Sir Aiden

Disclaimer: Yet another anonymously posted story.

Sir Aiden Leinster was terrified, fleeing for his very life, a horrid monster pursuing him. His very first mission as a true Templar knight of the church, his first command, and he was going to die. Bones shattered, flesh torn and consumed, he was going to die. He would become nothing more than some monsters latest meal, to be shat out at later convenience.

It had all started out simply enough, an easy mission for his new command. A monster had been menacing Tuppence, a small village near Fort Ferrum, the joke of a fort he was stationed at. Sir Bruce Kinden, the fort’s commander, a lazy man who enjoyed the companionship of his cups too much, had given his unit their first mission, to go find, and then destroy, the foul beast that was menacing the region.

Following the directions they’d been given, a day’s ride, and a night’s camp, had brought Aiden, and the four other men of his unit, to where it was suspected the monster laired. The lair itself was an old cave system, one of many that riddled the Dragon’s Back Mountains they’d arrived at. Approaching, they found the air coming out of the cave’s mouth was foul, like the scent of a man too fond of eating eggs. A smell that any who had visited a volcanic region would recognise as brimstone.

The cavernous opening of the cave gaped like some feral beast’s mouth. Large black rocks in the place of the cave’s teeth and a carpet of dead leaves like some tongue that crackled as the group walked on it. The cave’s interior was dimly lit, its shadows deep for a distance before it turned as black as a moonless night.

Cautiously the group of soldiers had entered the cave’s voluminous mouth, torches they’d quickly lit held aloft, their swords unsheathed. They began to explore the caves depths by their torch fire’s flickering light, their own shadows dancing and moving on the caves wall around them. Everything had been fine for the first thirty or so minutes, despite the darkness and silence being oppressive, but nothing had appeared from the abyssal darkness to challenge them. Then, they’d spotted the glowing red light ahead of them, it’s source hidden by a bend in the tunnel they were following.

Cautiously moving forward, the only sound accompanying them the creaking of leather armour, the clinking rattle of their chainmail and a slow rumbling vibration they could more feel than hear from far below, they discovered an immense cavern. To say the chamber was massive would have been a colossal understatement. The ceiling of the cavern was hundreds of feet above their heads, an open void in front of them stretching back as far as their eyes could see and a lake of balefully glowing larva far below.

Aiden and the group of young church soldiers were standing on a large ledge that looked out over this expansive cavern. Ahead of them an immense pillar of black stone rose from the lake of magma, the source of red illumination they’d noticed before. The pillar rose from the magma lake in the bottom of the cavern, its entire height hundreds of feet in its own right. A wide rope bridge led from their ledge to the stone pillar, the bridge aged, but seeming to be in good repair. The magma lake, throwing its red hued glow over the cavern, was the source of the egg-like smell the knights had noticed near the entrance of the cave system.

The pillar itself was a huge edifice, but, as the knights stared across from the ledge, they saw irregular shapes, it was an abandoned ancient city. The city was no doubt an old dwarven fortress judging by the design, a mighty set brass doors now standing open and unguarded across the bridge from where the soldiers stood.

“This is too much for us,” one of the other knights had said, “we need to go back and report this. Dwarves are a cursed lot, going extinct, it isn’t right to go in without a priest.”

“Nonsense,” Aiden had replied, his voice haughty and cocksure with youth and pride, “I’ll not return from my first hunt unblooded. If these caves frighten you, perhaps you should head back and tend the horses like a good little boy.”

That had earned the young knight a good scowl, but the man had shut his mouth, and, with obvious surliness, the other knight had continued, following his lead as he ordered them to cross the bridge. They crossed the bridge gingerly, but it hadn’t given out despite its obvious age, merely creaking and swaying slightly as the human men filed across. Then, they’d passed through the open brass doors, now only a minute or two from the confrontation that would send Aiden fleeing for his life.

Continuing into the abandoned dwarven fortress city, passing diminutive buildings, they’d seen nothing more fearful than the ravages of time. Wooden doors rotted and walls crumbling with the passing of ages. Even if Aiden didn’t want to admit it to the men, the city felt foreboding and eerie to him, like entering a chapel with a man you’d once known lying in state. The tomb like silence oppressive, heavy, and working on his mind, making him jump at shadows, the heat of the air doing nothing to help.

