Second Chances

Another day, another dollar.

Surrounded by four walls. (Now at half-height! Supposedly to make things feel more open and friendly, but really, I think it’s so it’s easier for the bosses to make sure we’re not fucking around.) My own little piece of hell.

“Yes, ma’am, I understand your frustration, but—“

“But nothing! You overcharged me by four dollars and seventy-three cents again this month!”

Two minutes to four. Soon as this call was over I’d be free for the day and the rest of the week. Two days of bliss, then it’d all start over again.

“Ma’am, I can see on your account it was noted we explained to you when you called in the previous three months that the charge is incurred by the state for licensing fees. We can’t—“

“How can you say your cable TV is $29.99 a month! With all these taxes and fees it’s nearly forty!”

“Because we—“

“I want to speak to your supervisor!”

I was trapped in some kind of fucking time loop where every week was the same. Same assholes, same complaints, same fucking bullshit. Except, somehow, I was always a little bit older. The prison became a little bit smaller with the passing of every week.

“I can see you spoke to level 2 on each of your previous calls, and they—“

“You put him on now! I’ll make sure to mention your attitude towards me, how unhelpful you’ve been, young man! Maybe that’ll teach you how to treat your customers.”

What a gods damn cunt. Fuck middle-aged women, fuck them all. I muted her line and messaged our call lead via the company instant messenger program. I could hear her groan from four cubes down when I told her the name. Nice to know the old battleaxe was remembered by all.

Unmuting the line, I took a deep breath. “Certainly ma’am, I’ll put you on with Jennifer.”

“Now maybe we’ll get this straightened out,” she said, adding a snort to the end that made me think of her as some kind of pig. Really wouldn’t surprise me if the bitch’s weight started with a 2, maybe even a 3. Bet she even wore capris and had short hair with a big-ass part covering one side of her forehead.

All too happily I transferred her over, just in time for 4pm to hit. Before 4:01 struck I was signed out of the call system and my PC, and bounded towards the exit.

To celebrate my temporary freedom, I decided I’d stop at my favorite pizza place. Fortunately, since my shift ended earlier than most, I could get there before it got really mobbed. Once I worked the later shift and couldn’t get there until six; wait just to order for carryout was nearly half an hour.

I strolled in, greeted the woman at the counter and placed my order for a large, extra meat. Twenty minutes or so. Plopped down on one of the chairs in the waiting area and took out my phone to pass the time.

The door opened, another customer no doubt. I glanced up.

A dragon, those were rare— Wait. Those horns, those green scales, her long, brown hair. That smug fucking face! If some women had resting-bitch-face, she had resting-smug-face.

My mouth went dry. She even still had those stupid ass highlights in her hair.

She stepped in and jangled. Never had those fancy earrings or bangles back then, and her dress was one of those things you’d see on some movie star attending an award ceremony: A tight black number that hugged her figure in the way only tailored clothing could manage, with a wide V cut out in the back for her tail. Far cry from the prissy shit she used to wear.

I did my best to hide behind my phone. Fuck, it was stupid, but she was not someone I ever expected to see again. The deep primal parts of my brain were on autopilot, if I hadn’t been waiting for my pizza (after I paid, no less) I probably would’ve bolted out the door around her. Felt fucking dumb considering I was a grown-ass man, but some things you just can’t shake. Things you forgot about until you remembered them.

She walked — rather, marched — to the counter. So far so good.

But then.

Fuck. I could see her golden eyes peering at me over the top of my phone. Soon as I made eye contact, her eyebrows shot up.

“John, is that you?”

Her clawed feet clattered on the tile floor as she scampered up to me.

Why me, why now?!

“H-hey, Schoa, been a while,” I said, laughing nervously. Wait. Shit, there went any hope of playing dumb.  

“It is!” She yipped, clasping her clawed hands together in front of her chest. “How have you been? It’s been what, six years? Seven?”

“Ha ha, yeah. It’s been a while, boy hasn’t it? I’ve been… okay, how about you?”

Agh, why was I doing this? Why was she even here? I may have been sitting, but even if I was standing she still would’ve loomed. Compared to the other guys in high school I was short, and even by the standards of the tall dudes, she was taller still. Lucky dragon genetics. At least from my angle I got a nice look at her tits. She’d filled out since then, especially around her hips. That was the only thing she was good for — the eye candy.

“Good! I’ve been good. Maybe even great?” She smiled. The jewelry on her horns and ears glinted under the bright overhead lights. Smug bitch. Look at her, covered in money.

 “Do you come here often?” She said, the end of her tail swishing back and forth, “Ah, that’s right!” She said, popping one balled up claw into the palm of the other. “One second!”

She scampered up the window and placed her order — A large, with extra meats.

“Sorry, but it’ll be busy soon, didn’t want to have to wait in a line, you know? Anyways, what was I asking?”

“If I’d come here often. So, yeah,” I grumbled, “for a while now.”

I had no real idea why I wasn’t just ignoring her. Even now, I suppose I was scared.

She stood even closer than before, a claw placed on her hip. “Huh, so have I, though I guess you come here about this time? I’m usually a lot later. But today I took off early from work.”

“Must be nice.”

She tilted her head. Also just occurred to me she’d used a word I’d never heard from her lips before: Sorry.

