Sensei and Laska

“…and after the battle, Tokugawa Iyesu became the undisputed dominant power in Japan. So…what does that mean?”

I turned around, half expecting a wave of hands shooting up into the air and bright, eager young minds appearing back at me. For a briefest of moments, I forgot I was a high school teacher. Instead what I found was a sea of disinterested faces, staring off into the distance or doodling on their papers.

It was nothing new to me.

I spotted one student staring absently into her lap, her arm twitching ever so slightly, as if I wouldn’t notice she was texting on her phone.


With practiced precision, the succubus nonchalantly looked up with an innocent expression.

“What do you think happened?”

She simply shrugged.

“He became like…the next Emperor or something?”

I gave a practiced reassuring smile. At least she tried.

“Close but remember, the Emperor still exists, but he’s just a figurehead at this point, he doesn’t hold any real power. In reality Iyesu, with no other rivals and controlling the military, would later go on to become-“

The period bell chimed, signaling the end of class.

And before I could finish, a cacophony of screeching chairs, books being thrown in bags, and students rushing madly out the door erupted, drowning out whatever I had just said.


And I was just about to get to the good part.

“Don’t forget! Quiz on Friday and pages fourty-three to fifty-two for homework!”

Whether they heard me or simply ignored me, I didn’t know.

“And if anyone has any questions about today’s lesson, my office is open during lunch hours!”

Normally, I wouldn’t expect anyone to show up.

What kind of self-respecting student would sacrifice their precious lunch period to study with a teacher?

But as the stragglers hurried to catch up with their friends one student lingered behind the rest. Her tail flicked curiously from side to side as she paused by the door, stealing a quick glance at me before darting out.

Well, there was one student who did.

I had barely settled into my office before I heard a knock on my office door.

“Sensei ii~”

She let herself in, putting her back to the door and locking it behind her.

I sighed.

“Laska, I keep telling you, I have a name.”

The scarred Cheshire cat girl ignored me, and instead joyfully rounded my desk and exaggeratingly twirled around and stuck out her butt.

I wanted to refute her, but with the hole I already dug myself in, there wasn’t any real point.

I pushed myself away from my desk and allowed the cat girl to take her usual seat upon my lap. She happily snuggled herself up to me, wiggling her butt side to side to make herself the most comfortable.

Now first, let me explain.

I never intended for this situation to develop. I didn’t become an educator to prey on high school monster girls.


I swear.

This was all just a terrible misunderstanding.

When I first started teaching here, I noticed one of those kids in my class. You know the ones. The loners or social pariahs. Never made any attempt to socialize with any other students, kept to themselves, and conversely, other students kept out of their way. Practically ghosts.  I was briefly told about her previous home life.

Apparantly, as the school consoler explained, it was quite tragic.

I couldn’t believe the scars when I first saw them.

It was unthinkable that someone had done that to their own child. And I could see that it wasn’t helping her social life as well. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and try at least help her in any way I can.

It all started out simple enough.

Whenver possible, I would always acknowledg her; saying hello or asking how her day was whenever I saw her. This forced her to interact and at least opened up a dialogue between us. I never did it during class though, I didn’t want to spook her or put her on the spot. Gradually she began to open up over the next few weeks, talking about her likes or dislikes, how her day was, what she thought about her other teachers and classes. I had imagined she would eventually use these skills to make new friends and improve her own life.

But then everything took an unexpected turn.

I began to notice that she looked at me in a different light. Her eyes would occasionally wander over me, or she’d be exceptionally jumpy. Her body language definitely took a different turn whenever I was around her.

I wasn’t dumb.

I knew that what had at first started out as friendly teacher-student relationship now turned towards one of infatuation.

But I should probably correct myself in saying that I probably wasn’t the smartest person in the world either.

I should have set some boundaries. But…I didn’t. I didn’t want to discourage all the hard work I had put into her or seem like I was going off some checklist to get her to open up. I reasoned that if I suddenly pulled out now, she’d feel betrayed and somehow regress to how she was before.

So I didn’t do anything.

She began to hang out in my office during lunch period. I didn’t say anything whenever her tail brushed up against my leg, nor did I say anything whenever she leaned over with the top few buttons of her blouse undone. I think she used some clever excuse about turning in a late project to get my cell phone number. And before I knew it, we were texting each other. The conversations would quickly turn…inappropriate. It was only after she sent a selfie where she was practically wearing little to nothing that I finally remembered what our relationship was supposed to be.