Aiden and his men had continued making their way into the abandoned city like this for a few moments, the oven like heat, even this far above the magma lake enough to force sweat from brows and armpits, when a heavy thud had come from just ahead of the men. All eyes drawn to the noise, the soldiers saw something heavy crashing down atop a dwarven home no more than thirty feet from Aiden, the young Templar having taken the lead to encourage his men.

For a moment dust obscured what had fallen to the dwellings roof, but then, the dust began to settle. Crouched, like some wild great cat, was a monster. The monster was a mixture of bestial features, damnable beauty and a terrifyingly feral aura. Even now, a wicked looking tail, its tip covered in spines, whipped back and forth behind her while bat-like wings stretched out to either side of her. Her forelimbs were leonine, hands and feet replaced with large paws, each pad-like digit tipped with wicked looking claws.

Slowly looking over the small group of knights, the monster’s eyes glowed a feral orange as she stared at them, its eye’s colour a mirror of the magma far below. All Aiden could feel was terror as it stared at him, if the stories he’d heard as a lad were true, this was a manticore. One of the most vicious and wicked monsters a soldier could dread to encounter. Finishing her survey of Aiden and his men, the monster opened her mouth and let loose with a deafening scream. However, scream wasn’t really the right word for it. It was a mixture of howl, scream and roar, the sound filled with rage, hate and anger as it bellowed out over the dwarven city. This was a monster that would kill him, Aiden realised, laughing and joyous as it tore apart his flesh with its vicious claws.

Aiden’s legs seemed to turn to jelly as the monster’s roar continued, a literal effort of will needed to stop his bowels from expelling themselves. Mustering all his courage, Aiden screamed a challenge back wordlessly, his own voice lost in the ear splitting shriek of the monster, but it was enough. Heart steadied, Aiden tossed aside his torch before brandishing his sword at the monster, ready to engage it with the aid of his men.

Glancing to his sides, Aiden felt his stomach drop as he saw discarded sword on either side of him, his men’s courage having given out under the screaming roar. With no other choice, Aiden followed them in flight, his torch abandoned, left on the ground, sword still gripped tightly. As he ran, he saw the men ahead of him, maybe a hundred feet away, already crossing the rope bridge that led back to the ledge opposite the dwarven city.

Aiden only just managed to reach the dwarven side of the rope bridge as the last of his men finished crossing it. Looking down, Aiden could see the balefully glowing brimstone, the rock melted to a runny paste that bubbled and hissed far below. Aiden had just grabbed onto one of the ropes that served as handhold when it jerked violently in his hand. Whipping his head up, Aiden was shocked to see the men hacking at the bridge, their swords biting into its thick ropes.

Numb, Aiden stared at them for a moment before finding his voice, “what are you doing!” he screamed, voice echoing against the rock wall behind his men.

One of the soldiers paused and looked up at his cry, the same man he’d admonished for showing fear earlier. “Seems we need something to slow her down,” the soldier yelled, his face a sneer, voice mocking, “hopefully she’ll like your flesh boy!”

Aiden could only stare helplessly as the men finished hacking apart the ropes that made up the bridge on the far side of the chasm. Behind him, the feral scream continued, though it had begun to lose volume, the sound promising evisceration to the first man it’s owner caught. It was in that moment, a fatalistic thought seized Aiden, the rock ledge he stood on came to a lip only a couple of feet from him. A few quick steps, a short plunge, and then a moment of intense heat were all it would take to deny the manticore its feast.

Only two things stopped Aiden from choosing to take the plunge. The first was the fact that he still had his sword, the weapon gave him something to fight back against the monster with, a slim chance from what he’d heard of monsters as powerful as a manticore, but still better than none. The second caused him some confliction. Despite their betrayal, Aiden knew that if he denied the manticore himself as a target, it would chase his mutinous men into the caves. At least here in the dwarven city he could use the small buildings to hide in, in the cave’s tunnels his men would be wheat before the reaper.