“It is,” she said, taking a seat on one of the chairs next to me, or rather it’d be more accurate to call it a stool since it had no back. Of course it had to be the one next to me, rather than the other five. “Though I’m thinking I ought to start taking half-days more often. Have you been waiting long?”

I did my best to lean away from her without making it obvious. Whether or not it worked, I have no idea, considering she leaned with me. “No.”

Fuck, what’d she want with me?

“Good! That means we have some time to chat.”

“Fantastic,” I muttered under my breath.

“Oh? Is something wrong?”

Wasn’t muttered enough, apparently. My annoyance boiled over.

“Yeah, you,” I snapped, “After all that happened, you talk to me years later like we’re friends or some shit?”

Schoa’s smile faded.

The woman working the front counter grimaced. She drummed her fingers across the counter top several times before departing to the kitchen like a breath of wind.

“Don’t tell me you’re still mad after all this time?”

“Seriously? You treated me like garbage and then just threw me aside.”

I eyed the door. I may have already paid, but that was mattering less and less the more this agony dragged on.

“It was high school,” she said, scratching at her arm and adjusting the sleeve of her dress, pinching the fabric between claw-tips, “I think I treated everyone like shit.”

“Yeah, like that makes it any better,” I scoffed, arms crossed in front of my chest.

“I suppose it doesn’t,” she shrugged, “If it makes any difference, I’m sorry for the way I acted back then.”

“Sorry?! Like—” I half-shouted, whirling towards her, finger thrust at her like a dagger poised to strike her down, but my words halted. She was looking me right in the eye, neither smiling nor frowning. It had been six years. If only everyone back then could’ve heard her now. The arrogant dragoness apologizing.

My hand withered away. “Whatever.”

Her lips curled up in a little cat-like smirk. “I know it wasn’t all bad times,” she said, running one of her clawed digits down my leg. I jerked my leg away from her touch, she didn’t seem to mind. If anything, she enjoyed my reaction.

“Bad enough,” I said, glaring at her. I rubbed where she’d touched me. She’d always been like that, just took whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. Some things never changed.

A group of three came in, prompting the return of the counter woman. She flashed a nervous smile as she looked our way.

Schoa leaned back, resting her wings against the wall. “Hey, is your phone number still the same?”

“Like I’d tell you.”

She hummed and opened her purse, scooping out her dragon-sized phone. Her claws tacked at the screen a few times.

My pocket vibrated, and without thinking my hand moved to see what the message was.

Wait. I looked over at her, she was, of course, all smiles.


“Seems so! You should add me now that you have mine,” she said, thumbing away at her phone’s screen, “I’d like to catch up somewhere a little less public.” She winked and my phone buzzed again.

I didn’t bother looking at whatever she sent, just stuffed my phone back into my pocket without looking at it. Another group of people came in. Schoa didn’t say anything further, but she just sat there. Being smug. Soon it was standing room only, but even with the noisy crowd it did nothing to lessen the effect of her being right there.

“Order for John!”

I stood, and so did she.

“Here, let me,” she said, placing money on the counter before I could get my wallet out.

“I’m fine,” I snorted.

The counter woman again looked like she wanted to flee. Fortunately, the din of the waiting room meant the other patrons lingering about didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.  

“Consider it a bit of repayment. And do check your messages when you get home,” she said, giving me a side-long smirk. Without waiting for my response she went back to sit down, leaving the money on the counter. I glanced at all the people waiting.

“Guess she’s paying,” I said, sliding up the money towards the counter woman, who may as well have been wearing a mask.

As I left, Schoa waved at me. I didn’t wave back.

My phone vibrated several times after I got home, and I continued to ignore them all. Why the fuck was she spamming me with messages when I wasn’t responding? At least the pizza was good and I was able to relax and kick back with some WebFlix, knowing I didn’t have shit to do tomorrow.

When I was getting ready for bed, I decided I may as well look at what she wrote, if only to clear them and forget all about her.

The first message was a simple “Hi John.” The second was “Seeing as how I know you won’t be reading these right now…”

There was a gap between that message and her next few: “I know I was a real cunt back in high school, and I still was through college. You know when I tried to get a job out of college, I got shut down hard in every interview. Of course, my parents told me it was because I was too good for them, but after the sixth time, one of the interviewers told me after it was over that he’d never met such a bitch before and no matter my qualifications, he’d make damn sure I wasn’t going to work there, ever. Quite the eye opener!” She included an emoji of a surprised dragon face.

“So I did some self-help stuff and finally got a pretty good job. Neat, huh?”

Explains all the fancy shit she was wearing. I glanced around my shitty studio apartment and sighed. If I’d been able to go to college maybe I’d be as well off, but no, dad had to go and get cancer and someone had to take care of him for a year while he underwent all that shit and mom had to work. Wonder if I’d ever hear from my brother again?

I flopped down in bed, face first into my pillow and nuzzled it. I just had to go and get an apartment soon as I could because I was going crazy being pent up with them, and of course that meant having to get a job to support myself. And who had time for school while working a shitty full-time job? If only I could turn back the clock.

Fucking lucky bitch, her parents were already pretty rich.

There were still a few unread messages from her. Whatever, probably more gloating.

“Message me back sometime. I’d love to catch up some more,” she wrote, ending it with a winking dragon emoji.

There was a long gap from that message to the next one, which was sent only an hour ago or so. The contents caught me completely off-guard.

