Rapture High – Year 4

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Year 4

Sweet summer vacation.

Lucas was back at it delivering for Jimmy John’s, but this time he had a car. He was still using his bike for nearby deliveries, but if it was an order for The Station or if he had more than a couple of orders then he’d hop into the car. It was a good way to stay in shape.

He was still juggling how to spend time with the girls, luckily it seemed that they were becoming more open to sharing their time. Lucas was just finishing up his shift to go have dinner with a few of them along with Jake.

Jake had apparently just gotten a job at the restaurant they were going to and said he’d be able to get them a discount. That and it had been a while since the two hung out so might as well.

Arriving at the restaurant he was able to spot Cathy along with Jake waiting on the benches by the door. It was the first time he had been here after the renovations. The restaurant had added outdoor seating along with a bar and a karaoke stage.

Stepping out of his car Lucas spotted Maurie and Jasmine making their way from the parking lot towards the entrance as well. They all converged towards the benches to greet each other.

“I think everyone’s here,” Jasmine said.

“What about Patty and Miss Richie Rich? Thought they said they were interested.” Cathy responded, looking over to Lucas.

“Abigail told me she couldn’t make it, something about an art class she was taking.”

“Art class? It’s summer. Did she forget the school year’s over?” Cathy jokingly asked with a smirk.

Lucas just shrugged. All he knew was that it wasn’t through the school and that it was once a week in the afternoon.

“I’m surprised she’s not in the group chat yet.” Lucas commented.

“Eh, she’s not really part of the group yet though. But we probably should add her. Maurie, can you put her in?”

Maurie shook her head.

“I think Patty was the one who made the group. She’s the only one who can add and kick people. Also, she’s not coming. Something about her dad getting locked out of his car or something so she’s going over to pick the lock.”

“Huh, alright then.”

Once they were sure that they didn’t need to wait for anyone else, they entered the restaurant and got themselves a table. Jake greeted the hostess and a few of the waiters as they made their way to their table. The inside was packed, so they had to go for the outdoor seating. They were at the table furthest from the karaoke stage that currently had a couple who were starting their night early with drinks and singing off-tune.

A waitress soon arrived to take their orders for drinks as the group looked at the menu. Jasmine got herself a Mai Tai since she wasn’t driving, Cathy got a Sprite, some sweet tea for Maurie, while both Jake and Lucas both decided to go for a root beer. Jake and the waitress struck up a small conversation before she went to get their drinks.

The night air was cool, the patio space was well lit and the music wasn’t half bad even with the questionable singers. After a couple minutes the waitress returned with the drinks and took everyone’s order. Once his was order placed Jake decided to go to the bathroom.

As he went inside Cathy’s ears twitched.

Looking towards the glass door, she realized what it was… or more specifically who.

“Ah shit, my prima is here. Better duck shorty, hopefully she doesn’t notice us.”

Stepping out to the patio, Valentina was in a pair of short shorts and a tight crop top that left little to the imagination. Cathy pretended not to notice her cousin as she began to make her way to her table, but something caught her attention and made her look directly towards them.

“Prima! I didn’t know you were coming here too!” Valentina exclaimed as she approached them.

Cathy feigned surprise as she greeted her.

“I’m surprised to see you too prima.”

“Oh Lucas! I didn’t see you there!”

Before he could respond, she leaned down to kiss him on the cheek, the standard Puerto Rican greeting amongst females. As she leaned down, her bubble butt grabbed the attention of several guys and even some girls, including one of the karaoke performers.

“It’s so good to see you.” She said with her thick accent. “Well, estoy aquí con unas amigas. I’ll talk to you later.”

Valentina waved to her cousin and winked at Lucas before turning around to head to her table, shaking her hips with each step she took. She landed herself at a table by the stage along with a ghoul, a minotaur, and a green harpy. When she arrived at the table she pointed over to Lucas and the group, earning a few giggles from the harpy and minotaur while the ghoul rolled her eyes as she sipped her beer.

“… So that’s your cousin.” Jasmine said, breaking the silence with a raised brow.


“I don’t like her.”

“Huh, that was quick.” Lucas replied.

“She smells… foul. And it’s not because of the perfume she covered herself in.” Jasmine elaborated.

Maurie nodded, as if understanding.

“Good nose. She’s a spoiled brat. To be honest I don’t even know how she can afford to go out. She doesn’t have a job, and as far as I know there isn’t a sugar daddy for her to leech off from. Still don’t know why she’s trying to snag Lucas.”

“Maybe it’s for my charming personality.” Lucas chimed in, earning him a few chuckles.

“Knowing my cousin, it sure ain’t because of looks or charm. And you aren’t loaded, so I have no idea why she’s going for you.”

Lucas shrugged once more.

In that time Jake was finally returning to the table.

“Did I miss anything?”

Lucas simply shook his head.

“Nothing important.”

“Oh yeah, you guys are in for a treat. My coworkers were saying that this harpy chick who’s a killer singer is here tonight.”

As he’s saying that, the harpy from Valentina’s table was making her way to the stage to start her performance.

This summer was going to be interesting.

It was the middle of the summer and it was time for the county fair again. It wasn’t even noon yet and Lucas was already on his way over to the school grounds. He missed the last one, but this year he was going to be volunteering in it as a member of the track team. According to the memo they got, they were going to be in charge of the dunk tanks.

Parking his car in the teacher’s lot of the school, Lucas stepped out in a County Fair Staff T-shirt and a pair of swim trunks. He volunteered to be the one over the tank.

The county fair officially opened up at noon, but there were already a few people going around and forming lines around the food carts. He headed over for the tanks where a few of the other track team members already were, they had finished setting everything up and were currently trying to fill up the attraction with water.

Jasmine came around, greeting the captain of the track team and kissing Lucas. The rest of the girls would be swinging by sometime later, she just wanted to be here early to help out if she could even though she was no longer a part of the team.

Once the tank filled up, Lucas jumped onto the seat over the tank to start his shift. He was only going to be on for a couple hours until the rest of the girls showed up. Since it was still pretty early, there weren’t many people going around to try the games, it would pick up after lunch most likely. In the meantime, he would chat with Jasmine.

It only took about half an hour before a line started to form for the dunk tanks, but it wasn’t because people were finally arriving to the fair, instead it was because word had spread that he was the one over the tank. The entire line was full of people wearing the fair staff t-shirts, and almost all of them were the captains or leaders for their respective teams/clubs. Soccer, hockey, volleyball, javelin, quite a few clubs showed up just to try and knock him in. Lucas wondered if they were doing this because he decided to join track instead of their teams. Thankfully there was a sheet of plexiglass in front of him, so at the very least none of them were going to ‘accidentally’ lodge a baseball into his head.

The leaders each tried their hand at dunking Lucas into the water, one ticket for three tries. None of them managing to do so. A guy on the soccer team managed to get a few close calls, just barely nicking the target. A mouse girl did manage to hit it dead center, but not hard enough for it to count.

While the other clubs were trying their luck get their revenge on Lucas, Ms. Robinson decided to pop in and see what the crowd was doing.

“Well well well, I shouldn’t be surprised to see you here Lucas. And Jasmine? It’s so good to see you.”

Ms. Robinson was once again in her own staff t-shirt that was a few sizes too small, but luckily it seemed that she wouldn’t be stuck boiling away in that ticket stand. She chatted with Jasmine for a couple minutes besides the tank as Lucas began to playfully tease at the contestants who kept failing to dunk him. But he quickly bit his tongue when he saw who was up next.

It was Lacy, the baseball team captain and pitcher. She was an olive-skinned Kakuen, tall and slim. Lacy was definitely one of captains still annoyed that Lucas never joined their team. As she stepped up to the throwing line, one of the members of the track team was grabbing a bottle of water from a cooler they brought.

“Hey, how many tickets would it take to dump a bag of ice into the tank?”

The track member thought about it for a second, looking back and forth between the tank and the cooler.



Pulling out a total of ten tickets, Lacy handed them over to the ticket counter as the other members pulled out the water bottles from the cooler and dumped the rest of the ice into the tank.

Lucas just stared at them and wondered what the hell they were thinking.

As they finished, Lacy wrapped her tail around one of the baseballs in the basket on the floor they gave her and tossed it up in the air to catch with her hand. She stared at the target and murmured before taking several steps back until she was comfortable with the distance. Readying herself for the throw, taking one step back for the windup, raising her leg up into the air until finally delivering and swinging her arm to throw a fastball.

With a loud ding from the target, Lucas was dropped from his seat and into the now freezing waters of the dunk tank. A small cheer could be heard from the rest in line, finally having taken Lucas down. One of track member handed her the 1st place prize since she was able to do it in one throw, a giant Godzilla plush.

Lucas pulled himself up from the tank, trying to get out of the freezing water as quickly as he could. As refreshing as it was to take a dip on a hot summer day, this was too much. Once he got out, he realized that he wasn’t the only one who got wet. Ms. Robinson was standing just a bit too close to the water tank when Lucas dropped in, the ice-cold water splashing onto her. The staff shirt she had was now translucent, revealing the bra she wore under for all to see.

Lucas couldn’t help but blush at the sight, quickly turning around and getting back on the dunk tank seat as Jasmine tried to get her a towel.

A couple weeks had passed and Lucas was driving thru downtown after picking something up at the mall. The summer heat was sweltering, thank God the AC in his little beat-up car wasn’t one of its many broken features.

While at the intersection waiting for the light to change, two werewolves were crossing the street. It was Maurie and Charlie. Charlie was in a white tank top and a jean jacket tied around her waist while Maurie was wearing polo shirt and slacks whilst carrying a duffel bag… He honked and opened his window to wave at them. Seeing him, they waved back.

Lucas yelled telling them to wait up, finding a street parking spot a block over before finally catching up with them. The two greeted him with a kiss, their tails wagging as they did so.

“I was just at the mall, if I knew you two were coming down here I could’ve given you a ride instead of having to take your bikes.”

Charlie shook her head and waved her paw, letting him know not to worry about it.

“This was all last minute anyways.” She replied, nodding to Maurie.

“I was going to ask, never seen you dress up like that. Do you have an interview or something?”

Maurie simply nodded, a bead of sweat rolling down her forehead. Lucas wasn’t sure if it was from how nervous she was or from the damn heat.

He motioned that they move somewhere with shade, or head over to wherever it was they were going to begin with instead of standing under the sun.

The girls took him along and explained what was going on.

“We had gone over to Jasmine’s to take a look at her car, do some minor maintenance because she said it was making a weird noise. Her mom came out at some point and started talking to us. She asked if Maurie had ever considered modeling. One thing led to another and she set us up with an agent who’s an old friend of hers to see if they could get her a few gigs. We’re on our way to a studio to meet the agent and do a photoshoot for Maurie, then send out the pics to see who bites.”

“Ah, I’m surprised Jasmine’s mom still has those kinds of connections.”

“Still?” Maurie asked.

“Yeah. She used to be a swimsuit model back in the day.”

Both Maurie and Charlie looked at each other and then back to Lucas in surprise.


“Yep. Surprised me too, I found out when I found a box full of magazines with her on the cover when I was helping Jasmine pack for college.” He said, earning a few blinks from the girls.

“Guess that explains where Jasmine gets her figure.” Charlie commented.

The group made it to the nondescript office building, getting inside into the cool air-conditioned lobby space and out of the heat. Maurie checked her phone to see what room they were in, and then confirmed it with the building directory by the elevators.

“You going to be alright? We can go up there with you if you want.” Lucas told her.

Maurie shook her head.

“I have to do this myself.” She told them, doing her best to hide her anxiety. “Thank you both for walking me here though. It did help.”

The two nodded, wishing her the best of luck before she stepped into the elevator and made her way to the studio space.

“She’s nervous.” Lucas commented.

“I can tell.”

“You think she’ll be fine?”

“I hope so. I told her I’d be nearby if she didn’t want me up there with her. You know how she is when she’s by herself.”

Lucas gave her a knowing nod.

The two stuck around for a bit, grabbing a bite to eat nearby with fingers crossed for Maurie to finish.

The school year was just around the corner but there were still a few weeks of summer left. And today was Cathy’s birthday. Lucas was getting his keys to head over to her place and wish her a happy birthday as his phone started to go off. Picking it up, he saw it was Ms. Klein calling him.


“Hola Lucas!”

“Hi Ms. Klein. What’s up?”

“Lucas dearie, I need to ask a favor from you. I need to drive one town over to grab a few pastries and Cathy’s birthday cake from her favorite bakery. Cathy said she had plans to do something soon and I think Valentina is going out tonight with some friends. I wanted to see if you could come over to help decorate the place to surprise her when she comes back.”

Outside of Ms. Klein’s view was her niece, listening in on the conversation. Lucas was going to be coming over? With no one else in the house? This was the opportunity she was waiting for.

Heading back into her room she took out her cellphone and called up one of her girls. Tonight was the night.

“Oh?” Lucas replied, “Well actually I’m about to go over to meet up with her. We’re going out for lunch, so that’s probably what she’s heading out for. If you want, I can ask Jake to see if he’s willing to lend a hand and I can try to keep Cathy busy for as long as possible to give him some time to finish up.”

“Jake? That would be wonderful! It’s so good having strong dependable men around. I’ll start setting things up once Cathy leaves and I’ll leave everything out for him. The keys will be in the mailbox so that he can get in.”

Ms. Klein rambled on for a couple more minutes as he hopped into his car and started to head over.

About an hour later

The door unlocks and opens as Jake hurries himself in. The heat was killer out there.

Checking his phone he read the instructions from Ms. Klein that he got from Lucas, help putting up a few of the decorations that she hadn’t gotten to yet. Almost everything he’d need was on the dining room table.

With the curtains closed it almost seemed like it was nighttime in the household, probably to help keep the heat out. As he made his way towards the table to get the decorations finished a rustling could be heard behind him. Before he could turn around to see what it was, he was wrapped in a pair of wings that held him in place.

“No se preocupe papi, we’re going to take care of you~” a sultry voice whispered before its speaker nibbled on his ear.

Jake didn’t know what she said at first, let alone have any time to process it, but the mixture of fear, surprise, and the Spanish accent got him hard in no time flat. He didn’t know who the voice belonged to, nor what was happening. The green feathered woman kicked the back of his legs and forced him down onto the ground, turning him on his back and sitting on his face so quickly that he couldn’t get a good view of her face. Jake was greeted by the bare lips of the harpy’s pussy hidden beneath the skirt she wore. He couldn’t see a thing from under the skirt, save for the tattoo of a treble clef on one of the cheeks below her tailfeathers. She didn’t have any panties on specifically for this occasion.

Jake murmured a few things between her thighs, trying to ask what was going on but unable to.

“Shhh papi. We’ll take good care of you. But give me a taste of what you can do, and I promise to return the favor~”

Jake didn’t know what it was in those words she said but it seemed to calm him down. The way she said them just made him almost forget what was going on and aroused him to no end. She giggled as she saw the tent in his pants rise, pressing herself against his face as to remind him of what she just told him.

He licked her folds, wrapping his arms around her legs as he began to eat her out. This was his first time doing this, so he was just licking wildly and trying to do what he saw in porn.

“That’s it papi~” she said, leaning forward and pressing her wing against the erection in his pants. Not that he could hear anything with her legs pressed against his head.