A sudden change in the environment snapped Aiden from his morbid thoughts, the young knight spinning around to look back at the city. A new wave of dread sending a shiver down Aiden’s spine before it settled as a chill into his very marrow. The manticore’s scream had finally stopped and the silence that chased its echoes fell heavily on the young knight. For a moment, Aiden froze, unsure what to do, and then he saw the dark form of the monster leaping high into the cavern’s air, bat-like wings flapping as it rose above the abandoned dwarven city.

Before he could fully process the thought, Aiden was moving, sprinting as fast as he could towards the nearest dwarven building of a decent size. With a loud crash, he put his foot through the rotted door as he made a panicked egress. Shaking splinters and chunks of wood free from his leg, Aiden quickly swept his gaze across the room he found himself in.

As he looked about, Aiden realised the room he’d found himself in had once been a forge. The back of the room a large hearth, with equally large bellows and a tuyere coming down from the roof above. Another wall held a rack containing various tongs, hammers and other smithing tools, an anvil sat a few feet away while a couple stools lay near a bench by the entrance. Over head the roof was low, almost brushing the top of Aiden’s head. The room filled with the smell of fires long gone and dust that he’d disturbed when he kicked the door in.

The room was just what Aiden had wanted, its dimensions small and tight, floor crowded with obstacles, a combination that would give Aiden an advantage in a fight, he hoped. His smaller human frame hopefully more nimble then the monsters and, if nothing else, denying her the advantage her wings would give her out in the open.

Aiden was just beginning to think of rearranging some of the furniture to further his advantage when a thud sounded outside. Involuntarily, Aiden shuddered, he palm sweaty on the grip of his sword. The time to face the beast had come.

For half a minute, the monster prowled around the exterior of the forge, Aiden catching glimpses of it as she moved past the small dwarven door and windows. Unlike before, she’d abandoned the crouch, now moving about on two legs, standing upright in a mockery of the human form. Still, despite her new gait, there was something of the feline in the way she moved, a giant cat prowling, looking for a tasty mouse to tear apart. Aiden swallowed audibly, but remained where he was, sword pointed at the door he’d smashed open.

The attacking was amazing in its ferocity when it came. Another blood chilling roaring screaming coming from outside before the stone wall to Aiden’s left exploded inward. The feral monster easily crashing through the forge’s wall, the mortar that held the stone together having long since dried into dust, making it flimsy.

As she charged at him, Aiden got his first up close look at the manticore. Like he’d heard tale of, she was luscious in the most wickedly entrancing way. Her body exceeded that of even his most pleasant of teenage dreams. Voluptuous and ripe, she had a heavy bosom, taut midriff and wide hips. Meaty in all the places a man could desire, trim where it wouldn’t help her sensuality. As he’d noted earlier, her forelimbs were those of a beast, some nightmarish great cat, all covered in fur black except for odd white ruffs that appeared at her joints and where the fur melded back into flesh. Atop her head, a pair of black ears contrasted with the auburn mane of hair she had. Dark red wings and spine tipped tail taut behind her as she bounded forward.

All of this observation happened in a blink of the eye. Aiden’s body reacting to the surprise assault with trained instinct. Twisting and throwing himself back away from the monster’s slashing claws, the front of Aiden’s blue tabard gained three long rents in the material as the feral beast barely missed ripping him open from throat to balls. Heavily he crashed back, hip bouncing painfully against the anvil as he fought to right himself to fight the monster. However, as he turned, he discovered she’d retreated, back through the hole she’d smashed in the forge’s wall.

Surprised, Aiden took stock of the room, nothing seemed out of place until he saw the wall behind him. Sticking into the stone were three spines, the same as the ones the manticore had on the bulbous tip of her tail. Another bout of despair washed over Aiden as he saw the spines, it wasn’t fair. Not only was the monster able to fly and fight at close quarters with her cruel claws. She was also able to shoot the spines from her tail and attack at range.

“Human,” a voice growled from outside, the tone alien and harsh, a voice unused to speech “throw aside your blade, come out here of your own will, and I’ll tear out your throat. Stay hiding in there and I’ll make your death a painful one. I’ll tear off you cock, let you bleed out slow and you can meet your god a eunuch!”

