Sex to Sextet

There are things you’ve never realized that could be real. Either you didn’t bother to think about it, or just straight up denied their existence. This kinda changed after visiting Bacchus’ and Brianna’s MG Carnival.

They had your standard line up, just with a different flavor. There was the lion taming act, but the lion was actually a Chimera and the tamer was doing quite some taming. There was the Spook house, where there were some screams, but they weren’t of a scary nature, although a surprising amount of people came out quite wet. Then, lastly, there was the Freak Show booth and there was a single “attraction” that held your attention with great interest: The Flat Holstaur.

She seemed so nice and beautiful, you didn’t even pay attention to the fact her unnaturally, flat breasts were laid bare for all to see. It wasn’t until after the carnival was over that you caught her walking away from the grounds and asked her out on a date. She was so shy, she had almost turned you down, but after realizing you had waited more than four hours to ask her, she obliged with a blushing nod. You took her into town and had your date. Going to the diner and catching a movie must’ve seemed pretty lame, but she loved all of it. She cared more about being with you, than where y’all went.

By 1:00 am, you two were back at your place, and by the grace of God(s) above, she had flung herself into you and you made love on your brown, leather couch. Her breasts were no flatter than a board, but you could still touch and tease them to her pleasure. Before much could be done, she stopped you with tears in her eyes, claiming that she’s not good enough without tits. You interrupt her sobs with a kiss, and the touching and loving continued. To you, the size didn’t matter, it was the warm love in her eyes that did.

Two years later, you are both now married; with a baby on the way. One morning she calls you out of bed, frantically screaming. You run into the bathroom to find her clutching her breasts. But that was the point, she HAD breasts. With this pregnancy, she had grown into an A cup. It was expected, but she teared up at the thought of having breasts, and being as close to normal as she could(or at least the Holstaur equivalent thereof).

She gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, and you two are so happy, you try again. This time, however, her breasts went to a B cup. Now she really was crying as she could feed her two daughters with milk using her breasts. Her pride as a Holstaur and as a mother shown through to you, and together you go for one more child.

Sure enough, her size became C cup. You were now the father of three baby Holsts, one that is just about to three years old, and the other two more than half a year behind each other. After putting the youngest to sleep, your wife calls you into the living room. As you sat down, you see the worry in her eyes. She holds your hand and says, “I-I-I love you, darling. I love you, I love our children, I love our home, everything. But…but I need you to do something for me.”

You would do anything for your wife, and you say so as much. She gestures to her now C cup bosom and says, “With each pregnancy, I grew one cup bigger…Darling…I want to get a DD cup…”

With that it all clicks together. She’s asking you, to continue to impregnate her. Just so she can have breasts. The ones she never had as a child, or young woman. It may have seemed like a childish and shallow wish, but it was her only wish. The only thing she ever really asked for. Hearing this, you became seized with manly responsibility(and an erection harder than a Minotaur’s head) you don’t hesitate to scoop her up and pull her into the bedroom to fulfill her wish(and fill a few other holes too).

Four years later, you now have six children, and a happy, DD cup wife. It gets hard on you some times, working extra hours for more money and trying to get everything for you and your daughters, but the one image that always renews your determination, is the look on your wife’s face as she feeds your two youngest daughters, and the tear at the corner of her eye, knowing that her dream of being a good, Holstaur mother was granted.

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2 thoughts on “Sex to Sextet

  1. After a bit of consideration, I’ll abstain on using the stars at least for a while, and just give my personal opinion, just how much I like/dislike the story. A bit wordy for the amount of story content, but, very nice ending. On a Zero to Ten scale for the enjoyment of the story, I give this a 6.50 .

  2. A 6.50 for liking, as opposed to 5 being neither like nor dislike, and, not a number on disliking ranging from 0 to 10… Nice paragraphing but too slow building to get a higher score on like scale.

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