“Oi! His dick is mine!” a different voice rang.

The harpy pouted, obviously looking forward to teasing her captive before her friend arrived.

“I know Valentina, but you were taking so long. I just wanted to make sure he was ready for you.”

The High Orc sauntered over to her cohort, kneeling down beside Jake before pressing a finger against his pants and circling around it.

“I think he’s in the mood. Isn’t that right Lucas?”

Jake motioned his hips up at the sensation of her fingers rubbing against his crotch, unable to understand the garble the two above were saying. This was enough to bring a smirk to her face. She was going to make him hers.

Valentina unzipped his pants and his penis popped out from the opening in his boxers, aching for attention.

“Oooh papi~” Valentina spoke, running her fingers along the length of his member.

Precum was already forming at his tip, each stroke of her finger causing more to form until it began to dribble.

“I bet your girls could never get you this hard. Let me show you what we can do instead.”

She leaned down to his crotch, kissing the tip of his penis before taking it entirely into her mouth. Her soft lips wrapping tightly around his base as she began to blow him. Jake realized it was Valentina, ever since those lips went around his cock in the bathroom stall they became impossible to forget. This calmed him down somewhat, knowing that she was involved in this assault.

Just like the first time, Valentina made quick work of him, it was barely a minute and Jake shot his load into her mouth.

Valentina rose up from his crotch, swallowing his load and smiling triumphantly at how easily she was able to make him cum. She grabbed his still sensitive cock and began to stroke it, making sure it didn’t have time to become flaccid and earning a few moans from Jake.

“Asi es papi~ I’ll make you addicted to me. You’ll never want another girl.” She said, earning a raised brow from the harpy. “What? You can still use him once he’s mine Carmen.”

Raising herself over him, Valentina pulled off her shorts and panties in one go, tossing them to the side to reveal her pussy. Lowering herself onto him, she pushed his still hard cock into her, swallowing it whole in one go. Straddling him, she began to ride him as her hips slapped against his. Valentina lifted up her shirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra and began to pinch one of her nipples. Carmen, watching the show, never stopped riding Jake’s face. Streams of juices were running down his cheeks as she rubbed her crotch against him, his tongue occasionally licking her clit as she did so.

The two rode him for a couple minutes, Valentina grinding up against him and fingering her clit as the harpy announced that she was nearing her own orgasm. The High Orc began to pound her hips against Jake quicker, furiously rubbing herself so as to have everyone cum at once.

“I’m almost there, almost there, almost there…”

Jake thrusted up, shooting his load into Valentina’s hungry vagina as the two girls moaned in ecstasy in unison. Leaning back, the two were panting from the session. Valentina smiling knowing that she had her prey wrapped around her fingertips.

The sound of a key going into the door broke the silence as the light from the opening door revealed who it was. Cathy and Lucas stood at the doorway, looking at the two girls in confusion.

Horror washed over Valentina’s face.

“Lucas?” she asked, looking down and then back at the doorway. “But…”

Valentina pushed Carmen off, revealing it was Jake under her. He was in a post nut daze, the sudden change in brightness blinding him as he tried to remember what happened.

Ms. Klein was just pulling up into the driveway, opening her door to bring in the birthday cake and pastries she just got. As she did so, the distinct scream of utter disgust was heard from inside her home.

The schoolyear had finally started and in the first week things were going smoothly for once. No fairies in his locker, no team captains trying to recruit him, and no bullies chasing him into the bathroom. It was almost odd.

Lucas was still on the track team and all the returning members were meeting up right at the beginning of the year to set up a game plan for the rest of the year. Things included meetup schedule, competition dates, recruitment plans, and possible trip ideas.

Currently Lucas was training with the returning members afterschool, doing a few laps and checking their times. Abigail had started coming over as well, showing her support. In reality she was there to sneak a few extra minutes a day with him since Patty had him all day today and the other girls would want to see him once he’s off… and his blood tasted really nice after a workout. She would do some homework or browse thru her phone until he was done.

Lucas finished up with a run and headed straight for the showers. The track team was getting a few more guys to join, so he wasn’t the only one in here for once. It was odd though, he half expected Cathy to just pop in and ask for a quickie mid wash. He also wondered if any of the Orcs were still using the hidden locker room.

After cleaning himself up, Lucas ran out to meet up with Abigail who was waiting for him outside.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long.” She said, approaching him and kissing his cheek.

“Heh, just preparing your meal is all.” He joked, earning him an eyeroll from Abigail.

Although she’d never admit to it, she preferred to feed when he was fresh off the track. The adrenalin, the heat, his scent and sweat added a distinct flavor to his blood that she grew to adore. But post shower was still rather nice.

Lucas sat down at a nearby bench and turned around, leaning his neck to one side to expose it to her. Abigail licked her lips, her fangs growing slightly as she sat herself down and leaned in for the bite.

It was only a small sample. Barely a snack. Enough to hold her over for a proper meal later this week. She let him go, the bite healing instantly as if though it never occurred.

Abigail wrapped her arms around him, embracing him from behind.

“I wish we could spend more time like this, just the two of us…” She whispered to him.

Lucas held her hand, running his thumb across it.

“But I know we can’t. It wouldn’t be fair for the other girls if I just took you all for myself.”

She kissed his neck where she had bit him, hugging him for a bit longer until finally letting go and standing up. The two headed for his car, Lucas had offered her a ride home if she decided to stay after school with him for practice. It would be her first time in his car.

The car was an old beater, a 93 Honda Civic. Abigail just looked at it, doing her best not to seem ungrateful for the ride. The faded paintjob and the cracked rear window did little to help her opinions of the car. Opening the door, she was greeted to the fake wood interior of the dash, the fabric seats that were stained with who knows what, and a box of old cassettes on the floor of the passenger side.

Lucas hopped into the driver side, telling her she can move the box to the back if it’s in the way. Abigail sat down, setting her backpack down beside the box and then picking it up to set it on the backseats. As she was doing so a few of the albums caught her eye. There were a few classics, Queen and REO Speedwagon, but those weren’t what grabbed her attention. Richard Wagner, Beethoven, Elgar.

“Why do you have these?” she asked him.

Lucas pointed to his console, showing that it was a cassette/radio combo. No auxiliary option, no CD, nothing.

“The box came with the car, it had a few of those cassettes in it from the previous owner. I took a few my parents had, but I’ve been buying a few every time I go to a garage sale with them. I might get one of those Bluetooth cassette adapters later on though. Haven’t gotten around to it.” Lucas said.

Out of curiosity, Abigail hit eject on the radio to reveal the Disney’s Fantasia album hidden inside. She wasn’t expecting this sort of musical taste from him.

“How many of these came with the box?”

“Umm… 10?”

There was at least 30 in the box. That must mean he’s chosen the majority of these.

“You… like classical?”

“Yeah. I didn’t really care much about it at first, but like a year me and Cathy decided to rewatch Fantasia. Both of them. And it just hit differently. I was really getting into the music, and I started to listen to full instrumentals and whatnot. I didn’t think I would like it as much I do. When I started looking up more songs, I ended up watching a bunch of documentaries about composers and eventually got me down the art history rabbit hole.”

The Vampire just stared at him for a second in disbelief.

Lucas… might have class…

It felt as if though her heart began to beat again.

“You know, there’s a symphony going on downtown in a few weeks. If you want, maybe we could go?”

“Really?” Lucas responded, turning to her with a hint of excitement in his voice.

Although Abigail didn’t show it, she was screaming with joy inside. Finally, someone she could go to these things with. Taking a second to calm herself, she took a deep breath and responded.

“Of course. I will get the tickets for both of us. This will likely be a formal event, so we’ll need to get matching outfits.”

“Formal? Ughh… guess I’ll have to rent a suit for it.”

Abigail glared at him, not that he was able to notice with his eyes on the road.

“Rent? You’re going to rent a suit? No. No no no. This weekend, we’re going to the mall. I know just the place to get you a fitted suit.”


“No buts! We’re getting you a proper suit for this. I can’t believe you’ve been renting.” She said, shaking her head.

Lucas sighed.

“Well, if we’re going to the mall this weekend then Jake and Valentina are joining. I agreed to give them a ride earlier.”

“That’s fine. I don’t mind Jake, he’s your friend after all. Valentina though… I don’t like that leech.”

“Says the bloodsucker.” Lucas replied with a grin across his face.

Abigail furrowed her brows but cracked a smile.

“You idiot.”

The two eventually made it to her house, the only home in the neighborhood that was painted black. Abigail leans over to Lucas, giving him a goodbye kiss before exiting the car… or at least attempting to. She pulled on the latch but the door refused to open.

“Oh yeah, that’s broken. You can only open the door from the outside. Let me get that for you.”

Abigail shook her head once more. Another fault of this car, how could she agree to ride in this junk. Lucas made it around, opening the door open for her and reaching out his hand to help her out.

Grabbing his hand, Abigail stepped out of the car… maybe it wasn’t absolute trash, she could get used to this.

A few days go by and the weekend arrives. Lucas is already driving over to pick up Abigail, then picking up Jake who’s on the way to Cathy’s to pick up Valentina. After the whole walk-in incident that happened over the summer, Jake and Valentina were now ‘dating’. Really it was more Ms. Klein’s doing than Valentina’s if what Cathy told him was correct. At some point after the incident, she overheard her mother berating Valentina for what she did, but also warned him not to break that poor boy’s heart. Ms. Klein could tell that Jake was head over heels for Valentina after what happened, and if she did anything to hurt that sweet boy she was going to send her on a one-way ticket back to Puerto Rico. As well as threatening to tell her mother everything that happened.

Thing is, Valentina can’t go back to Puerto Rico anytime soon. Valentina spilled the beans to Cathy some time ago that the real reason she left Puerto Rico was because she was caught being the side-chick to a rather popular music artist back home. She was being stupid and got caught with him in public. This caused a divorce and a drop in quality in his music. The artist, his ex, and all his fans were all pissed off with her. There was no way she was going back anytime soon.

So, for the time being, she was begrudgingly his girlfriend.

Lucas wondered what was up with that Harpy that was with them, but that thought came to an end as he arrived to Abigail’s.

She was wearing a light blazer over a cami along with a pair of tight denim pants and heels. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of aviators and she was carrying a small purse.

“Hey sweetie.” She said, jumping in the car and greeting him with a kiss.

“So how worried should I be about this suit? Is it going to cost more than my car?”

“Look. Don’t worry about it. I wanted to go to this symphony, and since I’m bringing you along, I’ll make sure you’re covered. Don’t worry about the tickets, don’t worry about the suit. Leave the worrying to me.”

Lucas wasn’t all too comfortable with her footing the bill for all this, but she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

The two rode off, picking Jake up in a few minutes since he’s nearby. Abigail greeted him from the passenger seat while Lucas gave him a bro-fist. The two caught up on what the other was doing. Jake revealing that apparently the parrot girl is also part of the relationship between him and Valentina. This earned him an eyebrow raise from both Lucas and Abigail. It was more of a friend with benefits, but Carmen (the harpy) is a close friend with Valentina and apparently it’s normal in High Orc culture to share a dude. This was all still very new to him. He only figured it out when he came over to see Valentina and Carmen was there, greeting him with a full-on lip to lip kiss in front of Valentina.

“Huh… I was wondering about her… is she nice?” Lucas asked awkwardly.

“She nice. Still getting to know her though.”

The group arrives at Cathy’s to pick up Valentina. She was already at the door in her short shorts and a shoulder-less top while sucking on a lollipop. A pair of fully circular sunglasses that were back in style for some reason rested on her face. Seeing the car Valentina made her way down the driveway, her hips swaying with each step she made in her wedge sandals.

Getting into the car she greets them all, unenthusiastically to Jake before giving him a quick kiss and slightly livelier with Lucas as she thanked him for the ride. She looked over to Abigail, taking note of her attire before cautiously greeting her.

“Abigail.”  The Vampire introduced herself with a smile, making sure her fangs were fully visible, “It’s a pleasure.”

The group arrive to the mall with relative ease, having to park on the far end due to it being the weekend and everyone going to the mall this time of year. Jake and Valentina get out of their respective door as Abigail waits patiently in her seat. Lucas comes around and opens the door for her, offering his hand to help her out just like last time.

“Thank you, Lucas.” Abigail says, a triumphant smile drawn across her face as she watches Valentina stare jealously.

Once Lucas closes the door and locks his car, his arm is wrapped in Abigail’s hold as she leads the way to get him a suit, making sure that the two were in full view of Valentina every step of the way as they went into the mall.

The two couples split up since they were both there for different things.

Lucas managed to get his measurements taken for the suit, trying out a few they had off the shelf but needing some alterations done to get it just right. They said they could get it done in a week. Afterwards the two went off to grab a light snack together in the food court while waiting on Jake and Valentina to finish with their shopping.

It hadn’t even been a full month and somehow Lucas had managed to roll his ankle. It wasn’t even during track, it was going down the stairs where he just barely nicked the last step and fell. Normally he’d just stand right back up to get on with his day, but the way he landed bent his ankle awkwardly and it hurt. One of the staff members helped him get to the school clinic once they realized he wasn’t getting up. By the time they arrived his ankle had swollen up.

They brought him inside and set him in a room to wait for another staff member to get to him, the head nurse was dealing with the aftermath of a fight that happened on the other side of the school so she and a few of the other nurses were a little preoccupied. It took a couple of minutes but eventually one of the nursing assistants came in to check on Lucas. She was a light brown-skinned Minotaur that only looked a few years older than him, and a short one at that. She was just a few inches taller than him, odd considering how most Minos were closer to the seven-foot mark. She could almost pass off as a Holstaur with her massive cup size, they were probably the same size as Patty’s. He almost thought she was one if it wasn’t for the horns coming out the sides of her head rather than closer to the top.

She greeted him, introducing herself as Fatima, before having him pull off his shoe and lay down for her to examine his ankle. She was immediately able to tell that he had indeed sprained it from all the swelling, but poked around to ensure the severity of the injury.

“Well sweetie, it doesn’t seem like you broke or tore anything. Even so, you shouldn’t put any weight on it for the rest of the day, keep it elevated and apply ice to it to keep the swelling down. Expect some pain for the next few days, but you should be able to walk. Just try not to put too much pressure on it. You can lay down here in the meantime and I’ll get you an ice pack while I call your parents. We’ll have to send you home for the rest of the day.”

Lucas nodded before she left the room. As she did, he couldn’t help but notice her eye him suspiciously.

A couple of minutes pass and Fatima returns to the room with the ice pack and a wedge pillow to help keep his leg elevated.

“Lucas, this may be an odd question but you look terribly familiar to me…” she said while placing the icepack on his ankle, “do you know Jake?”

Lucas was a little surprised by the question, but nodded.

“I knew I had seen you before. I am a friend of Valentina’s. I believe I saw you at that restaurant that Carmen was singing at.”


“Yes. Carmen and I came over to the states from Puerto Rico not so long ago, it’s probably only been a couple months now. I got an internship at the school in the meantime until I can get my RN credentials. Claudia has been here for just a bit longer. I think she came in around the same time Valentina did.”


“Oh, you haven’t met her yet. She was the Ghoul sitting with us. I heard that you already ‘met’ Carmen, the harpy.”

Lucas made a face, ‘met’ is definitely one way of saying it, earning a giggle from Fatima.