Aiden trembled, almost dropping his sword as his hands shook. The image the words conjured in his mind gripping him with a fear even stronger than that which had shaken him earlier. Still, he couldn’t give up, he was no doubt going to die, but maybe he could give the foul monster a mortal wound as it took him down.

Newly resolved, Aiden had the barest moment to react to the sound of breaking glass. Again, his only saviour was instinct and his body’s reflexes. Falling flat on his stomach, the spines the manticore had flung through the window behind him twitched his hair as they barely missed him. Strangely enough, Aiden idly noted as he did his best to clamber back into a fighting crouch, the spines only bounced against the far wall this time. Perhaps the manticore was tiring.

“You’ll have to try harder than that whore beast!” Aiden yelled back, his voice hoarse from the running and fear.

The manticore’s reply was another charge, this time through the door that he’d kicked in before. Her body almost a blur as she bounded forward, a mocking sneer plastered across her face as he closed the distance. Aiden lifted his sword, pointing its tip at the monster as she came at him. With casual ease, the monster batted his sword aside, the blow from what seemed a casual backhand enough to numb his hand and send the blade flying away into the rack of tools on the forge wall.

Grinning victoriously, the manticore swung its club-like tail at Aiden, the wicked looking spines glistening pinkly with some kind of venom. The tail had been aimed at Aiden’s throat, but, with a speed borne of fear that even surprised him; he managed to catch the tail with his numbed sword hand, pushing it away using its own momentum against it. It wasn’t without a price, however. Aiden’s hand receiving a dozen painful little punctures from the spines on the manticore’s tail’s bulbous end as he shoved it away.

Unexpectedly, the manticore suddenly backed off, her earlier smirk seemingly redoubled. However, Aiden found that difficult to focus on, instead staring in horror at his hand. The wounds weren’t that big, tiny puncture’s no bigger than those a tailor’s needle would give. However, the problem was the little smears of pinkish mucous around the punctures, Aiden had been poisoned. Already he could feel heat working its way up his arm, flames burning inside he veins as his own heart helped pump the venom through his body.

Terrified, Aiden stumbled backwards, any thought of retrieving his sword forgotten in his horror. Painfully, he tripped, Aiden’s legs getting caught on one of the stools, the old wood shattering as his leg went through it. Even then, the pain in his arse as he crashed to the floor paled in comparison to the venom’s flames as the worked their way towards his shoulder.

As the manticore approached, having resumed her unusual leonine crouch, Aiden held up his spiked hand, his expression mutely demanding, he didn’t know what, something from the monster. The only reply he got was a knowing grin in return, the manticore’s tail now wagging behind her, her expression like that of a relaxed cat, one that knows its caught the mouse it had been playing with.

Now within an arm’s reach, the manticore’s grin widened even more and with a casual sweep of one of her paw hands, she shredded the front of Aiden’s armour. Tabard, leather, chain link, clothing underneath, all parted under the claws like they were no more than paper. From his collar to the seat of his pants, his body was exposed to the hot air, tattered armour and clothing hanging open down his front.

“I told you what I’d do if you didn’t come out of here didn’t I?” the manticore growled at him. One of her paws pressing against his chest to force him down onto his back.

The air wasn’t the only thing hot, Aiden numbly noticed despite his terror. With each heartbeat he could feel the heat of the poison in his body, and now, in his loins. Each thudding beat of his heart brought a strengthening twitch to his manhood. Within seconds, Aiden was achingly hard, harder than when he’d had lost his virginity to a bar wench a year earlier.

“Filthy pervert,” the manticore muttered, still grinning wickedly as she prodded his manhood with one of her claws, “I’m going to tear your cock off, and you get hard. No wonder your kind is nothing but food. I’m not even going to sully my mouth with your parts, my tail is enough for the likes of you.”

At her words, Aiden writhed, trying the rise once more to fight the monster. Fear giving him a burst of strength. However, against the paw holding him down, he may as well have been a child, its strength handling his fear and fury as easy as he’d be able to hold down a wayward puppy. Even now, he remained hard, cock rigid against his abdomen, balls tight and aching for release, the manticore’s venom driving his body to distraction as he struggled.

