Sensei and Laska 2

Art by: eltonel

I honestly don’t know which felt worse.

The entire bottle of tea I had just chugged in a vain attempt to calm myself, swirling around inside me; or the sheer amount of dread that kept me rooted next to the hallway vending machine.

Keep in mind I’ve given speeches in front of the worst judgmental, high school brats, whose merciless and cunning knew no bounds. I’ve talked down bellowing parents who threatened my job and, on occasion, my life. And I’ve even survived the yearly budget cuts which claimed so many other departments.

Such was my life as a high school teacher.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I was perfect.

In an effort to save money, most teachers were required to either assist or teach extra-curricular activities. Ms. Stevens worked in the library, Miss Daly led the debate team, and Mr. Hawks elected to drive the after-school activities bus.

I had few options to choose from and in the end I went with something that I thought would give me the most free time to grade papers without investing too much effort on my part.

Assistant coach to the gymnastics team.

Easy enough, I thought.

All I had to do was sit on a bench, make sure the kids didn’t break their necks, and I could finish whatever work I had while Mrs. Muller, the head coach, actually coached the team.

But apparently the “Gymnastics Team” here was a little different from other schools.

I should have expected nothing less from a Monster Girl high school.

I tossed the now empty bottle into a nearby recycle bin and proceeded to towards the heavy steel gym doors. They gave way to reveal the massive gymnasium, typical of any other high school, complete with basketball court and bleachers that folded along the wall.

The only thing that was probably different from most schools was the auxiliary gym, located on the second floor on the balcony. It was smaller, and at one point in time, might have been where the weight room was located. Now it looked more akin to a dance studio, equipped with illuminating bright lights, an entire wall of mirrors that doubled the room in size, and an impressive speaker system that pumped out an upbeat tempo.

It was actually quite nice.

But there was one additional piece of equipment that was perhaps just a bit out of the ordinary.

A series of silver poles, running from the ceiling to the floor were spaced out evenly.

The gymnastics team was perhaps known by its more informal name.

The Pole Dancing Team.

And hanging by their legs or twirling around them, were my students.

“Max, get off the pole.”

Max, a hellhound in her senior year, was hanging upside on the pole. Her thighs squeezed tightly around the chrome metal, preventing her from falling flat on her face. She was well developed for her age. The loose fitting sports bra she wore did nothing to hide her ample cleavage.

And she knew it too.

“What?! I’m practicing aren’t I?” She shot back annoyed.

I ignored her snarky attitude.

“What did I say before? If you practice without a mat, you’re practicing to break you neck. In fact…”

I turned my attention towards the rest of the team.

“Mats out everybody. And also do your stretches.”

The team itself was small, consisting of about a dozen members, and it looked like only half showed up today.

Max and been with the team for four years now and was considered one of the best with multiple offers from universities once she graduated. It was a shame she was one of the worst bullies in the school. She’d been caught numerous times harassing the younger freshman, and the only reason no action had been taken against her was the fact that she was the star of the team and the concept of “monster girls will be monster girls.” I counted myself lucky that she at least took her sports seriously.

Haohi was the team captain and her form and moves was nothing less than perfect. Which should be expected as she was an angel. Literally. It was easy to forget sometimes, as she normally willed her wings away during school hours, leaving her looking almost elf-like with her pointed ears and perfectly proportioned body; a valuable trait on the pole. Her performance was even more spectacular with her wings unfurled, as if light itself had turned into liquid that swirled itself around the pole along with her. 

But being perfect wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Half the scoring process for pole dancing competitions was based on originality, such as recovering from mistakes or being creative; a natural weakness for angels.

Not to mention the fact that she had a tendency to get herself disqualified, as any exposed genitalia during a routine was grounds for immediate disqualification.

Kloe was an interesting one. She was a freshman, a raiju, or an electric ferret? An Electric weasel with even shorter electric blue hair. I wasn’t too familiar with foreign monster girls, but I quickly got used to the static discharge she built up whenever she was on the pole.

I learned the hard way to keep my distance.

Ashely was the only human girl on the team. I wish I could say more, but I barely knew anything about her personally. She was a backup and only occasionally showed up to practice once in a blue moon, not that I could blame her. Competing with a bunch of monster girls would be pretty intimidating.

It was the last student that was really troublesome.

