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Species: Ogre, Slime

Habitat: Unknown, all attempts to find out have ended in terrifying failure

Disposition: Dominant, possessive, obsessive, agressive

Diet: Unknown, possibly able to consume anything

Shogeys as the name implies are a subtype of bogeys and shoggoths. Their forms are utterly bizarre, as they appear to be made of plush and stuffing-like bogeys, but also a slime-like substance that shows similar properties to shoggoth slime, which coats and seeps from every part of the shogey, giving a gooey look. What’s surprising is the slime can change the form of the shogey at will. It’s not uncommon to see them sporting bizarre or other features of other bogeys, other monsters, or even new creatures. They may even change the material they’re made of, and it’s not uncommon to see large motherly figures among them.

Shogeys however should not be mistaken for subservient just because they are related to monsters that are commonly maids. Shogeys are incredibly dominant, and will almost always flood whoever they’re married to with copious amounts of their slime both inside and out to affect them physically and mentally. However, the mental changes are not usually to make the partner docile or needy. Though some shogeys will affect their partner in this way, most of the time it is to reset memories, or to simply keep their partners from going crazy. The physical changes, however, will always be to the shogeys wants and needs. Partners may be squished or stretched in impossible ways, find themselves able to molded like clay, or simply become an entirely different species in an instant. All of this is simply to serve the shogeys every desire to play with their partner like a toy.
Not every shogey is the same, however. Some are motherly, some love to embarrass their partners, and some truly want to just give their partners love, but all shogeys share the same personal ideal that their partner is beneath them. Their hunting strategies mimic this since a shogey will often embed their slime in the terrain to make their soon-to-be lover feel trapped. Doors may simply lead back to the room they just came from and floors and walls may melt into a nearly indestructible slime plush. Rooms grow and shrink, object will try to capture the person and bring them to the shogey. It’s safe to say once someone has caught the eye of a shogey, it’s impossible to escape. Once married shogeys will continue to shape the world around them for the sole purpose of dominating their lover, making them theirs forever truly.

Until recently, it was unknown how shogeys interacted with their husbands using their bodies, as most secluded themselves in pocket dimensions made of a plush-like slime. However, a group of researchers was allowed to view a process recently, as well as the flooding ritual, in exchange for a partner of the shogeys choosing. While reluctant, they agreed, and what follows is a transcription of what happened.

The subject stood in the middle of the test chamber separated from the researchers by a 24-inch thick piece of mana-reinforced glass. The subject was not informed of what would happen next and after confirming they were ready, the sealed door in the back opened which allowed the shogey into the containment area. It is now a good time to note that the test subject was a physically fit male standing at 6 feet 3 inches. The shogey, compressing her form to fit through the door, was requested to not exceed the test chamber height of 12 feet. After entering the room, she decompressed to a height of 11 feet 5 inches. The test subject, upon realizing what was happening, began to bang on the glass in an attempt to escape before being grabbed by the shogey.
At this point, the shogey began to massage the man with enlarged hands, squeezing slime out of herself and onto him, which began to quickly eat away at the subject’s clothes, leaving him naked, before it fuses to his skin, giving the appearance what can only be described as “plush latex”. The subject continued to struggle as he was brought to the shogey’s nipple, which she attempted to shove into his mouth. The shogey quickly realized that her nipples were twice the size of his head, and began to tug on them like udders, changing her nipples girth to length and she forcefully fed it into her now husband’s mouth, but not before accidentally spilling some slime-like milk onto him. The subject’s throat had clearly began to bulge as the shogey began speaking to him. Speakers picked up phrases such as “Be a good boy” and “Drink up”, but microphones were unable to capture all of the audio due to a problem that occurred earlier in the day.

As the subject drank, his stomach and hips began to balloon out similar to a water balloon being filled. As the subject grew, the shogey began to verbally tease him as well as physically tease him by grabbing and playing with his now large torso. The shogey turned the subject’s crotch towards the glass to show a large bulge forming on his crotch, indicating this whole process was quite pleasurable. One of the team members had begun to calculate how much liquid the subject had ingested when the shogey squeezed him as her hand began to glow. The subject’s stomach then morphed so that a portion became clear, allowing the “milk” inside to be seen sloshing in front of numbers to indicate how much was inside. The subject’s blush deepened as the researchers noted his body held at least 15 gallons worth of milk. Body writing also began to appear on the subject though researchers were unable to read it at their angle, and theorized it was meant for the subject to read as they then covered their eyes in what can only be assumed as embarrassment as the shogey whispered to them with a grin. Researchers using the standard smug calculation formula calculated the shogey was so smug as to be physically impossible. Once satisfied with how full the subject was the shogey then grew and enlarged the subject’s cock from the bulge and mounted him as she put a finger to each of his ears. Microphones came on long enough to catch the shogeys next full statement.

“The more you cum baby, the more mommy floods your cute little brain with her goo, then we can be together forever! So be a good boy, and cum lots for mommy~” The subject became visibly distressed and attempted to struggle out, but the weight of his torso kept him in place as the shogey warped her lower half to pleasure him. True to her word with each recording orgasm, more goo flooded the subject’s head till it was pouring out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. Using magic, however, researchers were able to capture brain activity, and found this caused no pain and instead flooded the subject with pleasure. They also found that instead of using a form of mind control, the shogey instead made the subject hyper-aware of what was happening, causing a (fabricated) wave of shame and embarrassment. As the subject came in the shogey, his torso deflated as the shogeys inflated, slowly pinning him with the same weight he held. Once the subject was thoroughly drained, the subject who was visibly exhausted, was then picked up again by the shogey and was what can only be described as unbirthed by the shogey, who slowly fed the subject into her pussy, sinking him into her internal plush slime. The shogey was then released from the test chamber and promptly disappeared and has not been seen since.

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