlace your fingers with hers before she has a chance to pull away. Her cheeks turn a bright crimson as you stretch out and lay down next to her, still holding her hand with your faces inches apart.

            “What, Lily? You can say it.” She blushes heavily with you so close to her now, but still manages to speak.


            “Anon I… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for that time, and I’m sorry for all of this. I just… I never thought anyone would ever feel that way, especially after I forced you… Are you sure you could still like someone as old as me?”

            “Are you kidding? Why couldn’t I like someone as old as you? I mean, you’re… I feel like you’d always be there for me, so I’m gonna be here for you too, okay?” Lily’s other hand moves to your face and she strokes your cheek gently with her soft, slender thumb as she marvels at your words.

            “You really feel that way? Y-you don’t think it’s weird because I’m so much older than you?”

            “Of course not, I think you’re beautiful. You’re big, and you’re attractive, and you’ll protect me, and you smell nice, and…” A joyous, shuddering sob comes from the Kejourou, cutting you off.

            Fuck, you kind of got carried away there.

            You’re probably blushing harder than she is.


            Lily ignores your deep embarrassment and plants a long, warm, happy kiss in the middle of your forehead. All your tension seems to melt away as her full, red lips caress you. Her right hand tightens around your left, it’s warmth tenderly pressing into your own as the two of them fall back against the covers with hers on top. You don’t mind that her hand is a little bigger than yours. It’s pretty nice actually; you get to revel in the soft, delicate feeling of her pale, warm skin and feel chills run down your spine as she gently strokes the back of your hand with her other thumb as it lays against the sheets.


            A pleasurable tingling sensation tickles your arms and legs as the tearful Kejourou’s hair slowly starts to wrap around you. It twines around your body and easily worms its way under you like tiny, sentient vines that are growing at an alarming rate. As ragged and unkempt as it is now, the tiny, thin strands of silky, magical black still feel fantastic as they gently envelop your body. It’s times like these where you don’t mind being so uncomfortably short.


            Her hair constricts around you a bit as she pulls you in closer; by now you tightly are wrapped in a warm blanket of deep, fragrant midnight hair that extends from your toes to your shoulders. Her hair seems to vibrate and undulate faintly wherever it touches your bare skin and your mind starts to go blank form the beautiful, soft, loving warmth that fully surrounds you. The strong, sweaty, sour smell of her unwashed strands is incredibly intoxicating as well. You hope with all your everything that her hair can’t feel the lump growing between your legs. If she has noticed, her ecstatic expression as her shining green eyes stare lovingly into yours doesn’t let on at all.


            Lily bends her knees and pulls her legs up a bit before wrapping them tightly around your thighs just under your butt, pulling you into her embrace even further. Your left hand is still intertwined with her right as they rest against her hair-blanket. Unsure of what to do with your right arm, you slide it smoothly across your cousin’s broad, squishy back under her hair and return her hug. She gives you a warm smile and rubs your nose with her own, giggling quietly as big, happy tears continue to stream down her face.


            As much as you feel was left unsaid, you are sure that the two of you have expressed yourselves to each other perfectly. Now that both of you have opened up both verbally and physically, you can finally start to really get to know each other in all of the ways you had hoped to. In all honesty, the two of you were probably closer than you thought; now that you think about it, a little push like this was all you needed to show each other your true feelings.


            At this point, you aren’t sure how you feel about thinking of Lily as your cousin. She acts like more of an older sister to you, sometimes she even reminds you of an aunt or even a mother. She’s also probably your girlfriend now too, so there’s that.


            Your eyes are drooping and feeling heavy now; the warm, tender embrace of your tall, busty, mature Kejourou lover coupled with being almost fully wrapped in her hair-blanket are making you realize just how tired you’ve been for the past few days. Yeah, it’s probably time for some sleep.


— — — — —


            Waking up feels almost painful, like sleep is trying to forcefully drag you back into its embrace. Even though your eyes are still closed, they sting and ache and your head feels like it’s been wrapped up and squeezed roughly for much longer than necessary. Your body doesn’t respond do anything you tell it to do, whether due to your extreme grogginess or the smooth black mass still encasing it. You are content though.

            As your thoughts start to return, a thin smile creeps across your lips.

            You finally did it.


            Right now, you are happy to do nothing more than lay in your warm, heavenly cocoon-bed of hair and listen to the faint, methodical thump of Lily’s heartbeat as she snoozes right there next to you. Flat bundles of hair are wrapped around your left arm and the Kejourou’s right; they extend all the way from your elbows to your wrists, making them look like a pair of black licorice candy canes. Whether consciously or unconsciously, Lily had made sure your hands would stay together while the two of you were asleep. Your hands are still tightly interlaced with one another’s, enclosed in the tender, loving prison of her dark, shiny hair. Looking at them now, her hair makes it look like the two of you are sharing one giant, misshapen mitten; one that has been stretched far too tight because the two of you just couldn’t bring yourselves to stop holding hands. You can’t help but blush a little at the thoughts of what went on before the two of you fell asleep and your extreme closeness right now.