“Yes, I know. I am glad that Jake ended up with us though, he’s such a cutie.”

“Wait. Us?”

“Didn’t he tell you? I thought you already knew that High Orcs usually shared their men. All three of us have been friends with Valentina for years, she always let us sample her catches if we wanted to. But Jake is different. He’s nice. I like him, and so do the others. I think we’re going to keep him.”

Lucas was still trying to process this. Jake had told him about Carmen, but he didn’t say anything about a Minotaur or a Ghoul. He tells her this, prompting another giggle.

“Of course, Valentina probably hasn’t told him yet. I’m sure he’ll figure it out. Claudia and I haven’t broken him in yet after all.”

He wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

A couple minutes pass by and Lucas’ father is at the school to pick him up. Since he couldn’t walk out to the car, Fatima picked him up in a bridal carry to it. She did it just as everyone was switching between classes, and thus starting the rumor that one of the school nurses was part of his harem now.

Patty and Abigail texted him asking if the rumors were true that he had broken his leg falling down the stairs… and if the cow girl was part of the group now. He let them know that he just rolled his ankle and the nurse was just helping him to the car. She’s actually one of Jake’s girls.

His dad made sure he was alright, helping him inside and then rolling him to his room with the help of an office chair they kept in the house.

Lucas would spend his day at home, thinking it would be pretty relaxing… until the doorbell rang.

It was barely past noon and Roxy had arrived with a bag of creams and lotions for sore muscles and swelling. Apparently, she had messaged Jasmine for recommendations and picked a few up before swinging by. Cathy was the next to arrive with an ice pack and chicken soup that her mom made as soon as she found out he had rolled his ankle. Cathy told her it was an ankle injury, not a cold, but she insisted that he be well fed for a full recovery.

Soon enough Patty came in with Charlie and Maurie, all of them worried about him and sitting by him to make sure he was okay.

The last one to arrive was Abigail. Lucas’ parents at first thought the Bentley parking at the curb in front of their house was lost, probably only stopping to check their phone or make a call. It wasn’t until Abigail stepped out, still in her school uniform, that they realize that they were mistaken.

Elizabeth stepped out of the car with her daughter, she was in a deep v neck romper with a pair of black high waist pants and heels. She sauntered up to the front door and ringing the doorbell. This was the first time either of them had ever seen the Vampire mother.

Opening the door, they greeted them and invited them inside, directing Abigail to Lucas’ room where the other girls were. Patty protectively held Lucas and growled at her when she came in, earning an eye roll from the Vampire.

“I see you’re in good hands Lucas.”

Lucas chuckled.

“You can say that. Look girls, I appreciate you all coming in to check on me, but there’s no need to wait on me. It’s just a rolled ankle, I just need some rest is all. It’s not like I broke it or something.”

Although the girls agreed that it wasn’t severe, none of them were going to leave him. The only reason Jasmine wasn’t here was because she was at her college several hours away, and even then Cathy was keeping her updated.

Abigail sighed.

“I’ll let my mother know you’re alright, we’ll probably be staying for a bit. Since I am going to the kitchen, is there anything you want me to get for you? A glass of water? Some Gatorade?”

“Some water would be nice.” He responds.

Lucas had begun to eat some of the the chicken soup Cathy had brought. Ms. Klein had made it unexpectedly spicy, probably to give it some extra kick, but it was good.

Abigail nods, returning to the kitchen for his drink only to be greeted to the sight of Lucas’ mom driving the heel of her shoe into her husband’s foot from behind the counter. On the counter was her mother, leaning forwards from her seat and revealing a full view of her cleavage through her collar for him to see. Abigail didn’t know what her mother said, but probably something inappropriate… especially to a married man in front of his wife.

A week goes by and Lucas’ ankle is feeling much better, but still trying to keep running to a minimum until next week at least. Cathy recommended that he come over for a yoga class with her mom since half of it was on your back or side.

Cathy had started managing her mother’s online presence when she wasn’t on lifeguard duty, setting up a page for her on Forbidden Fruit and a couple of instructional videos of how to do certain moves or poses as well as yoga mat and workout attire recommendations… especially for those with larger assets like herself. Today she was going to be doing a live stream of her class, a first for her. Subscribers can hop on and follow along for free, give tips if they enjoyed the class, and can sign up for a class or a private session/stream for a fee.

Lucas dropped by early that weekend, Cathy needed some help setting up the camera and the program to use it for the live stream. Couldn’t have it too low or else on of the students could accidentally block it, but can’t set it up to high or viewers won’t be able to see the poses properly.

Ms. Klein mentioned she was thinking that they should set up the other camera outside by the pool for any aquatic classes she might hold in the future. Then bringing up about having a camera for whenever she holds classes in the park.

“One thing at a time Ms. Klein, once we have this one down we can look at the rest.” Lucas replied as he finished connecting the camera to Cathy’s laptop.

“Aww, what would I do without you younger kids with all this new technology.” She said, pinching his cheek.

Cathy rolled eyes but smiled nonetheless.

“C’mon shorty, I need your help testing out the setup.”

The two mess around with the program and the camera setup, trying to get the site to recognize it as a webcam and adjusting the focus so that Ms. Klein would be perfectly in view on the feed. To deal with the height issue, they agreed to keep the center section clear for the camera with Ms. Klein’s mat at the end.

As the two finished up with the setup, Cathy’s mom decided to do her usual mid-day stretches. She was already in her yoga pants, those were her pants of choice even when going out, and a loose tank top. She would switch to her yoga top once it got closer for her class to begin. Ms. Klein began, reaching up into the air and bending down to touch her toes, her tail swaying as her pants stretched to show the outline of her panties before standing back up to reach to the ceiling. After a few more stretches she turned around and sat on her mat to continue some leg stretches, leaning forward to expose more of her cleavage as well as accidentally showing Lucas that she was not wearing a bra at the moment.

Lucas just turned to face the laptop screen and pressed himself to Cathy to hide the stiffy he was forming, only to be greeted to the camera feed of Ms. Klein.

“You know, once we’re done here, we can head into my room and handle that situation you’ve got in your pants. Rubbing it up against my back is getting me in the mood~”

“The sooner the better.” He replied, giving her a quick kiss and heading to her room.

“I cannot believe this is happening, a date at the symphony, and with Lucas,” Abigail spoke to herself as she continued to straighten up her room.

The night had finally come, it was date night with Lucas. Abigail was excited, not only to have Lucas all to herself for the night but she was finally able to go to the symphony with someone who actually wanted to go as much as she did.

Lucas was already on his way over to her place, dressed in his usual attire for now. Abigail had kept his suit at her place in the meantime for safekeeping, especially since half his wardrobe had holes in it from the other girls.

He seemed so excited to be coming, she could hear him playing the Fantasia soundtrack in the background when he called earlier to say he was on his way to her place.

Those two weren’t the only ones excited about the date tonight, even her mother Elizabeth was happy to see her daughter on her first official date with Lucas.

“My daughter finally going on a date, now I wouldn’t have chosen the symphony, a bit too stuck up for me,” Elizabeth spoke while leaning against the open door in her daughter’s room.

“Mom please, not tonight. I want things to go perfectly. I need to look good and he is going to look good with me.” Abigail said while she made sure her dress had nothing wrong with it.

“Abigail, relax. I am not going to interfere with your date. Dinner is already reserved, and it will be like I am not even here by the time you two come back.” Elizabeth said before heading out to her bedroom.

“To think a few years ago you were calling him an insect, now look at you… in love.” Elizabeth then thought while heading down the hallway and disappearing into the darkness of her room.

Lucas soon pulled up to her house, the only black house on that street. It really clashed with everything but it was still a nice house all things considered.

He stepped up onto the porch before knocking on the large black front door.

“Oh, it’s him.” Abigail said to herself before eying herself in the mirror, “Damn girl you look good and you are about to look better.”

She walked down the curved stairway that led into the foyer, black with gold trim. Nothing but class for the Von Monza family.

She composed herself at the door, taking in a deep breath before finally opening it.

“Abigail,” Lucas said approaching her giving her a kiss on the cheek which Abigail stood a bit on her tiptoes leaning into it, “I am glad you’re the one who answered.”

She smiled at him “Come on upstairs, we should start getting dressed if we want to make it to the reservation.” she then spoke letting him inside.

The walls, the columns, and the chandelier in the middle. Abigail’s home was definitely the most extravagant he’d ever been in… except maybe for that one party…

This was the first time Lucas had ever been inside Abigail’s room, so he wasn’t sure what to expect from her.

“Sure, also you said you had my suit pressed and ready, so I brought my tie,” Lucas said pulling it from his pocket.

Abigail rolled her eyes a bit seeing that tie.

“Lucas, that is a clip-on, I have a real tie don’t worry,” she said to him taking his hand and starting to lead him upstairs.

Abigail looked nice even if she was just in some sweats and a tank top showing her smooth pale arms.

“We have dinner reservations at Ocean Prime, then the symphony,” she spoke with an excited tone in her voice.

“Yes, I know that is why I showed up early,” Lucas replied as they reached the top of the staircase.

The gothic interior was quite nice, and it certainly fits the family the house belonged to.

Abigail stopped in front of her bedroom door, a nice black tone to match the house. She opens up her door to reveal her room to him.

It certainly made his own room look fairly basic.

Black walls with red near the top, paintings scattered around, and two smaller ones right above her bed. Her bed is a queen, black comforter, black pillows, and red accent pillows to match the wall. No headboard for her, just the mattress and sections for drawers underneath.

Abigail led him past her bed and the giant TV mounted on the wall in front of it, to another door.

“It is hung up right in front of the mirror, I’ll take care of your tie,” she added opening up the door for him.

A full walk-in closet of course, all dimly lit with strips of white lights along the floor to add a soft undertone.

“Go on, we have dinner soon Lucas,” she said shutting the door behind him once he walked inside.

It was his first formal event outside of prom and he admittingly was a bit nervous, especially being inside of Abigail’s closet. She had something for every occasion in her closet, even a side rack just for her school uniforms.

Lucas changed into his suit, and when Abigail said it was made to fit, she meant it. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked good cleaned up, the only thing missing was his shoes, which were still resting in the box they bought them in.

Meanwhile, Abigail was in her bathroom slipping on her dress, a backless black dress that showed off her pale legs, black opera gloves for her arms, a soft white fur boa, and black stiletto’s that made her match his height.

“The best that man will ever get.” Abigail thought while applying a light coat of pink lipstick and eyeliner to add some color.

“Lucas, I hope you are ready I need to put on your tie,” she spoke while finishing up her make-up.

Lucas had already exited her closet and was busy admiring her balcony which faced the same wall as the entrance door on the left, the balcony featured a small metal railing with a telescope aimed up at the sky. He never took her for someone to stargaze.

Abigail walked out of the bathroom to see her man in the clean black suit she picked out.

“Mmm damn, I knew I could clean this man up, and that look he is giving me right now screams approval,” she thought as she eyed him down.

Lucas was floored looking at her. The window at her chest showing more of her pale complexion and her bust size filled out the dress even more. They had begun growing in size ever since she started feeding, not rapidly but still noticeable.

She smiled seeing that she left him speechless.

“Abigail, you look beautiful,” he finally managed to squeak out.

Abigail approached him grabbing the black bowtie from the shelf that sat under the TV and had him stand still as she put it on him. She tightened the knot and like that the outfit was complete.

“We are perfect Lucas.”

Abigail reached for her purse, a small leather one with a chain strap, and took note of everything inside. “Tickets, phone, keys, wallet with the card, and small extras,” she whispered while pulling out her phone.

She was calling up a ride for them. While they waited Lucas complimented on her room along with the telescope outside. She offered him to come out and stargaze with her sometime, the night is beautiful this time of year, and tonight in particular was looking great.

Soon their ride had arrived and they were off in their UberLux. Abigail went with the nicer car for the trip and she booked the driver for the night.

Lucas and Abigail soon arrived in front of the restaurant Ocean Prime.

It looked fancy and expensive, thankfully he saved up for it.

Lucas stepped from the back of the car first and opened the door for Abigail, she smiled and took his hand with her glove.

“Thank you, my dear, shall we go eat?” Abigail then spoke.

Lucas smiled back at her as he and she walked arm in arm to the restaurant.

They entered the decently crowded restaurant, everyone was dressed nice just like the two of them and it was filled with light chatter. At the center of the dining area was a live piano player, a Kraken, playing some light tunes.

Abigail had the biggest smile on her face while she adjusted her boa.

“Oh hello, and welcome to Ocean Prime, do you have a reservation?” the Lizardmen hostess asked behind the small desk.

“Yes. Table for two. Von Monza,” Abigail responded.

The Lizardmen’s eyes widened and looked at Abigail.

“My mother made the reservations for us tonight,” Abigail added with a smile.

“Right this way.” The hostess nearly stammered, leading them to a table and removing the reserved table sign placed on it.

“Your waiter will be out shortly,” the Hostess spoke as they each sat down.

Abigail and Lucas both thanked her before she headed away.

The table was nice, two seats right across from each other, comfortable wooden chairs with cushions that were just perfect.

Meanwhile near the front of the restaurant, the Lizardmen hostess was speaking to one of the waiters.

“It is the Von Monza party, it is her daughter and a boyfriend from the looks of it, go on you take it.” She said to the waiter near the front of the restaurant.

He nods and agrees to go take the table.

“The place is beautiful isn’t it Lucas dear?” Abigail asked while looking at him across the table.

It really was, the ambiance, the classy company, and of course his date.

“Yes, it really is.”

Soon the waiter arrived, a bottle of sparkling water being placed in the middle of the table.

The waiter handed them each a menu before letting them both know just to wave him over when they are ready to order.

Lucas looked at the menu and immediately was intimidated by the prices.

“Lucas babe, don’t even worry about anything alright. Mom left me the card for the night,” she spoke with a whisper at the end mentioning her mother.

It certainly calmed him down but still, the menu was something else, seafood, steak, and they were probably of the highest quality.

“I am ordering for both of us, I want to keep you tasting nice,” Abigail spoke to him smiling from behind the menu.

Lucas didn’t really mind, he wouldn’t even know what to order if he had all night to choose.

Abigail waves over their waiter soon after.

She orders an appetizer to share between the two and the main course for both of them. A Surf N’ Turf as the appetizer, for her main course a Cesar Salad and a Sushi Prime Roll. As for Lucas, she orders him the Teriyaki Salmon with the Parmesan Truffle Fries just to let him cheat on his diet a little. She makes sure to mention no garlic on anything they ordered. But she had her inhaler handy just in case.

Once the waiter left the two chatted about homework for a bit since they had a few classes together. The Surf N’ Turf came first with sea scallops and ribs. A wonderful combination which he and Abigail enjoyed while listening to the live entertainment. Lucas placed his napkin into his lap much to his girlfriend’s delight before taking a few ribs and scallops.

The main course soon followed. His dish was cooked to perfection, and the truffle fries carried an addicting aftertaste that had him craving for more. Abigail’s dish seemed as if they picked the greens this morning, they were as fresh and colorful as they could be. And the Prime Roll had such a presentation with its red coloration and drizzled sauce that it almost seemed like it was bleeding. They both cleaned their plates without any issue.

“Dinner was delicious my dear, wasn’t it?” Abigail asked as she reached into her purse for a pocket mirror.