Once Aiden finally exhausted himself, the implacable paw on his chest not pressing him painfully, but inescapable, the manticore swung her tail forward, over her left shoulder. The appendage looking like some nightmarish scorpions tail, tail itself red and segmented and a decent length. All the more disconcerting as the manticore stroked it, petting it like any human would with an especially beloved animal companion, paws rubbing the bulbous head of the tail, spines lying flat as her paw passed over them.

With a shockingly wet noise, the bulbous portion of the tail slowly opened, an obscene flower of flesh opening its petals. The inside of the tail’s maw was coated with viscous mucous, strands of the gel-like liquid hanging between the internal walls. The spines shivering and shaking on the outside of the tail as it hung in front of him, giving him time to contemplate its foul countenance.

“Now I’m going to envelope your manhood inside here,” the manticore declared, laughing, “and as the acid burns into you, I’ll tighten my muscles and with a yank, I’ll tear you off, root and stem!”

Aiden would have struggled again, but he was too exhausted. He felt numb, at least in his mind, his body was still burning, even feverish, thanks to the venom. There was also a perverse fascination taking hold of his Aiden’s mind. A curiosity about how long it would take him to die after having his cock and balls torn away. Too worn out for more struggling, Aiden could only watch as the foul tail’s maw like opening descended on him.

Aiden’s manhood disappeared, inch by inch into the tail, until his entire length had been swallowed. Confusingly though, the acid didn’t burn like he’d been told by the manticore. Instead it felt, and this was completely mind-boggling, pleasant. The tail slowly tightening around him until its flesh was pressed against him from all sides. The tail’s internal mucous acting like some kind of perverse lubricant, making sure the pressure wasn’t uncomfortable, and the flesh around him rubbed against him smoothly.

“What the…” Aiden began to voice his surprise, only to cut himself off as another sensation made his whole body twitch.

Inside the tail, the flesh tightly grasping his shaft had just undulated without warning. The tail’s interior’s movements sent a rush of sensation through Aiden’s body. An electrifying pleasure that made him gasp and writhe once more, though this time not in fear. Sitting next to him, the manticore was now grinning even wider, her expression one of triumph and lewd desire.

“I love your confusion,” she crowed, voice almost husky “that expression as you forget your fear and begin to lose yourself to pleasure, it’s intoxicating.”

Aiden would have said something in reply, but it was then that the tail’s insides truly began to move, leaving him gasping instead of speaking. The fleshy folds, tightly holding his shaft, began to move in wave-like motions. Pressure beginning at the base of his shaft and slowly climbing, massaging, his manhood as it went until it reached his tip. There, the flesh shivered and writhed, buzzing against his most sensitive area the sensation intoxicating and alien.

It was too much to take, after the terror that had gripped him moments earlier, and now this incessant perverse motion, he came, hard. His painfully tender balls tighten against him, shaft throbbing powerfully as he shot a load into the tail that still gripped, and milked him, Aiden letting out a hoarse yell of pleasure. For what seemed an age, his balls continued pumping seed out of him, so much jizz that the tail must have had a way of removing or storing his deposit since it didn’t end up flowing back out of the tail and onto himself.

“Delicious,” the manticore announced, the earlier ferocity and feral tones gone from her voice “your semen is more than palatable, I think I’ll keep milking you until you go pass out. Then I’ll keep you here as a pet to amuse myself.”

The whole time she spoke, the manticore’s tail interior continued its undulating movements. The motions first milked all the semen that had come from, and then the dregs that had remained in Aiden’s urethra, and now it was working its way towards making him cum again. The gentle yet incessant waves of the puffy soft flesh rolling up his shaft, the hot gooey sleeve that held his manhood in place, and the rapid vibrations against the very tip of his cock, driving Aiden to distraction. Less than thirty seconds after his first shot, he found himself unable from supressing a second, and equally powerful, orgasm. Another load of Aiden’s semen welling up inside him to be spurted into the depths of the perverted tail that held him, his body twitching in time with his penis’ spurts.

“St… stop,” Aiden moaned, “it’s too much… too sensitive!”

This earned him another laugh, the manticore bemused by his request as her tail continued its inexorable assault. Even now, as Aiden’s body continued twitching with pleasure, overly sensitive inside the monster’s tail, he didn’t lose any strength in his erection. The manticore’s venom ensuring his body continued to respond as she wanted.