            The serene, peaceful look on the sleeping Kejourou’s face makes your heart flutter; she seems to have regained a lot of her color and joy in the several hours she’s slept. That faintly happy smile she used to wear whenever she would look at you or talk to you before you were caught in the bathroom has finally returned. Looking at her now, you feel almost as if things are actually going to be alright. Sure you’re skeptical, but you’ve always been that way even to a fault. Part of you is worried, but you are far too hopeful and… legitimately excited to let that get in your way. It’s been far too long since you were excited about something.


            You jump a little as Lily’s hair cocoon starts to move and undulate all around you. A wide yawn right up next to your face makes you tense up even more as her warm, humid breath overwhelms you; the two of you are still basically nose to nose from the night before. The lingering smell of her morning breath must have given you a weird expression, the Kejourou giggles softly once her deep green eyes flutter open.

            “Good morning Anon…” She smiles at you sweetly.

            “Morning Lily.” You struggle a little to extricate your right arm from around her back and pull it closer to yourself, her thin white shirt clings to your slightly sweaty skin as you pull away. Her black hair adjusts all around you, loosening its tight, loving hold enough to allow the two of you a little more room as you clench and unclench your fingers to alleviate a little of your arm’s stiffness. Your cousin seems very reluctant to let go of your other hand though, both with hers and with her hair.


            “So… how are you feeling Lily?” The Kejourou’s happy smile widens a little at your question and she brings her free hand up to stroke your cheek.

            “I’m fine, Anon dear, don’t you worry about me… Now that we know each other, how could I possibly be sad?” You feel as though a pleasantly cool wave of water has washed over you, clearing away all doubt and hesitation. Lily’s unusual choice of words just make them that more meaningful to you too. You can only smile back at your older cousin and nod, unable to find the words to express your happiness. For awhile, the two of you just lay there in silence, staring into each other’s eyes, holding hands and gently stroking each other’s faces.


            “Anon? If you don’t mind, could I go take a shower? It’s been far too long…” Lily finally breaks the comfortable silence.

            “Oh, uh… yeah. Sure!” You still haven’t stopped wondering how many days it has been since she last showered, it had been weird having the bathroom open for so long. She usually showers for several hours each day in order to keep her incredibly long hair so healthy and sweet smelling.

            “Oh, don’t be so sad. I’m going to need some help after being away for so long. Here, I’ll even let you pick the brush…” You aren’t quite sure of what she meant by that, but she doesn’t seem to notice your puzzled look.


            Thoughts consume you as the Kejourou finally unfurls the cocoon she made for you and unwinds her hair from your intertwined hands. You make no effort to resist as her hand leaves yours while she raises herself to her hands and knees. You are too almost too distracted to notice the sight of her large, pale dangling breasts through the large neck hole of her thin, oversized white shirt or the silky, tingling feeling of her thick midnight hair dragging against your body as she crawls over you to the other side of the bed.


            She stands up with her back to you, pausing for a few seconds to let her hair catch up to her before walking to the other side of her room.

            Does she really mean…? No she can’t possibly.

            Your heart thumps loudly in your chest as the wheels turn and things fall into place in your mind.


            “Anon? Dear, are you in there?” Lily is standing in front of her closet now; she looks a little concerned as you stare off into space.

            “Y-yeah.” You blink your eyes to focus them again and turn to look at her. She is standing by her closet with her hand on the open door; you try to conceal your look of surprise as you take in the massive collection of hairbrushes in the floor to ceiling rack at the back of the closet.

            Damn that’s a lot of hairbrushes.

            Anticipation starts to build as you now fully understand what is about to happen. You sit up on the edge of the bed for a moment before going over to join your cousin, unable to hide your excited smile.

            “Go on dear, choose the one you want to use on me!” She happily encourages you as you arrive next to her.

            “Mmmm…” You are still too awestruck by her collection to offer real words. Hairbrushes of all shapes and sizes line the back of her closet, all aligned neatly in row after row.


            There are too many to choose from. Fuck, you have no idea which one to pick. All the bristles are different too; some are barely thick enough for you to see while others are almost as wide as your pinky. So many colors as well, greens and blues and reds and pinks and so many more. Some brushes even have artistic appeal to them, you see a series of similar wooden ones that are carved to look like animals close to the top of the closet. There’s one with a mirror on the back of it, and one decorated with porcelain flowers, and one with a tiny city skyline painted on it. Fucking hell, which ones are supposed to be used in the shower? Your hand hovers above brush after brush as you change your mind over and over again. Lily just waits patiently for you off to the side with a bemused smile on her face and an eager glint in her shining green eyes.


            Eventually, you settle on one. It is fairly plain looking brush made of lime green plastic; its stiff black bristles aren’t too far apart, but not too close to each other either, and the tip of each thin bristle is capped with a tiny green bead. The brush reminds you of a pincushion with a whole lot of pins stuck in it.

            “Is that the one, Anon dear?” You nod. Even though you had tried to pick the most normal looking one, you are still a little nervous.