Lucas had enjoyed it, there was no hiding it. Everything was beyond his expectations and this was just the beginning of their date.

“It was Abigail,” he replied watching her touch up herself.

The check was paid, and Lucas left the tip.

The sunset outside was beautiful and Abigail couldn’t resist taking a picture of them for social media and to completely brag about it.

Soon they were back in their ride for the night and it was off to the symphony.

Abigail was getting comfier now, she was looking at him differently, a lot more loving, and it was nice to see her softer side appear.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the symphony actually Abigail, it is just so exciting,” he said taking her hand.

Butterflies were in Abigail’s stomach as she laced her fingers with his.

“Me too Lucas, I honestly am so happy I can take you to things like this and not complain,” she spoke leaning up and kissing his cheek.

No lipstick mark, good quality makeup.

“I have really been having a great time so far,” he said pulling her hand up to his lips and kissing it gently.

They snuggled in the backseat a little bit right before they made it to the symphony hall.

Once again Lucas actually got out and opened the door for her, a habit of his due to his car.

Abigail took his hand, placing her hand to her chest as she stood out of the car while the outside of the symphony hall started to fill.

“I am in love,” Abigail thought looking up at Lucas holding her.

Abigail led them inside among the many other guests. “Babe, go on check out the cafe and save us some seats near it, we are early,” she said heading over to a set of doors that led into the hall.

A small cafe to the right of where Abigail went sat by a large window giving a nice view of the street.

“Proudly Serving Warm Delights Coffee,” a sign said right outside of the small shop.

Lucas sat at the closest table against the wall, placing his jacket on the seat next to him to ensure that Abigail would get it.

Above the table near him were a few small paintings and one really struck him a night scene over a city. He couldn’t take his eyes off it, at least until Abigail sat down next to him.

“Enjoying the art, Lucas?” she asked while smiling at him.

“I was pretty zoned out looking at it, I really like the shading and colors,” he replied to her.

“Hm. It does look similar to one of the paintings I had in my room.”

“It does. I liked that one, but I couldn’t recognize the artist. It seemed like an early work of someone just before they hit it big, but I just can’t recall who.”

Abigail placed her hand to her chest again, she hadn’t told him that she was the one who painted the pieces in her room.

“Lucas, we need to go to a gallery, I am sure there has to be something downtown.” she said while taking his hand again with her free hand.

Lucas happily agreed and Abigail was now floored even more than before.

“A man of the arts, I knew he had class somewhere in him, I can already see it, Paris, New York, Italy, DC…” Abigail sat there fantasizing about the possible future dates.

It was time for them to enter the symphony hall, Abigail wasn’t able to book any of the balcony seats since they were all sold out, but the seats they had were still perfect. Soon it was full, the lights dimmed, and the stage lit up with shapes of the planets as the Hakutaku conductor comes out bowing in front of the crowd. The curtain splits to reveal the orchestra as she spins in place and approaches the previously hidden stand. She tapped her baton on the stand and raised both hands, bringing the hall to a complete silence.

With a flick of her wrist the hall lit up in stars from projectors giving the illusion of them sitting in space and then the music started with The Ballad of Mars.

Piece after piece, the orchestra masterfully weaved their music as the hall dazzled their eyes with its spectacle. After three hours, the music began to fade as the stars disappeared into the void.

It was a beautiful performance and it led them and everyone else in the theater to stand for a roaring applause.

Abigail was smiling a genuine smile at Lucas as they walked out of the symphony hall to wait for their ride. Fingers laced together the second they stepped outside and inside of the car. It was late, an hour from midnight.

“It has been such a perfect night Lucas hasn’t it?” she asked him just as they pulled up in front of her house.

“I loved it, Abigail,” he said kissing her forehead.

She blushed while they got out of the car.

“Let’s get upstairs and change,” she whispered into his ear. Lucas also blushed a bit, Abigail was different tonight.

They quietly headed inside, it was nearly silent aside from what sounded like the A/C turning on.

Lucas and Abigail walked up the stairs before stopping outside of her bedroom.

“Lucas… could we end the night with one small bite?” Abigail asked him while lightly leaning him against her door.

“Go right ahead. I’m all yours,” he replied while tilting his head to the side for her and beginning to turn around.

Abigail stopped him, having him face her as she leaned in and bit into his neck gently while her hands slipped under his suit jacket to embrace him a bit as she pressed her cold body against his.

They looked at each other once she stopped feeding, her eyes were a soft red. The two came together for a gentle kiss that only lasted a few seconds, followed by a deep stare into each other’s eyes. They pressed their lips against each other once more, intensifying their make-out session against her bedroom door.

“He is mine tonight,” she thought with her tongue in his mouth and her fingers starting to unbutton his dress shirt one button at a time.

Lucas had his hand slightly up her dress and on her soft cold thigh.

She had him pushed against the door now with his shirt open and her hands touching his lightly toned body. You could even hear gentle moans coming from Abigail while they still were still lost in each other’s lips.

Their lips never broke for more than a couple seconds at a time as Abigail finished unbuttoning the last button with her free hand. She let her hands explore his chest and stomach for a moment while she started to reach down lower starting to undo his belt.

In a flash his belt was undone and in that moment they hear the unfortunate sound of the front door unlocking. The passion immediately stops and Abigail rushes them inside the bedroom.

Abigail turned to Lucas who was still standing there with his shirt open and belt undone.

She took a deep breath, calming herself from her earlier state before finally responding to him.

“Go on babe change up,” she spoke while before heading into the bathroom.

Lucas headed into the closet where his clothes were. Changing back into his former clothes and shoes. Abigail meanwhile was trying to hold it together in the bathroom about how the mood got completely ruined.

After a couple of minutes, she heads out to see her man standing there waiting for her, back in her sweats and a tank top.

“Abigail, I really did have a wonderful time tonight. I hope that we can do it again sometime,” Lucas spoke approaching her.

Abigail turned red and smiled at him before saying “I had the most wonderful time with you Lucas, and absolutely. The art gallery downtown has a showcase coming up soon so we have to go.”

Lucas smiled back at her, happy to hear that.

They kissed again goodbye. A simple kiss, not as intense as before but nice.

Abigail closed the door behind him as he left and immediately laid on her bed berating herself in her mind about earlier.

Lucas was headed downstairs to leave before being stopped by Elizabeth.

“Lucas, I didn’t know you two were home already? I trust you had a good time?” she asked walking out into full view… with a full head of bright blonde hair? Did she dye her hair?

“It was a fantastic time, the restaurant was great, the symphony was perfect I did really have a good night with Abigail,” he replied, still cautious around her mother.

“So, you aren’t staying? Is it her bed? I know Abigail wanted it extra soft, but my bed is much more firm if that is more suitable for your athletic build,” she said nonchalantly.

Lucas froze but Elizabeth knew what she was doing. Lucas quickly told her that he does have to be up early in the morning to work out and that where he goes running is close to his house.

“It is alright dear, go home, rest up, and have a good night,” she said with a light chuckle leading him out.

A few months roll by with nothing of note in particular happening. Patty and Abigail can’t ever see eye to eye on anything, Jasmine is finishing up her final year in college wondering what she’ll do afterwards, and the rest of the wans are debating whether a roadtrip to Vegas for a bikefest is a good idea.

All while this was happening, Lucas himself was in a conundrum of his own… college applications. Principal Robinson had agreed to be his guidance counselor for this, finding out any last-minute pre-requisite that he needed, volunteer hours, test scores, etc. to help with the process and improve his chances. She knew her stuff, even finding a list of scholarships he qualified for.

Unfortunately for the both of them, the air conditioning in the offices was on the fritz. The rest of the building was fine though, so many of the doors were left wide open for those near the front. Ms. Robsinson’s office was at the end though, so she had to depend on a single window and an oscillating fan to keep her cool. She had already taken off her blazer and undone more than a few buttons on her dress shirt, revealing the beauty mark that was on her breast.

Lucas kept himself distracted, trying to stay focused on the college applications. Where did he want to go, what did he want to major in, was there anything he needed to do before applying? He really wasn’t sure on a lot of these things.

Ms. Robinson had been wiping her forehead with a couple tissues she had at her desk, but appeared to have run out throughout the day.

“Lucas dearie, could you be a sweetheart and get me another box of tissues. There should be a few in the top drawer.” Ms. Robinson asked, pointing to the filing cabinet near the window.

He quickly got up and walked over to cabinet, feeling a faint breeze of fresh air come through the open window. Lucas couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief before opening the cabinet and pulling out a fresh box of tissues. Turning around to make his way over to Ms. Robinson’s desk, Lucas took two steps forward and stumbled over the fan’s power cord.

Ms. Robinson was already turning to face him as he approached with the box, so she was luckily able to catch him before he hit the ground. But where he landed probably wasn’t much better…

Lucas was face first into his principal’s chest.

It was much larger than Patty’s chest, that much was for sure now that he was in it. Looking up, the two stared at each other for a brief few seconds as they processed what was happening. He stood himself back up, red in the face from embarrassment while Ms. Robinson too became flushed. Another button on her shirt had become undone, the edges of her bra just barely visible as her cleavage becomes impossible to ignore.

The two avoid eye contact for a few more seconds until the bicorn finally manages to stutter a response.

“L-let’s just tie this up f-for now. We can continue a-a-after we get the AC fixed.”

Lucas nodded, quickly leaving her office and closing the door behind him. He leaned against the wall outside her office for a moment, still red from it all… and now with a slight erection in his pants.

Meanwhile Ms. Robinson was gripping the sides of her face like a schoolgirl, flustered about what just happened before realizing that her seals had shriveled away into nothing.

“Just a few more months…”

A few weeks roll by and Lucas is with Patty in the dumpster during lunch. They were just cuddling and eating since Patty had already gotten her fill earlier that day and just wanted to spend time with him. She was talking about how she’d be visiting her dad this weekend when her phone started to go off like crazy. It was the group chat because Lucas’ phone was also constantly vibrating from all the messages being sent. Patty immediately jumped onto her phone and after a couple of minutes started laughing uncontrollably.

“What’s going on?”

Patty kept laughing for a bit longer, coughing a bit before finally filling him in on what was happening.

Cathy was the one posting all the messages in the group chat and apparently some drama had just happened over at her place. Her mom was holding one of her yoga classes while Cathy was busy handling the live stream and whatnot. While she was busy setting up the schedule for private lessons someone outside their house started yelling like crazy. This interrupted the class and the stream, so Cathy’s mom along with half the class went up to the windows to see what was going on.

Two dudes were duking it out on her driveway. Just going at it with each other, throwing punches and everything. At this point Cathy stopped the stream entirely to see what was going on. Meanwhile, her mom decides to take matters into her own hands and steps out of the front door to put a stop to all this nonsense. She manages to get a hold of the two men and calm them down long enough to have them tell her why they’re fighting. After a couple of minutes, she tells them to wait and goes inside.

Once she’s in the house she goes into Valentina’s room and drags her outside to meet the two guys. Apparently, Valentina was at the club the other night and met these two guys there. The two bozos had a little too much to drink and ended up fighting at the club before getting kicked out, but Valentina decided to swipe their phones sometime during the night. They both had the location app on their phone and came over to get it back, but when they saw each other they had to pick up from where they left off at the club. Valentina gave them back their phones and the two left without a cinch.

The two came back inside and Cathy’s mom cancelled the rest of the class. Today’s lesson would be a freebie. As soon as they all left, she ripped Valentina a new one. Saying things like how dare she embarrass her like that in front of all her students, what in the world are you doing stealing, you can’t be doing that here nowadays.  She searched Valentina’s room and found a drawer full of stolen wallets and phones, so she pulled out the chancla.

After all that, she told Valentina that she had to return everything and that she had to move out by the end of the month.


The girls never liked Valentina, especially since she was always trying to tempt Lucas away from them. So they were all glad that she got what she deserved.

Lucas couldn’t help but wonder where she’d end up.

At that moment his phone vibrated, this time it wasn’t from the group chat.

It was a text message, from Jake.

He was asking if Lucas could help him move Valentina’s stuff to a new place.

Well… guess he was going to find out soon enough.

A few days passed and Lucas was driving up to visit Jasmine at her college. Ms. Robinson told him it would be a good idea to visit a few of the colleges he was considering applying to just to make sure they were a good fit. As such, he was going up for the weekend to spend it with Jasmine and to visit her campus.

This was her last year there, graduating with a business degree. She managed to get most of it paid off with her track scholarships and the rest with state grants.

Lucas arrived at the school and met up with Jasmine at one of the parking garages, she was wearing a school t-shirt and a pair of black spats. Making sure his visitor pass was visible, he stepped out of the beater to greet his girl, giving her a kiss and hug as she chuffed.

“I’m glad you could make it.” Jasmine tells him, holding him close to her.

“It’s good to see you too.”

“There’s so much to show you about this place.”

She took him on a light tour of the campus, showing him where she had class and some of the interesting sights it had. The dorms, the bookstore, the dining halls, and several of the administrator buildings, even managing to snag him a free t-shirt at a table the school’s student government was hosting. The last bit she wanted to show him was the school gym.

It was right across one of the dining halls and was a massive building of its own. Entering the facility there was a receptionist area where everyone coming in had to swipe their student ID to enter. Luckily, they could bring in a +1 once a week, so Lucas was able to get to see everything the place had to offer.

The front seemed pretty standard, a bunch of machines and free weights with all sorts of people using them. The Jinko began to list off the several types of machines they had when she was interrupted by a pair of girls on the leg press. A giant green Ogre was waving at her while her Cyclops companion was wiping the sweat off her forehead as she stood up from the machine. The Cyclops was massive compared to the Ogre.

“Jasmine, surprised to see you here. Thought you said you’d be busy.” The Ogre said with a toothy smile.

“Just showing my boyfriend the gym. He wanted a tour of the place.” Jasmine responded, pulling Lucas forward and wrapping her arms around him.

Lucas looked up at the girls, they were gigantic. Jasmine was the shortest one among them. The Ogre was wearing an orange sports top and black workout pants while the Cyclops had a loose grey tank top over a black sports bra with shorts. The two girls looked like they lived at the gym, their muscles were defined and sculpted. No wonder Jasmine had been getting so fit.

“So, you’re the boyfriend Jazzy here has been talking so much about,” the Ogre pointed, “pleasure to finally meet ya. I’m Alex. And thunder thighs over here is Mary.”

Mary the Cyclops raised her hand and did a finger wave to him.

“Hi.” Lucas managed to squeak out.

“Oh don’t worry short stuff. Mary just looks scary if you’re looking up at her from up close. She’s as ferocious as a teddy bear.”

Mary rolled her eye.

“Well, we’re about finishing up here. Gonna hit the showers and probably grab a bite to eat if you two want to join.” Alex went on.

Jasmine looked down and squeezed Lucas slightly to see if he was okay with it, to which he did a quick nod.

“Sure. I’ll show him the rest of the gym while you two shower and meet you over there.”

Mary gave a thumbs up as the two headed into the showers. As they did so Lucas noticed a familiar face heading into the locker room nearby. An orc… Melissa? She was between two guys, one hand on both of their rears as she led them away.

Huh, guess some things never change.

