Sandstorm in Sinai – Final Chapter

I awoke from my pain induced sleep to the most curious sensation I have ever felt. It was warm, and pleasant. Sticky and yet, not uncomfortable. Almost like soaking in a hot tub, but with cushy sides. I felt it all over, from head to toes. Of course that set off the alarm bells right away.

I’m naked. I can feel the wet stickiness against my bare skin. Cheeks, arms, legs, feet, all of it was sort of floating pleasantly in this damp, steamy warmth. The unsettling bit however, is that I can also feel it around my more… personal items. I was not ten seconds beyond waking up, and right brain was already flying into action. Left brain was still trying to grab its bearings, not easy with right brain getting worked into a funk next door.

Alright, time to get eyes on the situation. I opened them and glanced around. I had no explanation for the ambient lighting that seemed to just glow off the interior of Sandlady’s outer shell, but it gave me a clear view of my predicament. All around me were the pink, tongue-like mounds of flesh I had seen before. The lower part of my body was resting against one like a mattress. Well, that explained the sticky-warm feelings around my tender areas.

I noticed my busted ankle was actually wrapped about by these little tongues, stabilizing it. I tested my movement, and realized I couldn’t shift my foot at all. Sandlady’s body made a more rigid and, at the same time, gentle cast for my broken limb than anything the Army Medical Corps could serve up. This was… this was nice.

I was reclining against the same sort of soft squishiness, and its moving. It’s not even uncomfortable, really pleasant actually, like I’m getting a back rub. Then I felt the same softness against my chest. I looked down and saw two pink arms curled gently under my shoulders. Sandlady was holding me.

This also explained the lovely cushions snuggling my cheeks. She had me nestled up against her chest, with my neck pleasantly set between her breasts. This wasn’t fair! How am I supposed to fight off right brain’s ridiculous ideas with this happening to me?

That wasn’t everything. I was just starting to fume when I felt wetness begin to caress my forehead, right on the spot I had bashed open. She was licking me. Oh lordy, she was licking me and I was enjoying it. That warm, wet feeling across the same spot that had ached only hours earlier. I could sense something happening in my mind. My willpower was shrinking, slipping away, scared off by the comfort and security that was washing over me. The last straw was when I felt the tension increase near my thighs.

Oh no, not happening! Nope! Not like this! Not that easily, Sandlady!

I thought that, but trying to do something about it was much harder. Floating in Sandlady’s warmth for however long had really done a number on my muscles. They were so sluggish I could barely lift one arm, and when I did, I only managed to get it up to her hands. This was going to take some bargaining.

“Um…miss?” I pushed out a feeble whisper. The gentle ministrations had turned me into such a weak pile of putty that even speaking was an effort.

Her chin slipped into view and I could tell she was looking me over.

“Oh, thank goodness! You woke up! I was so worried when you fainted!” She squeezed me. Goddamnit, why’d she have to be so caring and adorable?

“Do you feel alright? I tried to take care of your ankle, but I don’t know much about how to heal humans. I hope this helps.” her concern was so lovely. Something in me wanted to just lie back and let the nice feelings continue, but I knew much more of this and my shame would be too stiff to hide.

“Ma’am, I…”

“Shhh.” I felt her rest her cheek against my forehead. “ My name is Diedra. Don’t worry, everything is alright. You can rest now, I’ll take care of you.”

“No, I can’t. I..” When it was obvious my mouth wouldn’t work correctly, I tried to reach my legs and cover up what was happening down under. I failed.

It was what she did next however, that crushed my last mental defense. Diedra reached over, picked up my hand, and set it down over my swollen shame. I felt her breath against my ear as she spoke.

“No no, don’t worry. I understand. I just wanted to help you is all, after you helped me. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. I just want you to be comfortable. You need to rest and give your ankle time to heal, and you don’t have to worry about staying with me. I’ll take care of you, but I won’t hurt you.”

I could feel damnable tears coming up in my eyes. Everything I’d learned about her kind, her fellow monsters. The aggression, the violence, the rape. And yet, here I was, vulnerable and weak, and this lady wasn’t going to assault me, regardless of how much she may have wanted to.

“R-really?” I asked. She nuzzled my head.

“Honest. It would be really awful if I just took advantage of you like this. What my other sisters do is their business but I’m not like them. I do have standards. I want you to feel safe. I want you to feel the same thing I feel. I don’t want to make you feel it.”

I felt the throbbing begin. All those sweet words in my ear, in my head. Left brain was in full retreat. I can’t help it anymore. In defeat, my hand slipped away and left my arousal in full view. At the same time I felt the last remnants of resistance leave my body, and I slipped even further into her embrace.