No text, just an image of her in the nude, bare midriff centered and the rest cropped off just enough to show off her underbust and top of her mons. Gleaming emerald scales hugged her sides and wide hips, fading to milky-white skin as they moved inward. Her stomach was muscular, but had enough fat to pad it out, just enough where you could barely make out her abs.

I swallowed and looked at the next messages.

The next was her bare chest with her shapely, perky breasts and the lower half of her smiling face, her long tongue hanging out, hanging a good inch or two below her chin. Third in the series was a shot of her from behind, bent over to really show off her thick ass, thighs, and tail – the tip of which was positioned just so to obscure her snatch.

Didn’t realize I’d gotten hard until I rolled over onto my back. Memories of her touch and heat bubbled up. She was a massive bitch and hurt me like nothing else in our last year, but fuck.

And yeah, she had changed, I guess. She was nice… enough. Or maybe it was just the fact I’d been on a dry spell for years that made her seem nice.

It seemed like a bad idea, no, it was a bad idea. But a good idea at the same time. My fingers danced across the phone screen’s keypad.

“Sorry for being an asshole. Want to meet up tomorrow? Nice pics, BTW.”

To my surprise, she replied within a minute. Guess she was the sort to stay up late as well. A quick few back and forth messages and it was settled. I’d go to her place around noon and we’d go from there. After that was settled, she messaged:

Hey, send me a pic of your cock.”

Well, that was forward, but she did show me hers… So it only made sense to show mine. I glanced over her photos again to get me suitable for photography and snapped the picture. My cheeks began to burn; my thumb hovered over the send button for a few agonizing seconds. There. Sent. I could go to sleep.

But, she responded.

“Niiiice. Just like I remembered. Take one of your cute butt.”

My heart was thumping. I guess if she wanted. I did what I could to get a decent shot of my backside, and again, took some nerve to send her the photo.

“I could take a bite out of that! Hey, your phone can do video, right? Send me a video of you jerking off to this.”

Attached was a video of herself spread eagle, one dildo buried in her ass and another in her grasp, pumping in and out of her pussy. She was gasping and moaning, her wide hips writhing side to side, her other claw pinching and twisting her nipples. Faster and faster she went until her legs lurched up and she came, spraying an arc of her lust so far it splattered on the camera lens.

Fuck, she’d gotten even kinkier since then. I wondered if she posted videos like these online, considering it didn’t show her face at all, just her body. What the five hells was wrong with her, sending me this shit so early?

My cock ached. What the five hells was wrong with me?

I watched the video several more times, memorized how the fat rubber cock in her grasp practically turned her inside out, the way her stretched asshole clamped and shuddered when she came. The red hue of flushed skin.

Fumbling with my phone, I turned the camera on and angled it down. I imagined her hot cunt, remembered how she felt — and jerked off with the recording on. What would we do tomorrow? It was obvious… All the things, all the sensations I’d missed. In a shamefully short amount of time I covered my chest and stomach with a prodigious amount of seed. 

I sent the video and hit the shower to get myself cleaned off.

When I came back, there was a single message: “Good boy.”

The following morning left me with lingering guilt. I had a friend years ago who’d tried getting back together with his ex and everyone told him what a bad idea it was, but he wasn’t having any of it. We all thought he was an idiot. Now it was my turn to be the fucking moron.

At least Schoa seemed to have made a complete change, unlike his ex. Then again, I recalled him saying his ex was different, too.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I readied up for the day, which included tidying up all the bits that hadn’t been tidied in an eternity. Schoa preferred it when I kept things trimmed and tidy. To be honest, I liked myself more this way, too.

Entered her address into my phone, hopped in my beater of a car, with its off-color door and missing hubcap, and set about on my way. She lived in the heart of the city, pretty close to the waterfront. Was kind of a shitty drive, almost half an hour due to the traffic.

Finally, I reached my destination – a high-rise apartment/condo complex, the kind where I could tell from a glance at the gleaming, pristine exterior the cheapest unit in there would cost more per month than I made in the entire month. Of course, parking was a bitch, too. Couldn’t get into the building’s lot because I didn’t have the code and all the nearby garages wanted $30 to park. Wound up having to park a fucking mile away and walk. Messaged her I’d be a bit late.

The interior of the building was just as nice, though the doorman gave me a look like I didn’t belong. Good eye. Took the elevator to the 18th floor and searched out her apartment. Once I’d found it, I took a deep breath and pressed the buzzer.

Moments later, the door opened to reveal a smiling Schoa. “Hey, come on in!”

“Sorry about that, wound up having to park crazy far away,” I said as I stepped inside.

Compared to every apartment I’d seen before, this was… something else entirely. It wasn’t a mansion, but it was nice. So much space with the vaulted ceilings, a loft, and even a fireplace – and that was just what I could make out from the entryway. Not only the apartment, but Schoa was looking great, even though she was just wearing a blouse and lo-rise jeans hugging her hips. Couldn’t help but feel self-conscious about my ratty jeans and my beat-up sneakers as I placed them on a shoe-rack next to all her expensive-looking footwear.

“Oh, that was why? You should’ve said so, I would’ve given you the code to the parking garage here. I have two spaces, but only use one.”

Two spaces? Hell, in the city I knew a reserved spot cost half as much as the rent for my entire apartment!