            “It will do!” The Kejourou smiles sweetly down at you and slips her hand into yours, reassuring you slightly. You make no effort to resist as she wraps thin coils of hair around your wrists and leads you to the bathroom, hand still firmly holding on to yours.


            Everything seems so surreal as you follow Lily, brush still in your free hand. You can hear her humming a faint, happy tune as her long and still slightly wrinkled black hair bobs and sways hypnotically before your eyes. Only the faintest glimpses of her curvy, mature body can be seen through the thin gaps between those silky, undulating black strands. Once the two of you are in the bathroom, the Kejourou drops your hand and the strands of hair around your wrists lead you to the edge of the shower. Another hair bundle closes and locks the door behind you and your cousin turns around to face you as yet more of her hair busies itself with opening the glass door to the shower and turning the water on. The way her voluptuous, incredible hair seems to fill the whole room from ceiling to floor as she prepares the shower makes you feel almost as if you’ve been caught is the enchanted web of some magical spider.


            “Be still for me dear… that’s it, let me take care of your clothes for you…” You gasp a little as she suddenly directs several tendrils of her midnight strands to your clothes. They skillfully pull your shirt over your head and your pants down and off. Now that your clothes are gone, you can’t help but feel a little embarrassed as the mature Kejourou lewdly surveys your naked body. Even your wrists feel empty and exposed since her hair had removed itself from them to toss your shirt aside. Your embarrassment fades rather quickly though as Lily starts to remove her own clothes with her hands. As each button of her large white shirt comes undone, you feel yourself growing more and more excited.

            “Oh, look at you! I bet you can’t wait to see what I have under here, can you dear?” You can only shake your head. Lily’s seductive, melodic voice coupled with the erotic, lilting way she is swaying her deliciously wide hips as she does her striptease is a little too much.


            Even though her shirt is fully unbuttoned and only hanging loosely around her shoulders now, it is still barely concealing her chest. Her lack of a bra immediately draws your attention to her breasts, their size sticking in your mind.       Double D’s.

            Holy shit, after fantasizing about those big, beautiful orbs of soft, supple alabaster flesh since you snatched her bra out of the dirty laundry that one time, you might actually get to see them now. Her lacy, bright pink panties catch your eye for a moment, but they are quickly obscured by a few bunches of hair as she starts to remove them too. The fact that she never breaks her steady, hypnotic eye contact with you as she steps out of her panties and deposits them in the clothes hamper fully delights you. Lily doesn’t even need to move her body to do anything, she can just use her hair to attend to herself like a swarm of miniscule maids while she stares at you with that lewd, knowing grin.


            Soon enough, the Kejourou’s hair coils around your wrists once more as she steps elegantly toward the shower door. Steam is now pouring out of it; her hair leads you in first before she shrugs her shirt off and covers her breasts with her arms and hands before you can turn around. Once you are inside, she steps in behind you and pulls the rest of her hair in as well. It takes awhile for all of it to leave its various positions in the bathroom; Lily grins widely at you as soon as the door closes behind her.

            “So… dear…” The Kejourou is blushing heavily now and she sounds very embarrassed.

            “P-please… please brush my hair!”

            “Right.” Lily pulls a small stool over to where the water is streaming down from the shower head before sitting down on it rather slowly. You can’t really tell why though, her hair is obscuring most of the seat from your view as she devilishly conceals herself from you.


            Once she finally straightens up, she pulls you over to stand just behind her. Her midnight black hair releases your wrists before offering you a large bottle of shampoo with the word ‘Yuri’ and a familiar looking flower on it, and then gesturing from it to the brush and back again like some sort of mute snake. You smile; the way Lily likes to wordlessly communicate with you with her hair to avoid speaking and letting you know how embarrassed she is is incredibly adorable. Lily sighs heavily after sticking her head in the cascading water, you can see her hair shivering with pleasure as the hot water inundates it and makes it straighten a little and glisten brightly in the light from the ceiling.


            You know how sensitive Kejourou hair is. You are fully aware of how it’s basically a sexual organ; allowing another person to brush it is highly intimate and emotional for a Kejourou. Lily allowing you to brush hers like this is very touching, especially since you were so worried about her before. It’s a sign of trust that makes you want to do nothing but your best to make her happy. With that, you squirt a bit of shampoo onto the bright green brush and set to work.


            “Ooooohhh… ooh my dear… hhmmmm….” Your cousin bites her lip to stifle her aroused moan as you press the brush lightly against her head. Her hands grip her knees tightly as she savors the cool feel of the still smooth, clear shampoo soaking in to her scalp and you decide to wait a moment before pulling the brush through. Lily arches her back and thrusts her ample chest out as you finally do; you gulp as you catch a glimpse of her massive, pale breasts and large pink nipples from over her shoulder. You have to force yourself back to your task before getting too distracted. It isn’t too hard to let yourself get hypnotized by her hair though, the way each strand of silky black straightens as it passes through the stiff bristles gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. The shampoo has finally started to foam up and bubble a bit as you firmly paint it across your cousin’s hair. After trailing the brush down for several feet, you extricate it and bring it back up and giving her hair another long, firm stroke.