I knew she could see it. But even so, she lifted her hand to my cheek and turned my head to face her. I got to look at that beautiful face up close. Her wet, pink hair framed deep ruby eyes that stared holes in me. Small, adorable lips smiled sweetly, coupled with the faintest blush under her eyes. I could see the desire in those eyes. She wanted to have me, but she wasn’t going to force me. So much beauty and gentleness shut the rest of my sensibilities down, and I gazed back into those eyes with surrender.

“Only if you want me to.” She whispered. And there was nothing more I could do, except nod my head.

Diedra pulled me in close and tilted my head back. Her lips pressed against mine while her tongue slithered between them. Her kiss was demanding and passionate, and I could only think of the warm, slippery tongue tickling my mouth. That was until I felt her hand slide down my body and slip gently around my shaft. Her touch was so smooth and soft, I almost lost it right there. And that was only the beginning.

Eventually she let my mouth go as she began her stroke. Every breath escaped me like a machine gun as she worked the most sensitive part of my body. It felt like she was massaging it with a gentle squeeze as she ran her hand from base to tip. Every now and then she would throw in a twist of her hand around it, or tickle the ridge of my tip with a finger.

I began to moan and mewl, the cravings in my brain finally being sated. Diedra giggled and drew me in for another kiss as she ever so slightly sped up her pace. She began to run her other hand up and down my body, lingering on my chest with a gentle caress. Her hair came loose and tumbled around the side of her face, casting a soft, slippery veil around our kiss.

She held that kiss for what seemed like an eternity, all the while she kept squeezing and tickling my shaft. My breaths became deeper, quicker, and more desperate as she brought me right up to the edge of bliss. Then, for a second her hand stopped and I moaned into her mouth in distress.

Devilishly, I felt a single finger suddenly begin to stroke the underside of my tip. Just a gentle, ticklish stroke, that was all it took. I lost any control I had left and sank back into her as my shaft erupted. She made even that intensely passionate, not letting me break away from our kiss until the last spasm forced itself out of my body. I was left desperately gulping down air as my head settled against her soft, pillowy breasts. She continued to gently massage my shaft, tapering off as I began to relax.

“This is what I meant when I said I wanted you to be comfortable.” Diedra giggled. Her hand released its grip and rose up to join the other in caressing my skin.

Her hands did come to a stop after a while, and I felt her shift around behind me.

“Go ahead, lie back. Easy now.” Her arms guided me down onto my back, the soft, fleshy surface accepting me like the softest mattress. She did betray her eagerness a little as she slid her lower body up between my legs. I looked up at her through hooded eyes, the vestiges of my last orgasm still holding on. She gave me that smile again and took my hands in hers, moving them to her breasts. She gently guided my hands into kneading them, and my instincts took over. Round and round I caressed them, with a soft squeeze now and again. She began to let out little moans as I worked. The beautiful sound of her pleasure spurred my rod back into eagerness and it sprang up again, ready and begging.

She tittered again at seeing my arousal, and slowly lifted herself up higher. She slid her hand slowly down her curves until it reached the folds of skin between her hips and showed me her flower. It looked so soft and glistening I could barely contain the little lad down yonder, he was already pulling my hips up to meet her. Her giggle turned into a full laugh at my response.

“My my! Did I change your mind that quickly? So eager!” Her hand took my shaft in it again, tickling the tip with her fingers. There was no dignity left in me at this point. I was already moaning and begging again, my mind fully given over to being hers. That was the thought I stared back at her, willing her to take me for herself. I wanted nothing more than to be hers.

She understood the look in my eyes. She cupped her cheek in one hand, giving me another adorable giggle.

“If that’s what you want, my love. I’ll keep you forever.”

She slowly lowered her flower, guiding my shaft to meet it. With one smooth motion she took me, sliding me in all the way to the hilt. If her hands had been amazing, then the feelings coursing up my body now were heavenly. So much warmth and softness wrapped snugly around my shaft, leaving no part of it untouched. And then she squeezed.

I erupted again, a rather shameful display. But nothing in the world could have prepared me for the flood of pleasure that drowned my senses when her flower embraced me with its love. My face must have shown my dismay because she immediately pressed her hand against my cheek.

“No no, don’t be sad! It’s alright! Just let it out! I want all of it, I want all of you, my love.” Diedra gave me another sweet smile. She kept her hand in place and leaned down until she settled against my body completely. Her hand tucked my head right back into its place between her breasts and she rested her chin against my head.

I was convinced I had died and gone to heaven. So much soft and smooth skin now smothered my face, and every breath I took became tinged with her sweet, rosy scent. Being already overcome with arousal I put my mouth to good use. My lips were already pressed against her breasts, I had only to open them and I began to lick her skin gently.