She was a newcomer and only joined the team just a few weeks ago as a backup. She along with Kloe wore the pole dancing gymnastics uniforms; a skintight backless high legged leotard with extra cut-aways along the sides, allowing the maximum amount of grip for the pole while still affording some sense of modesty.

Even if it did ride up the butt.


This particular student I knew far too well.

Her lithe cat like figure almost certainly fit her nature. Skittish, timid, and wary around those she didn’t know well. Most would agree that it was her unfortunate past trauma that was the cause for her behavior. I knew of a few students and even faculty that purposefully tended to avoid her because of the scars.

So when she had first transferred to the school, I did the one thing no one wanted to do.

I became her friend.

And somehow along the way, we became more than friends.

And now I was fucking her.

I could practically see the bouncing in her steps as she tried to innocently walked up to me.

“Hey Sensei? Do you think you can you help me with my stretches?”

I could easily tell the hidden meaning behind those bright, scheming eyes.

Hey sensei? Do you want to feel me up in front of everyone right now?

I stared at her.

The one problem with dating a monster girl was that you’d have to learn and adapt to their increased sexual desire. It was worse with teenagers, especially with their hormones raging and their curiosity at its peak.

It was even worse with her.

I had forgotten that behind the timid, shy cat girl that had first walked into my classroom, was a devious, cunning, lewd, lustful Cheshire.


I gave Laska one of my usual stern teacherly expressions.

“Have you tried partnering up with one of your teammates?”

Or in other words.

No, I don’t. And do you really want to do this now?

She seemed undeterred.

“But everyone else is already doing something…”

I glanced around the room.

Max and Haohi had taken off jogging around the gym, while Kloe and Ashely finished setting up the fall mats around the poles.

The swish and flick of the cat girl’s tail and ears only confirmed the translation.

You don’t have a choice.

I let out long defeated sigh and chewed my bottom lip in thought.

“Alright, get on a mat.”

The stretches were simple enough. Mrs. Muller was kind enough to teach me the basics of it on my first day. But with Laska, nothing was easy. She lay on her back, remaining motionless as I gently began to ply and pull on her legs, making sure that every muscle was properly stretched and loosened. I tried to imagine myself as a doctor, being impartial and meticulous as possible.

Pulling one leg over her body, I and gently cupped her hip, pushing it over. Several popping sounds emanated from beneath me, along with a soft moan.

I shot Laska a look as her eyes flicked towards me.

Oops, she seemed to say.

I did the same with her other leg, making sure to take the weight in my hands and push it across her body to the point she was nearly twisting herself beneath me.

Damn it.

Why did her ass have to feel so smooth?

I pushed the thought away and focused back on the stretching. This wasn’t the time for that. I gently grabbed one of her legs, taking the full length of her right leg and pushed it as far back as it could go.

“More,” Laska said.

With little effort, I was able to push her ankle past her ears, bringing our faces uncomfortably close. I could feel the heat from her body beneath me.

“You okay?” I asked in a hushed whisper, concerned that I might break her.

“I’m…good,” she breathed.

I had forgotten how flexible cats were but then again, it wasn’t that long ago I was bending her over my desk just like this. I finished stretching her legs and then her arms, after which, I quickly retreated away.

I could feel her eyes staring into me as I proceeded to take my seat upon the bleachers, placing the clipboard I had brought with me squarely upon my lap. Laska said nothing but seemed pleased with herself as she rose and took her position next to the pole. She didn’t even bother to fix her leotard, as it somehow wedged further up her during the stretching, leaving nothing to the imagination.

I don’t know whose bright idea it was to have a male teacher assist with a pole dancing team but it was one hell of a sick joke.

But at the same time, the more I watched the more I was impressed. It truly was a feat of skill and acrobatics to do the things that they could do. And it was easy to forget that this was an art usually regulated to the nightlife. Yet they somehow they could make it look majestic. They effortlessly twirled and pirouetted around the pole, dancing as if they were ballerinas. They performed with a flowing elegance, their movements seamless as they transitioned from mounting to dismounting the pole, dancing around it with backs arched and legs straight as the swung around and around, before once again launching themselves back up.  

Even from an amateur’s perspective they were good.

And they had to be good.

Competition was fierce between the schools and the tournaments were not something to be taken lightly.  