“It’s all right,” I said with a resigned sigh, “I could use the exercise anyways.”

Schoa laughed, “You look fine to me. Come on, take a seat,” she said, guiding me towards the living room with its fireplace. A massive L-shape couch dominated two walls, and though it wasn’t leather. Looked like it was made from that new synth material that was supposed to resist wear and tear caused by scales and the like. So, even more expensive.

And comfy as fuck.

“Want something to drink?”

“Sure. What do you have?”

“Just about everything. I’m going to make myself a gin and tonic. Want one?”

“Oh, that kind of drink,” I said, noticing it was still only 12:30, “Sure, why not.”

“You got it,” she said, disappearing into the kitchen.

Thought about getting up to help her, but then, what was there to help with a gin and tonic? Besides, it gave me more time to seethe with envy from looking around. A massive TV mounted on the wall, hi-fi speakers, wood paneled walls, those fancy scroll-things on the columns supporting the loft… Fucking columns to begin with.

My jealousy was interrupted by the return of Schoa as she handed me one of the old-fashioned glasses. When it came to liquor and the like I didn’t know much since I always had rail or whatever was cheapest — usually a plastic jug with a handle — but this was something else.

“Like it?” Schoa said, smirking as she sat down next to me and sipped from her drink.

“Yeah, it’s great. Didn’t know gin could taste like this.”

“Glad you like it. Figured I’d get out the good stuff for today.”

The one drink in my hand probably cost as much as an entire bottle of whatever rot-gut I’d pick up. Well, probably more.

“I’m glad I ran into you yesterday,” she continued, crossing one leg over the other. The tips of her clawed toes grazed my leg, but she made no effort to pull them away.

“Me too,” I said, remembering last night. Glancing over at her, I couldn’t help but imagine those tits under her shirt, or her luscious thighs. Or her wet snatch, with its tucked in lips.

She winked. “I’ll bet.”

Shit. Even though it wasn’t, or shouldn’t be, embarrassing, I mean, we’d both had sex before — several times — but being caught out still made me blush. “Well, you know…”

“I do,” she giggled, swirling her glass, “But come on, let’s catch up! It’s been so long. Let’s start off with… Oh, how about what do you do these days?”

I suppose I hadn’t said that yesterday, and sitting in the lap of luxury made me even more reticent to say. “It’s just boring shit,” I said, waving away her question, “Hey, you never mentioned what you were doing either, but, well, it’s pretty obvious you’re rich now. Even richer than you were before.”  

“Rich?” She laughed, “Not quite…”

My brows knit together. This wasn’t rich?

“…But I’m a sales manager at this company that’s growing explosively. I got promoted twice in a year and a half! I actually just made manager of the team for this region two months ago, and that’s when I got this place. If all goes well, I should make director in another two or three years. Now then! I showed you mine, now show me yours,” she said, her tail curling round to rest against my back.

Made me even more loathe to reveal my profession; I tried to redirect the conversation. “I already did, remember?”

“Not that! Come on, I’m curious. You were one of the smart kids, so I’m betting it’s something neat.”

“It’s really not. Trust me. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Don’t, or can’t? Security clearances, maybe? Your secret is safe with me,” She said, puffing up her chest, which made her breasts stick out. Which made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra.

This was starting to get annoying. “just drop it, okay?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed. “All right, all right.”

Maybe this was a mistake. Did she get off on showing how rich she was?

“Well, what have you been up to, then? Besides working and eating pizza.”

“You know, this and that. I like my time off so I just… chill, I guess.”

“Ah,” she said, nodding to herself, “So you play video games all the time.”

Gods damn it. “So?” I snapped, “It’s fun and helps me relax.”

“Hey, no need to get all defensive. I’d love to have that much free time. Must be nice.”

“Must be nice?” I snorted, “Must be nice to be rich as fuck.”

Schoa’s eyes narrowed. She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it and set her drink on the table — of course she made sure to use a coaster. She took a breath. “I’m sorry if it sounded like that. I really do mean I wish I had that kind of free time these days.”

“And I really do mean I wish I had your kind of money.”

She cocked her head and frowned. “Why are you so fixated on money?”

Yeah, this wasn’t going to work. I put my glass on the table, next to one of the coasters, and stood. “Easy to say when you never have to worry about it.”

Schoa eased herself off the couch and approached. Just like her to want to look down on me.

“Okay, so you have a shit job. A lot of people do, no need to act like you murder kittens for a living or something.”

“Shit job? Yeah, it is. I work at a fucking call center, okay? Dick pay and I get shit on daily. Fuck, you probably make more in a month than I do in a year.”

“So? Instead of bitching about it, why not look for a better job?”

That’s it. Bitch had no fuckin’ clue. None. “What better job? I never went to college because I could never fucking afford it and I had to take care of my dad right after high school. Fucker got cancer and couldn’t even walk with all the god damn surgeries and chemo and shit. And did they thank me for throwing away my life to help? Fuck no. So yeah, I’m just some broke asshole, and what am I to you? A game, a quick fuck? Just like high school? Want to parade me around like your little pet? Strip my pants off in front of the class and laugh, then give me a cheer-up fuck afterwards under the stairs? Nah, I’m done.” 

Through it all, she just watched me with her arms crossed. Fuck it, she didn’t change. It was all just a god damn act. I turned to storm out, but she stopped me with a touch on my shoulder.