            “Yes… dear, you’re so good at this… Yes!” Lily calls out to you as you begin your third stroke, she is unable to conceal her intense arousal now. Her thighs are pressed tightly against each other and her fingers are pure white under her perfectly trimmed fingernails from squeezing her knees so hard. Her hips sway forward and back as her luscious, plushy butt grinds longingly against her little seat. With each forceful stroke of the brush, you can see her hair getting straighter and shinier under the bubbly white shampoo. The tips of her strands flop around weakly like tiny baby serpents in the blissfully warm water and white patches of suds that have pooled in the bottom of the shower. More water and shampoo drip down the tall Kejourou’s pale back and shoulders and arms in rivulets as she shivers and convulses helplessly under the devilish green brush. Each time the brush touches her you can feel her hair shudder beautifully beneath it as you trace stroke after loving, tender stroke down her almost infinitely long strands.


            It is so easy to lose yourself as your whole focus becomes Lily’s hair. It is your everything now; you are swimming in a vast sea of silky, midnight black on the green boat of your brush. This living sea of hair undulates softly and moves with you; as you get more accustomed to running your brush through it you can anticipate its sensitivity and adjust your movements so that Lily squirms and moans louder and louder. Those deliciously lewd moans and whines that come from her after every single stroke just drive you further. Even through the shampoo is now long gone and the whole bathroom smells strongly of sweet flowers, you feel compelled to keep brushing. Just one more brush. And another. And another. You are making love to Lily through her hair.


            You are finally fully aware now that your hand has been stroking your erect cock for some time.

            …You don’t think your cousin will mind if you give her hair an unexpected little meal.


            The Kejourou’s movements have devolved… or escalated into something much more frantic by now. She is bent almost double, steadily bouncing up and down on her stool as you try your best to keep chasing her hair with the brush. You have to get down on your knees in order to keep going; your job is only made harder because you can’t bring yourself to stop masturbating. As you struggle to re-focus, your heart leaps as you look down a little. You don’t know how you missed it before; your new position gives you such a fantastic view of it now.

            There’s a dildo on that seat.

            A dildo that Lily is bouncing up and down upon, repeatedly thrusting it in and out of her tight little anus as you bring her closer and closer to orgasm by brushing her incredibly sensitive hair.

            That’s nice.


            You redouble your efforts with the brush; your strokes gain speed and strength as you force your tool through the Kejourou’s living, sensitive hair all around her head and down her back. Her midnight black strands are almost perfectly straightened by now, they shine brilliantly in the light as they writhe and shudder all around you. Your other hand slows on your member; you want to give this a big finale, surprise your beautiful, mature older cousin as she cums. It doesn’t take long for you to see the telltale signs of her orgasm, the way her whole body tenses up and her hair almost starts to vibrate are dead giveaways. With one final stroke of the brush and thrust of your other hand, you spray jet after jet of white, sticky seed all over Lily’s pale lower back, and deep black hair.

            “Oooohh! OOOHHH! D-dear, I’m… ooOOOoohhhh!”


            The green brush drops out of your hand and clatters to the wet shower floor as your mind goes blank and Lily slams her massive, jiggly butt down on her dildo one final time. Her desperate call to you as she cums, along with your own, intense orgasm sends the most intense wave of pleasure over you that you have ever experienced.

            Holy shit, what a fantastic feeling.

            Your legs start to feel weak, so you bend low over your Kejourou cousin and drape your arms across her shoulders. The torrent of hot water from above connects with your back and sends a different sort of pleasure through you, one that warms you and sends a tingling, calming feeling through your whole body. Lily’s slippery black hair feels fantastic against your stomach. Sure it had felt amazing against your skin when you had cuddled and slept together earlier, but that doesn’t even compare to how it feels now. It feels like her wet, silky black hair is emanating an intense, glowing aura of satisfaction.


            The Kejourou comes to first; she uses her hair to support you as she raises herself all the way off of her dildo stool. She sluggishly pushes it away with her foot and then sits back down on the warm, soaked tile floor. You blush in embarrassment at the fact that she was able to lift you up so easily when she got up. Damn being so short and skinny.


            Back on your knees again, you awkwardly sidle around to face her with your arms still draped tenderly around her neck. Now that you are facing each other, you can’t help but smile. Despite her deep blush, silly grin, and half lidded eyes, her face is bright and full of life again. Without warning, she wraps her arms around your torso and pulls you into a tight, dripping wet hug and you feel something beautifully soft and warm brush against your lips. Once you realize what it is, you blush and feel a happy chill run down your spine.

            A kiss.