I tried my best to focus on grading the stack of homework I had brought with me and pretended I at least was being a teacher instead of a voyeur. Occasionally I’d have to tell one of the girls to stay off the ceiling or to slow down but for the most part, the practice went smoothly.

If only for a little while.

Let’s do some science real quick.

You see, if you take away anything from thermodynamics, it is that heat rises. Like how a hot air balloon achieves lift or a mirror tends to fog up from the top down when you’re taking a shower. And since it was pretty difficult to keep the entirety of the gym cool, and thus heat tends to rise, and we were located on the second floor…it always got quite warm in the auxiliary gym.

“Ahh its hot!” Max exclaimed loudly as she descended down the pole, her forehead coated in sweat.

Frustrated, she pulled the straps of her sports bra off her shoulders and in one swift motion pulled the entire piece away, leaving her completely topless. She tossed the garment flippantly at her gym bag, leaving the hellhound only wearing her gray cotton short shorts. Ashen mammaries swayed freely as she proceeded to tie her mane of hair in a ponytail not caring for an instant that I was still sitting in front of her on the bleachers.

I could only sigh and reshift the clipboard in my lap.

I could do nothing.

Apparently, according to Mrs. Muller, this was perfectly acceptable; so long as they didn’t get fully naked.

“Ha!” Haohi said, hanging upside down with her legs locked around her pole. “I was wondering who was going to break first.”

The strawberry haired angel followed suit, slipping off the loose fitting tank top and sports bra she wore, performing a flawless curl up as she too tossed her clothes aside, leaving pink nipples and the topless angel bare for everyone to see.

“I can’t help it! You guys don’t have fur!” Max shot back as Haohi, who performed a flawless flying leg roll, spread her legs in a wide V shape as she continued her routine.

I forced myself to look away as her loose fitting shorts failed to hide what dignity it meant to protect. At least the others had more modesty, even if Kloe’s leotard struggled to contain the raiju’s own impressive assests. Ashley, with headphones tucked securely in her ears , even wore a hoodie tied around her waist.

But for some reason Laska stood still beside her pole.

I could tell she was watching the hellhound and angel, her hand gripping tightly around the chrome poll. Her cat like eyes suddenly flicked towards me and I knew instantly what she was thinking.

One at a time, she reached up and slipped off the shoulders for her leotard, pulling her arms out. Even from this distance I could tell her face was flushed red. Wordlessly, she peeled the piece down her body, leaving it crumpled around her waist and revealing her perky breasts that I was already so familiar with. She brushed her hair back and snuck a look at me, seeking my approval.

I could easily read what her eyes were saying.

Watch only me.

She strutted once around the pole before coiling herself around it, her black and purple tail lazily following behind her, snaking up the pole along with her. Each subtle shift in movement she made caused her breasts to bounce and jiggle hypnotically as she climbed higher and higher before winding back down again.

I crossed my legs at the scene.   

The mood in the room dramatically became more energetic. Whether it was because the music had shifted to a more electric tempo orwhether it was because half the class was now naked in some form or fashion was impossible to tell. Even Kloe and Ashely movements became more and daring.

But once again then again my attention was once again diverted to the troublesome students.

“Max, don’t do that.”

“What? It’s part of my performance,” Max shot back, her arms outstretched as she mimed humping the ground, thrusting her hips into the air before slamming them back down with a hard slap.

“No it’s not, and you know it. Stick to your routines.” 

“Fine then,” Max replied haughtily, rolling seductively on the ground and arching her back to get up. She proceeded to wrap her sizable tits around the pole and moved up and down in an obvious lewd gesture.

“How’s this then?”

I bit the inside of my cheek and held the clipboard down.

“Also not part of your routine.”

“Oh really?” She replied almost innocently. “I was actually thinking of changing up my routine. Do you think the judges award extra points for…”

Max swirled around the pole, sticking her butt out towards me before hooking her short shorts with her thumb and threatened pull them down.


I was about to say something. I should have said something. But I noticed the longer I said nothing, the more the shorts came down. I wanted to say something. But at the same time, the primal inner me wanted to see more, to see how far she was willing to go.

I wanted call her bluff.

 “You…you shouldn’t tease sensei like that,” Laska interrupted, stopping Max in her tracks.

“What? Look at him! He’s definitely got a boner!” Max said incredulously.