I yanked her claw off.

“The fuck for?”

Rushing forward In a blur of scales, she wrapped me up in a hug, forcing my face into her soft chest. I struggled and squirmed, but there was no hope of breaking her hold. “Let go of me!”


“You bitch! Cunt!”

Her wings followed suit, wrapping around the two of us. “I already told you I’m sorry for how I treated you in high school, but I’m not going to apologize for being successful while you stewed in self-pity.”

“The fuck do you know!”

“I know you’re a much nicer person than the bitter fuck you’re acting like now. Yeah, I was a total bitch in high school, but I moved on. Made changes, worked on myself. You know why?”

“I don’t give a single hot fuck! Let go of me!”

“Because I regret how I drove you away. I never wanted to do that to someone I cared about again. When I saw you again, I was so excited, you have no idea! I thought it was my chance to start over and show you the person I’ve become. Seems we both went through some changes…”

The fight bled out of me, leaving me to dangle in her embrace. She pressed my head to her chest. Her heart thumped in my ear.

“You know, I don’t think there was a week that went by where I didn’t think about you at least once. The old high school flame that never burnt out. Guess I’m still immature, huh?” she said with a chuckle.

“Good to know one of us isn’t a piece of shit,” I mumbled. Fuck if I know what I felt; everything and nothing. I wanted to be mad, I wanted to lay down and die, I wanted to go home and hide under my blankets until Monday forced me out. I wanted to remain like this.

She pulled away enough to look me dead in the eye. “You think I didn’t see your car yesterday? You’re worth more than your salary or job title, John.”

I gave a weak smile. “If you say so.”

“I do. Now bring it home,” she said, giving me a big bear hug that picked me up off my feet. Given the circumstances I wasn’t able to get my arms around her, but I did the best I could.

She was right, I knew. Parts of me fought against it, tried to rally me to their cause. There was comfort in stewing, after all. But if I left now, what chance did I have? If she was being even a little truthful, I’d be throwing away the chance I’d waited years for. Sucking in a deep breath, I made up my mind, let go of my anger.

“Sorry for being a dick, but to be fair, you deserved it,” I said once she put me down.

“I’ll give you just this once.”

“How kind of you…”

“Besides,” she said, grabbing our glasses and heading towards the kitchen, “I already know I don’t need to ask if you forgive me.”

“Why’s that?”

Schoa poked her head around the corner, a cruel smirk adorned her lips, framed perfectly under her horns and between the green scales that crept up her neck and chin. “Last night, obviously.”

Well, there wasn’t much I could say to that. Though in my defense, I was in one hell of a storm and she was the only port I’d seen in years, let alone had the chance to dock in. “Ah.”

A faint giggle rolled from her lips and she vanished from view for a few stray minutes. She returned with a pair of fresh drinks.

“We still have a lot of catching up to do! Come on, sit back down,” she suggested, waving to the couch after she handed me my gin and tonic.

And so we talked and drank for hours. She dominated the conversation so much it was more like a monologue. Compared to her, I’d done fuck all with my life. About the only stories I had were the typical horrible customer ones everyone in my line of work had. Or anyone that dealt with customers. Customers. Fuck I hated that word. She tried to ask about my family, but no way. Best to leave that chapter closed.

After another few round of drinks and a pizza, it’d gotten damn close to night. Once the sun had set, the shades on her windows rolled up automatically to reveal the twilit sky over the lake. For some reason I stood up and meandered over to the window. All I had to look at from my apartment was a parking lot.

“Nice view,” I said, leaning with my hands on the windowsill.

Schoa had come up behind me and hummed. “It definitely is,” she said, giving me a slap on the ass that sent me up on my toes.

I whirled around, but before I could say anything she grabbed my chin in her claw and stole a kiss. Soft, warm, and delicate. She pulled away, but rested her arms on my shoulders, linking her fingers together behind my neck.

“How about it, think it could work? Us?” She asked, the glittering city lights reflecting in her golden eyes.

“Maybe,” I said, wrapping my hands around her muscular waist. The cool, firm scales underneath her blouse shifted with every breath, “I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try.”

There was that smirk of hers again. “It might… Though we can save that for later.”

“Still into that sort of thing, huh?”

She sniffed and pretended to look away. “Perhaps. But are you?”


“Then it’s settled,” she said, moving in for another kiss.

Her lips pressed to mine, but this time they didn’t stop with a glancing touch. She guided me towards the couch while ensuring our kiss never broke, slipping her tongue into my mouth. Her long draconic tongue overwhelmed mine in an instant, slavering with need and desire. She’d retreat, but it was a feint so she could nibble on my bottom lip before locking onto mine once again. Rivulets of her saliva mingled with mine. With every deep she grew bolder, her tongue ventured deeper until it felt like she was going to slip her long tongue down my throat.

My hands roamed her body, caressing her sides, hips, and magnificent, plush ass. I gripped big handfuls of her butt through her jeans, reveling in her hungry kisses and the soft flesh underneath their denim cover.

From her first kiss, blood flowed, giving me a half-stalk. By the time I bumped into the back of the couch, I was flying at full mast; my pants were unbearably tight.