“Eep!” She yelped and I quickly stopped, thinking perhaps I went too far. That wasn’t the problem apparently, as her hand quickly pressed my face in deeper.

“Don’t stop! Keep…Aaahn…” I needed no instruction and resumed my licking. I started to kiss, and then to suck on her breasts as her moans continued. Once I started sucking however, she stopped me. She pulled my head back and I looked up at her, or tried to at least. Those breasts which I had been attending to were now fully over my face.

“You like that, don’t you?” Her voice had that sultry tone that told me more was in store if I played my cards right. I stuck out my tongue and tried to lean up and lick her again. I managed to catch a nipple and gave a quick suck. She gasped again and let me have another suck before she pushed me back down.

“Do you like how I taste? Hmm?” I nodded like an obedient servant and she tapped a finger against my lips.

“Open your mouth, my love.” I did as I was told and she touched her finger to my tongue, which I gave a licking as well. She laughed as I tickled her finger with my tongue. Eventually she withdrew it.

“Keep your mouth open.” I nodded again and watched as those gorgeous breasts slowly descended. I wanted to reach up and take them in, but her hand kept my head pressed down. I had to wait, and the wait was driving me nuts. I wasn’t even aware that my shaft had regained its full composure, all I wanted to do was suck on those breasts.

She stopped about an inch away, and I wanted to explode with desire. Then she surprised me by suddenly dropping down on me. In an instant my mouth was filled with that sweet taste once more. As I got back to work, she settled down on top of me entirely and wrapped both arms around my head, keeping me pressed into her breasts.

At the same time, I suddenly felt that wonderful sensation as her hips settled down against mine and engulfed my shaft completely. It felt like I was being snuggled all over, utterly amazing. When she began to gently rock her hips back and forth, my sanity completely left me. As the waves of bliss surged up my body, I redoubled my efforts on her breast. I was rewarded with more lovely mewling which mingled with my own.

All I could hear was her soft sounds of pleasure and my own begging moans. Only once did it stop when she removed her breast from my mouth, but only for a second. She quickly replaced it with it’s twin, and we continued to drive each other into paradise.

I swear I saw stars when it finally happened. Diedra squeezed me so tight I thought I wouldn’t be able to release and the rest of me would blow out. When her movements had become more frantic a few moments earlier she had removed her breasts completely and drew me up so she could muzzle me with another burning-hot, passionate kiss. Her hips pressed down on mine and nullified any of my bucking from the intensity of her flower. Once again her hair draped around us both and her arms grasped me tight to her body. I held her with equal need.

We went over the edge together, both of our last moans of delight drowned in each other. My hips bucked anyways, forcing my shaft deeper into her. When they did, I felt her press me down into our fleshy bed, keeping me fully within her as our bodies convulsed against each other. It lasted for a few fleeting seconds, all entirely too short. Eventually I took my last gasp, went limp in her arms, and she let us settle back down into our resting spot. Only then did she release my hips, but she did not release my shaft.

I was spent, If she wanted more, I knew I couldn’t give it. She snuggled me warmly as our afterglow settled in, and I finally found my voice.

“I-I’m yours.” I said it. “I can’t… that was amazing. I could never walk away from that, never. I’m yours. I surrender.”

She laughed and hugged me tight before leaning on her elbows and looking at me. She cocked her head to one side and ran a hand through my hair.

“So sweet. All mine.” She said with a final victorious smile. I let out a tired, satisfied sigh. Her hand coursing through my hair felt wonderful, and it was easily guiding me off to sleep. She settled back down and nuzzled up against my cheek.

“Sleep well, my love. See you when you wake up.” she whispered. In a short while I felt her gentle breaths against my cheek. Thankfully, it seemed that she was also tired out from our mating.

I lay awake for a bit, grasped tightly in her arms, and thought about what had happened. Ultimately, there was only one conclusion. I was a POW. A willing, eager POW. What would you call that? A defector? A traitor? I hope not. In fact, the Army probably didn’t even know where I was. Some pencil-pushing, rear-echelon-mother-fucker had most likely written me off for dead. Ah, all for the better, really.

There was no way I’d ever go back.

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  1. Ha! I knew I had read a cute sandworm hentai at some point, but only after reading this story I started looking for it again … turns out I accidentally deleted it (heresy!). Oh well, all’s well that ends well since I was able to find it on the internet again ( if you’re interested).

    I sure like my good endings.

    Oh yeah, @Rain: keep in mind the story descriptions only appear in the story feed, so any reader coming from the “all stories” list may be confused if you put anything important in it.

    1. Ah, thanks for that info. I haven’t read many of hentai dojins, I was only just informed that one had been done of Sandworm girl after I finished writing this, but I still feel like she doesn’t get enough love.

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