It was the end of the month and Lucas was with Roxy driving over to Cathy’s. He was going over to help Valentina move to her new place at Jake’s request. Roxy decided to tag along just to make sure nothing happened, and because she had a van. The van wasn’t really hers, someone dropped it off at the shop to get the belts changed and check the fluids but never came back to pick it up. It has been two weeks and they’ve already tried contacting the owner twice, so if they don’t come back they’ll be able to transfer the title and sell it to recoup any losses. It was a worker van, plain white, no frills.

Technically Roxy wasn’t supposed to take it, but no one was going to notice. If anything, this was a test drive to ensure the belts and fluids were all sorted out.

The two arrived at Cathy’s house, Jake’s bike was out in the front so he was probably already inside. Lucas knocked before opening the door only to be hit by an overwhelming smell of food being prepared in the kitchen by Ms. Klein, some carne asada, some casamiento, and a bunch of other things.

“Hola Lucas, hola Roxanne! Welcome welcome! Come inside! I’m just cooking up some dinner for you all when you finish. Jake and Valentina are in her room.”

Lucas commented saying it smelled great and went over to Valentina’s room. Inside was Jake who was busy taking the bed frame apart while Valentina was leaning up against her mattress that was on the wall scrolling through her phone. She looked up and brightened up when she saw Lucas.

“Hola Lucas~” she said, walking over to kiss his cheek, earning a few growls from Roxy. “Hello…doggy.” She said in response to Roxy, eying her up and down. Even though she was officially with Jake, she was still trying to tempt Lucas.

“Hey Valentina. Hey Jake.”

Jake waved and greeted them, almost dropping a piece of the bedframe but narrowly catching it before it did.

The wall was lined with plastic storage bins, mostly filled with clothes, shoes, and purses. It was obvious that Valentina hadn’t even lifted a finger to do any of this, she probably had Jake do it for her.

Seeing that there wasn’t much else to pack up, Roxy and Lucas started putting the bins in the van along with the few pieces of furniture that Valentina had. The High Orc decided to walk out with the two as they carried her drawer set outside and into the van.

“Be careful with that. I don’t want some dog scratching my stuff up.” Valentina quipped as Roxy pushed the furniture into the van.

Roxy had to bite her tongue.

The two continued to load up the van, getting almost everything to fit, save for the mattress and bedframe. There was no way they were going to be able to do this in one trip, they didn’t bring any straps to tie the mattress to the roof either.

They all managed to squeeze into the van, Lucas and Jake having to share the passenger side seat while Valentina was forced to back with the rest of her stuff. Jake acted as the GPS, giving them directions to the new place as Roxy consistently but totally didn’t purposefully hit every pothole along the way to annoy Valentina since she was the only one not in a seat. Just testing the suspension.

Roxy finally drives up to the new place, a nice little two-story house that wasn’t too far away. Lucas recognized Fatima, the Minotaur school nurse, standing outside doing some light gardening. They pull up and greet the Minos, Jake getting a quick kiss from her. Seems like he finally figured out the full size of the group he was with.

Valentina goes inside and lays on the couch as they all empty out the van with the help of Fatima. She was small but she was definitely a Minotaur, carrying the entire drawer set by herself with ease. The group emptied out the van, placing most of the bins in the living room for Valentina and sort out while Roxy and Lucas went back to pick up the mattress.

The two made it back pretty quickly, letting Ms. Klein know that Jake and Valentina were back at her new place getting things sorted out… well really mostly just Jake. She just shook her head and muttered something along the lines of “Pobrecito” but told them that she’s just about finished with dinner, so once they finish loading up the car they should eat. Lucas agreed and headed into Valentina’s room to get the last few things they needed.

As he lifted one side of the mattress up, Roxy shut the door to the room.

“Lay the bed down and get on it. That bitch pissed me off. I need to destress.”

Lucas just stared at Roxy for a second, but complied. He dropped the mattress down onto the floor, pulled his pants down, and laid down. He knew better than to argue with Roxy when she got like this, cause if he didn’t then she might actually punch Valentina square in the face if she says anything.

Roxy got down onto her knees and leaned down to his crotch, licking his dick and sucking on his balls until he got hard. She wasn’t going for the usual foreplay, this was like how it was back at school under the stairwells. Straight to the point and a quick fuck. Roxy pulled off her pants and panties in one go, straddled him, and swallowed him whole. Leaning forward she grabbed his wrists with her paws, her hips humping against him as his penis slid in and out of her folds. She was breathing heavy, a small flame erupting from her eyes, but not saying a word so as not to be caught by Ms. Klein. The hellhound really wanted to go at it, but she knew better.

Her face was just a few inches from Lucas, her eyes filled with desire as she bit her lip to prevent any sort of moaning. Lucas lifted his head forward, planting a kiss on her lips. Roxy just melted at his touch, slumping down on his body as her paws slid from his wrists to his hands so that his fingers interlaced with her digits. They spun onto her back, her legs locking around his waist as Lucas began to thrust into her. The two made out the entire time, keeping their moans to a minimum throughout their lovemaking until finally Lucas shot his load into her. Roxy let out a small whimper, but was satisfied. Her tail thumping against Valentina’s mattress.

She held Lucas for a moment, nuzzling him before whispering in his ear.

“Thanks sweetie. I needed that.”

Getting up and off the bed, there were no stains. Just a ton of fur. Lucas brushed off what he could but Roxy seemed proud of it. The two then lifted the mattress and brought it out to the van, tossing it inside and doing the same with the frame.

Just in time too, Cathy was just pulling up after finishing her lifeguard shift. She fist bumped Roxy and gave Lucas a kiss. Roxy let her in on what just happened on Valentina’s bed, earning a smile and a head shake from Cathy.

“Are you two done? Oh Catherina! Welcome home. Come and sit down, I just finished dinner.”

They all sat down and had dinner, this was Roxy’s first time eating at Cathy’s. Ms. Klein was filling up her plate to the brim, giving her extra servings before she could even contest it. Roxy didn’t argue against it though, as per usual Ms. Klein’s cooking was grade A and impossible to refuse.

Eventually they finished dinner, Roxy almost passing out into a food coma right at the table, only managing to stay awake to help clean up the table. Ms. Klein gave them a food container full of leftovers for Jake and Valentina. Before they head out, Lucas loads Jake’s bike into the van, thanked Ms. Klein for the meal, and gives Cathy a kiss goodbye.

Some time had passed and Abigail decided to take Lucas with her to her art class. It wasn’t hosted by the school, instead it was one by an independent teacher that had it open to the public for anyone to take. She had already told him that the pieces in her room were made by her, and thought it would be nice if he decided to join her in making a new masterpiece. That and the teacher doesn’t mind the occasional guest.

Lucas thought it would be nice to spend some extra time with her while she worked. A change of pace to have him wait on her rather than the other way around.

The two were driving over to the local strip mall where the class was at, according to Abigail it was hosted after-hours at an arts and crafts store. They’d clear out a section of the store to set up a bunch of easels for the students.

Maybe he’d consider taking a class sometime in the future. Lucas wasn’t sure, but it was something worth considering.

The two arrived at the strip mall, most of the stores already closed saved for the one sushi restaurant that was mostly doing takeout and delivery orders. The two got out of the car, Lucas opening the door for Abigail as per usual, and headed up to the store for Abigail’s class.  Before the two headed into the store, Abigail pulled him aside.

“Before we start… I was hoping that I could have a quick snack before class.”

Lucas smiled, knowing this would happen.

Abigail took his hand and led him to the nearby empty underpass on the second floor. Just far enough out of sight that no one would spot them, but close enough to hear anyone going into the parking lot.

She lightly pushed him against the wall, her hands on her shoulders as she looked longingly into his eyes. Abigail leaned in as if though to kiss him before going for his neck, her teeth sinking in as she began to feed. Abigail pressed herself against him, her hands wrapping around him as he did the same to her.

When she finally let go of him she was breathing heavily, her face was flushed. She had taken more than she usually would. As they continued to stare into each other’s eyes, Abigail pressed herself against Lucas and kissed him.

The two remained in this position for a few seconds, their minds blank save for each other’s presence until she broke the kiss. They glanced into each other’s eyes once more until Abigail stepped away from him. She brushed her outfit, as if though trying to quell her desires and maintain her composure.

“We should go to class now.”

Lucas was feeling lightheaded as Abigail led him into the class. Walking into the carpeted store, the two made their way to the back of the store where the easels were set up and a few of the students were already there. By the looks of it, they were the youngest ones there. In fact, there were a few people from Ms. Klein’s yoga lessons that he was able to recognize taking the class as well.

Spotting a nearby couch, Lucas headed over to it and sank into it. That snack from Abigail took a lot more out of him than he was expecting. It was an old cushy leather couch, bits of it having flaked off over the years. He sank into it and laid his head back as he waited for the class to start, but he passed out as soon as he did.

A soft patting to his shoulder woke him up, Lucas blinking as he tried to remember where he was.

He rubbed his eyes and asked what happened.

“It was my fault… I took too much…” Abigail mumbled.

Lucas had passed out on the couch from the snacking she did. As Lucas reoriented himself, the rest of the class was packing up, putting away their pieces and getting ready to head home. He must’ve slept through the entire class. As they packed up, Lucas noticed what it was they were putting away. It was him.

While he was asleep, the teacher decided it would be a great opportunity to practice still life, so they painted him passed out on the couch. And as his attention was drawn to the pieces, the teacher walked up to the couch and pinched his cheek.

“Good morning Lucas, it’s good to see you.” Jasmine’s mom said, with a smile across her face.

Abigail was surprised to see that her teacher knew him already, to which Lucas revealed who she was. The group exchange pleasantries, talking about how Jasmine was coming down to visit this weekend and Maurie’s photoshoot. Once they finish, Abigail leans into Lucas and silently apologizes to him. It was her fault this all happened.

He took it in stride, but was curious how he turned out in her painting. Lucas asked her to show him her piece. Abigail felt a bit embarrassed about it, but she did hand him her canvas… and it was damn impressive. It almost looked like a picture with a filter over it. She had gotten the highlights and shadows just right.

She still felt bad about the whole ordeal, as such Abigail offered to buy him dinner on his way to drop her off… even letting him get junk food if he wanted to.

Lucas smiled, kissing her forehead and saying sure. Anyways, that nap was pretty nice.

The weekend arrived and with it so did Jasmine. As per usual whenever she came down, Lucas would be spending the entire weekend with her. The two already went out for a run at the crack of dawn at the local park, as well as pay a visit to their usual spot behind the bushes.

Currently they were lounging about on a blanket under the shade. Lucas was laying on his back while Jasmine rested her head on his stomach, cooling down after the run. The two chatted about what they’d do afterwards. Possibly hit up a Waffle House or diner for a proper breakfast. Eventually the conversation ended up about Jasmine graduating this year, and the lack of plans she had afterwards.

“I just don’t know… I could be a fitness instructor but I never really felt like that was an actual career path. That always felt more like an optional second job to have.”


“I could always look into accounting, but I just don’t see myself doing that either. I can run the numbers just fine if I need to, I just… don’t know.”

Lucas didn’t say anything.

He didn’t know what to say in all honesty.

The two remained silent for a minute before Lucas brushed his hand across her head and scratched her ears.

A few chuffs escaped from the Jinko.

Jasmine turned her head to look up at Lucas as he petted her.

“I’m sure I’ll figure it out. But what about you? What are you going to do after you graduate?”

Lucas wasn’t sure about that either. He was applying to colleges and whatnot, but he didn’t really have a plan for what to go for or what to do. He didn’t want to be working for Jimmy John’s for the rest of his life, even if it gave him good tips every time he went to The Station.

Jinko just chuffed again.

“This is why I like you. You’re honest, even when you don’t know what you’re doing. I think I’ll ask my mom for some advice. Maybe I can do an internship with that agent friend of hers to see if it would be something I’d like.”

Lucas agreed with that idea. It would be good to try something like that.

The two continued to lay on the blanket, enjoying each other’s company until they finally got hungry enough to go get some breakfast.

Lucas was hoping today would be just another regular day at school, but a Vampire and a Werewolf having a shouting match inside the dumpster proved it wouldn’t be.

He was grabbing lunch and about to meet up with Abigail since today was her turn to spend it with Lucas, but Patty decided that it was going to be her day instead… again. She caught him just as he got his lunch and dragged him out to the dumpster as per usual. Normally Abigail would just ignore this childish behavior and spend some time with Lucas after school, but this was the last straw for her. Throughout the entire year Patty had been antagonizing Abigail, refusing to heed the schedule she made for them to divide time with Lucas equally, growling at her every time they were together, Abigail had just about had enough with Patty’s attitude.

While Lucas was lounging in the dumpster with Patty, Abigail barged in to confront the already growling Werewolf.

“Listen here you untrained mutt, today is my turn to spend lunch with Lucas. I have ignored your threats and growls, I have allowed for you to steal some extra time from me to be with Lucas, and I have tried my best to bite my tongue instead flinging insults whenever I see your flea-ridden tail in my sights. Why are you like this?! I am trying my best to make peace with all of you, yet every attempt I make to move forward I have to deal with you trying to push me back! Why do you hate me so much!?”

Patty’s growls began to die down as she stared daggers at the Vampire and attempted to look menacing despite the height difference.

“I don’t hate you. I hate your family.” Patty finally managed to spit out.

“My family?” Abigail asked with a raised brow, “What have we ever done to you or your family?”

The werewolf continued to stare up to the Vampire, but her façade was fading. Her eyes were welling up as her paws were closed in a tight fist.

“Your family… your mother. She destroyed my family. She’s the reason my parents got divorced!”

The dumpster became silent, neither Lucas nor Abigail was able to respond to what had just been said. Only the sound of a sniffling werewolf as she fought back tears could be heard.

“She stole my papa away from my mama.”

No longer able to face Abigail, Patty turned to Lucas and held on to him tightly as she could while tears ran down her cheeks.

“She took him away, had her fill, had her fun, and tossed him out. Mama never got over it, and papa never forgave himself, and I don’t want you to do the same to me.” Patty whimpered.

Lucas couldn’t say anything… what could he say? He just held Patty as she quietly sobbed on him and looked over to Abigail.

The Vampire simply stood there, absorbing it all. Once the initial shock wore off, she took in a deep breath and spoke.

“Patricia. I am not my mother. I cannot undo the damage my family has done to yours, but… I am sorry.”

The Werewolf turned to face Abigail, wiping the last few tears with Lucas’ shirt. There was no venom in the Vampire’s words, no scowl across her face, no condescending attitude to lace her phrases. Abigail was being sincere.

“I promise you I will not steal Lucas away from you. Or any of the girls. I admit, I do not care for the shared custody we all have over him, but I came into this relationship knowing this and accepted it nonetheless.

I do not know why my mother went after your father, but I believe you. She is not above such wickedness. But rather than dwelling on a past before our time, I hope we can cross this bridge together. We both care for Lucas, and I want to spend as much time with him as you do.

I’ll let you spend the rest of the day with him, but I want to spend tomorrow with him.


The two looked at each other for a few moments until Patty finally nodded between her sniffles.

Abigail smiled.

“Alright. I hope we can get through this. Together.”

Abigail removes herself from the dumpster, leaving the two alone to their devices for the rest of the day. As she left, she pulled out her cellphone to send a message to her mother.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

The final leg of the year was coming up, and with it came everything at once. Everyone was prepping for finals, college applications were being sent, every club and team sport was competing against a rival school, it was chaos.