I called her into my office the next day to confront her about it.

One thing lead to another and I committed the most mortal of any sin that an educator could commit.

I fucked my own student.

A few times now actually.

I hadn’t even been teaching for year and I’ve already jeopardized my entire career.

But I’m putting a stop to it.

Enough was enough.

The guilt. The secrecy of it all. The constant fear of being found out. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

This was the day I’d put a stop to it all.


She mewled blissfully as nuzzled her head under my chin.

“But Sensei  sounds so much better,” Laska teasingly protested, wiggling her butt further into my lap.

I pulled her into an embrace, wrapping my arm around her waist while gently patting and ruffling her head.

“Hey Laska, theres something I wanted to talk to you about…”

“Hmm? About what?” She replied unconcerned.

She was more focused on writhing her body back and forth, her butt shifting ever so slightly as to fit my phallus between her butt cheeks. She purred all the while, laying back and pressing her teenage body against me even more.

“Yeah I…I think we should stop doing this.”

She stopped.

She whipped her head towards me, a look of wild panic in her eyes, as if someone had just poured a bucket of freezing water on her

Her eyes wide with shock.

“You’re breaking up with me?”


I didn’t nearly have enough tissues if she started crying.

“I-It’s not breaking up!”

I incessantly patted her head, trying to assuage the growing tide of guilt welling within me.

“This shouldn’t have happened in the first place! I’m a teacher and you’re a student and what I did was grossly irresponsible. And if this gets out, I won’t just lose my license, I’ll go to jail.”

I had constant nightmares; the police raiding my house, the court proceedings, how people would treat me afterwards. I’d be ruined. All because I couldn’t keep it in my pants.

I was a failure as a teacher.

She looked up at with me with pleading eyes.

“I won’t tell anyone Sensei ! I swear! You can trust me!”

“I know, I know. But there’s just too much risk involved. I can’t risk my career for…us.”

 She swiveled around, holding onto my shirt as her eyes began to well up with tears.

“But….but its only temporary right? Once I graduate we can-”

“It doesn’t work like that,” I said, interrupting her.  “I’m sorry but…this can’t go on.”

Though I should have felt relief for ending such a debaucherous affair, all I really felt was an overwhelming sense of shame and regret. Especially since it felt like I was abandoning her. How could she cope? How could we cope? I mean, we’d still have to see each other every day. I was her teacher for heaven’s sake. Could I treat her so normally after all the things we did? And what if she told someone in revenge? Made it play out so that I was the instigator? Countless thoughts raged through my head, wondering how she’d handle the news.

“Alright then.”

I nearly choked on my own breath.


She hopped off my lap and smoothed out her skirt, taking extra care to fix her hair before turning around.

“Yep, that’s fine. But on one condition.”

I crossed my legs, trying my best to look professional.

And to hide my boner.

“And that would be…?”

Laska’s innocent smile grew into a mischievous grin.

“A date.”

My eyes widened.

“A what?”

“A. Date.”

“You mean like…”

“Yep,” she replied confidently, her hands clasped behind her back. “I want an actual date. Just the two of us.

“That…Theres no way that’s going to work,” I said, my mind whirling at the thought.

We’d instantly get spotted.

“Fine,” Laska shrugged. “I guess I just have to keep showing up to your office then, every day during lunch until I graduate…since we never officially ended our relationship.”

My eyes narrowed.

“Are…you blackmailing me?” I cautiously asked.

“Never!” She yelped in a panicked voice. “I’d never do that to you! Its just that….you have to end things properly…you know.”

I sighed.

From what I could see, she was telling the truth. Probably. It’s hard to tell with teenage girls. Either way, ending this relationship as amicably as possible was my goal now. And if this was my only shot to do it, I’d rather bite the bullet. I’d just have to hope it doesn’t bite me back.

We texted the details of the date later that night, and after some insistent persuading on her part, we eventually settled on a plan.

There was a mall on the north side of town. It wasn’t as popular as the new one they just built, which means less people would be there, but more importantly, it was outside of our school district. The likelihood of running into anyone we know was extremely slimand in addition, we’d also be going “in disguise”, whatever that meant.