            You unconsciously wrap your arms and legs around Lily’s back and waist after she pulls you into her lap and adjusts you with your small butt in both of her hands. Her mouth is ravenous; she tugs and nibbles at your lips with her own as her tongue dances around and explores the deepest parts of your mouth. Your Kejourou cousin’s incredible, squishy, slippery soft breasts press into your chest as she moves her hands to your back again and hugs you tighter, desperate to kiss you more and harder. The steaming hot water pounding down on top of the two of you like a boiling thunderstorm means nothing; all you care about is Lily, and all she can think about is you. Your necks and heads twist around and your arms move and squeeze almost constantly on each others backs as you writhe and struggle to get closer and closer, to become one via your mouths. For what seems like forever, the two of you are content to passionately make out with each other, sitting naked on the floor of the shower. Right now, nothing seems more right than sitting in your beautiful, mature older cousin’s lap as you tightly hug each other and kiss.


— — — — —


            Your mouth is a little sore, but that doesn’t stop you from grinning. Two hours. That’s how long you and Lily had kissed each other in the shower. Two full hours of sitting under that blissfully warm, soothing and calming water in your strong, elegant cousin’s naked lap. Just sitting there and listening the ravenous smacking noises of your desperate mouths and the pour of the shower. There was also that amazing feeling of her frantic heartbeat beneath those huge, slippery globes of flesh pressed tightly up against your chest as she pulled you as close to her as she could. The only reason you had to get out was because the hot water had died and the Kejourou had felt you shivering.


            No matter how much you tell her that you’re okay, she is still making a huge fuss over you. You are a little too embarrassed to admit that you sometimes get very shaky when you’re really turned on; until the cold water hit, you thought you had been doing okay at concealing it. Now, Lily has you sitting on the living room couch wrapped up in a thick, white blanked made of Yeti wool as she busies herself with a pot of tea in the kitchen. You hope she’ll come back soon, it feels weirdly lonely and empty around you without her in the same room. Even though you know that the Yeti blanket is probably warmer and more effective, you would much rather be wrapped in Lily’s hair too. All things considered though, you feel decently comfy.


            Thankfully, it doesn’t take too much longer for your cousin to return. She is carrying a large tray; from the way she holds it with both her hands and with her hair, you can’t quite see what is on it yet. You can definitely see steam though, and the flowery smell of the tea is fairly similar to the strong, familiar scent of Lily’s shampoo. As she draws closer, you start to feel that things aren’t going to go as you expected. Aside from the teapot, you can only see one cup, and Lily seems to be wearing nothing more than her bath towel. The cup and the teapot are also only taking up half of the tray, whatever is on the other half is covered with a plain cloth napkin.


            Noticing your quizzical look, the Kejourou grins at you.

            “Don’t worry dear, you just let your big sister take care of you.” Your heart leaps a little; she just called herself your sister. You don’t really mind that, in fact it actually thrills you. Now that she’s been living with you, she has definitely acted like more of an older sister.

            Yes, it feels right.


            You wish she’d explain her plans a little more though, right now she’s just sitting next to you and sipping tea from that single cup. Does she expect you to share or something? She is paying you no mind at all, taking sip after sip with a smile and a faraway look in her eyes as if you aren’t even there. You know she isn’t completely ignoring you though; her long, black hair has been winding its way up your legs since she sat down and is now tugging at your blanket. Knowing this part of her intention, you let the fuzzy white blanket fall from your bare shoulders in order to fully welcome her hair. It wastes no time in wrapping all the way around you and encasing you in that beautifully comfortable cocoon again. You hope she doesn’t mind that you’re still naked. It’s her fault anyway, she rushed you out here and covered you as soon as you got out of the shower before you had time to resist, let alone get dressed.


            You can’t help but blush a little as the Kejourou’s hair skillfully pulls you into her lap and supports you, cradling you almost as if you are a small child. All you can do now is stare up at her from her lap as she finishes her tea and struggle to conceal your embarrassment. Aside from that bemused and knowing smile, she is still ignoring you. Even though you are wrapped from neck to toe in her thick, smooth hair, you can feel the warmth of her big, squishy upper legs against your back. Now that her hair is clean and dry and brushed, it shines almost like glass or obsidian. Touching it even with a single finger makes your skin tingle pleasantly and your mind feel fuzzy, being completely wrapped in it like this is comfortable beyond words.


            After what feels like an age, the busty Kejourou sets her empty teacup down on the tray and finally looks down at you.

            Holy hell, that look.

            That wide, almost V shaped smile and the unmistakably lewd glint in her eye make your heart feel like it’s about to go supersonic.

            “Now, dear… big sister is going to take good care of you, mmmm? You’ll be warm in no time!”

            “Y-yeah…” You don’t have the heart to tell her that you’ve already warmed up. Besides, you really want to see where this is going.

            “Good boy! Now, close your eyes and open your mouth for me.” You obey, and the world goes dark.


            You can feel yourself being shifted down a little, and from the faint rippling of Lily’s abs beneath her plush, soft belly, you think she’s probably taking her towel off. Your mouth is starting to feel a little dry now hanging open like this, you hope she’ll hurry up with whatever she is planning to do. The Kejourou’s left arm appears under your back and she pulls you up a little ways into a reclining position. All of a sudden, something warm and fleshy and oddly hard in one place is thrust into your mouth.


            No it can’t be.



            There’s no way.

            Despite your incredulity, you start sucking on the whatever-it-is. No, you now what it is.