Their school managed to qualify for the state finals in track this year against four other schools. Luckily it was done pretty early on in the year compared to the other sports teams, but it also meant they had less time to prep for it. They did this to make sure if there were any kids on other teams that there wouldn’t be any time conflicts as well as enough time to rest between them.

They did pretty well this year, got first place in one of the competitions and a couple in second. Lucas was competing in the 100m dash, getting a third-place win for the team with a time of 13 seconds. He lost to a cockatrice and a greyhound kobold.

Nonetheless, the team was happy with how they performed this year. Overall, they did well and they did their best. No regrets.

Jasmine had watched a video of him that the team captain sent her and called to congratulate him.

Other than all that and the general chaos the school was in, things seemed to be going pretty smoothly.

The only real oddball thing going on was that Jake was buying that van from Roxy’s shop that they used for Valentina’s move. Roxy gave him a nice discount, especially since they basically got the car for free.

According to Cathy, her cousin wasn’t all too thrilled about Jake getting that ‘Free Candy’ looking heap, but she didn’t have a car. The only other person with a car was Claudia, the ghoul, but she wasn’t going to lend her car to Valentina unless she paid the insurance premiums to have her added.

So, she was stuck riding the van with Jake.

It was wild to think of it all.

A few more weeks roll by, finals were taken and people were relieved that the school year was basically over. Of course, there were still a few things left to do.

It was 3 am Saturday morning, Lucas and Patty were sitting together on a bus headed for Orlando. It was Gradbash, and they were going to Universal Studios together.

Abigail wouldn’t be joining them. She and Patty sorted it out amongst themselves that Patty would go with Lucas to Gradbash, but Abigail would be the one to take him for prom. Patty pouted at the fact that she wasn’t going to get to go to prom with Lucas, but fair is fair. She didn’t want to share Lucas with that stuffy Vampire anyways, she wanted him all to herself.

Everyone going to Gradbash had to go to the school by 2 am to get everyone on the buses and heading out by 3. It was still dark and going to be for a few more hours, so the two decided to catch up on some sleep before they make it to the park. Patty leaned against Lucas, using him as a pillow as her tail gently wagged while he used his jacket as a pillow against the window.

Soon enough the morning sun forced Lucas awake as they were arriving to Orlando, Patty remained fast asleep on his arm. He did his best to keep her comfortable as he looked out the window to keep himself occupied. They passed all sorts of signs and attractions, missing the exits for Disney and SeaWorld until getting onto the one for Universal.

Patty let out a cute yawn, nuzzling up against his arm before opening her eyes.

“Morning~” she squeaked.

Lucas kissed her head and told her good morning.

The bus went into the transportation hub, dropping all the kids off along with a few chaperones. Once everyone was accounted for, they made their way into the hub and began their trek to CityWalk. They passed by the several kiosks along the way, even though Patty really wanted to buy a few things but Lucas told her to get it on their way back instead of having to carry it around all day. Eventually they made it to the security checkpoint, meeting up with students from other schools, and passed thru the checkpoint with ease. The same could not be said for the Thunderbird who kept shorting out the metal detector.

Finally arriving at CityWalk, they were told the park wasn’t open just yet. They could hang out at the stores, clubs, or restaurants in the meantime. Before they did though, the chaperones handed out a meal ticket to all the students for use inside the park before they all dispersed.

The two got breakfast at a nearby Warm Delights kiosk, getting iced coffees and some breakfast sandwiches. They sat outside and ate their meal as others went around to kill time until the park opened for them. Thankfully it was a sunny but windy day, no worries about rain and a nice cool breeze to keep it comfortable.

None of the bars were open today, it seemed that since the park was closed to the public for GradBash there was no reason to open it up for a bunch of high school kids. Likewise, most of the stores weren’t open either, including the movie theater, probably to account for the reduced foot traffic. Still, there were a couple there and a handful of restaurants open with a skeleton crew (in one case a literal crew of skeletons) to serve the few that would use their services.

After finishing their breakfast, the two joined the rest of the students trying to find something to do. They took pictures of the sights, Lucas riding the surfboard on the plastic wave in front of the surf shop, Patty lounging on the Voodoo Doughnut throne, plenty of pictures of the two in front of the lagoon.

Perusing thru the venue Patty eventually stops in her tracks, her ears twitch as she sniffs the air and she begins to growl. Lucas looks around to see what’s making her act this way, and then spotting a familiar group walking towards them.

The Blackouts. The Raiju and Kamataichi gang.

Patty quickly jumped in front of Lucas and was baring her teeth as she let out a low growl towards them. Their leader was clearly annoyed to see her again, but continued towards the two until they were just a couple of feet away from them. A little arc of electricity bounced between her ears as she glared down at the werewolf.

“Look at what we got here girls. A lost pup and her little toy.”

This earned a few extra growls from Patty as Lucas put his hand on her shoulder to hold her back.

The group stared down the werewolf as she got ready fight. The Raiju leader raised her hand to the group, signaling them to calm down.

“Alright pup. We’re here for a good night. And the last thing we want to do is get kicked out before we even get in the park. So, we pretend we didn’t see each other, and we can tear you to shreds after we all get back home. Deal?”

Patty stood up, surprised at the offer.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Until next time pup.”

With that, the crew moved on and left the two where they were.

Both Lucas and Patty were surprised at the interaction, but didn’t question it. Once the group disappeared Patty held her hand to her chest, trying to calm her heart after what happened. When she turned to face Lucas, she immediately pulled him down and planted a kiss on him.

“I am so turned on right now.” She whispered to him.

Lucas just looked at her for a second until he finally responded.


“Leave that to me.”

Patty led him down the walk and into a little nook where none of the stores were open. She looked around and pulled out a plastic pick from her tail. Within a couple of minutes, she unlocked the door to the Bob Marley restaurant.

Pulling him inside, she closed and locked the door before she turned to face him.

“Pants. Off. Now.”

He did not hesitate. Pulling down his pants and drawers, Patty immediately started to fondle his cock.  She licked and caress his balls while stroking his dick, getting it hard in no time at all. She lifted her shirt, revealing her pink bra before unclipping it from the front. She began to massage his member, taking the tip in her mouth as she massaged his base with her massive breasts.

The two could hear people trying to open the door and taking pictures in front of the place as they stood a few steps away from it, only exciting them further.

After a few more minutes, Patty pulled down her own pants and jumped onto a table as she opened her legs wide for him to see her glistening pussy.

Lucas needed no instruction.

He took a few steps forward, rubbing the tip of her member against her waiting pussy, and then thrusted the full length inside of her. Patty let out a moan, one hand clenching her breast as the other reached down to finger her clit. Lucas placed his hand over her mouth to keep the noise to a minimum.

This was just like in school. Not enough time, can’t be too loud, either way she was getting her fill. He pounded away at her, his balls slapping against her before leaning down and removing his hand to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around him as he did so, locking her legs around his waist while clutching him as closely as she could to him. With her tightly wrapped around him, Lucas picked her up with his hands on her ass and pinned her against a square column to continue his assault. It was one of the few spots that didn’t have a framed picture or poster. Patty’s tail never stopped wagging as he continued to kiss and fuck her whilst carrying her.

“Did you hear something?” someone outside commented, trying to open the door to no avail.

The two lovers paid it no mind, panting away with each thrust. Drops of Patty’s juices fell to the ground with each push of his rock-hard member, a faint whimper escaping from her lips as she tried not to moan aloud.

With his body pressing up against hers, Lucas’ head was against the wall as he whispered that he was about to cum.

“Give it to me. Please.” Patty whispered back, turning to him for another kiss.

A couple more thrusts, Lucas lifted Patty up with one last push and shot his entire load into her. Patty almost let out a moan of ecstasy, subduing it by biting into his neck.

Staying in this position for a couple more seconds, the two looked at each other and kissed once more before Lucas finally set her down. As Patty went to put her pants back on, Lucas rubbed the bite on his neck.


The bite wasn’t bleeding, but he could definitely feel it now that the adrenaline was wearing off.

“I’m sorry baby. I got excited…” Patty apologized, giving him her puppy dog eyes.

Lucas sighed and told her it was okay, patting her head and giving her a quick kiss as he got his own pants back on.

The two waited in the restaurant until they could make sure the coast was clear to make their escape, sneaking out the front door and pretending they were here to take pictures of the Bob Marley statue in the front.

As they made it back towards the lagoon, hordes of students started heading towards the entrance of the park itself, signaling that it was now open.

They immediately got into the park as soon as they could, heading to the back of the park for Hogwarts. This was the first time Patty had ever been to the park so she was going to try every little thing she could. Starting from the back where the lines would be the shortest, they’d eventually come back around once the lines die down.

With a couple of hiccups throughout the day, Patty’s chest being too low due to her height and too large for a pull-down bar in a ride, having to lift them up to get the bar down to her lap. There were also a few times she had to stand by the ‘Minimum Height Requirement’ stand to show she was barely allowed to get on. They had lunch, pizza for Lucas while Patty had a jumbo turkey leg, and went around to some of the less intense attractions as the food went down.

The couple went around taking pictures of everything they could, Skull Island, Seuss Landing, Toon Lagoon, they must’ve done three laps around the park.

With their legs now aching and their phones on empty batteries, the park was starting to close down. Patty had gotten her fill on rides, along with a bag of souvenirs and pictures of the two on a few of the coasters. The two headed back to entrance of the park to get on their bus.

Getting on pretty early, they snag a pair of seats near the back of the bus and slump down. They were exhausted. Patty is still excited from it all, her first time at the park, reminding him of all the things they did together. Lucas was happy, agreeing with everything she said, but he was tired and the chair was comfy. Within a couple of minutes, he had passed out in his seat.

Patty eventually noticed this, and she smiled. She interlaced her fingers with his and leaned against him ready to fall asleep alongside him.

“Thank you, Lucas. I love you.” She whispered, before joining him.

A week passed since Gradbash and now it was time for prom. Jake had his prom last week while Lucas was at Universal, taking Carmen with him as his date. Apparently, the harpy had never gone to prom and Valentina wasn’t interested.

But tonight was Lucas’ and Abigail’s prom.

It was around two in the afternoon on Saturday and Lucas was heading over to the only house painted black in the neighborhood to start preparing for tonight. He was going to be wearing the same suit he had for the symphony, but he had no idea what Abigail would be putting on for tonight.

Pulling up at the house, Lucas parked his car in the driveway besides the Bentley and got to the door to ring the bell.

Elizabeth, Abigail’s mother, answered the door. Thankfully she was fully dressed this time.

“Oh Lucas, it’s good to see you.  Come in, come in.” she said in her usual sultry tone. “Abigail is upstairs in her room getting ready. Go on up, I need to make a call to see when the Porsche is getting dropped off.”

Abigail managed to convince her mom to lend them her Porsche for prom, but it had been in the shop for the past week for maintenance. Before Elizabeth tried to do anything to fluster Lucas, he ran up the steps to Abigail’s room.

Knocking on the door, Lucas heard Abigail inside telling him to come in.

The Vampire was in a black bathrobe and her hair up in a towel, several dresses laid down across her bed as she debated which one to wear tonight. Lucas couldn’t help but stare for a second, it was the first time he had ever seen her in a bathrobe. As well as the first time he ever saw a black bathrobe.

She smiled seeing him at the door, happy to see he was here nice and early for their big night. Abigail walked over to him and gave him a kiss. It was rare to see her so visibly excited.

Grabbing his hand, she led him to the guest bedroom nearby. On the bed were his clothes for tonight, all laid out and ready for him.

“There’s a shower in the bathroom here, and a bunch of old colognes my mother has kept over the years. Get yourself cleaned up and ready. Once you’re done come back to my room. And lock the door when you shower… just in case.”

Lucas nodded.

Abigail went back to her room to continue with the preparations. He looked around for a second, an oddly plain room with a dark aesthetic similar to the rest of the house. Lucas went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, a towel already there ready for him to dry off. Opening the medicine cabinet in the bathroom he found several dusty bottles of cologne, testing them out before deciding which one to slap on.

Stepping out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, he got himself dressed save for the blazer, the tie, and the shoes. Heading out of the guest bedroom, Lucas made his way back to Abigail’s room. He didn’t knock this time, opening the door and stepping inside to reveal that she was already in one of the dresses she picked out. It was a single armed split leg maxi dress. It was black over her left leg but had a golden base along the split with a black lace cover featuring vines and flowers. This pattern continued over her waist and across her chest before going down her left arm.

Lucas couldn’t help but let out a whistle.

Abigail turned to face him, smiling to see he was nearly ready… but then grimaced.

“What are you wearing?”

He just stared at her in confusion.

“Your cologne. What in the world is it? It smells like cigars and alcohol.”

“I thought it smelled alright.”

“So, you wanted to smell like a mobster?” Abigail asked with a raised brow.

Lucas pretended to smoke a cigar, doing his best Godfather impression and earning a headshake from Abigail.

As Abigail continued with her preparations, Lucas sat on her bed and turned on the tv for some background noise while discussing tonight’s plans with her.

“Mom said she’d be getting the car back today, so we can drive up to the place in style. But we have to be careful in it, so don’t overdo it. After that, we spend the night being the best couple the school has ever seen, eat whatever trash they’re serving to hold us over, dance a little, and enjoy the night. Once the festivities are done, we head over for the late-night reservations we have at Texas de Brazil for an actual meal.”

All in all, seemed like a solid plan.

As Abigail was busy applying her makeup, her mother made herself known as she knocked on the doorframe to the room and entered.

“My my, what a handsome young man you have laying on your bed Abigail. And that cologne, he reminds me of Bugsy back when we dated all those years ago.” she said, earning a confused look from Lucas. “He was quite the looker back in the day.”

Abigail cleared her throat, grabbing her mother’s attention.

“Yes mother?”

“Yes, Abigail. I just got off the phone with the dealer. It seems I won’t be getting the car back for a couple more days, apparently there’s a recall going on and they need to change out a part that won’t be there for another couple days.”

“What?” Abigail said, wide-eyed.

“You can’t borrow the Porsche.”

Abigail mouthed a few words, but nothing came out. She wasn’t taking it well. They were going to leave in an hour, there wasn’t enough time to go get another car. Elizabeth was planning to go out tonight, so her Bentley was out of the question as well. Although Uber was an option, all the luxury options were booked already for the next couple hours, most likely for prom as well. Her plans were going up in flames.

“Babe, we can just take my car.” Lucas piped in.

The Vampire stared daggers at him, as if though insulted at the suggestion. She took in a deep breath and calmed down.

“Okay.” She responded.

It’s fine. There weren’t really any other options available. Going to prom in an old beat-up Civic.

Elizabeth took her leave as Lucas tried his best to cheer Abigail up. She was adding a few final touches to her makeup as Lucas came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“You look amazing.”

Abigail smirked.

“You know it.”

She finished with her makeup, adding a set of drop earrings to finalize her attire. Turning to look up at him, Abigail notices that he still doesn’t have his tie on.

“Really? Still?”

Lucas just shrugged, earning another headshake from her but with a smile this time.

Standing up, Abigail took Lucas’ tie and put it on for him, tightening it around his neck before pulling him in towards her. Once he was an inch from her face, she gave him a quick kiss.