She also somehow managed to convince her father that she was meeting with some friends to hang out and watch a movie.

And so now here I was, waiting in a near abandoned mall for my high school date to show up pretending like I was sixteen again; nevermind the fact that I was close to ten years her senior.   

In most circumstances you’re supposed to dress to impress, but the last thing I wanted to do was to stand out, so my “disguise” was just me dressing as casually as possible. But luckily there was nobody here anyway, even for a weekend. The few people that were seemed more like lost tourists, mindlessly window shopping and shuffling along as if they had forgotten why they had come here in the first place.

So far, so good.

We’d get lunch, do some shopping, and see a movie. No harm done. Just a guy hanging out with a girl.

Nothing wrong going on here.

I repeated that mantra over and over again in my head, hoping it could provide any sort of relief to the growing dread in my gut.

All it would take was one person.

Just one person to recognize the two of us.

And we’d all be ruined.

The realization of it all suddenly hit me.

Was I really risking everything I had to satisfy just one girl’s romantic high school urges? How in the world did I ever get into this kind of situation?  Was it even possible to walk away from all this and pretend it never happened?

My god.

Have I become so messed up that I couldn’t even-

Someone tapped my arm.

Startled, I looked over to find a girl wearing one of those cat hoodies that were all the rage these days, complete with an oversized hood that had the cat ears attached to it. She also had an expensive looking audio headset, distinctly made for MGs with its ear pads placed directly where the cat ears were.   

“Sorry, can I help you?” I said, instinctively going into teacher mode.

From under the shroud of the black hood, a mischievous grin appeared.

The look on my face must have been quite amusing, because I had to wait there patiently for her to finish laughing and catch her breath

“I almost didn’t recognize without your uniform,” I finally stated.

Laska smiled and practically threw herself at me forcing me to catch and hug her in response. She looked up at me, still wearing that mischievous grin.

“You’ve already seen me plenty of times in uniform, Sensei ,” Laska said as a matter of factly. “…and out of it.”

I coughed nervously and grabbed her shoulders, holding her back.

“Your dad isn’t here with you is he?”

She nodded and explained in addition to watching him drive away, he had apparently made plans to go mattress shopping anyway, and there was no justifiable way any self-respecting teenager would be seen out in public with their family to “cramp their style”. I suppressed a worrying feeling in the back of my mind, making a mental note of how scary and manipulating teenagers could really be.

“Well now that were here, what do you want to do?” I asked.

Laska tilted her head to the side.

“Well, since this is my first time here, why don’t we look around first?”

We began by walking down one of the main halls of the mall. It was built in the shape of a cross, and when it first opened it was one of the busiest places in the entire city with a myriad of different upscale shops and kiosks everywhere. But ever since the new mall opened, this place was virtually turned into a ghost town. Every other shop was closed up, and the ones that weren’t, were so empty it seemed almost wrong to enter them; as if you were entering a sectioned off corner of a museum. In reality, the only reason why this place hadn’t closed down entirely was the fact that it also had a movie theater attached to it.

Which is a shame really; I grew up here, I mentioned.

“Really!?” Laska said, latching onto my arm.

Out of reflex, I almost yanked my arm out of her grasp, only to stop and remind myself that this was all part of the so called ‘date’. I’d just have to put up with it.

“Ye-yeah. My parents used to always bring my here whenever we went shopping. It used to be a lot livelier back in the day.”

Even now I could remember the bustling crowds of people, the cookie bakery making a fresh batch of cookies, and water fountains spewing jets of water high into the sky. But all that was gone now. Before I could finish reminiscing about my slowly dying childhood memories, I suddenly felt my arm get dragged behind me. I looked back to see Laska staring off into the distance.

“Sensei ,” she said pointing with her free hand. “What’s that?”

I looked off to where she was pointing.

“Oh, that. It’s the arcade.”

It was surprising to still see it there. Only half of the letters on the neon sign were working and the posters for upcoming games were woefully out of date.

“C’mon! Lets check it out!” Laska said pulling my arm forward.