I forced a laugh and fell back on my practiced teacherly personae, dismissing her remark entirely.

“Max, get back to your routine or Mrs. Mueller is going to have to talk to you gain. And watch your language.”

There was a glint in Max’s eye.

 “Oh yeah? Then come over here and stop me.”

“It’s only natural,” Haohi said trying to help, though I wish she wouldn’t. “I’d be insulted if he didn’t get a hard on from my performance.”

“Oh please, he’s been ogling us the entire time! Look at him! He can’t take his eyes off my tits!”

 “Uhm, actually, he was staring at me tits.”

“Huh!? You want to go?”

“It wouldn’t be much of a challenge…”

“Girls, enough,” I said, trying to stop them, but in my current state, I couldn’t risk getting up.

“Leave sensei alone…” Laska tried to interject.

“If he does have a boner, then maybe one of you should take responsibility and at least take care of it for him.”

The voice, much to everyone’s surprise came from Ashley.

The sound of Kloe and Laska falling flat onto the mats was like a shock of cold water for everyone. Even Max froze and seemed to shrink in size as the room suddenly became deadly silent. Only Haohi and Ashley continued their routines without a care in the world.

“You know what? Let’s end early for today,” I offered. “I think we’ve all had enough practice for now.”


With the girls properly dressed and headed home, the only thing left to do was to clean the room for the next group to use it. Generally this meant putting away the mats, disinfecting the poles, and cleaning up any messes the girls left behind.

And normally I viewed myself a very diligent, capable teacher.

I would have liked to say that I managed to resist the temptation. But Monster Girl Schools tend to do things to you. They erode your senses and values and more often than not you’d find yourself doing things you never thought capable of doing.

I never imagined I’d fall into a relationship with one of my own students. I never imagined that I would have gone out in public with her on a date.

Even now, I never thought I’d be fucking her senseless in this now empty gym as she clung onto the pole she was dancing on just movements ago, feet dangling, her leotard still hanging around her waist.

“It’s all your fault you know,” I growled into her ear as I supported her waist, fucking her from behind like an animal. “You did…this to me.”

Whatever attempt of speech she made only came out as a garbled moan as she hung on to the pole for dear life, her back arched and her ass pressed against me as she contracted and tightened around me with every thrust. 

“You think…I didn’t notice…what you were doing?”

I slammed into her with every thrust, offering no mercy.

She only offered stymied cries of pleasure.

I was smart enough to ensure the gym was locked and to turn up the music to cover ourselves.

“You…were…looking…at…other girls!” She managed to yelp with each of my thrusts.

I laughed and nibbled on her ear, causing her to shiver as I offered her a moment of brief respite.

“Of course. I had a whole class of lewd girls dancing and stripping for me. You can tell what that did to me…”

Laska only mewled in response before I once again had my way with her, wrapping my fingers around her hair and pulling her head back tight, revealing a shameful lewd look as her mouth hung open like a cat in heat.

I spied the mirror in front of us, and with a depraved idea in mind, I leaned into her.

“Look at yourself,” I grunted, forcing Laska to look in the mirror. “Getting fucked by your own teacher.”

Laska, lost in her own pleasurable whiles, gulped.

“Do you like it?”

“Ye…yes daddy.”

Instantly my dick turned to diamonds inside of her.

“You want more?”

“Yes daddy!”

“Alright…I’m going to cum inside you. And you’re going to take it all. And you’re going to be a good girl and watch. Alright?”

“Ye-Yes! Yes Daddy!”

Pleased with her reaction, I wrapped my arm around her waist and reached around to hold her chin straight, forcing her to look at herself as I pounded away, finally reaching a euphoric release and blasting my seed inside of her. Laska for her part was indeed a good girl and looked on. I was fascinated with the range of emotions that flashed across her face, going from a frenzied state to a climatic bliss before falling into a state of surprised joy at the sensation of being filled by my seed, before finally collapsing in my arms, purring like an engine.

I made a mental note to stop by my office to pick up some medication for her just in case.

“You alright Laska?”

She weakly nodded and proceeded to nuzzle her head into the crook of my neck, her furry ears tickling my chin.

“Good girl,” I sighed, petting her like I would a cat. “You going to take a shower now?”

Once more she looked back up at me with those scheming eyes.

I already knew what they said.

Only if you join me.

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