Schoa pushed me over the back of the couch, sending me into a tumble onto the cushions. She practically tore her blouse off, revealing her bare chest and midriff. Her perky breasts were each capped by a firm, excited nipple big enough to make sucking on them all the more exciting. A bit of enticing pudge gripped her belly, just enough to make for a pleasing, soft line to her thighs and mons – more of which were revealed inch by inch as she shimmied out of her pants.

A dark spot was plainly visible on her white panties, and as she stepped out of them, tendrils of her lust clung to them before snapping off to reveal her hairless mound. Several eternities went by as I drank in her figure, melding firm muscle and soft flesh perfectly.

She pounced on me and tore off my shirt while licking and sucking and nibbling on my cheeks, lips, and neck. I kicked and fought like my pants were some mad beast trying to attack me and sent them pinwheeling across the room to land in a heap who knew where. She clambored towards my legs to work on my boxers, pausing to admire the tent I’d pitched.

“Even better up close,” she said throatily, “I do so enjoy unwrapping presents…”

She planted kisses on my stomach as she worked off my boxers a tiny bit at a time, until my erection sprung free, pressing between her breasts.

Schoa licked her lips. “Oh! That’s hot. Someone sure is eager, isn’t he?”

“You’re one to talk,” I said, running a hand along her cheek and onto one of her long, pointed ears. A shiver went through her whole body as I rubbed and pinched; her arousal hit my nose within seconds.

“Mmm, that’s great,” she said with a quiet gasp, but she swatted my hand away and rose up on her knees, “But let’s save that for later…” Hiking my legs up, she sent my boxers chasing after my pants.

She kissed along my inner thighs until she reached my groin and took my cock in her grasp. The cool scales slithered round my length, ending with the tip of her claw glancing along the rim of my crown. Shivers tingled down my spine, just like they’d done to her.

“Still sensitive, I see,” she said in a throaty voice and half-lidded eyes.

She climbed across me, kissing and licking across my stomach and chest until she reached my neck, planting love bites on both my collarbones.

I let out a murmur of pleasure and my toes curled. How I’d missed the touch of another… Schoa especially, the one who knew all my weak points.  

She spun around on top of me, her thick thighs on either side of my head with her pussy looming overhead. Her muscular tail swished side to side, flexing her whole body along with it. Hot breath washed over my cock.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She said as I stared at her pink lips, slickened with desire.

“Just admiring the view,” I said, just before I ran a finger down her slit and pushed it into her sweltering folds. Schoa made a noise like a purr, only more rumbling and more… draconic.

Another finger joined in, and then a third, plunging deep inside her. She rewarded my attention with her own. Something hot and wet snaked across my cock, slurping and licking from tip to base.

With my other hand I grabbed hold of her soft, cushiony ass and pulled her down enough I could get at my prize and began to lap at her slit. She was earthy and sweet, just like I’d remembered. My fingers pumped in and out of her slickened passage while my tongue danced to her clit, teasing it out from its hood; the button swelled and stood proud after only seconds of my treatment and even more of her ardor poured from her swollen lips, practically soaking my hand.

Not to be outdone she gave me one final lick like she was finishing off a lollipop and then dropped her head, taking me into her mouth and throat in one gulp. She gurgled around my cock, her throat clinging to my length. Vibrations from her noises traveled down my length, drawing a gasp from me and making my hips lurch upwards to seek more.

She bobbed up and down, humming and giggling all the while, her tongue flicking at the underside of my crown. With her free hand she cradled my balls in her palm, giving my sac gentle squeezes from her soft scales in time with her rhythm.


My eyes fluttered shut and my head rolled back as I surrendered to the bliss.

Not long after I stopped she popped off, leaving me to the harsh cold of the air.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” she commanded, shifting her weight from her knees to me. Her thighs and ass engulfed me, my nose jammed into her slit — to which she began to roll her hips, getting herself off on my face. She crooned and paused at just the right point for me to get my tongue into play, teasing her clit again. With both hands on her thighs, fingers sinking into the warm flesh, I pushed her forward just enough I could push my tongue deep inside her.

She made a happy, content noise, but rather than continue throat-fucking me, she sat up to really force herself on me. Excitement drooled out of her, covering my face while I lapped at her, drank her down, inhaled her musk.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she breathed, grinding her hips back and forth, side to side, and every which way. Her tail thrashed across my forehead, sometimes the tip would flick against my sides. Her moans built into a crescendo that came to a head as her voice died away and her body went stiff. Her cunt gripped and squeezed at my tongue and fingers, going off in spasms that slowly faded away.

She relaxed some and let out a deep sigh of contentment.

“Guess you deserve your treat after all,” she giggled, and bent back down.

Wet, magnificent heat washed over my erection once again as her maw enveloped me, sliding over me until her lips kissed my crotch and my cock throbbed in her throat. She began to hum while she bobbed and fondled, one hand-claw massaging my balls while the other trailed across my inner thighs, striking nerves wherever she went.

We stayed together like that for who knows how long; I couldn’t get enough of her, her touch, scent, her taste, her weight bearing down on me. My face was a wet smear from her lust, I could even feel it running down my cheeks and chin. That wasn’t all, I could feel her saliva drooling around me, covering my balls and crotch every time she bobbed her head to the accompaniment of the sound of my dick jamming down her throat.

Desperate need welled with me. I tried to keep it down as long as I could, but it was a battle I was not going to win.