It was surprising to see just how interested Laska was in the arcade. I had expected we’d go shopping for clothes or something at least, with her being a girl and all, but here we were in the backlight lit arcade as Laska looked on in wonder, hopping excitedly from one machine to the next. It was like stepping into a time machine really. All the games that I remembered from my childhood were still there. There was an old cabinet for Toadder, Abode of the Deceased, and even a working Muted Marksmen game. The screens were notably more faded than what I remember and the cabinets themselves looked like they’ve gone through hell. In my youth, this place was THE hangout for all the kids in the mall. 

“Sensei !” Laska called out ecstatically. “You have DDR here!?”


I followed the source of her outburst and found her staring wide eyed in wonder at a massive machine with an equally impressive screen with blinking LED lights and blaring loud electric pop music. Connected to it was a raised platform, with lit up arrows pointing in different directions and a red safety bar behind it.

Oh right.

Dance Dance Reformation.

I hadn’t paid much mind to it as a kid, but to Laska, it was as if she had just found the Holy Grail. They must have put this game in just recently because it looked comparatively newer then the other arcade games.

Laska hopped onto the plateform and started to inspect it.

“It’s old, but it looks like it still works,” she said tapping her foot on the various arrows on the floor.

“Hey Sensei !” she called out. “Do you know this game?”

“Vaguely,” I admitted.

“I’m actually, pretty good at this,” she said somewhat smugly before she suddenly paused and nearly threw herself over the red safety bar at me.

“Wanna play?!”

I sheepishly declined. I had no rhythm to speak of, and the last thing I needed to do was make a fool of myself in front of my girl-



I meant student.

I shook the thought away and took a step back, electing to watch her play instead. She seemed a little sad at my decision but that didn’t stop her from putting in the correct amount of change and tapping her foot down like a machine gun, trying to find a song she liked. A rainbow of color erupted from the screen as she scrolled through the song before she finally settled on one that was suitable and pulled her headphones onto ears.

For what reason, I didn’t know.

She stood there silently, rapt at attention, her face glued to the screen, waiting for the first note to drop.

And suddenly, the shy, demure, socially inept cat girl that I knew was replaced with a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm the likes of which I had never seen from her before. She practically floated on the platform, twirling and whirling about as her feet kept in rhythm with the corresponding arrows. I stood there speechless as I watched her get lost in the music, all the while her body flowed and twisted to the beat. Where did this kind of energy came from? Combined with the flashing lights and blaring music, it was as if a rave had suddenly opened up in the arcade. To say that her dancing was provocative would be an understatement. My eyes were eventually drawn to the way her hips shook and shimmied, sending her skirt flying up and exposing bits of her rear. It was sultry to say the least, and if I was in teacher mode, I definitely would have put a stop to it. But for now, I was just in too much awe.

Until something caught my attention.

With every twirl or gyration she did, her skirt flipped up a bit, revealing the forbidden edges of her butt. It wasn’t until the zipper on her hoodie began to descend down to her navel that I instantly knew that Laska wasn’t wearing underwear.

I was watching one of my students, wearing practically nothing at all dance away in the middle of an arcade in a shopping mall. I should have stopped her then and there but maybe the sheer audacity of what was happening had me flabbergasted.

That’s just a big fancy word that means “I have no idea what the fuck to do.”

So, frozen, I just stood there and watched her dance. Honestly, the only thing that was missing was dollar bills being tossed at her. I wish that was the end of it when the song finally finished and Laska struck a needless sexual pose, thrusting out her hips. But her performance had drawn some admirers. There were three kids, all of them clapping and going crazy at what they had just seen. To my surprise, they were more interested in her high score. I barely remember grabbing her and pulling her out of that arcade and back into the mall.

“What? You didn’t like it Sensei ?” Laska worringly asked as I shuffled her out.

“No, its just…just surprising,” I breathlessly admitted.

 And this, Laska puffed her chest out.

“I told you I’m pretty good at DDR.”

“It’s not that,” I interrupted. “You’re not wearing any underwear!” I said in a hushed voice.

At that Laska looked at me as if I had spoken different language.

“We’ll of course I’m not, its hot out today.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“That’s not an excuse not to wear underwear.”

She responded by hugging me.

“I’d only let Sensei see anyway,” she grinned with a catlike expression. “But it’s cute you’d worry about me.”

I stared her down impassively with my patented teacherly glare, before zipping up her hoodie.

“….We’re going to buy you some proper clothes.”

Laska’s face drooped.

“But I’m more comfortable like this!” She pouted. 