            It’s her breast.


            Lily sighs softly and her fingers tighten a little around your shoulder as you suckle her teat again. You can’t taste anything aside from the almost nonexistent flowery flavor of Lily’s flesh and you aren’t quite sure what to do with your tongue between sucks, but you have no intention of stopping. If only you could open your eyes. Well she didn’t say you couldn’t, right? Just a quick peek, she probably just wanted it to be a surprise. Better check just to be sure.


            The first thing you see is breast. Big, squishy, delightfully pale Kejourou breast fills more than half of your view. You can see her round, beautiful face too; her dark green eyes shine with passion and a deep red blush stains her cheeks.

            “That’s a good boy, Anon dear. The milk will be coming soon…” She tenderly runs her hand through your hair and a smile flashes across her lips. A moan and a lewd look of pleasure replace it almost immediately as you give her large, stiff nipple another firm suck. She wasn’t wrong either, this time you feel something hot and wet on your tongue before it slides down your throat. It was just a little trickle, but Lily’s milk tastes wonderful. It is more sour than regular cow or Holstaur milk, and it has another sort of musky, silky feel to it.


            Another suck yields more of her fragrant milk than the first time, and yet another yields more than that.

            “Y-yes, dear! Yes! It feels so good when you drink my milk… oooohh!” Lily’s eyes are screwed shut and her tongue is hanging out of her mouth a little as she whines and whimpers and calls out to you. The warmth from her delicious, silky milk spreads slowly throughout your body; the more you drink the more ravenous you become. Your tongue swirls devilishly around her big, pink nipple as you try to suckle and tease every last drop of milk form her teat. You can tell her supply is already starting to dry up, but you haven’t nearly had your fill yet.


            Once you are sure that her left breast has no more milk left, you can’t help but slow down. Noticing this, Lily shifts you down ever so slightly and you let her nipple pop free. Her breast bounces a little as you let go; the shiny, glistening sheen of your saliva around her inflamed, incredibly sensitive nipple makes your heart throb with desire. With her hand supporting her right breast, the Kejourou offers it to you and you greedily resume your feast. Her moans and whines begin once more as her hand leaves her breast to your firm, loving suckling.


            It takes a little longer for milk to flow this time, and Lily seems to be trying to do something too. You can’t tell what it is though, now that you are lower down her left breast completely obscures your vision. Her wet, engorged nipple drags across your face as she does whatever it is she is trying to do. All you can see is her massive teats, they fully envelop your face and drive away almost everything else and the flowery smell of her recently cleaned body combined with the loud, fast thump of her heart have lulled you into a deep, comfortable trance.


            Understanding finally dawns on you as you feel Lily’s hair cocoon give way around your crotch.

            “Oh, I just knew you would like it dear! You must think I taste so good…” The Kejourou blushes and coos as she takes in the sight of your stiff, uncomfortable erection. As her hair starts to wrap itself firmly around your sack and starts to slowly massage and tug at it, you know exactly what is coming. You moan softly through Lily’s breast as milk begins to flow into your mouth again and she grasps your rod in her hand. Her grip tightens almost viciously and you hear the faint squelch of lube as she begins to pump up and down along your rock hard length.


            You are completely at the Kejourou’s mercy as she services you with her hand and waves of pleasure course through your body.

            Well, you aren’t completely powerless.

            You can still suckle and nibble and tease her nipple as passionately as you can; the moans and sighs that Lily just can’t stifle are music to your ears. She isn’t about to be done in though, her hair redoubles it’s groping and massaging and squeezing around your balls in response.

            Fuck, she’s too good at this.

            The soft, slippery, brutally pleasurable sensation of her firm, slender fingers and soft palm against your lubed girth combined with her hair’s devilish ministrations on your sack are making you lose focus. At this rate, you’ll cum before her milk runs out.


            Whether by some miracle or by Lily’s sudden (probably intentional) faltering, the last suck you take before your orgasm is dry. As soon as the first hot, white jet of seed erupts from your cock, her hand retreats and her hair moves in like a pack of hungry tentacles. Her nipple leaves your mouth with another small pop and you jerk around a little in her hair cocoon as her hair accidentally brushes your sensitive tip.

            “Oh my, I’m sorry about that dear. I’ll be more careful, I’m just… so hungry for it!” Thankfully, her ravenous hair avoids your tip as it greedily mops up and absorbs the rest of your orgasm. The two of you just sit there for awhile after that, Lily lets your head fall gently back into her lap as you both grin blearily and sigh in satisfaction.


            “Are you still there dear? Don’t fall asleep on me, we aren’t quite done…” The Kejourou’s words jerk you back to reality and you blush a little, embarrassed that she caught you dozing. Your mind instantly snaps back to what you had almost forgotten; whatever is hiding under that napkin on the tray. As if to answer your thoughts, Lily’s hair sits you up and fully releases you as she reaches for the cloth. Now that you’re sitting on your own again, you feel dizzy and still a bit dazed from your nursing trance and your orgasm.