“If it’s too much,” the manticore said, “how about a game? I will retract my spines and then, if you can get my tail off of your cock, I’ll release you. I’ll even carry you safely across the gap where your “friends” cut the bridge down.”

“H-how,” Aiden began, using all the will he could muster to ignore the continuing motions of the tail, “how do I know you’ll keep your word?”

“You don’t,” she laughed, “but there is no point to a game without a real reward, and, if I lie, you would know not to trust me in any other offer I made you.”

“F-fine…” Aiden replied, voice hitching, “I just need to get your tail off of me right?”

The manticore nodded, her tail shivering for a moment as the spines fell flat against its surface. The tail’s surface no longer covered in spines, Aiden looked at the manticore for a moment, trying to see if there was some trick. However, her orange eyes gave nothing away as inside her tail, the soft silken flesh continued its movements unabated.

“Not…” Aiden began, “not fair, stop moving the tail’s insides…”

“I never agreed to that,” she smirked, “you’ll just have to put up with it, though I won’t use the rest of my body to stop you.”

True to her word, the manticore removed the hand from his chest, the one which had been holding Aiden down. Freed from the constraint, Aiden, shifted, rising to sit, his back against the forge’s anvil. Looking at the manticore for a moment, he then grasped the tail in both hands and pulled at it.

The sensation was incredible, the flesh inside pressing against him as he squeezed the outside, yet still moving in soft slimy waves. There was also an internal suction as he pulled on the tail, the slimy mucous from inside the tail having created a pressure seal against his skin. The suction increased Aiden’s pleasure as he tried to yank the tail from his manhood, so much so that he fumbled his grip, the tail instantly sliding back into place, inside it’s flesh still moving in a milking motion.

Penis twitching with the sensations, another orgasm, the third in perhaps a minute and a half, began to build. Still, Aiden did his best to ignore it, changing his grip and tugging at the tail again. This time, Aiden almost removed it until his own orgasm betrayed him. The sensation of the final lip of flesh squeezing against his tip as he tried to draw it off of himself had been too intense. Aiden losing his grip on the tail as his hips bucked and another, even more copious, wad of semen burst forth. His thick jizz splashing against the walls of the tail that held his tool trapped, the semen quickly slurped up by whatever mechanism was removing his deposits.

Mind numb, Aiden felt like he might black out for a moment, the pleasure so intense. Still, he hadn’t given up, grabbing the tail again, he tried to pull it off of him, the syrupy slime making loud wet noises as he tried yanking it off of himself by jerking the tail in quick, violent, succession. Aiden’s hopes that it might come lose from this proving to be unfounded. The only thing the motions managed to do were to increase the pleasure as he realised he could vary where the tail’s undulations applied pressure, and how strong the suction effect was.

Curious, Aiden experimented for a brief moment, squeezing himself through the fleshy sleeve that held him, gently tugging on the tail with his other hand. The pleasure was indescribable. The combination of the velvety flesh gripping him inside the tail, the slimy goo it oozed, the slow sensuous undulations that had replaced the earlier vibrations and forceful waves, and the manipulations of his own hands, directing it all, all of it was enough to have him groaning with pleasure as he slowly stroked his turgid shaft through the tail. Aiden’s body slumping forward as he manipulated himself with the tail and his hands, his mind focused on nothing but the pleasure it gave.

Shocked, Aiden sat back with a jerk. What had he been doing, he screamed at himself mutely. For a moment there, he hadn’t been trying to escape from the monster at all. He’d been giving in to the pleasures of the flesh. He’d been stroking himself full of carnal fervour. Turning his head, Aiden regarded the manticore, his glare falling away in another bout shock as he saw what she was doing.

Sitting on the floor, her own back leaned against the forge’s bench; the manticore had a paw between her thighs. The motions of that paw making what she was doing obvious to Aiden. Just like he’d been doing, she was pleasuring herself, her cheeks coloured scarlet, chest heaving with the effort as Aiden’s must have been.

“Don’t stop, just enjoy it…” the manticore panted without looking up, her words obviously referencing his actions from a moment ago. Her tail’s undulations growing stronger again as she played with herself.