When her protests didn’t work against me, she finally relented.

“Fine. We can do some boring shopping.” Laska said in defeat.  “But can we at least get some ice cream first?”

I followed her gaze behind me to find the food court, but more specifically the ice cream restaurant. Seeing that it’d probably be best to cool each other down, I accepted her proposal.

By the time we found a table, my curiosity gotten the better of me.

“So…where did you learn to dance like that?”

She took a massive spoonful of thick vanilla milkshake from her cup and carefully transferred it to her mouth, swallowing quickly and shutting her eyes to prevent the ensuing brain freeze before answering.

“It just kind of happened. I’m alone a lot at home so I kind of dance a lot when no one is around. And then it turned out they had a video game for that.”

She looked up at me staring at her, balking at my surprised stare.

“What? It’s not weird is it?”

I laughed and said it probably wasn’t. Everyone was weird in their own way. Laska for the first time seemed embarrassed, and quickly averted her gaze as she continued to spoon thick milkshake into her mouth.  It was sort of nice to see her so flustered for the first time. But of course that only lasted for a moment. In a fraction of a second, that nefarious glint returned to her eyes.

“Sensei ~”

 She held her spoon out for me and I gingerly took it, confused as to what she was doing. Placing her hands behind her back, she leaned forward and opened her mouth.


Slowly realizing what she wanted me to do, I took a spoonful of the milkshake and carefully guided it towards her mouth. As she accepted it, she quickly wrapped her lips around it and wrestled with it before I could pull it out of her mouth.

It all would have felt childish if not for that mischievous glint in her eyes. And for the fact that I could see down her hoodie. We did this several times over, with Laska keeping her hands firmly clasped behind her back as I fed her. It was when she lolled out her tongue, letting the milkshake roll down before she eagerly lapped it up and wiped her lips clean that I finally called it quits and reminded her that we still had to get her some proper clothes.

She didn’t protest as she finally took a napkin and began wiping her mouth clean, giving me just enough time to make sure my erection went away.

Having finished with our snack, and intent on providing Laska with some proper attire other than just her hoodie and skirt, we visited some of the remaining clothing stores. Unfortunately for us, most of the stores seemed just a tad bit out of date for the tastes of today’s modern teenagers. Laska became dispirited until I suggested that perhaps she would be fine if she just bought some underwear. I could see the ears in her hoodie perk up as she turned back to me.

“If you buy me underwear, I’ll model for you.”

Needless to say, I passed on the offer.

Eventually we settled on getting just a shirt for her, and I soon found myself sitting outside a dressing room, once again playing on my phone as I patiently waited for her to finish trying on clothes. I know theres that joke somewhere about women taking forever shopping, but for me it was actually quite relaxing. It actually felt like we were on a normal date now, despite the fact that our entire relationship was illicit.

But now at least I wasn’t complaining about it much.

When the changing room door finally unlocked and Laska stepped out I nearly dropped my phone at the sight of her. She was still wearing her cat like hoodie, but it was unzipped, revealing a simple white frilled sundress that hung off her shoulders and ended just above her knees. I think she was stunned by my own reaction as we were left there speechless staring at each other.

“It looks good,” I finally mange to blurt out.

Laska smiled and scratched her head a bit.

“Thanks,” she replied, twirling around to let the dress cascade around her. “It’s not my usual thing but I like it.”

Combined with her cat hoodie, even I would admit she looked positively cute it in.

“You’re still paying for it right?” she said hopefully.

As if she even need to ask.

Paying for the dress was actually a bigger hassle. The cashier had made a quip how my ‘girlfriend’ looked adorable it in and that we made a perfect couple, and I was forced to go along with it while Laska simultaneously struggled to not jump for joy and laugh at the same time. As we left the store, carrying her skirt in a shopping bag, she once again latched herself to my arm.

“She called us a couple,” She snickered.

I smiled and sighed.

“Yes, she did.”

“That’s because were on a date.”

She hugged my arm even tighter, and through the sheer fabric of her new dress, the warmth and softness of her chest seemed to radiate from her.

“Yes, but only for a today,” I reminded her.

That’s right. This was only a date for today. After today, our relationship was over and we could go back to being student and teacher.

“Right…” Laska said, slightly subdued.