“You look great by the way.” She whispered to him.

Lucas put on his blazer and shoes as Abigail slipped into her heels before she wrapped her arm around his to head downstairs.

It must be a mom thing, because somehow Elizabeth was ready with her phone taking pictures of the two as they made their way down the steps. She was all smiles, happily snapping photos of her daughter and Lucas.

In all honesty, it was a bit odd for Lucas to see her acting like a proper mother instead of her usual flirtatious self.

After a couple more minutes of having to pose for pictures, Abigail and Lucas were finally able to get into his car to start the drive to the convention center where the prom was being held. In the car they covered the plans for the night once more, Abigail checking her nails to ensure they were flawless.

Arriving at the scene, they were directed to a nearby parking lot. It seems that they weren’t offering any sort of valet service, so appearing in the Porsche would’ve been a waste unless everyone saw them stepping out of it at the entrance. If anything, it was silver lining, especially since she didn’t want to be seen stepping out of a beater.

Parking the car, Lucas ran around and opened the door for his date, offering his hand as she stepped out as he usually did. Closing the door, she wrapped her arm around his, a reserved smile across her face as the two made their way to the building.

Once inside they were easily the best dressed… or at least Abigail was. But Lucas was still a strong contender. The two enjoyed the night, talking to a few members of the track team, one of Orc’s from Cathy’s crew who was on a date with one of the boy toys, and even Courtney the Succubus with a jock from Lucas’ old school.

The two had arrived around five in the afternoon, classmates and colleagues pouring in as they socialized. Soon enough it was six and it was time to serve dinner. They were given the option of soup or salad as the appetizer while the main course consisted of either steak or chicken, served with roast potatoes and a helping of asparagus. Abigail reminded him not to stuff himself, since they would be eating again later tonight.

After dinner, the DJ began to play all sorts of pop songs and classics for everyone to start dance to. The two went at it throughout most of the night, resting and conversing with others in between. Soon enough it nearing the end of the event, which meant that the vice principal would be announcing the winners of the competitions. Lucas usually never stuck around for these things, leaving to go somewhere else. But this time they were actually in the awards.

Most intelligent, most likeable, most likely to succeed… several students went up to accept their titles, whistles and applause coming from the crowds. Finally, the last title. Prom king and queen…

Lucas and Abigail.

A roar of cheering came from around the entire room as everyone congratulated the two. Walking up to the center of the dance floor they received their plastic crowns and sash from the elven vice principal. To mark the end of the awards, all the winners were asked to come onto the dance floor for a slow dance. Abigail and Lucas wrapped themselves in each other’s arms and began to dance as the music played.

“This is wonderful.” Abigail whispered to him.

“It is.”

“Lucas… I hope this night never ends.”

Soon the song ended followed by a small applause from the crowd. With that, prom continued. Music blaring and everyone returned to the dance floor.

Lucas and Abigail didn’t stick around.

They exited the building and headed back to the car so as to make it to their late-night dinner reservations.

Abigail touched up her makeup as they made their way to Texas de Brazil for the Midnight Menu. It was a relatively new feature for the restaurant that began roughly a year ago, made to accommodate the thriving night life and those with a nocturnal lifestyle.

Thankfully Lucas was starting to get hungry again, all that dancing and skipping on the potatoes left him raring for another meal.

Parking his car, the two left their prom king and queen gear in the car as they made their way to the door. Stepping inside, they were once again the best dressed in the building… or at least debatably.  The restaurant was packed full of late-night goers and nocturnal monsters ranging from Werewolves to Werebats and even a Nightmare. Some seeming like they were going to a club afterwards and others as if they were returning from a symphony or art gallery. They approached the counter to which the sharply dressed male host greeted them and asked if they had a reservation for tonight.

“Yes. Two under Von Monza.”

“Von Monza? Ah yes, here you are. Right this way.”

He led them through the dining room and up a flight of stair to the second-floor indoor balcony, the VIP section of the restaurant. It featured its own salad bar, a wonderful view of the city, and a complimentary bottle of wine… or at least did until they saw the two minors arrive.

“Your waiter will be here shortly.” The host said, leaving the two at their table.

Outside of their view, the host went to the nearest waiter and let them know that Elizabeth would not be arriving tonight, they can calm down. It was her daughter and a date tonight. The waiter nodded, letting him know he would notify everyone.

It was only a few minutes before their waitress arrived, a black-furred Werecat in a blue dress-shirt and black vest carrying a complimentary bottle of sparkling water to replace the wine.

“Good evening, I am here to take your drinks. Before we begin, I must ask if this is the first time either of you have been here?”

“Yes.” Lucas responded.

“Very well. As you can see, we have the salad bar over here, and the salad bar is self-serve. Beyond that we have several servers making rounds across the restaurant with all of our options in tow. On the table, each of you have a card that has one side red and the other being green. Setting it with the green side up means you want our servers to come to your table and offer you whatever it is they are carrying, while red means you don’t want anything right now and stops them from coming over to your table. When one of our servers arrives, they’ll offer you what they have and cut you a slice. They will likely have you grab it with the set of tongs provided on the table before finishing to cut the rest of the slice off. Any questions?”

Lucas shook his head.

“Good. Now for your drinks.”

The werecat took their orders and went on her way. Lucas and Abigail decided to peruse the salad bar before beginning with the main course.

The salad bar on its own could’ve made for a respectable dinner. There was plenty on it, sliced tomatoes, bacon, salami, prosciutto, potato salad, spring mix, shrimp salad, fresh mozzarella balls, three other types of cheeses, and toasted crostini. They even had sushi and smoked salmon at the salad bar. This wasn’t even half of everything they had on there. Lucas had to keep himself from filling up his plate on just the appetizers, as deliciously tempting as they were. Meanwhile, Abigail was able to easily control herself, placing a small but respectable amount of a salad labelled as tabbouleh, some cipollini onions, and a few sun-dried cherry tomatoes.

When they returned to the table, their drinks had been served along with a small platter of herb mashed potatoes. He added a small scoop of it to his plate to try it out.

Before they began their feast, Abigail raised her glass to Lucas, prompting him to do the same to her.

“To the perfect night.” She said with a smile.

“May it never end.” He responded.

They clinked their glasses together and finally began their meal.

Abigail began with her salad as Lucas sampled the toast with prosciutto. The bread was toasted to an ideal level of crispiness where the crust cracked with little effort from the bite and the golden center that had been lightly coated in olive oil was still slightly springy. The taste melded with the saltiness of the thinly sliced meat that laid atop of it, practically melting in his mouth as he chewed. He followed up with a bite of the Manchego cheese. The zesty flavor contrasted well with the lingering taste of salt in his mouth, the texture being harder than most cheeses he was used to.

“Enjoying yourself?” Abigail asked.

He didn’t need to answer, the expression across his face told everyone he was in bliss.

“Here, try this.” She told him, holding her fork to him with a bit of her salad.

It was a finely chopped arrangement containing parsley, tomatoes, mint, onion, sweet pepper, and few other ingredients he couldn’t put his finger on. The freshness and quality were beyond his expectations, making him consider going up to get himself a serving.

“Good, isn’t it? But don’t get up to grab any. Save some space for the main course.” She told him.

Eating the last scoops of her salad, she left the tomatoes and onions perfectly intact as she flipped her card to display the green side up. Before she could even reach out for her drink, a Salamander waitress carrying a skewer with picanha and a knife with a drip pan below.

“Medium rare picanha?” the waitress offered, to which Abigail nodded.

Placing the pan on the table, the Salamander began to cut as slice of the beef until half of it was hanging over itself, prompting to Abigail to grab it. Once she did, the Salamander finished slicing it.

The waitress looked over to Lucas to see if he wanted any.

“Is there a medium option?” Lucas wasn’t quite used to medium rare.

The Salamander nodded, sliding one of the cuts down to the end of the skewer and raising it up away from the two before taking in a deep breath and letting out a small and controlled stream of fire from her lips. After a few seconds she returned the skewer down onto the drip plate and began to cut a slice from the slightly more cooked side.

After getting the slice on his plate, he gave her his thanks as she went on to continue her rounds.

Lucas cut a piece from the slice and bit into it, the juices flowing out and filling his mouth with flavor. The meat practically melted in his mouth, taking almost no effort to chew and swallow. Looking over to Abigail she was following up her bite with some of the cipollini onion to complement its flavor. As she was chewing, another waiter came by carrying parmesan-crusted pork loin and offering it to the two. After that it was filet mignon, then bacon wrapped chicken breast, followed by Brazilian sausage, leg of lamb, and braised beef ribs.

With both their plates filled to the brim, Abigail flipped her card over to have the red side facing up and end the constant onslaught of delicious offerings. Lucas had to push some of the mashed potatoes to the side to make space for all the meat on his plate. Each one had their unique tastes, cooked to perfection for the ideal texture and juiciness.

The two ate to their heart’s content, having their fill of all the delicacies the establishment could offer. Lucas felt like he was about to burst by the end of it.

Leaning back in his chair, rubbing his bloated stomach as the food went down. Meanwhile, Abigail made no notion of being full like Lucas despite probably eating just as much as he did. She simply patted her lips with the napkin before returning it to her lap and smiling to Lucas.

He couldn’t help but smile back, sitting back up in his seat he reached his arm out atop the table towards her with open palm. Realizing what he was asking for, she reached out to him and placed her hand in his.

“This night has been amazing.” He told her, softly rubbing his thumb against her fingers.

Abigail blushed, but was able to maintain her composure. As she was going to respond, their Werecat waitress arrived.

“Seems that we’ve finished here. Can I interest you two in desserts?”

Lucas could feel Abigail grip tighten around his hand, obviously being bothered by the waitress interrupting their moment. But she was able to fake a polite smile to her despite it.

“We’d love some.” She replied.

The waitress nodded, handing the two the dessert menus before gathering the dishes and taking them away.

Abigail sighed once the waitress was out of earshot, seeing that the moment was ruined she retracted her hand from Lucas’ and began to peruse the dessert menu. Lucas began to do the same. He might’ve been full, but there was always room for dessert.

After a couple of minutes their waitress returned, ready to take their orders.

“I will have the crème brûlée.” Abigail said, placing her menu down.

“I’ll have the Brazilian flan.” Lucas followed.

“Great choices. I will have those out shortly.” The werecat responded as she took the menus and walked away.

Once she was out of sight, Abigail extended her hand back out to Lucas so as to continue where they left off. Lucas reached his hand out and she placed hers within his, pretending that the two were never interrupted.

“It really has been amazing.” She told him.

The two stayed like this for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes with a smile drawn across their faces. Soon enough, the two let go just as the desserts arrived.

The crème brûlée was served in a small bowl, the top having been burned to a caramel color and decorated with a cinnamon stick. Meanwhile the flan was served on a small plate, the liquid caramel pooling at the bottom of the plate.

Lucas didn’t know how he was able to finish that final plate, but he managed to. The sweet custard and caramel sauce were to die for.

They finished their desserts, their waitress returning to the table to drop the check to which Abigail handed her the black centurion card that was given to her by her mother.



“We should take a walk around the place before heading back. Help the food go down.”

“Hm. That sounds like a good idea.”

The waitress returned with a copy of the receipt and the card, to which Abigail quickly pocketed into her purse. Lucas stood up from his chair and went over to Abigail, offering his hand to help her up from her seat before heading outside.

The cool night air was refreshing, and although it was dark the street lamps kept the area well lit. Abigail was wrapped around his arm, not because the cold bothered her in any way, but because she just wanted to be close to him. They walked around the restaurant, listening to the passing cars from the highway a few blocks away, not saying a word. They simply enjoyed each other’s company.

A drop fell from the sky, landing on Lucas’ head. As he looked up, another landed on his face.

“Uh oh.”

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s starting to rain. Here, lets get back to the car.” He told Abigail, taking off his jacket and offering it to Abigail to keep her dry.

She let him slip the jacket on over her shoulders as the two made their way to his Civic.

By the time the two arrived it had begun to drizzle lightly, Lucas opened the door for Abigail as she rushed in before running around to get in.

The two looked at each other for a brief moment and just laughed. They hadn’t gotten too wet, but rushing in dress shoes and heels on a full stomach somehow made the moment.

Starting the car, Lucas began the night drive over to Abigail’s place.

The time was approaching midnight, but the city was nowhere near going to sleep. The streets were still full of cars, partygoers still roaming around, the night was still young.

It was a short ride back to Abigail’s place, her house being the hardest to see at night. Lucas pulled in to the driveway, the Bentley being nowhere in sight.

Stepping out of the car the rain had stopped, the air was still humid and the ground was wet but it had finished by the time they had arrived. He went around to open the door for his lady, lending a hand help her out as per usual.

The two stepped inside the dark home, Abigail having no issue making it to the light switch and illuminating the entrance for Lucas. She still had his jacket, taking it off and placing it on a coat rack they had nearby as the two leave their shoes by the door. Abigail led him up the stairs and to the guest bedroom so that he could change back to his normal clothes.

“That was so much food. I can’t believe we even managed to have space for dessert.” He mentioned as he began to unbutton his dress shirt.

As he did, he felt her hands rest on his shoulder as she leaned in towards his ear from behind.

“I still have room for one last tasty treat~”

Without even thinking, Lucas leaned his neck to the opposite side for her, relaxing his shoulders as she pressed her fangs down into his neck. The feeding was… different this time. Her hands slid down from his shoulders, now rubbing his chest as she pressed herself into his back. He could feel the bite this time, there was no pain but a sensation of warmth spreading out from it to the rest of his body.

Once she lets go of the bite, he turns to face her. Abigail’s face is flushed as usual whenever she feeds, but her eyes were hungry for much more. She grabbed his shirt, pulling him towards her and plants a deep kiss.

Tonight, she wasn’t going to hold back.

Their lips were locked together as they made their way to the bed in the guest bedroom, Lucas being pushed to sit down onto it as Abigail straddled him. The two continued to make out as his hands latched onto her thighs, her arms wrapped around him as their tongues danced with each other. After a moment, she breaks the kiss and has him lay back as she unbuttons his shirt. His toned physique laid bare by his open dress shirt, making her unconsciously lick her lips. She undoes his belt and tugs at his pants, lowering them just enough for his throbbing cock to pop out.

Abigail stares at it longingly, her gloved hand stroking it ever so gently as it craves for her attention. Standing up, she lifts her dress and pulls her black panties to the side to reveal her pussy lips. Slowly lowering herself onto his cock, Abigail holds back a moan as she finally loses her virginity.

She gradually begins to move, riding him softly with her hands against his chest as he helps her by pulling her up and down by her thighs. The sound of their lovemaking and breathing filling up the moonlit room, her almost porcelain-like skin and her demonic red eyes being the only things Lucas sees. After a few moments, she lays down atop of him, humping him as she kisses him once more.

While the two continue in each other’s embrace, Lucas rolls them over until Abigail is on her back under him. He pulls himself out of her, his dick covered in her juices, and takes off his pants completely but keeping his dress shirt on. After doing so, he begins to slide Abigail’s panties off. Kneeling down, Lucas leaned in to her shaved crotch, kissing her clit and passing tongue over it a few times as Abigail whimpered in response. When he stood back up, he had her move more onto the bed before crawling over her. They looked into each other’s eyes, the look of longing for contact evident on their faces. He leaned down to kiss her once more before finally continuing their lovemaking.