“Haa, you’re twitching,” she said after she pulled off me; she sounded happier than usual, “Do you want to cum down my throat?”

I mumbled a response into her cunt — she didn’t bother to lift away so she could actually hear me. She knew what I’d said.

“Since you’re doing such a good job, I suppose I could allow it…”

I groaned into her when she resumed, sucking me in as far as I could reach. She went into a frenzy, slurping and sucking and humming all the while her tongue would glance my urethra whenever it could or dance around my glans.

With a long groan of defeat, I let it all go; my hips bucked into her with the first hot release. My mind blanked with pleasure with every load from my throbbing balls. Thick jets of semen blasted into her mouth and throat, and she drank it all down with enthusiasm, making sure to gulp loudly. I fired off at least five or six times and finally my body relaxed, aside from a few waves of aftershocks that released what little semen remained in me.  

She rolled off me, letting my still-hard cock spring free. Thick tendrils of saliva and semen oozed down my length and pooled at my base. Schoa licked her lips and wiped a blob from her chin.

“Ho ho, someone was backed up,” she said, looking me over with a coy grin, “And just look at that mess I left all over you…”

“Yeah, I wasn’t the only one,” I joked, then left out a deep sigh.

Schoa moved in and pressed her lips to mine in another kiss, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Her taste was mingled with mine, and she made sure I tasted deep. She kissed me for several long seconds before backing off.

“And still so hard… I love it!”

Before I could ask what she had planned next, she scooped me up in her powerful arms and tossed me onto my back on the plush carpet.  

I let out a surprised yelp, but the fall was only two feet or so. She was on top of me in a flash, pinning my cock against my stomach with her engorged, reddened lips. Her hips rocked back and forth, covering me in her lubrication. My hands shot up, taking a breast in each. The supple flesh of her shapely tits squished between my fingers and her hardened nipples just begged to be pinched and toyed with.

“That’s what I like about you, don’t have to tell you what to do,” she said, shaking her head to gather all of her long hair behind her.

“Who wouldn’t want to grope these,” I said as I pinched on her nipples between my thumb and finger, giving it a little twist for good measure.

She responded with a happy little growl and sucked in a deep, chest-heaving breath. “You may have a point…”

Lifting off, she let my erection spring upwards and then settled down. Her lips parted around me, covering my head with sweltering heat. Down and down she went, her vulva splaying around me as I plunged into her slick depths. She eased herself onto me with agonizing slowness, until finally she came to a rest with me buried to the hilt. Some of her juices squirt out between our union.

She was impossibly hot, and even without moving it still felt as if her pussy was massaging and squirming around me. She chewed on her lower lip, her eyes locked to mine. “I’ve waited for this moment for so long,” she said, letting her head loll to a side. For a brief moment she let her eyes flutter closed.

If only I could’ve said the same thing; I opened my mouth to speak, but she silenced with me with a finger pressed against my lips. “Shh, I know.”

She carefully peeled my hands off her tits, locking my fingers between her scaled digits. Her claws dwarfed mine, but it only added to the effect of her enveloping me, consuming me. Using my arms for leverage she began to ride me. Slow, languid strokes at first, with her speeding up every time she came to a rest on my crotch with a wet pap.

Bouncing atop me in a fury, her tits heaved and shook. Her wings twitched, furling and unfurling and her tail thrashed in a wave. The entire time she stared at me and laughed and giggled and moaned and gasped.

Her cunt was almost scalding hot to my sensitive flesh. Impossibly soft spirals and folds caressed every nerve, set it alight in a fizz of pleasure, a spark of bliss. Gods, how I’d missed this — the warmth, the passion. My heart pounded, my chest heaved. It was like her pussy was trying to milk me, squeezing me from base to tip in a steady rhythm that a human could never match.

Bit by bit her pace became more feral, needier as more and more of her weight came down upon me. Her ass and thighs clapped around me in wet slaps of flesh.

“Oh, I’m gonna, I’m gonna—“ She cried out out, to the accompaniment of her cunt constricting around me like a vice. It took my breath away; I had to grit my teeth and tense every muscle to endure my trial. Not now, not so soon!

Her whole body shuddered and her wings stretched out as far as possible, knocking over a lamp on an end table. For a moment she paused and sank down, but then began to laugh. “I haven’t cum like that in so long… And twice in one day!” Sweat slicked her face and body. A droplet ran off her chin and onto my chest.

“You’re telling me,” I joked, one-eye closed. Thankfully I was able to come back from the brink since she’d stopped riding me like it was the last time she’d ever fuck anyone.

“But we’re not done yet,” she cooed, leaning forward. Strands of her long hair drooped down over her shoulder. Her hands came down on either side of me, then slithered underneath my back and hooked within each other. Her face was inches from mine; she planted another kiss on my lips and let her head settle next to me, her mouth right next to my ear. Every breath washed past; I could hear her desire.

She sucked at an earlobe, nibbled on it at the same time as her hips began to pump, drawing me in and out of her snatch. I was completely pinned underneath her, helpless in her grip – even her wings swooped down to embrace us.

“I think I might love you,” she whispered.

My mind was dizzy with pleasure and bolts of emotion I’d thought long dead. I wanted to respond, but no words came to mind. I’d hated her for so long, and now… and now we were fucking, and I loved every second of it. If my mind couldn’t come up with a response, my body would respond for it. I wanted deeper into her, to feel more of her. My hips lurched upwards into her down strokes, crashing into her flesh with a lurid squelch.