We walked on in silence before I felt her hand snake down to mine and intertwine her pawed digits with my fingers. I looked down at her and was met with a loving smile.

“We’re supposed to hold hands if were on a date.”

I could only agree with her as she squeezed my hand tighter.

The only thing left for us to do was see a movie; after that, our date was over. Laska had wanted to see some thriller movie that had released a few weeks ago, but we still had some time before the next showing. So we continued to wander about the mall, talking and window shopping together, all the while we still held hands. After we passed by one particular shop, I felt Laska tug me back.

“Wait! Let’s check out this place real quick!”

I looked up to see a graffiti marked sign that said “Spency’s”.

For those who aren’t familiar with what a Spency’s is, it’s pretty much a bad novelty store for adults. The moment we walked in, we were inundated with a variety of gag gifts, beer funnels, neon lights and lava lamps, and other in bad taste knick-knacks. Maybe it was the wall of beer game accessories or the myriad of different beer pong balls that you could buy, but after years of studying in college, this kind of place left a bad taste in my mouth.

But not for Laska.

She seemed oddly fascinated with everyting, as if she had walked into an interactive museum. The more newish pop culture things interested her, like the coffee mugs and wallets, but things like the octopus beer funnel left her asking me what they were, leaving me to feign ignorance.  

It was further in that we spotted something that made both us freeze.

An entire wall stocked with collars.

Leather collars, collars with studs, collars with chains attached to them, bright pink neon collars and collars that looked more like harnesses that actual collars. I gulped. Laska gulped. And before I could stop her, she reached out and picked one out. She held it her hands gingerly, feeling it longfully before turning back to me.

“What do you think?”

She sounded hopeful.

Perhaps she wanted me to say something.

However in my mind, a little voice was saying that this was all inappropriate and entirely not of our interests.

I chose to ignore that voice.

“Maybe…a different one?” I said breathlessly.

Laska’s hopeful grin instantly winded as she dove back into the rows upon rows of collar. We spent what felt like hours trying on collars. Laska was partial to a thick red leather collar with a bell, but in my opinion was too cliché, while I liked the more simple thin black banded ones without the studs. It felt silly to be arguing about which collars were best, but it was fun at the same time.

“Then how about this one?”

Laska held up a black buckled leather collar, supple to the touch but ridged enough to keep its shape, with a single metal ring to attach a leash or bell. By my reaction I think she knew my answer. She turned around and held out the collar.

“Put it on for me?”

Wordlessly, I stood behind her and began to unbuckle the collar as she held her head up for me. Carefully, I brought it down tightened the collar against her neck and securely fastened it, making sure it wasn’t too tight. Luckily, there was a thin mirror close by, and after peering into it and turning her head side to side to admire it, Laska’s smile softened.

“I love it,” she said gingerly caressing it.

I could only agree with. I ran my fingers over it, feeling the transition from the soft leather to her softer skin. I don’t know what dark inhibition inside of me broke through, but I wrapped my fingers underneath her collar, essentially grabbing it.

Instantly Laska’s eyes and ear’s fluttered.

“Harder…” she breathed.

I wrapped more fingers around the collar and gently pulled it towards me, throwing Laska’s body back to mine as she was forced to stand on her toes. Her body writhed against me as she struggled to breath, gasping fruitlessly at her collar before grabbing and wringing her dress, upwards. All the while she wore a euphoric smile as her butt rubbed against me. It was only when her dress and ridden up a bit too far and her cough brought me back to reality that I released her. She spun around and hugged me tightly, taking several deep breaths.

“Can we get it?” She practically demanded.

Having recovered from my senses, I realized how dangerous that was. I had almost fallen prey to my own urges. I couldn’t afford to fall to my perversions now.

I was starting to argue how it was a bad idea when she looked up at me with her cat like eyes.

“Please? Think of it like a parting gift? To remember you by?”

I sighed

. At least she remembered about our date. I agreed, on the condition that she never tell anyone where she got the collar from and that she definitely couldn’t wear it now. She was ready to protest but after reaffirming my resolve, we agreed and made our way to the cashier. But apparently, we took a wrong turn, and both of us were left red faced as we freely passed by the adult section, with the more scandalous accessories on display. I averted my eyes, but nearly ran into Laska as she suddenly stopped and looked up. Following her gaze, I found her staring at one of the new displays to what apparently was a flashing rainbow LED device, that based on its egg like shape, was a buttplug, complete with Bluetooth that, according to the advertisement, could sync up with music. The look on Laska’s face was one of pure and utter joy before I hastily shuffled her forward to the cash register.