            Even though she doesn’t even fold the cloth back all the way, your heart leaps when you see the two items she revealed. A massive syringe filled with what looks like lube, and a string of five large, identical pink beads. Those beads are more like balls really, they’re at leas an inch and a half in diameter.

            “Now dear, I’m sure you know what those are for…” She gestures to the beads and you nod.

            “…but they aren’t going to fit unless I’m… opened up first.” Another nod, a little more hesitant this time. You get lost in thought as you stare at the beads and the syringe.


            You know what she means, but what still escapes you is how she plans to do it. Is she really going to let you… put it in there?

            That’s dirty!

            You can’t deny how much the thought of it thrills and entices you though. Oh how you’d love to bury yourself to the hilt in your cousin-sister’s huge, beautiful ass; hear her moan with embarrassment and arousal as you thrust in and out of that deliciously dirty hole.



            “Dear? Are you going to just sit there getting hard or are you going to fuck me?” Lily’s words make you whirl around, and her appearance makes you gasp. She is crouched on the sofa with her wide, voluptuous rear stuck high in the air and her head to the side as she lies on a pillow and blinks at you erotically.

            Holy hell, what an invitation.


            You don’t have time for words, there’s work to be done. You grab the thick lube syringe and awkwardly clamber around on the couch until you are behind the waiting Kejourou on your knees. She bends her neck down to watch you prepare back there; she giggles sweetly and teasingly wiggles her butt from side to side, knowing full well how eager you already are. Everything seems surreal as you carefully line up the wide, teardrop shaped tip of the syringe with Lily’s little pucker. You’re sure you just saw a bead of arousal trickle down the side of her thigh from her glistening pussy, but you try to stay focused.

            “Here it comes Lily…” You slowly insert the stubby tip into her anus and she bites her lip in anticipation. From what you can tell this is an enema syringe, but you have no idea how much lube you should give her.

            “Don’t worry dear, just give me about half. We can use more if we need it, mmmm?”

            “Thanks,” you flash her a smile. You’re really glad she noticed your hesitation.


            It takes more effort than you thought it would to push the lube into the Kejourou’s tight hole; you have to take a deep breath after setting the half emptied enema syringe back down on the tray. Now that she’s all ready, you can devote your full attention to those two massive cheeks and that eagerly waiting ring between them. Just to be sure, you trace the outline of Lily’s anus with your index finger before slowly, steadily inserting it. It slides in without any trouble at all, though you can’t help but tense up at how… weird it feels. Her seemingly ribbed and incredibly warm insides pulse and squeeze at your finger a little erratically, and all that warm, slippery lube in there gives you goosebumps as you pull back out again. After wiping your finger off on the napkin from the tray, you renew your focus. Your hands instinctively wrap around where the Kejourou’s hips meet her waist as you line the tip of your throbbing cock up with her pale little pucker.

            “Ready Lily?”

            “Yes dear, I’m all yours.” She grins down at you from her pillow.

            “Okay.” With that, you push forward.


            Your body tenses up as your tip strains at her opening, once again it takes more strength than you imagined to penetrate her. The two of you gasp in unison as your rod finally slides inside her anus; if anything, her walls on your dick feel even weirder than they did on your finger. Despite that, this time they feel pretty fantastic in addition. The way her incredibly tight, copiously lubed pucker clenches and unclenches, pulsating on your rod is already making pleasure shoot through you. A strand of silvery drool is trickling out of Lily’s mouth as she lies there with a big, silly grin on her face. That sort of grin reminds you of a kid ready to gorge herself on candy or a really happy anime character. It’s fucking adorable.


            “Aaaaaahhh… OOooohhh… ooooOOOoooohhh…” Even though your thrusts are slow and deliberate, Lily moans deeply with each one. Sure you’re hilting yourself in her on each one, but she is really, really into it. Even her hair is into it; you can see every single strand writhe and tremble and billow out as if caught in a faint breeze in unison, in time with your thrusts and the Kejourou’s moans.

            So this is a buttslut.


            An idea strikes you and you remove your hands from your sister-cousin’s waist. Almost as soon as they leave her, you forcefully knead them back into her fat, squishy cheeks and grope at them firmly. With each thrust you squeeze and pinch at Lily’s wide butt, eliciting the most wonderful, passionate, erotic moans and grunts from her. As your pace quickens, your balls start to slap against her soaked, dripping pussy harder and harder. The sight of your glistening, lubed cock repeatedly disappearing as the Kejourou’s anus greedily swallows and milks at it over and over make your heart pound and an insatiable hungry feeling rise in the back of your throat. The only way you can alleviate it is by going faster. Faster, so that Lily will barely have time to whine between thrusts, so that her massive rear jiggles and bounces like jello as your hips slam into it.


            With a sudden, fluid movement, Lily pushes herself up with her hands into a doggy-style position. It was hard to tell at first, but now you’re fairly certain now that she is thrusting back at you. Her barely floating hair ripples forward in a wave and her huge, squishy breasts dangle and sway beneath her every time you pull out; when you thrust back in everything seems way too fast to be just you.