She sighed contentedly into my ear. “I’m glad you feel the same way…”

Holding me so tight I couldn’t even move my arms, she rode me with the same intensity as before, and just as before she brought me to the cusp in what couldn’t have been more than a minute of her pussy sucking me in and wringing me, thirsty for my seed. She was so gods damn tight I could just imagine her lips clinging around me, pulling out slightly only to be stuffed back in, just like in that video.

“S-stop, I’m going to cum,” I managed to grunt out.

“Go on, do it, pump me full, fill me up with all your love,” she commanded and sucked my earlobe into her mouth.

Like she’d pressed a button, all my resolve broke away and I shuddered as another ball of white-hot heat boiled from within. I cried out as I came, blasting her innards, coating them in alabaster. She rode me hard, never even considering to slow down or stop. It hurt so good; I writhed underneath her. It was as if her cunt had its first taste in years and then it wanted more.  

Every rope I fired off was greedily sucked down, and despite having just cum down her throat I wasn’t any less for it. Again and again I fired off, my hypersensitive tip coaxed beyond what I could have imagined possible from her clinging, succulent walls. With each volley, more and more of my jizz got churned up with her juices and it ran down and out with each pump. The world went dark and impossibly bright at the same time.

“Gods yes, that’s it! Fill me up!”

She rode me through the aftershocks, my whole body taut like a strained bow from the over-stimulation. I begged her to stop, but she just chuckled and rode me for another good minute until she was confident I’d spilled every drop into her that I could manage.

She released me from her hold and sat up. We were both drenched in sweat and our love.

“Now that was a fuck, huh?”

“I don’t smoke and I need a god damn cigarette after that,” I managed to laugh, still not quite able to see correctly. Stars and blackness alike dotted my vision.

When she rocked back, my semi-flaccid cock popped free from her quim. A river of semen followed it, pouring onto my legs.

She licked my thighs clean, then fingered herself deep with a claw and popped it into her mouth. “Mmmm… I think I could go another round. My ass still needs a good filling… It’s been far too long since I’ve had an all-holes cream-pie.”

If anything, she looked hungrier than before we’d began.

My cock twitched; the soldier was willing to fight, but there were some facts of life that couldn’t be ignored.

“I’m going to need a few minutes…”

“That’s fine, we have plenty of time,” she said, standing up. She reached out to grab hold of my hold and pull me out. “I think we could use a shower while we wait.”

“Yeah, definitely,” I said, suddenly aware of her dried juices on my face, and just about everywhere.

“Come on, then,” she said, leading me towards the bathroom.

Her full, expansive ass and thick thighs shook with every step. Perhaps I’d be ready to fight again sooner than expected…

“Say,” she said as we stepped into her bathroom, with its Jacuzzi tub and massive free-standing shower, “Want to do this again next week?”

“Like you had to ask,” I said, coming up from behind her to grab her tits and nuzzle her back. My half-hard cock sawed between her luscious cheeks. “It’s a date.”

She spun around on me and shoved me into the shower, pinning me against the wall. “I’ll be looking forward to it…”

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8 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. Holy crap bob, that was a damn good story. I love the bitterness of the main character, he’s had a shitty life, shitty job. High school seemed pretty shitty too. I’m glad that things are working out for him tho… gotta love a good old fashion dragon fucking story!

  2. Holy Mackerel!
    A most enjoyable read.
    A) Spelling/Grammar: The vast majority of it flowed smoothly. I MAY have noticed something, I could very well be wrong. ‘Every breath washed pass; I could hear her desire.’ = ‘Every breath washed past (?); I could hear her desire.’
    B) Creativity/Premise: A second chance with a high school romance. A Dragon who went to Charm-School, and a Fellow who became a Caretaker, at a high cost.
    C) Relatable: Oh gracious me, I can so relate to John’s job, despite the good pay I’ve got now.
    D) Consistency/Details: the adjectives and verbs were enough to almost make me feel like I was there experiencing the Doorman’s attitude.
    E) Other: All in all, it was a memorable trip to another world. A ray of hope in a bedraggled existence. I needed that. 5/5.

  3. Good smut and plot structure. I don’t think bringing up why Johns financial situation is the way it is. Instead, there should have been more focus on John’s past relationship with Schoa to allow the reader to sympathize with his bitterness and reluctance to forgive.

  4. It’s good smut, but I feel that the dragon’s holier-than-thou, “stop being so bitter” attitude undermines the story, especially when the main character decides to agree with her. I’ve been on both sides of this kind of situation, and the main character’s circumstances in life can’t be overcome as easily as the dragon thinks. Her response to his difficulties being “stop being so self pitying” doesn’t make her seem like she’s changed positively, it makes her look like she’s changed from being a bitch to being self righteous and patronizing. The main character agreeing with her doesn’t really help at all, because he’s not wrong to be upset about his lot in life and he doesn’t have the options available to him that she does. About the only thing that salvages it for me is the implication that he decided to agree with her just to get her to shut up so he can get some comfort and ass, since that’s a more reasonable response than him honestly agreeing with her.

  5. Man, the MC is one petulant little shit. He accepts an invitation to go to her place then doesn’t want to talk about his himself and whines about how well off she is.

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