Abigail had her arms wrapped around Lucas as he fucked her, ramming his entire length inside her as her fingers began to dig into his back. Thankfully she only managed to scratch his dress shirt with her ungloved hand. Lucas was kissing her neck while picking up speed, the wet slaps and Abigail’s moans being the only thing that could be heard throughout the room. As she became overwhelmed with pleasure, she wrapped her legs around him and bit into his neck once more.

With one last thrust, Lucas shot his load inside her. The two remained like this for a minute, frozen in bliss as Lucas emptied his balls into her. Abigail finally lets her legs open and pulls her fangs out of him.

They were panting, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Lucas… I love you.”

“I love you too Abigail.”

They kissed one last time, stripping off the clothes they still had on before throwing the covers of the guest bed over themselves. Lucas wrapped his arms around Abigail and the two then drifted off to sleep.

It was finally here. Graduation day had arrived. It was the Saturday before summer vacation and Lucas was already at the auditorium along with the rest of the graduating class. He was wearing his cap and gown as was Patty and Abigail, but due to the seating arrangement they weren’t allowed to sit by each other.

Everyone who could come was here. Abigail’s mom, Elizabeth, was sitting at one end of row while Lucas’ parents were at the other end. Between them were Ms. Klein with Cathy, Roxy, Maurie, Charlie, and surprisingly both of Patty’s parents. Patty’s dad was a fairly tall man with a strong jawline, while her mother was a shapely woman barely half his height with enough ass and breasts to make up a third of her weight. Patty definitely took after her mother. The two sat beside Lucas’ parents, keeping their distance from Elizabeth and conversing with each other. Although they were no longer together, they were capable of being cordial between themselves.

The ceremony had begun, both the Bicorn Principal and Elven Vice Principal were on stage in their usual attire calling up the students by name to hand them their diploma before they pose for a picture of receiving the diploma from them. The diplomas were all placeholders until the actual one was sent out to them.

Abigail was the first one among the three of them to be called up, she had graduated with honors along and a GPA above a 4.0, thus receiving a few extra awards for that. After all the other honor students and any student body member that had anything extra was called up, the rest of the students would be called up by row. Each student was organized alphabetically by last name.

Lucas looked around to see if he could spot his parents and the rest of the group in the crowd. Jasmine and her mother were the only two unable to make it, but this was primarily because Jasmine was also graduating this weekend. The good news was that it seemed that Jasmine had managed to nab that internship from that agent friend of her mother’s, and apparently it had gone well. She managed to help Maurie get featured in a magazine and was talking to Ms. Klein to advertise her classes and website alongside it. She might be offered a full-time job after she graduates.

He finally managed to spot the mismatching group after hearing them cheer for Patty as she went on stage for her diploma. He waved at them as his dad recorded everything on his handheld camera. That man and two other parents were the only ones still using a camera instead of a phone.

After a while it was finally his row’s turn to go up. They all walked in a single file line towards the left side of the stage where an Arachne staff member was doing last minute adjustments to their outfits if necessary.

The Vice Principal called up Lucas, receiving a thunderous applause from the student body, primarily the track team. She shook his hand and pushed him along to keep walking, there were still nearly half the students to get through after all. He made his way to Ms. Robinson who whispered a congratulations to him as she handed him a rolled-up piece of paper with a ribbon tied around it and posed for the photographer. Before he left the stage, she nodded towards the fake diploma and winked at him.

Lucas walked off stage where he received a black padded case decorated with the school’s logo in gold for his diploma once he received it. At the right of the stage was another photographer, a dark elf, with a small setup near the back for students to take one final photo of themselves with their diploma. She was zooming through the students, getting them to stand in place, pose, snap, and move on back to their seats. Lucas barely had time to process that a photo was being taken before it was over.

Making it back to his seat Lucas couldn’t help but look in the case. They had been notified by the staff that these cases would have a placeholder diploma inside in order to prevent any mix ups. The rolled-up paper was also just a prop for photos. Their actual diploma would be mailed to them during the summer.

Sure enough, looking inside was a generic award with a gold foil decoration congratulating the student for graduating. Some of the other students had opened up their rolled diploma prop, revealing there was a message inside. Out of curiosity, he decided to open his to read the message inside. At the center of the page was a printed reminder at the top that their actual diplomas would be mailed to them during the summer.

Well, that was anticlimactic.

As Lucas was about to roll up the paper and tie the ribbon on it again, he noticed there were a few extra scribbles that was penned near the bottom of the page.

Meet me in my office for your actual diploma
-Anna Robinson

Lucas blinked.

He reread the handwritten note, looking over to see if anyone else had a message written in their fake diplomas, but it seemed like he was the only one. It was smoothly written in cursive using black ink, as one would expect from the school principal.

Well, he knew where he was going after the ceremony then.

It was roughly another half hour for the rest of the students to get on the stage and for the speech from the student body president. Once they finished, the students were led out from the auditorium and allowed to do as they please.

Lucas went around to find Patty and Abigail, congratulating some of his classmates along the way as they did the same. They eventually met up, both giving him a kiss before trying to find the rest of the group. When they did finally find them, Lucas was showered in attention from the other girls congratulating him.

“Alright champ. We got a table reserved at the Ale House, but we got time so there’s no rush for your mom to take pictures or anything else you need to do.” Lucas’ dad said.

“Actually dad, the principal said she had my diploma already. I just need to swing by the office to get it.”

“Really? Well go get it. We’ll be right here making sure no one kills each other.” He said, looking over to Patty’s mom staring daggers at Elizabeth.

Lucas nodded.

Heading into the school once more, he went straight for the main office to see Ms. Robinson. There were only a few people in the halls, some students saying goodbyes to their teachers, some parents thanking said teachers for everything they’ve done, but still fairly empty compared to what he was used to. Lucas passed the stairwell he was chased into on his first day here. The one that led him to the dumpsters and started this whole mess. He wondered what would happen to the dumpster now that they weren’t here anymore, or the hidden locker room… hopefully someone could put it to good use.

Arriving to the main office, Lucas opens the door to notice that it’s empty. Not a single person was inside. Stepping into the vacant space he went towards the principal’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” rang a voice inside.

Opening the door Lucas was greeted to the sight of Ms. Robinson sitting behind her desk signing a few papers with a manilla folder to the side… but something seemed off.

“Ah Lucas, I’m glad you’re here. Once again, I’d like to congratulate you on your graduation. I’m relieved you passed all your classes and made it through the year without an issue.”

Ms. Robinson had the top two button of her dress shirt undone as she usually did whenever Lucas was in her office, having previously had them all buttoned up during the ceremony. Such a wonderful view, shame this would be the last time they’d distract him.

The bicorn tapped the folder while looking over to Lucas, letting him know that his diploma was in there. As he approached her desk and reached for the folder, Ms. Robinson kept her finger on it and asked him a question.

“What do you think of them?”

“Hm?” Lucas was caught off guard with the question. “Of?”

“My breasts. What do you think of them? I know you’ve been staring at them every time we met. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you trying to hide your erection from me.”

Lucas froze up. Squirming a bit, bringing a devilish smile to her face.

“Now Lucas, there is no need to feel ashamed.” She continued, standing up from her desk and walking around until she was right in front of him, causing him to take a few steps back. “A full-figured lady would undoubtedly stir up a man’s more carnal desires. I’m sure you’ve wondered how they’d look without my clothes on.” She said, playfully squeezing her breasts for him to see while continuing to approach him, “I myself have wondered how it would be like to have your hard cock between them, but you were a student and I was your principal…”

Lucas was now up against the wall and wasn’t sure what to say.

“Of course… were a student. You just graduated and now no longer attend my school.” She says, stepping closer to him, leaning down as she unbuttoned her dress shirt to reveal her lace bra. “We don’t have to wonder anymore.”

She brushed her finger against his chest and slid it up until it was below his chin, lifting his face to hers so that he could look into her half-lidded eyes.

“Lets find out…” she whispers to him, closing her eyes and kissing him.

The two shared lips with one another, Lucas initially squirming at the sudden charge but soon began to melt at her touch.

When she broke the kiss Lucas noticed that the bands she usually wore around her horns weren’t on. Before he could process what was happening, she leaned in again for another kiss, their tongues intertwined as the lust between the two of them begins to build up. The two go on like this for a moment until the Bicorn breaks the kiss, the two panting as they stared into each other’s eyes. From her eyes alone, Lucas could tell that she wanted more, much more.

“Get on my desk. Now.” She instructs, pointing to the side she sits on.

Lucas ran over to her desk, lifting his gown to reveal the tent he had formed in his dress pants underneath. Ms. Robinson bit her lip as she eyed it, her hand reaching out towards it as her fingers began to press up against it. She played with it, rubbing her fingertips in a circular motion against the bump in his pants.

It was finally happening.

She kneeled down onto the floor pad she kept on her side of the desk that acted as her chair and began to undo Lucas’ belt. Unbuttoning his pants, Ms. Robinson pulled down his pants and drawers to allow for his throbbing hard cock to stand proudly before her, a drop of pre-cum forming at its tip. She smiled, puckering her lips and planting a kiss to the head of his penis.

Reaching down to his crotch wither hand she begins to massages his balls as she circles her tongue around the tip of his dick. Lucas was panting, still not believing what he was doing this with his principal. She continued to kiss his member, leaving red lipstick marks on the way down to his balls, suckling on one of his testicles while her hand begins to pump his length. She would switch between licking the tip of his dick and sucking on his balls.

Removing her hand, Ms. Robinson licked the entire length of his cock before wrapping her lips around the head. In one smooth but slow motion, she took his entire dick into her mouth, gagging ever so slightly when she reached the base. She kept herself there for a few seconds, Lucas’ penis completely engulfed by her before she finally pulled back. The Bicorn gasped for air, leaving a lipstick ring at the base of his crotch along with a string of saliva connected between her lips and his dick. She couldn’t help but smile at seeing her handiwork.

“I think you’re about ready.”

Fully unbuttoning her dress shirt, she unhooked her bra from the front to reveal her perky pink nipples. She pinched them as he stared, circling her fingers on her areolas until lifting up one of her breasts and doing the same motions with her tongue. Opening up one of her drawers she pulled out a bottle of lube, pouring a small amount of the rose scented liquid into her cleavage and massaging it onto her breasts for Lucas to see. The Bicorn then finally leaned in to envelop his cock between her massive mammaries, pressing them together until his penis disappeared. Holding her breasts together she pounded them against his crotch, massaging his cock with her soft warm tits. She continued to pinch and twist on her nipples as she fucked him with her breasts, never stopping in her motions.

He could feel himself approaching his limit. Grasping her hands to tighten her breasts around his cock he had them push down last time as he shot his load between them.

Letting go, he began to pant.

The Bicorn softly milked his cock with her boobs for any last bits of semen still lingering within him until finally letting go and leaning back, pulling her breasts away from his now limp member and letting them hang freely. Her pristine cleavage now covered in a sticky white mess of goo that was Lucas’ seed. She scooped some of it up with her fingers to sample it, licking it clean off her fingers.

With a triumphant smirk, she turned to Lucas and with lust still in her eyes.

“As much as I would love for you to pound me from behind and coat my walls in your semen, I know your parents and the girls are waiting for you. So, we’ll have to do a rain check for that.”

Reaching into her drawer once more, she pulled out a fresh set of seals, wrapping one onto each half of her split horn.

Lucas simply nodded between his panting. Pulling up his pants and redoing his belt, he got off her desk. Ms. Robinson wiped the rest of his load off with a few napkins she kept handy at her desk. Walking him to the door, she handed him the folder holding his diploma and leaned down while pulling him in for one last kiss.

“I’ll give you a call later this week. Don’t keep me waiting.” She ended with a wink and finally let him leave.

Stepping out of the office, Lucas stood there for a minute… how in the world was he going to explain this to the girls…

He eventually returns to the group who were wondering what was taking so long but had guessed he might’ve used the bathroom or had to wait for Ms. Robinson to get back to her office. There were still plenty of students going around taking pictures and speaking to staff members.

“You had us worried there Casanova.” Lucas’ dad said when he arrived. “We’re gonna have to head out soon.”

“Not without taking a few pictures of him in his cap and gown!” his mother exclaimed.

“Ughhh… I should probably return this then if we have to leave soon.”

“What?! Oh, just get over here and I’ll take a few quick ones of you with Abigail and Patricia.”

Before Lucas could say anything, he was promptly dragged to several areas to take pictures, some with the girls and some without. Probably the fastest photo session he had ever been in. The whole ordeal was over with in fifteen minutes, somehow managing about fifty or so pictures that his mom was able to take.

The three went over to the drop off station to turn in their gowns, they were allowed to keep the caps.

Lucas’ dad was calling the restaurant letting them know they might be a little late as the group began to disperse into their vehicles and head over to the Ale House. As everyone split into their own groups, Abigail was left alone with her mother.

“Mom, is everything alright?”

“Hmm? Yes, why wouldn’t it be? My little girl just graduated along with her favorite person. Couldn’t be any happier.”

“You just seem… distracted is all.”

“Do I? It’s nothing.”

It was true that Elizabeth wasn’t acting like her usual self. In part, this was her daughter’s special day after all and there was no need to make a scene of it all. And it was a surprise to see Anthony along with his Werewolf ex-wife here… and he was such a tasty treat the last time she was with him. She could have probably convinced him to let her sample him again… some other time though. Not today. No scenes, no flirting, no teasing.

But Abigail was correct. Something was indeed on her mind. Nothing for her daughter to concern herself about, but it was gnawing at the back of her mind all day.

The two stepped into her Bentley, the car having already been started from a distance to allow the A/C to cool the car before they even got to it. As Elizabeth puts her seatbelt on and got ready to pull out of the parking lot, something clicks in her head. Her usual smile creeps onto her face and she turns to face her daughter.

“Actually dear, something has been bothering me for quite some time now. I was fretting over coming up with an appropriate graduation gift for both you and Lucas.”

“Oh? Wait… is it going to be weird?”

Elizabeth chuckled as she waved her hand.

“No no no, not at all. I’m sure you remember that Djamila, Maggie, and I all share that a small property at that resort over in Bali…”

Abigail’s eyes widened as she realized where her mother was going with this.

“We’ll work out the details during the meal. Happy graduation my little Abby.” She said as she pinched her daughter’s cheek.


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  1. Needs some more proofreading, some errors like ‘her’ instead of ‘he’ to name one. Needs to be checked for context instead of relying on spell-checker…

  2. Another spectacular and final year for Lucas. Filled with awkward,, fulfilling, and some dramatic scenes, this was a fitting end as the young lad’s final year.

    To think his year’s there started off rough, it became more pleasant as the years went by. A long awaited scene of course was Abagail finally having a taste of Lucas as they made love to each other. Compared to the other gals, it’s been a long time coming.

    Can’t forget poor ole Jake though. Jasmine was basically guilt tripped into going with the lass. Though she does warm up to him later, the circumstances in which the two became boyfriend and girlfriend could’ve gone smoother. Oh well, perhaps the other works after shall shed a light into things.

    Great work with Robinson’s build up too. A shame the two had limited time to do their deed, but she got her wish after being patient.

    Great read as usual.

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