            She can’t get enough of it, can she?

            You grin, continuing to grope and molest her ass as the two of you slam into each other as fast as you can. In what seems like no time at all, yet also after hours and hours, you cum. You hope the Kejourou won’t mind that you’re shooting off all the way inside of her, you just couldn’t pull out in time. It seems she doesn’t mind though; her hair wraps tightly around your back and pulls you in, as if she’s scared you’ll leave before you’re done cumming. At the same time that her hair ensnares you, you feel a distinct increase in the wetness around your balls.

            “Anon… oh Anon, oh my dear! Yeesssss!” Even though you know Lily can orgasm solely from anal play, having her do it after you fucked her there gives you a great sense of accomplishment.


            Once the Kejourou is quite sure every single hot, creamy jet of your seed has been expelled into her, her hair loosens and allows you to pull out.

            “B-beads, dear… p-p-please…” Lily is barely able to speak through her panting, but you understand exactly what she wants. You waste no time in squeezing a bit of lube from the syringe onto each of the five pink anal beads. After gingerly spreading the clear, viscous liquid around with your hands and making sure each large bead is adequately coated, you bring the first one up to Lily’s slightly gaping hole. Even though all you see is the tiniest remnants of your cum around her twitching pucker, you know she’ll probably have a nice, round belly bump to show you when she sits up. You gently push the beads into your cousin’s anus one after the other; they all pop inside without much resistance, and each one after the first clacks dully against its comrades as they join each other in tight, slippery darkness. The way she grunts lewdly after each one is swallowed by her butt makes everything feel complete.


            In the end, all that remains of the massive beads is a pink silicone ring connected to a string that dangles out of Lily’s butt, almost like a tail.

            “Okay… How do they feel?”

            “Amazing, dear. Thank you.” The Kejourou finally sits up and gracefully sets her feet on the floor. Her hair billows out around her back and shoulders as it assumes it’s usual straight, flowing appearance; from the way she acts there is no way you’d guess that such a large toy is occupying her ass. You were right earlier too; her usual, barely bulging tummy is now plump and bloated with your cum. She grins and pats it tenderly, savoring the feeling of your massive load held deep in her butt by those five huge anal beads.


            You are shaken from your thoughts as Lily reaches for the tray again, moving the cloth all the way away from it. You feel your heart sink a little as you see the two items there, but you aren’t too sure why. A shiny silver pair of barber’s scissors and a small, pink hair tie. Wordlessly, the Kejourou skillfully wraps the hair tie around a small bundle of her hair, a few inches from its tip. Your heart sinks again as she reaches for the scissors. There’s no way this isn’t going to hurt her. Before you have time to react, she squeezes her eyes shut and snaps the scissors shut, cutting the bound bundle clean off.

            “Aaah!” She winces in pain as the bundle is severed, and she puts the scissors back and covers them rather quickly.


            “T-this is for you, dear… Please take it…” Lily finally looks at you; as you meet her gaze you swear your heart is about to explode. Her deep green eyes shine with tears and a single one rolls down her right cheek. You can tell she is probably still in pain, but her joyful, happy smile seems completely genuine.

            “O-of course. Thank you, Lily.” You aren’t quite sure of the custom surrounding this, but you are smart enough to know that it is probably the most meaningful thing the Kejourou has ever done. You take the small lock of hair from her and without warning, throw your arms around your sister and give her a hug. She doesn’t hesitate to hug you back, an ecstatic sob escapes her lips as she pulls you in close and envelops the two of you with her hair.

            “I love you, Lily.” As embarrassing as those words were to say, you can’t deny that they felt right. There’s no reason not to say them if they feel this right.


            The world is lost to you in this moment, all that matters is the two of you; lovers hugging each other close in the beautifully comfortable tent of Lily’s amazing black hair with her precious present held tightly in your hand. The only thing that could have made it better was her reply.

            “I love you too, dear… I love you too.”

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5 thoughts on “Slutty-Butt Kejourou

  1. I’ve never really given much thought to kejourou girls. Nothing against them, they just get kind of lost in the press of werewolves, faggot cats, manticores, lamiae, etc. So I was really impressed by the amount of thought you put into this. The “toy chest” full of brushes and brush accessories, the amount of time it would take to wash that much prehensile hair, the hair cutting thing; I don’t know if that’s part of an established fanon or what, but it never would’ve occurred to me.

    I also like the way you take the time to define your characters. This Anon and mg are specific to this story. You slot then into any other fic and they just wouldn’t fit. Not that there’s anything wrong with generic humans fucking generic monsters; some of my favorite fics are about truely anonymous anons. It’s just nice sometimes to read about characters who have actual characterization.

    So, yeah. Enjoyed it as always.

  2. Not the first time I’ve read this, and it won’t be the last. We really need more quality Kejourou stories not sealed within chaptered works. I plan to correct this myself someday.

    This has some grammatical/spelling errors, but not enough to detract from the story. The level of detail describing Lily’s hair, her reactions, and the skillful narration of Anon’s behavior and emotions definitely makes up for it.

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