Our little sidetrack and taken longer than we thought apparently because when we returned to the movie theater, the movie was already underway, but at least we’d skip the opening advertisements. Still full from our ice cream snake from earlier, I was happy to save a few extra dollars as I finally bought the tickets and made our way to the theater and to our seats.

But for whatever reason, Laska wanted to sit in the back.

I couldn’t understand her reasoning, seeing as the theater itself was near empty with only an old couple sitting at the very front row. We had our choice of the best seats. Instead, Laska took me by the hand and led the way to the farthest row in the back, right underneath the projector itself. I thought it was a little strange until we sat down and she proceeded to cuddle up to me as tightly as possible, practically wiggling her body against me to fill every nook and cranny. In such a dark and empty place, I didn’t mind in the least to return her embrace and hug her tightly. Finally comfortable, we settled in to watch the movie.

Now let me be honest. It’s not that I don’t like thriller movies, it’s just that I don’t understand them. I tried to understand this one. Really I did. But everything just seemed overly complicated and confusing. Like, why didn’t the kikimora maid go to the police when the little boy disappeared in the first place? Why was everyone so concerned about the kikimora maid when it was clear that the neighbor did it all along? I mean, there were hints dropped all over the place. And then it turns out the neighbor was actually one of the good guys?

I’ll never understand thriller movies.

But apparently my interest in the movie was entirely misplaced.

About half way into the movie, I felt something move onto my crotch. I didn’t even have to look down to know that Laska was ever so casually trying to find my zipper. I warped my arm around her, and pulled her closer, getting the hint that she wanted to do something lewd. I wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed, as I had taken so much care to try and hide any such obscene displays of affection.

That all changed when she leaned up to my ear and hotly whispered.

“I’m so fucking horny right now.”

Needless to say, that almost flipped my own switch.


We were almost to the end of our date.

I could still get out of this a clean man.

It was entirely possible.

I tried to resist, sincerely I did.

I tried to ignore her.

When she didn’t respond, she instead took my hand and dragged it over to her side, slowly running up her thigh and across her body. Even then I could feel how hard her nipples had already gotten. Once again, I made no move. I didn’t even squeeze her breasts. Dissatisfied with my lack of initiative, Laska took the lead. She swung around and straddled me, practically pining me beneath her. I was helpless to watch as she began pulling up her dress, revealing her nude, quivering body underneath. The occasional brightness of the movie screen illuminated behind her, and in the brief flashes I could see how flustered she had become as she began to grind herself against me.

“Please, Sensei . Please,” she begged. “Just one more time. Before our date ends…”

This was indeed dangerous. Most lesser men would have succumbed at this point. Myself included. And let’s be honest, I’m a man just like anyone else. But I came prepared for this very eventuality.

Not trusting even myself, I had forced myself to leave the very thing that had been the failsafe for the entirety of our relationship.

“Laska,” I breathed shallowly. “I didn’t bring a condom.”



I had successfully walked through the valley of lust and perversion.

Even she couldn’t take that risk.

I had won.



But even that didn’t deter her.

“Please Sensei ~” she begged, rubbing her chest against my face and running her body atop mine. “I need you…”

Almost desperately, she stole a kiss from me.

“Please don’t abandon me…”

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore that pleading tone. But it worked against me, and my mind began racing. By what right did I have to ignore the advances of a fertile, willing, cat girl that was practically throwing herself at me? How selfish could I be for ignoring her advances? Was it not my duty as a man to accommodate her? Slowly the walls of my self-restraint began to crumble.

How could I abandon her now?

I found myself returning her kiss, wrapping my arms around her, and pulling her towards me. I don’t even remember pulling my dick out. All I could focus on was how different it felt putting it in raw rather than using protection. I had to stifle a groan as Laska’s hip shook from the sheer sensation. We fucked each other in the back of that movie theater, the movie’s action scenes drowning out our carnal loving making. With each thrust, my resolve slowly ebbed away further, and I wanted more and more of this cat girl. And yet all the while I had to remind myself to pull out, lest I invite venture into the point of no return.