“To the hells with you,” Aiden groaned through gritted teeth, “I’ll never help you satisfy your perverse lusts…”

Aiden’s voice trailed away into silence as he realised his body was already putting lie to his words. Unconsciously, his hands had gripped the tail enveloping him one again, and quickly begun manipulating it. Jerking it gently in time with the undulations, Aiden gasped as his body refused to let go, hungrily seeking the pleasure it gave. Thrice more Aiden came over the course of half an hour, each orgasm accompanied by a hefty squirt of cum as his body refused to follow his minds commands, instead greedily playing with his penis using the tail of the manticore.

“I can’t wait anymore human,” Aiden heard from above him, the manticore having moved to stand above him without him noticing, his mind lost in the sensations of the tail and his own manipulations, “lick me.”

“Wha…” Aiden barely managed to get out before the manticore squatted onto his face.

The manticore’s feminine organ was half an inch from Aiden’s face, this part of her body as hairless as her abdomen. Her labia were swollen and reddish pink in colour, darker than the rest of her flesh and dripping with a liquid that gave it a moist sheen. From this range, Aiden could feel a steamy heat coming from the monster’s genitals; even smell a lewdly feminine scent that drove his hands to stroke himself even faster.

Placing a paw atop his head, the manticore pulled Aiden even closer, mashing his lips to her labia, “lick,” she demanded again, this time her voice shaky with need.

Aiden couldn’t help it, after all that had happened; he couldn’t do anything but comply. His own lusts were now so thoroughly enflamed he quashed the part of himself that told him this was wrong. Instead, he focused on continuing to pleasure himself as he licked the manticore’s pussy.

Hands otherwise occupied, Aiden could use nothing but his lips and tongue to explore the monster. Sliding a tongue along her wet slit, Aiden tasted her honey, the juices musky, sweet, feminine and intoxicatingly arousing. Like a man parched for water, Aiden began lapping at the monster, the paw still atop his head guiding where he focused his tongue. The whole while his own hands busy stroking himself using the perverse tail that had entranced him so.

For ten minutes this continued. Aiden’s face became covered in smears of mixed saliva and pussy juices. The manticore moaning the whole time, softly at first, but becoming louder and louder as Aiden continued, until finally, she came herself.

His tongue flicking up and down, stroking what her assumed was her clitoris, her thighs had suddenly clamped in place on either side of his head, her paw forcing his face into her, hard. At the same time, the tail wrapping his cock came to wickedly perverse life once again, sliding up and down his cock, a literal blur of motion forcing him to ejaculate once again as the pussy against his face twitched and shuddered.

Finally the venom of the manticore seemed to be subsiding, or, Aiden reflected, he’d cum too much in too short a time. Either way, he felt himself softening inside the tail, the fleshy sleeve once more only moving with a sensual slowness as it cucked up his ejaculation.

Slowly, the manticore shifted, releasing Aiden’s head and moving to sit on his lap, “well, that was fun,” she said, her voice a satisfied purr, “now just remove my tail and I’ll let you go.”

Aiden was tired, bone weary, but he saw the chance this monster was giving him. Gingerly, he reached behind her, grabbing for the tail with his right hand, his left to his side, propping his torso’s weight off of the ground.

“Ow!” Aiden yelped, his hand jerking back after being jabbed by some of the stingers that had one again raised from the tail.

Another burst of heat began to flow up Aiden’s arm to the beat of his heart. His shaft already beginning to regain its vigour as Aiden’s body reacted to the venom even faster than the first time he’d been stung. Aiden was surprised one more time as the tail slid off of him, his manhood feeling cold as it was exposed to the air of the forge.

“Sorry,” the manticore apologized, a mischievous gleam in her eyes making it an insincere apology, “my tail is tired, perhaps we could use my pussy this time?”

Aiden couldn’t help it, staring up at the beautiful and terrifying monster that had captured him, the entrance he’d be licking just touching the tip of his manhood, he nodded, “please… do.”

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3 thoughts on “Sir Aiden

  1. The author did an excellent job portraying this manticore as it’s described by the MGE page. Too bad the author is unknown, though; I’d like to read more of their work.

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