Like a mantra I repeated it over and over.

‘Make sure to pull out. Don’t forget to pull out. You have to pull out.’

Laska leaned forward, and bit my ear, gently tugging on it before gasping for breath. In that breath, she whispered something I wasn’t prepared for.


Now, it’s important to note that two things happened here.

The first, was that I felt incredibly bad, as I once again remembered that I was supposed to be this poor girl’s teacher, and shining example of how to be productive member of society and general role model.

The second, was that I had never come any harder in my entire life. You know how in porno movies the guy or girl always screams some weird over-exaggerated guttural battle cry as they climax to really sell it? I fully understood it now. I had to bite down on Laska’s hoody as I roared my own battle cry as I grabbed her hips and ass cheeks and slammed her back down back on my dick, painting her walls white and unloading the contents of my balls inside of her. Several spurts ensured that I wouldn’t miss a spot. She crumpled atop me, her body shaking ever so slightly from her post-coitus state. All the while the movie played on and the old couple in the front row never knew what was transpiring behind them.

I knew then and there, that this cat girl, this broken Cheshire, was mine.

“We would like to remind our patrons to be mindful and courteous of other patrons during movie showings. Thank you, and have a nice day.”

I winced at the intercom announcement as we made our way out of the lobby of the theater, still holding hands.

“You don’t think they mean us, do you?” Laska asked snidely.

“I’d rather not think about it,” I replied back.

We continued walking on down the mall, sharing in the mutual silence before I spoke again.

“We’re going to have to stop by a pharmacy.”

“Oh, no we don’t. It’s actually a safe day for me,” Laska said as a matter of factly.

I rolled my eyes.

“It’s almost as if you planned all of this out.”

Laska only laughed and squeezed my hand.

“But this does mean,” I continued. “That if were doing this….this couple thing…we have to set rules.”

I explained to her that by setting strict rules and boundaries, we could ensure that we don’t cross over any lines at school that might arouse suspicion. No more flirty eyes in the middle of class, no more lewd pictures over the phone, and she obviously couldn’t hang out in my office all the time during lunch anymore. Conversely, she would at least make an effort into making new friends

Laska frowned at my demands, but eventually agreed.

“Now that you mention it, I was considering about joining the school pole dancing team…”

I stopped in my tracks and turned to Laska, and plainly staring her down.

“Laska…you do know I’m the assistant coach for the pole dancing team, right?”

“True,” she replied. “But you do know that I’m a pretty good dancer now, right?”

I let out a heavy sigh and tried to ignore the cat like grin she beamed at me.

“True…” I said defeatedly.


“Hey! How did it go? Did you have fun?”

Laska buckeled her seatbelt in first before answering.

“Yeah dad, it was fun.”

“Well that’s good. And I like the dress! Did you get it with your friends?”

“Yep,” Laska lied, as her father began to drive away from the mall. “Everyone said I looked good in it so they said I should get it.”

“Well that’s nice,” Laska’s father said.

He was cute happy that she finally found something that was much more girly than the usual t-shirts and shorts she wore at home.

“You know, if you want, we can get you more clothes like that. It’s a bit of a hassle to drive to this part of town, but I’m sure theres stores near us if you want to go shopping sometime. I was also thinking that we could…”

Laska smiled and agreed.

But at this point, she wasn’t really listening.

Everything had gone according to plan. She may have underestimated Sensei ’s moral compass, and was forced to enact the ‘Emergency Date’ plan early, but it all worked out in the end. The final assault in the movie theater was especially dangerous, as she had used the last of her strategies. But in the end, it was worth it. She had managed to keep Sensei on a leash and even better, now she had her own collar. She held onto it like a precious stone in the shopping bag. Now it was only a matter of time of keeping him wound around her finger until she could finally graduate and marry him the second she received her diploma. 

Laska smiled as she looked out the car window.


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7 thoughts on “Sensei and Laska

  1. Oh dear, this is a rather dirty and devious version of Laska, not quite sure if I’m a fan of it… but a good story nonetheless. Can’t really say it’s cute or heartwarming though because the teacher’s feeling guilty the whole time and Laska’s being a manipulative little… yeah.

    Also several times you used “were” instead of “we’re”, just a heads up. I don’t like pointing out typos but that mistake’s a little glaring.

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